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In today's CMU Daily:
- The Darkness dropped
- In The City confirm live line up
- Live 8 makes $5 million profit
- Apple launch Red iPod
- CBGBs closes
- Objections raised to Madonna adoption
- Madden and Duff seek restraining orders
- Warrant out for Del Amitri man over speeding charge
- Macca planning on trademarking his name
- Single review: Patrick Wolf - Accident And Emergency
- Freddy Fender dies
- Hammond Jr on more Strokes and more solo work
- Jonny Greenwood track available
- Anderson on solo album
- Towers of London in Bravo series
- Badly Drawn Boy auctions special car
- Elliot Smith tribute cancelled
- Universal appoint new film, TV and ads head
- SonyBMG reach one more rootkit settlement
- Sony to launch video walkman
- ES still faces defamation suit over opera review
- Oxford licence goes to Absolute
- Air America applies for chapter 11
- MTV offer three stream coverage of EMAS
- Chart update
- Total Rock World Album Chart
- Subshot playlist
- This week's Student Radio Chart
- Album review: Various Artists - Popjustice - 100% Solid Pop Music
- Gareth Gates plans comeback via ITV1 documentary
- X-Factor finalist has link to Osbourne
- Preston thinks 'Brassbound' is rubbish


In The City have just announced the 54 unsigned bands that will get to play at the Manchester music convention this year, which got me thinking. Playing at ITC is, of course, a long established way for unsigned bands to get noticed by some of the people who count - A&Rs, journalists, generally important people. But in the fifteen years since ITC began a whole stack of new ways have come into being for new bands to promote themselves - websites, email lists, MySpace pages, YouTube pages, unsigned band download stores, mobile promotional platforms, endless brand-sponsored unsigned band competitions. So, is it easier being in an unsigned band now than in 1992?

I suspect the answer to that question is yes and no. But probably more no. What is great about the internet age is that, in theory, unsigned talent can reach mass global audiences all over the world with very little investment, and can sell their own music, online, without the cost of pressing CDs or records. And with a bit of quiet plugging, there are hundreds of blogs and ezines out there just dying to discover and champion those new bands. Which is why some advocate a future where the music world can exist without record labels or, for that matter, major music media. As any not-really-in-the-know type will tell you - "remember the Arctic Monkeys".

But then, there are so many bands with so many websites and so many MySpace pages and so many email lists that it can be harder for bands to get noticed in among the communication overload. Plus, those poor bands now not only have to get some songs together, and score a few gigs at A&R/hack friendly venues, they also need to set up a website and self record and release a debut album and maintain an email list and deal with hundreds of blogs and websites who may or may not be talking to potential fans. And while lots of platforms now exist to support unsigned talent - an awful lot of those platforms are better at helping bands give away their music than make money out of it. Which is probably why most unsigned bands ultimately desire a good record deal with a traditional record label, and lots of support from the mainstream music media. You know, like what the Arctic Monkeys had.

All of which means that while there are now more opportunities than ever before available to the average unsigned band - said band will also have to work harder than ever before to take advantage of them. So, despite everyone's efforts, I'm not sure it's any easier now than back in the day. Certainly the traditional industry showcases like ITC are as important as ever for the 54 bands that have been given that opportunity this year.



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Hot on the tails of the storming Remix UK Tour, Eddy TM's Remix Night returns to Cargo in East London this Friday, 20 Oct. Headlining live wise are Headland - a wonderfully off-centre band who promise much frivolity and high-end entertainment. On the decks will be the very mighty, still very much in demand Pendulum, who are still causing much excitement following the phenomenal success of their 2005 album 'Hold Your Colour'. And to that bill you can add Mr Mouth, the phenomenal 20yr old beatboxer, singer, songwriter, pianist, MC and National Youth Music talent winner. All this, plus Eddy TM himself. All takes place from 9pm to 3am, tickets are a tenner, or £8 for concessions and guest list.

