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In today's CMU Daily:
- IMPALA welcome EC's expanded investigation into publishing merger
- Blaze shooting probably not robbery
- Drifters dispute to go to UK court
- The Arcade Fire say don't buy tickets from eBay touts
- BB King gets Presidential honour
- Silva wins Next Big Thing
- PETA criticise Madonna
- Rockers play to raise funds for AC/DC statue
- Steve van Zandt sets up label
- Kaiser Chiefs on new album
- Single review: Gruff Rhys - Candylion
- Stars line up for Tommy
- Cohen to reissue back catalogue
- Velvet Underground acetate sells for lots of cash
- Inside Pasalme night at Cargo
- Jason Donovan tour
- The Sun says... ignore Gowers, extend the copyright
- Warner boss says mobile especially important in China and India
- Czechs stage big raids on piracy markets
- 10% won't get full Freeview
- OfCom allows smooth move into easy listening
- Album review: Lee Hazlewood - Cake Or Death
- Chart update
- This Week's Student Radio Chart
- Subshot playlist
- Total Rock world album chart
- Military man responds to Gallagher's comments
- Jay-Z - marriage, yes; soon, maybe


Christmas is a coming, geese are no doubt getting very fat, which means we here at CMU are busy running through our favourite ten albums of the year, and chatting to the artists behind them. Here is album of the year number two.

FAVOURITE ALBUM OF 2006 #2: Big Strides - Cry It All Out (Tall Order)
OK, another predictable favourite for album number two. Anyone who has been a regular and observant reader of the CMU Daily in the last couple of years may have noticed that we like Big Strides. A lot. In fact one of us might be considered a 'very big fan indeed'. I was first exposed to the band at a Camden Barfly gig, having never heard a single track from them before. I often find it hard to get into a band under those circumstances, but on this occasion, no. It was great. And I found myself itching to get hold of their then latest album. And when I did, it brought me great joy. So imagine how feverish my anticipation was earlier this year when I heard that Big Strides were shortly to release a second long player - 'Cry It All Out'. It did not disappoint. What I love about it (apart from the fact that it's sixteen tracks long - which must surely represent some serious value for money) is what I always loved, and still love, about Big Strides - the fact that this is not a band you can particularly characterise by genre. I hate ascribing genres in any case (and not because I'm crap at it) so I love it when I come across a music act that appear to genuinely defy categorisation. If pushed, I'd say they walk a line between indie, blues, jazz and rock (possibly because that's more or less what the band say themselves), but either way it's a brilliantly satisfying mixture, and one, as I say, that had me hooked from the start. And one that comes across especially well on 'Cry It All Out' which starts off strong, continues strongly, and ends, er ever stronger. I like every song on it. I like the sound of the double bass, and the harmonica. I love the lyrics, sometimes simple, sometimes complex, sometimes political, always intelligent and beat-poet reminiscent. As I said, we like Big Strides a lot. Which is why 'Cry It All Out' is one of my many favourite albums of 2006, but more importantly, one of CMU's top ten favourites. With all that in mind we used some only slightly sinister connections of ours to secure the mobile number of frontman Marcus O'Neill to get the Big Strides story - past, present and future, via Japan and beyond.

Read our interview with Marcus from Big Strides here:



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And so to the final Xfm Remix Night of the year, another special one, taking over Cargo in East London this Friday, 15 Dec, from 9pm to 3am. Live this time round are Matt and Aston of The Freestylers - who surely need no introduction. And you'll all surely know that, while these guys are behind one of the best breaks albums of the year, it is the live Freestylers show that is most exciting. Matt himself puts it this way: "the sound we get together can best be described as a 3D effect to our albums". Remix Night is your last chance to catch The Freestylers live before they head off for a World Tour, beginning in the sunny sunny Southern hemisphere. Supporting The Freestylers' live show will be top production duo Nightbreed on the decks, plus Richie and Matt from Infadels will also join Eddy TM in spinning top tunes through to 3am. Press info from Leyline.

