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In today's CMU Daily:
- MySpace say 'take down, stay down'
- The Game bailed after late night arrest
- Minister calls on eBay to stop auction of Big Weekend tickets
- Sheryl Crow adopts
- Not drunk and in good mood: Spector trial update
- Serbia win, Scooch bomb: Eurovision nonsense
- Smashing Pumpkin line up rumours
- Macca solo catalogue goes digital
- West on his graduation
- Ibiza will rock once more
- Lucky Soul play Bush Hall
- Mika planning fancy dress show
- Latin indie sues SonyBMG
- Mercury appoints General Manager
- Second bill supports US webcasters
- What's On London goes under
- Chart update
- Total Rock world album chart
- Subshot playlist
- This week's student radio chart
- Geldof questions Live Earth logic
- Albarn thinks Kaiser Chiefs #2 a bit like Blur #4
- Doherty blood pics on display, luvly


It is the very first INDY Awards in London tomorrow night. As you may remember, this is the awards event which celebrates the best unsigned artists to play at independent venues or club nights across London in the last year. Sixty independent venues and promoters nominated the live bands they most rated in the last twelve months, from which a long list of 200 bands was published on which the good old general public got to vote. From that voting, shortlists of four bands for ten genre categories were announced, and a panel of industry types met recently to pick the overall winners, all of whom will receive their prizes at tomorrow night's big awards bash at the Clapham Grand in South London.

Why am I telling you all about this here in the Top Bit? Well, there is a little bit of bias, because I was one of the aforementioned industry types who took part in the final stage of judging for the inaugural awards. But that's not the only reason - the concept behind the INDY Awards deserves considerable bigging up in its own right. In fact that, other than the fact I never say no to a free lunch, is the reason I agreed to take part in the judging in the first place.

We've discussed before that, while it is great that there are thousands and thousands of new, alternative and unsigned bands now able to make their music available directly via MySpace and their rivals, the problem with the MySpace phenomenon is this - how the hell do you navigate all those bands that are on there, and separate the good and potentially good from the poor? Of course, we here at CMU try to help a little with our MySpace Of The Day feature, taking leads from our readers and network of college correspondents as well as the team here at CMU HQ, but we're always aware there are great bands out there hovering just below even the CMU radar.

One group of people who are a brilliant lead to those very bands are the independent gig promoters, who book these bands on a day to day basis, who can prioritise unsigned demos over PRed major label promos when it comes to going through the mail, and who get to see how bands perform in the light of day onstage (the best place for spotting the bands with potential who may not have managed to get that potential down on record yet). In fact the indie promoters are an often vastly underrated part of the wider music industry, and a group often under-utilised by the recorded and more commercial live sectors.

Which is why I liked the idea of the INDY Awards so much - that collected knowledge of the indie promoters is presented there for all to see, in a handy digest format. And while I won't claim to have been a big fan of every single shortlisted track, there was bucket loads of talent and great music in among the nominated bands - so much so I fully intend to use the shortlists as a map for my personal MySpace listening in the weeks to come.

Which is why you should all keep your eyes (and ears) on the inaugural INDY Awards tomorrow night - and why I am looking forward to future years of this new awards programme, which aims to go national in year two. Look out for the full winners list in Wednesday's Daily, and any press types out there, you can get the full lowdown now from Burt Greener PR.



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We are a new club promotions company based in West London with releases this year from The Chemical Brothers, LCD Soundsystem, Digitalsim, Maps, Remi Nicole, Alan Braxe & Kris Menace plus many more. We are looking for a young, hard working, organised assistant with a good knowledge of, and love for, the club scene. Experience not essential. Salary negotiable. Please email your CV plus covering letter to



The Brighton Festival is fully under way with its brilliant programme of theatre, comedy, art, dance, talks, debate, cabaret and music, music music. CMU's sister publication, ThreeWeeks, is covering it all, and you can check the coverage at, with music reviews here each day in the CMU Daily. Look, here are some now:

