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In today's CMU Daily:
- V2 US shifts focus to catalogue business
- Santangelo P2P case reaches a conclusion... maybe
- Kylie cancels two shows because of ill health
- Victory extend Hawthorne Heights litigation
- Doherty news, lots of shockers I'm sure
- Madonna on adoption - more people should do it
- MCR guitarist drops out of tour
- John Coltrane's widow dies
- Micheal Brecker dies
- Weller turned down CBE
- Girls and Babes to collaborate on red nose song
- Smog to release album under real name
- KT to play Global Cool Golden Globes party
- Electric Soft Parade return
- Warmsley supports
- Ash tour
- Jarvis dates
- Wet Wet Wet announce reunion tour
- EMI changes means Dupri deal is off
- Charles and Laurie launch new plugging firm
- Naspter enter into partnership with AOL
- Underground looking for new busking sponsor
- Chart update - well done Koopa
- Total Rock World Album Chart
- Jagger not impressed with sitcom namecheck
- Reality check
- More from Preston on Buzzcocks walk off


So, let's do another Monday morning reminder on the all new CMU Beats newspaper, which we launched last Autumn and which will go properly monthly next month. In case you haven't seen it for yourself, CMU Beats is a brand new tabloid music monthly packed with interviews, features and tips on all the best new music, plus backstage features for people in the college and grass roots media and music communities.

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CMU Beats is a brilliant, simple and exciting way to promote your releases and tours this Winter / Spring. To get yourself booked in the next two editions, out at the end of this month and February, get on the old phone and call 0870 744 2643 or email

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The first Remix Night of 2007 is the traditional 'Dig The Nu Breed' night which will see Remix chief Eddy TM presenting some of the acts that he is most excited about for the coming year. And there are quite a few of them! Live you'll get Metronomy, Goose, Devil's Gun and The Officers, while on the decks with Eddy himself will be South Central and Slim Jim. This all takes place at London's Cargo on Friday 19 Jan.

BASICS: Friday 19 Jan, Cargo, London, 9pm - 3am, tix £10. Press info from Leyline.

More recommends:


Au Revoir Simone like keyboards. A lot. Their MySpace lists their influences as Casio, Roland, Korg, Alessis, Rhythm Ace, Univox, Yamaha and Suzuki. That could mean they like motorbikes too, I suppose, but my money's on keyboards. Forming on a train travelling from Vermont to Brooklyn, the bands three members all contribute vocals and keyboard to their floaty-light sound - as if you heard the Pipettes covering the Postal Service in a half-remembered dream. They've had a track on US medical drama Grey's Anatomy, and will be touring Europe in February and March. Have a listen to their songs, and try your hardest not to swoon over their school's-cancelled-because-of-the-snow-indie-pop. Now there's a made-up genre for you.


The US division of V2 Records all but closed down as a "frontline" operation on Friday when parent company Sheridan Square announced the label would only continue to operate as a catalogue and gospel label. Most of the company's workforce, including President Andy Gershon, were dismissed, with up to 35 job losses being reported.

COO Michael Olsen will stay on to oversee the catalogue business, which will look to drive revenues from past V2 artists like The White Stripes, The Raconteurs and Moby, especially in the digital domain. All of those artists will now, however, be seeking new labels for the marketing and distribution of new recordings in the US market.

The American operations of V2 split off from the independent's London division in early 2006, of course, when it was sold by Richard Branson's Virgin Group to Sheridan, who merged it with its existing record company Artemis Records. As previously reported, in an unrelated deal the Virgin Group subsequently sold its stake in the London business too, to investment bank Morgan Stanley.

Gershon confirmed to US media on Friday that he was leaving the company due to the restructuring. However, he stressed that V2 was not, in fact, closing down, rather shifting its focus to become a catalogue rather than "frontline" business, except in the gospel domain where they will continue to sign new artists. Billboard quote him as saying: "I wish the best for everybody that's still left at V2 and Sheridan Square".

Billboard say that Redux, Sheridan Square's parent company, has long stated that its primary aim is in the catalogue sector, and that they and recently recruited business partners The Stephens Group are expected to invest new funds into the revamped V2.