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CMU readers being the in-the-know types that they are, I guess there's a chance you've come across The Young Punx before, most probably for their 'Destroy Celebrity Crap' spoof rework of Mylo's 'Destroy Rock & Roll' which was doing the rounds online last year. Genius ideas and a sense of humour has appeared in a lot of Hal Ritson and Cameron Saunders' work as The Young Punx, much of it unofficial or limited release tracks that delight clubbers but which are deprived a mainstream record release because no one's willing to take on the licensing challenge of getting clearance for the stuff the boys cheekily sample. Whether Radio 4 have formally cleared the use of the Shipping Forecast used in the duo's latest bit of cheeky genius I don't know, but that's why we're tipping them here in MySpace Of The Day today. Given that we love clever mixes, funky guitars and the aforementioned Shipping Forecast, we really love their new track 'Rockall', which is out on an MP3 release right now and is previewing here on the MySpace. It makes the page worth a visit on its own, but once there you'll find some other tracks, some videos (including one for 'Rockall') and lots of other fine stuff too.


Pan-European independent music trade body IMPALA this weekend welcomed an announcement made by the European Commission on Friday confirming rumours that they were postponing making a decision regarding the proposed merger of the Universal and BMG music publishing companies pending further investigation.

As previously reported, Bertelsmann announced Universal was the preferred bidder to buy its BMG Music Publishing company earlier this year, but because the combined publishing operations of Universal and BMG will be a dominant force in the global publishing sector, as big or slightly bigger than current market leader EMI Music Publishing, the deal needs approval from the European Commission. Coming so soon after the much reported ruling in the European courts that the EC was wrong to allow the Sony BMG merger in the recorded music space back in 2004, there has been much speculation as to whether such approval would be forthcoming, although Universal have been confident from the start that concerns raised in the Sony BMG case do not translate to the publishing domain.

While Friday's announcement does not mean the deal will not now get approval, it does mean EC officials believe Universal and BMG's proposals do raise some concerns regarding competition in the music industry. In its statement, the Commission said: "[Our] initial market investigation indicates that the proposed merger would raise serious doubts as regards adverse effects on competition in the already concentrated music publishing market. [But] the decision to open an in-depth inquiry does not prejudge the final result of the investigation". The Commission's indepth investigations could take up to four and half months, with a decision now expected on 27 Apr.

Universal said on Friday that it remained confident the deal would get the green light, despite the extra investigations. In a statement the major said: "Although we understand why, in the current environment, the European Commission has sought more time for its review, we believe, as we have always done, that the merger will be approved. We look forward to working with the commission over the next few months to complete the process".

But IMPALA say the need for further investigation backs their viewpoint that the EC will ultimately refuse to allow the merger to go ahead. They said in a statement: "The independent music companies ... take the view that more concerns will be revealed [during the EC's further investigations] and that regulatory approval will not be obtained. This is consistent with the EC's findings in 2000, in the attempted EMI Warner merger, when it concluded that further concentration in music publishing could not be tolerated".

IMPALA President Patrick Zelnik added: "Our only request is for a level playing field and market access - exactly what competition rules are intended to guarantee. In other words, give European music space on the market, let the consumer decide and give European citizens a Europe to be proud of"

IMPALA Chairman, and Beggars boss Martin Mills, added: "One of our main concerns is the ability of the majors to leverage excessive market strength in recording and publishing as well as the crucial on-line market. We have also asked the EC to implement the SonyBMG judgement as a matter of urgency. These mergers are bad news for artists and music".


New York police say they now suspect that the shooting of radio DJ Carl Blaze last week may have been the result of an old grudge and not, as initially thought, a robbery gone wrong. Blaze, a DJ on the city's popular hip hop and R&B station Power 105.1, was shot a multiple number of times in the early hours of Thursday morning. Initially it was thought Blaze had been the victim of a robbery because a chain he had been wearing had gone missing, but the police now say they suspect otherwise.

