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In today's CMU Daily:
- Madonna, Peppers, for Live Earth London
- Laverne quits Xfm
- Virgin first to be available via consoles
- Glitter tries to get less time again
- Houston gets custody of daughter
- Single review Electric Soft Parade - If That's The Case, Then I Don't Know
- Ash album details
- Kings Of Leon on new stuff
- Lily, Kanye, etc appear on Common album
- Album review: Babyhead - Babyboom town
- Kevin Costner sues company who failed to launch his music career
- Ricall add SonyBMG to synch catalogue
- MusicNet say latest stats show subscription model still has life
- Jackson stuff goes on sale
- Chart update
- Total Rock world album chart
- Williams' mum says he might rejoin Take That
- Hadley not ruling out Spandau reunion
- Single review: The Dykeenies - New Ideas
- Britney dates giant
- Klass and James team up for track
- Babyshambles tell Pete: it's Kate or us



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I've been sitting on loads of CDs of late fully intending to give them all a glowing review here in the good old CMU Daily, having it in my head that there was plenty of time to get round to writing said reviews, before realising that they are all released this week while I'm out of town and not around to write anything. Aaaargh. Ah well, I've waffled about Dub Pistol's brilliant 'Speakers & Tweeters' often enough, I dedicated a Top Bit to stand out compo of the year, Eddy TM's 'Dance Rocks', and I'll get the self-released debut from This Et Al done and dusted here in the always dependable My Space Of The Day slot. The press release that came with album 'Baby Machine' makes comparisons to My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai, Queens Of The Stone Age, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead and Sonic Youth, all of which aren't without justification, though, of course, in this MySpace age there's no need to try and imagine what one classic band crossed with another sounds like, instead just head on over to today's MSOTD and you can preview four tracks at your leisure, including the two tracks that appeared on a 7" single release last month - 'Of National Importance' and 'The Mother Position'. There's even the video of the former to preview. Or if you're not into this discovering bands through MySpace thing, and you're London based, you could take in their set at Madame Jojo's tonight. Or, if you're not London based, one of the other upcoming gigs listed on this page. It's up to you really.


Headlining acts for the London leg of Al Gore's global Live 8 style Live Earth concerts have been announced, and the likes of Madonna, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Genesis and James Blunt are at the top of the bill. Other artists set to appear at the gig at Wembley on 7 July include Razorlight, Snow Patrol, The Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, David Gray, Damien Rice, John Legend, Black Eyed Peas, Bloc Party, Keane, Corinne Bailey Rae, Paolo Nutini and Duran Duran.

As previously reported, the event is being organised by ex-presidential candidate turned environmental campaigner Al Gore and Live 8 producer Kevin Wall with the hope that the programme will highlight the problem of climate change. Tickets priced at £55 are set to be allocated by ballot and will be limited to two per applicant. As with the recent Glastonbury ticket sale, music fans must register in advance for the chance to purchase their tickets. Registration begins via this Friday at midday, and successful applicants will be informed on Wednesday 18 April that they're to be given the chance to buy tickets, from which time they'll have until Friday 20 April to complete the transaction.

Concerts are, of course, planned for elsewhere in the globe, with gigs set to go ahead in Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Sydney and Tokyo. Details of the US leg are yet to be finalised, probably because Gore is facing Republican opposition to holding it in Washington.


Lauren Laverne has quit her breakfast show on Xfm, just eighteen months after taking over the slot from Christian O'Connell. Laverne, who joined the station five years ago before taking over the peak time morning slot in 2005, is, according to reports, on holiday, and will not be returning to the GCap owned station. Xfm programme director Adam Uytman confirmed: "Lauren is leaving Xfm to concentrate on her TV work. It has been fantastic to see her move up the schedule and host a great breakfast show for us. We wish her luck with her future projects."

The only woman to presently take on that slot in the London market, former Kenickie singer Laverne was the ninth most popular commercial breakfast host in the capital. Earlier this year, she criticised the radio industry for its sexist attitudes and called on station bosses to employ more women, saying: "I go to a meeting and they comment on my clothes, saying 'Ooh, you look nice.' I kind of think, would you say that to Johnny Vaughan? In a way it's worse in radio than it is in television. Every interview I have done, they say: 'Do you drive your own desk? Do your breasts not get in the way? That's amazing. Isn't she good?' You kind of want to garotte people but you can't. It's illegal. I worked for a guy for three years and he only ever called me darling."


