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In today's CMU Daily:
- US Trade Representative calls on Russia to deal with
- Beck album not eligible for UK chart entry
- Diesel-U-Music global winners announced
- Second Jacko plane film guy sentenced
- Jacko working on edgy street records
- Madonna to adopt?
- Cohn shooter gets 36 years
- Album review: Luxembourg - Front
- Ailerons EP and dates
- Slip N Slide put 12 12"s on one CD
- Sugababes are hittiest pop girls this century
- More Electric Prom additions
- Big Day Out acts confirmed
- Meat Loaf to perform Bat Out Of Hell one off in New York
- Badly Drawn Boy to stage chip shop launch
- Kooks, Fratellis, Lily for charity gig
- Morrissey gig rumours
- Ox at The Fly on Friday
- 5ive use virtual flirting to re-recruit fans
- Australian singles chart incorporates downloads
- Wired man to keynote at In The City
- Nearly three quarters of us have digital TV
- Album review: A Hawk And A Hacksaw - The Way The Wind Blows
- Cher auction
- Killers say they don't sound like Springsteen
- Dropped X-Factor contestants make threats


Now, you do have to be careful before slagging off the chart people for ruling that Beck's new album 'The Information' isn't eligible for chart entry just because it comes with some stickers. Do ask yourself - would you be so critical of the decision if it wasn't an artist you really respect? What if some pop act was trying to sneak extra sales by throwing in some free gimmicky gift with a CD? What would you think then? But I've asked myself that very question, and I still think it's a stupid decision.

The promotion the UK charts people object to is that previously reported gimmick whereby the new Beck album will come with a blank cover and a sheet of stickers - each person can decorate their own copy of the CD however they wish. The problem, I think, is that there are four different sheets of stickers available, but each album will only come with one. The logic of the chart people is, presumably, that that encourages fans to buy the album four times, in order to get all four sheets of stickers, which, they say, is unfair. Personally I'm not sure it matters if people do - the charts are there to represent sales, and if people buy multiple copies, why shouldn't each of those sales count? Of course, you might argue 'but where do you stop with such gimmicks?' - though I think that answers itself: at the point the fans start feeling exploited. Either way, on the more specific Beck point, I'm really not convinced that many people will be shelling out an extra tenner just for another sheet of stickers.

But on a less specific point, perhaps there is something worthy of wider consideration here? As people are increasingly able to access actual recordings of music for free (albeit from illegitimate sources), we all know that the way for labels to engage with consumers, and ensure legitimate purchase, is through clever packaging of content (more often in the metaphorical sense though, as in this case, sometimes in the literal sense too). If that clever packaging can be creative and fun in itself, like Beck's sticker promotion, then all the better. But as the importance of such 'packaging' rises, chart rules that penalise artists over promotions such as Beck's will surely have to change.



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Why Tahiti 80, and why now? Yes, I can hear you, asking yourselves that question. Frequently we flag up a MySpace page with an ulterior motive. That is to say, we frequently save a nomination until the act has a single coming out, or some upcoming live dates, or something like that. But on this occasion, my decision to nominate a band was not based on an upcoming release. It was really just based on the fact that I was idly looking through my MySpace friends and realised I hadn't ever nominated them. And the other thing I had also never really done was look properly at their MySpace page, and I rather think it's a good one. I don't know if it's because I'm a miserable cow or not, but I frequently hate it when people doll up their MySpace pages with loads of colours and pictures that mean that you can't quite read any text, and also that the page ends up being about ten times the width of your monitor. I may have mentioned this before, actually. Tahiti 80's page has been modified, but in a perfectly acceptable, one might even say attractive, way. It's also got lots of good stuff to listen to, which is really the point of this feature, after all, not the décor, and lots to read, if you're a fan. There are also upcoming tour dates, which may be of interest. If you're in America.


The US Trade Representative yesterday made specific reference to controversial music download website in discussions regarding Russia's entry into the World Trade Organisation, telling reporters: "I have a hard time imagining Russia becoming a member of the WTO and having a website like that up and running that is so clearly a violation of everyone's intellectual property rights".

It's not the first time Trade Rep Susan Schwab has criticised - she previously referred to it as the "poster child" for illegal music sales over the internet - but it is interesting to hear Schwab link the site specifically to Russia's ongoing WTO talks.