According to, New York police are seeking to question a 20 year old female rapper called Ivy who witnesses say was seen with Blaze at the time of the shooting. Reports suggest Blaze was gunned down at the foyer of her apartment, and one witness says that Blaze, real name Carlos Rivera, was seen calling out to Ivy after he was shot, with Ivy replying "Carlos, you're going to be OK. You're going to be all right".

Blaze is still in a critical condition at New York's Harlem Hospital.


The family of one of pop music's first moguls are heading to the UK courts in a dispute over the band he and his family have managed since the fifties, The Drifters.

George Treadwell bought a controlling share in the famous American R&B/doo-wop set up in the early fifties off the group's founder, Clyde McPhatter. He managed the group throughout the fifties, overseeing regular line up changes (on one occasion he replaced all four members in one night!) - so regular, in fact, that the band name and their hits are much better known than the majority of the people who have performed with the group over the years.

Following his death in 1967 George's widow Faye took over the management of the group, relocating the operation to the UK after they were so well received here on a late sixties British tour. She continued to manage the group for some years after that, although there were disputes over the use of The Drifters name after former members set up a rival group in the seventies and successfully obtained the US trademark to the name - although that trademark was eventually overturned following long running legal action by Faye Treadwell.

The new litigation is against the latest The Drifters incarnation, a UK based group who are about to embark on a new tour and release a new album. The Treadwells say that the new group is not sanctioned by them, and that they, their manager and their agent are infringing the Drifters' trademark by 'passing off' as the legendary pop band.

Speaking on behalf of the family, Tina Treadwell, George and Faye's daughter, told reporters: "It is my goal to rid the marketplace of all the warring factions of the Drifters so there is just one group that the fans can depend on. When something is wonderful you always have people who will copy it".


The Arcade Fire have told fans not to buy tickets from touts on eBay for their highly anticipated upcoming gigs taking place in London next month.

Tickets for the band's previously reported five night residency in London sold out within minutes of going on sale on Friday, leading to a number of tickets being offered with a considerable mark up via the auction website. But the band have told fans not to buy from the online touts, adding that they will make more tickets available from official sources closer to the five dates and, if necessary, stage another gig to meet demand. Moreover, the band say they will cancel any tickets they know have been sold in that way.

In a statement issued over the weekend, the band said: "Due to the overwhelming demand for The Arcade Fire London shows, we would like to advise fans that we will be releasing some tickets for sale prior to doors opening for each London show. There will also be extra shows announced soon giving more people the opportunity to see the band perform. Please don't encourage the touts. Wherever we have email addresses and ticket numbers for sellers we will cancel the tickets and put them back up for sale on show day. Please don't buy from them and risk your tickets being cancelled."


Blues star BB King is to be presented with the Presidential Medal Of Freedom, America's Highest civilian honour, in a ceremony set to take place at the White House on 15 Dec. US President George W Bush, who will present the honour, said "for more than half a century, the King of the Blues and his guitar Lucille have thrilled audiences", adding that the musician had "influenced generations of guitarists" and "helped give the blues its special place in the American musical tradition".

King said: "It's been a long journey, but I've enjoyed every minute of it, bringing the blues to so many enthusiastic audiences."


Silva, a singer from Armenia, has won the BBC World Service's previously reported Next Big Thing competition. The seventeen year old singer beat six other finalists to the title performing 'I Like', a song written by her sister Mane. The judges called the track "fresh and new", and described Silva's performance as "second to none". Silva herself commented "It's terrific, it's unbelievable to be in first place," adding that she now felt sure she could "make the step up to international level".

Joint second were Malawian rapper NiC and London based duo Stefan & Mya, whilst third place went to Brazilian group Sweet Cherry Fury.