Virgin Radio has announced that it's to become the first station in the country to be made available via Playstation 3 and Wii gaming consoles. The station's broadcasts, plus those of sister outfits Xtreme, Classic Rock and Groove, will be accessible via the Virgin Radio Player on the consoles' web browsers.

Users will also be able to watch videos and buy CDs, tracks and tickets via the Virgin Radio Ticket Store. The online player is the only one from a UK radio station that's compatible with the consoles because of its MP3 streaming connection. Whatever that means. To be honest, I'm not that technically minded. What I do understand is that you can't use the consoles for listening to the radio and playing games at the same time.

Anyway, here's what James Cridland, Digital Media Director at Virgin Radio says: "People are treating the consoles as part of their home entertainment media centre, and now Virgin Radio will be part of that experience. This platform has great growth potential, particularly among early-adopters and 25-44 audience popular with advertisers. Playstation 3 or Wii will become the entertainment hub in your front room. We have worked hard to make the station available on as many different platforms as possible."


Gary Glitter is to file another request to have his sentence for child molestation reduced. The singer, who as previously reported, was convicted of the offence in Vietnam in March last year and sentenced to three years in prison, is to submit a new appeal during an amnesty on 30 Apr marking the country's annual Liberation Day. Glitter, real name Paul Gadd, already had his sentence cut by three months due to a previous national amnesty back in February. His current expected release date is in August of 2008.

The former glam rocker's lawyer, Le Thanh Kinh, confirmed the plans, telling reporters: "My client will certainly submit a letter asking for another six-month reduction of his prison term once the Vietnamese authorities announce the plan for amnesty on Liberation Day".

Vietnam has a tradition of reducing the sentences of prison inmates with good conduct records to mark special occasions. Under Vietnamese law Glitter must serve at least half of his three year term. However, that includes time spent in custody prior to his trial, meaning that the singer's earliest possible release date is this May. On his release, Gadd will be deported, either to the UK, or to any other country that will accept him. It won't, of course, be Cambodia. They permanently expelled him back in 2002.


Whitney Houston has been awarded custody of her teenage daughter with Bobby Brown during the course of the couple's divorce proceedings. The singer, despite recently spending time with her estranged hubby in the company of the aforementioned daughter, told a court in California that Brown was unreliable, and that their daughter could not depend on him.

Brown's lawyer says that his client will appeal the judge's decision, although I can't imagine his chances are that good, given that he's got into so much trouble recently over unpaid child support for his two children from a previous relationship.

The judge ruled that the pair's marriage will end on 24 Apr.


SINGLE REVIEW Electric Soft Parade - If That's The Case, Then I Don't Know (Truck Records)
Young Brighton band Electric Soft Parade first caught our ears with their post-Brit pop psychedelic rock in 2002 when they scored a couple of hits with 'Silent to the Dark II' and 'Empty At The End'. Things have been quiet on the ESP front while the band's nucleus of brothers Tom and Alex White have been on a busman's holiday with indie super group Brakes. With 'If That's The Case' the band are back with a bang. It's dominated by a sparkling organ sound and their trademark fuzzy guitars as well as boasting a marvellously catchy riff, and is backed with an interesting take on Sparks' 'Happy Hunting Ground'. The new tune will be followed by a third album - 'No Need To Be Downhearted' - at the end of April. JW
Release date: 2 Apr
Press contact: Freeman PR [all]


Ash have announced details of their previously reported new album. They've confirmed that the new LP, 'Twilight of the Innocents', will be out on 2 Jul - just ahead of their Koko shows that month. Here, for your pleasure, is the tracklisting.