The long long running Santangelo P2P lawsuit possibly came to a close last week - with surprisingly few dramas given the way this story has run to date.

As much previously reported, the always lovable Recording Industry Association Of America began legal proceedings against New York mother of five Patricia Santangelo back in 2005 accusing her of copyright violation because music was being shared via her home PC using Kazaa. Despite being offered an out of court settlement by the RIAA, Santangelo opted to fight the lawsuit on the basis that she had never personally shared music via P2P and could therefore not be liable for any violation. Despite lacking legal representation for part of her defence, Santangelo's case enjoyed some successes not to mention popular support, so much so that the RIAA asked for their case against her to be dismissed towards the end of last year.

Given that Patricia Santangelo almost definitely did not share music online via her home PC, the RIAA has concluded that the copyright violation must have been committed by one of her children and thus began legal proceedings against her daughter Michelle, now 20 and therefore a safer target for litigation than her 16 year old brother Robert (although the violation is alleged to have taken place when Michelle herself was 16). That lawsuit came to court last week and Michelle failed to respond to the case against her - so the RIAA won by default.

The Santangelos had been expected to claim that a friend of the family had, in fact, committed the file sharing on their PC and there was some evidence to back that claim (mainly the Kazaa identity on the machine was similar to that used by a specific friend elsewhere). That said, the RIAA claimed Michelle had admitted to sharing music via P2P, and that a friend of Robert had said the two of them had shared music together via Kazaa. Quite why the family chose not to respond to the latest lawsuit isn't clear, and their lawyer wouldn't comment on Friday.

The RIAA was awarded $70 for ever one of the 41 songs that the industry association alleged were illegally shared via the Santangelo's PC - meaning Michelle is now liable for $30,750. Whether that judgment in the RIAA's favour brings to an end this long running litigation that has caused the US music industry all sorts of PR problems, and no doubt cost the labels considerable more that 30 grand in legal fees, is yet to be seen. It is quite common for the US federal courts to set aside judgments made by default at a defendant's request, so that a case can be reassessed on its actual merits. Whether that will happen here, as I think I just said, remains to be seen.


Kylie Minogue has had to cancel two further Manchester shows after she was forced to cut short a concert on Saturday night because of ill health. Kylie ended her Saturday night concert at the MEN Arena an hour in, telling her audience that she was feeling unwell because of a cold.

Promoters subsequently announced that two other concerts, due to take place tonight and tomorrow night, had now been postponed, while a spokesman told reporters: "Kylie has been diagnosed by doctors as having a moderately severe respiratory tract infection and doctors have insisted that she not perform in the immediate future". It is thought two further shows, due to take place on Thursday and Friday, should go ahead as planned. Promoters have said they will reschedule the cancelled shows asap, though haven't yet commented on whether ticket holders for Saturday night's cut short show will be invited to another performance. However, the venue advised those who attended Saturday's show to keep hold of their tickets just in case.

Audience members from Saturday's show interviewed by the media, or who have left messages on various news sites, seemed to be very understanding about the situation and, given Kylie's still recent fight against breast cancer, were primarily concerned for her health. Nevertheless, some said they hoped the show would be rescheduled, adding that Saturday's show featured barely more than four songs. One told the BBC that as the venue was being cleared on Saturday it was announced the show would either be rescheduled or refunds would be available.


Independent rock label Victory Records has extended its Hawthorne Heights litigation by suing the record company established by the emo band's frontman JT Woodruff.

As previously reported, the US band fell out with Victory Records, the label they themselves were signed to, last year, and sued the record company and its boss Tony Brummel for breach of contract, seemingly in a bid to release themselves from their contractual commitments to the independent. The band subsequently signed a new recording deal with EMI's Virgin Records division.

But a court ruled back in September that the band remained bound by its contract with Victory, in theory barring them from entering into their new deal with EMI. Band members have pledged to appeal that ruling, though in the meantime Victory have begun legal proceedings against EMI, claiming senior execs there persuaded band members to launch the original breach of contract lawsuit in a bid to free them from their Victory commitments (so the major could sign them).