Chris Difford
Chris Difford, renowned lyricist of the band Squeeze, showed why he is so cherished in the memories of music fans in this brilliant solo set that certainly bodes well for that band's imminent reunion tour. After an excellent set by support act Chris Simmons, Difford took to the stage before a crowd clearly anxious to see their hero. Enthralling the audience, Difford played Squeeze classics such as 'Cool for Cats', interspersed with tracks from his upcoming solo album. Stories of Squeeze on tour, and their aforementioned reformation, filled the gaps between songs, all of which left the crowd shouting out for more. An excellent show to witness for music lovers; a real must-see for any true Squeeze fan!
Komedia, 8 May, 08:30pm, £12.50, fringe pp26.
tw rating 5/5

The Hat
"The world's greatest show jumpers. Not us!" is how drummer and superb vocalist Dave Sanderson introduces The Hat. What they actually are is a curious mixture of guitars, double-bass, rapping, snoring, singing, a children's xylophone and an audience imitating flamingoes, orangutans, sheep and chameleons. With support from beat-boxer Lyrical Lips and folky, sea-shanty pioneers Pipe and Slippers, The Hat tell a story worth listening to in every song, in a manner that makes it all too easy to get distracted from the lyrics by the sheer charisma and zeal of the act. Entertainingly innovative, this extraordinary band put on a show that, unless you have a particular objection to audience participation, you will have a difficult task not to adore.
Komedia, 9 May, 8:30pm, £8.00 (£6.00), fringe pp26.
tw rating 5/5

Praise Bob!
Orange Room Music
Ripping into a punchy, raw version of 'Maggie's Farm', compere Kit Ashton kicked off a night of 'organised chaos' courtesy of eleven talented local musicians performing classics from the repertoire of the songwriter's songwriter himself, Bob Dylan. Highlights included Michael Ross' bluesy rendition of 'You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go' and Carrie Tree's delicate take on 'Hard Rain's Gonna Fall', but every song was a high-quality cover that should ensure that Ashton isn't "beaten to death by purists with a B-flat harmonica". Tonight's artistes ranged from r&b singer to Celtic crooner to fast-paced rock band, all thrown together in the kind of deliciously shambolic medley Bob would no doubt have enjoyed. On a wing-and-a-prayer, this talented bunch managed to improvise an evening that was ragged around the edges, but with the utmost style.
Komedia Studio, 9 May, 8:30pm, £6.00 (£4.00), fringe pp26.
tw rating 4/5

ThreeWeeks in Brighton is only possible because of the kind support of Latest 7 - plus tune into the Latest radio show, every afternoon on Radio Reverb, listen online via


MySpace are hoping to placate increasingly restless content owners by introducing a new technology which means that once a video has been removed from the social networking platform for copyright reasons it won't, in theory at least, be able to be re-uploaded

The so called 'take down, stay down' feature will, using Audible Magic technology, automatically create a digital fingerprint of any video uploaded by a MySpace user but then removed at the demand of a copyright holder. The fingerprint will then block anyone who attempts to re-upload the video in the future.

The introduction of the technology is a bid to overcome growing concern among content owners who complain that videos they ask to be removed from the MySpace platform are removed but then later reappear because another MySpace user re-uploads them. This increases the amount of monitoring a content owner must do of the massive MySpace network.

Of course, some content owners insist MySpace and their like have a responsibility to ensure unauthorised copyright content doesn't appear on their websites in the first place, and that simply pledging to remove content if and when they are made aware of a copyright violation is not sufficient for the content sharing networks to sidestep liability for that violation.

However, the pledge that any piece of unauthorised content can only appear once and, once it has been identified, will be blocked from future sharing, will placate some content owners - assuming, that is, that the technology actually works.


The Game posted $50,000 bail on Saturday after being arrested on Friday night for allegedly making "criminal threats", whatever that means. LAPD officers searched the rapper's Californian home for three hours on Friday night, seemingly in connection with an undisclosed incident that took place back in February. Presumably it was during that search that The Game made the alleged "criminal threats". The rapper didn't offer much more enlightenment on the house search, the mystery February incident or his arrest after leaving police custody on Saturday, telling reporters: "I want to say that I'm not guilty, and I love California".