I Started A Fire
You Can't Have It All
Palace Of Excess
End Of The World
Princess Six
Dark And Stormy
Shattered Glass
Twilight Of The Innocents

Here, for your even more pleasure, is what the band's Tim Wheeler has to say about the album: "A lot of bands who make it to their fifth album seem to kick back and do their dusty country record. But we're not ready to slow down yet. We've still got the hunger and the energy. We're freaks of nature, really. Ever since we started there have been bands who have a big album and then disappear completely. But we've managed to buck that trend, because we've never stopped driving forwards. We knew we needed to do something special with this record. And I honestly think we have."

Get your press info from Nile-On.


Kings Of Leon frontman Caleb Followill has been talking to about work on his band's next album. And yes, you're not mistaken, they have only just released a new one, 'Because Of The Times'. He's just eager, I guess.

Followill says: "I'm writing stuff right now, but I'm trying not to write the lyrics because as soon as the lyrics are written we're going to want to play it. Our record's been finished for about a year and we've been sitting her twiddling our thumbs waiting for the label to put it out, so we're ready to continue on writing songs."

On the group's earlier work, he continued: "For the most part, if I can listen to it and not jump off a bridge, then I think it's good. I don't sit around listening to our music, but the other day my cousin wanted to hear ['Because Of The Times'], and so I put it on and it was the first time I listened to it since we recorded it sounded good and fresh and I was proud of it."


Chicago hip hopper Common has enlisted the help of a range of music names to create his new album 'Finding Forever', out this summer. Collaborators are set to include Lily Allen and Kanye West, and Devo Springsteen. The rapper told "I want to leave a mark on this earth...making music and saying what I have to say in my music is one of the ways I will exist forever."


ALBUM REVIEW: Babyhead - Babyboom Town (Cookie Cutter Records)
Originating in Bristol, Babyhead are a sprawling collective of musicians and mcs who gang together and don't so much play gigs as descend upon venues and unleash their live show upon the crowds. Their blend of ska, hip hop, funk and dub makes for an incredibly charged and sweaty atmosphere when watching them live, and I'm delighted to see that they've managed to convey some of this energy in their recorded music. In fact this album impressed me in a lot of ways, probably because when watching them, it's hard to imagine how they'd get their sound down and still retain the essence of the group. It's very well produced, and played, throughout, for some reason sounding a lot more professional than I thought it would be - consider my prejudiced self thoroughly re educated. You could say the opening track 'Boomtown' encapsulates the band's sound, starting as a bouncy ska track, before taking on a reggae/dub feel, complete with great sounding horn section and turntable scratching, before ending with some ska again. All the vocalists are great, each adding their own little something to each of their tracks - in fact there are too many to single out here without this turning into a War And Peace length review. Summing this album up using specifics is quite a tough job. There is so much going on, in each and every track that again, it's hard to single out any one defining element- there's a great lyric here, a great baseline there, great horn arrangements all over the place and lots of funky drumming. You just have to let the energy wash over you, and go with it. This is very, very accomplished music, which far surpassed my expectations of what I thought this fantastically popular festival band could do. TH
Release Date: 9 Apr
Press Contact: Trailer Media [all]


Kevin Costner is suing an LA based music company claiming it failed to fulfil contractual promises to help the actor launch his music career. Perhaps they should be congratulated instead.

Costner reportedly signed a deal with Mahee Worldwide Ventures through his own company, Kevin's Music, LLC back in January. Mahee were meant to help the actor promote his musical project, the Kevin Costner Band, by arranging at least five live shows a year and launching and managing a band website. Costner claims the company has failed to deliver on too many of its commitments.

The lawsuit, filed in the LA courts last week, claims: "Defendants made numerous promises regarding their capabilities to promote Mr Costner's music and [their] willingness to pay for the right to do so. Instead of following through on their promises, defendants continued to make false promises and ultimately disappeared".

Mahee are yet to comment on the lawsuit.


London based licensing company Ricall, which offers pre-licensed music catalogues to film, TV and advert producers, has entered into a distribution deal with SonyBMG, the first major label partnership for the firm.

The new deal will help Ricall in their bid to be a one stop shop for producers looking for 'synch rights', that is to licence music for use in their film, TV or advertising projects. The Ricall model means producers have a wide choice of tracks which they can use without having to enter into prolonged specific deals with content owners for each separate track and project. Ricall has already licenced catalogues owned by 150 other labels and publishers, meaning it represents some 25,000 copyright holders in total. The addition of the SonyBMG catalogue will provide a considerable boost. For the major, the deal should boost their income from the increasingly lucrative synch rights sector.

