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In today's CMU Daily:
- Glastonbury gets four year licence
- EMI sign up to Playlouder MSP
- Fans upset after P Diddy / Snoop Dogg tour is pulled
- Busta Rhymes to go to court over assault charges
- Murder charges against punk rocker dropped
- Henson Cargill dies
- Faustino Oramas dies
- Mathers resumes Eminem dissing despite agreement
- Tobago church leaders call for Elton boycott
- Lopez on Spanish album
- Distiller Dalle on new project
- Black Crowes back in studio
- Don Black to be inducted into Songwriters Hall Of Fame
- Happy Mondays tour and album
- Rufus Wainwright gigs
- Kidz In The Hall in London this week
- Justin Robertson to launch new label at Turnmills
- Foreigner tour
- White might play Elvis
- Franz Ferdinand make annual
- Last chance to vote in O2 Undiscovered
- Bebo add sales facility through 7Digital alliance
- Bertelsmann discussing Napster support with Warner too
- Richard Eyre becomes GCap chief
- Tindle radio chief may be interested in management buy out
- Emap forecasts weak year ahead
- Just Jack too busy for Kylie
- Robbie and Lohan up a tree?
- Gallagher says nice things shocker
- Stone furious at airbrushing
- Sony Award nominations out


For those of you yet to do it, there are still a few days left for you to all fill in our much previously mentioned CMU reader survey. Go on, it's doesn't take a second. Well, OK, it does take a second. Quite a few seconds. But not that many minutes.

As we've told you all before, this is our first ever reader survey, and it is designed partly to find out a little bit about what you guys think about some of the issues in the music world at the moment, but also to find out what you think about the CMU Daily. We are doing this in association with Entertainment Media Research's website, who specialise in these kinds of things, and we will report back to you on the results in a couple of months. And we really will hone the Daily on the back of what you tell us.

And your opinions could potentially influence more than just us here at CMU. Songpeople also provide a whole range of other music media with guidance on their music policies, and will invite you to offer your opinions in other occasional surveys that give you the chance to share your musical opinions. You don't have to take part in those other surveys of course, but part of the CMU ethos is letting other media know what great new music is out there, and what great new music is getting people excited at the grass roots, and the Songpeople surveys are another way that you can all help us achieve that ethos.

So, if you haven't already, why not tell us what you think right now? Just go to to get started.



The third Insomniacs Ball will take over London's seOne Club on 5 Apr, with another storming line up of bands and DJs and, this time, ballroom decor and fancy dress. Already on the bill are The Twang, Brakes, Blood Red Shoes, Fear of Flying, The Officers, Goose, These New Puritans, The Longcut, Dandy Wind, Bolt Action Five, Headland, Black Daniel, AHuman, Shakes, Shy Child and Reverend And The Makers all live, plus on the old decks the Artrocker DJs, Marsha (Xfm), Mark Beaumont (NME), Eddy Temple Morris (Xfm), No Pain In Pop, Gavin Nugent, Mekon, Riotous Rockers, Alvin C and the wonderful wonderful Infadels. Tickets are a mere £21.50, with a limited number of student tickets available for NUS card holders at just £15. VIP golden tickets which offer access to an exclusive VIP area are also available for sixty quid. Ticket type stuff can be found at, line up info will appear over the coming weeks at, and for press info you need to drop an email to



Foals rock. So much so that I was convinced I'd made them MySpace Of The Day already. Apparently, according to my very well kept records, I haven't. Anyway, we all like them here at CMU so now is as good a time as any to let you know all about them, especially as they've got lots of upcoming tour dates plus a very nice green William Morris looking background on their MySpace page. I think they just rock, but their genre bit describes them as pop/disco house/indie. I've never really known what constituted 'disco house' to be honest, so maybe this is what it is. There are some amusing blog entries, plus there's a promo on here and a video of a SXSW appearance for your viewing pleasure. Off you go then.


The Glastonbury Festival has got the go-ahead from local authorities for the next four festivals - meaning that they won't have to reapply for a new licence to stage the flagship music event until 2011. The festival's local council, Mendip District Council, also agreed to allow organisers to extend the capacity of the event from 150,000 to 177,500, on the understanding the festival site will be expanded.

