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In today's CMU Daily:
- EMI deny Beatles digital release imminent
- Fans lose out as UK ticket agency goes under
- The Drifters involved in crash
- Razorlight involved in crash
- Snoop Dogg stopped by police in Sweden
- Sugababe Keisha used to be depressed
- Britney was bulimic
- Album review: Shiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots
- Kristofferson to get Visionary award
- Latest US Hall Of Fame inductions take place
- The Band man sues ad firm
- REM do Lennon cover for charity
- Charlatans to play Rock Ness
- First acts confirmed for Wireless
- Album review: Kieren Hebden And Steve Reid - Tongues
- AIM stress they expect to ratify IMPALA/Warner deal in due course
- Bronfman wants to meet EMI chief
- Starbucks expand music operations
- Pringle put ringtones in their tubes
- EC official speaks out about iTunes interoperability
- MTV awards go to Munich
- RA relaunches
- Radiocentre talking to ICSTIS over premium phone services
- TotalRock launch TV show on Rockworld
- Keaveny to replace Jupitus on 6Music breakfast
- Capital launch new music focused ad campaign
- OfCom received complaints over Kielty's 'big gayer' comment
- Topshop pull dodgy hip hop colouring book
- Donovan to reveal all in biog
- Aguilera shares too much information
- Lily Allen criticises MTV over video curfew


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'Music With Meaning' is an opportunity to reach other like-minded musicians, fans and media, open the discussion further and bring intelligent music back to the forefront. Music is the most powerful medium the world has ever known. Nothing else can influence the way we feel, think, behave and live like music can. We can no longer endure the empty-headed, emotionally-stunted, soulless, meaningless music being spewed out by the production line. We have had our fill of manufactured muppets and their pointless songs cluttering up popular culture leaving little room for those with something to say to be heard. We are not alone. Real music lovers of the world: it's time to unite and make a stand.

Together we have the power to demand more inspiration from our music and fight for music with a message and the power to move hearts and minds. We have the power to ensure the pop stratosphere is populated by real artists and meaningful music, not chinless talent vacuums striving for fifteen minutes of forgettable fame. What happened to true musical role models? Why should we be forced to seek solace in the achievements of eras gone by? We need inspirational music icons for this generation and generations to come; people who can highlight injustice in the world rather than draw attention to their own mundane pseudo-celebrity antics.

The Campaign For Music With Meaning is here to support artists who have something to say; who say it because they mean it; and who mean it because they care. Join us, and together we can crush the pretenders and make music with meaning the sovereign soundtrack of our lives.

If You Stand for Nothing, You'll Fall for Anything

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We require someone experienced to start a new !K7 booking agency in our central office representing a mixed roster of artists ranging from DJs to indie / rock bands, all requiring full international touring
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The third Insomniacs Ball will take over London's seOne Club on 5 Apr, with another storming line up of bands and DJs and, this time, ballroom decor and fancy dress. Already on the bill are Brakes, Blood Red Shoes, Pull TigerTail, Fear of Flying, The Officers, Goose, These New Puritans, The Longcut, Bolt Action 5, Headland and Black Daniel, plus DJ sets from Eddy Temple Morris (Xfm), Jack Knife Lee, Marsha (Xfm), Mark Beaumont (NME) and the Artrocker DJs. Plus Wall Of Sound presents the Shock Rock arena featuring live sets from A Human, Shakes, Shy Child and Reverend and the Makers and DJ sets from Riotous Rockers, Mekon, Alvin C and Infadels. Tickets are a mere £21.50, with a limited number of student tickets available for NUS card holders at just £15. VIP golden tickets which offer access to an exclusive VIP area are also available for sixty quid. Ticket type stuff can be found at, line up info will appear over the coming weeks at, and for press info you need to drop an email to



If you don't already know of them, now's a good time to get acquainted with US indie pop types The Rosebuds because they've got a new album coming out soon, apparently, and what's more, they're making a couple of appearances at SXSW this weekend, those of you who are fortunate enough to be there. The site has the details of their SXSW appearances, blog stuff and three tracks from their 2005 LP 'Birds Make Good Neighbours' plus one from upcoming new album 'Night Of The Furies' which is out in April. They have a nice poppy sound that on occasion makes me think of a couple of bands that emerged from Manchester in the eighties, which is nice for me, as I was also sort of emerging in Manchester in the late eighties. And they're apparently a husband-wife outfit. Which is nice.


