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In today's CMU Daily:
- US Copyright Office extend compulsory licensing to ring tones
- EMI profits down for half year
- Big Mac, fries, Coke, mp3player - extra virus with that?
- Q Awards shortlists announced
- More additions to Hall Of Fame
- Student Radio Awards nominees announced
- Madonna adoption latest
- Whitney planning a comeback
- INXS's Fortune on meeting Hutchence family member
- My Chemical Romance on cancer song
- Pavement reissue
- All Saints album news
- Thom Yorke goes on about environment, new album
- LCD Soundsystem do Nike track
- Ryan Adams on his more alternative music
- Patti smith on CBGBs
- Jamie T album stuff
- Get Cape Wear Cape Fly tour
- Snow Patrol announce new gig
- Lily Allen does okay in LA
- National Music Week is go
- Russia likely to comply on US' IP demands
- Nokia confirm completion of Loudeye takeover
- Jobs disses Zune sharing
- GCap might turn to football boss to save Capital Radio
- Aspiring pop duo apologise after football match arrest
- Hot Club de Paris album launch stopped
- Kate hands Doherty list of marriage rules
- Q Award nominations in full
- Student Radio Award nominations in full


So, it's that time of year when CMU again refreshes and expands its team of college correspondents. This is a chance for students all over the UK to hone their skills, showcase their work and expand their contacts in the music and media world.

CMU College Correspondents are part of the CMU review team, getting access to upcoming releases from all key music genres, and sharing their opinions with thousands of music fans and key music business people via CMU's media. Correspondents also have the chance to interview their favourite artists for CMU Beats and give their opinions to the music business through a regular survey on recent signings, releases, events and innovations in the music world.

These positions are voluntary, but all correspondents receive free training and coaching from CMU's team of professional journalists and editors, plus have special access to key album releases and gigs in their town.

We are currently looking to expand our correspondent teams in Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Durham, Leeds, Sheffield, York, Leicester, Nottingham, Birmingham, Cardiff, Bristol, Brighton, Southampton, Norwich, Oxford and Cambridge. But if you're not in one of those cities you can apply anyway - we might consider branching into new college towns.

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Hot on the tails of the storming Remix UK Tour, Eddy TM's Remix Night returns to Cargo in East London this Friday, 20 Oct. Headlining live wise are Headland - a wonderfully off-centre band who promise much frivolity and high-end entertainment. On the decks will be the very mighty, still very much in demand Pendulum, who are still causing much excitement following the phenomenal success of their 2005 album 'Hold Your Colour'. And to that bill you can add Mr Mouth, the phenomenal 20yr old beatboxer, singer, songwriter, pianist, MC and National Youth Music talent winner. All this, plus Eddy TM himself. All takes place from 9pm to 3am, tickets are a tenner, or £8 for concessions and guest list.

Full info>>


We Are Trees, crazy name, crazy band. Actually, the name's not that crazy, really. I don't know about the band. I suspect if they were crazy they wouldn't be producing their brand of darkly melodic indie pop, they'd be producing something a bit more shouty, or weird. Hang on though, I've just looked in the images bit and discovered some almost-crazy pics of them messing around in woodland/typically Welsh-looking hilly areas (I don't know for sure that these pictures were taken in Wales, by the way, but it looks very ferny). Anyway, the point is, I like them, and I reckon this is a great time for you lot to get to know them, as they have a double A side single, 'Piece Of Plastic'/ 'Trace' coming out soon, one side of which is streaming on the MySpace page. Also, they have a fair few upcoming tour dates, and you might want to check em out after having looked at the page. Although, it helps if you live in London or Wales, as that's where all of the dates are. Which sort of backs up my theory about the ferns, really. Although, if I'd bothered to look at the 'where the band hails from' box, which quite clearly says 'Cardiff/Caerphilly, United Kingdom' there would have been no need for all the guessing. Enough, go see:


More squabbling between the recording and publishing sectors of the music industry now - though this time the squabble is across the Atlantic. And, to be more precise, the squabble is now over because the US Copyright Office has spoken.