Full info>>



The DFA Records production team / label need no introduction, so I won't bother to give them one. Tim Goldsworthy, James Murphy, label, productions, remixes, brilliant compilations - you know the score. But I'm tipping them here now because they recently released a second volume of the DFA Remixes compo series, and I completely forgot to report on it, which is criminal, because it's a flippin brilliant album featuring storming tracks from Tiga, Junior Senior, Hot Chip, NERD, Nine Inch Nails, Goldfrapp, Chomeo and UNKLE. In fact, I'd go as far as to say it's a must have album, and if you want proof, well, go to the DFA Records MySpace where you can preview two of the tracks (Junior Senior and Nine Inch Nails). While you're there, you'll also find loads of news on other DFA related tours, releases and competitions. I'm going to pledge to go back there on a regular basis, so I don't forget to report on any big DFA releases ever again.


Unconfirmed reports suggest that The Darkness have been dropped by Atlantic - which, let's face it, wouldn't be especially surprising following last week's news that Justin Hawkins was quitting the band, especially given that label bosses were already reportedly disappointed with the sales of second album 'One Way Ticket To Hell And Back'.

When he announced that he was quitting the band last week - in a bid to overcome his drug and drink addictions - Hawkins said the band would continue with newish member Richie Edwards taking over frontman duties. However, the label are yet to formally comment on their future relationship with the band. Silence which, frankly, says a lot.


The Darkness, of course, were one of the bands to get a vital boost to their early career by a performance at In The City - so who knows what future drink and drug filled chaos is awaiting the 54 bands that have just been announced as playing at this year's In The City Unsigned? Not that coke fuelled oblivion is compulsory for former ITC bands. I mean, Coldplay, Stereophonics, Oasis and Placebo all played early gigs at the Manchester music convention, and they're all clean living sorts, I'm sure.

Anyway, organisers of this year's In The City have announced which 54 bands out of the 1000+ who applied will be appearing at the In The City Unsigned showcase later this month. The bands due to play are: 52 Teenagers, Alberta Cross, Attic Lights, Bricolage, Cate Le Bon, Charlie Calleja, Cheap Dates, Churchill Black, Clarky Cat, David Venn, Driving By Night, Eugene Mcguiness, Far From The Dance, Flood Of Red, Found, Freemaker, Friendly Fires, From Mars, From The Wreckage, Full Speed Alone, Gallows, Gideon Conn, Granby Row, Great Northwestern Hoboes, Jack Afro, John Smith, Josephine Oniyama, Karima Francis, Lesser Panda, Miichelle Strahan, Milke, New World Record, Newsum Turn, No. 1 Son, O.B.E, Our Fold, Our Lives, Paul Napier, Paul Steel, Penknifelovelife, Pop Noir, Quartershade, Rebecca Rothwell, Sally Suicide, Shakes, Sidecar Kisses, Smokefeathers, Squire, Straglers, Stuart James, Suzuki Method, Terra Naomi, Texas Radio Band, The Answering Machine, The Fleas, The Gentle Good, The Headlines, The High Wire, The Jakpot, The Maple State, The Mono Effect, The Neon Hearts, The Permissive Society, The Strange Death Of Liberal England, The Thurston Revival, The Wombats, Thom Stone, Thomas Tantrum and Through Snowy Static. Look at all those 'The' bands. 'The' names are obviously still in vogue.

As well as getting to play at the ITC convention itself, a track from each artist also appears on a special iTunes album that goes on sale today. On that ITC top guy Anthony Wilson told CMU: "We're delighted to have linked up with iTunes for the second year running. In The City has always prided itself on its spirit of adventure and willingness to embrace new innovations and iTunes continues to lead the field in digital music distribution. We're a very natural fit. Last year's iTunes distributed album was a real success and I think that this year's 'In The City Unsigned' line-up is possibly our strongest ever."

