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In today's CMU Daily:
- Wippit offer Beatles news clips to download
- Jackson could lose share of Beatles catalogue by next summer
- Snoop wasn't arrested in Sweden, okay?
- Delp committed suicide, say family
- The Who stop gig after Daltrey falls ill
- Love Is All cancel appearance
- Album review: Various Artists - A Beginners Guide To Eastern Europe
- Arctic Monkeys restrict ticket sales to signed up fans
- Take That tracks to take musical turn
- Kaiser Chiefs plan new album
- Buena set to release debut single
- Digitalism to release debut album
- New Groove Armada
- SXSW: Wednesday roundup
- Lou Reed brings Berlin to London
- Kooks announce festival warm up gigs
- Jazzwise celebrate 10th birthday with mini-festival
- Roller Disco plan record breaking roll
- McLaren predicts record labels demise
- Warner share price down
- Warner International appoint new digital chief
- The Orchard enter into deal with
- ASRA reunion, Radio Academy masterclass
- Forty year old Radio 2 jazz show comes to an end
- Radio 3 recruit Gramophone editor for new daily show
- Blue Peter latest show in phone in feature debacle
- Single review: Paulo Nutini - New Shoes
- Dave Clark not Grandmaster Flash should be in the Hall Of Fame
- Black Eyed Fergie banned from flight
- Lily Allen to be questioned over fracas


So, you all know about our hook up with Remix supremo Eddy TM (the Remix Update etc), so we won't begin to pretend to not be slightly biased on this one, but I'm hoping we all know each other well enough by now (we're pretty close friends now, right?) to know that I wouldn't let such bias cloud my judgment, because I really haven't, when I say that the new mix album from Mr Temple Morris, 'Dance Rocks', is simply one of the most exciting compilation releases this year. Released on 10 Apr via Botchit & Scarper, I've got my sneaky preview copy here and it's feckin awesome. There are two CDs, one selected and mixed, the other one collected and presented, by Eddy, and between them they offer the finest collection of quality breaks, drum & bass and indie remixes I've ever seen - all of which (each and every track) rocks big time, making this the ultimate crossover album that should sit in a much cherished spot in the collection of every breaks head, indie kid and quality dance music lover. Stone Lions, Subfocus, Pendulum, TC, Groove Armada, Dogtown Clash, Future Funk Squad, Deekline & Wizard, Prodigy and Atomic Hooligan sit alongside brilliant remixes of The Bravery, Bloc Party, Delays, The Loose Cannons, Humanzi, Kasabian and Ladytron (the last five all Eddy TM remixes) - plus there's a simply brilliant Ils rework of The Who's 'Baba O Reilly', the full length and previously praised here Adam Freeland remix of The Doors 'Hello I Love You' and what has become one of my very favourite Infadels tracks (and let's not forget how much I bloody love the Infadels), the genius remix-competition winning Mr B remix of 'Love Like Semtex'.

But look at me, this wasn't meant to be a review of the album itself, I'm so excited about it all I just got carried away. We'll have more on the album, the upcoming Eddy TM tour to promote it, and a rumoured Remix all-nighter, in the coming weeks. What is important to say now is that it is the CMU Recommended Xfm Remix Night at Cargo, London tomorrow night (16 Mar), and this one is extra extra special because it is doubling up as an upfront launch party for 'Dance Rocks'. And with that in mind two of the artists on the album - Future Funk Squad and Atomic Hooligan - will be playing live, while Eddy TM will be on fire on the decks no doubt giving you a sneaky preview of some of the brilliant tracks and remixes (many exclusives) that appear on the album (I might rip the album to my MP3 playing phone and offer sneak previews a pound at time in the bar). Doors open at 8pm, tickets are a tenner or £8 if you guest list yourself at See you there.

Press info on Remix Night from Leyline, press info on 'Dance Rocks' from



'Music With Meaning' is an opportunity to reach other like-minded musicians, fans and media, open the discussion further and bring intelligent music back to the forefront. Music is the most powerful medium the world has ever known. Nothing else can influence the way we feel, think, behave and live like music can. We can no longer endure the empty-headed, emotionally-stunted, soulless, meaningless music being spewed out by the production line. We have had our fill of manufactured muppets and their pointless songs cluttering up popular culture leaving little room for those with something to say to be heard. We are not alone. Real music lovers of the world: it's time to unite and make a stand.

