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In today's CMU Daily:
- Muse top UK Festival Awards
- Majors got stake in YouTube as part of licensing deal
- Mastercard join Allofmp3 boycott
- Album review: DJ Nonames - Beggars Brew
- CBS make peace with Spitzer
- Ono sues EMI over Lennon royalties
- Madonna boy's father angry with rights groups
- Fabolous bailed following shooting
- Wonder gets civil rights honour
- Single review: Husky Rescue - Diamonds In The Sky
- Scissor Sisters get temporary new drummer
- Coldplay to buy studio
- Jay-Z on album and Chris Martin
- BRMC on new album
- Bennett UK release
- All Tomorrow's Parties stuff
- Genesis to stage reunion tour
- Davies cancels tour
- Jet cancel European tour dates
- Single review: The Hours - Ali In The Jungle
- Oasis to get contribution Brit
- Keane's single on a stick
- Smallwood formally ends ties with Sanctuary
- Musicbrigade to supply content to MSN's expanded video service
- Press Gazette for sale
- New urban chart launches
- David Cameron to meet rapper


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Hot on the tails of the storming Remix UK Tour, Eddy TM's Remix Night returns to Cargo in East London this Friday, 20 Oct. Headlining live wise are Headland - a wonderfully off-centre band who promise much frivolity and high-end entertainment. On the decks will be the very mighty, still very much in demand Pendulum, who are still causing much excitement following the phenomenal success of their 2005 album 'Hold Your Colour'. And to that bill you can add Mr Mouth, the phenomenal 20yr old beatboxer, singer, songwriter, pianist, MC and National Youth Music talent winner. All this, plus Eddy TM himself. All takes place from 9pm to 3am, tickets are a tenner, or £8 for concessions and guest list.

Full info>>



CARO'S LIVE TIP: Soul Family South @ The Live Bar, Deptford
Okay, remember that MySpace Of The Day I did sometime this week, about Natalie Williams? Yes, of course you all do, I expect you all went rushing off to make friends with her and have been dropping in on the page regularly since then to listen to all her tracks. Well, here's your chance to go see her, because she and her band host this soul/jazz/nu-jazz/r&b night, normally at 2TooMuch, which is where I discovered her, actually. Tonight, though, they're on in Deptford, and whilst that may not sound like the most exciting location, I can assure you that it is, and what's more, its close proximity to my house makes it even more thrilling. The only problem, of course, is that I am going away for the weekend, in just a few hours time. To another very glamorous location. Haywards Heath. Yes, that's right. Haywards Heath. Bet you're all really jealous.

Friday 20 Oct, The Live Bar, Deptford, 41 - 42 Deptford Broadway, SE8 4PH, 020 8469 2121, 9pm

VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Underground Resistance Presents / Warehouse Project
This project is beginning to make me wish I lived up near the wondrous pastures of Cheshire. And I really ought to give it a mention, because the project at large was reported here ages ago when the location was still a secret, and we haven't had chance to provide an update. This is the secretive Manchester Warehouse Project that is taking over The Old Brewery (that's the old Boddingtons / Strangeways Brewery) for the next couple of months, staging a string of storming all night warehouse parties - old school style but without the illegalities or health & safety risks. There's a really varied platter of diverse musical events on offer running through to mid-December. But for my money, the crema de la crema is this Saturday (and you'll probably agree if you've even the slightest modicum of love for a little Detroit) because it's Underground Resistance Presents... Los Hermanos go live with James Pennington (Suburban Knight) playing live, then 430 West Presents the Burden bros as Octave One - again pressing the buttons live. And DJing will be the legend Rob Hood, DJ3000 and, in the box, Mr Scruff and my faves, the Unabombers. Unreal. Wire-to-frickin-Wire.

Saturday 21 Oct, 10-6am., The Old Brewery (formerly known as Boddingtons), Strangeways, Manchester, £15, info at, press info from EPM


Do you know, I've been feeling a bit bad about being quite so cruel about the Q Awards earlier this week, because I'm sure they'll be great - there just did seem to be a bit of a sponsor overload. And, while we are all for sponsorship supporting great music projects, when the publicity gets swamped with logos it can start to damage the credibility of the event which, presumably, was the reason why the brands wanted to get involved in the first place.