As previously reported, a four year licence is now possible because of changes in UK licensing laws allowing local councils to give permission for events planned much further ahead. The increased capacity was allowed after organisers secured use of land on neighbouring farms. However, the extended and expanded licence was given on the condition that festival organisers attend regular public meetings with the local Pilton Parish Council - at least three before, and one after each festival.

Glastonbury chief Michael Eavis, who back in the day faced an uphill struggle each year to secure his licence, welcomed the extended and expanded licence, telling reporters: "In the past we have had to jump through the hoops, year after year. It is great that we can plan future festivals safe in the knowledge that it will all be approved".

Eavis has also confirmed some extra line up details for this year's Glastonbury, revealing that Damien Rice will headline the acoustic stage and that the one and the only Shirley Bassey will also appear. Other artists already confirmed to play include Kaiser Chiefs, The Who and The Arctic Monkeys.


Hey, I'd almost forgotten about the Playlouder MSP thingy, but it's back in the news because EMI have just signed up and a launch is now expected in late April.

As I'm sure we mentioned eight years ago, Playlouder MSP is a venture set up by the people behind the website, which will bundle a music and ISP service into one package. People who use Playlouder as their internet provider will also be able to legally access and share music from the service's affiliated labels - which is most of the indies, SonyBMG and, as of today, EMI. Labels whose music is made available via the service receive a cut of revenues based on how much their music is accessed or shared. The service is based on the philosophy that the future of recorded music online is unlimited but monitored access to anything and everything ever released, with consumers charged for access by their internet service provider, who will pay royalties back to the content owners.

With EMI now on board, a beta version of the long awaited MSP service will be launched in April this year, ahead of a full commercial launch in the summer. Although currently a separate entity to the existing Playlouder website, the ISP service and existing editorial platform are expected to be integrated later this year.

Commenting on the EMI deal, Playlouder MSP CEO Paul Hitchman told CMU: "Playlouder MSP is committed to working in partnership with the music industry to monetise the use of music on broadband networks and provide the ultimate consumer experience of online music".

EMI's digital chief Barney Wragg added: "EMI is happy to partner with the Playlouder MSP platform. The bundling of music subscription with broadband services offers a potentially lucrative and legally viable alternative to the current crop of illegal services. The bundling of the music subscription service with a standard broadband model makes for a unique combination that EMI hopes will help grow the subscription music market".


The BBC has published quotes from a number of British P Diddy and Snoop Dogg fans expressing anger that the UK dates of the two hip hop legends' co-headline tour have been axed.

As previously reported, Diddy and Snoop Dogg were due to tour the UK this week, but those plans were put in doubt when it was revealed Snoop Dogg, real name Calvin Broadus, had been refused a visa to enter the UK in relation to an incident at London's Heathrow Airport last year when the hip hop star was arrested on suspicion of violent disorder and affray. Initially tour promoters hoped that a visa would be eventually issued, even if P Diddy had to perform the first couple of UK dates without his co-star, but as it became clear that no visa was going to be issued at all, promoters pulled the whole tour yesterday morning. The hip hop stars will not now perform until the European tour resumes in Ireland at the weekend.

P Diddy told BBC 1Xtra yesterday that he was "disappointed" at the news because he and Broadus had been planning a "special show" for their UK fans. Commenting on the last minute nature of the visa issues and resulting cancellation, he continued: "Once his [Broadus'] work permit was granted, everybody felt comfortable to go ahead and put the concert up. It wasn't like this was the first time we were in discussions with the Home Office. You know there were discussions prior to this - they led us to believe that everything would be approved". But he added: "Everybody has their own laws and their own rules in their own countries, and, you know, we're going to respect them. I know that Snoop is a great guy, a positive guy, and I'm not throwing any stones at the Home Office or at the government".

Among the disgruntled fans quoted by the BBC is Hina Joshi from Sunderland who said she was "raging" after spending money to travel to and stay in Manchester to see the gig due to take place there on Saturday. She said: "It's really disappointing when you've been looking forward to something". One Andrew Yeates from Swansea said: "I am gutted. I had the tickets bought for me as a Christmas present and I have taken two days off work". While a David Cartwright from Manchester says he bought his four tickets on eBay for £200, and now feared he wouldn't be able to relocate the eBay seller to get a refund.

Which is all depressing stuff, though the latter story will presumably warm the hearts of those who don't think people should buy tickets off eBay touts. And you know, if you will be fans of criminals, I guess you have to prepare yourself for these occasional disappointments.


