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In today's CMU Daily:
- AnywhereCD settle with Warner
- Universal reportedly considering joining iTunes Plus
- Akon facing charges over fan throwing incident
- The Game pleads not guilty to gun charges
- The Stings await compensation ruling over sacked cook
- Dupri driver hurt in crash
- Bowie and Beastie Boys win at web awards
- Bon Jovi guitarist goes into treatment facility
- Doherty to do Poppins
- Timbaland protege on Duran collaborations
- Hadouken! make live bounces available via website
- RATM count down to something
- Klaxons covers
- Klaxons, etc, sign up for Oxjam
- Grinderman one off
- The Dodgems stuff
- Supergrass support Monkeys
- T On The Fringe dates announced
- Sony/ATV re-sign Barlow
- Irish record industry go to court over P2P identities
- Finnish authorities raid P2P hubs
- Cowell and Morgan slag off BBC talent show rival
- Paris leaves prison
- Cliff clears the hoodies
- Manson again


It's official, I've run out of things to say about DRM. So, let's use the Top Bit to remind you about a little 'call to action' we delivered to all you indie types a couple of weeks ago.

As we mentioned then, we are currently doing the last bit of processing of all those reader surveys you all filled out a few weeks back (we're pretty much done actually) and will feed back on the results later this month. But one of the things people say they want more of is news of what is happening at and with all the many many independent labels, publishers, management firms and gig/club promoters out there, on a 'corporate level', which is something we've wanted to have more of for a while, hence the call to action.

You out there in indie land are good at letting us know about your artists, but less good at letting us know about what is happening behind the scenes - new recruits, new divisions, new initiatives, business or marketing successes, all that jazz. Obviously, unlike those majors, you don't have PR departments tasked with talking up those things, but we don't need wordy press releases here at CMU. So if any of you run, own or work for any of those companies, we'd love it if you could drop us informal emails anytime you have some company news, however minor you might think it is, because someone out there in CMU land is probably interested.

As I say, it doesn't need to be a formal release, just the basics and, if possible, a quote we can use. Send said stories to We can't guarantee we'll run everything, but we'll include as much as we can. And then we can tick off one of our 'reader survey recommendations', which would be lovely.



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VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Back to Basics at My House
One out of London for you, and not just because I might be going up North this weekend. And the first ever tip, I think, for this long respected Leeds night. Residents Ralph Lawson, Dave Beer, Paul Woolford and Tristan Da Cunha will be rocking the city's My House once again, a venue that has had a recent refurb, and which boasts a big main room and dope soundsystem. So many big names are gracing B2B this month - from Mr C to James Lavelle to the legends that are Slam - that you can be assured quality house all the way.

Saturday 9 Jun, Back to Basics, 1 Brick Street, Leeds LS9, 11pm till 6am, £12/10 NUS, info at


AnywhereCD, the new online music service created by original founder Michael Robertson, has ended its legal spat with Warner Music Group, with both sides agreeing to dismiss their respective lawsuits against each other, and to bring their planned business partnership to an early end.

As previously reported, AnywhereCD is a combined CD and download music store, which allows customers to download whole albums as non-DRMed MP3s providing they mail order the physical CD. The logic behind the service is that once someone has bought a CD they can easily rip the music on it as MP3s, so you might has well supply the MP3s directly.

However, it could be argued that this kind of service is really designed to be a DRM free download platform and that the mailing out of CDs is just a technicality to convince record labels who are nervous of selling digital music in unprotected file formats, but who realise that consumers can and will rip MP3s off CDs, to buy in. That was arguably even more the case with AnywhereCD at launch because it offered the option to not actually receive the physical CD at all, allowing the customer to save the postage and packaging costs.

Which made it surprising that Warner Music, still a big advocate of digital rights management technology, was the first major record company to sign up to the service. Which meant it was not all that surprising when, almost as soon as the service went live, Warner announced it was backing out of its deal with Robertson, arguing it had been misled about how the AnywhereCD service would work.