The UK's Creative Industries Minister has called on eBay to remove auctions on its platform selling tickets for Radio 1's upcoming and rather in demand Big Weekend.

The 35,000 tickets available for the two day Big Weekend event near Preston were distributed by ballot after listeners registered on a special website. As previously reported, demand for tickets was very high, leading to an expansion of the festival site and the release of 5000 more tickets last week. However, such is the continued demand for tickets that some are now on sale on eBay, for up to £400 a pair, even though they were originally distributed for free. Some of those selling tickets are also reportedly offering advice on how to sidestep ID check rules that were designed to stop tickets being resold.

Minister Shaun Woodward told reporters on Friday: "[The resale of tickets] flies in the face of all the hard work that Radio 1 is putting in to stamping out touts at the Big Weekend. eBay should stop selling the tickets - the artists are not making money from this free event, so why should the touts? Demand for this event is outstripping supply by more than ten to one, and the BBC has decided that people should get tickets on the basis of how lucky they are, not how much money they have".

eBay, who, as previously reported, have in the past banned the resale of tickets to Live 8 and the Princess Diana memorial concert, are yet to comment on the Big Weekend tickets. The Radio 1 event takes place this coming weekend, and features headline sets from the likes of The Scissor Sisters, Razorlight and Kaiser Chiefs.


Sheryl Crow has announced she has adopted a baby boy. And that's all we know really, except that the child is to be called Wyatt Steven after her father (first name) and brother (second name). The singer songwriter wrote on her website on Friday: "I am so excited to share with you guys that I've adopted a little boy. He was born two weeks ago. We are enjoying some very private family time".


Despite a former girlfriend saying Phil Spector was "not his usual self" on the night actress Lana Clarkson was shot at the legendary producer's Beverly Hills home, and despite her claims that she had worried about his drinking while on medication, a waitress who also spent some time with Spector before he hooked up with Clarkson said on Friday that the producer was "not drunk" that night in 2003, and that he was "in good mood".

Kathy Sullivan gave testimony to the ongoing Phil Spector trial on Friday. She told how she had met up with Spector at her Grill On The Abbey workplace on 2 Feb 2003, and how the two of them had then gone onto nearby nightclubs Trader Vic's, Dan Tana's and the House Of Blues, the latter, of course, being where Spector met Clarkson. She said that although Spector had been drinking navy grogs and daiquiris, he was not drunk and had possibly not actually consumed all the drinks he'd ordered. She said he could walk and talk just fine, and that he was in an upbeat mood, chatting about various topics "including American Idol".

But she said that Spector did get annoyed when she started to drink water around 2am, and that he told her that she should go home if "she didn't want to stay out". Clarkson, in her capacity as the House Of Blues VIP room hostess, then escorted Sullivan to Spector's chauffeur driven car, which took Sullivan home before returning to later take Spector and Clarkson back to Spector's LA mansion.

Sullivan spent time with Spector after he had parted company with his then girlfriend Rommie Davis, who told the court last Thursday that she had found Spector to be not his "usual self" in the days leading up to the fatal shooting at his home, adding that he was drinking for the first time during their five month relationship, despite being on medication.

The trial continues.


So, it was thanks to Ireland and Malta that UK Eurovision entrants Scooch didn't leave Helsinki on Saturday night with null points. Our Irish friends gave our entrant seven points, the Maltese twelve, meaning we came joint second to last with France. Alas we didn't return the favour to Ireland - they got just five points, off Albania, meaning the one time star country of the Song Contest finished last.

Scooch were upbeat about their low rating, taking solace in the fact that UK entrants rarely score well at Eurovision these days. Singer Caroline Barnes told reporters that, despite the disappointing score, the Eurovision experience had been "one in a million". And presumably they took some heart yesterday that their Eurovision song entered the UK singles chart Top 5. However, the Sunday papers were less willing to accept that UK disappointment at Eurovision is inevitable, putting more of the blame at the cheesy pop band's door. The Sunday Mirror said the group had made the UK "the laughing stock of Europe", The People blamed Scooch for only just escaping the UK " a 'nul points' humiliation", while the Sunday Times, referencing the group's airline theme, observed "it wasn't a disaster - more of a crash landing".