EMI yesterday reportedly denied rumours that a digital release of the Beatles back catalogue was imminent.

Of course, news on the official digital release of The Beatles' music, one of the few catalogues yet to be available through legitimate digital channels, has been expected for some time after comments from the band's own company Apple Corp to the effect that work was underway to digitise the Fab Four's songs. However, EMI and Apple Corp have both so far refused to speculate on the actual timetable for the digital release of the band's catalogue.

Rumours have been circulating that the release is upcoming since London based download platform Wippit added a headline to their press release page reading 'The Beatles available for download on Wippit'. That press announcement is dated 14 Mar and currently links to a blank page, but some are speculating that as of tomorrow it will offer firm news of when The Beatles will arrive for download.

But the BBC report that EMI, who will work with Apple Corps on any digital release of The Beatles' music, have said that there is no announcement to be made, adding that they have asked Wippit to remove the headline from their press release page - though as of this morning the headline remains.

As previously reported, many now expect The Beatles catalogue to arrive online initially via iTunes since Apple Corps settled its long running trademark dispute with Apple Inc last month. At the time of the settlement Apple Corps boss Neil Aspinall told reporters that the Beatles looked forward to "many years of peaceful co-operation" with the computer firm. Apple boss Steve Jobs had already added to the rumours by calling up a selection from 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' when demonstrating the new iPhone at the MacWorld conference in January.

Of course it is possible Wippit have somehow found some Beatles tracks outwith the official catalogue - iTunes, for example, already sells some very early Beatles collaborations with Tony Sheridan which are controlled by Universal Music. And come to think of it, if anyone has any very early (probably home made) recordings from Lennon/McCartney/Harrison's first band The Quarrymen (which I believe may exist) then those would be coming out of copyright in the next couple of years. Wippit is yet to comment on the headline - it remains to be seen if there is a formal announcement tomorrow and, if so, what it is.


Given even long established ticket touts have something of a shady reputation, I'm not sure it should come as a surprise if an ticketing agency that chooses to call itself Ticket Tout Limited goes bust with over a million pounds worth of transactions incomplete, but I don't suppose that's much compensation to the 6500 music fans who are likely to lose out. Reports suggest that 6500 customers of Ticket Tout, which went into administration last week, are, between them, awaiting the arrival of £1.4 million worth of tickets, but administrators say that they shouldn't expect to receive their tickets or a refund.

Ticket Tout Limited only went into business in February 2006, but called in the administrators earlier this month. Those administrators - Lane Bednash and Mark Reynolds of Valentine & Co - say that any customers who have not already received tickets will now not receive them at all, adding that no refunds will be immediately paid, and that it is unlikely sufficient funds will be generated from the firm's liquidation to make any future refunds.

In a statement the administrators confirmed "the company's offices are now closed and no further trading will take place", while adding that there was "no possibility of refunds or of providing tickets to consumers who have placed orders with the company due to lack of available funds and the quantum of the claims".

A website has been set up including official documentation relating to the company's administration, while a helpline has been launched for any customers seeking specific advice. Administrators say that those who bought tickets on a credit card may be able to get a refund via their credit card company.


The current incarnation of soul group The Drifters have been involved in a serious car crash on the M1 in Yorkshire, with Patrick Alan, who joined the group in 1990, currently being treated in Rotherham Hospital for head injuries. The other three members - Peter Lamarr, Victor Bynoe and Rohan Turney - escaped with less serious injuries.

The crash happened in the early hours of Monday morning when the group's car hit another vehicle that had already crashed into their lane after swerving to avoid a deer. Police say that it was lucky there were no fatalities given the speed the group's vehicle was traveling at when impact occurred. The driver of the other car, who suffered airbag injuries and whiplash from the initial crash, had managed to get out of his vehicle before the group's car hit it.

Speaking from his hospital bed, Alan told reporters yesterday: "I woke up and there was a car stalled in the fast lane and then the airbag exploded. That's when I got knocked out. The next thing I knew the ambulance was there. I have a slight concussion but I'll be all right. I need to be on stage on Thursday".

Confirming that plan, the group's manager, Phil Luderman, told the BBC yesterday that, despite the crash, the group plan to continue with their current UK tour, the next date of which is in Northampton on Thursday.

