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In today's CMU Daily:
- Google buy YouTube
- More digital players reach agreement with MCPS-PRS
- New Xfm PD appointed
- Megaman on the life benefits of prison time
- Lennon Ono peace grants news
- My Kung Fu take over The Downloader
- Superthriller release blank album
- Lightspeed champion single
- Jay-Z single leaked online
- Dave Stewart stuff
- New Take That single aired
- Turbonegro working on new album
- Idlewild album, dates
- Morrissey announces arena tour
- Rancid tour
- Soulwax take over Fabric
- Debbie Harry to play at CBGBs final weekend
- StopDRM demand to be arrested
- respond to US tough talking
- Playmusic launches tomorrow
- X-Factor sinners not ejected
- Panic! mock Motley Crue for allegedly stealing their ideas
- Oliveri rambles
- Moss tells Doherty to drop the band


As Google confirmed it was acquiring YouTube yesterday, both companies announced they had reached licensing deals with different music and media companies (SonyBMG and Warner with Google, Universal and CBS with YouTube) regarding the use of their content on the site. It would be interesting to know what exactly those deals consist of - Universal were rumoured to be driving a hard bargain, and you have to wonder whether they got everything they were asking for.

Having become something of a YouTube addict in recent weeks, I wonder if the content companies realise just how much of their content is available via these services? I'm wary of mentioning it here - because as a user it is brilliant - but the comprehensiveness of the YouTube libraries is amazing and, surely for content owners, and especially those still to form a licensing alliance with the website, pretty damn worrying. Type in any band name you care to think of and pretty much their entire video back catalogue will appear, most containing the logos of the TV network that they were ripped off. Not only that, but you'll find TV appearances, DVD extras, official live recordings, bootleg live recordings, unofficial mixes and parody videos.

And that's why I'd be interested to see what the YouTube deals that major labels have struck look like. Are the labels allowing any versions of recordings they own, including those that appeared on live DVDs, or were recorded on a random TV show, or were bootlegged on a mobile at a recent Wembley gig (go check McFly's live cover of 'Ghostbusters'!), to air via YouTube, providing they get the appropriate cut of ad revenues? If so, do they themselves have the rights to do so, and what do artists think about having bootleg recordings made on fans' mobiles officially available on the net's biggest video site? If not, how are they going to police it, and are they in danger of taking away the eclecticism and comprehensiveness that makes YouTube so fun to start with?

Oh questions questions. Perhaps everything's already covered in those new licensing agreements. But I suspect not. Expect lots more shenanigans as the YouTube phenomenon continues to boom - meanwhile, I'm off to watch those brilliant Ben Folds Five sessions I stumbled across on there last night (though SonyBMG don't currently have a YouTube deal - so perhaps I won't, I'd hate to be involved in a copyright violation).



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Ladies and gentleman - Kill All Hippies returns after its Summer break this Friday at a brand new venue - the Carling Islington Academy. And the line up is looking both big and wonderful. Live wise you'll get The Others, performing tracks off their new album, Dublin's finest rock 'n' roll export Humanzi, plus Action Plan, shining lights from the Young And Lost stable. DJ action comes from the indie mash up master himself, The Freelance Hellraiser, with support from Anu Pillai from Freeform Five and resident Gavin Nugent (Fully Comprehensive). Room 2 (Bar Academy) will be hosted by the Moshi Moshi guys featuring their finest DJ talent playing filthy electro, bootlegs, remixed classics and new wave. It's going to be a good night. It takes place on Friday, 13 Oct, from 8.30pm to 4am. Entry is just a fiver before 11pm and £7 after. Not only that, but the first 100 people with a flyer, or the answer to the question 'Which band released the single Kill All Hippies?' will get themselves in for free. All good.