Other media dwelled once again on the modern Eurovision bias to the Eastern European countries, who consistently vote for each other ensuring that they dominate the top 10. Germany, Spain, France and the UK, who each contribute much more than their fair share in funding the annual songs fest, all came in the bottom six on the night, and one Ladbrokes spokesman commented that such is the bias in Eurovision voting these days that even if the UK fielded one of its global music stars, like Elton John, we'd probably still struggle to compete.

All of which might make you question why countries like the UK continue to fund Eurovision, though given that the BBC enjoyed a massive 50.8% audience share at the peak of its Eurovision coverage on Saturday night, with 10.9 million people tuning in, I suspect the Beeb's future involvement in the event is assured. Because, fortunately for the poorer Eurovision nations who dominate the Contest leader board, us Brits seem to love Eurovision even though our own entrants always do so badly these days. As long as we can all watch with tongue in cheek as Terry Wogan mocks the foreigners, obviously.

This year's winner, by the way, was Serbia with Marija Serifovic's performance of a song called 'Molitva'.


Two US media sources have reported on rumoured new members of the Smashing Pumpkins - ie the people who will be joining Billy Corgan and Jimmy Chamberlain on the band's comeback album this summer (it being pretty certain neither James Iha nor D'arcy Wretzky are participating). MTV has reported that Jeff Shroeder, formerly of Californian indie band The Lassie Foundation, will be playing guitar, while the Chicago Tribune has reported that Ginger Reyes, formerly of all girl pop-punk outfit Halo Friendlies, will be playing bass. No official statement has been made as yet regarding the line up for the band on new album 'Zeitgeist'.


EMI have announced that Paul McCartney's solo catalogue, which also includes all the Wings albums, will be made available in digital format for the first time very soon. The announcement follows the news last week that Macca's upcoming new long player, being released via Starbucks' new music venture, will be available digitally, all of which is furthering speculation that the arrival of the Beatles on digital is ever nearer.

Confirming the Macca digital catalogue thingimy, EMI Music UK boss Tony Wadsworth told CMU: "Paul McCartney's post-Beatles catalogue, spanning four decades, is one of the great treasures of popular music. EMI is proud to be introducing Paul's music to the digital marketplace".

Several physical rereleases of Macca's solo work is also planned.


Kanye West has been talking to MTV about his next album, 'Graduation', which is due out in the Autumn. He says: "I think the sound is bigger this time. It's bigger and simpler, where the notes really connect with you".

On meeting the expectations of the masses, he continued: "I have to deliver songs. All these people are looking at me, from super-middle America to the hipsters, like, 'What's he gonna do next?'. I'm making music for somebody sitting in a car on their way to work trying to get through traffic and my music is helping them zone out".


The initial line up is out for this year's Ibiza Rocks, the live music showcase staged by the Manumission people during the summer season on the White Isle, and here it is...

19 Jun: The View
16+17 Jul: Kasabian
10 Jul: CSS
18 Jul: LCD Soundsystem
31 Jul: The Enemy
7-8 Aug: Mika
1 Sep: Arctic Monkeys
3-4 Sep: The Fratellis

Rob da Bank, Zane Lowe and Mark Ronson are among the DJs due to appear.


CMU favourites Lucky Soul will play their biggest gig to date at London's Bush Hall this coming Wednesday, that's 16 May, with support by Johnny Boy and Montt Mardie. I don't want you telling me we didn't tell you. As previously reported, the band's debut long player, 'The Great Unwanted', was released via their own label, Ruffa Lane, back in April, and it seems to be getting lots of critical praise. And hurrah to that.