Madonna is the latest celebrity to come under fire from animal rights group PETA, who have criticised the singer for wearing what they believe to be a real chinchilla fur coat in London recently. Poorva Joshipura, director of PETA Europe, said: "We encourage anyone who wears fur to watch videos of these animals being electrocuted, caught in traps and skinned alive. Thousands of people, including Paris Hilton, have said that the videos changed their minds about wearing fur. Chinchillas are shy, intelligent animals who can live for up to 15 years in the wild. Yet on fur farms, these animals are violently killed while fully conscious."

A spokesman for the star - who, it's recently been announced, is to design a range of clothes for fashion chain H&M - said he was unable to comment.

Elsewhere in Madonna news, and recent rumours that all's not well with the singer's marriage to film director Guy Ritchie haven't really been quelled by the Daily Mirror's report that the pair engaged in a heated argument at an upmarket Italian restaurant in Mayfair recently. A fellow diner is quoted as saying: "The atmosphere between them was more than frosty. Guy was the one who was raising his voice most - you couldn't help but hear what he was saying. They were sitting in a corner booth and he was telling her that he'd had enough of her being controlling all the time and that something had to give."

This follows much speculation in the monde du gossip blog that the Madonna-Ritchie union is no longer blissful, and that the singer's recent adoption of Malawian baby David Panda was at least in part an attempt to save the marriage, but has only added to tensions between the couple.


A host of Australian rock bands, including the likes of Rose Tattoo and The Angels, are to appear at a tribute to late AC/CD frontman Bon Scott to raise funds to erect a statue of the Scottish-born singer, who died back in 1980 at the age of 33.

As previously reported, Scott's grave in Fremantle Cemetery in Western Australia was classified as a heritage site in February this year, marking the 26th anniversary of the singer's death. Now residents of Scott's boyhood home are raising the money for the statue by organising the concert, to take place on 25 Feb at the Claremont Showgrounds, less than a week after the anniversary of the singer's death. The event will see performances from supergroup The Party Boys - which features members of Buffalo, Mondo Rock, Status Quo, and Shania Twain's band - plus Dave Warner, The Spazzys and The Flairz, as well as the aforementioned Rose Tattoo and The Angels.

More info from


Steve van Zandt has set up a record label, Wicked Cool Records, and one of the first releases will be a CBGB's themed compilation, featuring tracks from the likes of Blondie, Patti Smith and Talking Heads. The music all-rounder has also said he'll make a new record with Bruce Springsteen sometime soon. He told the BBC, "I don't know if it will be 2007, but we will certainly make a new record."


Chief Kaiser Ricky Wilson says that his band's next album will be better than the first, because this time they're getting serious. Wilson is quoted by The Daily Star as saying: "Before this album we were just mucking about, recording songs but never really sure how it might turn out. We were really keen to get rid of the novelty element but keep the rest intact. This time we really wanted to make a great album. There so much shit out there, so it was important this record was strong from start to finish. I think you're supposed to evolve on your second album, which we have done, but it is still very much a Kaiser Chiefs record."

The singer continued: "We've played a few gigs in Europe and introduced about seven new songs, which people are already singing along to, so we haven't lost it. There are no songs for songs' sake on the album. We must have played about 400 gigs and I think we've finally discovered that we do have a sound, our own sound."

The group release their as yet unnamed second album on 26 Feb.


SINGLE REVIEW: Gruff Rhys - Candylion (Rough Trade)
Gruff Rhys is on hallucinogenic drugs - Fact. Well, possibly not 'Fact' in the legal sense of the word, but I put this to you in light of the lyrical content of his new single 'Candylion', the first release from the album of the same name, set for release next year, and a much desired interlude in the wait for a new Super Furry Animal's album. Hailing from the same barrel of talent as The Flaming Lips - whom he supported on tour - it has something of an other-worldly quality with ethereal vocals gently pattering over delicate strings, bringing to mind poppy fields and other niceties. As for the drugs allegations, consider the opening lines: "A long time ago in the kingdom of candy/The lioness roamed the streets". With such lunacy, this has Glastonbury 2007 stamped all over it. OS
Release date: 4 Dec
Press contact: Rough Trade IH [all]


A host of celebrities appear in a new music video on behalf of baby charity Tommy's. Amongst those lining up to make an appearance are Dermot O'Leary, David Hasselhoff, Myleene Klass, Trevor MacDonald, Sophie Ellis Bextor, Graham Norton, Paula Radcliffe, Carol Smillie, Terry Wogan, Natasha Bedingfield and Ricky Gervais. The stars will be singing 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas' with updated lyrics, as an appeal to the public to get involved in raising funds for the charity.

