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In today's CMU Daily:
- Cisco sue Apple over iPhone name
- Choice shortlist announced
- Ono driver case latest
- Gary Glitter considered for early release
- Unsigned band hopeful to be first to benefit from chart changes
- Michael enters not-guilty plea
- James Brown not yet buried
- Klaxons want girls
- Ringo Starr's birthplace to be moved
- Harrison lyrics set to raise a bit
- West to get HBO show
- New Mark Ronson album news
- Lady Sovereign, the jelly doughnut and other true stories
- Hayes to self-release
- Great Escape tickets on sale now
- Paris collection, spring 2007
- Squeeze hits collection next month
- Universal launch classics and jazz download service
- Beggars Group restructures promotional team
- MySpace launches in France
- Xfm announce new weekend shows
- Fiddy to launch condom line
- Cowell disses Dylan
- Cheeky Opik taunted in Commons
- Jade's mum voted off CBB


Now, I don't want you to think that I'm being lazy here by repeating yesterday's Top Bit today, but we are in the middle of updating the directory section of the CMU Music Network website, and any more help you can offer in this task would be much appreciated. Basically, if you work for a label or publicity firm, you need to go to this here URL - - and check the listing for your company and let us know if there are any changes due. Email changes to (obviously if you are one of the people who sent over a change yesterday, we haven't done it yet, so don't check and resend the changes again).

If when you get there you find you're not listed at all, well let us know that too, along with all the info we need to include you. For labels that's label name, mailing address, phone number, web address and press and promotions contact names and emails (with details of what kinds of press/promotions each person does). For PR firms it's company name, mailing address, phone number, web address, contact names and email address and details of what kinds of PR you do (press, radio, television, online, clubs, college, regional, national).

Email tweaks, changes and additions to and we'll get your entry updated just as soon as we can. I thank you.



Rock Sound issue 93 is on sale now: Brand New on cover plus Fall Out Boy giant poster magazine. Since unleashing their stunning third album late last year, Long Island's Brand New have been hesitant to talk. Until now that is... Rock Sound brings you their exclusive story as Jesse Lacey opens up to reveal all...Also this month, we bring you a fantastic Fall Out Boy poster mag. We hit the red carpet with the Pete Wentz and co in Hollywood and bring you the full report. Plus, exclusive interviews with Bloc Party, Aereogramme, Funeral For A Friend in the studio, The Haunted, ...Trail Of The Dead, The Blood Brothers, Chimaira, Shadows Fall, Hellogoodbye, Frank Turner, theAUDITION, The Sleeping, Norma Jeann, Capdown, The Bronx and much, much more... And read the results of our 2006 Readers' Poll - who's hot and who's not? And don't forget this month's FREE CD for a sneak preview of some of the hottest new music from the issue. Rock Sound issue 93, on sale now, priced £3.60 from all good news stockists.



The first Kill All Hippies of 2007 takes place this Friday, 12 Jan, at the Carling Islington Academy and has yet another stellar live line up - The Svengalis, The Rocks, Talk Taxis and the mighty Vatican DC. On the decks will be Yr Mum Yr Dad plus KAH resident Gavin Nugent. Tickets for the January show are just a fiver if you buy or guest list in advance (you can do the former at, the latter at And as if that wasn't enough, pints of Carling will be just £1.80.

BASICS: Friday 12 Jan, Carling Islington Academy, London, 9.30pm - 3am, tix £5 in advance. Press info from Leyline.

More recommends:


MYSPACE OF THE DAY: Goldie Lookin' Chain

By now everyone should know who Goldie Lookin Chain are (and if you don't then why... WHY?). At first glance they may seem like a novelty band with their track suits and their hip-hop alter egos but they should not be overlooked as they are (and still are) one of the most original UK hip hop acts of recent years. Although they have a few MySpace pages (including a personal page for every member) this one has some brilliant remixes of tracks off their most recent album 'Safe as F**k'. Although any news about tour dates and releases is kept on their other page ( these remixes are the reason that this page deserves the most attention. There's a smashing remix of 'Charm School' remixed with Lynyrd Skynyrd's 'Sweet Home Alabama' sampled over the top. There's also an incredible tranced-up remix of 'Your Missus Is A Nutter' which is a genuine example of their exceptional sampling ability.
And the absolutely hilarious podcasts on the site are worth a listen just to hear the GLC's take on the Top 5 singles of the year. Priceless.