Anyway, all of that is still rumbling on, but now Brummel has begun litigation against Carbon Copy Media, the record label run by Woodruff and his business partner Mark Daily. Victory entered into a distribution deal with Carbon Copy, distributing releases from bands Ellison and Signal Home, and Woodruff's pre-HH outfit A Day In The Life. Victory claim they spent more than $200,000 in connection with the deal, but that Carbon Copy then broke off communications with them, basically when Hawthorne Heights cut off its relationships with the label. Victory say that puts Carbon Copy in breach of contract, and prevents Victory from recouping its investment in the distribution deal. To that end they are suing for $200K plus legal costs.

No comment from the HH camp on any of this so far.


Someone was asking me how 2007 was going on Friday, and I had to say something had been missing from my life so far this year, and now I realize what it was - Doherty arrest stories. So hurrah for this. Pete Doherty was arrested again this weekend. Genius.

This arrest followed a run in with Hackney police who flagged down a car in which Doherty was a passenger. The car initially failed to stop and then, when it did, its passengers, including Doherty, reportedly attempted to flee. There were reports that the car was stolen, though that doesn't seem to be the case - the panic on the passengers part seems to be that the driver did not have a driving licence or insurance (in fact I don't think he'd even passed a driving test).

That driver has subsequently been charged and bailed to appear at Doherty's old haunt, Thames Magistrates Court' later today. Doherty and the other passenger, however, were released without charge.

Elsewhere in Doherty news is confirmation from the BBC's children's TV division that there is an informal ban on the Babyshambler on the Corporation's kids shows - which, it has to be said, is neither a surprise nor, one would assume, much of a problem for the Babyshambles promotions team, who would be unlikely to be looking to do the kids TV circuit anyway.

The confirmation came after the current editor of Newsround, Tim Levell, told BBC review programme Newswatch: "On Newsround, we have an informal agreement not to cover Pete Doherty at all - in fact across the whole of BBC Children's TV, he is not covered. If his management got in touch and asked if he could be a guest on the Saturday morning show, at the moment we would say no because we don't think he is a good role model for children".

A spokesman for CBBC subsequently confirmed: "Pete Doherty is well known for his drug-taking and criminal behaviour. As such, he is currently not an appropriate guest for CBBC". Which means kids looking for celebrity tips on how to chase the dragon aren't going to get any help from Blue Peter. Thank God for T4, that's what I say.

Elsewhere elsewhere in Doherty news, some words from the man himself regarding his non-marriage to Kate Moss, following all those wedding rumours at New Year. The Sunday Mirror quote him thus: "I'm never getting married. I don't believe in it. Kate and I are in love - I worship her - but we're not going down the aisle. I'm happy the way it is". Which contradicts, I'm pretty sure, what he's said before (about being desperate to marry Kate, that kind of thing), but I suppose while TMi is unable to air highlights of any wedding, why would they bother?


Madonna wants more people to adopt children from Africa, despite the controversy surrounding her adoption of young David Banda. Perhaps Moss and Doherty could take a couple, after all, as we've established, they're such good role models for the young. Or perhaps we shouldn't be so flippant on such issues - Madonna says that there are a million children in Malawi alone who need "rescuing", adding that she was "saving a life" by adopting one year old Banda.

Talking to David Letterman about the adoption, she admitted that it had been difficult, though more because of the fact adoption processes in Malawi were somewhat lacking, more than because of the negative media backlash that followed her decision to adopt. She said that a social worker had warned her about the difficulties of adopting from Malawi, adding: "She didn't say don't do it, but she just said expect challenges, and, boy, did we get them. We were basically creating the laws as we went".


My Chemical Romance have lost a member at the start of their Japanese tour. That is to say, one of their number won't be taking part, not that they've mislaid him at the airport or anything. Guitarist Frank Iero has had to drop out because of an unspecified illness. Todd Price from band Drive By will fill in on the tour until Iero gets better.


Alice Coltrane, a jazz musician possibly best known through her association with the music of her late husband John Coltrane, has died aged 60.

Originally classically trained, and an expert pianist, organist and harpist, Alice became part of the Jazz scene in Detroit in the sixties, playing with her own trio, as a duo with Terry Pollard, and with band leader Terry Gibb. It was while playing with Gibb that she met future husband John, whose band she played piano in from 1965 to his untimely death in 1967. Although Alice and John only knew each other for a few years, they had three children together, marrying in 1966. After his death she continued to manage his legacy and affairs, while continuing to perform in her own right, increasingly making meditative music.