The video has been origanised by Joel and Jacqui Veitch of website,, and whose son Jam was stillborn. Jacqui says: "When our son, Jam, died earlier this year our eyes were opened to the vast vacuum of knowledge around prenatal and neonatal death. We were astounded that in the UK 17 babies a day are stillborn or die within the first four weeks of life, and in over 60% of cases the cause remains unknown."

The single can be downloaded for 99p from


Leonard Cohen is to reissue his back catalogue next year. The first releases will be 1968's 'Songs of Leonard Cohen', 1969's 'Songs From a Room' and 1970's 'Songs Of Love And Hate', all out on 27 Mar as deluxe packages complete with bonus tracks.

A new studio album is expected sometime next summer.


That previously reported Velvet Underground album that was up for sale on eBay has sold for $155,401. The acetate copy of 'The Velvet Underground & Nico' was originally purchased at a Montreal flea market for seventy five cents, and is thought to be one of only two in existence.

Some guy called Eric Isaacson, who is a friend of the seller, or something, said: "We cued it up and were stunned the first song was not 'Sunday Morning' as on the 'Velvet Underground & Nico' Verve LP, but rather it was 'European Son' the song that is last on that LP, and it was a version neither of us had ever heard before! I immediately took the needle off the record, and realised that we had something special."


Billed as "the coolest music entertainment extravaganza this side of Tuesday", which sounds good to me, here's one for anyone still looking for something to do tonight. Coming out of London's City University, me thinks, a special night called Inside PASALME will tonight stage three fine indie bands and two DJs over there at lovely Cargo. On the bill are The Cellophane Flowers, Rosa Alchemica and The Brent Flood, with DJ Nimz and DJ Pauli on the decks. You'll find full info on the night's MySpace, at Doors open at 8pm, tickets are £4 before 8.30pm if you have an e-flyer (you can get one from the MySpace), or £6 after 8.30pm. Press info from [email protected]


That nice Jason Donovan is set to tour the UK next year. Hurrah. I'm going. Maybe. Tickets are on sale now. Dates below. Oh, and by the way, this is a greatest hits type tour, I believe, but Donovan is quoted in reports as saying that he is in fact working on new material. The thirty-somethings of pop are back in force it seems - well, it's certainly working for Take That.

4 May: Ipswich, Regent Theatre
5 May: Cambridge, Corn Exchange
6 May: Cardiff, St David's Hall
7 May: Liverpool Philharmonic
9 May: York, Grand Opera House
10 May: Aberdeen, Music Hall
11 May: Glasgow, Clyde Auditorium
12 May: Newcastle, City Hall
14 May: Carlisle, Sands Centre
15 May: Blackburn, King George's Hall
17 May: Nottingham, Royal Centre
18 May: Grimsby, Auditorium
19 May: Manchester, Apollo
21 May: Sheffield, City Hall
22 May: Southampton, Guildhall
24 May: Bristol, Colston Hall
25 May: London, Hammersmith Apollo
26 May: Birmingham, Symphony Hall

Get more info from


Well, Alan McGee may think the music industry is entirely unjustified in asking for an extension in the recorded music copyright (as we reported on Friday), but The Sun is on the side of those labels and artists lobbying for copyrights to be increased from 50 to 95 years, and to bring it inline with the US. As much reported, the government's recent review into intellectual property laws, undertaken by Andrew Gowers and published last week, recommends against such an increase.