Together we have the power to demand more inspiration from our music and fight for music with a message and the power to move hearts and minds. We have the power to ensure the pop stratosphere is populated by real artists and meaningful music, not chinless talent vacuums striving for fifteen minutes of forgettable fame. What happened to true musical role models? Why should we be forced to seek solace in the achievements of eras gone by? We need inspirational music icons for this generation and generations to come; people who can highlight injustice in the world rather than draw attention to their own mundane pseudo-celebrity antics.

The Campaign For Music With Meaning is here to support artists who have something to say; who say it because they mean it; and who mean it because they care. Join us, and together we can crush the pretenders and make music with meaning the sovereign soundtrack of our lives.

If You Stand for Nothing, You'll Fall for Anything

We are a young, fun creative agency based slap bang in the middle of Soho with 4 spare desks in a spacious, dedicated office. Fabulous location, £75 per week per desk all in, including insurance, rates, 24/7 access, superfast internet, and the added bonus of working alongside other lovely and stimulating people. Email Giles on for more info.



Good news: Playmusic's April issue hits the streets this week with Maximo Park on the cover, brilliant interviews with Klaxons, Gossip, CSS, Enter Shikari, Charlotte Hatherley & !!! (interestingly no bands starting with 'The...' this month). They've gone all sporty on yo' ass and have the inaugural GigOlympics and interband drinking chess (well draughts) and the free CD is the ultimate 12 unduly unsigned bands, so for £3.50 you get a small slice of paradise. Buy it! Or even better go to and subscribe for only £28 (a massive 33.33% off the cover price, Christ they're generous!)

Bad News: Beer still isn't free



The third Insomniacs Ball will take over London's seOne Club on 5 Apr, with another storming line up of bands and DJs and, this time, ballroom decor and fancy dress. Already on the bill are Brakes, Blood Red Shoes, Pull TigerTail, Fear of Flying, The Officers, Goose, These New Puritans, The Longcut, Bolt Action 5, Headland and Black Daniel, plus DJ sets from Eddy Temple Morris (Xfm), Jack Knife Lee, Marsha (Xfm), Mark Beaumont (NME) and the Artrocker DJs. Plus Wall Of Sound presents the Shock Rock arena featuring live sets from A Human, Shakes, Shy Child and Reverend and the Makers and DJ sets from Riotous Rockers, Mekon, Alvin C and Infadels. Tickets are a mere £21.50, with a limited number of student tickets available for NUS card holders at just £15. VIP golden tickets which offer access to an exclusive VIP area are also available for sixty quid. Ticket type stuff can be found at, line up info will appear over the coming weeks at, and for press info you need to drop an email to



You all know who Errors are, by now, I'm sure. Those of you who don't, they're an electronic outfit from Scotland, and they're topical this week, as were a couple of other recent MSOTD nominees, because they're on at SXSW. I really like their music, and what's more, I really, really like their MySpace page, for a variety of reasons. One of those is because in the genre classification bit it says Electronica / Indie / Melodramatic Popular Song. Just in case you're not clear on it, it's the 'Melodramatic Popular Song' bit that I find amusing. I also like the clean design of the page. It doesn't have an annoyingly busy backdrop that makes it virtually impossible to read anything on the page. Plus, there are four lovely tracks to listen to (they are really lovely) and I also like the fact that Errors come across as a bit mental and endearingly geeky. So much so that I can forgive the blatant lie about the number of MySpace friends they've got...


Ah, so now we know what they were talking about. London based download platform Wippit yesterday confirmed it would start selling Beatles related video clips from the archives of news agency ITN.

The news followed that previously reported speculation as to what Beatles content Wippit was planning on selling. When the company revealed it would be making an announcement about Beatles downloads the Fab Four's record company, EMI, issued a statement stating it did not mean the band's music catalogue, still unavailable from legitimate download services, was about to be digitally released, adding that it had asked Wippit to remove the headline on its news page that alluded to the then unconfirmed Beatles promotion.

But yesterday the download firm announced that the Beatles content they will be selling is news footage generated during the band's early days by ITN, Pathe and Reuters. Footage includes news reports of Beatlemania from the mid-sixties, through to later more political footage, such as Lennon and Ono's famous 'bed-in' in 1969. Clips will be sold at 49p each, or in £4.99 bundles.