Both sides issued legal papers regarding the dispute as to what Warner had or had not signed up to, but yesterday they announced they had reached an out of court settlement which will allow AnywhereCD to continue to sell Warner's music until 30 Sep, after which the major will withdraw its catalogue.


Digital Music News have published new reports that the Universal Music Group is in talks with Apple regarding making its music available via the new iTunes Plus service, ie, following EMI's lead and making tracks available as DRM free AAC files, presumably in the same higher quality format as the EMI tracks available via iTunes Plus, and presumably also at the slightly increased per-track fee.

As you all surely know, the other three major record companies have remained officially quiet on the possibility of them making their music available in DRM free formats ever since EMI first made its announcement that it would back in April, although there have been reports that at least one and maybe two of them are actively considering the DRM free route. Digital Music News cites "a number of well-placed sources" who say Universal is now "actively discussing" signing up to the DRM-free iTunes Plus service.

One Universal executive is reportedly pointing to an announcement being made in the next few weeks, though others say complications remain. The major is also reportedly again pushing Apple for a variable pricing model (where prices vary according to artist, and not just sound quality), but it is unclear if those discussions are linked - ie the major is suggesting they will go DRM free if Apple introduces a variable pricing system.


Oh, not good news for Akon. It is looking like that incident last weekend where he threw a fan into his audience was not a bit of fun after all. Well, not for the fan anyway. And therefore not for Akon, now that the police are involved.

As previously reported, Akon got security guards to pick out the fan in question after he allegedly threw something at the R&B singer during his performance at a festival organised by US radio station K104 last weekend. Akon then manhandled the fan and ultimately threw him back into the crowd. Although the incident was videoed, it wasn't entirely clear if the fan was playing along (and the being thrown into the audience was essentially an elaborate stage dive), or whether Akon was in fact assaulting the fan live on stage.

Local police put out a call for the fan to come forward, and he has now done so. It isn't entirely clear what he has told officers, although reports seem to suggest the singer is now likely to face criminal charges, which suggests the fan wasn't all that happy about the incident. Some websites are quoting a police source as saying the R&B star might even face attempted murder charges, which would seem a bit extreme, though presumably quite worrying for Akon.

Needless to say, Akon's people are denying anything criminal occurred at the gig. His attorney, Benjamin Brafman, told reporters yesterday: "Given the information that we have reviewed to date, it does not appear to us that Akon was involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever. We are prepared to fully cooperate with any law enforcement agency that may be investigating this incident. We are confident that after a thorough investigation it will be apparent that no criminal prosecution of Akon is warranted".


The Game yesterday pleaded not guilty guvnor to those previously reported charges that he threatened a man with a gun during a pickup basketball game in LA back in February. As previously reported, he was charged earlier this week with making a criminal threat and possessing a firearm in a 'school zone' in relation to the incident. If found guilty he could face five years in jail. He entered his not-guilty plea yesterday, and will now appear in court on 27 Jun to face the charges. As previously reported, the rapper is due in court next week to face unrelated charges stemming from that incident last year when he allegedly impersonated a police officer and ordered a cab driver to run red lights.


Into the civil branch of the pop courts, and Sting and his wife Trudie Styler will today learn how much compensation they have to pay that woman who used to work for them as a chef and who, as previously reported, won an unlawful dismissal case against the couple after claiming Mrs Sting treated her unfairly after she became pregnant.

The former cook, Jane Martin, said that Styler, who, she claimed, had a "grandiose ego" and made life difficult for many of the couple's employees, took a particular disliking to her after she became pregnant, and even more so after she took time off because of a stomach bug. She claims Mrs Sting once said: "Who the fuck does she think she is? She's my chef in the UK. She needs to be available if I need her, or she should rethink her position".

As it happened, the couple's management company, Lake House Estate, rethought her position for her, making her redundant claiming they had too many cooks (and presumably that that was spoiling the broth). But they didn't go through the right process for making someone redundant, which is why the couple lost the unfair dismissal case brought against them.