Confirming the new deal, SonyBMG's Peter Leggatt told reporters: "Synch licences are becoming an increasingly important source of revenue for the music industry, and we know that with Ricall we have an expert partner that will be able to help us capitalise on the increasing number of licensing opportunities that exist in today's multimedia, multi-channel world".


Backend download providers MusicNet, who provide the back end to Yahoo, MTV, Virgin, HMV and iMesh's digital music services, have released stats regarding their collected subscription based music services in January and February of this year, They say the MusicNet platform was delivering a daily average of 6.8 million streams and subscription downloads, adding up to over 400 million plays over the two months.

Although most MusicNet's services also offer a la carte downloads like iTunes, they specialise in subscription based packages more like those offered by Napster and the company is keen to show that those recent stats show that, while the subscription model may not have taken off as quickly as the iTunes style model, it is now gaining momentum.

MusicNet President and CEO Alan McGlade told reporters last week: "The significant growth in subscription usage is consistent with MusicNet's prediction that subscription services would be the best and most desirable way for consumers to access music digitally".


A 2000 item strong collection of Jackson family memorabilia is set to go on sale in Las Vegas next month, and the Michael Jackson is far from happy about it.

The collection, which includes handwritten lyrics and a fedora the pop star once wore, is being marketed by the Guernsey's auction house on New York and has made the headlines once before - items from amongst those set to go up for auction were turned over to investigators during the course of Jackson's 2004 child molestation trial. Jackson's spokeswoman Raymone Bain has said that her client is "extremely upset" about the sale, and is considering legal action. The collection came into the hands of its current owners due to a bankruptcy sale.

The auction is set to take place in Vegas from 30 - 31 May. Interested parties will be able to bid via eBay as well as at the live auction.


So, no change at the top of the singles chart this week, where The Proclaimers, Peter Kay and Matt Lucas are all still singing '(I'm Gonna Be) 500 Miles' for Comic Relief, and good on them for that. New entries this week come from Mark Ronson with D Merriweather with 'Stop Me' at 6, Timbaland and Nelly Furtado with 'Give It To Me' at 8, Beyonce and Shakira with 'Beautiful Liar' at 10, Arctic Monkeys with 'Brianstorm' at 11, Erasure with 'I Could Fall In Love With You' at 21, Natasha Bedingfield with 'I Wanna Have Your Babies' at 25, Little Man Tate with 'This Must Be Love' at 33, Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip with 'Thou Shalt Always Kill' at 34, Ne*Yo with 'Because Of You' at 35 and Linkin Park with 'What I've Done' at 39.

Albums wise, and those Kings Of Leon have gone straight in top with new album 'Because Of The Times', followed in second place by a new entry by Maximo Park, with 'Our Earthly Pleasures, both of which push Take That back to third place. In fifth place, theirs a new entry for the sneakily released to capitalise on Comic Relief The Proclaimers best of (not that we'd ever want to stop The Proclaimers enjoying a bit of success). Then you've got Timbaland with 'Shock Value' at 10, that other Scottish double act, the Macdonald Bros, at 18 with 'Macdonald Bros' (presumably they are now going by the moniker MacDonald Bros to avoid confusion with the other MacDonald Brothers, a trio of Highland pipers and folk types), an Engelbert Humperdinck hits album at 21 and Alison Krauss with 'A Hundred Miles Or More' at 38.


