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In today's CMU Daily:
- Sanctuary reportedly winding down US labels
- Attorney selected to over see James Brown Junior paternity test
- Primal Scream added to Bestival line up
- Insomniacs Ball cancelled
- Leger wins ISC grand prize
- Foo Fighters re-sign to RCA
- Sebadoh man on reissues
- Good Shoes cover design competition
- Bloc Party encourage fans to make DIY video
- Bumbershoot line up
- Lovebox line up
- Airwaves line up
- Scott Walker bio-pic opens this month
- Live Review: Paul Curreri at The Luminaire
- Scottish coffee chain introduces instore SMS download service
- SonyBMG announce new mobile licensing deal in China
- Pias announce new Australian partnership
- OfCom agrees C4 needs new revenue streams
- Phone regulator clamps down on premium rate phone ins
- Musicians choose the music on new Xfm show
- Album review: Robyn - Robyn
- Kaiser Ricky not impressed with new bands playing Diana concert
- Baby Metallica name battle returns to court
- Richards says ashes snorting remark a joke
- Katona hits out at McFadden kids comment


Hey everybody, Happy Chocolate Eating Day for Sunday, and I hope you enjoy Bun Eating Day tomorrow, don't you just love these old fashion British holidays? Your CMU Daily won't be here tomorrow or Monday because we assume you won't be either. We'll be back on Tuesday, though your always friendly Top Bit will be taking the Easter week off to enjoy some long lunches in country pubs and long walks along the (hopefully) sunny beaches just up the coast from Brighton. So I should squeeze a week's worth of Top Bit type things into today's edition. So, erm, here we go.

My, isn't DRM silly, why don't the major labels just get rid of that? Oh look, one of them did. Well done them. You know what they should do now? They should tell the mightily foolish RIAA to stop suing file sharing kids and put their energies into finding innovative new business models instead. I wonder if EMI's DRM decision will finally open up digital music sector and stop Apple being so damn dominant and nasty? I hope so. I don't like Apple being the nasty guys. I want to love Apple again, like in the old days. More new festivals launching I see, wow, can the live music market really sustain all these new festivals? I don't know. It seems to I suppose. What about the online touts hey? Can we do anything about them? Probably - Glasto style ticketing, mobile ticketing etc. Do we need to? Not really sure it matters - if people are stupid enough to pay for overpriced touted tickets, then so be it. Talking of stupid people, I see the premium phone rate regulator are introducing new rules so that broadcasters will have to be more honest as to just how much their ripping off their viewers. Will it stop stupid people phoning rip off phone lines? Probably not. Does it matter? Well, if people are stupid enough, blah blah blah. All quiet of the major label mergers front isn't it? I wonder what the EMI DRM announcement means for Warner's chances of taking over EMI? Warner have always been very pro-DRM, that might have to change if they still want to buy their rival. Perhaps they've gone off that idea. Which would make all that falling out over the IMPALA/Warner deal a bit silly. I wonder if Sanctuary's latest downsizing will help turn round the fortunes of the cross-sector company? Hope so, I quite like their business model. Or perhaps we should be relying on Mama/Channelfly to make that business model work - they seem to be very much in expansive mode at the moment don't they? Why did the BBC axe Top Of The Pops again? Why do people pay any notice of the made up RAJARs? Why do continuity announcers talk over great music at the end of TV shows? (Talking over the track at the end of the Lennon bio-pic screened by BBC 2 on Friday was especially unforgivable). Will people really start calling the Millennium Dome The O2? Actually, I'm starting to think they will.

There you go, that should do. Oh, no, I forgot about the plugging. Don't forget the new album from our good friend Eddy TM is out next week - it rocks. How about introducing a colleague to the CMU Daily today? Go on, that'll be fun. Tell them to email their name, job title and email address to Oh yes, and go fill out our readers' survey. You literally only have days to do it now - Good, that's enough plugging.