Responding to that report, The Sun said on Friday: "McCartney & Co recorded The Beatles' first album Please Please Me in 1963. So it will become public property in 2013. Paul will be a sprightly 70. Why should we care? He's rich enough (well, until his divorce comes through anyway). One reason is that for every Macca and every Bowie, there are hundreds more faded stars scratching a living from their guitars and keyboards in pubs and selling the odd CD out of a suitcase. It is unfair that after 50 years other people can exploit what they have created. Another reason is that British laws are out of harmony with America, where the 95-year protection exists. That means our music companies are at a disadvantage to the US. They can only earn from their back catalogues for 50 years. And since our stuff is usually so much better, surely we should compete on a level stage? The other important point is that music recording copyright is shorter than in other fields of endeavour - such as the written word and photos".


Warner Music top man Edgar Bronfman Jnr says he reckons the mobile music industry will play an important role in the development of the wider music business in both China and India in the coming years. Both China and India are big growth markets for the music industry, of course, but both continue to be dogged by high levels of physical product and online piracy, despite some significant victories in the fight against the pirates. But with mobile networks expanding rapidly in both countries, and with those networks having their own reasons to make sure it is easier for their customers to access legitimate music services via their phones, Bronfman reckons partnerships between labels and mobile firms are especially important in those markets.

Red Herring report that Bronfman told a recent investor Q&A session that he doesn't believe piracy in the region will be resolved "anytime soon", observing: "I don't think we are going to sell a whole lot more CDs in China, but [with] 600 or 700 million handset subscribers that exist there today, once they start upgrading those phones, I think that will be a place where we can actually do commerce".


Talking of centres of music piracy, a series of raids has been staged in what is often considered Europe's biggest 'piracy black spot' - the Czech Republic. Officials there have raided two of an estimated fifty open air markets that take place near the country's border with Germany and Austria and where high quantities of counterfeit goods are exchanged. Czech authorities say they seized millions of dollars worth of bootlegged goods during the two raids, including a massive 54,000 pirated CDs.

Commenting on the raids, John Kennedy of the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry told reporters: "These raids are a good first step - we would like to see the Czech authorities go much further. Pirate stalls need to be shut down indefinitely, stall owners should be prosecuted, and the Czech authorities should make those who exploit these illegal markets liable."


Media regulator OfCom have admitted that 10% of the population will never receive the whole of the Freeview digital TV service - well, not unless terrestrial digital TV technology improves at some point.

The Freeview service consists of six 'bundles', three for public service broadcasting, three for commercial broadcasting. Viewers who receive all the channels available wouldn't notice the difference, but 25% of the country can't currently access those channels carried by the commercial bundles. Even when analogue TV signals are finally turned off (they're still aiming for 2012 for that, somewhat optimistically me thinks) and the digital signals are increased in power (currently they run on lower than ideal power so as not to interfere with analogue signals) only 90% of the population will receive those commercial bundles, because it is just not commercially viable for the companies operating them to reach the remaining 10%.

Confirming that would be the case, John Steel of Digital UK, the organisation coordinating the move over to digital TV, said last week: "It's a commercial decision for the non-public service broadcasters. Using 80 transmitters they can reach about 90% of UK households but to get the extra few per cent they would need to access nearly 1,000 extra transmitters. It's still a big step forward for everyone, it's just a smaller big step for some people".


Talking of OfCom, the media regulator has given permission for GMG Radio to revamp its Smooth FM station in London from jazz and soul to easy-listening. It completes the transformation from what was originally Jazz FM into an entirely different station.

OfCom says it is allowing the change because GMG say the new look Smooth will target an over-50s audience, which is not currently catered for elsewhere in the London commercial radio spectrum. The regulator said: "Capital Gold's Format is for 35-54s; Heart FM targets audiences in their 30s. Magic FM serves the over-35s (having moved slightly younger when EMAP turned Melody into Magic). There is no station specifically for over-50s. In addition the station would have a higher proportion of speech and continue to carry its unique specialist jazz output. The [Ofcom radio licensing] committee felt that in order to make clear the point of difference between the changed station and existing stations, there should be an obligation within the format to secure the spirit of the format requiring that at least 20% of the daytime tracks should be older than 40 years old. GMG have accepted this obligation and the committee felt able to grant the request, given the satisfaction of this criterion."