Talking of the criminals of hip hop, Busta Rhymes will face trial in relation to those previously reported assault charges after a New York judge withdrew a previous plea deal. Rhymes, real name Trevor Smith, is accused of assaulting a former driver and a fan in two separate incidents. He turned down an original plea bargain that would have seen him face six months in jail, but was then offered a different bargain that would have involved probation and community service. But that more lenient offer has been withdrawn because of his latest run in with the law - as previously reported, he was caught driving on a suspended licence last month. I think he could have re-opted for the original bargain - the one involving jail time - but he's decided he'd rather go to trial and try his luck there. Which means he'll be in court in May. Which will be fun.


Tony Lovato, formerly singer with punk rock band Mest, was arrested at the weekend and charged with criminal homicide, as he stood accused of, and apparently confessed to, the fatal stabbing of his former girlfriend's lover Wayne Hughes. Initially held on $1m bail, Lovato has, however, since been released, with police confirming that he has now been deemed to have been acting in self defence.

The incident leading to Lovato's arrest occurred on Saturday in the parking garage of an apartment in Studio City in Los Angeles. The singer apparently stabbed his love rival multiple times with a pocket knife, and Hughes was declared dead by the time of his arrival at a local hospital.

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles DA's office explained in a statement that the murder charge had been dropped, saying: "We determined that the suspect and victim had dated the same girl back-and-forth for over a year. There had been threats, and the victim sent several threatening messages to the suspect. Apparently, there was some mutual combat and Lovato attempted to separate himself from the victim when the victim challenged him to a fight. The victim followed Lovato to an isolated spot in the underground garage and tried to fight him. Lovato defended himself, and there was insufficient evidence to show that it was not a justifiable use of reasonable force in self-defence".

Lovato, meanwhile, told reporters, "I'm not doing too good. I just had the hardest three days of my life," adding that he would release a statement on Friday.

Mest released their first album in 1998 before signing to Madonna's Maverick label. The band broke up in January of 2006.


Country singer Henson Cargill has died at the age of 66 following complications from surgery. Cargill is best known for his 1968 hit 'Skip A Rope', which topped the US country charts and crossed over into the top 25 of the pop charts. The song, which tackles social problems, was described by a contemporary New York Times review as "a little morality lesson within the context of a child's skip-rope rhyme" adding that Cargill "has one of those deliciously smooth country baritones like Johnny Cash's or Dave Dudley's".

Cargill's other hits included 'None of My Business' and 'The Most Uncomplicated Goodbye I've Ever Heard'. In his later years, the singer ran a country music showplace in Oklahoma city, named Henson's, which showcased performances from the likes of Ray Charles, Merle Haggard, Roy Orbison, Glenn Campbell, Waylon Jennings and Johnny Cash.

He is survived by two sons a daughter.


Buena Vista Social Club contributor Faustino Oramas has died, apparently aged 95 - there's been some dispute over his actual age, as Oramas himself was not sure, with rumours suggesting that he was as old as 103. The Cuban musician and songwriter was suffering from liver cancer, and passed away in hospital in Holguin yesterday.


Now, it might just be me, but doesn't it look a bit like Mrs Eminem, Kim Mathers, has kind of broken her previously reported court agreement not to dis her twice ex-husband while commenting on the court agreement not to dis her twice ex-husband? Commenting on Eminem's legal moves to stop his ex-wife slagging him off in media interviews (for the sake of daughter Hailie, obviously), Mathers told New York's Hot 97 radio station yesterday: "How many songs has he done about me? How many interviews has he done where he's talking about freedom of speech? ... I do a couple of interviews and he's crying like a little girl". Which all seems to fly in the face of Monday's no-dis agreement, though she does have a point.


Church leaders on Tobago have called for a boycott of Elton John's upcoming set at the island's Plymouth Jazz Festival, after their request for a ban on his appearance was rejected by the Trinidad & Tobago House Of Assembly. As previously reported, the Christian pastors are concerned that his gig at the event will somehow have an effect on the "impressionable minds" of the island's young people, and turn them gay. Sigh.

As also previously reported, festival organiser Anthony Maharaj protested: "His band has performed in every country around the world. He is not coming here to preach about what lifestyle people should have."