Getting all the balances right last night were the much more grass roots yet really rather huge UK Festival Awards, which staged an awards ceremony for the first time this year. This, of course, is the annual poll on the best events and performances in the British music festival calendar - and do you know, over a million people voted this year, which is pretty damn huge.

In terms of artists, Muse stole the show, winning in two categories - Best Rock Act and Best Headline Act - while The Kooks, The Streets, The Prodigy and Girls Aloud took the Best Breakthrough, Best Urban, Best Dance and Best Pop Act prizes respectively. Primal Scream were named the Festival Feel-Good Act.

Festivals wise, T In The Park, Bestival and Summer Sundae won in their respective size categories, while the End Of The Road Festival won the Best New Festival prize, the Isle Of Skye Festival was named the most Fan-Friendly Festival and the Larmer Tree Festival took the gong for Best Toilets. Meanwhile Mean Fiddler boss Melvin Benn was presented with Outstanding Contribution To Festivals prize.

Steve Jenner of Virtual Festivals, who stage the awards, told reporters: "The UK has the greatest festival scene in the world, and we thought it was about time someone stepped up to honour the people who make it happen. Judging by tonight's turn out, it was wonderful to see that the music industry was in agreement. The fact that over 1,000,000 votes were cast during the 100% public vote further underlined how passionately music fans care about our festival scene, and proves the integrity that the UK Festival Awards have come to represent. It is an absolute privilege to bring these awards, the first of their kind, to the UK. We look forward to the UK Festival Awards being a regular fixture on the music calendar."

The full list of winners goes all like this:

Best New Festival: End Of The Road Festival
Best Breakthrough Act: The Kooks
Best Innovation: The Carling Cold Beer Amnesty
Best Dance Act: The Prodigy
Best Pop Act: Girls Aloud
Best Family Festival: Guilfest
Best One Day Festival: Monsters Of Rock
Best Toilets: Larmer Tree Festival
Party People Award For Dance Music: Lovebox
Fan-Friendly Festival: Isle of Skye Festival
Best Urban Act: The Streets
Best Rock Act: Muse
Festival Feel-Good Act: Primal Scream
Best Grass Roots Festival: Beautiful Days
Most Memorable Moment: Radiohead finishing their V Festival headline set with the long hibernated 'Creep'
Anthem of the summer: Arctic Monkeys "I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor"
Shelter Award for Most Socially Responsible Festival: Sunrise Summer Solstice Celebration
Best Headline Act: Muse
Best Small Festival: The Summer Sundae Weekender
Best Medium-To-Large Festival: Bestival
Best Major Festival: T in the Park
Outstanding Contribution To Festivals: Melvin Benn


This is interesting. Well, I thought it was interesting. According to an article in the New York Times, SonyBMG, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group all won stakes in YouTube as part of their licensing deals with the video sharing website. The three majors confirmed they had reached an agreement over the distribution of their content on the YouTube platform just ahead of Google's previously reported acquisition of the site.

Insiders say that, in theory, given Google's $1.65 billion purchase of YouTube, the majors could generate a quick $50 million by selling on the shares in the company that they were awarded, although it isn't clear if the small print of the deals they did with YouTube bosses would allow that. It's also unclear where EMI stand on all this, as they are still reportedly in negotiations with YouTube regarding the distribution of their content on the platform. That said, it is thought EMI will sign up to a similar arrangement as their rivals sometime soon.

YouTube is also in talks with the broadcasting giants, whose content is also unofficially shared on the video platform, in a bid to avert litigation by agreeing licensing deals like those signed by the major record companies. Of course the TV companies potentially have more to lose, given that they, unlike the record labels with pop promo videos, like to have more control over what shows are seen when and where (having full shows distributed via YouTube could impact on their own advertising and syndication revenues). Whether wide reaching deals can be reached with those companies, and whether further equity will need to be given away to sweeten those deals, remains to be seen.