In the City, as you all know, takes place from 29-31 Oct in Manchester. Info at


Last year's Live 8 activities raised profits in the region of $5 million. Now, some cynics out there in cynic land are focusing on the fact that the amassed Live 8 operations actually raised $20.6 million, but that $15.6 million was spent in delivering the uber-benefit, suggesting that by spending three times as much as was raised somehow the whole thing should be considered a failure. But you do have to remember that raising cash was never really an aim of the Live 8 operation, so the fact five million is going to charitable organisations is quite an achievement.

The primary aim of Bob Geldof et al, of course, was to ensure that the issues of African aid, debt and trade were suitably high up the agenda at the G8 Conference being held in Scotland, with much of the money raised through the SMS ticket draw held for the London event going to The Princes Trust, who cancelled their annual fundraising event in order to allow the Live 8 concert to go ahead in Hyde Park.

But the venture nevertheless generated significant revenues, with the $5 million profit figure being revealed last week. That money is now expected to be used to fund organisations who continue to put pressure on the G8 countries to recognise and address poverty in Africa. Which is probably a good thing - because if you're going to be cynical about anything relating to Live 8 it should be this: did the G8 leaders really do anything other than pay lip service to the whole Live 8 campaign? Those cynical types might say "not really, no".


Elsewhere in capitalists trying to be slightly less evil news, Apple Computers last week launched a special red iPod nano as part of Bono's previously reported (Product) Red initiative. Some of the profits from the sales of the player will go to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

The Apple partnership is the latest in a series of commercial partnerships between (Product) Red and global brands, all aimed at raising funds for the charity - past partners have included Gap, Motorola, Converse, Giorgio Armani, and MTV Networks.

Commenting on the launch of the Red iPod, Bono, who co-founded the (Product) Red programme with Bobby Shriver of DATA (Debt AIDS Trade in Africa), told reporters: "It's wonderful to see this incredible level of commitment from companies that are willing to lend their creativity in the fight against AIDS in Africa, the greatest health crisis in 600 years. AIDS in Africa is an emergency, that's why we chose the color red. When you buy a (Product) Red product, the company gives money to buy pills that will keep someone in Africa alive".


So, CBGBs New York finally closed this weekend after that long long running story over the legendary club's ongoing dispute with its landlords over rent levels. As previously reported, Debbie Harry was among the artists who played during the last weekend. Accompanied by fellow Blondie member Chris Stein, she reportedly performed an acoustic version of The Ramones track 'I Want To Be Your Boyfriend' before performing 'Tide Is High'. She told the crowd at the gig: "This is a little weird, you know, but anything for old CB's. What are we going to do now? Where are we going to go?" The answer to that question is Las Vegas, where CBGB owner Hilly Kristal plans to set up a replica venue.


Human rights groups in Malawi have raised objections to Madonna's intended adoption of one year old David Banda, saying that the proposed adoption is illegal, because the singer has not lived in the country. Children's pressure group Eye Of The Child says it will seek a court injunction if the government does not revoke that previously reported order approving the adoption, saying: "It's not like selling property", and adding that their actions were concerned with "safeguarding the future of a human being who, because of age, cannot express an opinion".

A second human rights organisation, the Civil Liberties Committee, have subsequently backed Eye Of The Child's stance on the matter. Justin Dzonzi, of the country's Human Rights Consultative Committee told the BBC: "The laws of Malawi are clear that if one wants to adopt a child one has to stay with the child for at least 18 months for assessment. If Madonna wants to adopt this baby she has to stay here".

Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie left Malawi last week without the child, but this is said to be because his passport is still being processed. As previously reported, the boy's father approved of the adoption, and the chief in the village where the baby was born also added his voice, saying "If we didn't send David away to the orphanage we would have buried him." The child's uncle, Pofera Banda, on the other hand, has spoken out against the adoption, saying: "We have seen other parents at the mission who have had their children adopted still living in their poverty. They have not seen their children - all they see is pictures sent to them. We don't want that to happen to this family".