Announcing the addition of the footage to their catalogue, Wippit CEO and founder Paul Myers told CMU: "Video is now a standard feature on the best selling digital media players and a common format for downloaders in general. Being able to offer fans of The Beatles behind the scenes moments and insights to what the made the greatest band ever tick, is invaluable. There is no other act on the planet that has, and continues to have a world-wide following that even comes close to what The Beatles still have thirty seven years after they split. We believe that interest particularly from Japan and other parts of Asia will open up Wippit to whole new audience".

Ross Landau, Music Account Manager at the ITN division who are providing the content, ITN Source, added: "It's fantastic to be working with Wippit and make our wide range of Beatles content available to a world wide audience. The Beatles collection is iconic stuff and is just a small part of our large extraordinary music collection here at ITN Source".


Another Beatles related story, kind of. Reports suggest that Michael Jackson may lose his stake in the Sony/ATV publishing company, most famous for owning the Beatles catalogue, by the end of May next year.

Those reports, via Fox News' Roger Friedman, follow the revelation of various aspects of the previously reported agreements made between Jackson and his business partner Sony Corp last year. As previously reported, Sony stepped in to aid Jackson as he faced potentially crippling debt repayments that stemmed from an original overdraft with the Bank Of America and a refinancing deal that had been done with a finance firm called Fortress Investments.

The deal with Sony enabled Jackson to put off the financial meltdown many commentators had predicted but, according to Friedman, it was a deal which had more short term gain than long term benefits. He says that the deal gives Sony the option to buy out Jackson from the Sony/ATV business next Spring, which would mean the singer would no longer have an interest in the profitable publishing sector, and in particular the valuable Beatles catalogue.

While Jackson would be paid for his share should Sony take up that option, Friedman reckons Sony could deduct $250 million from the estimated $600 million Jackson's share would be worth for costs they have incurred in running the joint venture to date. As Jackson still has a reported $300 million debt with Fortress, currently secured on his Sony/ATV equity, Jackson would gain just $50 million through the forced sale of his publishing assets, which is a phenomenal amount of money to anyone but Michael Jackson, who'd probably spend it in one evening's shopping.

All of which means that Jacko could really do with striking one of those rumoured lucrative Las Vegas residencies, and getting some decent new music out, in the next twelve months if possible.


A representative for Snoop Dogg has protested that the rap star was not arrested and held overnight in a Swedish police station on Monday, as some media have reported. Not us, of course, we merely reported that he had been taken to the station for questioning and afterwards released, as is in fact correct. I do believe it's still the case that he may face a fine, or similar, at a later date, if drugs tests come back positive.

Anyway, here's what the rep says: "Contrary to erroneous press reports, Snoop Dogg was not arrested in Sweden. He was questioned and released with no charges filed. He is excited to continue his successful co-headlining European tour with Diddy".


The family of singer Brad Delp, whose death we reported on Monday, have released a statement via the police saying that the Boston star committed suicide. No further details of the manner of his death were given, but police have confirmed that it was his fiancee Pamela Sullivan who found his body.

The family's statement read: "He was a man who gave all he had to give to everyone around him, whether family, friends, fans or strangers. He gave as long as he could, as best he could, and he was very tired. We take comfort in knowing that he is now, at last, at peace".


The Who had to cancel a gig after just one song on Tuesday night because Roger Daltrey had fallen ill. It's thought the frontman is suffering from a bad bout of bronchitis, and that that was making it very hard for him to sing. The band left the stage after just one song at the gig in Tampa, Florida with band mate Pete Townshend returning to the stage to explain to their audience: "I just talked to Roger and he can barely speak. I tried to get him to come out here, but he's really, really sick". The gig has now been rescheduled for 25 Mar.

Townshend, meanwhile, has been speaking at the first day of the SXSW convention in Austin, Texas. Talking about his band he told his audience: "I think The Who are an anomaly like the Stones. Bands today shouldn't even go there. It takes time to build something like that, but now record companies just ask, 'Where's the hit?'" On his most recent collaborations with Daltrey, he continued: "The chemistry we have today is completely different but just as effective".

Townshend also revealed he will be launching a new technology based music project called The Method in London next month. I'm a bit confused as to what this is all about, though a flyer distributed at the event read: "The Method - designed by Lawrence Ball - offers subscribers the opportunity to create their own unique musical composition by 'sitting' for the Method software composer, just as you would sit for a painter making your portrait". Make of that what you will, the new venture is due to launch on 25 Apr.


