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In today's CMU Daily:
- He wasn't his usual self: Spector trial update
- EC expected to approve Universal/BMG publishing merger
- Mrs Sting outraged at tribunal ruling
- Dupri explains police encounter
- Eurovision experts rate Germany to win
- New Macca album going digital
- N Sync accused of plagiarism
- Mystic Tim predicts no more Tupac albums
- Jay-Z's mum honoured
- Green Day are in Simpsons movie
- Snow Patrol appoint new management
- Prince bigs up London and Winehouse
- Eco-fest launched in Scotland
- New Greener festival award launched
- Underage fest adds acts
- Tall Firs dates
- SMD live dates
- Single review: Feist - My Moon My Man
- ERA welcome release day and DRM decisions
- Warner enters into partnership with Viagogo
- Record label types meet with German chancellor
- Dimensional sell publishing outfit
- add videos
- Cribs single banned from daytime
- Kylie denies affair
- Kasabian like their foreign fans
- Lily Allen loves Kate Moss


I promised a Top Bit update on the CMU Recommended Xfm Remix All Nighter - and here it is. As we've mentioned before, this is the first time the legendary Remix Night has held an all nighter, and it's going to be something special for the first time.

Taking over the cavernous seOne club beneath London Bridge station, Eddy TM will, of course, be your host for the night, and he's putting on one hell of a party. Among the CMU favourites due to appear are Pendulum & MC Verse, Death In Vegas' Tim Holmes, Breakfastaz, Sub Focus, Paul Epworth, South Central, Freelance Hellraiser, CTRL Z and MC Venom and Does It Offend You Yeah? And more artists are still tba - it is all very exciting.

It all takes place on 26 May, the next Bank Holiday Weekend, and tickets are just £8 if you buy them in advance - ie right now, so you really should get on over to to get them. Unless you're a press type, in which case talk to Leyline about getting all the press info you need.

And that's it. Short and simple. Fantastic.



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VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Chew The Fat! at The End
A solid night in one of London's solidest venues, this, "the longest running breaks night, ever" (nearly ten years old!), will have Unique 3 launching their single 'The Theme' in style, alongside one of my favourites, the Bournemouth breaksters, the legends that are Aquasky, who always rock. J Cunning will also be there, as well as Fat! Records head honcho and all round nice guy Paul Arnold, who will be leading from the front, with Kid Blue and Diverted following up. In the lounge, the Teutonic treats of the Sonar Kollektiv imprint join with the Warm crew, with Trickski and Toby Tobias cranking out some jazz juice to the 1000 capacity crowd.

Friday 11 May, 18 West Central Street, WC1A, 10pm-5am, £10 (£6 NUS), more at, press info from or


The former girlfriend who dined with Phil Spector the night Lana Clarkson was fatally shot at the legendary producer's Beverley Hills home has told the court that he "was not his usual self" on the night of the killing.

Rommie Davis was giving testimony at the Spector murder trial yesterday, recalling the hours she had spent with the producer before he hooked up with Clarkson, who was working at the LA House Of Blues club, and who accompanied the producer back to his house that night in 2003. Davis, a school friend of Spector, says that she had dined with the producer for the three nights before the shooting, and that she was concerned about him because he was drinking and taking medication, something she thought of as a "lethal combination". The drinking was unusual, she added, because she hadn't previously seen Spector drink alcoholic drinks during their five month relationship. She told the court: "I was very concerned about him. He was not his usual self. He was not interested in what I had to say. ... In all the time I went out with him, he was great fun to be with ... This weekend, the behaviour was totally different". Asked about Spector's alleged habit of playing with guns in front of his girlfriends, she said she had never seen the producer with a gun, but that he had once "politely" told her that he carried one in the boot of his car. Under cross examination, she said she could not actually say for certain that Spector was drunk when they parted company on the night of the shooting, and stressed that Spector had never threatened her during their five month relationship.