What else? Oh yes, we sometime run corrections up here. Well, fortuitously, I made a mistake in yesterday's Daily. McFly play the Astoria on 8 May, not 14 Apr as we said. That's the day the tickets go on sale. Doh.

And that is surely enough Top Bit to keep you going for a week or so. Have a great Easter.



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VIGSY'S EASTER CLUB TIP: Best Kept Secret at Medicine
The Best Kept Secret lot raise the stakes by having Detroit native, world-renowned producer/DJ and all round house music legend Alton Miller down. Promoting new album 'Souls Like Mine', out soon on R2/BBE Records, he will no doubt rock this Shoreditch night, which boasts a good mix of bass heavy soul, house, funk and hip hop, plus some abstract dance for the more discerning punters. With head of the night Nick Matthews and Sambalanco also on the bill - it should be quality one, and I'll be down there for a celebration with a few of the CMU crew... Cheers!

Sat 7th April, 9pm-3am, Medicine, 89 Great Eastern Street, Shoreditch, London, RSVP to for £5 guestlist, £7 otherwise, info at or


So, when the Sanctuary Group said last week that it was "reviewing" its US recorded music operations we predicted that that meant downsizing in the Group's American labels, though not quite this much downsizing. Billboard yesterday reported that the company actually plans to completely wind up its American labels, ultimately operating just a catalogue label operation in the States

Billboard say London based execs briefed the company's New York recorded music team about their plans for the US label division last week, confirming that work would continue on recent and scheduled releases, including recent albums from hellogoodbye and Halifax and upcoming releases from Ataris, House Of Fools, Jonny Greenwood and Dolores O'Riordan, but after that non-catalogue based frontline operations in the US would be wound down, with no future plans to sign new artists to Sanctuary's US labels.

How Sanctuary will subsequently distribute releases from its UK signed artists in the US isn't clear - the team that remains in place to licence and market the company's catalogue may take a role in this, or subsequent UK releases may be released in the States through distribution partners.


James Brown's maybe widow Tomi Rae Hynie has selected a "special guardian" for her and (possibly) the late singer's son, James Brown II, as a first step in determining the child's paternity.

Trustee's for Brown's estate requested a DNA test to ascertain whether or not the late singer is the boy's father last month. Hynie has always said she had no problem with such a test taking place, and so the process to enable such a test is now seemingly underway. Before a paternity test can take place a "special guardian" needs to be appointed to oversee the process, and Brown's estate recently issued a list of lawyers they'd be willing to see fulfill that role. From that list Hynie's people have selected one Stephen M Slotchiver. That appointment should be formalized at a court hearing later this month.

As previously reported, the paternity test is important for the son's future because neither he nor his mother were listed in the singer's will. Given that Brown and Hynie's marriage is of question (because Hynie was allegedly already married at the time of her and Brown's wedding), James Brown II needs conclusive proof the singer was his father to have any case in securing a cut of his estate.


Bestival just got bigger, oh yes. Yesterday the mighty Primal Scream joined the bill, alongside other previously announced headliners Beastie Boys and The Chemical Brothers. Other additions to the festival, which takes place from 7-9 Sep on the Isle Of Wight, include The Rumble Strips, Xerox Teens, Kid Carpet and Kid Harpoon.


Talking of CMU's favourite events, bad news this time I'm afraid, because just an hour after our final big up for the third Insomniacs Ball in yesterday's Daily the events' promoters, Leyline, let us know the bad news that, due to circumstances beyond their control, the event has had to be cancelled. Damn.

Here is Leyline's official announcement, released yesterday afternoon: "Due to circumstances beyond our control The Insomniacs Ball unfortunately cannot go ahead tomorrow as planned. We sincerely regret any inconvenience that may have been caused as a result and can assure anyone who has bought tickets in advance that they will be refunded in full through our ticket agency. This is a temporary situation that we are working hard to rectify and will be announcing an alternative date for the next Insomniacs Ball in the near future".