Love Is All have cancelled their planned appearance in Dublin next week but have offered to put their Irish fans on the guestlist if they're willing to fly over to London for their upcoming London date. Not sure how serious they are about this, but there you go.

Anyway, The Swedish band's drummer Markus Gorsch wrote on their Myspace site: "We are terrible sorry about this, and at this point we are not quite sure why this happened. If anyone of you Irish wants to take Ryanair over to England we promise to put you on the guestlist!"


ALBUM REVIEW: Various Artists - A Beginners Guide to Eastern Europe (Nascente)
Eastern Europe has developed a musical language that is at once chaotic, flamboyant, melancholic and rousing, undoubtedly one of the most exciting in the world right now. Through civil wars, communism, Nazi occupation and poverty, it is music which remembers the sadness of the past, but with an optimism about the future. That said, the same is not true about a lot of Eastern Europe's pop and club music, which is more often than not an attempt to mimic whatever music of this ilk made its way across from the west. Eastern Europe music developed on trumpets and violins handed down from generation to generation, not decks and mixers, which means a lot of electronic music from the region lacks originality, even if and when it draws upon native culture for samples. Therefore, to see that this compilation is dominated by brackets proclaiming (remix) of one sort or another, and the inclusion of songs featured in Borat, screams 'lowest common denominator', and does a grotesque disservice to both this musical culture and western listeners. Though there is still some wonderful music here, such as the essential Taraf de Haidouks, whose members can number anywhere between 6 and 30, and whose shows often spill out onto the street after the venue shuts and keep playing until dawn, and Fanfare Cioca?rlia. The remixes - that is the club and pop tracks - however, just take some of this wonderful music and slap a basic and unchanging 4/4 beat underneath, ruining it for anyone not on mind-numbing drugs. AM
Release Date: 2 Apr
Press Contact: Trailer [all]


Arctic Monkeys, like Arcade Fire, are trying to do what they can to stop people touting tickets to their upcoming UK tour, details of which were announced this week. Arcade Fire, of course, have been making last minute tickets available via the venue on the night of the gig, so that fans who missed out on the original lot of tickets available have a chance of getting in at standard rates (ie rather than buying marked up tickets from online auction sites or the forty touts that were hanging outside Brixton tube station last night).

The Monkeys are restricting access to tickets to fans already registered with their email database. Those people have received an email telling them that they need to pre-register if they want tickets to upcoming gigs - stating which gigs they are able to attend. Fans must pre-register by midnight tonight. Registered fans will then be selected at random for each gig - and those picked out of the hat will be able to buy tickets, presumably only for personal use. Anyone not currently registered with the band's email database will not be able to get tickets this time, though the band recommend those people sign up now anyway in order to secure access to future gigs (which presumably means ticket touts everywhere will be signing up as we speak).

FYI - the Monkey's upcoming tour dates are as follows, though if you're not on their mailing list or in a position to blag press tix, then there's not much point in you knowing any of this...

9 Apr: Guildhall, Southampton
10 Apr: University Great Hall,Exeter
12 Apr: Astoria, London
13 Apr: Astoria, London
14 Apr: Academy, Liverpool
16 Apr: Academy, Newcastle
17 Apr: Caird Hall, Dundee
18 Apr: Barrowlands, Glasgow
20 Apr: Academy, Birmingham
21 Apr: The Leadmill, Sheffield
22 Apr: The Leadmill, Sheffield

The tour will coincide with the previously reported 16 Apr release of the new Arctic Monkeys' single 'Brianstorm' and the 23 Apr release of second long player 'Favourite Worst Nightmare'. Press info from those lovely Domino types.


Damn, that was nearly a great headline. But onto the actual news it imparts. Take That are the latest band to have their back catalogue form the basis of a stage musical, because as I'm always saying, you can never have enough musicals based on the oeuvre of rock and pop acts. Hang on, no, I don't say that. Ah well.

Anyway, the uberboyband's music is to be the soundtrack for 'Never Forget', and thankfully, the script won't be awkwardly trying to create a story based around the lyrics of the songs, but will tell the story of a Take That tribute band. The musical has not been endorsed by the band, however, who have had no involvement in its conception, with producers licencing the music from EMI before the band's recent reunion and highly successful comeback (a very clever move with hindsight).