The Stings said the courts decision was "unjust and unfair" (whether Styler said of the judge "who the fuck does he think he is" I don't know) and that they plan to appeal, but meanwhile the compensation process has kicked in and a judge will rule how much the couple must pay later today.


A driver working for Jermaine Dupri was hospitalised yesterday after a woman drove into a car carrying the uber-producer and Island US Urban president. The crash happened in New York with the woman reportedly driving through a red light before crashing into and writing off Dupri's Cadillac Escalade. reports that Dupri himself was unhurt, despite the car being wrecked, but his driver did go to hospital, albeit with "minor injuries".


David Bowie and the Beastie Boys were among the winners at a global awards event for the web, digital and interactive media industries, yes, those Webby Awards, which were held in New York this week.

Bowie was presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award because, judges say, he has set "the standard for how artists interact with their fans online". The Beastie Boys won an award for their live DVD 'Awesome; I Fuckin Shot That!', a recording made up of footage shot on camcorders by fifty fans in the audience. Judges said the project was "a shining example of user interactivity".

Elsewhere, music recommendation network, recently acquired by CBS, took both the judged and public voted awards in the music category, while UK music station BBC Radio 1 took the best radio station website.

In non-music categories the BBC News website picked up both the judged and public voted awards for best online news service, for the third year running, eBay were also presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award, and The Guardian won Best Newspaper Website. YouTube founders Steve Chen and Chad Hurley, meanwhile, won the Person Of The Year prize.

In a rather nice twist, winners at the Webbys are allowed just five words. eBay CEO Meg Whiteman collected her award by saying "bidding starts at 99 cents". The YouTube types said "YouTubers, this is for you". BBC News Interactive Editor Steve Herrmann used his mini-speech to remind everyone about the continued campaign to secure the safe return of kidnapped BBC Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston with a simple: "Alan, we're thinking of you". The Beastie Boys, meanwhile, said simply "Are we getting paid for this?", which is six words, but they've always been a bit rebellious, those Beastie Boys.


Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora has entered a treatment facility in LA for an "undisclosed problem". A spokesperson for the band told reporters: "He asks that you respect he and his family's privacy at this time". There is no word on whether the news will effect any of Bon Jovi's upcoming live dates, which includes the opening show at the all new Millennium Dome in London (The O2, for all you 'on brand' types).


Pete Doherty is set to sing a song from Mary Poppins at a concert to celebrate the songs of Disney due to take place at London's Royal Festival Hall on 17 Jun. Apparently he'll be doing 'A Spoonful Of Sugar Helps The Heroin Go Down', one of my favourites from the Disney film, currently running as a stage show in the West End of course (actually, I think he'll be doing 'Chim Chiminey' but I couldn't think of any cheap junkie jokes to go with that). Jarvis Cocker, Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry, Baaba Maal, Beth Orton and Shane MacGowan are also all expected to sing some Disney style songs at the event. I bet there's a fight over who gets 'Bear Necessities', though the Lion King's 'I Just Can't Wait To Be King' is my personal favourite. No, really it is. Look, it's here in my iTunes. Great song.


Producer Danjahandz, seemingly generally referred to as Timbaland's 'protege', has been talking about him and Timbaland working on three tracks for the new Duran Duran album, including one guesting Justin Timberlake. There have been many reports, of course, about Simon Le Bon et al collaborating with Timbaland and Timberlake. On those collaborations Danjahandz told "The actual process of making the album [with Duran Duran] was cool. We just went in there as musicians, I think that's what was beneficial for me, playing those instruments, came into play. Because I had to become a musician, not a producer or beat maker, I had to become a musician and write songs. It was just an easy thing for me, the dudes were real open for me and where I was taking them. It was just a cool experience".