The squabble centred on the licensing of music for ringtones. The US record labels, who have only relatively recently got into the ringtone space big time, have been arguing of late that ringtones should be covered by the compulsory licence provisions in section 115 of the US Copyright Act. Basically this would mean that rather than having to make specific arrangements with music publishers every time they want to use a composition for a ringtone, record labels or ringtone firms could automatically use any previously released compositions for ringtones, providing they pay the publisher a set royalty fee, a fee that is fixed by the Copyright Royalty Board.

The labels say this would simplify the ringtone production process and reduce the amount of bureaucracy involved - which, they argue, would save money, to everyone's benefit. However, the publishers aren't keen on the idea, because it takes a lot of control away from them in the ringtone domain. Currently they can set their own royalty rate for ringtones, dependent on demand or other market factors. Plus, crucially, they can refuse to allow a track to be used at all.

With this debate gaining momentum in the US industry, the Copyright Royalty Board last month asked the US Copyright Office to clarify whether ringtones should or should not to be covered by compulsory licences. And yesterday they ruled that they should, providing compositions are used in their original form.

Needless to say, Steven Marks, General Counsel for the Recording Industry Association Of America, welcomed the ruling, telling reporters: "This decision injects clarity into the marketplace - clarity that will help satisfy fans' hunger for the latest hits from today's best artists by affording record companies and ringtone providers the ability to move new offerings quickly and easily to consumers. Ultimately, we're all seeking a vibrant mobile market. This decision helps us further that goal".

Just as needlessly to say, a spokeswoman for the National Music Publishers' Association was critical of the ruling, saying: "We are disappointed in the Register's decision, which could hurt songwriters significantly and represents an unprecedented broadening of the compulsory license for musical works. Of particular concern is that copyright owners who have negotiated ringtones licenses in the free market for years will now be subject to government regulation. We see no justification for this, and are currently reviewing our legal options."

Interested parties now have to mid-November to make their case as to what the compulsory royalty rates should be.


City news anyone? The EMI Group yesterday reported that revenues for the first half of the current financial year were down 5%, but stressed that the group's financial performance in that period was affected by the whims of the release schedule, with a number of major releases stacked into the second half of the fiscal calendar. The major hopes that upcoming releases from Norah Jones, Robbie Williams and Tina Turner will all help ensure profits are up by the year end.

The major said in a statement: "The strength of upcoming releases, together with continuing strong momentum at EMI Music Publishing and further good progress on the cost savings initiatives...give the board confidence that the group is on track to deliver results in line with its expectations for the full year".


Oh, oh, oh, this isn't good. A free MP3 player being given away by McDonalds and Coca-Cola in Japan not only came with ten free tracks preloaded, it also came with a Trojan horse virus which transferred itself onto a user's PC when synced with the player. This virus then takes the usernames and passwords of the user and emails it on to hackers. Now that's a value meal. Experts reckon the virus got onto the players when the free tracks were loaded, and McDonalds have admitted some 10,000 players are most likely affected. They've set up a website and 24 hour hotline to assist customers with the problem. To be fair, IT types say it is a low-level risk virus which will be picked up by most anti-virus packages, though the PR fallout that is currently occurring from the whole thing may well make the two global brands think twice before replicating similar digital music promotions elsewhere in the world.


Editor Paul Rees says of this year's Q Awards, which take place in London on 30 Oct, "we rather fancy it will be the year's essential music ceremony", and do you know what, I think he might be right. I mean, just look at the line up. Yahoo Music, O2, Sony Ericsson,, Napster, Marshall Amplification, Island Records, Creative Zen, Carling, Espirit Med wines, Appletons spirits - hey, you don't get that level of "key music-related brands and strategic partners" at any old awards ceremony.