Full info>>

Check our interview with Humanzi>>


Have you noticed how drum&bass has become all good again in the last twelve months? Pendulum have arguably led the way, but the whole scene seems to be enjoying a real creative renaissance, thanks mainly to a blurring of the line between the d&b and breaks communities. An increasingly important name in this whole scene is TC, who's been outputting some quality dance music for a few years now, but who is on a real high just at the moment, thanks partly to his simply storming floor filler 'Jump', which has, conveniently, just been added to his MySpace player. The track appears on his upcoming debut album 'Evolution', which I'm yet to get my hands on (hint, hint), but which is sure to be one of the big d&b releases of the year. He's got a whole stack of upcoming DJ dates, all listed here, so go check out the four tunes streaming, then go see him doing his stuff on the decks. If d&b and/or breaks is your thing, you won't be disappointed.


Well, that happened quickly. Google has announced it is buying video-sharing website YouTube in a $1.65 billion share deal. The two companies confirmed that they had reached agreement regarding the acquisition yesterday, after that previously reported speculation in the weekend press that takeover talks between the two were in full swing. Google say the two companies will, for the time being at least, continue to operate independently, with Google's own video service continuing to co-exist alongside YouTube - though I can't see that really being the case long term.

Confirming the deal, Google CEO Eric Schmidt said that the two companies were "natural partners", adding: "The YouTube team has built an exciting and powerful media platform that complements Google's mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful".

YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley, who will stay on in his current role at the company, added: "Our community has played a vital role in changing the way that people consume media, creating a new clip culture. By joining forces with Google, we can benefit from its global reach and technology leadership to deliver a more comprehensive entertainment experience for our users and to create new opportunities for our partners."

The takeover announcement followed other news yesterday that both YouTube and Google had reached deals with different major record and media companies regarding the tricky issue of the amount of copyright content that appears, until now illegally, on the two video clip services.

Universal Music, which had indicated it may sue YouTube over its illegal distribution of its video content, has reached a deal with the service as has US TV network CBS. Meanwhile Google announced it had signed distribution deals with both SonyBMG and Warner Music, the latter having already entered into a relationship with YouTube. The exact specifics of those deals are not known, except that it will include some kind of ad revenue share and, in the case of Google, the option to up sell pay-to-view content via Google's Video Store alongside free video.


Digital music providers Napster and MusicNet yesterday both reached their own settlements with publishing collection society MCPS-PRS regarding digital royalties for publishers and songwriters.

The two download firms were part of that consortium of companies, which included most of the main digital music and mobile firms, as well as the major UK record labels, who took MCPS-PRS to court - or 'copyright tribunal' - after they failed to reach an agreement with the collection society over what percentage of digital music sales should go to publishers and songwriters.

As previously reported, MCPS-PRS said their members should receive 12% of digital revenues, almost double what they receive on physical CD sales because, they argued, the costs to label and retailer were considerably less in the digital domain. The labels and digital music providers argued that the collection society had underestimated the costs of delivering downloads, and ignored the fact that they had to recoup the huge investments they have made in establishing the digital music market - something the publishing sector has not had to contribute to.

However, as also previously reported, shortly before the tribunal was due to begin at the end of last month, the majority of companies in the consortium reached a last minute settlement with MCPS-PRS and so the court case was postponed. Napster and MusicNet, the latter the back end provider to a number of major download platforms, were not among those companies, but yesterday they did reach similar agreements with the collection society - an agreement which will see them pay a royalty of 8%, but providing some protection against any future price war in the download space.

Confirming the new settlements, MCPS-PRS said in a statement yesterday: "All parties to the settlement welcome the agreement and are all committed to working together to drive the ongoing growth of the legitimate digital music market".

There are now still four digital music companies yet to reach settlement with MCPS-PRS, while iTunes and the mobile companies, while having settled on most issues, are still in dispute regarding one. Assuming those matters aren't also resolved out of court, a reduced Copyright Tribunal will begin in mid-November.