Good Charlotte's Joel Madden and his girlfriend, actress/singer Hilary Duff, are in the process of seeking restraining orders against two men that they say are stalking them. The pair filed requests on Thursday last week for protection from one David Klein, and from a man identified only by a first name, Max.

According to the documents, 'Max' is a 19 year old Russian immigrant who, it's claimed, moved to LA with the "the sole purpose of meeting and becoming romantically involved" with Duff. The document continues: "He has admitted to being 'obsessed' with her, has stated his intention of removing his 'enemies' (ie those who prevent him from being with her), has stated his intention of purchasing a weapon, and has threatened to kill himself and to engage in dramatic actions to get her attention."

Klein meanwhile, claims to be a celebrity photographer, but the court papers claim that he and 'Max' are roommates, and that "over the past six weeks, the defendants have engaged in an accelerated effort" to contact Duff, visiting her home, her mother's home, Madden's neighbourhood, a venue in Hollywood Good Charlotte were performing, and making direct calls to Duff's manager.

Madden and Duff are asking that the pair be forced to stay at least one hundred yards away from them, Duff's sister Haylie and her mother Susan, and Madden's twin brother Benji. No comment has been forthcoming on the issue.


And he said nothing ever happens. An arrest warrant has been issued for Del Amitri singer Justin Currie after he failed to turn up at Perth District Court to face a speeding charge last week. Of course there's a chance he hadn't heard that he was required to attend court at all, because I heard somewhere that he's always the last to... yeah, you get it. Currie was clocked doing 61mph in a 50mph zone on the A9 in Perthshire, and as a result might have to, erm, kiss his driving licence goodbye (I'd forgotten how many Del Amitri songs I knew) because it already has nine points on it. Perhaps he should try 'driving with the breaks on'. No, I'd never heard of that one either.


Paul McCartney is seeking to put a trademark on his name which is a damn nuisance because we were about to rebrand the CMU Daily the Paul McCartney Daily. Ah, except it seems that Macca's company, MPL Communications, is only looking to secure exclusive rights to use his name on clothing and food products. Yep, no mention of daily music e-newsletters in his applications to the Trademarks Registry. Good, the rebrand stays.


SINGLE REVIEW: Patrick Wolf - Accident And Emergency (Loog)
On his first single for Loog, the painfully talented Mr Wolf returns with something essentially barking mad, but underneath all the random atonal noise and the maverick charm, there's a simple pop song here, and a rather fine one too. Sure, it's draped in fat electro beats, insistent synth riffs, and manages to cram in wailing sirens, discordant weirdness and a brass band into its philosophical three minutes, but its creator is still a songwriter at heart, never losing sight of the tune. It's this ability to combine the melodic and experimental so successfully that makes him such a special talent, and he manages to do so without sounding like anyone else on the planet. (Pop stars who invent themselves and/or exist in their own universe are a rarity these days, sadly). Beguiling stuff then, but will anyone actually buy it? MS
Release date: 23 Oct.
Press Contact: Loog IH [CP, CR, RP, RR, NP, NR] Bang On PR [online]


'Bebop kid' Freddy Fender has died at the age of 69. The musician, who was diagnosed with lung cancer early this year, passed away at his home in Corpus Christi, Texas, over the weekend. Born Baldemar Huerta, the singer and guitarist came to prominence in 1977 when his song 'Before the Next Teardrop Falls' got to number 1 in the US pop and country charts, and was followed by a similarly successful string of hits.

Fender won a Grammy for Best Latin Pop Album in 2002 for 'La Musica de Baldemar Huerta' and in 1999 was awarded a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In a 2004 interview he said that the one thing would make his musical career complete would be induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville, saying: "Hopefully I'll be the first Mexican-American going into Hillbilly Heaven."


Albert Hammand Jr has told the NME that there will definitely be a follow up to his current solo album 'Yours To Keep'. Sort of. The music mag quote the Strokes man as saying: "I'm definitely planning on writing and making another [solo album]. But if no one wants to hear my songs, I can't really make a record".