Producer Tristan Baker says: "We are the biggest fans of Take That's music and we are so excited about the wonderful opportunity to create a new musical based on the fantastic catalogue of their work. We look forward to creating a legacy with these well-loved songs in the way that shows such as Mamma Mia! have done before."

Meanwhile, a statement on the Take That's website said: "The band would like to state categorically that this production is being undertaken with neither their involvement nor their endorsement. They would wish their fans and the general public to know that this production is absolutely and 100% nothing to do with Take That."

The musical will tour in August prior to a run in the West End. Tickets are on sale now, I believe.


Kaiser Chiefs have enough material to release another new album soon, according to bassist Simon Rix. The band released their second long player 'Yours Truly, Angry Mob' a couple of weeks ago, as you all know, but recorded material for a third album whilst recording the second, and are considering releasing that material as early as next month, perhaps to fan club members only via their own label.

In fact, why bother listening to me? Here it is, straight from the Rix's mouth: "When we recorded this album ['Yours Truly, Angry Mob'] we recorded more songs for a third album. It's done and we'd like to release it in April. It will be a fans-only album and we'll probably release it on our own label."

He continued: "It can get frustrating waiting between releases. We wrote 'Employment' and then we didn't record for another two years. We'd prefer to start writing our next album soon. Bands in the '60s used to bang albums out and that's what we want to do."


Former Sugababe Mutya Buena will launch her solo career shortly with the release of her debut single 'Real Girl' on 14 May. The song, which samples Lenny Kravitz's 'It Aint Over Til It's Over', is lifted from her debut album of the same name which is out on 4 Jun and features collaborations with George Michael, Amy Winehouse and Groove Armada.

And here's what she says about her time as a Sugababe, which presumably has relevance because she wants everyone to know that she's very different now that she's solo: "During the Sugababes people did misunderstand me. But you've got to remember that I started when I was fourteen. When you're that young you don't know much and you're not really gonna be sitting there taking in the media training 'cos you're not concerned. I grew up in north-west London and I didn't know any better".


Digitalism have confirmed that their debut album 'Idealism' will be out on 21 May via Kitsune, preceded by the release of a single, 'Pogo', on 7 May. The duo's Jence says the long player is "an attempt to reach out, and create structures, but also this space aspect, you depart from earth to something new."

So there you go.


More album news. Groove Armada's latest, 'Soundboy Rock' is out 7 May, preceded by a single, 'Get Down' on 30 April. The long player features contributions from Hard-Fi's Richard Archer, Rakes chappie Alan Donohoe, Angie Stone, Candi Staton and the aforementioned Mutya Buena - do you think it's the same song on both albums?

Anyway, they've announced a tour to coincide with the May release, dates as follows:

9 May: Bristol Carling Academy
10 May: Cardiff University
11 May: Southampton Guildhall
12 May: Manchester Apollo
14 May: Liverpool Carling Academy
15 May: Nottingham Rock City
17 May: Norwich UEA
18 May: Leeds University
21 May: Glasgow Barrowlands
22 May: Newcastle Carling Academy
24 May: London Roundhouse
25 May: London Roundhouse


Hello CMU types, I'm Duncan, CMU's US Correspondent and I'll be doing my best to send in daily round-ups of the news, shows and events of most note from this SXSW thing, straight to your email inboxes the following day. Panel discussions, official shows, less official shows, I'll be covering it all - well, actually, there's an absolutely ridiculous amount to see here, so probably scratch "all" and make it "quite a bit".

Anyway, let's talk about Wednesday. For various reasons I won't bore you with, my party didn't make it to Austin until about midnight but, after a lengthy search for a parking space, we made up for lost time and headed straight to Friends For The Kids Records showcase, arriving just in time to see San Francisco's Honeycut. This band sent mixed messages. On the one hand, top marks for innovation: the 'drummer' was hitting buttons live on a drum machine, rather than playing a kit, and the keyboard player really really wanted to be a guitarist. I've never heard such an impressive guitar solo played on a keyboard before. But on the other hand, in the charisma department things were kind of lacking. Plenty of promise, but the band clearly isn't achieving their full potential quite yet.

Liverpool's The Wombats, on the other hand, are closer to the top of their game. Sure, there's not exactly a whole heap of innovation in their sound, and some of the lyrics are a little clumsy, but the
energy and enthusiasm was unparalleled and the band were tight and played well. Forthcoming single 'Backfire At The Disco', played as an encore, got the biggest cheer of the night, and there was plenty of
dancing going on - unusual for such an industry-focused shindig.