Networking company Cisco Systems aren't happy. Mainly with Apple boss Steve Jobs (though possibly other things too, but that's not relevant). The unhappiness centres on Jobs' demonstration of his new iPhone at the Mac Expo convention in San Francisco on Tuesday because, as far as Cisco are concerned, the name 'iPhone' belongs to them and Apple have no right using it.

Cisco say that negotiations between the two IT firms have been ongoing for sometime regarding the iPhone trademark - which they acquired in 2000 when they bought a company called Infogear, which had registered the trademark in 1996. Cisco say that in recent years Apple have made several offers to buy the trademark, at one time using a 'front company' to try and disguise the fact it was a rival computer firm that was seeking the name. More recently the two companies have been in discussions regarding ways that they could both use the iPhone name for rival products, with Cisco pushing Apple to commit to ensuring some kind of interoperability between Cisco's 'voice over IP' iPhone product and Apple's new multi-media-come-mobile-handset iPhone product on the pretext that such interoperability would reduce the problems of any consumer confusion caused by the common name. Those discussions reportedly continued but were not completed on Monday, the day before Jobs announced Apple's iPhone. Cisco say that they had stressed that Apple should not use the name formally in the public domain until an agreement had been reached between the two companies, hence the unhappiness following Job's iPhone announcement, and hence the lawsuit Cisco launched in the Californian courts yesterday.

Confirming the lawsuit, Cisco's Senior VP and General Counsel, Mark Chandler, told reporters yesterday: "We indicated that it was important that the negotiations [between Cisco and Apple] be completed before the launch of their product. Our expectation was that our name wouldn't be used without permission. And it is a surprise when any large company announces a product using a name they don't have a right to use".

Apple have dismissed Cisco's lawsuit, claiming that they never made any commitments to the plaintiff regarding not announcing their new product, and that anyway they don't need Cisco's permission to use the iPhone name because it has become a generic term in the voice over IP sector and, anyway, Apple's iPhone is not a voice over IP product. In fact, so sure are Apple that Cisco don't have a legal case against them regarding the use of the iPhone name, they've called the lawsuit, wait for it, "silly". Tough talking indeed.

Here's what Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris says: "We think Cisco's trademark suit is silly...We believe [their] trademark registration is tenuous at best. There are already several companies using the iPhone name for VoIP products. We're the first company ever to use iPhone for a cell phone. If Cisco wants to challenge us on it, we're confident we'll prevail".

The iPhone trademark was originally registered for a since discontinued Infogear desktop phone that had an inbuilt webbrowser. Cisco held onto the trademark, even though they weren't actively using it, after acquiring Infogear, finally launching a product using the name via its Linksys division last year. Some of those cynical types claimed Cisco chose to use the name last year mainly to piss off Apple, who were known to be busy developing a mobile phone version of the iPod which everyone expected them to call the iPhone.

Whether Apple and Cisco will continue their previous discussions regarding the trademark now the latter has gone legal remains to be seen. Personally I'm not sure iPhone is that great a name to be litigating over anyway - surely something like iMob would work just as well for Apple.