Davis is the latest in a string of Spector's former girlfriends that have been called to testify at the trial, though her testimony was clearly more about tracing the events of the night of the shooting, rather than furthering the prosecution's bid to paint Spector as a man with a sinister second personality prone to threatening women - though questioning Spector's sobriety at the time of the shooting might make the jury believe he was more capable of accidentally shooting Clarkson.

The case, of course, continues. Meanwhile, outside the courtroom, one Debbie Harry has reportedly being giving her own testimony about a gun incident with Spector, though to gossip site rather than any legal types. They quote her recalling an incident around about the time she was working with the Ramones when, she says, Spector started showing some interest in Blondie. She recalls: "He pulled a gun. That notorious thing he does. He stuck it in my boot. And he went 'Bang!' I was like, 'Erm, thank you'. I thought, 'Get me out of here! I want to go home!' It's his schtick, you know, but why a person would be walking around carrying a .45 automatic in their home... and now he's finally gone and done it". One assumes she meant to throw an 'allegedly' in that last bit.


People "familiar" with that European Commission investigation into the proposed merger of Universal and BMG Music Publishing have told the Financial Times that the deal is likely to get approval before the end of the month.

European competition officials undertook an in-depth investigation into Universal's bid to acquire Bertelsmann's publishing company after opposition to further consolidation in the publishing sector was raised in various quarters of the wider music industry, opposition which led EC officials to say they had "serious doubts" about the proposals.

But since that time Universal has confirmed it is willing to sell off certain key catalogues belonging to both itself and BMG, including Zomba, 19 Music and Rondor, in order to reduce the merged enterprise's market dominance and make the merger more palatable to the regulators. Insiders say those gestures have worked, and that approval is now assured.

It will be interesting to see what effect any approval of a Universal/BMG publishing merger will have on the recorded music sector. EC competition officials are, of course, still reconsidering the SonyBMG merger which it originally approved, but which was overturned in the European Courts last year. Although the officials insist that the recorded music and publishing sectors are separate considerations, some reckon approval of a Universal/BMG publishing merger would set an environment where regulator approval of the SonyBMG merger and, should it ever arise, an EMI/Warner merger, is more likely.


Mrs Sting, Trudie Styler, says she is devastated that an employment tribunal has ruled the she and her husband, Mr Sting, discriminated against and unlawfully dismissed a chef who worked at their mansion home. Styler told reporters yesterday: "I am devastated that the tribunal's judgment makes this unjust and unfair attack on Sting and me. It does not, we believe, reflect the facts which were put before the hearing and we will be appealing".

The tribunal was considering the case of Jane Martin, who claimed that her treatment in the Sting household, where she had worked for eight years, worsened after she became pregnant, until she was eventually dismissed, being told the Sting family no longer needed so many cooks. She accused Styler of having a "grandiose ego", claiming her boss wanted to be treated in a "royal manner beyond her station as an actress". The area of most concern to the tribunal was the process that Sting and Styler's management company, Lake House Estate, went through when dismissing Martin, which, the committee said, was unlawful. The couple will now have to pay to-be-determined compensation to the cook - exactly how much they will be ordered to pay should be decided on 8 Jun.

A spokesman for Sting's solicitors, Kerman and Co, told reporters: "What is extremely disturbing is the unfair, unprecedented and unwarranted attack which the tribunal has chosen to make against Sting and Trudie Styler, which is quite inexplicable".


In case you were the one who watched hot shot producer and Island Def Jam exec Jermaine Dupri get bundled into a police car in West Hollywood on Wednesday, here's his explanation of what happened: "Just to set the record straight, I was pulled over because the police said my exhaust pipes were too loud. I had tinted windows and platinum motor plates. Nothing more, nothing less". Dupri clarified the situation to after footage of Dupri getting into the police car was posted on the net. What are the chances?


So, it's the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki tomorrow - go Scooch and all that. Though don't be getting your hopes up for a surprise UK victory - a BBC panel of pundits, former entrants and long standing Eurovision-fans are predicting Germany will win this year, with the UK coming 19th. Though you possibly shouldn't listen to them too much, because they said Switzerland would come second, and the Swiss haven't even made it through to the final.