Those Hadouken! Chaps are planning on making live versions of their song 'Bounce', recorded at each gig on their current tour, available to download via their website. The recordings will go live each night after the respective gigs, and fans will be able to download them providing they sign up to the band's VIP section and email list. More info at


A Rage Against The Machine web page has materialised with two counters on it, one counting down to 11 Jun and the other to 24 Aug. The band give no indication as to what they are counting down to, exactly, though reports suggest that if you reset your PC clock to be after those dates you find out what it is all about. That said, I just did that and it didn't work, though perhaps I was meant to reboot. Anyway, the website is owned by Live Nation, so the speculation is that the site is to promote another live show, the first counter counting down to an announcement of the gig, the second to the gig itself. RATM, of course, reformed for this year's Coachella Festival, and since then there have been a number of rumours of other gigs and tours. The website is at


The Klaxons will cover Justin Timberlake track 'My Love' as the b-side to the CD release of their new single 'It's Not Over Yet'. The vinyl release will have a cover of Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons track 'The Night' (but before Caro CMU gets too excited, that's a cover of the little released track Valli recorded for Motown, and not the legendary and eternal Caro favorite 'December, 1963 (Oh, What a Night)').


Talking of which, Klaxons are amongst the acts set to appear at launch gigs for this year's Oxjam festival, which, as you may remember, consists of myriad music events all over the country in support of Oxfam; this year around 40,000 musicians are expected to take part in 3,000 events throughout October. The charity is presently appealing for UK music fans to organise their own events as part of the strand, to help raise money for the cause.

The Kooks, Kasabian, and Kaiser Chiefs are also all committed to appearing at the launch events, set to take place in a converted Oxfam shop, but there's a quote from James Righton from Klaxons, which is why they're in the headline. Here's what he says: "For us, Oxjam is the highlight of the festival season because everyone gets to make the noise themselves. The only thing more exciting than putting on your own event to help fight poverty is knowing that you're part of a movement of thousands of gigs, club nights and events right across the country."

The festival will also provide an opportunity for new acts get on the telly, with a contest being held in conjunction with MTV. Bands can upload videos of their Oxjam appearances at which will be subject to a public vote, and the winning act will then get a whole show on MTV devoted to them.


Nick Cave's Grinderman have announced that they'll appear at a one-off gig with the White Stripes in the US next month. The concert takes place at New York's Madison Square Garden on 24 Jul. They'll follow that up with appearances in Chicago and San Francisco.


Sheffield new boys The Dodgems (they lost their bassist to those Arctic Monkeys a while back, if you remember, but now have a new one, so don't worry) are set to release their debut single, 'You're Not What You Used To Be', on 23 Jul, and they'll be on tour in support of it in the latter half of that month, dates as follows:

16 Jul: York Fibbers
17 Jul: Glasgow King Tut's
18 Jul: Newcastle Cluny
19 Jul: Nottingham The Social
20 Jul: Manchester Dry Bar
23 Jul: Brighton Barfly
24 Jul: Birmingham Bar Academy
25 Jul: London 100 Club
27 Jul: Cardiff Barfly


Supergrass are to support Arctic Monkeys on tour this summer. That seems wrong, to me, on so many levels. Mainly the level that Supergrass are way better than Arctic Monkeys, in my opinion. However, I'll presume that the exposure will allow them to stun the Monkey fans with their superior playing power, which can only be a good thing.

Supergrass will also be playing some festival dates this summer, which is nice. They've recently finished recording their new album, so there's something to look forward to as well.

Here are the band's upcoming dates:

16 Jun: Dublin Malahide Castle (supporting Arctic Monkeys)
17 Jun: Dublin Malahide Castle (supporting Arctic Monkeys)
13 Jul: Guilfest
21 Jul: Bukta Festival, Norway
28 Jul: Lancashire County Cricket Ground (supporting Arctic Monkeys)
29 Jul: Lancashire County Cricket Ground (supporting Arctic Monkeys)
4 Aug: Electric Gardens
5 Aug: Live at Loch Lomond Festival


Organisers of the main pop strand at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, T On The Fringe, yesterday announced their initial line up for 2007. Although some of the bigger gigs had already been announced, numerous others were added to the bill. Here's the list, venue by venue...