Organisers of the Irish equivalent to the Mercury Music Price, the Choice Music Prize, have announced their 2007 shortlist of ten albums, selected by a panel of 12 Irish music media types. That panel will now select which of the ten should be awarded the title of Irish Album Of The Year. The shortlist is as follows:

Director - We Thrive On Big Cities (Warner/Atlantic)
The Divine Comedy - Victory for the Comic Muse (EMI/Parlophone)
Duke Special - Songs From the Deep Forest (V2)
The Immediate - In Towers & Clouds (Fantastic Plastic)
David Kitt - Not Fade Away (Dublin Discs)
Messiah J & The Expert - Now This I Have To Hear (Inaudible)
Fionn Regan - The End Of History (Heffa)
Republic Of Loose - Aaagh! (Loaded Dice)
Si Schroeder - Coping Mechanisms (Trust Me I'm A Thief)
Snow Patrol - Eyes Open (Universal/Polydor)

The overall winner will be announced at an event in Dublin on 28 Feb, tickets for which go on sale on 22 Jan. There's more info at, though whenever I go there it crashes my computer! Press info from


Yoko Ono's driver Koral Karsan, currently imprisoned pending trial over those allegations that he attempted to extort money from his employer by the use of blackmail and death threats, has made a fourth attempt to be granted bail. In court on Tuesday, his lawyer, Robert Gottlieb, filed a letter which, he claimed, reveals that Karsan did not threaten Ono in an attempt to gain money, rather asked for recompense for years of alleged harassment and abuse.

In the missive, dated Dec 06, Karsan tells Ono that he has decided to file a sexual harassment lawsuit against her, but would settle with her outside of court if she agreed to pay him $2million. He goes on to say that if she does not settle with him, he will be forced to release information and material that "quite frankly will astound the world" - including statements about The Beatles, the US and UK governments and recordings of son Sean Lennon. Referring to those recordings, Karsan writes: "Depending on the outcome of our dealings, I will not only write about these recordings but will also distribute them to European broadcasting stations throughout the future".

Gottlieb claims that Ono's accusation of grand larceny was made to counter his sexual harassment allegations, and maintains that Ono put pressure on her driver to commit "immoral and illegal acts". But Assistant DA Anne Schwartz has objected to the bail request, saying that the case against Karsan is strong. He could face as many as fifteen years in prison if convicted. The bail application will be argued in New York today.


According to Vietnamese officials, Gary Glitter may secure an early release from the prison where he is currently serving a three year sentence for child molestation. Reports say that the former glam rocker, aka Paul Gadd, may qualify for a presidential amnesty marking new year celebrations in mid-February.

Le Ba Thuy, head of the Thu Duc Z30 prison in the Binh Thuan province where Gadd is serving his term explained: "He is on the list of prisoners to be offered a reduction of their prison term. Glitter has respected the jail's regulations, and his re-education is quite good. We are working on formalities regarding his release, which will be considered and decided in coming weeks."

The singer's lawyer, Le Thanh Kinh, says he is optimistic that Glitter will be released, especially given that, as previously reported, he had paid compensation to his victims. If he is set free, he will have served no more than a third of his term, including the period of incarceration that preceded his trial.


There's possibly a bit of hype going on here, especially since these guys are being PRed by Quite Great, who spearheaded all the hype that surrounded Sandi Thom and her home produced webcasts last year, but it looks likely that an unsigned band from Essex called Koopa could be the first to truly benefit from the much previously reported change in chart rules.

They have digitally self-released their single 'Blag, Steal & Borrow' and are selling it via those chart returning download services that deal with unsigned talent. With an existing online fanbase they have reportedly sold enough downloads so far to put them at number 17 in an unofficial midweek chart based on Monday sales. While they recognise that they will have benefited from a first day sales boost, and that a number of rival releases will go on to outsell them later in the week, the band are hopeful their end-of-week digital sales will still be sufficient to secure a place in next weekend's top 40.

Of course prior to last week's chart rule change Koopa's digital sales would not have been counted in the overall singles chart because there is no physical CD release of the song - most unsigned bands, of course, are unable to afford the cost of pressing CDs or, even if they can, are unable to get them stocked in any record shops.

Commenting on the chance of getting a chart position with their digital release, the band's singer and bassist Joe Murphy told the BBC: "With the new rules, it does give hope for genuine talent. You don't need to be dictated to by the big boys, by the record labels. You can release a song and if you've got the fanbase and people buy it, you'll get into the charts - it's great".