Mika has called on fans attending his Somerset House gig in London in July to come "ridiculously and fabulously" dressed. He says: "I want my fans to be part of the show at Somerset House, so I want as many people as possible to come dressed as ridiculously and fabulously as possible. All those coming in an outfit will be photographed and posted on my website in our gig gallery. Watch out for some other surprises too!" We're watching. Mika plays Somerset House on 17 Jul - other bands playing as part of the Somerset series this year include Lily Allen, Kasabian, Mogwai, Amy Winehouse and Hot Chip.


California based independent label Cintas Acuario has filed a lawsuit against SonyBMG's US based Latin music division over allegations that the major is illegally marketing and distributing some of its sound recordings.

The indie says that is used to have a licensing deal with Sony which saw the major distribute recordings from many of its artists, including Los Razos, Voces del Rancho, Jenni Rivera and Lupillo Rivera. However, it says that it asked the major to cease and desist the "marketing, producing, promoting, manufacturing, distributing and selling of any and all" of its sound recordings in June 2006. Despite that, Cintas Acuario claims, Sony has continued to distribute its recordings.

Billboard quote the label's attorney, Anthony Lopez, as saying that Sony has been distributing his client's recordings "without us receiving any benefit", adding that because Sony continues to distribute their music the indie has "been unable to go out and get a [new] deal on their catalogue because there is still product in the market".

SonyBMG are yet to formally respond to the lawsuit.


Universal Music's Mercury division last week announced the appointment of Niamh Byrne, formerly of management firm CMO, to the new role of General Manager. Byrne managed Gorillaz and co-managed Blur while at CMO, but left the management company last year to set up consultancy firm The Engine Room. She will continue to have an interest in the consultancy while working at Mercury.

Confirming the new appointment, Mercury Music Group President Jason Iley told CMU: "I am delighted to welcome Niamh to Mercury. She has a remarkable and wide strategic vision, vast digital knowledge, an eye for detail and is such a team player. We are excited about delivering great music in an innovative way".


Political moves to stop the previously reported hike in royalty rates that the US Copyright Royalty Board recently ruled American web radio stations would have to pay gained more momentum on Friday when two Senators introduced their own Internet Radio Equality Bill, mirroring similar proposals already made by two members of the House Of Representatives. Senators Ron Wyden and Sam Brownback are behind the new bill, which aims to protect webcasters from the increased royalties, which many in the web radio sector argue gives traditional and satellite broadcasters an unfair advantage, and will put smaller web radio stations out of business. Confirming the bill, Wyden told reporters last week: "Keeping internet radio alive is part of a broader issue that is important to me - keeping the e-commerce engine running by preventing discrimination against it".


The publisher of London listings magazine What's On In London is seeking voluntary liquidation after the title closed its doors a couple of weeks back. Strand Magazines confirmed Friday that it has ceased trading and has appointed accountancy group Vantis to coordinate its liquidation. A number of staff and writers are reportedly out of pocket because of the closure, some to the tune of thousands of pounds. A spokesman for Vantis told reporters: "The company is insolvent and that's it. We are working on the financial position of the company and the historical reasons as to why the company has folded".

Strand Magazines was set up last year and bought What's On off Remnant Media for £400,000. Some insiders said that the magazine had really improved since the takeover, and that the title had been building its online presence, but word has it that the magazine's new owners realised substantial investment was going to be needed to capitalise on the title, and they just didn't have access to the money.

The Media Guardian reports that one staff journalist on the magazine says employees were given one days notice of closure, and were all owed one month's salary. Freelancers were owed up to five months fees.

Amco, the agency hired by Strand to sell advertisements in the magazine, are reportedly attempting to find a buyer for the title, which is arguably the oldest listings magazine in Europe, tracing its history back to the 40s.


So, good old McFly are back atop the singles chart this week with their double a-side 'Baby's Coming Back/Transylvania', which is all kinds of lovely. I look forward to receiving my copy of the tour edition of the album (just a little reminder to McFly's PRs there, in case you wondered). The next highest new entry came from Scooch, who did a whole lot better in the singles chart than in the Eurovision Song Contest, with their Eurovision song 'Flying The Flag (For You)' going in at number five. Other new entries this week from Snow Patrol with 'Signal Fire' at 17, Maroon 5 with 'Makes Me Wonder' at 19, Booty Luv with 'Shine' at 25 and Ross Copperman with 'All She Wrote' at 39.