More pressure on poor old (some of you might dispute the 'poor old' I'm guessing). Following the news that Visa was stopping processing payments for the site, Mastercard said it was acting likewise yesterday. Both are concerned that by allowing their customers to use their cards to buy tracks from the download platform they are enabling copyright violation, and do you know, they're most probably right on that one. As we said yesterday, action by the credit card companies is likely to be by far the quickest way to slash the number of people outside Russia using the cut price download store - much quicker than any legal action taken by the major record companies, that's for sure. As far as we know the XRost pre-pay card system still works (the cards can be bought via eBay), though that is more hassle for the consumer, and whether XRost will be persuaded to take similar action against the rogue download firm remains to be seen. yesterday called the moves by the credit card companies "arbitrary, capricious and discriminatory", saying Visa and Mastercard "lack the authority to adjudicate the legality" of the destination. The company's owners added: "AllofMP3 has not been found by any court in the world to be in violation of any law".


ALBUM REVIEW: DJ Nonames - Beggars Brew (Dented)
In this day and age of MP3 players, when shuffling is the way of the walk and the internet threatens to subsume the record store as the preferred medium for music commerce, the art of constructing a fluid mix compilation is in grave danger of extinction. Enter DJ Nonames. With his sterling effort, 'Beggars Brew', he does his part to ensure the mix will live to fight another day. In terms of Nonames's personal contribution to the sound, there's tweaking, sampling, scratching, and some deft mixing - as one would expect from the Foreign Beggar's turntablist. But the true strength of Beggar's Brew lies in the raw material Nonames has at his disposal. Spanning two continents and twelve years, and sporting more guest artists than tracks (and there are 26 tracks), this album does what a mix should do: it educates as it entertains. Alternating between more mainstream musicians (Kalashnekoff, Mos Def, Roots Manuva, Blackalicious) and underground phenomenon (Declaime, Med, Stig, Dice Raw), the pace is the one constant, and it doesn't flag. This is no mean feat considering that stylistically the disc strikes a medium between grime and ambience and transverses the Atlantic at will; Nonames has picked some simmering rhymes and terse verses and slung them together atop some badass beats into an enjoyable and fluid sampler of sorts. If there are any grounds for criticism, it is that this disc listens like a sampler, never getting quite deep enough for the true hip-hop aficionados. But mixes don't necessarily elucidate, they educate. BH
Release Date: 30 Oct
Press Contact: Outpost [all]


US radio major CBS has become the first broadcasting corporation to settle with New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer in his long running payola investigations. As previously reported, Spitzer has been investigating dodgy practices in the world of US radio promotions for some time, and three of the major record companies have admitted to essentially bribing radio bosses to play their music, and have agreed to pay fines and revamp internal rules as a result. Spitzer has since turned his attention to the radio groups accused of accepting bribes and, while one company, Entercom, has tried to fight the Attorney General through the courts (albeit so far unsuccessfully), CBS has gone the 'fair cop guvnor here's some cash' route. They have pledged to introduce more stringent rules regarding the relationships their station managers have with record labels and their promoters, as well as paying $2 million in fines. CBS runs approximately 180 radio stations across the US.


Yoko Ono has filed a $13 million lawsuit against EMI and its US division Capitol in a dispute over John Lennon royalties.

In the three page lawsuit, made public yesterday, Ono claims EMI and Capitol have deprived the Lennon estate of millions by under-reporting royalties, and that they provided dishonest accounting statements. The lawsuit alleges that EMI "breached... agreements and have abused the nearly half century old relationship of trust and confidence by willfully and knowingly under-reporting royalties".

Speaking for EMI/Capitol yesterday, Adam Grossberg said he could not discuss the specifics of Ono's lawsuit, but did tell reporters: "Artists do request from time to time audits of their record label accounts. It is not unusual and we have no problem with it ... sometimes there are differences of opinion. Contracts are very complex and in rare situations it is up to the courts or mediation to resolve. But 99 times out of 100 these audits are resolved in an amicable settlement".