Now Amnesty have voiced their concerns over the attempts to prevent the singer's appearance, the organisation's media director Mike Blakemore saying: "People have a right to be who they are, free from persecution, whether they're a pop star or a roadsweeper. Discrimination against gay people is completely prohibited by international human rights law".


Jennifer Lopez released her first Spanish language album 'Como Ama Una Mujer' ('How A Woman Loves') yesterday, and has spoken about the long player to the Paris press. Lopez, who is, of course, of Puerto Rican origin, told reporters: "I've always sung in this language so it was natural to record in Spanish. I grew up with all types of music that my mother used to listen to".

The album was produced by Colombian Julio Reyes and by her husband Marc Anthony, of whom she says: "We have lots of fun working together, that's how we met 10 years ago and we both respect each other's work".


The Distillers frontlady Brody Dalle has been talking to about her new project. The singer's new band, Spinnerette, will involve fellow Distiller Tony Bevilacqua, plus Alain Johannes, who has apparently previously worked with Eagles Of Death Metal and PJ Harvey.

Insisting that it's not over for The Distillers just yet, she explained the reasons for starting a new band: "The songs seemed out of context and inappropriate for The Distillers. I felt ambivalent about sharing them with anyone. Spinnerette get a clean slate. She gets to start over and be the new kid in town, only she ain't no kid. She's quirky and sexy and she fucks around".

The group will record their debut album in LA, but no release date or title has been announced as yet.


The Black Crowes are back recording a new album after a break of six years. The yet-to-be-titled LP is being helmed by producer Paul Stacey in studios in New York and LA. The band initially reunited, of course, back in 2005 to headline the New Year's Eve show at Madison Square Garden in New York. The new album's expected out later this year.


British songwriter Don Black will be inducted into the US Songwriters Hall Of Fame in June, one of very few British songwriters to have been awarded the honour. Commenting on his induction, Black, whose lyricist credits include 'Born Free', 'Diamonds Are Forever' and 'Ben', told CMU: "To be inducted into The Songwriters Hall of Fame is a tremendous honour, one of the very highest a writer can receive. I am absolutely delighted to be one of the relatively few Brits to join it and it is a dream to be recognized by ones peers in this way. The fact that I will be joining some of the greatest songwriters that the world has ever seen truly humbles me".

Other songwriters also due to be added to the Songwriters Hall Of Fame this year include Jackson Browne, Michael Masser, Irving Burgie, Bobby Weinstein and the late Teddy Randazzo. Other British inductees during the Hall Of Fame's 37 year history include Van Morrison, Phil Collins, Elton John and Bernie Taupin.


Happy Mondays have announced a series of tour dates to promote the release of the tentatively titled 'Freaky Funky Fish & Chips', their first album in fifteen years. Shit, that makes me feel old.

The live line-up will feature original members Shaun Ryder, Bez and drummer Gary Whelan. They'll debut their new material next month at Coachella before playing the following dates:

22 May: Inverness Ironworks
23 May: Aberdeen Music Hall
25 May: Sheffield Leadmill
26 May: Middlesbrough Town Hall
27 May: Hull University
28 May: Cambridge Junction
30 May: Northampton Roadmender
31 May: Preston 53 Degrees
1 Jun: Dudley JB's
8 Jul: Manchester Ritz


Rufus Wainwright has announced four new UK shows, set to take place this May. He is set to showcase his new album 'Release The Stars', accompanied by an 8 piece band. Here are the dates, tickets go on sale this Friday at 9am:

24 May: Portsmouth Guildhall
25 May: Bristol Colston Hall
27 May: London The Old Vic
28 May: London The Old Vic


Hip hop duo Kidz In The Hall, who had to cancel a UK gig recently because of adverse weather conditions back in the States, will play at YoYo in Notting Hill this Thursday, 29 Mar, and at Plan B in Brixton this Friday, 30 Mar. The Friday gig will also feature a DJ set from DJ Yoda. Both gigs will see the duo plugging their new album, 'School Was My Hustle', which is due out on Rawkus on 16 Apr. Press info from Outpost.


Justin Robertson will formally launch his new label, Neverwork, at Turnmills in London this weekend. The new label will release Robertson's many and various projects, including a new solo track called 'Pylon Theory', music from Justin's new band project, Thee Earls (which sees the leading DJ and producer dusting off his guitar again, and even providing lead vocals) and stuff from his Gentlemen Thief project. Which means both he and the label are going to be very busy in the coming months. As I say, it all kicks off with a launch party at Turnmills this Saturday, 31 Mar, taking place as part of the Together night and set to feature a live set from Thee Earls.