It's the Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1) Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Warner Bros.)
2) Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (Island)
3) Machine Head - The Blackening (Roadrunner)*
4) Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival (Epic)*
5) Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Roadrunner)
6) Korn - MTV Unplugged (Virgin)
7) Evanescence - The Open Door (Sony BMG)
8) My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Warner Bros.)
9) Hinder - Extreme Behavior (Republic)
10) Clutch - From Beale Street To Oblivion (DRT)*
11) 30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Life (Virgin)
12) Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (Atlantic)
13) Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Geffen)
14) Queen - Greatest Hits 1,2,3 (EMI)
15) Enter Shikari - Take To The Skies (Ambush Reality)
16) Razorlight - Razorlight (Vertigo)
17) Buckcherry - 15 (Atlantic/Eleven Seven Music)
18) Muse - Black Holes & Revelations (Warner Bros.)*
19) Disturbed - Ten Thousand Fists (Giant)
20) Stone Sour - Come What(ever) May (Roadrunner)


According to reports, Robbie Williams' mum Jan has been talking to her local newspaper, The Stoke Sentinel, about her famous offspring, and she's told them that she doesn't think he'd rule out a return to his old band Take That.

Jan says that Robbie is thrilled that the group are doing so well again and adds: "On the question of him doing something with them, I feel that will happen. It would be something he wanted to do". In reference to the inter-band conflicts of the past, she went on: "I'm thrilled that out of all the negative stuff that happened in the past, there's now something great happening. Take That were excellent when they were all together and they are excellent now".

On her son's recent admission to rehab and ongoing recovery, Mrs W continued: "He's okay, he's fine, he's on a good recovery. He's enjoying his life and his football and going out with the lads and having a laugh. It's great to see. He's doing a lot of writing, he spends a lot of time in his studio. He's in a very good place."


Despite recently completely ruling out a Spandau Ballet reunion, Tony Hadley's not completely ruling out the possibility of a Spandau Ballet reunion. He was last quoted (in Feb this year) as saying "I'm doing great without the band. I know you should never say never and bands in the past have said hell would freeze over before they got back together, but in our case I think hell is frozen and we still wouldn't do it".

Now he's changed his tune a bit and thinks they might be able to get over the bitterness caused by the group's recent court battles. He says: "There'll have to be an awful lot of things remedied because things did get personal and it went a bit too far. The next window of opportunity that I see would be our 30th anniversary, in about four years' time."


SINGLE REVIEW: The Dykeenies - New Ideas (Lavolta)
The Dykeenies don't exactly sound Cumbernauldian. The scuzzy glam licks and incessant hand-claps of the reissued 'New Ideas' certainly bear no resemblance to the North Lanarkshire town's hushed scenic splendour. And perhaps with justifiable reason because how many bands ever really manage to capture the sound of their own cultural landscape? But what irks about this slap-dash slab of Fall Out Boy-meets-Placebo power-rock is the mockney snarl of frontman Brian Henderson. At a time when the regionally accented blitheness of young up-and-coming hip-shakers is achingly trendy, his excruciating vocals bellowing over full-throttle riffs merely hark back to the days where generically cut guitar stomps by Feeder ruled supreme and foppish kids adorned meticulously angled caps. That's not to say New Ideas is an abomination - it's feverish enough have old-skool indie-discos gyrating to its steam-rolling rhythm - but for today it's neither the right time or, unfortunately for Cumbernauld, the right place. BHa
Release Date: 9 Apr
Press Contact: Hyperlaunch [all]


According to reports, little Britney Spears (actually, she's 5'4", which isn't absolutely teeny, I will admit) is seeing a basketball player who is 6'8". Crikey. He's described as a 'star', but as basketball isn't something we follow in this country, there's not much point in telling you his name. Oh, okay then, you have a point, international readers. He's called Luke Walton, and he plays for the LA Lakers. A team I have actually heard of before, in fact.

Some source told a tabloid: "Britney is certainly sports-mad since dating Luke. She even chants his name when the rest of the fans do. Her face lights up when she sees him do well. She's really fallen for him."


According to a report in The Sun, Myleene Klass and Duncan James are to record a charity cover of 'Over The Rainbow'. It's to feature on a new album that has something to do with Anneka Rice and a new series of Challenge Anneka, and will raise money for children's hospices. Others set to contribute to the LP include Curtis Stigers and Jimmy Osmond.


According to The Mirror, Babyshambles are planning to tell Pete Doherty that he's got to choose between his band and his girlfriend Kate Moss, because they haven't seen or heard from him for two weeks. I'm not sure it will help. I think Doherty probably knows that Babyshambles without the chief shambler wouldn't get half as much press.

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