The father of the boy Madonna is adopting has criticized Malawian human rights organizations who are planning to challenge the singer in court. As previously reported, the country's Human Rights Consultative Committee postponed their planned action earlier this week in order to further investigate the case, but now say they will launch their legal campaign next week. The group's chair, Justin Dzonzi, is quoted as saying: "We will meet the judge sometime next week and proceed with an injunction pending the process of adoption granted to Madonna last week by the High Court."

The father of the one year old boy Yohane Banda has responded angrily, saying "Where were these people when David was struggling in the orphanage? These so-called human rights groups should leave my baby alone".

Explaining the desperate circumstances that led him to give up his son, Banda, whose wife died just a week after giving birth to David, continued: "I was alone with a baby, I had no money. I couldn't buy him milk. That's why I surrendered him to the orphanage. Orphanage life is no good. We leave kids there because we can't look after them properly ourselves. Now my son has been taken by a kind-hearted woman, these people want to bring him back to the orphanage".

The child's grandmother, Asianati Mwale, added: "Where were they when I and my son were trying to get someone to look after this child? Do they even know what we have had to go through to save the life of David? We trust that Madonna will look after our child well and he will have a better life".

David Banda is, of course, now in London with Madonna. He must be monitored for a period of eighteen months by Malawian officials, before the adoption can be approved.


US hip hopper Fabolous, who, as previously reported, was shot in the leg early on Tuesday morning and subsequently arrested, has been granted bail. You'll remember that immediately following the shooting, the rapper, real name John Jackson, rushed away from the scene with three companions, but his car was stopped by police when it ran a red light, and two loaded guns were discovered in the vehicle. He was taken to hospital and treated for gunshot wounds but then spent the night in prison.

Jackson, appearing at Manhattan Criminal Court, was bailed for $15000 and ordered to return to court on 20 October. The rapper's lawyer said Fabolous "is a victim of a crime and not guilty or involved in any crime."


Stevie Wonder has become the latest celebrity to receive a lifetime achievement award from America's National Civil Rights Museum. The awards, established in 1991, pay tribute to those whose achievements honour the spirit of the civil rights movement. Previous recipients include Oprah Winfrey and Bill Clinton.

Performing a medley of his hits to a 5000 strong audience in Memphis, Wonder said people should "use the gifts God has given us to help those less fortunate", and urged listeners to "be the best you can right now. You must use your eyes, voices, ears. Tomorrow is never promised to any of us."

Two blind students sang to the star following his recital, and he later joined them on stage. The mother of one of the children said: "I thought that was wonderful. He told them he loved them".


SINGLE REVIEW: Husky Rescue - Diamonds In The Sky (Catskills)
Ah, Husky Rescue - purveyors of a fine wintry fusion between folk and electronica (not folktronica - that's something else, genre definition fans) - you arrive with perfect timing. Your frosty Scandinavian elegance is the perfect music for these cold dark nights ahead of us (yeah, I know we're having an Indian Summer, but just imagine you've got the fire blazing and it's freezing outside). Like much of their debut album 'Country Falls', 'DITS' features moody slide guitar and wistfully ethereal vocals from Reeta-Leena Korhola, set to glacial electronic ambience. And very nice it is too. There's a remix package of variable quality too. Emperor Machine add synth stabs, slightly funky guitar and disco breaks, coming on like the DFA, before the remix gets bored and wanders off somewhere. Tunng simply folk things up a bit on their effort, whilst Deaf Stereo twist the track into a chrome and neon-lit slab of electro-rock that straddles both the departed electroclash sound and the nascent new rave one. MS
Release Date: 23 Oct
Press contact: Darling


Scissor Sisters have announced that they will tour with a new drummer, a temporary replacement for Paddy Boom, who is still suffering with back trouble, following gig cancellations due to the problem in Minneapolis, Chicago and Toronto.