It's all very exciting. Look, Event Producer, Jacqui Pinto thinks so too. "This is a huge year for Q", she says, "the magazine continues to dominate on the news stand and the Awards looks set to top the £3.5million worth of media it delivered in the last two years", and, of course, "it's fantastic that these music-related companies will be stage centre with us" because, after all, "it's a great reflection of how the industry is changing and how it is embracing new technology alongside traditional routes to market". Yep, all of that. And we haven't even mentioned "Jonathan Ross" or the "a-list celebrities" yet. Nor official water sponsor Belu. Yep, they've secured Belu. It's a real coup. Like Paul said, this year's "essential music ceremony".

Just to put a dampener on the whole thing, we should warn you some music awards may also be presented. But we won't waste your time with any of that nonsense. Oh, go on then, the Arctic Monkeys and Muse dominate the shortlists, getting four and three nominations respectively. They are both up for Best Album and Best Live Act. In the former against Kasabian, Keane, Razorlight and Snow Patrol, and in the latter against Oasis, Razorlight and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

There's a full list of nominations at the bottom of today's Daily. They're no bottle of Belu, but if you like lists, you'll be happy.


Bon Jovi and James Brown have both been confirmed as new inductees of the UK Music Hall Of Fame which, you'll remember, will again swell its membership at a special event at London's Alexandra Palace on 14 Nov. They join the list of 2006 inductees that already includes Dusty Springfield, Led Zeppelin, Brian Wilson, Rod Stewart and, representing the back stage fraternity, Beatles producer George Martin. As I'm pretty sure we've also previously reported, the Hall Of Fame show will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 2 with highlights shown on Channel 4 on 16 Nov.


More awards, and the shortlists for this year's Student Radio Awards, staged by the Student Radio Association, were announced last week. 22 college stations are represented in the shortlists, and will all be in attendance at the big bash at the New Connaught Rooms in London on 9 Nov when the overall winners will be announced. The full shortlists are at the bottom of today's Daily.


The latest news on the ongoing Madonna adoption saga is that, according to more than one news agency, the singer's staff were seen at Malawi airport, boarding a small private plane with the baby she's hoping to adopt. Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie, as previously reported, left the country on Friday after being granted an interim order to allow them to take custody of the child, David Banda.

Meanwhile, Madonna's people have at last released a statement confirming the interim order, and explaining that for the course of the next eighteen months, she and Ritchie "will be evaluated by the courts of Malawi per the tribal customs of the country" before a permanent adoption is finalised. The statement adds that David has now been issued with a visa and passport and that "it is expected that the family will be reunited within the next few days".

As previously reported, Malawian human rights groups had intended to go to court yesterday to seek an injunction to halt the process, but have deferred the move for the present time, pending further investigation into the case - chair of the Human Rights Consultative Committee Justin Dzodzi said his organisation was sending personnel to the village where David had lived to "get a feel of what the villagers and relatives feel about the adoption", and added "part of our legal action is dependent on getting some disgruntled people to swear affidavits."

Malawian law, of course, disallows adoption by non-residents, but Madonna has been granted an exemption from this rule. The aforementioned human rights groups had claimed that the government had ignored the laws and basically used shortcuts to speed up the adoption, accusations which officials refute. On the singer's appearance in court last week, Penston Kilembe, of the Ministry Of Gender, Child Welfare and Community Services, said "The process did not start today - Madonna's people have been pushing the papers for some time and her coming was just to sign the papers to conclude the process."


Whitney Houston, who, I believe, ought by rights to be referred to as a 'troubled pop star', is apparently working on comeback material. As you know, the singer has struggled in recent years with drug addiction and a fraught relationship with soon-to-be-ex husband Bobby Brown.

Now that the divorce is on the cards, Houston has plans for a new LP, a possible collaboration with DJ Premier - who, of course, recently worked on Christina Aguilera LP 'Back To Basics', and who says he is close to formalising a relationship with the singer.