In the early seventies she became an ever increasingly devote follower of Indian guru Sathya Sai Baba, founding a spiritual commune in the LA area. She continued to perform throughout the seventies, but then disappeared from the public eye until three acclaimed US concerts last year. However she had been in poor health for some time, reportedly dieing last week from respiratory failure.

Paying tribute to Coltrane, LA Times music reviewer Don Heckman said this weekend: "As fascinating - and influential - as her later music was, it tended to obscure the fact that she had started out as a solid, bebop-oriented pianist. I remember hearing, and jamming with, her in the early '60s at photographer W Eugene Smith's loft in Manhattan. At that time she played with a brisk, rhythmic style immediately reminiscent of Bud Powell".


Coltrane wasn't the jazz world's only loss this weekend. Grammy award winning US jazz saxophonist Michael Brecker has also passed away, aged 57. His death followed a long battle with a cancer called myelodysplastic syndrome which, as in Brecker's case, often results in leukemia.

New Yorker Brecker said he was inspired to pursue the saxophone by the work of the aforementioned John Coltrane. In 1970 he founded jazz-rock group Dreams, later joining his trumpet playing brother Randy in Horace Silver's quartet, and subsequently joining with his brother again to form the Brecker Brothers. The duo also ran their own New York jazz club for a while at Seventh Avenue South. He began his much acclaimed solo career in 1987, while regularly guesting on a number of rock and pop tracks, working with the likes of Herbie Hancock, James Taylor, Paul Simon and Joni Mitchell.

2004 album 'Wide Angles' won two Grammys and, despite his ill health, he continued to record, with a final album still to be released.


Paul Weller reportedly turned down the chance to be included in the Queen's Birthday Honours list last year - apparently he was being proposed for a CBE, but declined the honour. A source told the Mirror that Weller was "surprised and flattered, but it wasn't really for him". Look at that, my respect for Weller just went up two notches.


Word has it this year's Comic Relief song will be a collaboration between Girls Aloud and Sugababes, and will be a reworking of Aerosmith's 'Walk This Way'. Which could be interesting.


Smog, or (Smog) if you prefer, will be known as simply Bill Callahan on his next album release, that being his real name and all. The new album 'Woke On A Whaleheart' will be released in April, with a single called 'Diamond Dancer' scheduled to precede it.


Those champions of energy efficiency and global warming combating projects, Global Cool, will be partnering on an after show party at the Golden Globes tonight, and will webcast the show, including a performance by KT Tunstall, via their website. A full 30 minute Tunstall webcast will go online tomorrow from 3pm our time, with a 6 minute highlights package and 20-30 minute 'feature programme' also promised. As always with Global Cool, music fans will be encouraged to cut down their personal carbon emissions in return for watching the webcast. Perhaps by turning off their computer. After KT's set, obviously.


Electric Soft Parade (you remember them, right? they were Mercury nominated after all) will preview material off their forthcoming new album at a handful of live dates next month. The album, called 'No Need To Be Downhearted' will be released by Truck Records later this Spring. The tour dates go just like this...

9 Feb: Brighton, Cable Club,
10 Feb: London, Club Frog @ Mean Fiddler
12 Feb: Oxford, Zodiac
13 Feb: Bedford, Esquire

Press info from Freeman PR.


That lovely Jeremy Warmsley will be supporting both Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and Larrikin Love - either of which would be great line ups. Dates as follows...

With Get Cape...

18 Jan: Southampton University
19 Jan: Wolverhampton @ Wulfren Hall
20 Jan: Manchester Academy 2
21 Jan: Glasgow Qmu

With Larrikin Love...

8 Feb: Nottingham Trent University
9 Feb: Bristol Bierkeller
10 Feb: Southampton University


Oh, oh, talking of tour dates to keep an eye out for, Ash have announced details on their upcoming UK tour, dates as follows:

19 Feb: Preston 53 Degrees
21+22 Feb: Manchester Academy 3
23 Feb: Warwick University
25 Feb: Newcastle Northumbria University
26 Feb: Glasgow QMU
27 Feb: Keele University
1 Mar: Bristol Anson Rooms
2 Mar: Liverpool Stanley Theatre
3 Mar: Sheffield University
4 Mar: Norwich Waterfront
6 Mar: Southampton University
7 Mar: Exeter University
8 Mar: London Kings College


Oh, and a few Jarvis Cocker dates for you...