Tomorrow (well, today once you read this) Errors, Shout Out Out Out Out and SixNationState are all high up my priority list. Any recommendations of other shows/bands are always appreciated - especially if you're not affiliated with the band you're recommending! Email me at More tomorrow. Meantime, goodnight from Texas (it's still night here)!


Lou Reed has announced a series of European tour dates on which he'll perform, for the first time, the entirety of his somewhat legendary 1973 album 'Berlin' accompanied by a thirty piece ensemble including his band and a string and horn section, plus the New London Children's Choir. He'll play two London dates at the Hammersmith Apollo on 30 Jun and 1 Jul. And don't go thinking you can see this any old time. This tour's a one off. Oh yes. Listen to Mr Lou Reed, here's what he says about the upcoming tour: "I only do this every thirty years. One time, one time only. You can tell you kids you saw Lou Reed's Berlin."

The tour will also call at Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin (I should think so too), Lyon, Rome, and Arezzo. Tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am.


Mary CMU's not in yet, but I know for a fact she's going to be very excited about this - more chances to see The Kooks. Hurrah! Because that means more chances to throw heavy objects in their general direction - fantastic. Yep, The Kooks boys will be playing two warm up shows ahead of their festival sets this summer - at Reading's Rivermead Centre on 22 Jun ahead of their Glasto appearance and at The Dome in Doncaster on 17 Aug ahead of their V Festival sets, opportunities for them to practice their music playing, and for you to practice your aim.


Jazz magazine Jazzwise celebrates its 10th birthday next month and is staging a series of events at the Pizza Express Jazz Club on Dean Street later this month to celebrate, putting up and coming new jazz artists alongside some of the greats.

Here's the lowdown:

26 Mar: The Stan Tracey Octet featuring Guy Barker (trumpet), Alistair White (trombone), Mornington Lockett, Sam Mayne, Simon Allen (saxophones), Stan Tracey (piano), Andy Cleyndert (bass), Clark Tracey (drums). Supported by Finn Peters.

27 Mar: Polar Bear. Supported by [em].

28 Mar: Courtney Pine. Supported by Empirical.

29 Mar: Claire Martin and Ian Shaw with an All Star Band.

30 Mar: Nucleus Revisited with Chris Batchelor (trumpet), Tim Whitehead (saxophone), Geoff Castle (keyboards), Mark Wood (guitar), Rob Statham (bass), Marc Parnell (drums). Supported by David Okumu Trio.

31 Mar: Dune Records night with Gary Crosby's Nu Troop with Abram Wilson (trumpet), Soweto Kinch and Denys Baptiste (saxophones), Andrew McCormack (piano), Gary Crosby (bass), Rod Youngs (drums). Supported by Tomorrow's Warriors.

31 Mar: BBC Radio 3 Jazz Line-Up - broadcasting live

Tickets for each event go from £17 to £35 - press info on the events from, info on the mag from editor and publisher Jon Newey at, or at


I was saying just a few weeks back that the roller disco was due a revival, then someone pointed out it's been well and truly revived already by The Roller Disco people who have been staging regular roller boot tastic parties in London for a few years now, and who have recently expanded their operations further by launching a new night South of the river in Vauxhall. I'm telling you this now, because said Roller Disco people have just been in touch to tell us they and their roller skating regulars will be collectively attempting to break the world record for longest distance skated by a human roller-skating chain, because there is such a record to break, apparently. Over two hundred skaters are due to take part on 28 Mar, and they will travel a kilometer as they skate round and round Vauxhall's Renaissance Rooms, under the watchful eye of the Guinness World Record people. The record attempt is being sponsored by 'lip care' company Blistex who are promoting their roller-ball product (see what they did there?) Lipsplash. Confirming the record attempt, Renaissance Rooms owner and Roller Disco chief Tony Askew told CMU: "When Blistex came to us to help them break this record we thought it might be a little ambitious, but we've enlisted all our best skaters to help and can't wait to take our place in the record books". You'll get press info on it all from Get Involved.


The man behind the Sex Pistols is the latest music industry type to predict the demise of the record label in the digital age.