As you all know, offers major label music at a fraction of the price charged elsewhere, selling unprotected MP3 files at a rate per megabyte of data, rather than a rate per track. The site's owners claim it is a legal operation, operating under legitimate Russian licences. Record label trade bodies in the West, however, question that legitimacy, while stressing that even if the service is legally operating in Russia, it is not legally operating elsewhere in the world where its low-cost approach has proved popular with consumers.

While those trade bodies consider what legal action it can take against - our very own BPI plans to sue them through the British courts - everyone recognises a quicker solution would be for Russian authorities to act on their behalf, but they have so far been reluctant to take action. Which is why any pressure that can be put on the Russian government as part of the ongoing WTO talks are important in helping the music business tackle the rogue download service.

Piracy and counterfeiting issues were one of the key areas that caused the most recent US / Russian talks on the latter's WTO membership to fail back in July, and Schwab reports that Russian president Vladimir Putin has since made some positive statements regarding tackling IP issues as the two countries work towards an end-of-October deadline for resolving such problems.


Interesting one this. Universal Music have been told that Beck's new album, 'The Information', will not be eligible for entry into the UK's album chart because of its quirky packaging. As previously reported, the new album comes with four random sticker sets designed by artists chosen by Beck, with the idea that fans can create their own unique album cover by arranging the stickers as they please.

The UK's Official Chart Company, which compiles the British music charts on behalf of the record labels and retailers, says that the sticker promotion gives the album an "unfair advantage" and will therefore not be chart eligible.

Commenting on the decision, Beck said in a statement issued yesterday: "It's an unconventional package, but it shouldn't be penalised for that. Any art on a CD is an incentive to buy and listen. Ultimately, it doesn't matter. The response from the fans has been so strong, and that is the most important thing."

The album will be eligible in the US's Billboard Chart. Geoff Mayfield, director of charts for Billboard, said yesterday: "This does not run afoul of any Billboard chart rules and I am surprised it was a problem in the UK".


The overall final of the Diesel-U-Music Awards took place in London last night. This saw the overall winners for each genre area (rock, urban, electronic) from all the countries that now take part in the awards programme competing for overall global prizes. Industry and media judges picked out the overall winners for each genre, while there was a people's choice award letting punters pick out their overall favourite from all the global finalists by listening to their music on the Diesel website. And the winners were:

Rock: Stoop (Italy)
Hip-Hop/Urban: Move.Meant (USA)
Electronic: Duke Dumont (UK)
Public Vote: The Epochs (USA)

Two additional awards were made at the London event, one for Contribution To Music which went to Mick Rock, and one for Music Icon, which went to Roxy Music. The whole thing will be shown on Channel 4 on 22 Oct at midnight ten.


The other guy involved in that dodgy filming of a conversation between Michael Jackson and his then lawyer Mark Geragos aboard a private jet has been sentenced after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy earlier this year.

As previously reported, Jeffrey Borer and Arvel Jett Reeves set up secret recording equipment on the plane they had leased to Jackson as he flew back to Santa Barbara in late 2003 to face the then new child abuse charges that had been brought against him. They hoped to sell the recording of the conversation between Jacko and his lawyer at that tense time to the highest bidder - but no media would buy the tapes once it became apparent how they had been made.

Both men pleaded guilty to the conspiracy charge back in March, and Reeves was sentenced to eight months in jail for his part in the escapade back in July. Borer, sentenced this week, will face a lesser sentence for his role - six months of home detention and a $10,000 fine. The judge sentencing said Borer had escaped jail only because of his wife's medical condition, which he described as a "compelling" circumstance.


Elsewhere in Jacko news, word has it that the singer is working on an "edgy street record" (my favourite kind of street record) and that he has recruited a string of big name producers to get involved.

The source of this story is talent manger Charles 'Big Chuck' Stanton, who told the LA Times that his nephew, producer Ron 'Neff U' Feemster, is one of the producers involved, and that he had joined Feemster on a trip to Jacko's new Irish home to discuss the new project.

Stanton told the Times that Jacko was "musically focused and creatively fired-up" and "ready to take over the world", adding that "He's got some hot records. Will.I.Am did one, Teddy Riley [did one]. We're giving Michael a lot of edgy street records. He's putting melodies to some hard party records."


Reports suggest that Madonna is planning to adopt a young Malawian boy, and those reports have apparently been backed up by a government spokesperson there.