We'll let you know more as soon as we hear more.


The winners have been announced for the 2006 outing of the big International Songwriting Competition, and out of the almost 15,000 songs submitted this year, from 88 different countries, the overall Grand Prize winner was one Scott Leger of Austin, Texas for his song 'Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow'. As well as the global prestige of coming top, he also wins a $25,000 prize, which can't be bad.

The Competition's judging panel said of the winning song, which Leger wrote after learning that a friend had been diagnosed with cancer: "In addition to its lyrical content, the song's memorable chorus and strong pop sensibility resonated with the ISC judges, culminating in it being awarded this year's prestigious Grand Prize". Meanwhile the Competition's founder and director, Candace Avery, told CMU: "'Maybe Tonight, Maybe Tomorrow' is a song that all of us can relate to and draw strength from. As the lead singer and principle songwriter of the award-winning band Wideawake, Leger brings a passion and purpose to his songwriting that is inspirational and timeless".

Commenting on his big win, Leger added: "It's a huge honor to be recognized by the ISC and their renowned group of judges among so many talented artists and great songs. I'm truly blown away by the overwhelming response and all the support that this song has gotten".

In addition to the Grand Prize the ISC award many other prizes and honourable mentions, which you can check out at Meantime any budding songwriters out there might be interested in entering the 2007 competition, for which entries are already being accepted - check the entry form page at for details.


Foo Fighters have signed a new recording contract with SonyBMG's RCA Records. Look, here's Dave Grohl confirming it all: "With all the crazy shit that's gone down in the record business over the last 10 years, it's been a huge comfort to know that the people at RCA have always had our backs. The support and freedom they've given us has been invaluable and I'm glad to have them continuing with us into this band's second decade". The band will soon go back into the studio with producer Gil Norton to work on the first long player of the new deal.


Sebadoh's Lou Barlow has been chatting to the NME about his band's plans to rerelease various past albums. Here are the words he used. "We're basically just beginning the process of reissuing all of the Sebadoh records, except for the last one which nobody really cares about. We're starting with 'Sebadoh III' and then doing 'The Freed Man' and then 'Weed Forestin', then 'Bubble And Scrape' and then 'Bakesale'. Those will all happen in a regular schedule for the next few years".

He also chatted to the NME more generally on his decision to get involved with the rereleases and participate in a Sebadoh reunion tour. Admitting that the reunion of his other band, Dinosaur Jr, (they have a new album in the pipeline) was partly motivated by the money, he said: "Anything I do with Sebadoh is not for the money. I don't really make money off of Sebadoh. We just realised that we have a lot of material and we would do well to repackage it and put it all together because we've never reissued anything before".


Does anyone design their own artwork these days? Everyone seems to want their fans to do it for them. Ah well, good for those aspiring creative types I suppose. The latest 'design a cover' competition comes from those Good Shoes, and the three best designs will be used on three limited edition CDs released by the band via the Chain With No Name stores.

To be honest I'm a bit confused as to exactly how this works because there's a stencil you can pick up at CWNN shops or download from the band's website. I'm not sure why you need the stencil and no one's answering their phone who could tell me, but you do have to include the band's logo in your design, so perhaps that's what you might want the stencil for. I don't know. But the stencil URL is below, so you can download it if you wish. Entries should be submitted to by 1 May. Despite my confusion as to how all this works, I'm feeling a little arty this sunny morning, so perhaps I'll have a go myself.


Does anyone pay people to be in music videos these days? Everyone seems to want their fans to appear for free. The latest 'appear in our video' promotion comes from those Bloc Party types. But this isn't one of those 'show up and we'll film you' things, it's a 'create your own video clip, upload it to YouTube and we'll edit together the best ones into our video' thing, which requires a whole load more commitment from the fans, but hey, I'm told film making is easy in this digital age, so perhaps not that much commitment. The 'fan clips video' will be used as an alternative pop promo for new singe 'I Still Remember', which is out on Monday. The makers of any clips used will get tickets to the band's upcoming sold-out UK tour, which are probably worth a bob or two on eBay, so perhaps I'll have a go myself.