The band wrote on their official website: "We're on our way back from an amazing trip to Japan and wanted everyone to know that our tour is back on schedule. We spent our days in Chicago rehearsing with a temporary replacement for Paddy. He's amazing, and we are confident that he will do the show justice until Paddy is ready to return. Paddy is getting himself back on his feet, and he's gonna be back onstage with us as soon as the docs give him the A-OK."


According to reports, Coldplay are currently in the process of buying a property in Hampstead to convert to a recording studio and offices for the band.

The band's Will Champion said earlier this year: "We're trying to find somewhere we can set up and work from. In all of these years working together we haven't had an HQ, our own studio or anything like that. We want somewhere where we can hole up and see what happens."


Speaking of which, Jay-Z has been talking about his new album to MTV. And as previously reported, the new long player, 'Kingdom Come', out 20 Nov, features collaborations with the likes of Dre, Timbaland and Kanye West, but also, perhaps more surprisingly, with Coldplay's Chris Martin.

Speaking about the record, and his work with Martin, the hip hopper said: "With this one, I didn't record with anyone. I didn't record with one producer. I went in with Timbaland, but we wound up using the stuff he sent me. With Dre...our phone conversations were the studio session. Same with Chris Martin. He sent me these wonderful chords one day, and he said he knew they were good because he almost didn't tell me about them. He was gonna keep them for himself. For one second, he said, 'I'm not sending this to him'. With Kanye, same thing, he dropped the track off."


Elsewhere in artists-on-albums news, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are reaching the end stages of work on their fourth album, and they've been talking to Billboard about it. Guitarist Peter Hayes said of the yet to be titled LP: "Things open up and break down within the songs a lot. There are some songs that are kind of groove-oriented and not so blues or country influenced."

Referring to the return of drummer Nick Jago after he originally quit back in 2004, Hayes went on: "When he came in for the last record, there were two songs we did with him that we left off. We knew they'd be for this one. We used those two songs as a starting point for what this album was going to sound like, and for the most part we stuck to it."


Oh, by the way, former Wilco man Jay Bennett, who was yesterday talking about his departure from the band in 2002, has released his new solo album 'The Magnificent Defeat' here in the UK, as well as in the US, as we mentioned. It was released at the end of last month on Rykodisc. So don't go saying we didn't tell you.


All Tomorrow's Parties have announced that Nick Cave is to headline next year's three day festival, which will take place at Butlins in Minehead from 27 - 29 Apr. Other acts confirmed for the line up include Papa M, The Drones, and curators The Dirty Three. More acts are expected to be announced soon, info from


Genesis are to reform for a major tour, ten years after the departure of then frontman Phil Collins. The band, comprising Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks (not, no Peter Gabriel), will announce specific details in the next few weeks, according to a spokesman who also hinted at the possibility of new material when he explained that the group's "long term plans" will also be revealed.


Ray Davies has cancelled his upcoming UK tour due to illness. Scheduled to begin the dates in Brighton this week, the tour has been postponed until May next year, dates as follows:

3 May: York Opera House
4 May: Perth Town Hall
6 May: Glasgow, RCH
7 May: Edinburgh Festival Hall
8 May: Nottingham RCH
10 May: London Royal Albert Hall
13 May: Sheffield City Hall
14 May: Manchester Bridgewater Hall
15 May: Gateshead Sage
17 May: Warwick Arts Centre
19 May: Cardiff St Davids
20 May: Liverpool Philharmonic Hall
25 May: London Hammersmith Apollo
26 May: Brighton Centre
27 May: Bristol Colston Hall


More cancellations, and Australian rockers Jet have been forced to postpone many of its current European tour dates after singer Nick Cester was diagnosed with nodules on his vocal chords following an attack of laryngitis. The problem began, as previously reported, when Cester lost his voice during a gig in New York a couple of weeks ago, and the singer, though not requiring surgery, will need to rest his voice if the nodules are to recede.

The band have cancelled this month's dates in Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Berlin, Munich, Treviso, Milan, Winterthur, Barcelona and Madrid, but Cester is expected to be well in time for dates in London and Newcastle at the end of the month, and in Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Brixton at the start of next month.