Meadowbank Stadium
21 Aug: Foo Fighters, Nine Inch Nails, Silverun Pickups
24 Aug: Kaiser Chiefs, The View
26 Aug: Razorlight, Editors

Corn Exchange
10 Aug: James
11 Aug: Silverchair
16 Aug: Kanye West
20 Aug: Guillemots
22 Aug: Interpol
24 Aug: Happy Mondays

Liquid Room
6 Aug: Isobell Campbell & Mark Lanegan
13 Aug: Euros Childs
14 Aug: Duke Special
18 Aug: Best Of T Break
19 Aug: Jamie T
21 Aug: Willy Mason
25 Aug: Turbo Negro
28 Aug: Eagles Of Death Metal

Cabaret Voltaire
4 Aug: Tom Baxter
5 Aug: The Law
13 Aug: Pete & The Pirates
15 Aug: Amy Macdonald
18 Aug: Union Of Knives
19 Aug: Crash My Model Car
24 Aug: Soma Night
28 Aug: Jack Penate

T On The Fringe is just one tiny bit of the overall Edinburgh Festival Fringe, of course. The full Fringe programme was published in Edinburgh yesterday and features more shows than ever before, which everyone seems to think is fantastic news (personally I'm not convinced it necessarily is, but let's not get into that, such ranting should be reserved for our Edinburgh Festival publication ThreeWeeks). But either way, it will certainly be the most exciting, eclectic and awe inspiring cultural festival of the year, as usual. Expect plenty of plugs for it and ThreeWeeks between now and it all going live at the start of August.


Sony/ATV Music Publishing have announced they've re-signed Gary Barlow, which sounds like a very sensible thing to do if you ask me, he being hot songwriting property all over again.

Sony/ATV top bloke Rakesh Sanghvi said this: "Gary is a giant in the world of songwriting and it is with great pleasure that we have re-signed him to our company. He is not only a musical genius but a true gentleman who is an absolute joy to work with."

Gary Barlow top bloke Gary Barlow said this: "Sony/ATV have been there for me not only in the good times but also the not so good. Their encouragement and support has always remained the same and I'm so happy to continue being a part of what I think is a great company".


The Irish record industry is doing that 'forcing internet service providers to hand over the contact names of suspected file sharer' thing, which the UK record industry has done from time to time and the US record industry does every other day. The Irish Recorded Music Association went to the High Court in Dublin this week in order to find out the identities of 23 suspected Irish file sharers, whose IP addresses were known to the record labels, but whose actually names and addresses are only known by their internet service providers. And Mr Justice Peter Kelly proved helpful, ordering the six internet firms who managed the suspected IP addresses to hand over the contact info the record labels needed. The labels, of course, will now launch legal proceedings against the 23 individual share holders for violating their copyright by illegally sharing their music via P2P. One of those being investigated reportedly made 37,500 tracks available via his PC, so I hope for his/her sake the settlements proposed aren't settlement-fee-per-track based.


Talking of P2P, Finnish police this week launched a major crackdown on the operators of so called DirectConnect hubs, which enable users of the so called DirectConnect P2P network (lots of so calling there) to find and download music files. The hubs were seized from premises in various Finnish cities, and police are now considering pressing charges against those who operated them on the grounds of mass copyright infringement, charges which could lead to two years in prison under Finnish laws.

The raids followed a complaint to authorities by the Copyright Information And Anti-Piracy Centre. Antti Kotilainen, a Director of the Centre, told reporters this week: "These actions shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. All of these hubs have had several thousand members and their operators were facilitating mass infringement of copyright, involving hundreds of thousands of music files and tens of thousands of movie files. The operators of DC hubs should be aware that we will be filing more complaints in the near future".

International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry chief John Kennedy added: "We welcome the action taken today by the Finnish police against the operators of illegal P2P hubs. These operators were facilitating mass infringement of copyrighted music, draining investment in the Finnish creative industries and in particular hurting local Finnish acts who represent well over half the music market. The actions announced today, and those that will follow, are a message to illegal DC hub operators - they have no hiding place and their activities will not be tolerated".


Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan have been slagging off the BBC's Graham Norton fronted talent show, 'When Will I Be Famous', mainly because it got to air before the UK version of Cowell's 'America's Got Talent' show, on which Morgan takes the role as 'the bitchy judge', and which will launch as 'Britain's Got Talent' on ITV. In fact, it officially launched yesterday.

ITV Director Of Comedy & Entertainment Paul Jackson accused the BBC of rushing Norton's talent show to TV screens early as a "spoiler" for the much anticipated launch of the new ITV talent show, adding that it "showed" that the show had been cobbled together at short notice. Morgan said of the BBC rival: "It was crap. Just a cheap little spoiler", while Cowell added: "I watched [Norton's] BBC1 show and if I'd thought it was a good show I wouldn't have made ours. I saw that show. The problem is, if you just say 'here's 12 singers you will like' [it doesn't work]. The audience need to care about contestants in reality talent shows, and go on an emotional journey with them, for such formats to be successful".

Of course it's all wrong for the Beeb to copy one of Cowell's telly projects and then set up a rival. That's what Cowell's meant to do to them.


As I'm sure you all know by now, as this highly important matter made the national news yesterday (yes, even the BBC, and probably Channel 4) Paris Hilton has been released from prison and will spend the remainder of her previously reported 45 day sentence for parole violations under house arrest.

The celebrity heiress was given an electronic tag and sent home yesterday, but will appear in court today to decide whether she should, in fact, be returned to prison. Whatever happens, it's been stressed that the decision to send her home tagged was not a reduction in her sentence, but a 'reassignment'. In fact, here's what a spokesman for the LA County Sheriff's Department said: "After extensive consultation with medical personnel, it was decided this reassignment should be done".

The release has sparked a whole lot of controversy and angry talk, not least from me, despite the fact that Hilton was apparently let out because she was feeling quite down, poor lass - in fact there's talk of her having been judged by medical staff to be a touch on the suicidal side. But the decision is now going to be subject to court review because the LA City Attorney Office has said it wasn't for the Sheriff's Department to make a decision re how Hilton serve her sentence and that she should be taken back to jail pronto. In fact, this is what a spokesmen for the Attorney Office said: "The decision whether or not Ms Hilton should be released early and placed on electronic monitoring should be made by Judge [Michael] Sauer, and not the Sheriff's Department".

Civil rights type Al Sharpton, meanwhile, has made his voice heard on the subject. He says: "This early release gives all of the appearances of economic and racial favouritism that is constantly cited by poor people and people of colour. There are any number of cases of people who handle being incarcerated badly and even have health conditions that are not released".

However, some civil liberties lawyer from New York is on Paris' side, arguing that her status actually got her a harsher sentence. E Christopher Murray says: "Sentencing Paris to jail for an extended period of time was an example of a celebrity being treated more harshly than an average person".

Still not sure this qualifies as music news, but, hey, I've written it now.


I'm sure we've reported on this kind of story before, but let's do it again. Music by Cliff Richards is being used to scare away those rowdy young people types. Owners of a traveling fun fair have found that if they play Cliff songs when their fair is open any yobbish teens loitering around their site make a quick exit. Seth Carter of Carters Steam Fair told reporters: "You don't really need Asbos when you've got Cliffbos. They weren't causing trouble as such, but they were worrying families and putting them off going on the rides. The gang had completely left the fair before the track was half over. They don't like that kind of music; it's not cool enough". Meanwhile another spokesman for the fair told The Guardian: "We just think other people should know about this. When you've got troublemakers, forget Asbos; play them Sir Cliff". Of course play 'Mistletoe And Wine' and you might find everyone buggers off.


Marilyn Manson has opened his mouth again. This time he's complaining that ex-wife-to-be Dita von Teese is in possession of his collection of stuffed animals, and he'd like them back. He said: "I have four taxidermied baboons, two monkeys, a white peacock, a turtle and a wild boar. I went through a dramatic lifestyle change with my home after the break-up. I left it. When you get separated, you lose so much. I don't know what she'll say when I ask for them back."

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