Albums wise, and the Manics did well, though not quite well enough to push the Arctic Monkeys off the top spot. They go in at 2 with 'Send Away The Tigers', while the 'Favourite Worst Nightmare' stays top. Other album new entries this week from Travis with 'The Boy With No Name' at 4, Bjork with 'Volta' at 7, Beverley Knight with 'Music City Soul' at 8, Groove Armada with 'Soundboy Rock' at 10, Dolores O'Riordan with 'Are You Listening' at 28, Gym Class Heroes with 'As Cruel As School Children' at 34 and Elliott Smith with 'New Moon' at 39.


It's the Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero (Universal/Island)
2. Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (Universal/Island)
3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Stadium Arcadium (Warner Bros)
4. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Warner/Roadrunner)
5. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Warner Bros)
6. Hellyeah - Hellyeah (SonyBMG/Epic)
7. Good Charlotte - Good Morning Revival (SonyBMG/Epic)
8. Hinder - Extreme Behavior (Republic)
9. Dimmu Borgir - In Sorte Diaboli (Nuclear Blast)*
10. Buckcherry - 15 (Warner/Eleven Seven Music)
11. Porcupine Tree - Fear Of A Blamk Planet (Warner/Roadrunner)*
12. Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (Warner/Atlantic)
13. 30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Life (EMIVirgin)
14. Queen - Greatest Hits 1,2,3 (EMI)
15. Evanescence - The Open Door (SonyBMG)
16. Razorlight - Razorlight (Universal/Vertigo)
17. Black Sabbath - The Dio Years (Warner/Rhino)
18. Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
19. The Doors - The Very Best Of The Doors (Warner/Rhino)
20. Machine Head - The Blackening (Warner/Roadrunner)


It's the Subshot playlist, the videos appearing on the SUBtv network of screens in students' union bars this week. New entries marked with a *.

Bob Sinclar & Cutee B - Sound of Freedom (Defected)*
Booty Luv - Shine (Data / Hedkandi)
Biffy Clyro - Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies (Warner/14th Floor)
CSS - Let's Make Love (& Listen To Death From Above) (Sub Pop/Sire)
The Cribs - Men's Needs (Wichita)
The Fray - Over My Head (Cable Car) (SonyBMG/RCA)
Hellogoodbye - Here (In Your Arms) (SonyBMG)
Kaiser Chiefs - Everything Is Average Nowadays (B-Unique)
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends (EMI/DFA)
Mims - This Is Why I'm Hot (EMI/Capitol)*
Modest Mouse - Dashboard (SonyBMG/Columbia)
Mutya Buena - Real Girl (Universal/Island)
The Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry (Dance To The Radio)
Regina Spektor - On The Radio (Warner)*
Tim Deluxe - Let The Beats Roll (Skint)
The Twang - Either Way (B-Unique)

!!! - Must Be The Moon (Warp)*
Candie Payne - I Wish I Could Have Loved You More (Deltasonic)
Duke Special - Last Night I Nearly Died (V2)
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Doctor Blind (Drowned In Sound)
Good Charlotte - The River (SonyBMG/Columbia)
Kharma 45 - Where's Your Spirit Man? (Warner)
The Little Ones - Lovers Who Uncover (EMI/Heavenly)*
Los Campesinos! - You! Me! Dancing! (Wichita)*
Mumm-Ra - She's Got You High (SonyBMG/Columbia)
Reverend and The Makers - Heavyweight Champion of the World (Wall Of Sound)*
Shy Child - Noise Won't Stop (Wall of Sound)
The Stills - Destroyer (Drowned In Sound)*
The Tigerpicks - Disco Punk Electro Funk (Deltasonic)
Tiny Dancers - Hannah We Know (EMI/Parlophone)*
Unklejam - What Am I Fighting For? (EMI/Virgin)
Willy Mason feat. KT Tunstall - We Can Be Strong (EMI/Virgin)