A very quick update on George Michael's ongoing run in with the police over that incident last October when he was found blocking a road junction in Cricklewood after falling asleep at the wheel of his car. The singer's lawyer has entered a not-guilty plea to the driving offences he has since been charged with in relation to the incident, so a further court hearing will now take place on 7 Mar. So now you know.


It's over two weeks since James Brown died, but his body has still not been buried, despite a public funeral in Augusta on 30 Dec, because of ongoing issues relating to the Godfather of Soul's will and estate. Until his family reach an agreement over the estate, a decision can't be made as to where Brown will be interred. According to Brown's lawyer, Buddy Dallas, the will has not yet been filed, but the singer's children will decide on the location for the burial.

Dallas has also confirmed that the star's Beech Island home was secured in the hours following his death in an attempt to prevent thieves from raiding the house for valuable memorabilia. The lawyer told CNN: "Just imagine what would have happened. Items of James Brown would have left there like items off the shelves of Macy's in an after-Christmas sale".


Don't we all? Actually, no, I don't want any girls. But, as per the headline, Klaxons do. Around 100, in fact, to star in their next video. "Young" ones, apparently. I'm not sure how young, though. I mean, I feel pretty young. But I may have passed girlhood by now, to be fair.

Anyway, if you are a young girl (presumably a relatively fetching one), and are free to shoot a video on 26 Jan, Klaxons would apparently like to hear from you. Email your details to Details including the following:

Statistics (eg 34/26/28)
Dress Size
A full body photo
Skin Colour


The birthplace of Ringo Starr, a Victorian terrace in Madryn Street in the Toxteth area of Liverpool, may be knocked down and rebuilt at the new (currently under construction) Museum Of Liverpool. The house is one of hundreds in the area set to be demolished and replaced with brand new homes. As previously reported, a campaign to save the house failed, the city council judging the building to have "no historical significance".

National Museums Liverpool, however, think it would be a "hugely popular" attraction. A spokesman said: "We are hopeful that we will be able to give a home to the childhood house of Ringo Starr. Negotiations are underway with all parties involved, but there are still many details to be worked out."

The historical significance of the house has been questioned because Starr only lived there for around three months before moving to a new home in Admiral Grove, where he lived for the next twenty years.


It's not often that my interest is genuinely piqued by a memorabilia auction, but 'While My Guitar Gently Weeps' is one of my favouritest Beatles songs, and so I am vaguely interested by the fact that George Harrison's hand written lyrics to the track are expected to fetch around $800,000 when auctioned in the US on Monday.

The document has added interest for the collector, however, because of the words "the band leader said he ain't playin' no more", scrawled at the bottom of the document - apparently a reference to personal and creative tensions amongst the band whilst they worked on the White Album. It's thought by the original owner of the document that the words refer to Paul McCartney.

The document features lyrics sung on an acoustic version of the track recently released on the Love album, which differ slightly from the album version.


According to reports, Kanye West is to star in a new show for US TV channel HBO. The programme, developed by 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' producer Larry Charles, will apparently focus on one day in the life of the high profile rap star. Sources say Rick Rubin and West's manager G Roberson will both be executive producers, but HBO themselves have declined to comment.


Mark Ronson's second album will feature vocal performances from the likes of Robbie Williams and Lily Allen. 'Versions', a collection of 12 remixed and mashed up classics, is out on 16 Apr, preceded on 29 Jan by a single featuring reinterpretations of Britney Spears' 'Toxic' and Coldplay's 'God Put A Smile On Your Face', accompanied by samples from the late ODB.

Ronson says: "With my first album, I had all these people like Mos Def and M.O.P guesting. This time it's not about that. Despite the big names, it's about the songs...the songs here are the guest stars. With 'Version' I've taken these songs that I love and turned them into Motown/Stax 70's versions. I keep the utmost respect and appreciation for the original versions of songs I use. It's not like I'm thinking it's a shit song that I can make good, it's more like it's a great song and I'm now going to make it bounce."