The singer has been in the country to inspect a $5million project that she has funded which provides support for Malawi's growing number of children orphaned by the spread of AIDS - the disease now affects 14.4 percent of the population, leading to the deaths of around 700,000 adults per year. Andrina Mchiela, principal secretary in Malawi's ministry of women and gender is quoted as saying: "All indications are that she is looking for a boy and she will have to go and look around. Madonna wants complete privacy on the adoption process... and we will need to respect that."

Mchiela also suggested that regulations may be relaxed in order to allow Madonna to speed up the adoption process. The rules generally require prospective parents to initially foster a child and be monitored for up to two years before the adoption procedure can be finalised. Mchiela: "The government might waive this condition depending on the situation because it is Malawi which will benefit, if it is for the betterment of the child". She added: "She asked us to identify boys only, which we have done after visiting four orphanages in Lilongwe."

Some reports indicate that the adoption has already gone ahead, whilst others claim that Madonna's people are denying that any such move is on the cards, and quote publicist Liz Rosenberg as saying: "I can confirm Madonna is in Malawi on a private visit. She is building an orphanage and child care centre and is involved in other initiatives geared toward helping children orphaned by AIDS through the Raising Malawi organization. She has not adopted a baby despite reports that she has."

In a recent interview with Time magazine, Madonna explained her rationale for getting involved in the Malawian project. The singer said: "Now that I have children and now that I have what I consider to be a better perspective on life, I have felt responsible for the children of the world. I've been doing bits and bobs about it and I suppose I was looking for a big, big project I could sink my teeth into".


Joseph Yacteen, the man who shot Marc Cohn in a car-jacking, has been sentenced to thirty six years in prison after pleading guilty to attempted first degree murder. Initial additional charges of attempted aggravated burglary and first degree trespass were dropped by the prosecution.

As previously reported, Yacteen tried to steal Cohn's van following a concert by the singer-songwriter in Denver in August of 2005, and, during the botched attempt, shot Cohn in the head as well as injuring driver and manager Thomas Dube. He was later found in a vacant house, and apprehended following a six hour stand-off with police.

Doctors successfully removed the bullet, which was lodged in Cohn's temple. The singer, who rose to fame back in 1991 with hit song 'Walking In Memphis', has spoken about the incident on US TV, saying: "I touched myself and it was blood all over my hands, and my clothes. And I realised I was the one who'd been hit. Every second that passed by, I thought, 'That's the last one. That's the last second I'll be here.'"


ALBUM REVIEW: Luxembourg - Front (Dogbox Records)
On first hearing the single 'We Only Stayed Together For The Kids', I thought Luxembourg were irritating and pretentious indie ponces (which was controversial, given that several of my fellow CMU reviewers are big fans), but on hearing their debut album 'Front' it dawned on me that I had totally missed the point. The most striking thing about Luxembourg is that they seem to know about everything. 'Front' tells stories of couples staying together for the sake of their children ('We Only Stayed Together.'), the life of housewives ('What The Housewives Don't Tell You'), and living a lonely life while your mates are settling down ('Single'). Add to this some Morrissey-style vocals and some soaring, swirling guitars, and you do indeed have irritating and pretentious. Almost. Luxembourg are indeed making social comments (in 'Luxembourg vs. Great Britain' we're told that Brits 'think [they're] very special but [they're] all the same'), and the issues mentioned above are obviously rather serious. But the key is that they're also very clever, cynical and funny. The vocals are too solemn not to be serious, and synths mimicking strings make their sound mockingly majestic and dramatic. It's the lyrics though, that take centre stage. 'Your jokes were mediocre and the sex was just OK', an ex is told in 'Faint Praise', while recent single 'Sick of DIY' has unsubtle double meanings running all the way through it ('it's so convenient that you have your own wrench'). Intelligent and original, Luxembourg is a small but fabulous place to be. TEL
Release Date: 16 Oct
Press contact: Candy PR [all]


The Ailerons, the London-based five piece founded by Blur drummer Dave Rowntree, are to release their first material this month. The 'Left Right EP' will be out on 17 Oct exclusively via iTunes. You can see the band live at three London dates, as follows:

13 Oct: Dublin Castle, Camden
16 Oct: Hoxton Bar & Kitchen
17 Oct: Brixton Windmill


Slip N Slide have just released something of a must-have new CD album ('must-have' for fans of decent housey tunes anyways) featuring twelve previous 12" releases and mixes that have never previously been available on CD. Well, I say they've "just released", I think it was actually released in the latter part of last month, but I've only just found out about it (finger on the pulse and all that). The tracks featured are as follows:

Blaze - Breathe (Ashley Beedles Exhale Vocal Mix)
Blak Beat Niks - Sun Will Shine (Simon Grey Remix)
Djaimin Ft The Oule Oule Family - Children Of Afrika (Dennis Ferrers Bless The Children Mix)
King Britt Pres. Scuba Ft. Lizz Fields - Out Time (King Britts Funke Mix)
Q-burns Abstract Message Ft Lisa Shaw - This Time (Rivera Rotation Remix)
Bamboola Prod - Bahia (Club Mix)
Tiger Stripes Ft. Simone Moreno - Vem Sambar (Main Mix)
Deep Dish Pres. Dc Deepressed - Come Back (Softs Flash Mix)
Blaze Ft Palmer Brown - Do You Remember House (Bob Sinclar Club Mix)
Kid Massive - It'll Be Alright (Club Mix)
Blaze Ft Amira - I Think Of You (Original Blaze Mix)
Tiger Stripes Ft Simone Moreno - Vem Sambar (Cong-a-pella)

More info and previews at


According to new facts and figures from the book of British Hit Singles & Albums, Sugababes have had more hit singles than any other exclusively female act this century. Which doesn't surprise me, because I'm listening to their singles collection 'Overloaded' (out 13 Nov) and it's jolly good. Anyway, they head the top ten list, beating the likes of Britney Spears and Madonna with their 16 hit singles.

British Hit Singles & Albums editor David Roberts says: "Britain has a tradition of creating great girl groups. Bananarama dominated the eighties, the Spice Girls were huge in the nineties, but the noughties belong to the Sugababes."

Here's that top ten list (when they have the same amount, whoever has the most number one's goes first):

1. Sugababes (16 hits)
2. Britney Spears (14 hits)
3. Pink (14 hits)
4. Anastasia (13 hits)
5. Madonna (12 hits)
6. Kylie Minogue (12 hits)
7. Girls Aloud (12 hits)
8. Missy Elliott (12 hits)
9. Atomic Kitten (11 hits)
10. Christina Aguilera (10 hits)


More additions to the line up of the BBC's Electric Proms. Frankly, I've kind of lost track as to what we've reported on and what we haven't regards the Electric Proms - did we mention Paul Weller will open the whole thing, or that The Magic Numbers, The Zutons and The Fratellis will all play at the Roundhouse, or that The Young Knives, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Scott Matthews, Larrikin Love and The Pigeon Detectives will all play at the neighbouring Barfly as part of the whole thing? Did we mention that? Did we? Well, did we? I can't be expected to know everything.


The first acts have been confirmed for next year's Big Day Out. The Australian touring festival will feature performances from the likes of Tool, Muse, The Killers, Jet, My Chemical Romance, Peaches, and Spank Rock.

The confirmed dates for the event thus far are as follows:

19 Jan: Auckland MT Smart Stadium
21 Jan: Gold Coast Parklands
25 Jan: Sydney Showgrounds
28 Jan: Melbourne Princes Park South
2 Feb: Adelaide Royal Showground
4 Feb: Perth Claremont Showground


Meat Loaf is to stage a one-off 'Bat Out Of Hell' show in New York on 2 Nov. The show, which will take place at the city's Palace Theatre, will be staged in three parts, each section dedicated, of course, to each of the 'Bat Out Of Hell' albums.

The third album 'Bat Out Of Hell III - The Monster Is Loose' is set to be released on Halloween. Tickets for the show go on sale on Saturday, via Ticketmaster.


Badly Drawn Boy, aka Damon Gough, has announced his intention to launch his new album 'Born In The UK', out 16 Oct, in a chip shop. There's a shortlist of ten chippies, and he's asking fans to vote on which one actually gets to get the gig. If you're asking yourself why (and you may not be), it's because the new LP's artwork shows Gough sitting outside a chip shop.