Premier told Billboard: "I'm not gonna jinx it but there have been talks and I've met with the right people so if that goes down I'd love to give her a big record. I know what she needs. I'm not gonna give her a record about rolling on dubs and all that just because that's what's current. That's beneath her. She can go left field as long as the record's banging and she sings it well. She deserves another chance. I won't misguide her career and give her some bullshit track".


New INXS frontman JD Fortune, who, as oft reported, was selected by the surviving members of the band via the reality show 'Rock Star: INXS', has told MTV about the slightly scary experience of meeting the late Michael Hutchence's brother.

Fortune said: "I met his brother Rhett in Australia a while ago and it wasn't pleasant. He was wearing a t-shirt saying, 'That's not my brother'. His friend had a t-shirt on which said, 'Mock Star: INXS'. I had to say something, so was like, 'You don't know me, I don't know you. We're just humans.' Something changed after that and by the end of the night it was a different story. Rhett took the t-shirt off and bought another one. He hugged me and said he was sorry."

Now, if I weren't a deeply twisted cynic, I might call that a beautiful story. Ahem.


My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way has spoken out about his band's new track 'Cancer', which appears on forthcoming album 'The Black Parade', out 23 Oct.

The singer said in a statement: "It's not a poetic track. It's very direct, very brutal, but that's the way disease is. Obviously cancer is being used as a metaphor. But I also wanted the song to be directly about the disease, because it's something that the patient has gone through and it's a very powerful thing. For me it was almost like an attempt to write the darkest song ever, and I think we achieved that."


Pavement are to re-release 1995 album 'Wowee Zowee'. The new two disc issue will feature the now obligatory extras, consisting of more than fifty tracks, eighteen of which are previously unreleased. The collection, out 4 Dec, will also feature a variety of live performances.


All Saints have released details of their previously reported new album, and yes, tracklisting fans, you're in luck. 'Studio 1', out on 13 Nov, is, of course, the girl band's first new material since the release of 'Saints & Sinners' back in 2000. Here's that tracklisting, as aforepromised (yes, I know that's not really a word).

Rock Steady
Chick Fit
On & On
Not Eazy
Hell No
One Me & You
Too Nasty
In It To Win


Thom Yorke says Radiohead are really getting on with their new album now. He added this news to the end of a post about climate change which read as follows, as usual, any errors are his:

"if it scares you speechless and wakes you in the night.
if you are bothered about the flooding you keep seeing.
or those high winds.
or that there is something not quite right about the fact you're still walking round in a Tshirt in october.
please find out about the the big ask campaign"

He adds: "We are hassling all MPs in the uk to write to our glorious leader and get a bill that commits us all to reducing carbon emissions 3percent a year. Its a start. It has to be law. Otherwise it's never going to happen. And it has to."

Anyway, then he gets round to talking about the music. Briefly: "ahem speech over. weve started the record properly now. starting to get somewhere i think. finally."


Nike have commissioned LCD soundsystem to come up with a perfect work out song. And they've done it. Well, I don't know if it's a perfect work out song, but they've certainly made a track, because it's now available via the Nike store and iTunes, entitled '45:33'.

Writer James Murphy says: "The idea of making a long piece of music built around an arc designed for running appealed to me, because it was so anathematic to what you're typically asked to do as an artist. When on tour our band LCD tends to do a lot of running - mainly to keep sane and resist the inevitability of turning into a bus-bound potato, filled with all that makes one sick".

He continued: "When I was approached to make this 'run', two different members of the band told me that they'd run to two remixes I'd done as DFA- the UNKLE and Gorillaz mixes. Both were long, sprawling, organic dance songs that eased from section to section for 10 plus minutes each, so the gauntlet had been thrown down to make something longer that was well designed to reward and push at good intervals of a run."