Speaking at an event promoting UK music at the British Consulate in New York, Malcolm McLaren said the way the internet enables artists to self-distribute their music and connect with fans was "making music authentic again", and that the ubiquity of content on the net meant that live music would become the dominant sector within the music business, spelling the end of the record company.

Speaking to NME at the event, he said: "No one cares about selling units any more. All record labels will end up closing eventually because no one wants actual CDs anymore. You can get whatever you want on the internet for nothing now. The experience of seeing a band or artist perform in front of you is what is valued today and that's why live entertainment is having such a boom at the moment".


Talking of suffering record companies, something for all you EMI types bored of being portrayed as the weakest major, while Warner is positioned as the powerful buyer waiting in the wings. Warner Music's share price is sliding, down to a 12 month low of $17.10 earlier this week. Some reckon that, despite Warner boss Bronfman Jnr being in an acquisitive mood, Warner itself really needs the upcoming Linkin Park album to deliver big time to avoid becoming the subject of takeover talk itself.


Elsewhere in Warner Music news, the International division of the label has announced Eric Daugan has been promoted to the role of VP Digital Business with responsibility for digital operations at the major across Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Daugan was previously VP Digital Marketing - the new role means he will take on a business development role in addition to his marketing responsibilities.

Here's what WMI Vice Chairman John Reid has to say: "Combining these functions under Eric and pooling the creativity and experience that exists within each team significantly enhances our ability to respond to new opportunities in a digital environment where the lines between marketing and distributing content are increasingly blurred. Eric has played a key role in shaping many of our digital initiatives, acting both centrally from WMI and as a partner with local affiliates He is a great ambassador for digital music, both inside and outside Warner Music, so I would like to congratulate Eric on his new role and wish him and his team well as they spearhead our digital strategy in Europe".


Independent digital aggregators The Orchard have announced they have reached a new licensing agreement with London based social music network which will provide community access to the aggregator's huge catalogue of independent music.

Confirming the deal, The Orchard chief Greg Scholl told CMU: " is a force in music discovery, which is good for independent music - the engine that fuels new talent in the industry - and therefore, good for The Orchard. It is with pleasure that we add our catalogue to their landmark service. To fans of The Hold Steady, Dion, Explosions in the Sky, Ice T, Dr. Dog, Black Flag, and Ennio Morricone, we say, 'scrobble away'". CCO Martin Stiksel added: "The deal with The Orchard shows's ongoing commitment to independent and grassroots music of all genres and origins. It's an ideal partnership, as is in a unique position to bring specialist music to the fore that otherwise might not find its full audience. This is a major step towards offering our users access to the full spectrum of music".


Just a reminder for all your former college radio types, that the Association Of Student Radio Alumni is staging its next social event at The Royal George at Goslett Yard off Charing Cross Road, London on 22 Mar. Anyone planning on attending - any former student radio people are invited - are asked to email their details to ahead of the event. I'm going to be there, which is obviously a reason to attend in itself. Do come and say hello - just in case no one else from Fresh Air FM shows up and I'm left in a corner all alone. I'll wear some kind of CMU hat or something so you know who I am.

In not entirely unrelated news, the Radio Academy has announced details of a masterclass aimed at anyone currently working in college radio, or considering a career in radio, which will offer practical tips on how to break into the industry. It will take place at Kerrang! radio's studios in Birmingham on 24 Mar from 10.30am to 6pm. Entry is eight quid. More at this URL:


Long long standing Radio 2 show The Best Of Jazz, presented by Humphrey Lyttelton, will come to an end next month, some forty years after it first aired. Although it's not the first long running show to be axed by Radio 2 - 'Your Hundred Best Tunes' was dropped at the start of the year, and the station's annual national big band competition was axed after 31 years last year - Lyttelton insists that it was his decision to bring the show to an end, adding that he will return with a similar jazz music show in July.

Here's what he said: "I've presented The Best Of Jazz for almost 40 years continuously, at a rate of around 50 a year, choosing and scripting some 20,000 items and I now want to have a bit more time for other things, my own still active and flourishing band, high among them. So if this announcement has summoned the word 'retirement' to your minds, dismiss it at once. I shall be back in July with a three-month series of similar programmes, but this time it will be as a short distance, rather than a marathon, runner".


Over at Radio 3, details have been confirmed of a new show called Classical Collection which will replace CD Masters as the station's morning show. Gramophone editor-in-chief James Jolly will join long term Radio 3 type Sarah Walker for the new show which will provide an "in-depth guide to both contemporary and historic recordings of classical music". CD Masters presenter Jonathan Swain will take over the station's graveyard shift.