GCap Media have already announced a replacement for Xfm Programme Director Andy Ashton who somewhat abruptly departed the station last week to "pursue other interests". Adam Uytman, currently Programme Director for the West Midlands outpost of EMAP's Kerrang! radio enterprise, will take over the Xfm programming role. It's not Uytman's first job within the GCap empire - previously he worked, as Head Of Music if I remember rightly, at Beat 106, the Capital Radio Group's Scottish youth station that has since been rebranded as Xfm Scotland.

Confirming the new appointment, Xfm Network MD Nick Davidson told reporters that Adam's "knowledge, skills and programming ability" would be invaluable at the station. Uytman himself added: "The Xfm brand as a whole has grown along with the explosion of the music scene that it is at the very heart of, making it a great time to join".


Former So Solid Crew rapper Megaman has been talking about his recent experiences after being accused of being involved in the murder of one Colin Scarlett. As previously reported, the rapper, real name Dwayne Vincent, was accused of being involved in the fatal shooting of Scarlett for which his friend Carl Morgan was jailed. However, after two previous court hearings failed to reach a conclusion regarding the charges against Vincent, he was finally acquitted of them last month.

Vincent has been speaking to MTV about the year he spent in prison while on remand - suggesting that, perhaps, he's a better person for the experience. He said: "I ain't gonna let prison get me angry and then spend my life battling the system. I'll tell you how it was for me. I was innocent. I look at my hands and say these hands are clean. These hands ain't taken no life. Prison for me was a blessing in disguise. I didn't appreciate the little things [before]. The hype, the glamour [of fame], a lot of things get to you and in the midst of trying to stay focused you tend to slip off and be an arsehole now and again. So for me prison was a reality check. I've learnt a lot, but through the pain and tears there's gonna be a lot of happy days."


Medecins Sans Frontieres and the Center For Constitutional Rights are the latest organisations to receive grants from the Lennon Ono Grant For Peace scheme. Each will receive $50,000, to be presented on Monday, which would have been John Lennon's 66th birthday, at Hofdi House in Reykjavik, the location of a 1986 summit between then US president Ronald Reagan and then Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev.

Ono told Reuters that the selected organisations work "selflessly and tirelessly towards establishing a more peaceful planet", and that they "look beyond today's conflicts and destruction and envision a positive future for your society".

The Lennon Ono Grant for Peace was created in 2002. Previous recipients include Pulitzer-winning journalist Seymour Hersh, and Israeli scientist Mordechai Vanunu, who was famously imprisoned for eighteen years for revealing details of Israel's nuclear weapons programme to the British press.


Cardiff based indie label My Kung Fu are this week making some free tracks available via our good friends at The Downloader. As you'll remember, they run this thing where different labels get to 'take over' for a week, showcasing a different artist each day, and making one track available from that artist as an MP3 download. Today you can download a track from Soft Hearted Scientists, and there'll be a different featured artist and download each day this week. You'll find all the info over there at


You remember Superthriller, right - the band behind that wonderfully good but obscenely under-exposed 2005 long player 'Superthriller1'?

Well, they are currently hard at work on album number two, but in the meantime are doing something quite fun. Basically they are going to be selling a special Superthriller branded blank CD via the Rough Trade record shops (or online store). The CDs cost a tenner each, which might sound a bit steep for a blank CD, however lovely the branding. But here's the thing. Once you have bought your CD, you will be invited to go online, preview thirty tracks from the Superthriller archives (demos, remixes, b-sides) and then burn your favourite 25 onto the CD (assuming you can get 25 to fit, I guess), in the order you like best. Simple.

The album is called, obviously, The Blank Album. The blank CDs go on sale on 30 Oct. Meanwhile you can catch the band live at the Shunt Vaults underneath London Bridge station on 24 Oct, or at Tramp @ Bierheller in Manchester on 25 Oct.