A statement from bandmate and brother Chris Cester said: "Everyone is extremely frustrated, no one more so than Nic. However, it is important to mention that we all feel this is a necessary evil, because ultimately, we just want Nic to return to full health so that we can make up the dates."


SINGLE REVIEW: The Hours - Ali In The Jungle (Universal/A&M)
The lavish packaging that accompanies this promo CD (thick A5 colour booklet replete with glossy finish and Damien Hirst artwork) suggests that A&M are prepared to invest heavily in The Hours. You can see why. Despite the rather non-descript name, The Hours deal in impeccably-realised songwriting, colourful production and a sound cannily close to Coldplay and Keane (in other words, every A&R man's fantasy) but with a belligerency and spikiness to the songs that suggests post-punk tautness or even the attitude and swagger of Kasabian. If Chris Martin was a bit more angry and impassioned, he'd be fronting tracks like 'Ali In The Jungle', whilst if he was having a frenzied three minute soundclash with Franz Ferdinand and The Open, the results wouldn't be too far from 'Love You More'. Meanwhile, the string-drenched 'Back When You Were Good', with its chiming Coldplay pianos, proves gloriously anthemic despite being tinged with heartbreak. You want tenderness? The Hours can do that too, no bother. 'I Miss You', the closing track on this ridiculously confident single (it's their debut, astonishingly), is a moving ballad of the sort Embrace used to be really good at, and will doubtlessly be used to soundtrack footage of dejected X-Factor candidates or the postscript to England's next quarter final exit in the World Cup. The Hours, then, could be absolutely huge. At this stage caution should be exercised (bands that appear in the slipstream of a major act rarely do as well as the one that paved the way), but if they're not filling out stadiums and hogging the number one position in the album charts in a couple of years time, I'll be both surprised and disappointed. MS
Release date: 6 Nov
Press contact: Polydor IH [CP, CR, RP, RR, NP, NR] Bang On [online]


The Brits people have announced more details about next year's awards event which, as previously reported, will be broadcast live for the first time since the infamous Sam Fox / Mick Fleetwood incident. Because of the live broadcast, the plan is to hold the vote for the Best Single Award live during the event itself - akin to the phone voted Best Show award at the Comedy Awards, which is also broadcast live by ITV.

It was also revealed that Oasis will be given the Outstanding Contribution prize at the 2007 event, which will take place at Earls Court on 14 Feb. Confirming that fact, BPI boss Peter Jamieson told CMU: "Oasis set the standard for many of the young rock bands who are currently enjoying success in the UK charts. As the Brit Awards goes live for the first time in nearly two decades, it is appropriate that we should honour one of the most exciting live acts the UK has produced".

It's a clever choice of course - the reason for broadcasting the show live is to try and reinvigorate the Brits event which some say has become a bit stale in recent years. And Liam Gallagher on live TV should provide some excitement. Well, some anxiety for show producers, if nothing else.


Keane are to release their new single 'Nothing In My Way' on a memory stick. The gadget, retailing at £3.99, is described as being about the size of a cigarette lighter (not that helpful, as they do vary in size somewhat), and will, of course, allow fans to transfer the music straight to PC and MP3 player.

Island's Jon Turner told The Guardian: "I do see it as a potential format for the future, but I don't think it's going to run down the use of digital services. It's an interesting experiment. I'm keen to see what people make of it."

The stick will be available exclusively in HMV, out 30 Oct.


According to HitsDailyDouble, word has it that Rod Smallwood has finally untangled himself from the Sanctuary Group, and he's taken Iron Maiden with him. Smallwood, of course was a co-founder of the multi-discipline music company, which he founded in order to manage the Maiden. Smallwood took a lesser and back seat role at the group when its recent financial woes began, but has been expected to sever all ties with the company ever since his fellow co-founder Andy Taylor was pushed out of the top job there earlier this year. Losing Maiden will be a bit of a blow for Sanctuary, though not unexpected.