Asked if he would be writing songs for the next Strokes album, he said: "I don't think so, because I probably want to keep them for my second record!" He did confirm, however, that he planned to join his bandmates to start work on a new Strokes album in the New Year.


A twenty minute long piece of music by Radiohead man Jonny Greenwood is currently available to listen to at The peice, premiered by the BBC Concert Orchestra back in April 2005, is called 'Popcorn Superhet Receiver', and is one of nine pieces nominated for the Listeners' Award, one of BBC Radio 3's British Composer Awards 2006.


Former Suede man Brett Anderson has been talking about his upcoming debut solo album. Anderson has confirmed that the eponymous long player will be released by Drowned In Sound records and is pretty much ready to go.

Writing on his website, he says: "The album is mixed (by the lovely Steve Fitzmaurice), mastered (by the superlative Bunt Stafford Clarke) and ready to penetrate your eardrums. I've lived with the songs for so long and I still love them. I suppose that means something. The record will be released early next year on Drowned in Sound records in the UK and a major who I have worked with before (sorry can't be specific cos we are still dealing lawyers) in the rest of the world."


Towers Of London are to feature in a ten part series, to be broadcast on Bravo as of 19 Oct. Speaking about the show, the band's Donny Tourette says: "It's an insight into what it's like to be a real rock'n'roll band. Imagine two years' worth of booze-filled, fucked-up nights and out-of-control gigs rolled into a TV show. Every sort of shit that could possibly happen to a band happens in it. It's pretty hardcore - there are moments you might want to look away."


Badly Drawn Boy has been eBaying off a car that has a piano keyboard instead of a dashboard. Of course, it's a nice item, but is effectively useless as the 1980 Triumph Dolomite has no engine, and is not a musical instrument as the piano is just a prop. It was used in the promo for 'Nothing's Going to Change Your Mind'.

Anyway, I'd say don't let the fact that it's completely useless put you off, as all the money will be going to Oxfam, but as I believe the auction ended last night, it's now too late.


The previously reported benefit gig being staged by the Drowned In Sound people as a tribute to the late Elliot Smith has had to be cancelled after some key acts pulled out of the event at the last minute. Refunds on all tickets will be available shortly.

DiS's Sean Adams told CMU: "Apologies to all the acts who were booked to play and to everyone who bought tickets. Please accept our sincerest apologies, we're heartbroken it isn't going ahead too. We'd like to take this opportunity to encourage all our readers to make a donation (no matter how small) to the Elliott Smith Foundation, which this evening was raising money for. Please take a moment of your time to go Thank you".


Universal Music UK have promoted Marc Robinson to the role of Head Of Film, TV & Advertising which means he'll be overseeing the Universal unit which looks after, erm, film, TV and advertising. He will take over from Tracie London-Rowell who departed the role recently. He'll also carry on in his role of music supervisor for Universal's TV production division Globe Productions - so presumably he's going to be quite busy. Not as busy as me, obviously, but quite busy all the same.


Well, given that I'm pretty sure we had the first word on all this in the UK press, I guess we should have the last word too. SonyBMG essentially ended its long running rootkit debacle last week when the Quebec Superior Court in Canada approved a class action settlement relating to the major's use of the controversial copy-protection software.

It is now almost a year since IT writer Mark Russinovich first raised concerns regarding the so called rootkit software that was being employed by SonyBMG to 'copy-protect' CDs in North America. Although the major quickly offered a settlement to consumers affected by the software once its use became controversial, by that time a number of class action lawsuits had been filed in the US and Canadian courts. As each of those cases has since come to court, a variation on that original settlement has been generally accepted.

The cases took longer to come to court in Canada than the US. The settlement was approved in the Ontario court last month, but only reached the Quebec Superior Court last week.

Of course, I say that is the whole thing ended. Actually a related lawsuit in Italy remains, while the Texas State Attorney General recently said he may consider an additional action following an investigation that found that some affected users are still at risk. So there may be more rootkit fun-ness still to come.