Lightspeed Champion have announced that they will release a debut single in January. Who or what are Lightspeed Champion, I hear you ask? Why, it's former Test Icicle Dev Hynez's new band. Anyway, the single is to be a double A side, 'I Wish I Was A Camel' / 'Tell Me What It's Worth'. A debut album is expected shortly too, but no release dates have as yet been confirmed.


Big news, everyone. A single has been leaked online. Yes, I know. I can barely believe it myself, but it's true. Jay-Z's new track 'Show Me What You Got' has appeared on several internet sites, and the rap star's label have been taking measures to try and stop it from spreading any further, apparently. They're on a hiding to nothing if you ask me.

The single is, of course, taken from the formerly 'retired' hip hopper's new album 'Kingdom Come', out 27 Nov. As previously reported, it boasts a veritable host of urban guest stars, including Kanye West, The Neptunes, Dre, Beyonce, and, er, Coldplay's Chris Martin.


Dave Stewart's previously unreleased 1974 Platinum Weird album 'Make Believe' is to be released - a fact you may be already aware of - but what you may not yet be aware of is the fact that the release date has changed from 16 Oct to 30 Oct, so it's a good job I just told you really, isn't it? The new release date will (sort of) coincide with Stewart's appearance on 'Later...' on 3 Nov

The album is a limited edition release, available for a limited time only, and after the initial print run it will be deleted. A brand new LP 'Platinum Weird', featuring new vocalist Kara DioGaurdi, will follow it in early 2007. You can see various bits of video footage, including an interview and a Platinum Weird promo featuring original vocalist Erin Grace, if you go here: platinum_weird/make_believe.htm

Press info, as you might expect from the above URL, is from Noble PR.


So have you heard it yet? No, neither have I, I've been far too busy listening to the new McFly album. But for those that like their boy bands with added nostalgia, keep your ear to the radio today, because Take That's new single 'Patience' was premiered on various radio stations during the breakfast slot this morning and will presumably get considerable play on the pop stations in the days to come. Assuming it's any good I suppose. Or possibly either way. The single is out on 20 Nov, and the new album will follow the next week.


Turbonegro are working on a new album. That's about all I know. There's no news as to when it will be forthcoming, and not a sniff of a tracklisting. Okay, I know this: the band are working at the Fagerborg Studio in Sweden. Ah, yes. I know it well.


Idlewild have announced that their new album is to be called 'Make Another World', and will probably be released in February next year. Frontman Roddy Woomble says: "We make good records, and we've just made another one."

Here's a reminder of their upcoming tour dates:

28 Nov: Dundee Fat Sams
29 Nov: Sheffield The Plug
30 Nov: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
1 Dec: Bristol Fleece- December
2 Dec: Manchester Academy
4 Dec: London Scala


Morrissey has announced a clutch of tour dates, which seems quite keen, given that great long tour he only fairly recently completed in support of his latest album. The tour ends with those previously reported Manchester homecoming gigs at the G-Mex. Tickets on sale Friday at 9am, dates as follows:

2 Dec: Glasgow SECC
4 Dec: Newcastle Arena
5 Dec: Nottingham Arena
7 Dec: Birmingham NIA
8 Dec: London Wembley Arena
22 Dec: Manchester G-Mex
23 Dec: Manchester G-Mex


Californian punk rockers Rancid are coming to the UK to play a series of dates which will coincide with the free online release of frontman Tim Armstrong's debut solo album. Support will come from fellow US punk band The Unseen. Dates as follows:

6 Nov: Manchester Academy
7 Nov: Birmingham Academy
8 Nov: Barrowlands, Glasgow
9 Nov: Studio 24, Edinburgh
11 Nov: Leeds University
12 Nov: Rock City, Nottingham
13 Nov: Newcastle Academy
16 Nov: Brixton Academy, London
18 Nov: UEA, Norwich
19 Nov: Bristol Academ
20 Nov: Brighton Dome

The Unseen will also play five headline dates, as follows:

5 Nov: Charlotte, Leicester
10 Nov: Adelphi, Hull
14 Nov: Roadkill, Liverpool
15 Nov: Cavern Club, Exeter
17 Nov: The Fighting Cox, Kingston


Oh, oh, this is exciting. Soulwax will be taking over London club Fabric for two consecutive nights next month, and here's what they have planned...