More info is at


More festivals news for you, this time the wonderfully titled Bumbershoot Music & Arts Festival which will take place in Seattle in September. Confirmed to play so far are The Shins, Wu Tang Clan, Panic! At The Disco, Crowded House, Devendra Banhart, Gogol Bordello and Kill Hannah. I know this because I went to It's not rocket science you know, this festival line up news reporting. Any of you planning on being in Seattle from 1-3 Sep might want to buy tickets from the website, three day passes are $75 while day tickets are $30.


A festival a bit closer to home now. Well, closer to my home. The line up has been announced for the Lovebox Weekender 2007, which takes place on 21 and 22 Jul, and for which tickets went on sale just there yesterday. Groove Armada will headline which isn't that surprising, it being their festival and all. Also at the top of the bill are the wonderful B52s, which is very exciting cos they were due to play Wireless last year but pulled out, leaving this B52s fan very disappointed. So I'm going to be in London's Victoria Park for this come rain or shine. Well, perhaps not come rain. I love the B52s but I possibly love not getting drenched more. Anyway, monsoons permitting, here's the other CMU favourites I plan to take in at the Lovebox Weekender: Tiga, Scratch Perverts, Malcolm Middleton, Freeform Five, Kissy Sell Out, Nouvelle Vague, Digitalism, Last Man Standing and the Williams Fairey Brass Band. I do hope none of those people clash. Full info and all that gubbins is at


Nearer to my home than Seattle, but not as near as Victoria Park, is good old quite hard to spell Reykjavik, home to the Iceland Airwaves Festival, which will take place from 17-21 Oct this year, featuring some 170 bands, of which 34 were confirmed this week. Here's the line up so far: Bloc Party, Best Fwends, Gus Gus, FM Belfast, Of Montreal, Reykjavik!, Benni Hemm Hemm, Jenny Wilson, Jeff Who?, Lay Low, Mammut, Ultra Mega Technobandio Stefan, Eberg, Mugison, Ampop, mum, Dikta, !!!, Hjaltalin, Retro Stefson, Sprengjuhollin, Sign, Esja, My Summer As A Salvation Soldier, Buck 65, Pétur Ben, Shadow Parade, Gavin Portland, Ólof Arnalds, Benny Crespo's Gang, Motion Boys. More at


Verve Pictures will this month release a brand new film documenting the career of the legend that is Scott Walker taking in his early days as a jobbing bass player on the Sunset Strip, through mega-stardom as lead singer of The Walker Brothers, to his evolution into the musical icon he has become. The film will also include behind the scenes footage of the making of Walker's most recent album 'The Drift', which was released on Beggar's 4AD label last year. There will be screenings at various arthouse cinemas around the UK from 27 Apr - details of some are below - while you'll find more info on the film, called 'Scott Walker: 30 Century Man', at

The following cinemas will be screening the movie for the weeks that commence as follows (ie these dates are Fridays, and the movie will show for the week that follows each Friday, although in some places it will only screen on two or three days, so best to check local listings).

w/c 27 Apr
Curzon Soho, London
Odeon Panton Street, London
Watershed, Bristol
Showroom, Sheffield

w/c 4 May
Ritzy Brixton, London

w/c 11 May
Cinema Barbican, London
Pictureville, Bradford
Picturehouse, Exeter

w/c 18 May
Film Theatre, Glasgow

w/c 23 May (all just one day during the week)
Cineworld, Ashton Under Lyne
Cineworld, Bexleyheath
Cineworld, Birmingham Broad St
Cineworld, Braintree
Cineworld, Burton
Cineworld, Bury St. Edmunds
Cineworld, Castleford
Cineworld, Feltham
Cineworld, Huntingdon
Cineworld, Ilford
Cineworld, Llandudno
Cineworld, Luton
Cineworld, Rugby
Cineworld, Runcorn
Cineworld, Shrewsbury
Cineworld, Solihull
Cineworld, St Helens
Cineworld, Wakefield
Cineworld, Wandsworth
Cineworld, Wolverhampton