I'm a bit confused by all of this, so bear with me if this story turns out all confusing too. Grime MC Lady Sovereign, real name Louise Harman, seemingly had a bit of a run in with a doughnut at a club in San Francisco where she was performing on Monday night.

The incident was a follow up to an online campaign a few months back when one American Sovereign fan called Zach Slow raised $10,000 dollars in order to take the rapper out on a date. Basically he put out a plea on the net for donations towards a fund to stage a party that he could invite Harman to as his date - he successfully raised the money and, after the hype that surrounded Slow's campaign, Harman agreed to go on the date. The rapper's entourage and Slow's friends also attended the party which seemed to go off OK, except that after the event Harman dissed Slow and his friends in various media interviews.

One of Slow's friends who attended the party is also a rapper, of sorts, and not just any old rapper, but a rapper who raps while dressed in a large doughnut suit. Pissed off by Harman's post-party comments, he showed up at her gig on Monday night, dressed in the doughnut suit, and publicly challenged the Sovereign to a rap battle. But Harman turned down Slow's friend, who raps under the name Jelly Donut (obviously), instead spitting on him, and then pouring a can of Red Bull on him. Despite the interruption, and Sovereign's response to it, Pitchfork report that the Jelly Donut actually managed to garner some support from the audience at the gig, who apparently started chanting 'Battle Jelly Donut' and waving the Jelly Donut flyers the rapper had distributed. But to no avail - Sovereign continued to resist the Donut's demands until security escorted him out of the building.

And that's it really, except to say that this being the social networking age, the whole incident has, of course, been documented on MySpace and YouTube. That said, I've checked the YouTube mobile video coverage and, to be honest, it's hard to make anything out. But the Donut himself has provided a lengthy summary of the proceedings on his MySpace -


Former Savage Garden man Darren Hayes has said he will self-release his next album, 'Powdered Sugar', which will be launched this coming August. 2004's 'The Tension And The Spark' was released by SonyBMG's Columbia Records.

Confirming the self-release plans, Hayes wrote on his website this week: "I'm going indie ... 2007 is going to be my year! After 10 years of being a part of the major label system I've decided that my next record is going to be released independently".

Adding that he had met a couple of major labels before deciding the self-release, he continued: "I've been really flattered by their interest - the idea of doing this on my own terms is really appealing to me. I feel lucky that the commercial success of my past has allowed me the financial freedom to record my new record independently. It makes artistic sense for me to retain the creative freedom and control I've enjoyed recently and continue forging ahead on my own terms".


A number of £35 early bird tickets have been made available for this year's Great Escape event, taking place from 17-19 May in Brighton. As you'll remember, last year's line-up featured the likes of The Kooks, Paolo Nutini and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly. I hope it's a bit less windy this year.


No, we're not talking about fashion, we're talking about the release of a 13 track compilation CD featuring tracks contributed by some of the French capital's up and coming rock bands. 'Paris Calling' is out in the UK on 12 Mar via Because Music and I'd really like to have a listen to that, because I like Paris and I like Rock. Here's the tracklisting:

Second Sex - Lick My Boots
Plastiscines - Shake
Les Shades - Like I'm A Man
Brooklyn - Heart Lies
The Hellboys - Besoin De Rien
The Parisians - Why Choose One Side
The Rolls - Time
Plastiscines - Rake
The Parisians - The City
Brooklyn - Clandestine
Les Shades - L'Enfant prodige
The Hellboys - Burn it down
The Rolls - Heaven to hell


A Squeeze hits collection is set to be released by UMTV on 26 Feb. Here is the to-be-confirmed tracklisting, press info from PPR:

Take me I'm Yours
Goodbye Girl
Cool for Cats
Up The Junction
Slap & Tickle
Another Nail In My Heart
Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)
Is That Love
Labelled With Love
Black Coffee In Bed
Annie Get Your Gun
Last Time Forever
If Its Love
Love Circles
Sunday Street
Some Fantastic Place
Third Rail
This Simmer
Electric Trains
Heaven Knows


Universal Music has launched its own download platform for the classical and jazz genres - The service launches with a catalogue of over 100,000 tracks with plans to add a further 1500 tracks each month. Tracks will sell for the industry standard 79p price point. The major was motivated to launch its own download platform in this domain because they felt that the mainstream digital music services didn't sufficiently service these genres. The plan is to include some editorial on the new site that will enhance the consumer experience, and aid those interested in but not experts on the two genres.