As you all surely know, being the Eurovision aficionados that you are, the first stage of the Song Contest took place last night with 28 hopefuls being reduced to just ten. The big story of the night was that Swiss entrant DJ Bobo, a favourite to win, didn't get through to the final stage. The ten that did get through will now join the ten highest rated countries from last year's Contest plus the big four - Germany, Spain, UK and France, who, frankly, can't be bothered with the semi-finals - to compete in the main Contest tomorrow night.

As always, bets are open on what will be dodgier about this year's competition - the songs, the outfits, the dance routines or the voting.


The previously reported new Paul McCartney album 'Memory Almost Full', you know, the one coming out in a coffee cup, will be available to download via legitimate download platforms, and in particular the Starbucks channel on iTunes. This is news because it is the first time that a McCartney solo album has been available via digital platforms and, of course, that leads to speculation that the much talked about arrival of the Beatles catalogue online must be ever closer. And with McCartney telling Billboard that the launch of the Beatles online is "virtually settled", that is probably justifiable speculation.


N Sync may be no more, but that doesn't stop them and their record label being sued for plagiarism. A musician called Troy Alexander, aka Royal T, is reportedly claiming the boy band or, rather, their label, nicked one of his songs for their hit album 'Celebrity'. He claims that he played bosses at N Sync's label Jive the track 'Up Against The Wall' in 1990, and that although they didn't hire his services, a version of the song later appeared on the 2001 released N Sync album. The label say they are not as yet formally aware of Alexander's claims, and there is no word on quite why it has taken the musician six years to go public with them.


Radio 1's Tim Westwood claims that no more Tupac Shakur recordings will be released, because there's nothing left of the late rapper's oeuvre that's not already out there. As you probably already know, six posthumous studio albums have been released since Tupac was killed in 1996 at the age of 25, the latest being 'Pac's Life', in 2006. Anyway, Westwood told The Mirror: "There's not gonna be anymore Tupac albums. The vaults have run out."

On variously mooted he's-not-dead rumours, Mystic Tim continued: "Tupac, may he rest in peace, is well and truly gone. But he is outselling a lot of new rappers from the grave without a question of a doubt."


Jay-Z's mother Gloria Carter has been honoured by New York City Council for "outstanding contributions to the community" for her work with the trust set up in her son's name, the Shawn Carter Scholarship Fund, which runs a mentoring scheme for disadvantaged young people and helps them get a college education. Ms Carter also travelled to Houston in 2005 to help victims of Hurricane Katrina who had fled New Orleans.

Jay-Z was present at the ceremony at the city's Council Chambers to see his mother receive a framed proclamation, telling reporters he felt "very proud".


Simpsons creator Matt Groening has revealed that Green Day do appear in the upcoming Simpsons movie. According to previously reported reports, a spilt second clip of the band has appeared in a trailer for the film, which is presumably what prompted MTV news to corner Groening at the show's 400th episode celebrations in Los Angeles. He was far more forthcoming than Green Day's label Reprise, or the film's backers 20th Century Fox, saying: "Green Day is in the movie - I will publicly acknowledge that Green Day are in the movie. They're really good sports and I think we both honour them and 'Simpson'-ise them. You can take that however you want. They're really nice guys".

The show's Hank Azaria also gave some info away, saying that one of the many characters he voices, Moe, abuses the band as they perform. Co-star Yeardley 'Lisa' Smith said she didn't know that Green Day were in it; which may be explained by the fact that there are, according to Nancy 'Bart' Cartwright, nearly 400 guest appearances in the film. It's out 27 Jul. I can't help but feel quite excited about it, but also slightly worried.


Music Week are reporting that Snow Patrol are shifting their management allegiances by ending their long term relationship with Big Life to join Peter Mensch at Q Prime. So, there you go.