Ryan Adams has explained why some of his music only gets streamed via his website. It's because it's all a bit too, er, interesting for general consumption, apparently. Here's what he says in a post on his website:

"It's just stuff I do in my spare time, under the name The Shit. It's probably various tunes, as it's been an ongoing project since I can remember. I record some punk stuff when I get bored, cause I like to play music when I'm not busy playing music. My other metal project is called Werewolph, but it's too scary to release as it is so metal and scary that people actually turn to ice when I play it for them. Those few unlucky souls now haunt the offices of the NME instructed by my witchmaster. Anyway, The Shit (which is me on everything except drums which is sometimes Brad sometimes JT) have made five albums. 1.'Is This Shit' 2. 'Hits The Fans' 3. 'General Ulysses S Hospitol' 4. 'HillybillyJoel' (which is with the Cardinals and called CardinalShits) and 5. 'slef-protrait'(sp is correct). So there. And Brad and I are working on garageband wars right now. I have an alternative death metal country band called WILCOVEN. Its pretty sick."


Well, you know already that it's closed, and you knew that Patti Smith would perform on the last night, which she did, of course, on Sunday. But did you know what she said during the Q&A session she held with the crowd during her sound check? Well, read on if you don't.

On whether she would perform at the new CBGBs planned for Las Vegas: "We had a job in Las Vegas four years ago and we sold 85 tickets and they cancelled the show. I've never been there. When you only sell 85 tickets out of 2,000, you don't go into that town."

On the closure: "CBGB is a state of mind, and what's going to happen is young kids all over the world are going to have their own fucking clubs and they won't care about CBGB because they're going to have the new places and the new places are always the most important."

On club owner Hilly Kristal: "Hilly believed in us, he shepherded us, he was non-judgemental and he always gave us a job, just like tonight. Hilly was our friend, he was our champion and in those days they were very few, so we're all grateful to Hilly. We were all thinking 'What word should we put on our piano? Should we put "CBGB"? Should we put "Farewell'? Should we put "Peace"? Should we put "Save the Environment"?' We all decided the best word we could write was 'Hilly'. And I have to say it was a very Hilly existence here!"


Jamie T has announced that his album 'White Socks Black Shoes' will be out on 22 Jan, preceded by the release of a single, 'Calm Down Dearest' on 7 Jan. He is, of course, touring the UK at the moment, remaining dates, FYI.

17 Oct: Birmingham Academy
19 Oct: London Scala
20 Oct: Cardiff Barfly
22 Oct: Bristol Thekla
23 Oct: Nottingham Rescue Rooms
24 Oct: Stoke Sugarmill
27 Oct: Tunbridge Wells Forum
28 Oct: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms
29 Oct: Oxford Zodiac
30 Oct: Brighton Audio
1 Nov: Exeter Cavern Club


Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, aka Sam Duckworth, has announced a UK tour to take place at the start of next year, dates as follows:

18 Jan: Southampton, University
19 Jan: Wolverhampton, Wulfrun Hall
10 Jan: Manchester, Academy 2
21 Jan: Glasgow, QMU
23 Jan: Sheffield, Leadmill
24 Jan: Leeds, Metropolitan University
25 Jan: Nottingham Trent University
27 Jan: Oxford, Brooks University
28 Jan: Bristol, Anson Rooms
29 Jan: Cambridge, Junction
30 Jan: London, Astoria


Snow Patrol have announced an extra date on their winter tour, and will additionally play at Manchester's G-Mex centre on 15 Dec. Tickets for the rest of the tour are pretty much sold out, I believe, but tickets for the new date go on sale this Friday at 9am.