16 Feb: Sheffield Plug
17 Feb: London Astoria
19 Feb: Manchester Academy
20 Feb: Glasgow ABC


Wet Wet Wet gigs anyone? Anyone? Well, lucky you, because they are marking the 20th anniversary of their first hit 'Sweet Little Mystery' with an arena tour at the end of the year. Twenty years hey? God I'm old. Though, they're older. They'll play arenas in Birmingham, Manchester, Sheffield, Belfast, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Cardiff and London in December.


One quick follow on from our big EMI story on Friday. Word has it the launch of the previously reported new Jermaine Dupri headed venture within EMI's US division is now off.

As previously reported, after Dupri stood down as President of Urban at EMI's Virgin US, word had it that the major had agreed plans for the producer to set up his own imprint (rather than jumping ship to a rival). But now it seems that, with the departure of EMI Music bosses Alain Levy and David Munns, and the planned overhaul of the whole company by top man Eric Nicoli, those plans have been called off.

Which has caused speculation that Dupri will be let out of his commitments to EMI, and will most likely heading to Universal's Island Def Jam to form a similar joint venture. Rumour has it he will also take girlfriend Janet Jackson with him, who will possibly be hoping that IDJ chief LA Reid can help her have a Mariah Carey style renaissance after her recent underperforming releases on EMI (Carey's EMI to IDJ leap working out kind of well for all concerned, as you'll remember).


Helen Charles from US radio plugging giant Team Clermont and David Laurie from Something In Construction Records have announced the launch of a new UK plugging company to be called Foundation. The new company will undertake radio promotions for various labels, and will also provide a service enabling UK labels to introduce their acts to those tastemaker types in the US. Contact or if you want to know more.


AOL has signed Napster as its exclusive online music subscription service. Their subscription platform will replace AOL's own sub service, AOL Music Now, which reportedly had 350,000 subscribers. The news follows a separate deal with Virgin Retail which saw Virgin Digital US advise its customers to switch to Napster after its subscription based download platform closed down. Those boosts in membership are in turn boosting speculation that Napster is preparing to put itself up for acquisition. I've got together seven pounds ninety on my desk if anyone over at Napster towers is interested in a CMU takeover.


London Underground are looking for a sponsor for its busking spots now that their three year deal with Carling is at an end (you'll notice, well those London tube users among you will, that all the Carling floor stickers on the tube are now gone). LU say they remain committed to the busker scheme - which legitimises the presence of buskers on the tube network - even while they are seeking a new sponsor.


So, Essex band Koopa did it, and well done them. Yep, the unsigned Koopa boys managed to enter this week's singles chart at 31, the first band to truly benefit from those new chart rules that mean digital only releases are now eligible to appear in the overall singles chart. Their self-released track 'Blag, Steal & Borrow' has been available from various chart returning download platforms, most notably 7Digital, and on the back of an existing loyal online fan base they've been able to shift enough units to chart. The challenge now, of course, is to use the hype surrounding that achievement to launch a full on career - and despite their obvious DIY skills, I suspect that now will involve seeking a more traditional recording contract.

The good news is that Koopa should get quite a bit of coverage for their achievement, given that there is no major news at the top of this week's singles chart where X Factor winner Leona Lewis stays top, and Eric Prydz's Pink Floyd remix stays at number two. The highest new entry comes from Mika with 'Grace Kelly' at 3, then that Just Jack fella with 'Starz In Their Eyes' at 4. Then it goes View with 'Same Jeans' at 11, Freemansons with 'Rain Down Love' at 12, Klaxons with 'Golden Skans' at 16, Ordinary Boys with 'I Luv U' at 22, Automatic with the 'Raoul' re-release at 30, Evanescence with 'Lithium' at 32, Akon and Snoop Dogg with 'I Wanna Love You' at 35, Jarvis Cocker with 'Don't Let Him Waste Your Time' at 36 and the rather good Jamie T with 'Calm Down Dearest' at 40.