Friday 3 Nov
R1: Nite versions Live, 2manydjs, Mustapha 3000, Riton, Our Disco.
R2: Vitalic live, Uffie (Ed Banger) live, Headman, DJ Feadz, Heidy.
R3: DFA, Juan Maclean DJ set, Shit Robot, Tim Sweeney.

Saturday 4 Nov
R1: Nite Versions Live, 2manydjs, Tiga, Riton, Our Disco.
R2: Vitalic live, Zombie Nation live, Headman, Simian Mobile Disco, Does It Offend You, Yeah? DJ set.
R3: DFA, Juan Maclean DJ set, Shit Robot, Tim Sweeney.

Both nights run from 10pm to 7am, and tickets are £17 (£15 NUS and Fabric First). Press info from Fabric or Toast PR.


As previously reported, legendary New York club CBGBs closes this weekend. As also previously reported, CBGBs is closing after a long fight with the venue's landlords, who wanted to make more rent from the property, but will reopen in a new space in Las Vegas. As also also previously reported, Patti Smith will play the final gig at the New York venue on Sunday night. As not previously reported, Debbie Harry and fellow Blondie star Chris Stein will play an exclusive acoustic set there on Saturday night, ahead of a headline set by The Dictators.


Ah, this is fun. An anti-DRM group in France known as StopDRM have staged a publicity stunt in Paris which involved persuading policemen to arrest them.

The group are trying to raise awareness of new copyright laws in the country which make it a crime to hack a download platform's DRM - meaning that if you hack an iTunes file so it will work on a non-Apple made music player you are committing a criminal offence. You'll remember that when the French parliament reviewed its copyright laws earlier this year there was lots of media coverage because, for a time, it looked like politicians would severely reduce the ways in which DRM could legally restrict the ways bought content could be used. But in the end, albeit with some exceptions, the law change generally extended to ways DRM could be used by content owners and technology firms.

And it is those rules that StopDRM are campaigning against. The protest involved members declaring publicly that they had transferred iTunes files to non-Apple devices, and then marching to a police station demanding to be arrested for copyright crimes. One protestor, Jerome Martinez, told reporters: "Not only did I not use an iPod to listen to an iTunes song but I transferred the film 'Blade Runner' onto my handheld movie player". Police at the protestors' chosen police station apparently looked quite confused by the whole thing, before finally being persuaded to take the protestors inside to register their respective offences.

The protestors hope that their activity will persuade French consumers to boycott products that rely on restrictive DRMs, like Apple's iPod and iTunes. Doing so would, of course, mean not using some of the most popular digital content devices and services, though if we can rely on anyone to make such a sacrifice as part of a bloody minded campaign on a point of principle, it's the good old French. Whether the aforementioned protestors could face jail for their copyright violation admissions I'm not sure though, if they do, I'm sure Megaman would assure them that such an experience would be blessing in the long run.


Rogue Russian download platform has hit back at US Trade Representative Susan Schwab after she last week implied that she expected Russian authorities to crack down on the digital music site ahead of any moves to make Russia a member of the World Trade Organisation.

As you all know (I mean, we've told you often enough), offers major label music at a fraction of the price charged elsewhere. The site's owners claim it is a legal operation, operating under legitimate Russian licences. Record label trade bodies in the West, however, question that legitimacy, while stressing that even if the service is legally operating in Russia, it is not legally operating elsewhere in the world where its low-cost approach has proved popular with consumers.

While those trade bodies consider what legal action it can take against, everyone recognises a quicker solution would be for Russian authorities to act on their behalf, but they have so far been reluctant to take action. But specifically including in ongoing talks between the US and Russia regarding the latter's entry into the WTO might persuade those authorities that they should be controlling the download company's operations in some way.