Robertson's other upcoming live nights are as follows...

12 Apr: The Social, London
5 May: Mish Mash @ Cargo, London
10 May: Pin Up @ Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes, London

Press info from Get Involved.


Foreigner have announced a thirtieth anniversary tour. I might go, on the basis that I once bought a single of their's. Can you guess which one? I bet you can.

Founding member Mick Jones says this: "I had no idea at the beginning what Foreigner would become. It's amazing. Back when I started the band, I was at a crossroads in my life, whether I was going to carry on in music or get a real job. So thirty years later, I think I made the right decision and, needless to say, it's gone way beyond my wildest dreams."

Here are the dates, tickets on sale this Friday.

9 Nov: Glasgow ABC
10 Nov: Newcastle City Hall
12 Nov: Cardiff St Davids Hall
13 Nov: Portsmouth Guildhall
15 Nov: Wolverhampton Civic Hall
16 Nov: Manchester Apollo
17 Nov: London Shepherds Bush Empire


According to reports Jack White is being lined up to play Elvis in a forthcoming comedy film set to parody recent musical biopics such as 'Walk The Line' and 'Ray'. 'Walk Hard' will apparently star the rather good John C Reilly as a Johnny Cash-ish fictional character called Dewey Cox. I find White's involvement hard to believe as he so rarely seems to sport a genuine sense of humour. But perhaps he'll surprise me.


Damn them to hell - I always wanted to do a CMU annual, and now if we ever do it will look like we ripped off Franz Ferdinand. Yep, Franz Ferdinand have published an old school style annual full of puzzles, stories, fact files and the like, all designed by guitarist Nick McCarthy's sister Anna. You can buy it for £10.99 from Quite why it's been released now and not, as is traditional, at Christmas time, I'm not sure.


O2's previously reported unsigned band competition thingimy - O2 Undiscovered - is reaching its final stages. The judging panel have chosen their favourite ten out of all the demos submitted - but punters can get one more of the shortlisted thirty bands through to the final by voting for them at the competition's website, if that makes any sense whatsoever. But you only have until 6pm tonight to do that, so I'd got to now if I were you.


MySpace rival Bebo this morning announced a new partnership with download company 7Digital which will see them add a music sales facility to their music section, similar to that facility being developed by MySpace in conjunction with Snocap.

The Bebo deal will see 7Digital's existing (and previously reported) download service for unsigned bands, Indiestore, integrated into the social networking site's artist pages, allowing artists to sell their music from their Bebo page. Artists will be able to sell up to four different tracks for free, and will be offered an upgrade for a small subscription that allows them to sell up to twenty different tracks.

Confirming the new partnership, 7digital MD Ben Drury told CMU: "Our mission is to provide artists and labels with all the tools they need to start making money from their music. Artists can be successful and break into the charts now with minimum outlay; they just need a reasonable audience. The partnership with Bebo brings the functionality of the 7digital platform to millions and gives artists mass exposure - it's great news for all".

Bebo's President International Joanna Shields added: "We're adding more than 3000 new bands and artists each day and affording individuals a voice to express themselves and share their music and passions with likeminded people. Music remains a defining part of the Bebo network experience and our partnership with 7digital will present additional value to our users allowing them to not only discover, but purchase music on Bebo".


HitsDailyDouble has reported rumours that Bertelsmann is close to reaching a settlement with Warner Music regarding its financial support of the original Napster. As reported yesterday, Bertelsmann has just settled with EMI, who were plaintiffs in a long running lawsuit against the German media conglom which claimed that by supporting the original Napster P2P company in the months before its bankruptcy, Bertelsmann made themselves liable for the illegal filesharing Napster enabled during that time. Bertelsmann still haven't accepted that liability, but have reached an undisclosed settlement to end the EMI litigation. Warner wasn't part of the litigation, but still withholds the right to take similar action in the future. With that in mind, and to avoid future legal strife, word has it Bertelsmann will reach a deal with Warner any time now, in which Warner will get a pay off in return for a commitment to never pursue legal action in relation to Bertelsmann's Napster support.