As previously reported, the latest incarnation of The Drifters, a group that has existed ever since the early fifties with numerous line up changes over the years, is being sued by Tina Treadwell, the daughter of George and Faye Treadwell, who both managed The Drifters enterprise in its heyday (George until his death in 1967, and Faye until she left the UK in 2001) claiming that Luderman and his business partner Mark Lundquist have been violating her family's trademarks since they established their own The Drifters company in 2001 (they had previously been involved in Faye Treadwell's group).


Talking of car crashes, Razorlight guitarist Bjorn Argen and bassist Carl Dalemo have also been involved in a traffic accident, though this one wasn't so serious, and it was their fault. The crash happened as the band members drove from San Franciso to LA last Friday night. Dalemo explains: "Me and Bjorn have been driving around in a white Mustang. We drove around San Francisco Bay and then all the way to LA. I crashed it into this old Korean man. It was my fault. I was driving and looked away briefly and just went into the back of him. Thankfully he was really good about it and said he wouldn't be suing me".


Snoop Dogg has had another run-in with the authorities, this time in Sweden. The rapper, aka Calvin Broadus, and a female were stopped by police in Stockholm recently, and taken to a station for questioning as it was believed that they had been taking illegal narcotics. Following drug testing, they were released, but may face a fine if the tests come back positive. Police spokesman Matt Brannlund told reporters: "He underwent some tests, that will now be sent away. In two to three weeks, we'll know if he was on something".

Snoop Dogg, in the city due to his current co-headline European tour with fellow hip hopper P Diddy, was stopped on his way to a party, and a small amount of drugs were found in the car he was travelling in, but the police were unable to specify what exactly those drugs were, and also said it wasn't clear whether the drugs belonged to Broadus or not.

As you'll all no doubt remember, Snoop Dogg is still to face weapons and drugs charges in relation to three separate arrests back in 2006.


Sugababe Keisha Buchanan has said that she suffered from depression as a teenager, and also struggled to deal with the ramifications of achieving girl group success at such a young age - she was only 15 when the band's debut single 'Overload' entered the top ten.

The singer, now 22, says: "When I was 16, I really suffered from depression but family and the church got me through it. I've been visiting a hospital where they treat victims of self-harming, to help other people".


According to reports, Britney Spears has told doctors at her rehab clinic that she's been bulimic since she was 16 years old, only overcoming the disorder for two limited periods - the duration of her recent pregnancies. The truth apparently came out because she was not actually digesting the medication she's been prescribed at the Promises Centre in Malibu.

A 'source' told the Daily Express: "Doctors are alarmed at the physical state she is in. They confronted her about her desperately unhealthy lifestyle and the truth came pouring out. For the first few days, she'd take her tablets, then go off and eat breakfast or lunch. She was throwing the whole lot up, so, naturally, her medications weren't working. Now the medical experts know why, her progress should pick up a little speed".


ALBUM REVIEW: Shiny Toy Guns - We Are Pilots (Universal/Mercury)
I believe Shiny Toy Guns are a 'buzz band' or something, and as such this is the squillionth time their debut album has been re-released, in an unrelenting attempt to break them. The press release barks the group's angle as "a rock band with machines", which certainly sounds promising, if a little vague (they could sound like anyone from New Order to Radiohead, The Faint to Kasabian). A look at pictures of the group in the fold out digipack further suggests good things too, with the four piece sporting an image that's like a cross between Ladytron and Interpol, which is more than alright by me. So, I stick the CD on, hoping that this could be a new band to obsess about, but on first listen, I'm confronted with seemingly generic angsty US rock, just made more palatable by the abundance of synths. Not bad, just slightly disappointing... take out the synths and you'd be merely left with Some Rock Music. (Mind you, take out everything but the synths and they'd be halfway towards a cool electronica album). I'm being harsh, actually, since the album is definitely a 'grower' (he says nervously, worrying that the term has been outlawed under some new journalistic constitution that bans idiot cliches) and in places is actually quite exciting, sounding as it does like a more interesting version of The Killers (not that difficult, but take it as a compliment, guys. No, don't thank me). A couple of tracks, meanwhile, do the whole LCD Soundsystem electro punk-funk thing rather well. The fundamental trouble with the album though, is that it remains constrained by being too in hoc to the whole emo genre, and 'emo', of course, is fundamentally rubbish - emotionally barren college rock full of soulless AOR bluster, but disguised and made credible by the foolishly simple expedient of slapping on some eyeliner.
But as electro-goth rock goes, 'WAP' is still pretty respectable. MS
Release date: 19 Mar
Press contact: Mercury IH [CP, RP, NP, CR, RR, NR] Bang On [O]


Kris Kristofferson is to get US cable network Country Music Television's Johnny Cash Visionary Award, previous recipients of which include Hank Williams Jr, Reba McEntire, Loretta Lynn and Dixie Chicks. The country star will receive the award from Johnny Cash's daughter Rosanne.