The Student Radio Chart returns - hurrah! The most played tracks on college radio this week, as compiled by the Student Radio Association. More info from

1. [1] Artic Monkeys - Brianstorm
2. [4] Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Hump De Hump
3. [7] Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running
4. [NE] Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry
5. [2] Funeral For A Friend - Into Oblivion
6. [NE] Manic Street Preachers - Your Love Is Not Enough
7. [5] Bloc Party - I Still Remember
8. [3] Biffy Clyro - Living is a Problem (Because Everything Dies)
9. [10] Mark Ronson - Stop Me
10. [18] Snow Patrol - Signal Fire
11. [11] CSS - Lets Make Love and Listen to Death From Above
12. [6] Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr Th Mmrs
13. [22] Just Jack - Glory Days
14. [16] Jamie T - Sheila
15. [15] The Maccabees - Precious Time
16. [NE] White Stripes - Icky Thump
17. [NE] Willy Mason - We Can Be Strong (Ft. KT Tunstall)
18. [9] Gossip - Listen Up
19. [17] Klaxons - Gravity's Rainbow
20. [21] The Cribs - Man's Needs
21. [24] The Noisettes - Scratch Your Name
22. [14] Kings Of Leon - On Call
23. [NE] Hellogoodbye - Here In Your Arms
24. [NE] The Twang - Either Way
25. [8] Groove Armada - Get Down
26. [30] Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Weapon of Choice
27. [NE] Amy Macdonald - Poison Prince
28. [RE] Joss Stone - Tell Me Bout It
29. [27] Mika - Love Today
30. [NE] The Pink Spiders - Little Razorblade


Bob Geldof has been busy questioning the point of Al Gore's Live Earth concerts which, of course, are kind of modeled on Geldof's Live 8 venture, only with global warming rather than global poverty as the 'message' underlying the music. Speaking to Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant, Geldof said he hoped Gore's gigs were a success, but asked "Why is [Gore] actually organising them? To make us aware of the greenhouse effect? Everybody's known about that problem for years. We are all fucking conscious of global warming".

He continued: "I would only organise [Live Earth] if I could go on stage and announce concrete environmental measures from the American presidential candidates, Congress or major corporations. They haven't got those guarantees, so it's just an enormous pop concert or the umpteenth time that, say, Madonna or Coldplay get up on stage".

Live 8, of course, were able to announce they'd made poverty history within hours of their London concert kicking off. Oh, wait. No, they weren't.


Damon Albarn has compared the Kaiser Chiefs second album to Blur's fourth, 'The Great Escape', and it's not a favourable comparison to make, in Albarn's eyes at least. He says: "I've made two bad records. The first [Blur] record, which is awful, and 'The Great Escape', which was messy. The Kaiser Chiefs' new record sounds a bit like 'The Great Escape' in that it sounds a bit empty. Sometimes records are like that if you try too hard to repeat your success".


Looking for somewhere to take the kids next weekend? Well, good news, an exhibition of Pete Doherty's blood art has opened in London. Oh joy of joy. Yes, you can see the Babyshambler's attempts at creating art with his own blood at the Bankrobber art gallery. No word on how much it will cost to buy an original, though prints are available for £250, or £1200 if you want them signed by Doherty in his own blood.

Robin Barton of the Bankrobber gallery told reporters last week: "His use of blood lends itself perfectly to exploring the extraordinary personal and physical intensity that characterises so much of Peter's life and work as an artist in the broadest sense". Brilliant.

Meanwhile, Doherty's former bandmate Carl Barat has claimed the singer "could end up dead in a few years". Speaking to the Sunday Mirror about Doherty who, of course, he has recently started talking to again after a long period of feuding, Barat said: "Pete ended up in the nick last week - I don't think he'll ever change. I love Pete like a brother and I am working with him again. But he could end up dead in a few years if he doesn't sort himself out". Even sooner if he gets carried away with one of his blood paintings one day.

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