Richard Eyre, a former ITV CEO, has announced he is stepping down from the board of the Guardian Media Group so to take on the role of Chairman over there at GCap (sitting on both boards wouldn't really work, them both competing in the radio sector, though Eyre is expected to continue advising GMG's newspaper businesses). Current GCap chairman Peter Cawdron - who was always meant to be in the job on a temporary basis - will step back to the role of deputy.

The GCap role is a return home of sorts, because Eyre ran the radio group's flagship station Capital Radio between 1991 and 1997. Commenting on the new job, he told the Guardian: "It is a very different firm from when I was at Capital before and the market circumstances are also very different. It is a different company with different challenges, but despite that there are enough similarities that make one feel a sense of familiarity about the place. There is a sense of going back to something that is known".


The chief executive of Tindle Radio has revealed he could attempt a management buyout if the media company's owner, Ray Tindle, decides to sell. Eighty year old Tindle, who owns 14 radio stations as well as 200 odd local newspapers, has indicated he might sell off some of his radio stations, and Tindle Radio boss Kevin Stewart says he may well lead a bid to buy them if that happens. The Guardian quote Stewart thus: "Ray is looking at maybe slimming down. If he did want to sell I would be first in line."


More possible radio sales. EMAP yesterday forecast a "weak" year ahead for both its radio and consumer magazine divisions, with revenues down 2% across the group. In a trading statement, the group also said it was considering selling three of its Irish radio stations. The statement said that the outcome for financial year 2006/07 would be "in line with current expectations", which, following a similar announcement last month, were already "toward the bottom end of market expectations". The group added that while its consumer facing businesses continued to struggle in "weak" market conditions, its business-to-business operations remained strong.


Hip hop/electro type Just Jack has told the Daily Record that he's not been able to work with Kylie Minogue, because he's just too busy. Recent reports suggested that he had in fact been working with the singer, who apparently loved his album 'Overtones'.

Jack, aka Jack Allsopp says: "It isn't true that I have been writing songs with Kylie. She heard my album, liked it and said it would be nice to do something. I'm too busy to do any music at the moment. I get one day off every three weeks at the moment so there is nothing I can do about it."


Well, reports seem to be presently suggesting that Mr Robbie Williams and Ms Lindsay Lohan have been spending some quality time together, and the speculation is that they're more than just friends. That, however, doesn't seem to agree with suggestions from elsewhere in the media that Williams keeps trying to pull Lohan and keeps failing to do so. It also doesn't agree with rumour that Lohan's also been seeing Jude Law. Plus, a number of gossip bloggers have claimed that she's actually been romancing the one and only James Blunt, who has apparently become a bit ubiquitous on the LA party scene of late following an alleged split from supermodel girlfriend Petra Nemkova.

Aren't all these men a little old for Lohan? She's only 21 or something.


Noel Gallagher has been paying people compliments, which makes a change, though he did manage to include one slightly ambitious claim regarding his own band's influence on the wider world of British pop music.

Anyway, here's what he told Virgin Radio at his previously reported Royal Albert Hall show in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust: "I don't think pop music will ever go away, the British Isles make the best pop music. What's cool is that great pop music is being made with guitars, I guess Oasis opened the door for that. There's some really great pop music being played coming out of the pages of NME like Klaxons and Hot Chip, not necessarily guitar music. I think it's pretty good actually ... Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian, I love the Kings of Leon, and possibly nearly every band in Liverpool. Klaxons make great singles, Babyshambles maybe".

Asked about his support band at the Monday night gig, The View, he continued: "I like them but I can't understand a word they are saying. I'll bring my missus down later so she can do some interpreting for us because she is Scottish. I love their singles".


Joss Stone is apparently "furious" that her newly pink hair and nose ring were air brushed off the photo of here used for a cover shot by Harper's Bazaar. Well, at least that's what a source has told Metro. A spokeswoman for the magazine says: "As far as we are aware, her management is really happy with the cover". We'd try and track down Stone herself to find out what's going on here, but we're assuming no one out there really cares, so haven't bothered.


The nominations for the radio industry's big awards, the Sony Awards, were announced in London last night. And here's those nominations - be warned, there's an awful lot...