But Ilya Levitov, speaking for the download site's owner, MediaServices, again stressed this week that the company was acting completely legally. He told reporters: "We're totally in compliance with Russian law. It's a Russian company owned by Russian people. It's a Russian business. Anyone outside Russia who uses the store is warned that they should check local laws before buying and downloading music."

Of course Schwab, and the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry, hope to persuade the Russians to change their copyright laws, so that MediaServices can no longer claim to be operating legitimately. Whether allofmp3's owners believe such legal changes will actually come about is unclear, although publicly they don't seem too worried, joking that Schwab's efforts are in fact good for business because they provide so much free publicity. The AFP news agency quote another allofmp3 spokesman as saying: "Susan Schwab markets us so effectively - she could already be our press secretary".


Previously reported new music magazine Playmusic will be officially launched tomorrow with Razorlight on the cover. The new title, which comes with a 12 track CD, will be supported by a radio and flyering campaign, plus posters on the tube (I can confirm that last bit for certain - I saw one myself just yesterday). The magazine launch will coincide with the Playmusic website going live at More info on it all from [email protected]


X-Factor finalists Eton Road and Ray Quinn have not been kicked off the TV talent show for having an agent. As previously reported, the two acts were under investigation because they were both signed up with Liverpool company Colette Fenlon Management, which led to speculation that they would follow in the footsteps of boyband Avenue, who were disqualified from the contest when the fact that they had a management contract came to light.

Quinn has said that he did have a deal with the agency, but it expired earlier in the year. He says"I'm not in a deal at the moment. Colette got me little bits on shows... it was more my acting side really. She's a lovely person and I grew up knowing her."

Eton Road were offered a management deal, they say, but turned it down. Band member David (don't know his surname) said: "James was going to audition as a solo artist for The X Factor anyway. So we said 'thanks, but we'd rather just go it ourselves'."


Panic! At The Disco have had a bit of a go at Motley Crue, saying, amongst other things, that the band have stolen their ideas, with bassist John Walker making the accusation that Motley Crue poached some of Panic!'s performers. Drummer Spencer Smith explained: "We took some performers out on the last US tour, and I we heard that some of them are now working for the Mötley Crüe tour, and they said that the reason they were hired is that one of the crew members from Mötley Crüe read a review of our show that said we pulled off everything that Mötley Crüe was trying to do. So I guess they said, "we've got millions of dollars, we'll just buy what they have!"

Smith continued: "When you're like, 50 years old, you can't come up with any good ideas anyway. You've just gotta pay for other people's ideas."


Former Queen Of The Stone Age Nick Oliveri has been rambling inanely about his drug taking, or not. Gigwise quote him thus: "You know man, everybody always says stoner rock this, stoner rock that, and I don't even smoke marijuana. I haven't for many years. That's why I brought out 'Cocaine Rodeo', so it was like OK, we're stoner rock, but BAM here's some cocaine!". So that's that cleared up.

On his relationship with former band mate, Josh Homme, who famously ousted him from QOTSA back in 2004, he added: "I didn't get an invite to his wedding if that answers your question... I know he has a kid now but I haven't met her".


Kate Moss now wants Pete Doherty to ditch his band as well as his druggie ways, or at least that's what the Sun says. They cite sources who say: "Pete has pledged his love to Kate and is desperate for a baby with her. But she is refusing to commit to a long-term future unless he dumps his band and his old druggie friends". The tabloid reckon it was Kate's demands that caused Doherty to cancel the current Babyshambles tour, with that there source adding: "[After Kate's demand] he immediately cancelled the tour but now he is considering quitting the group altogether. Kate wants him to prove that he can settle down and live a normal life."

Here's an idea, how about Doherty keeps up with the band and the drugs and drops the more tedious than ever on off on off on off on off supermodel relationship? That's a plan.

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