In that album chart you all love, Take That's dominance is finally over, with Amy Winehouse sliding back to number 1. James Morrison is at 2, Snow Patrol at 3 and Take That at 4. The highest new entry comes in the form of the Kylie live album I've been listening to a bit this weekend, which goes in a 7. And then, erm, nothing really. Automatic re-enter at 36 and Ray Lamontagne re-enters at 38. That's it.


As counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Evanescence - The Open Door (SonyBMG)
2. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Warner Bros)
3. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Warner Bros)
4. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Warner/Roadrunner)
5. Incubus - Light Grenades (SonyBMG)
6. Aerosmith - Devil's Got A New Disguise (SonyBMG/Columbia)
7. Foo Fighters - Skin & Bones (Roswell)
8. Audioslave - Revelations (SonyBMG/Epic)
9. Killswitch Engage - As Daylight Dies (Warner/Roadrunner)
10. Razorlight - Razorlight (Universal/Mercury)
11. AFI - Decemberunderground (Universal/Interscope)*
12. Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
13. Muse - Black Holes & Revelations (Warner Bros)
14. Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (Warner/Atlantic)
15. Deftones - Saturday Night Wrist (Warner/Maverick)
16. Queen - Greatest Hits 1,2,3 (EMI)
17. 30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Life (EMI/Virgin)
18. Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May (Warner/Roadrunner)*
19. Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell III (Universal/Mercury)
20. Fleetwood Mac - The Best Of Fleetwood Mac (Warner Bros)*


Mick Jagger reportedly insisted a new US comedy show following a roguish rock band should change its name. The boss of ABC TV, Stephen McPherson, has claimed that the Stones frontman was happy to cameo on the new sitcom, but objected to its name, 'Let's Rob Mick Jagger'. Which means it will now be know as 'Knights Of Prosperity'. Which just isn't as good really. Apparently a lot of rockers are expected to be guest on the new show, in a format not altogether unlike Extras - with Sting also booked to appear.


OK, for those of you following these things, but not enough to actually watch the shows, Coronation Street actor Antony Cotton has won the ITV1 soap stars sing pop songs Soapstar Superstar competition, beating Emmerdale star Hayley Tamaddon in the final. So now you know.

On the other celeb reality show, Celeb Big Brother, Leo Sayer walked out on Friday, ahead of an eviction which he was up for, pushing the walk out total on the latest series of the show up to three. But you all knew that already, surely.

Meanwhile, those contestants still in the house took part in a tribute band competition, with former Stepper Ian 'H' Watkins, former S-Clubber Jo O'Meara, and Jade Goody and her other half performing a version of Steps track 'Deeper Shade of Blue' while Jermaine Jackson and the other housemates did a version of 'I Want You Back'. Viewers voted on the performances and Jermaine's crew won. As you possibly all didn't know, but now you do.


More from Preston on his walk out on Never Mind The Buzzcocks. As previously reported, Ordinary Boy Samuel Preston left a recording of the pop quiz show half way through after host Simon Amstell mocked his wife, fellow Celeb Big Bro contestant (of last year) Chantelle Houghton.

Here's what Preston told the NME about the incident: "I was happy I did it. I want everyone to see that I've got fucking principles and my family is more important than my career. You can take the piss out of me, fair enough, but if someone took the piss out of my wife when I was in a pub I'd fucking hit them, and I didn't want to hit someone on telly. So I just had to remove myself from the situation".

On Amstell, he continued: "Since Mark Lamarr has left and they've got this guy on it who's just some snotty little posh boy. People just go on it and they just take this public fucking stoning - which someone else has written!"

It's a bit unfair of Preston to describe Amstell as "this guy" as if he'd never previously heard of him - given that the Ordinary Boys appeared on Popworld back in those golden Simon & Miquita days. Whether Amstell's pre-scripted Chantelle bashing was fair - well, you decide. Either way, the fracas and the coverage it received can't hurt the Ordinary Boys who have a new single out today. And it won't hurt BBC2's rating either - I for one will be tuning in on 27 Jan to see the walk off edition of the pop quiz. In fact, I can't wait.

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