The Breakfast Show Award: Five Live Breakfast - BBC Radio News for Five Live; The Bush & Troy Show - GWR FM Bristol; The Jo & Twiggy Breakfast Show - 96 Trent FM; The Today Programme - BBC Radio News for Radio 4; Toolan in the Morning - Key 103 Manchester

The Music Programme Award: Discovering Music - BBC Radio 3 Manchester for Radio 3; Heart Drivetime with Emma B - London's Heart 106.2; Popworld Radio - UBC Media for 4Radio; The Mark Radcliffe Show - Smooth Operations for BBC Radio 2; Zane Lowe - BBC Radio 1

The Specialist Music Programme Award: Friction - BBC Asian Network; Jazz House - BBC Radio Scotland; Music:Response with Clint Boon - XFM Manchester; The Freak Zone - BBC 6 Music; Westwood - Justice Entertainment for BBC Radio 1

The News & Current Affairs Programme Award: BBC Radio Suffolk Breakfast - BBC Radio Suffolk; Five Live Breakfast - BBC Radio News for Five Live; Real News at Five - Real Radio Yorkshire News Team for Real Radio Yorkshire; The Today Programme - BBC Radio News for Radio 4; Weekend Business - BBC Business & Economics for Five Live

The Sports Programme Award: Five Live Sport - BBC Radio Sport for Five Live; Planet Speedway - BBC Radio Oxford; Sportsweek - Front Page Media for BBC Radio Five Live; SuperScoreboard (Live & Xtra) - Radio Clyde News for Clyde 1; The Pain of the Game - Inverness Conversation &
Communities Strand for BBC Radio Scotland

The Speech Programme Award: Front Row - BBC Radio Arts for Radio 4; PM - BBC Radio News for Radio 4; The Jeremy Vine Show - BBC Radio 2; The Reunion - Whistledown Productions for BBC Radio 4; Woman's Hour - BBC General Factual for Radio 4

The Interactive Programme Award: PM - BBC Radio News for Radio 4; Scott Mills - BBC Radio 1; The Big Brum Breakfast with Elliott & Caroline - BRMB; The Pete Price Show - Radio City 96.7; Victoria Derbyshire - BBC Radio News for Five Live

The Entertainment Award: Bowie @ Breakfast - Radio Clyde for Clyde 1; Heart Breakfast with Jamie Theakston & Harriet Scott, London's Heart 106.2; The Chris Evans Show - BBC Radio 2; The Chris Moyles Show - BBC Radio 1; The Jo & Twiggy Breakfast Show - 96 Trent FM

The Music Broadcaster of the Year: Andi Durrant - Galaxy Network Programming & Distorted Productions for the Galaxy Network; Clint Boon - XFM Manchester; Colin Murray - BBC Radio 1; Jo Whiley - BBC Radio 1; Steve Lamacq - BBC 6 Music

The Music Radio Personality of the Year: Andy Kershaw - BBC Radio 3; Chris Evans - BBC Radio 2; Dominik Diamond - XFM Scotland; Jonathan Ross - BBC Radio 2 & Off The Kerb Productions
for Radio 2; Mark Radcliffe - Smooth Operations for BBC Radio 2

The News Journalist of the Year: John Humphrys - The Today Programme, BBC Radio News
for Radio 4; Key 103 & Magic 1152 News Team - Key 103 & Magic 1152 Manchester; Mike Thomson - The Today Programme, BBC Radio News for Radio 4; Peter Allen - BBC Radio News for Five Live; Shari Vahl - BBC Manchester for Radio 4

The Speech Broadcaster of the Year: Anna Raeburn - LBC 97.3fm; Eddie Nestor - BBC London 94.9; George Arney - World Service News & Current Affairs for the World Service; John Humphrys - The Today Programme, BBC Radio News for Radio 4; Vanessa Feltz - BBC London 94.9

The Station Programmer of the Year: Francis Currie - Heart Brand Programme Director for the Heart Network; Ric Blaxill - Head of Programmes for BBC 6 Music; Richard Maddock - Programme Director for Radio City 96.7

The Drama Award: Breakfast with Mugabe - A Royal Shakespeare Company Production by Catherine Bailey Ltd for BBC Radio 3; In Search of Oldton - BBC Radio Drama for Radio 4; Lorilei - BBC Radio Drama for Radio 4; The Cairo Trilogy - Goldhawk Essential Productions for Radio 4; True West - BBC Radio Drama for Radio 3

The Comedy Award: 1966 And All That - BBC Radio Entertainment for Radio 4; Armando Iannucci's Charm Offensive - Pozzitive Television for BBC Radio 4: Giles Wemmbley Hogg Geht Zum FussballWeltmeisterschaft Weg! - Pozzitive Television for BBC Radio 4; North By North North - BBC Radio Scotland; Pleased To Meet You - BBC7 & BBC Radio Leeds for BBC7