So, gold stars all round to anyone who noticed that the story we ran yesterday re Musicbrigade was rather similar to a story we ran back in August. No, the digital aggregator didn't enter into the same deal with EMI for a second time in the space of a few months, we (well, I really) got stories from our Music Bridge file muddled up in a short moment of utter incompetence. Ah well, it was a good story, probably deserved telling twice.

This, however, is a brand new deal, promise. Musicbrigade has announced a new agreement with MSN which will see the aggregator become the official provider of music videos from EMI (remember that EMI deal? See, it was a useful refresher) and thousands of indie labels for MSN's platforms in the UK and France. They will provide MSN's new expanded ad funded music video service, as well as still providing content for MSN's ad free subscription service and a sell through video download service.
Confirming the deal, MSN's Head of Portal Business Management, Justin Dewhirst, told CMU: "We're really excited about the deal and hope that our users enjoy the exclusive access to cutting-edge and exclusive music videos from the major artists involved. We're putting a lot of energy into working with partners to develop and program compelling new digital media and entertainment-related properties to improve the user experience. It's great for advertisers too, giving them the chance to associate their brand with some great names and target their advertising to sit alongside relevant content."

Musicbrigade's Ludvig Yttergren added: "This is a great opportunity for Musicbrigade to access a major new market opening up in Europe, namely advertising funded video streaming. MSN are a market leader and key innovator in this area and are an excellent partner for Musicbrigade and underscores our position as the leading innovator in online music video in Europe today."


PR man Matthew Freud yesterday confirmed he's planning on selling publishing industry trade mag Press Gazette. As reported yesterday, according to the Guardian's Roy Greensdale, Freud is pissed off that some of the major newspaper groups are still boycotting the trade mag's British Press Awards even though they last year ironed out many of the previous problems with the event. The Awards provide a key revenue stream for the mag, and he reckons some of the newspaper barons are boycotting it because they want to ruin Freud's attempts to successfully run the trade title - he alleges some of those barons don't like the idea of a PR man controlling the newspaper industry's own magazine. All of which means the Press Gazette is up for sale again - for the fifth time in just over a decade. All previous owners have struggled to make the title succeed, so it will be interesting to see if any future owners can make a go of it. Mmm, perhaps we could have a go? I reckon we'd do a great job. Ah, would need to find a rich person first. Any rich people out there?


A brand new urban music chart show will launch on EMAP's Kiss and the Chrysalis Group's Galaxy stations this Sunday in the traditional chart slot - 4-7pm. It will be produced by Somethin Else, who also make the commercial radio sector's main pop chart show, the Hit40UK, of course, and the new chart is being made by the same team. The show, which will be aimed at 15-24 year olds, will be presented by Dynamite MC, and will be sponsored by drugs advice service Frank, so no getting high while you're listening now.

Commenting on the new show, Hit40UK's Rob Corlett told reporters: "This provides a successful blueprint to further develop the new network opportunities that commercial radio and the media and music industries want. The audience will be served by better targeted programming and commercial radio will give the BBC a real run for their money."


Tory leader David Cameron is to meet with US rapper Rhymefest to discuss lyrics and stuff, and his people deny that it's a publicity stunt. The meeting apparently came about because the hip hopper, real name Che Smith, wrote to the politician to ask for a 'summit' to discuss the effect of rap lyrics on young people after hearing of Cameron's criticism of music that "encourages people to carry guns and knives" when he was interviewed on Radio 1 earlier in the year.

A spokesman confirmed that the pair are set to meet up - or may have, already, I'm not sure. The opposition were quick to criticise, obviously, with Labour's Stephen Pound telling the Daily Mail that Cameron had gone too far with his efforts to win the youth vote. A source close to Cameron denied that it was an attempt at politicking and insisted that the meeting was instigated by Rhymefest, saying "He asked to meet with David many months ago, we agreed and this was the first slot in the diary. We are absolutely adamant that it is not a PR stunt and so it will be totally private". Damn, so no webCameron footage to look forward to then.

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