Kristofferson said in an interview: "John was my hero before he was my friend, and anything with his name on it is really an honour in my eyes. I was thinking back to when I first met him, and if I ever thought that I'd be getting an award with his name on it, it would have carried me through a lot of hard times".

Rosanne Cash comments: "I love Kris fiercely, not just because he and my father are cut from the same spiritual cloth, and because he is the living artistic link to my dad, but because he is my ideal as a songwriter and a human being. He and my dad were closer than brothers. They loved each other dearly, and it is so fitting that he receive this award named after dad".


The latest additions to the US Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame were inducted last night, and, as previously reported, the list of those making their entry this year comprises Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five, REM, The Ronettes, Patti Smith and Van Halen.

REM reformed as their original four piece to perform at the event. Inducting the band, Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder said: "REM's music is truly all-encompassing. They used every colour on the palette, they invented colours on their own and they put up this huge mural of music and sound and emotion."

Van Halen, meanwhile, did not manage a reunion, perhaps unsurprisingly, given that, as previously reported, Eddie Van Halen has just gone into rehab. Only guitarist Sammy Hagar and former bass player Michael Anthony turned up, Dave Lee Roth having stayed away due to arguments over what he would perform for the occasion. Hagar said he wished they could have had all the bandmates there, but it was not to be, telling the audience: "It's hard for Mike and I to be up here to do this, but you couldn't have kept me away from this with a shotgun".

Jay Z inducted Grandmaster Flash, saying: "Thirty years later rappers have become rock stars, movie stars, leaders, educators, philanthropists, even CEOs. None of this would have been possible without the work of these men". The choice of the rap artist is of course significant as it's the first time a hip hop act has been inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

Interestingly, after the Ronettes had performed, bandleader Paul Shaffer read out a note from Phil Spector saying "I wish them all the happiness and good fortune the world has to offer". Which is of course interesting because of objections it's claimed he had to the group's Hall Of Fame induction.

The event also paid tribute to one of the institution's founders, the late Atlantic Records chief Ahmet Ertegun, who, as previously reported, died at the end of last year.


Former The Band drummer Levon Helm is suing a Manhattan ad agency over the use in a TV commercial of the group's signature track 'The Weight'. The suit, filed to the New York Supreme Court in December, asks for financial compensation for the use of Helm's performance in the song, which was used by the company BBDO Worldwide in an ad for mobile phone types Cingular

Helm's attorney, Michael Pinsky, says that state law bans the use of a celebrity's voice or likeness for profit without his prior written permission, adding that Helm received a royalty payment but does not feel that compensation to be adequate. BBDO might argue that Helm should take up the matter with EMI's Capitol records, who licensed the track for the ad, but there you go.

Commenting on the use of the song in the ad, Helm told reporters: "It was just a complete, damn sellout of The Band - its reputation, its music; just as much disrespect as you could pour on Richard and Rick's tombstones".

Vocalist and pianist Richard Manuel died in 1986 and bassist Rick Danko died in 1999.


REM have recorded a cover of John Lennon track '#9 Dream' for compilation charity album 'Instant Karma: The Campaign to Save Darfur'. The album is set for release on 12 Jun in aid of Amnesty International, and will also feature similar contributions from the likes of Green Day, Christina Aguilera, Snow Patrol, Postal Service, Corinne Bailey Rae, Jack Johnson and Regina Spektor, all of whom have recorded covers of Lennon tracks.


The Charlatans are the latest act to be confirmed for this year's Rock Ness festival. They join previously reported acts including Manic Street Preachers, Daft Punk, Groove Armada and The Automatic for the event, which takes place this year on 9 and 10 Jun.