The Feature Award: Chasing A Cure - Somethin' Else for BBC Radio 4; Don't Hang Up:Night Lines - BBC Radio Documentaries for Radio 4; Fighting To Be Normal - BBC Radio Documentaries for Radio 4; On The Road - BBC Northern Ireland for Radio Ulster; Radio Ballads 2006: The Song Of Steel - Smooth Operations for BBC Radio 2

The Music Special Award: Malcolm McLaren's Musical Map of London - Just Radio for BBC Radio 2; Shostakovich: A Journey into Light - BBC Radio 3; The Beatles "Love" - Capital Gold for the Capital Gold UK Radio Network; The Invisible Man: The Rod Temperton Story (Part One) - Wise Buddah Creative for BBC Radio 2; The Poet, The Rocker: The Phil Lynott Story - Wise Buddah Creative for BBC Radio 2

The News Feature Award: Aberfan: Forty Years On - Real Radio Wales News Team for Real Radio Wales; Assignment: Cheaper Than The Ground - BBC News & Current Affairs for the World Service; Coming Home - Unique the production company for BBC Radio 1; Letters from Guantanamo Bay - Whistledown Productions for BBC Radio 4; Love, 'Honour' and Obey - BBC Birmingham for the Asian Network

The Breaking News Award: Terror Alert - The Today Programme, BBC Radio News for Radio 4; Test Match Collapse - BBC Radio News for Five Live Sports Extra; The London Tornado - BBC London 94.9; The London Tornado - LBC Newsroom for LBC News 1152am; War In Lebanon - World Service News & Current Affairs for the World Service

The Live Event Coverage Award: Notting Hill Carnival - Kiss 100; The Alan Shearer Testimonial - Magic 1152 Sport for Magic 1152; The Day That Changed The World - General News Service Special Report BBC Radio News for the Nations & Regions; The Manchester Bomb: Ten Years On - BBC Radio Manchester; The Queen's 80th Birthday - Andrew Peach Special for BBC Radio Berkshire

The Community Award: Bare All 06: Safer Sex Campaign - Radio 1 & 1Xtra for the BBC; Phones for Paul's Place - BBC Radio Bristol; Radio Ballads 2006: 30 Years Of Conflict - Smooth Operations for BBC Radio 2; Sea Sense - BBC Radio Cornwall; The Plot - BBC Radio Berkshire

The Promo Award: Brunel 200 - BBC Radio Bristol; Kerrang! Radio Valentines - Kerrang! Radio; Real Radio Renegade - Real Radio Group Imaging for Real Radio Yorkshire, Wales & Scotland; The Ashes - Five Live Promotions for Five Live Sports Extra; The World Cup 2006 - 2 -Ten FM

The Competition Award: Hairy Fairy - Pirate fm; Live In It To Win It - Metro Radio; Manhunt - Galaxy Programming for the Galaxy Network; The BH Jam Spoon from the Broadcasting House Programme - BBC Radio News for Radio 4; Who's Calling Christian? - Virgin Radio

The Station Imaging Award: 96.3 Radio Aire; Choice FM; Classic FM; Planet Rock; talkSPORT

The Internet Programme Award: Baddiel & Skinner's World Cup Podcast - Avalon Television &
Times Online for Times Online &; Firin' Squad Unsigned Podcast - Wise Buddah Talent for; My Streets: A Rudeboy's Guide to Peckham - All Out Productions for 4Radio; The Game with Danny Kelly Podcast - Times Online; The Insight Show - VIPonAIR & RNIB for

Station Of the Year with a potential audience of under 300,000: Isle Of Wight Radio; Moray Firth Radio; Silk FM

Station Of the Year with a potential audience of 300,000 -1 million: BBC Hereford & Worcester; BBC Radio Derby; Lincs FM 102.2

Station Of The Year with a potential audience of 1 million plus: BBC Radio Ulster; Kerrang! Radio; Radio City 96.7

Digital Terrestrial Station Of The Year: BBC Asian Network; FUN Radio; Gaydar Radio

UK Station of the Year: BBC Radio 1; BBC Radio 2; Classic FM

The awards themselves take place on 30 Apr.

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