Elsewhere in Sony news, this time from the electronics division, there was confirmation last week that a video-enabled Walkman is in the pipeline. Sony Senior VP Hiroshi Yoshioka said that "a product that handles images" was in development, though he didn't give any real timeline information. He also formally launched a new collection of flash players which offer a range of colours and storage sizes.


This should be interesting. Well, for us fans of potentially landmark defamation disputes. The London Evening Standard has failed to block a libel action from a composer who is suing them for defamation over a review of an opera about would-be suicide bombers which the paper said was "a grievous insult". The review was of Keith Burstein's opera 'Manifest Destiny'.

The opera, which imagined what would happen if potential Islamist suicide bombers renounced violence and destroyed their bombs, was composed in 2003, but was viewed in a different context when performed at the Edinburgh Festival last year, just six weeks after the July 7 London bombings. In that context the ES said: "The idea that there is anything heroic about suicide bombers is, frankly, a grievous insult".

Burstein says that he believes that statement defamed him by misrepresenting the nature of his work. The ES tried to have his defamation suit thrown out of court, but Mr Justice Eady last week gave the composer the OK to pursue his case, which should now go to court in the New Year.

Burstein, who once successfully sued the Times after it wrongly claimed he had orchestrated the booing of a modern opera, said last week: "I have always felt that what was said was an abuse of freedom of expression"


The new Oxford commercial terrestrial radio licence has gone to Absolute Radio, who already operate the city's youth station Oxford's 107.9FM (which began life a long time ago as a student radio station, don't you know). They will launch the previously reported Jack FM format on the new frequency, which will offer music programming for the 35-55 age group. Needless to say, Absolute will merge the advertising and administrative efforts of their existing and new Oxford station which should allow them to achieve considerable cost savings.


Liberal US radio station Air America Radio, which features Chuck D among its list of presenters, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection which is never a good sign. The move follows various rumours regarding the station's financial status. The company says it has applied for protection while it resolves issues with a creditor from their first months of operation some two years ago. They will continue to broadcast while those issues are resolved.


Viewers will be able to choose between three different streams of coverage from this year's MTV Europe Music Awards, which take place in Copenhagen next month. Via the awards own website viewers will be able to access the main Justin Timberlake hosted show, or full and extended coverage, or a back stage show hosted by Juliette Lewis.


So My Chemical Romance have scored their first ever UK number one now that 'Welcome To The Black Parade' is on full physical CD release. They push those Razorlight boys into second place with 'America'.

Meanwhile, new entries in this week's singles chart go as follows: Beatfreakz with 'Superfreak' at 7, James Morrison with 'Wonderful World' at 20, Hot Chip with 'Over And Over' at 27, Corinne Bailey Rae with 'Like A Star' at 32, Placebo and Alison Mosshart with 'Meds' at 35, The Ordinary Boys with 'Lonely At The Top' at 36 and Badly Drawn Boy with 'Nothing's Gonna Change Your Mind' at 38.

Albums wise, The Killers are still top with 'Sam's Town', followed by those other hangers on, Scissor Sisters with 'Ta-Dah' at 2 and Razorlight with 'Razorlight' at 3.

New entries come from Trivium with 'The Crusade' at 7, Luther Vandross with 'The Ultimate' at 12, Connie Fisher with 'Favourite Things' at 14, Sting with 'Songs From The Labyrinth' at 24, Milburn with 'Well Well Well' at 32, Chris De Burgh with 'The Storyman' at 38 and Lloyd Banks with 'Rotten Apple' at 40. Hurrah.


As counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New and re-entries marked with a *

1. Audioslave - Revelations (SonyBMG/Epic)
2. Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death (EMI)
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Warner Bros)
4. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Roadrunner)
5. Muse - Black Holes & Revelations (Warner Bros)
6. Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (Warner/Atlantic)
7. Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May (Roadrunner)
8. The Mars Volta - Amputechture (Universal)
9. New Found Glory - Coming Home (Universal/Island)
10. Razorlight - Razorlight (Universal/Mercury)
11. Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
12. AFI - Decemberunderground (Universal/Polydor)
13. Blue October - Foiled (Universal)
14. Papa Roach - The Paramour Sessions (Universal/Geffen)
15. Evanescence - The Open Door (SonyBMG)*
16. Tool - 10,000 Days (Volcano)
17. Saosin - Saosin (EMI/Capitol)*
18. Jet - Shine On (Warner/Atlantic)*
19. Rise Against - The Sufferer & The Witness (Universal/Geffen)
20. Avenged Sevenfold - City Of Evil (Warner Bros)


The videos appearing on the SUBtv screens network in students' unions around the UK this week. New entries marked with a *.

Fedde Le Grande - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit
Hot Chip - Over And Over
Jamie T - If You Got The Money
Kasabian - Shoot The Runner
The Kooks - Ooh La
The Magic Numbers - Take a Chance
*New Rhodes - History of Britain
Oakenfold feat. Pharell - Sex'n'Money
*Oasis - Acquiesce
The Ordinary Boys - Lonely At The Top
Panic At The Disco - I Write Sins Not Tragedies
The View - Superstar Tradesman

*Air Traffic - She Never Even Told Me Her Name
Alesha - Knockdown
*All Saints - Rock Steady
Gym Class Heroes - New Friend Request
*The Klaxons - Magick
*Lifelike and Kris Menace - Discopolis
The Long Blondes - Once And Never Again
*Patrick Wolf - Accident and Emergency
*Plan B - No More Eatin'
*Ray LaMontagne - How Come
The Rifles - Peace & Quiet
Wolfmother - Joker and the Thief


The most played music on UK college radio this week, compiled by the Student Radio Association.

1. [2] The Kooks - Ooh La
2. [8] Razorlight - America
3. [NE] Klaxons - Magick
4. [NE] The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldier
5. [NE] The Long Blondes - Once and Never Again
6. [3] Hot Chip - Over and Over
7. [28] Jamie T - If You Got the Money
8. [1] The Killers - When We Were Young
9. [NE] 1990's - You're Supposed To Be My Friend
10. [NE] Amy Winehouse - Rehab
11. [22] The Young Knives - The Decision
12. [NE] The Dears - Whites Only Party
13. [NE] Little Barrie - Pin That Badge
14. [14] Muse - Starlight
15. [NE] India Arie - There's Hope
16. [NE] Cute Is What We Aim For - There's A Class For This
17. [NE] Paul Oakenfold - Sex n Money (Ft. Pharrell Williams)
18. [NE] Air Traffic - Never Even Told Me Her Name
19. [NE] Candie Payne - Take Me
20. [NE] My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade
21. [NE] Bodyrox - Yeah Yeah
22. [21] Switches - Lay Down the Law
23. [NE] The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger
24. [NE] The Hedrons - I Need You
25. [NE] Pet Shop Boys - Numb
26. [19] Basement Jaxx - Take Me Back to Your House
27. [NE] Graham Coxon - What Ya Gonna Do Now?
28. [15] Paramore - Pressure
29. [12] Lily Allen - LDN
30. [10] The Automatic - Recover