More acts yet to be announced. Tickets are on sale now, though, go here for info:


Well, I say first acts confirmed. We already knew that Kaiser Chiefs were playing, but that was because word got out, so the event's promoters had to confirm the booking earlier than planned. But, aside from Kaiser Chiefs, amongst the first acts to be confirmed for this year's O2 Wireless Festival are White Stripes, Faithless and Daft Punk. They're joined on the bill by the likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Badly Drawn Boy, CSS, Editors, The Cribs and The Rakes. The London event takes place from 14 - 17 Jun in Hyde Park. I'm planning to take four days off for that.

All the above mentioned acts will also make an appearance at Wireless's Leeds event, which takes place at Harewood House from 15 - 17 Jun. Tickets go on sale for both events from this Friday at 9am. For more info see


ALBUM REVIEW: Kieren Hebden and Steve Reid - Tongues (Domino)
Straying away from his Four Tet pseudonym for yet another release, master of all electronic sounds Keiren Hebden has once again teamed up with legendary percussionist Steve Reid - drummer for Miles Davis, Sun Ra, James Brown and Fela Kuti, amongst others - for a live album recorded at The Exchange in London early last year. 'Tongues', as with most Hebden-related work, is a bizarre, complex and challenging release that never rests on the most obvious turning point for a song; it's constantly toying with the listener as it twists away from the more predictable sound. Even compared to most Four Tet releases, this is a strange and unique offering, with even greater experimentation with what he can fit into a song without deeming it utterly tuneless (see 'Brain' and 'The Squid'). Reid's contribution, meanwhile, is to add sophistication and a 'real' feeling to the sounds implemented by Hebden - something that he achieves with aplomb. Unfortunately, despite this, it's a record that could easily be interpreted by some as the work of pissed students mashing buttons on Garageband and hammering their lounge drum kit. More fool such doubters however, because although challenging and at times difficult to listen to, 'Tongues' is a pioneering jazz/electronica record - no better exemplified than on their bizarre yet soothing, music box version of 'Greensleeves'. OS
Release Date: 19 Mar
Press contact: Dominio IH [all]


More IMPALA/Warner shenanigans anyone? Digital Music News are quoting a spokesman for the Association Of Independent Music as saying that the indie trade body does expect to ratify that slightly controversial and much previously reported deal between pan-European trade body IMPALA and Warner Music in which, well, I can't be bothered explaining it all again, you know it right?

Anyway, the latest word from AIM follows reports at the end of last week that Ministry Of Sound's much publicised opposition to the IMPALA/Warner deal meant the UK organisation would not be able to ratify it. While it is true that that opposition has possibly delayed AIM being able to ratify the deal - they are currently sounding out their membership regarding opinions on whether major label mergers are OK if there are 'remedies' for the indie sector - the trade body remain confident that they will be able to fully ratify the Warner agreement in the near future.

DMN quote AIM's Sam Shemtob thus: "We are not in a position to ratify the IMPALA deal yet, but we do expect to eventually ratify it in due course. Ministry haven't prevented AIM from ratifying the deal".


Of course all that IMPALA/Warner shenanigans is only really relevant if Warner successfully convince EMI's board and/or shareholders to sell - though work continues to try and make that happen. The Observer has reported that Warner Music chief Edgar Bronfman Jnr has asked for a meeting with EMI Group Chairman John Gildersleeve, and possibly EMI CEO Eric Nicoli, to discuss the next steps in the two majors' long running merger games. The paper says Bronfman is willing to sweeten the takeover deal that his company made and EMI turned down last month, but that he wants confirmation that in principle the London major is interested in merging should the right deal be struck.


Starbucks has announced a further expansion of its recorded music operations by launching a joint venture record label with the Concord Music Group, the company it worked with on previous releases from the likes of Ray Charles and Sergio Mendes. The new label will operate under Starbucks' existing music brand Hear Music. The Starbucks team will act as the new label's A&R function, who will look to sign both established and new talent, while Concord will oversee marketing, promotion and distribution.

Confirming the new venture, Starbucks' Entertainment President Ken Lombard told Billboard this week: "We started to get so many calls from artists interested in going direct with us, that it [the label] really felt like not only the right time, but the natural next step in our strategy".

Although Concord itself releases primarily jazz and soul music, the new venture is set to be "multi-genre". The New York Post has reported the label's first signing will be Paul McCartney, though neither Starbucks nor Concord have commented on that rumour - although US website Hits Daily Double points out McCartney isn't currently under any recording contract despite his long history of working with EMI's Parlophone, and Macca, whose solo recorded work rarely attracts the buzz of his live work, could benefit from a label which has direct access to a large part of his target audience via their global coffee shop network, so it's a rumour that could well prove to be true.