Prince really does seem to like London. Playing at that previously reported impromptu gig at Koko last night, according to NME he told his audience: "People asked me why we're here doing this in London. There's nothing happening in America!", while later he exclaimed "You're doing it, it's not me! You produce the energy. I told my band it was happening in London, now they know". He also confirmed his Amy Winehouse appreciation. Having covered her track 'Love Is A Losing Game', he added: "Respect to Amy Winehouse, respect! What a voice!"


A new eco-friendly festival is being planned in Scotland's Cairngorms National Park which will be positioned as "a three-day celebration of the outdoors". KT Tunstall and Crowded House have been booked to play, but there'll also be talks and debates on environmental issues, hosted by the likes of Kirsty Wark and David Steel, plus lots of fun outdoor type pursuits like organised walks, canoeing, astronomy and a 12k run, which all sounds very exciting. Apart from the 12k run, you can keep that.

The 10,000 capacity festival will be called The Outsider, and promoter Peter Irvine explains: "We're very pleased that today we're finally launching a programme and a festival which is unlike anything held anywhere else. It is something that could only happen here in one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland. I think we will be attracting an audience who don't necessarily want to go to the other music festivals".

The festival is being staged as part of the Highland 2007 Year Of Culture.


Talking of eco-friendly festivals,, the website that champions the introduction of environmentally friendly initiatives at music festivals and events, has announced the launch of a new award which it will give to any music event that fulfills a list of eco-friendly criteria. The aim is to further encourage festival promoters, who have already generally become much more environmentally aware in recent years, to introduce more sustainable eco-friendly practices, encouraged by the fact that festival-goers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of major events they attend. To qualify for the award, promoters will have to satisfy a sixty question check list and commit to an A-Z of green priorities.

Co-founder of, Ben Challis, told reporters: "The Greener Festival 2007 award is to promote greening practices at music festivals. We don't expect festivals to be able to meet every single point on our check list but they must reach a minimum standard. They need at the very least to have a coherent transport and travel policy promoting public transport; they must consider ways to reduce waste and pollution; they must have recycling on site and they must protect the environment and protect wildlife".

He continued: "We also expect festivals to aspire to a 26 point action plan - our A-Z of going green - and by 2008 we really do hope that all UK festivals will have basic green policies and practices in place. Ultimately we expect all festivals to aim for a 'leave no trace' philosophy where their festival is totally green and leaves no impact on the environment".


The Underage Festival - the new London festival being staged especially for under-eighteens - has announced new acts for its lineup and they include Boy Kill Boy and Jack Penate. They join the likes of Blood Red Shoes, Cajun Dance Party and Patrick Wolf on the bill for the event, which takes place at Victoria Park on 10 Aug from midday until 8pm. Press info from Get Involved.


Tall Firs have announced a wee clutch of upcoming live dates, which includes an appearance at ATP. Here they are:

17 May: Milton Keynes Kiln Farm Social Club
18 May: All Tomorrow's Parties, Minehead, Somerset
25 May: Liverpool St Brides Church
27 May: London, Catch 22


Fast-tracked CMU favourites Simian Mobile Disco have announced a UK club tour to coincide with the upcoming release of their debut album 'Attack Decay Sustain Release' (reviewed glowingly in yesterday's Daily). SMD's Jas says: "We want the music to be heard in the environment that inspired it - a loud PA, early in the morning, in a sweaty club. We want the live show to allow us to improvise and mess with the tracks".

10 May: Zodiac, Oxford
12 May: Audio, Brighton
19 May: The Junction, Cambridge
25 May: Thekla, Bristol
26 May: Stylus, Leeds
27 May: The Custard Factory, Birmingham
31 May: Music Box, Manchester
1 Jun: Fabric, London
2 Jun: Chibuku, Liverpool
5 Jun: Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
7 Jun: The Empire, Middlesbrough
8 Jun: The Arches, Glasgow
9 Jun: The Plug, Sheffield