ALBUM REVIEW: Various Artists - PopJustice: 100% Solid Pop Music (Fascination)
"Pop music for grown ups", insists the press release, and that's damn right. Courtesy of the ace website that's rightfully hailed as the modern day heir to Smash Hits, this is pop music for those who aren't snobbish about modern music and know that pop - or indeed POP! - is not a dirty word and that groups like Ladytron, Girls Aloud and Franz Ferdinand (all featured here) make scintillating pop music despite being very different groups. All, though, share a great and distinct visual identity, something all the best groups excel at, and that we don't see enough of in most of today's media-trained, anaemically stylised artists. In fairness, the task of compiling this compilation has been made easier by a plethora of what we might call manufactured pop that, amazingly, has actually been very good indeed of late. Forget your drippy boy bands and their endlessly bland cover version hell (actually, for what every boy band bar Phixx and (the still over-rated) Take That have inflicted on us over the last ten years, they should all be taken up to the top of a cliff and pushed off); if you've got any taste, you will simply have been utterly thrilled in recent years by singles from the aforementioned GA, Sugababes, Rachel Stevens and Britney, all of whom, you'll be completely unsurprised to learn, have contributions here. Meanwhile, in addition to Franz, the indie lovers amongst you are catered for by The Automatic and The Killers (the latter appearing remixed by Jacques Lu Cont, who works absolute magic on the Shed 7 b-side mediocrity of 'Mr Brightside', polishing it to sound like the greatest single New Order never released), whilst there are some pretty good exclusives from Client (Goldfrapp-style pervy electro-glam on 'Lights Go Out'), the Pet Shop Boys (an updated, electroclash-style version of 'It's A Sin') and Sophie Ellis Bextor (you'd forgotten all about her, hadn't you?). It's all been mixed together by allegedly "renowned mash-up artist" (nothing to be proud of, if you ask me) Grant McZleazy, and whilst the non-stop pop action makes it a great party CD, it's a tad frustrating to only hear the songs in two and a half minute bursts with their start and end brutally lopped off (this mixing fad will never catch on...). Still, as compilations go you'd be hard-pressed to find something better, and it's a great Xmas present for anyone with ears (don't forget to get them the Girls Aloud Greatest Hits too, though...) MS
Release date: 23 Oct
Press Contact: Purple PR [CP, RP, NP] Way To Blue [online]


Ah, now this is funny, because we were just discussing what had happened to Gareth Gates the other day. Turns out I was wrong - he isn't dead. The former not quite Pop Idol will feature in a new ITV1 documentary that will look at the brief but intense period of fame that followed him not quite winning the first ever series of the pop reality show. The show will conveniently coincide with the release of a new album (not sure who by, SonyBMG dropped him earlier this year).

An ITV1 spokesman told reporters: "This prime-time footage will show the impacts and consequences that fame thrusts upon artists hoping to survive successfully within the pressures of the music industry, and will also showcase some of Gareth's new music as he prepares to re-launch back into the spotlight to do what he loves most."

Of course this show could be called 'How ITV1 can fuck up your life', so it's quite brave of ITV1 to air it.


It's emerged that one of Sharon Osbourne's final four acts on X-Factor already had a link to the judge before coming on the show, according to the Mirror. The singer's girlfriend's mother has apparently been friends with Sharon for years. Of course, the producers say that nothing untoward has gone on, and that Sharon had no idea about the connection.

A source told the tabloid: "They have remained friends through the years but Sharon hasn't seen Therese for more than 12 months. Sharon did not know about Ben's relationship with Siobhan until he was put through to her final four. He categorically got through on his own merits."


He's probably right. Their debut album was probably better. Anyway, Preston Ordinary Boy has apparently told The Sun that the band were all depressed when making their most recent album 'Brassbound', resulting in its being a bit crap. He said: "Our last album 'Brassbound' was just rushed and unplanned and, well, so depressing. I can't stand listening to it. We were depressed making it. It was a quarter-life crisis. Apart from the single 'Boys Will Be Boys', Brassbound is the least exciting record ever made."

Preston is, however, more confident about his band's third album 'Ten Steps' which apparently uses as inspiration some of the celebrity Big Brother contestant's recent experiences of being in the limelight. He says: "I'm still in that celebrity world and really enjoying it. I have a total fascination for it and the fickleness and ridiculousness of it. But I'm not complaining. The narrative of the album is potentially me - someone who gets seduced by vanity. But I'd say I've only achieved three of the ten steps.

He continues: "I appreciate the fun I've had but I'm happy to go and work in a post office if I have to as I understand the fickleness of fame, take it with a pinch of salt and am just happy to be making music again."

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