Needless to say, GMG Radio boss John Myers welcomed the decision: "This now allows us to take on Radio 2 with all the right tools at our disposal. Ofcom made the right decision for the future growth of commercial radio."


ALBUM REVIEW: Lee Hazlewood - Cake or Death (Four Music)
I have to say Lee Hazlewood is not someone I'd actively seek out to listen to. He has a croony old country style, and lyrics focusing on day to day occurrences, plus there's the occasional Scandinavian or German verse thrown in. But this album sounded interesting, so I gave it a listen. It's a self-confessed swansong - the seventy seven year old singer-songwriter wanted to tie up all his loose strings with various musicians by working with them all on one record. Each song on 'Cake Or Death' has Yanky rock and roll and satirical storytelling at its core, tracks varying from 'Please Come to Boston', a "heard it all before" love song about long distance relationships, to 'Fred Freud', a strange track combining oom-pah-pah verses and classical music samples with comic lyrics - the comments of psychiatrist. Lining up 'The First Song of the Day' and 'White People Thing' has the listener half way to a Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. 'Anthem' very frankly discusses Hazlewood's political opinions - "I never did vote Republican" he sings. He collaborates with Neil Diamond's guitarist for a new recording of 'These Boots Are Made For Walkin' - undoubtedly the most famous song Hazelwood has ever written - and produces a great sound with airy vocals, guitar and brass. Overall, 'Cake Or Death' is an interesting album with tracks that all tie together well. [AW]
Release Date: 4 Dec
Press Contact: Outpost [all]


So, Take That continue to dominate at the top of both the album and singles chart this week. On the singles front 'Patience' stays at one, with the other two tracks in the top three swapping places, so that Booty Luv's 'Boogie 2nite' is at 2 and Akon and Eminem's 'Smack That' is at 3.

The highest new entry comes at 4 from Lazy Town and 'Bing Bang (Time To Dance)', with the other new entries running thus: Gwen Stefani 'Wind It Up' at 8, Chris Cornell 'You Know My Name' at 12, Morrissey 'I Just Want To See The Boy Happy' at 16, Cascada 'Truly Madly Deeply' at 17, Scissor Sisters 'Land Of A Thousand Words' at 19, P Diddy and Christina Aguilera 'Tell Me' at 20, Slade 'Merry Xmas Everybody' at 22, The Pogues 'Fairytale Of New York' at 23 (technically a re-entry I think, presumably from last December's release), Paolo Nutini 'Rewind' at 27, Lil Chris 'Gettin Enough' at 33, Jay-Z 'Show Me What You Got' at 38 and Thunder 'The Devil Made Me Do It' at 40.

Lots less to report on the albums chart. Take That, Oasis and Westlife fill the top three, while new entries come from Gwen Stefani with 'The Sweet Escape' at 26 and Andrea Bocelli with 'Amore' at 35.


The most played music on UK college radio this week, compiled by the Student Radio Association.