SINGLE REVIEW: Feist - My Moon My Man (Universal/Polydor)
The two remixes that comprise this single aren't necessarily the best introduction to Feist but as funked up synth pop (or, er, synthed-up funk pop... I just make up these genre names and hope I can get away with them without too much ridicule) tracks in their own right, both are pretty impressive.
Whereas her albums are more redolent of indie, soul and jazz (with the voice of Mara Carlyle being a good reference point), this single is aimed at the strobe-lit dancefloor. The Boys Noize Classic Remix of 'My Moon My Man' is a throbbing seven minutes of fun, built around a looped vocal intoning the title track (and stuck through a vocoder), glistening synths and a disco beat almost too slow to make you want to get up and dance, but not quite. Chromeo's equally soulful reinterpretation of 'Sealion' meanwhile, seems to pull the exact same tricks as described above, yet sounds different enough to keep your attention. A fine pair of remixes then. Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1983. MS
Release date: 7 May
Press contact: Polydor IH [CP, CR, RP, RR, NP, NR] Bang On [O]


That there Entertainment Retailers Association (you know, them that used to be called BARD) has supported both the previously reported decision of EMI to make DRM free music available via iTunes, and Universal's previously reported proposal to move the day singles are released to Friday.

On the latter, they say that they, like Universal, believe that by releasing physical singles on a Friday, with digital releases the previous Monday, that singles sales may be boosted over all. I'm still not quite sure why they think that, though obviously there would be some hype around any release-day shift and that in itself may create a temporary boost. Either way, ERA is encouraging other majors to also consider the day swap, with co-chair Paul Quirk telling reporters: "ERA supports any record company that looks at new ways of attracting customers into high street stores and releasing singles on Friday is an excellent move by Universal which should add excitement to weekend sales".

On EMI's decision to make music available in non-DRMed formats in the digital domain (which, of course, stops files being locked to certain devices), the retailer trade association's Council were also positive, saying: "[We] have long believed that the failure by record companies to offer interoperable files has hampered the uptake of digital music and led to an increase in illegal file sharing".

Quirk added: "ERA applauds EMI for taking a step towards the unrestricted MP3 format. In a music environment where consumers have long been accessing content for free record companies have to offer consumers what they want".


Ticket reseller Viagogo has announced a partnership with Warner Music which will see the online operation make digital content available to people buying tickets to events featuring Warner signed artists.

Europe based Viagogo provides a forum for the resale of tickets to sporting and entertainment events and, like the eBay owned StubHub in the US, claims to offer a legitimate market place for such reselling. The new deal should give the site more legitimacy in the music space, and will mean that customers who buy tickets for Warner artists via the site will get access to additional downloads or videos from the label. Reports suggest that Warner might also make tickets to invite only showcase events available to the general public via the site.

Confirming the deal, which will launch in Germany and the UK initially, Viagogo CEO Eric Baker told Reuters: "These new partnerships introduce a revolutionary way for us to work with the music industry and they show how we can embrace it for the benefit of fans, artists and record labels alike. [Viagogo] is a safe way to secure resold tickets. Before you would have had to go to a tout on a street corner or take your chances on an auction site".


The great and the good of Europe's music industry this week met with the Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is also currently EU president, to discuss the ongoing problems of music piracy - lobbying the political chief for more support in combating piracy, in persuading internet service providers to take on more responsibility in that domain, and to help control the "epidemic" of CD-R copying. Also on the agenda was what the German government could do to persuade the Czech government to better control the prolific bootleg CD community there, whose pirated CDs slip across the border into Germany, and what the EU can do to push better intellectual property controls and better access to market in China.

Among the music types in attendance were Universal Music International's Lucian Grainge, EMI Music International's Jean-Francois Cecillon, Warner Music International's Patrick Vien and SonyBMG top bloke and German native Rolf Schmidt-Holtz.

The specifics of the meeting are being kept confidential, but Billboard quote a 'source close to the Chancellor' as saying Merkel does consider protecting creative rights to be a priority, and that it is something she intends to raise at the next G8 summit in June.

Also at the meeting was the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry boss John Kennedy, who said: "We left the meeting appreciative of the fact that the Chancellor understood the nature of the problems we are facing and is willing to play a role in seeking a solution to them. If the German government acts now, we are confident that the German music industry could reverse the decline and be viable again in three to five years."