Full list of dates as follows:

26 Nov: Bournemouth International Centre
28 Nov: Birmingham NIA
29 Nov: Manchester Evening News Arena
30 Nov: Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
15 Dec: Manchester G-MEX
16 Dec: Glasgow SECC
18 Dec: London Wembley Arena
19 Dec: London Wembley Arena
21 Dec: Belfast Odyssey Arena
22 Dec: Dublin Point
23 Dec: Dublin Point


According to The Sun, Lily Allen attracted a starry crowd when she performed a gig at the Troubadour club in Hollywood at the weekend, three months ahead of the US release of her album. The likes of Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale, Sean Lennon, and Orlando Bloom were all there, and according to the tabloid, actress/singer/gossip blog fodder Lindsay Lohan tried to get a ticket but couldn't get in.


Oh, by the way, welcome to National Music Week. I should have said that yesterday, but I forgot. As previously reported, NMW is a programme of educational events that are taking place in 2000 schools across the country teaching kids how to download all their music for free. Or was it why they shouldn't download all their music for free? I forget. The whole thing was formally launched yesterday by Matt Willis and All Angels, both of whom are taking part in the previously reported schools music chart promotion thing, whereby participating school kids will be able to download a free track by one of ten artists, with a chart being formed based on the number of downloads.

Commenting on the whole thing, Marc Jaffrey of government backed Music Manifesto, one of the groups supporting NMW, told the Beeb: "There's a real desire to explore listening. Young people have thousands of songs in their pockets in their iPods but the question we have is - how well are they being supported to really hear what they're listening to? At the heart of music making is the capacity to really hear rhythm, to hear harmony, to hear melody, and to really consider their own judgements."

And for those cynics out there questioning the motives of major record labels supporting a campaign which, by as way of a coincidence, provides a free platform for promoting upcoming new releases in the classroom, Jaffrey adds: "No artist is gaining anything from this. Yes they're getting publicity, yes they're talking directly to young people, but they do that week in, week out. They don't need schools to do that. It's not about flogging their latest single, it's about being part of a broader campaign about listening and backing it up with quality resources". I bet you cynics feel silly now.


Russian authorities are indicating that they will comply with demands coming out of the US regarding intellectual property rules as part of their bid to join the World Trade Organisation. That, of course, can't be good news for rogue Russian download platform because the IP rule changes the US want are likely to end the ambiguities in Russian copyright laws that allow to claim they trade legitimately.

Russian Minister Of Economics And Trade, German Gref, told reporters yesterday: "I think that in the coming two weeks we will reach a final agreement. In principle, we have agreed with the US on all questions connected with intellectual property rights". Gref didn't mention by name, but, as previously reported, US Trade Representative Susan Schwab did when she discussed Russia's IP obligations last week.

All that said, owners Mediaservices are still up for fighting. They told reporters this week: "Universal, Warner Music, Sony BMG and EMI have repeatedly mischaracterized the company as part of a campaign to secure a more favorable royalty structure. Mediaservices is convinced that its business model is legitimate and that it maximizes demand for music and spurs consumers to buy more music."


Although Nokia's takeover of Loudeye was, as previously reported, all but completed last week, the phone firm formally announced its purchase of the digital music provider was complete yesterday. Executive Vice President and General Manager of Multimedia at Nokia, Anssi Vanjoki, said: "Our vision is to enable people to access all the music they want, anywhere, anytime and at a reasonable cost".


Quote of the week. The always good for a sound bite Apple boss Steve Jobs on the WiFi sharing capabilities of the soon to launch Zune music player coming from his rivals Microsoft. He told Newsweek: "It takes forever [to share songs Zune-to-Zune]. By the time you've gone through all that, the girl's got up and left. You're much better off to take one of your earbuds out and put it in her ear".

Hey, he might be screwing the music business, but that Jobs bloke is still one of the best spokesmen in the business world.


GCap are reportedly courting Karren Brady, the MD of Birmingham City football club, to take over the top job at their flagship radio station Capital Radio which, we might have mentioned before sometime, has been struggling of late. Despite being known as the "first woman of football", Brady has some media experience, beginning her career in the radio and advertising sectors, and keeping her hand in the media business as a board member of Channel 4 and as chairman of Kerrang! Radio. No official word from Brady or GCap on the rumours.