Launching the venture, Universal Music Classics And Jazz MD Dickon Stainer told reporters: "This is the most exciting development in classical and jazz music in recent years. This site will revolutionise the consumer's access to these genres, and offer music not available anywhere else. From José Carreras to Katherine Jenkins, Jamie Cullum to John Coltrane, this site will have it all, and will appeal to everyone from teenagers to the over fifties".

On their hopes for the service, UCJ marketing boss Mark Wilkinson added: "We expect sales to begin with to be relatively modest, but by the third or fourth quarter of the year to be making a positive contribution to the business. I think [the digital market] can only grow, and as the Apple iPod generation grows, they start to discover the classics. [Plus] older collectors are in tune with digital technology".


London based independent The Beggars Group is restructuring some of its operations to better service the group's artists in this here digital age.

Much of the changes are in the press and promotions department, where bosses hope a restructure will better help the Group take advantage of new promotional opportunities in the digital domain, including blogging and community sites and all that jazz. Rich Walker will head up the revamped 'media department', with Hannah Gould and Michael Cleary continuing as National Press Offices, and new recruits Richard Onslow, Natalie Judge and Keira Poland working on a wider range of promotional activities for XL, 4AD and Beggars Banquet/Too Pure respectively. Elsewhere the Group's inhouse web team will be expanded, while Dan Adams will take on the role of Digital Sales & Marketing Manager, liaising with online music services.

Of course, while we live in this digital age of ours, one of the ever important parts of the music business is the least digital bit, the live arena. Recognising that the live domain is more important as ever as a promotional channel, the Beggars restructure also includes the creation of a new role charged with the task of strengthening relationships between the Group's labels and the live sector. Former national radio plugger Ruth Barlow will take on that role.


MySpace has formally launched in France, and will mark the launch with a special 'secret show' in Paris tonight featuring London band Archive.

For any Parisians out there in CMU land, if you want to go you need to add Archive and the MySpace Secret Shows France page to your MySpace friends list, put them into your top 8 friends, print out your MySpace profile, get the venue info from and then show up at the venue with the print out which, come to think of it, sounds like an awful lot of hassle - especially as entry isn't guaranteed (first come first served and all that).

Whatever. Here's what MySpace Tom has to say about the new French service (though you can't help thinking this is a generic quote that some PR has slipped the word 'France' into): "There is something here for everybody and we can't wait to continue making it relevant for local users in France and everywhere worldwide".


Erm, well, Xfm London have announced some new weekend shows. That's it really. Oh, you want to know about them?

Well, Payola, an Xfm Manchester show hosted by Elbow member Guy Garvey, will be syndicated via the London station on Sunday nights at 8pm. Recent daytime recruits Paul Tonkinson and Steve Harris will both get new weekend shows - the former on Saturday mornings and the latter on Sunday afternoons, the latter also including the station's film show and live hour. Meanwhile the Xfm Rock Show will move to Sunday nights at 10pm, and the always damn mighty fine The Remix will take a new network wide slot on Friday nights, also at 10pm.

This is what recently appointed Programme Director for Xfm London, Adam Uytman, had to say: "The new look weekend line-up is the perfect complement to the recently revamped weekday schedule leaving Xfm in great shape for 2007. Elbow is a band that our listeners love so to bring Guy, his music knowledge and breadth of industry contacts to our listeners in London is something I'm genuinely excited about. Tonks brings the comedy back to Saturday mornings and Steve Harris is a great new addition to Sundays and with his passion for new music was the perfect choice to introduce the Live Hour. I'm excited to be part of the Xfm London team at a time when the line-up has never looked better".