The competing shops are as follows (go to to vote):

Ann's Fry - Glasgow
Smith's Ideal Fisheries - Grimsby
Brett's Fish Restaurant - Leeds
Mr Chips - Hereford
Toffs - London
Ocean Fish Bar - Wolverhampton
Bardsleys - Brighton
Rock & Sole Plaice - London
Brunswick Fish & Chips - Manchester
Magnet - Bristol

I think we've previously reported on his upcoming tour dates, but here's a reminder:

25 Oct: Glasgow ABC
26 Oct: Newcastle University
27 Oct: Sheffield Leadmill
28 Oct: Keele University
01 Nov: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
02 Nov: Cambridge Junction
04 Nov: Portsmouth Pyramid
05 Nov: Bloomsbury Ballroom


The likes of The Kooks, The Fratellis and Lily Allen (and Noel Gallagher, we've just been told) are amongst the artists lining up to perform at a new charity event next month. Mencap's Little Noise Sessions are to be held at Islington's Union Chapel on six nights between 20 - 27 Nov, and there are a few CMU favourites on the line up. Here's the full list:

20 Nov: The Kooks, Plan B, Get Cape Wear Cape Fly
21 Nov: Paulo Nutini, M Craft
22 Nov: Guillemots, Mystery Jets, Jamie T
23 Nov: The Fratellis, The View, Mohair
24 Nov: Mika, Bat For Lashes
26 Nov: Noel Gallagher
27 Nov: James Morrison, The Automatic, Lily Allen

Good job Lily Allen's not on the same bill as The Kooks, after what she was saying about them on her MySpace blog earlier this year.


Now this is only a rumour, but according to Morrissey fan website True To You, the singer is to play two homecoming dates at Manchester's G Mex centre later this year, with gigs apparently set to take place on 22 and 23 Dec. The site also says that Morrissey will also stage concerts in the USA, Germany and South America.


Former MySpace Of The Day nominees Ox are to support Battle at The Fly on London's New Oxford Street tomorrow. So you should go.


The people behind an online and mobile social networking community called Flirtomatic (so you can guess what kind of social networking we're talking about here) are hoping that bands might start using their service after reporting that 5ive successfully started reconnecting with their female fanbase by subscribing to the service ahead of their recent reunion announcement.

Apparently since the band posted themselves on the Flirtomatic network they have received thousands of 'Flirtograms' (texts) and 'Supersnogs' (kiss icons) from the service's 80,000 plus registered female users, which should provide a useful community for promoting the band once their upcoming self-released new album comes out (if we assume, that is, that it's the band's music that said flirto-friends are interested in - which I'm sure it is).

Flirtomatic's Head Of Commercial, GiGi Dryer, told CMU: "The response has been phenomenal. We reckon the guys have been sent in the region of 50,000 flirtograms so far. They'll be kept very busy responding to each one. We've always thought Flirtomatic would prove a great platform for bands to interact with their fans. 5ive have proved that instinct accurate".

5ive's manager, Richard Beck, adds: "One of the most important things about 5ive was always their relationship with their fans and their desire to do things differently. So when Flirtomatic approached us saying they were sure lots of their female users would love to flirt with 5ive online, it made perfect sense to make our special announcement with Flirtomatic as well as the usual method of a press conference".


The Australian Recording Industry Association has announced it will follow the lead of chart organisations elsewhere in the world, including are own lovable Official Charts Company, and incorporate download sales into its official singles chart.

As previously reported, ARIA only launched its bespoke digital sales chart earlier this year - the major download platforms having launched somewhat later in Australia than in the US and key European markets. The new announcement means that from 8 Oct those digital sales statistics will also be incorporated into the overall singles chart.

Confirming the decision, ARIA Chart And Marketing Committee Chairman John Parker told reporters that the inclusion of digital stats into the singles chart was "the logical next step", adding that, with 30% of singles sales in Australia now sold digitally, the new singles chart would more "accurately represent overall sales of singles, be they physical or digital, in the local market place."

ARIA is yet to confirm the specifics of how the new combined singles chart will operate. Incorporating digital sales into the physical singles chart does pose some issues, such as whether you include tracks that are only available digitally, and whether songs where two versions are in circulation should be dealt with separately or not - currently, different versions are listed separately on the Australian digital chart, but in the main singles chart they would be combined as if the two versions were, in fact, one track. The answers to such questions should become clear in the next week.


Organisers of In The City have confirmed that the Editor-In-Chief of Wired Magazine, Chris Anderson, will give a keynote speech at this year's event.

Having spent a lot of time observing and writing about the growth of online retail, including music etailers like Amazon and, Anderson was, of course, the man who made the so called 'long-tail' theory popular (well, popular among irritating business types who like saying things like "well, what we have here is an integrated systematic primary interaction retail infrastructure designed to suit the needs of the growing digital spectrum, owing to the long-tail effect of our sales project income flows" - you know who you are).