An aspiring twin sister pop duo haven't got off to a very good start, unless you buy the no publicity is bad publicity line, in which case perhaps they have.

The Sheffield based duo, called Twin, obviously, were given the chance to perform a cover of Slade's 'Cum On Feel The Noize' at a Sheffield Wednesday match at the weekend. However, they didn't take well to the predictable jeering that came from Barnsley fans when they were told the duo were "local girls". The wannabe popstars responded with what has been described as "a string of obscenities" while "flicking V-signs". I don't know how offensive or passionate their response really was, but it was enough to persuade police at the match to arrest them on threatening behaviour charges.

The girls have since apologised for their behaviour, telling reporters: "We apologise for offending anyone, and would hope that most would agree they may well have acted in the same way if faced with the torrent of obscenities we were exposed to. We are also sorry for letting down Sheffield Wednesday after their hospitality, and trust they also understand that our actions were a genuine mistake."


I like Hot Club De Paris and so was sorry to hear that the band's album launch party on Saturday got stopped before they even got to perform. Final support act goFaster were three songs into their set when the venue was plunged into darkness and silence due to a power cut in the area. The band tried to carry on. The crowd stayed put and hummed a bit. But then staff at the venue told everyone to leave.

The band's Matthew Smith was, it seems, disappointed but pragmatic: "What can we say but 'oops?' What a pisser!"


According to reports, Kate Moss has given Pete Doherty a list of rules he must abide by if he wants to marry her. Of course, no one really knows for sure that they are definitely getting married, do they? Well, if they are getting married, then she's set out what she's allegedly calling 'Kate's Commandments', which say that the Babyshambles man must 1) stop taking drugs, 2) stop hanging around with losers, 3) call her at least three times a day, 4) stop flirting with groupies, 5) start eating properly, and 6) spend two hours every day writing poetry and music. Which all sounds quite easy, unless you're Pete Doherty, of course. A source said: "Pete is prone to going AWOL. Kate has warned Pete that if he doesn't comply, their relationship is off".

A report in the Daily Star has also suggested that the pair had a massive row at Brixton Academy last week after Kate saw Pete flirting with some French girl. A source said: "They were screaming at each other the whole night. Kate knows he loves her but he's a free spirit and there's no holding him down. He hates it when she gets jealous. She gets really wound up by him getting into intellectual conversations with arty young women who idolise him as a poet."



Best New Act: Lily Allen, Corinne Bailey Rae, The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys, Orson.

Best Track: Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars, Gnarls Barkley - Crazy, Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing, The Feeling - Never Be Lonely, Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor.

Best Live Act: Oasis, Razorlight, Muse, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys.

Best Album: Muse - Black Holes And Revelations, Kasabian - Empire, Keane - Under The Iron Sea, Razorlight - Razorlight, Arctic Monkeys - Whatever People Say I Am That's What I'm Not, Snow Patrol - Eyes Open.

Best Video: The Killers - When You Were Young, Scissor Sisters - I Don't Feel Like Dancing, Kasabian - Empire, Gnarls Barkley - Smiley Faces, The Zutons - Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?

Best Act In The World Today: Muse, Coldplay, Oasis, U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers.



Best Student Radio Station: Raw 1251am, University Of Warwick; Lsrfm.Com, University Of Leeds; Xpress Radio, Cardiff University; Smoke Radio, University Of Westminster; Urn, University Of Nottingham.

Best Female Presenter: Philippa Tj, Urn, University Of Nottingham; Kim Harris, Lsrfm.Com, University Of Leeds; Jen Long, Xpress Radio, Cardiff University; Minnie Stephenson, Fuse Fm, University Of Manchester; Steve Doran, Urn, University Of Nottingham.