w/c 25 May
Filmhouse, Edinburgh
Harbour Lights, Southampton (for 3 Days)
Lighthouse, Wolverhampton (for 4 Days)
Picturehouse, Clapham (for 2 Days)

w/c 1 Jun
Barn, Dartington (for 2 Days)
Phoenix, Oxford (for 1 Day)
Watermans, Brentford

w/c 15 Jun
Duke Of Yorks, Brighton (3 Days)
Harbour Lights, Southampton (3 Days)
Lighthouse, Wolverhampton (4 Days)
Picturehouse, Clapham


LIVE REVIEW: Paul Curreri at the Luminaire, Kilburn on 4 Apr
Candlelight, disco balls and a cross legged audience set the mood for Paul Curreri's acoustic set at Kilburn's Luminaire last night. The guitarist and songwriter from Charlottesville Tennessee was in town showcasing songs from his upcoming May release 'The Velvet Rut'. Having never performed these new cuts live before, Curreri excused himself when placing cheat sheets on the stage floor, but it was the surprise (to him) cameo appearance by his wife and fellow musician Devin Sproule, who he thought had previously flown back across the pond, that really made him fumble. Despite the obvious inability to remember his own music, Paul was no disappointment to his listeners winning us over with a chuckle and brilliantly improvised talk of Euro style mens shoes that haven't yet made it to New York. Singing of bootleggers, corn liquor and fiddle players, Curerri was the perfect representation of American roots music. With blues roots, folk influences and demanding instrumental part writing, he grunts and moans over his Martin guitar barely able to stay in his seat, creating melodies we all openly admired with dropped jaws. After an hour and a half solo performance, Paul closed out the night accompanied by his aforementioned wife. Together they presented us with the gift of an intimate and gorgeous duet, setting the perfect mood and lulling us all home to a perfectly pleasant night's sleep. RL


Scottish based coffee chain Beanscene, who have always aimed to mix the coffee house and music store experience, have launched a new instore service whereby customers who like any song being played in one of their coffee shops can order the track while drinking their coffee via the company's own SMS enabled download platform.

An extension of the 7Digital powered download platform that features on the coffee chain's new website, the service means that when users hear a track they like being played on the store's 'instore radio station' they can text a special ID code displayed on plasma screens to a special mobile number and in return they will get an SMS voucher which can be used to download the song when they get home via their PC. The cost of the download will be charged to their mobile phone bill.

Commenting on the service, Beanscene founder Gordon Richardson told CMU: "The launch of our download store, together with our new website, marks the realisation of our original aim to bring together all aspects of the Beanscene vibe to create a place where anyone can come to spend some time with friends and family; somewhere that kids are made to feel welcome; where customers can sit back and soak up the sounds of the scene while chilling out over an espresso and a bite to eat in their own backyard. Our new download store means that not only can customers enjoy their refreshments and snacks whilst listening to an eclectic mix of music from our unique AAA (Alternative Adult Album) format in-store radio station, but they can now instantly buy their favourite tracks, either via download or by SMS text".


SonyBMG have announced details of a new licensing agreement which will expand its presence in the Chinese mobile music space. The deal is with a company called Global Music International who provide music to China Unicom, the county's second largest mobile firm. The deal covers ringtones, ringback tones and music and video downloads.


Brussels based record company and music distributor Play It Again Sam has announced it is setting up a new Australian and New Zealand operation.