The Pringle people, the crisps not the jumpers, have entered into a partnership with indie digital aggregator The Orchard that will see their overpriced crisp products come with two free ringtones per tube. The tones available will include comedy and movie clips, plus music snippets from artists represented by The Orchard. Confirming the promotion, Pringles Brand Manager Claire Miller told reporters: "Pringles is all about fun and we want to find great ways to connect with our consumers" while The Orchard boss Greg Scholl added: "The independent music sector continues to develop exciting new digital programmes and offer unprecedented promotion opportunities for artists that, unlike programmes of the past, are royalty-bearing".


The Consumer Protection Commissioner, Meglena Kuneva, has been talking tough on the whole iTunes interoperability thing. German magazine Focus quote Kuneva as saying: "Do you think it's fine that a CD plays in all CD players but that an iTunes song only plays in an iPod? I don't. Something has to change". Although EU officials stress the comments represented Kuneva's own opinions rather than Commission policy, with resentment growing in a number of European countries over interoperability issues in the digital music sector, and with those kinds of opinions at the top of the European hierarchy, it is surely only a matter of time before proposals are put forward at an EC level to force digital music companies to open up their proprietary DRM systems to their competitors. Whether political types considering those proposals will buy Apple boss Steve Jobs' line of "it's the major record companies fault, they should sell MP3s", and in doing so divert the wrath of regulators to the music rather than IT sector, remains to be seen.


MTV have announced the next edition of their Europe Music Awards will take place in Munich on 1 Nov. The city's mayor told reporters yesterday: "This event offers the city a tremendous opportunity to share its youthful vigour and vibrancy with the world. I relish the prospect of this superlative musical event - an event that is so highly regarded, especially by youngsters and young adults around the globe". I'm not sure it's that highly regarded by anyone really, but should be a good party nonetheless.


Global dance music website RA relaunched at the weekend with a redesign and the addition of a range of new features including a 'My RA' facility where readers can keep track of their own postings and store profiles and links to their other blogs or websites, a board where readers can recommend video feeds currently available elsewhere on the net, an expanded news and reviews section, and the addition of charts to the DJ pages. You can go look for yourself at


Commercial radio body RadioCentre is talking to premium rate phone service regulator Icstis following allegations that it isn't just TV stations who have been slack in the way they run their costly audience interaction promotions. There are reportedly concerns regarding the pricing of phone-ins on Chrysalis' talk radio station LBC, plus the regulator is reportedly investigating a complaint by one Virgin Radio listener that he sent a text message to their studio via their premium rate text system expecting it to be read by presenter Suggs, only to see the Madness man minutes later on a live ITV1 TV show - ie his Virgin show was pre-recorded. The latter potentially has wider implications because many radio stations extend an ongoing invitation to listeners to text into their studios (ie even if it isn't explicitly mentioned on air, there is an implication that listeners are always welcome to text in), even though most stations air a number of unstated pre-recorded shows where listeners may expect DJs to be in the studio, but they're not. If the regulator was to rule it is unfair to offer such a general invitation to text when the studio is not manned 24/7 stations might have to be more upfront about pre-recorded programming, or clarify when their text-the-studio services are actually 'open for business'. Concern with regards the way radio stations use premium phone services follow those previously reported concerns regarding premium rate phone-ins on various TV shows.


Internet rock station TotalRock have announced they will be producing a monthly hour long TV show called 'Licensed To Rock' which will air on the Rockworld TV station and via the Rockworld website. The programme will be a "magazine style show" and will feature TotalRock presenters Natasha Scharf, Chris Arnold and Talita Jenman.

Confirming the new show, TotalRock Head Of Music and Programme Director Tony Wilson told reporters: "We are delighted to team up with Rockworld TV, it's a very exciting opportunity. Rockworld has excellent BARB ratings and the 30 or more showings of 'Licensed To Rock' each month will deliver huge exposure for TotalRock and our sponsors".


Phill Jupitus is standing down as presenter of the breakfast show of BBC digital station 6Music. Former Xfm host and current 6Music evening show presenter Shaun Keaveny will take over the peak slot. The new breakfast host will be one of a number of changes at the station designed to celebrate the digital service's fifth birthday.