US based Dimensional Associates, who own both eMusic and The Orchard, are selling their music publishing company, Dimensional Music Publishing, which they created in 2004 after acquiring the DreamWorks Music Publishing catalogue. Billboard reports that a consortium led by Steve McMellon, formerly of UK based Kingstreet Media, and backed by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, have acquired the publishing firm.


LAST.FM ADD VIDEOS are adding music videos into their recommendation based music service, with video content from a number of UK based indies, including Ninja Tune, Domino, Warp and Mute, plus Canadian indie Nettwerk Music, all available at launch. Word has it that video content from EMI and Warner will also be added shortly, with the aim to have pretty much every video ever on the service eventually - putting the service very much in competition with YouTube who have, of course, expressed similar ambitions. Though I think the video service will provide a rolling stream based on your musical preferences (the bespoke playlist being core to the proposition) rather than offering automatic on demand access to this video or that. Though, on the up side, say their videos will be available in twice as good quality as on YouTube.


The new Cribs single 'Men's Needs' has been banned from being shown on daytime TV after Ofcom got complaints about the content of the video, in which bassist Ryan Jarman appears to be beheaded, whilst drummer Ross Jarman's arm gets chopped off. Nice. Anyway, it's been removed from MTV2's daytime schedule, Ofcom having ruled that it was "too shocking" for frail daytime stomachs, and it will now not be shown until the 9pm watershed.

The new album from which the single is lifted, 'Men's Needs Woman's Needs, Whatever', is out on 21 May.


Kylie Minogue has angrily denied tabloid speculation that she's having an affair with a married man. The rumours surfaced after the popstrel was pictured in Chile, having lunch and sharing a boat trip with movie producer Alexander Dahm, whose wife is eight months pregnant.

Minogue, who split earlier this year from partner Olivier Martinez, apparently due to his infidelity, protests: "I have never been unfaithful to a partner and would find it completely immoral to be involved with a married man".

Spokesman Murray Chalmers adds: "On her departure from Santiago, Chile, today, Kylie was shocked to see the over-reaction in the worldwide media to her spending time with a male friend and colleague. Kylie recently took time out from her busy recording schedule for a short break in South America. Whilst there, she met up with her friend, movie producer Mr Alexander Dahm, with whom she is discussing aspects of a potential film project. She found speculation in the press that she had been intruding upon an existing relationship particularly offensive."

So, stop speculating, y'all. Kylie's a nice girl, okay?


Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno has implied that his band like their foreign fans better than their British fans. Splitters. He's quoted as saying: "I think the fans get us more abroad than in the UK because we don't get any of that crap where we're 'whaaay' lads and we 'ave it and all that. The foreign fans listen to the music more and don't call us The Stone Roses or anything. I think they get us for who we are, especially in France and places like that. There's no baggage like in the UK. We're just musicians at the end of the day who happen to like wearing good clothes".


Contradicting recent reports that Lily Allen doesn't like Kate Moss, the singer has told This Morning just how much she likes the supermodel, in fact. Bet she's not keen on Pete Doherty though. Anyway, Allen says that Moss actually leapt to her defence when she got beaten up at Glasto two years ago.

Here's what she told the programme: "I only have nice things to say about Kate. She actually jumped to my defence a couple of years ago at the Glastonbury festival. These girls beat me up and she was the one person that stood in and said, 'leave her alone, you're being a bully'."

Elaborating on the nature of the attack, she continued: "They stabbed me in the ear with a beer can and cut my ear open and I had two black eyes, it was a nightmare. It was just girls being silly. I think one of them thought I was sleeping with her boyfriend or something - which I wasn't! I was young and they were older than me and they were bullying me and Kate Moss stood in and said, 'stop being mean'. I have nothing bad to say about her, she's only been lovely to me."

Obviously, the pair both have design collections in high street chains at the moment. Which might explain why the gossips are looking for evidence of a conflict.

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