The new division is the result of a new 50:50 joint venture with Liberator Music, the previously reported Australian based music company set up last year by former Shock Entertainment execs Nick Dunshea and Vince Donato as part of Michael Gudinski's Mushroom Group, which was founded with the aim of releasing music from international talent in the Australasian market. The new deal between PIAS and Liberator will see the Australian outfit release music from artists signed to PIAS' European labels or distributed locally by PIAS' distribution companies (Wall Of Sound and Vital in the UK).

The new deal will see PIAS' European chiefs again working with Dunshea, because their previous distribution partnership in Australia was with Shock Entertainment, where Dunshea was A&R Director at the time. PIAS hope that because their new distribution partner is part of the wider Mushroom Group, their artists may be able to benefit from skills elsewhere in that group, including Mushroom's touring, publishing and licensing companies.


A report commissioned by media regulator OfCom reckons that Channel 4 will be a loss making concern by 2009, and will be very much eating into its cash reserves, which is good news for the publicly owned broadcaster, which has been saying that it will soon need new kinds of public funding as the value of its flagship analogue station declines in the multi-channel digital TV age.

This is what Channel 4 CEO Andy Duncan had to say about the OfCom report: "The report identifies the 'difficult trade-offs' Channel 4 faces between using cash reserves to cover future losses, investing to create new profit streams or cutting our programme budgets to reduce projected deficits but also our public service contribution. In our view, this report makes clear that it's no longer a question of 'if' Channel 4 needs new forms of public support to replace our gifted analogue spectrum, which is rapidly declining in value, but 'when'. We believe Ofcom should now progress to identifying appropriate new forms of support that will give Channel 4 a secure financial base from which to plan our future strategy and public service contribution".

Perhaps they should introduce more of those dodgy viewer phone in things that are so good at stripping the general public of their cash.


Oh damn, the premium phone line regulator is introducing new rules that will make it harder to fleece money out of viewers by making them pay to phone in for competitions they've next to no chance of actually participating in.

Regulator Icstis has, of course, been investigating the use of premium rate phone ins by TV companies after various scandals surfaced where by viewers were told to phone in to take part in competitions for which contestants had already been selected. Aside from having to be more strict in ensuring that kind of thing doesn't happen any more, Icstis is also making TV phone in shows be clearer in informing viewers of their chances of actually getting on air, and to provide more information on the cost of taking part.

Icstis say they have worked closely with OfCom, broadcasters, show producers and phone firms in coming up with their new rules, which will come into force in four weeks, and that they hope the new measures will restore public confidence in the phone in shows. Icstis chief George Kidd told reporters yesterday: "We believe these new measures, which are designed to address the concerns that have been raised recently, will go a long way to restoring consumer trust in this form of TV quiz".

Of course whether the new warnings will actually stop people wasting their money by entering these shows I don't know - probably not - Channel 4 could probably still bank on rip off phone feature income to help balance their books.


Xfm is launching a new celebrity fronted show which will operate a bit like the Takeover show they used to have in the old days, where music celebs get to play their favourite music for an hour or two. The new show will be called The Xfm Residency, and the first music type involved will be Damon Albarn. He'll present the show for four weeks, before those Manic Street Preachers take over. The show will go out across the Xfm network on Sundays at 9pm. Announcing the new show, Xfm MD Nick Davidson said it would be a "fantastic opportunity for our listeners to hear the music that their music idols enjoy and are inspired by".