Elsewhere in Xfm London news, the station has announced Mark Rivers will join them from The Guardian to be Marketing Manager. Xfm Network Marketing Director Richard Mintz told CMU: "Mark was the obvious choice for the job. He clearly loves the brand, is passionate about new music and his experience in new media marketing will be invaluable to Xfm over the next 12 months. Mark is joining the team at a very exciting time. We're now a fully established network of over a million listeners; we have one of the strongest DJ line-ups in years and will be celebrating our 10th anniversary later this year."


The thought of this is making me faintly sick. It may be because I'm feeling a bit queasy already, but it maybe that it's made me think about 50 Cent having sex and that's a bit nauseating for me. Anyway, according to an interview in the New York Post, the rap star is to launch a line of condoms

Fiddy, speaking to the newspaper as part of the promotion for his previously reported new novels, written in association with Nikki Turner and K. Elliot, was talking generally about getting positive messages out to the kids when he revealed his prophylactic plans. The rap star said: "The kids become immune when you constantly beat them over the head - 'Read a book, read a book'. We have to be a little more creative about it. It's the same with safe sex. As opposed to being part of a safe-sex campaign, I'm going to make condoms and donate a part of the proceeds to HIV awareness".


I always knew there was a reason why Simon Cowell hadn't launched the show Credible Singer Songwriter Idol. Here's what he has to say about Bob Dylan in an interview with Playboy: "If I had ten Dylans in the final of American Idol, we would not be getting 30 million viewers a week. I don't believe the Bob Dylans of this world would make American Idol a better show. Do I prefer Kelly Clarkson's music to Bob Dylan's? Yes. I've never bought a Dylan record. A singing poet? It just bores me to tears". Actually, if I'm being honest, I've always thought Dylan was slightly overrated myself, but I'd never be foolish enough to say so in public.


Lib Dem lovely Lembit Opik has been taunted in the House Of Commons following the previously reported revelations that he's in a relationship with Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia. When Opik got up to speak, MPs shouted: "Who's a cheeky boy?", to which the MP responded: "I think Honourable Members should leave any cheeky business completely to me."

Later, during Prime Minister's questions, Opik, subjected to more laughter, preceded his question about Motor Neurone disease with the words: "Not wishing to be cheeky, Mr Speaker, I thank the House for being so happy that I am so very, very lucky. And I should point out that the other sister is still single".


Jade Goody's mum Jackiey Budden has been evicted from the Celeb Big Brother house in a surprise eviction (a surprise to the celebs, not to the viewers, the viewer-voted eviction process not really working if you keep it a secret from the viewers). Jade's boyfriend Jack Tweedy was actually the bookie's favourite to be voted off the show, but it transpired that being the most irritating person on the show (possibly in the world) does sometimes get you kicked off.

As previously reported, Jade Goody, her boyfriend and her mother all moved into the CBB house last week, much to the annoyance of the celebs already in the house (and especially Towers Of London man Donny Tourette and film director Ken Russell who both promptly quit the show). Actually, the celebs are going to be even more annoyed with Jade et al when they get out of the house, because her arrival on the show has seriously dented viewing figures and therefore will impact on the publicity they get out of appearing. In fact bookies are reporting that they are now taking more bets on ITV's rival show Soapstar Superstar than on CBB.

William Hill spokesman Rupert Adams: "Before the new series started, it would have been unthinkable that any show would turn over more than Big Brother, which has always been the powerhouse of TV betting. But Soapstar has comfortably done that this week. We are putting it down to the Goody factor, which has confused punters. We can only hope that they will be voted out before everyone turns off."

In case anyone out there is interested, former A-Team actor Dirk Benedict and former Kenny Everett sidekick Cleo Rocos are now favourites to win.

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