1. [2] The Killers - Bones
2. [4] The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir
3. [1] Muse - Knights Of Cydonia
4. [6] Snow Patrol - Set Fire To The Third Bar (Ft. Martha Wainwright)
5. [3] Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Snow (Hey Oh)
6. [7] Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly - War Of The Worlds
7. [10] Lily Allen - Littlest Things
8. [5] The Feeling - Love It When You Call
9. [13] The Good The Bad And The Queen - Herculean
10. [11] The Rapture - W.A.Y.U.H
11. [18] The Zutons - It's The Little Things We Do
12. [Re] Kasabian - Shoot The Runner
13. [NE] Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko
14. [NE] The Automatic - Raoul
15. [14] Chris Cornell - You Know My Name
16. [26] Babyshambles - Janie Jones
17. [12] Brakes - Hold Me In The River
18. [NE] Poppycocks - Lovebirds
19. [30] Gruff Rhys - Candylion
20. [NE] Little Barrie - Love You
21. [NE] GoodBooks - Leni
22. [Re] Amy Winehouse - Rehab
23. [NE] Jarvis - Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
24. [NE] Jamie T - Calm Down Dearest
25. [15] Jet - Bring It On Back
26. [17] Wolfmother - Love Train
27. [29] Kharma 45 - Ecstasy
28. [16] Jamelia - Beware Of The Dog
29. [NE] Jack Penate - Second Minute Or Hour
30. [NE] Good Shoes - The Photos On My Wall


The videos appearing on the SUBtv screens network in students' unions around the UK this week. New entries marked with a *.

The Automatic - Raoul
Babyshambles - The Blinding
Damien Rice - 9 Crimes
Eric Prydz - Proper Education
The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir
Gwen Stefani - Wind It Up
John Legend - Heaven
Lily Allen - Littlest Things
Muse - Knights of Cydonia
Paolo Nutini - Rewind
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Snow (Eh Oh)
Sharam - Party All The Time

Big Bass - What You Do (Playing With Stones)
Brakes - Hold Me In The River
Chris Cornell - You Know My Name
Embrace - I Can't Come Down
Eskimo Disco - 7-11
Freemasons ft. Siedah Garrett - Rain Down Love
Girls Aloud - I Think We're Alone Now
Gruff Rhys - Candylion
Jamelia - Beware Of The Dog
Queen vs The Miami Project - Another One Bites The Dust
Snoop Dogg - That's That
Union Of Knives - The Cut-Up Suite


As counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New and re-entries marked with a *

1. Evanescence - The Open Door (SonyBMG)
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Warner Bros)
3. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Warner Bros)
4. Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies (Roadrunner)
5. Aerosmith - Devil's Got A New Disguise (SonyBMG/Columbia)
6. Foo Fighters - Skin & Bones (Roswell)
7. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Roadrunner)
8. Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell III (Universal/Mercury)
9. Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist (Warner/Maverick)
10. Tenacious D - The Pick Of Destiny (SonyBMG)
11. Razorlight - Razorlight (Universal/Mercury)
12. Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
13. Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (Warner/Atlantic)
14. Audioslave - Revelations (SonyBMG/Epic)
15. Muse - Black Holes & Revelations (Warner Bros)
16. Incubus - Light Grenades (SonyBMG)*
17. Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May (Roadrunner)
18. Rise Against - The Sufferer & The Witness (Universal/Geffen)*
19. Queen - Greatest Hits 1,2,3 (EMI/Parlophone)*
20. Blue October - Foiled (Universal)


A military commander has responded to Noel Gallagher's previously reported comments to the effect that troops injured in Iraq should quit whining.

Major Ben Wrench, speaking at the Black Watch base near Basra, said: "I would caution anyone about passing comment on servicemen and women who are injured in the line of duty. Yes, we volunteer to join the army and, of course, everyone is aware of the operational risks. But, no, we don't volunteer to be blown up by roadside bombs, to be killed or maimed and to lose limbs. I don't think that anybody who has an injury could be accused of whingeing. We are a free society and people can say what they like. But, if we were all getting pop star wages, maybe we would have the luxury of whingeing a lot more."

So yeah, Gallagher. What he said.


Jay-Z has clarified the situation regarding whether or not he is planning on marrying long-term girlfriend Beyonce. But not as to whether they will be tying the knot as part of the rapper's up coming 37th birthday celebrations, as rumoured last week. Speaking to Barbara Walters on the topic last week he said this...

Walters: "Do you see marriage in the near future".
Z: "Of course".
Walters: "How near".
Z: "I don't know. I don't".

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