ALBUM REVIEW: Robyn - Robyn (Konichiwa Records)
A teenage phenomenon in her homeland of Sweden during the late 1990s with success in both the UK and the United States, Robyn has spent much of the last decade or so positively reacting against this, refusing to be pigeonholed or marketed as record labels and marketing people would like. A genuinely feisty proposition, Robyn has decided to go it alone, releasing her eponymous album on her own label, and making her own career decisions. When most of her contemporaries go off the rails and are exposed as mildly talented singers with no creativity when left to their own devices, Robyn excels. This album is more or less a combination of a 2005's self titled album that didn't get a UK release and 2006's 'The Rakamonie EP', which both received positive reviews from cooler-than-thou websites Pitchfork and Stylus, with the likes of 'Be Mine' and 'With Every Heartbeat' considered amongst the best singles of 2005 and 2006. These are certainly two of the albums highlights; the former with its synthetic strings comes across as a more acceptable alternative to 'Since U Been Gone', whilst the latter has doom-laden synths to match the mournful lyrics. In fact that's what Robyn's subject matter is more often that not, but since that's been the most common theme for lyrics since the dawn of pop music, who are we to complain? Robyn's managed to rope in some of Sweden's most talented producers to assist with this album, but the most exciting news is the fact that The Knife collaborated on 'Who's That Girl', which sounds as if it could have been an outtake from their wonderful 'Silent Shout' album from last year. When most pop music remains bland, processed and packaged, Robyn is a refreshing antidote to that; a singer who broke free from the chains of manufactured pop to follow her unique vision. KW
Release date: 2 May
Press contact: Nile On [all]


Kaiser Chiefs have criticised bands set to play at the previously reported Princess Diana memorial concert of using the anniversary of the Princess' death to help promote their records. Chief Kaiser Ricky Wilson reckons only those musicians who knew Diana should really take part. Commenting on the benefit event, he told reporters this week: "A lot of them are doing it to sell more records. It's fine if you're doing something like Live 8, which is raising awareness, that's all right. But not just Diana. I'm not disrespecting her, but can you imagine someone like Kasabian playing at the concert? Elton John can do it - he knew her. I didn't know her. It would be hypocritical [for us to play]". Among the bands due to be hypocritical at the Diana concert are Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Keane, Orson, James Morrison, Joss Stone and The English National Ballet. And especially that English National Ballet. Hypocrites.


An update on little baby Metallica. As you'll remember, a couple in Sweden got a lot of press attention recently when they proposed calling their baby daughter after the metal band (though, as I remember it, they reached the name through some combination of their own names, and not out of any tribute to the metallers). Officials have to approve unusual names in Sweden, but the Goteburg's County Administrative Court recently gave Metallica the all clear. But that, it turns out, isn't the end of it. Despite having the approval of the Admin Court, when the couple tried to register the girl with the National Tax Authority - a requirement in order to get her a passport - they said the name was "inappropriate" and refused to accept it. Which means the whole thing has now gone to a higher court. They should have gone for Megadeath - I bet that would have got through no problem.


Keith Richards has backed down on those previously reported comments he made to the NME about cutting his father's ashes into coke during a drugs binge. Richards' manager has said the remarks were made to the NME "in jest", while a statement from the man himself says he actually scattered his late father's ashes in his garden and planted an oak tree where they fell. The statement reads: "I wouldn't take cocaine at this point in my life unless I wished to commit suicide. The truth of the matter is that I planted a sturdy English Oak. I took the lid off the box of ashes and he [Richards' senior] is now growing oak trees and would love me for it!"

But NME's Mark Beaumont has told Radio 4's Today programme that he's not conviced by Richards' back tracking on the story, saying: "He did seem to be quite honest about it. There were too many details for him to be making it up". On the original claims that Richards snorted his father's ashes, Beaumont added: "In Keith Richards' world that is probably doing his dad a fair bit of honour".


Former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona has hit out after ex-husband and former Westlife boy Brian McFadden reportedly said having children was like "getting a dog". I've not seen the full quote that came from so don't know what the context was, but either way, Katona isn't impressed. She has described her ex as "evil" for making the comments, saying: "I can't believe Brian could be so callous and cruel. Our children were born out of love. For him to compare having children to getting a dog is just cruel and downright evil. I'm gutted he has dismissed it as a sham". She's right of course, having children is nothing like getting a dog. Just having a dog wouldn't get you all those Iceland ads.

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