Talking about all that, 6Music controller Lesley Douglas told reporters: "I have long admired Shaun Keaveny - his irreverence, humour and love of music will make him the perfect new breakfast show presenter as we move 6Music into its sixth year. Phill Jupitus is, of course, a hard act to follow. Phill's commitment and passion has been key in building 6Music's audience and reputation".


Capital Radio has launched a new ad campaign very much built around the station's playlist rather than their personalities. The new campaign, under the banner "sound of London", aims to win back lost listeners by communicating that Capital now has a refreshing and exciting playlist - Capital bosses having revamped their music programming a while back after admitting their flagship station had lost credibility in terms of the music it played and championed. Artists whose music features in the new ad campaign include Mika, Paulo Nutini, Fedde Le Grand and the Fratellis.

On the new campaign, Capital Radio Marketing Director Nick Button told the Guardian: "The big thing was about shifting people's perceptions. We are viewed as a brand that is stuck in time, and musically we are deemed to have gone off the boil. People are convinced we still play Atomic Kitten, Gareth Gates and the winners of Pop Idol and The X Factor. If you have tuned in lately you will know nothing is further from the truth. We have sharpened up considerably and we are positioning ourselves as slightly ahead of the curve, credible contemporary music rather than just what is in the chart. We did not want to fall back on the tourist view of what London is about - images of the station and the tower of London. We wanted to show real places and real people".

The new ad campaign was launched as the station announced that Zoe Hanson, co-host on their flagship Johnny Vaughan breakfast show, was moving to another job within the station. No word yet on a replacement.

Oh, and now you've brought up GCap, which you kind of have, they've just announced they are promoting their Group News Editor Simon Cliffe to Group Head Of News overseeing the company's 40 newsrooms. So now you know.


OfCom have confirmed that they have received three complaints after Patrick Kielty, while hosting the latest run of Celeb Fame Acdemy, called Radio 1 DJ Colin Murray a "big gayer" after he got a little teary eyed after performing on the talent show. OfCom are investigating I think, though the Beeb have said: "We received a small number of complaints following Patrick's comment on the show Saturday night. Patrick's comment was spur of the moment, unscripted and not intended to cause offence. However, we have reminded Patrick to be more careful during the remaining live shows". Not that we are condoning Kielty's choice of words but to put those three complaints into perspective, OfCom regularly receives thousands of complaints that Kielty is on TV at all. Or at least that's what I heard. Well, I sent 2000 myself, so I assume it's true.


It's another one of those 'is it 1 Apr today?' stories. Topshop has pulled a 'Gangsta Rap' colouring book from its shelves after numerous complaints about the sale of a product seemingly aimed at kids but featuring images of gun and knife wielding rappers - including complaints from the Mothers Against Guns campaign who described the product as "sick". The book was being sold by one of the concessions in Topshop's Oxford Street store, and the firm demanded it be removed once it came to their attention. And, you know, we're as anti-censorship as you get, but if the pictures on The Sun's website are genuine, I think they made the right decision. Go look...,,2-2007110657,00.html


Jason Donovan is to reveal all in an upcoming autobiography, including the details of his relationship with Kylie Minogue - a topic which provoked much speculation in the late eighties, and over which the pair were notoriously tight lipped.

According to the Sunday Mirror, Donovan has signed a million pound deal with publishers Harper-Collins to write the book, in which it's said he will reveal that he and Minogue were set to marry before she left him for late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence. It's due to be released later this year.

Donovan's agent is quoted as saying: "This is the book every Jason and Kylie fan has been waiting for. There is no aspect of Jason's life and relationships he has not gone into."


Christina Aguilera has told Maxim how she likes to play doctors and nurses in the bedroom with her husband Jordan Bratman. She's quoted as saying: "I like to play doctor. I got Jordan a doctor's outfit with a doctor's bag full of sex toys. I wore the naughty nurse's costume, of course".


Lily Allen has criticised MTV because they will only air the promo for her track 'Smile' late at night because it's got the word 'fuck' in it.

The singer says: "They [MTV] said, 'We don't want kids to grow up too quickly,' but then you have Paris Hilton and the Pussycat Dolls taking their clothes off and gyrating up against womanising men, and that's acceptable. You're thinking your kids are gonna grow up quicker because they heard the word fuck than from thinking they should be shoving their tits in people's faces?"

I can't claim always to agree with Ms Allen, but on this, I feel, she has a very good point.

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