Confirming Anderson's involvement in this year's ITC, the convention's co-director, Anthony Wilson, told CMU: "No theory in the last five years has had more of an impact than The Long Tail on determining how commerce adapts to the digital marketplace. We're delighted that Chris Anderson has agreed to come over to the UK to appear at In The City 2006 to talk in detail about The Long Tail and how it could and should be applied to current and future music industry business models."

As we have told you all on countless occasions before, In The City takes place from 29-30 Oct in Manchester. Info at


70.2% of households in this fair isle of ours now have access to digital television. Well, that's what Ofcom reckon, and they look like reliable sorts. That stat comes from the quarterly Digital Television Progress Report. Politicians will welcome the somewhat rapid growth in digital TV of course, because they are keen to start turning off terrestrial TV signals as soon as is viable - mainly so all your secondary portable non-digital TV sets (in your bedroom, kitchen and study) will stop working. Politicians hate portable TV sets. It's official. You read it here first. One politician, who asked to not be named, told CMU last week "I hate portable TV sets".


ALBUM REVIEW: A Hawk And A Hacksaw - The Way The Wind Blows (Leaf)
Balkan music has a wonderful ability to be at once both triumphant and deeply melancholic and it is this musical tradition which has served as the gypsy way of remembrance and of gaining strength, often their only home. A Hawk And A Hacksaw draw upon this tradition of music and wields violins, accordions and trumpets that could draw tears while you're dancing and make you laugh at a funeral.
Initially a one-man band, this album also incorporates violinist Heather Trost, as well as contributions from trumpeter Zach Condon from the celebrated Balkan group Beirut and the Romanian folk group Fanfare Ciocarlia, recently voted Best European Artist at the BBC 3 World Music Awards. Partly recorded in a remote Moldovian village, 'The Way The Wind Blows' is very much in this deep and rich musical heritage, but by no means confined to it. Songwriter, singer and multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Barnes, originally from New Mexico, has travelled and played across America and Europe, and his music is informed by this, drawing upon jazz, blues, trance drumming and avant-garde thought, with traces of drone and atonal tricks coming into play. The vocal sections, which are gorgeous and ominous with lyrics that are whimsical yet hinting of some more profound vision, do more to elevate this album above the tradition from which it stems, however sublime that is, and make the whole experience truly resplendent. AM
Release Date: 9 Oct
Press Contact: Leaf IH [all]


Possessions belonging to Cher have been sold at an auction in LA. I was going to tell you what was sold and for what price, but then half way through this sentence I realised just how boring these celebrity auction stories really are. So I won't. Though the auction is expected to raise over a million dollars for charity, so perhaps I should. Ah, but Cher plans to keep some of the proceeds so she can revamp her house. So perhaps I shouldn't. Tell you what, I just tell you one thing. A 1970s record player went for $1400. There, done.


The Killers' Ronnie Vannucci has responded to reviews suggesting that his band have started to sound too much like Bruce Springsteen. He says: "I think it's just one journalist going with what other journalists have said. But that's not to throw Bruce under the bus - cause he's great - and if we're compared to Bruce Springsteen, I can definitely live with that".

Having listened to the new album, I don't think they sound like Bruce Springsteen. They sound like The Killers. That said, I've never been a Springsteen fan and can't claim to have listened to his entire catalogue. So I am perhaps not the best person to be making this judgement.


Two artists kicked off the X Factor recently have reportedly been accused of making threats to the show's producers. Twins Adam and Chrstian Neroni originally auditioned as part of boyband The Brothers, but then decided to go it alone as a duo (after falling out with their two band mates, another pair of brothers) and made it through to the boot camp stage of the show in that capacity. But Louis Walsh, whose looking after the groups this year, dropped them last week, while keeping their former bandmates (now also competing as a duo) in his 'final eight'. Turns out they weren't very happy about that decision.

A source from the show has apparently told The People: "The boys have been calling up and being really nasty. They have been saying things like, 'You want to watch your back' and 'You should be running scared' to the producers. It has been vile and offensive and they are just horrible people. They are arrogant and argumentative. We have never known anything like it on the show."

Hmmm, bitter former contestants seek out Louis Walsh and beat him up. Now that's a reality show I'd pay to see.

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