So, Blue Peter is the latest TV show to have to admit to ripping off its viewers after a fuck up with one of its premium rate phone in features. Viewers were invited to phone in to take part in a competition on the show last November, but a technical fault meant that while the nearly 14,000 people who phoned in were each being charged 10p for their call, their information wasn't reaching the studio. So producers there did that 'get the kid who's in the studio already to pretend to be a caller' thing. Go on TV/radio types, admit it, you know the thing.

The ruse has come to light as attention has focused on TV companies' frequent habit of ripping off their viewers through premium rate phone in scams - but only because the mother of the child who pretended to be the caller revealed what had happened in an online debate on the issue. The BBC, unlike ITV, has not pulled premium phone features or called in independent investigators to review its premium phone systems, despite the obvious industry-wide failings in this domain, possibly because any profits from their phone in features go to charity and as we all know, it's fine ripping people off if it's in aid of charity.

Anyway, with the scam now in the public domain the BBC's kids TV people have been forced to apologise, with presenter Konnie Huq telling the show's viewers this week: "We'd like to say sorry to you because when this mistake happened we let you down. But to be honest with you, you kids are going to have to get used to TV companies ripping you off with premium phone line scams, so you might as well get used to it now, with a phone system that only takes 10p off you. Wait till you're a little bit older and we'll start stealing pounds off you". Well, she said some of that.


SINGLE REVIEW: Paulo Nutini - New Shoes (Warner/Atlantic)
This is already a summer song in my eyes (ears?); it has just been released too early. 'New Shoes' has the same slightly funky feel as 'Jenny Don't Be Hasty' but with a beat that gets you up dancing or at least jiggling around in your seat. April sees Paulo Nutini play his sold out tour which I'm now thinking I should have got tickets to. He obviously has a big fan base but his sound is quite mature; and logic says therefore his audience should be - ie no drunk kids. Actually, it's not often a song really grabs me but this did the first time I heard it - almost convincing me to part with a tenner or so for Nutini's album 'These Streets'. Almost. AW
Release Date: 12 March
Press Contact: Warner IH [CP, RP, NP, CR, RR, NR] Hyper Launch [O]


More rumours from Fox's Roger Friedman (you know, the man with the Jacko rumours). He claims that Brit band The Dave Clark Five should have been inducted into the US Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame this week, but that Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner, who has become chairman of the Hall Of Fame since the previously reported death of former chair, Atlantic co-founder Ahmet Ertegun, overruled the rest of the committee who decide who gets inducted and let Grandmaster Flash in instead because, probably quite rightly, he thought it was about time hip hop got a look in at the US music institution. Friedman reports that The Dave Clark Five were six votes ahead of the hip hop legends, but that Wenner insisted Grandmaser Flash be honoured anyway. Other committee members apparently suggested they break with convention and induct six acts this year, but Wenner insisted on sticking to five, because he'd already booked Aretha Franklin to perform a song in memory of the aforementioned Ertegun, and he didn't think there'd be time at the event for a sixth induction.


According to reports Fergie Black Eyed Peas was barred from boarding a Virgin Atlantic flight from LA to London recently because she was shockingly drunk. Yes, shockingly. And Virgin Atlantic have in fact confirmed that they recently deemed a female passenger too pissed to travel although they don't name her, saying "We can confirm a female passenger was denied from boarding as she appeared intoxicated and was therefore unsuitable for travel."

A source claims that the singer "was falling all over the place and had to be supported. She was in no state to fly. But when she was prevented from boarding she couldn't believe it. She was drunkenly ranting at staff but could barely string a sentence together. It was very embarrassing".

Fergie's new single 'Glamorous' is out on Monday!


The Sun says that Lily Allen will be questioned by police after she got involved in a to-do with a pack of paps earlier this week. The fracas apparently occurred when the singer was walking through Soho with her boyfriend, and images show Allen aiming kung-fu type kicks at the photographers.

One pap, Kevin Rush is quoted by the tabloid as saying: "Lily was under the influence. She went berserk and right-hooked me square on the nose. For a small girl she packs a hell of a punch."

To be fair to Lily, and indeed, alcohol, one doesn't need to be drunk to lose it and have a go at a bunch of people who won't leave you alone and keep trying to take your photo.

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