Best Male Presenter: Martin Archer, Ic Radio, Imperial College London; Phil Brown, 1350am Gu2, University Of Surrey; Greg James, Livewire 1350am, University Of East Anglia; Andrew Jackson, Fuse Fm, University Of Manchester; Phil Noyce, 1287 Insanity, Royal Holloway; Ian Chaloner, Urn, University Of Nottingham.

Best Interview: Peter Swan, Raw 1251am, University Of Warwick; The Bop Shop, Pete Fellows & Rich Andrews For Lsrfm.Com, University Of Leeds; Burn On The Ball, Josh Bloom For Burn Fm, University Of Birmingham; Martin, Big Issue Seller Sam Rigby For Tube, Thames Valley University; Pipette, Jen Long For Xpress, Cardiff University; David Davis, Raw 1251am, University Of Warwick.

Best Entertainment: Sport On Saturday, Ben Mcgrail For Lsrfm.Com, University Of Leeds; Dan & Dom, Dominic Charles & Daniel Nicholls For 1287 Insanity, Royal Holloway, University Of London; James & Adam's Adventures In Radiophonic Wonderland, Jimmy Buckland & Adam Westbrook For Raw 1251am, University Of Warwick; The Nick & Mogs Show, Nick Bevan, Thomas Morgan And Zander Bell For Surge - University Of Southampton; Liquid Lunch, Martin Archer For Ic Radio - Imperial College London.

Best Marketing & Branding: 1449am Urb, University Of Bath, Smoke Radio, University Of Westminster; Lsrfm.Com, University Of Leeds; Xpress, Cardiff University; Livewire 1350am; University Of East Anglia

Best Comedy & Drama Programming: Doppelganger, Raw 1251am, University Of Warwick; The Cambridge Onion, Cur 1350, University Of Cambridge; Project Comcom, Bailrigg Fm, Lancaster University; They Think Raw Sport's All Over, Raw 1251am, University Of Warwick; Tim From Narnia, Fresh Air, University Of Edinburgh; Fishing For Love On The Net, Birst, Bournemouth University.

Best Live Event Or Outside Broadcast: Political Animal, Lsrfm.Com - University Of Leeds, Election Results; Urn, University Of Nottingham; Election Night Live, Surge, University Of Southampton; Utopia Live, 102.4 Utopia, University Of Sunderland; John Peel Day, Lsrfm.Com, University Of Leeds.

Best Technical Innovation: Cur 1350, University Of Cambridge; Livewire 1350am, University Of East Anglia; Raw 1251am, University Of Warwick; Surge, University Of Southampton; Xpress Radio, Cardiff University.

Best Specialist Music Programming: Nick & Zander At The Rocknasium, Surge - University Of Southampton; Getting Funk'd, Eddy Elton For L.C.R1350, Loughborough University; Mantis In Motion, Tullis Rennie For Fuse Fm, University Of Manchester; The Score, Rachel Tandy & Clara Nissen For Oxide Radio, University Of Oxford; Street, Rajiv Sham For Urn, University Of Nottingham; Unsigned, Philippa Tj For Urn, University Of Nottingham.

Best Journalistic Programming: Jo's Journey On Sport On Smoke, Smoke Radio, University Of Westminster; Lsr Newslink, Lsrfm.Com, University Of Leeds; Surge Newsweek, Surge, University Of Southampton; Family Ties, 102.4 Utopia Fm, University Of Sunderland; Urn News, The Pulse, Urn, University Of Nottingham; Newsbite, Bailrigg Fm, Lancaster University.

Student Newcomer Of The Year: Ali Moore, The Monday Fry-Up, Demon Fm - Demontfort University; Nadine Simpson, How We Do - Lsrfm.Com, University Of Leeds; Mike Young, Urn, University Of Nottingham; Dan Moss, Kick Out The Jams, Lsrfm.Com, University Of Leeds; Sandy Mill, Cur 1350, University Of Cambridge; Matthew Rebeiro, Raw, University Of Warwick.

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