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In today's CMU Daily:
- Warner confirm interest remains in EMI
- Lib Dems call for review of live music rules
- Rising New York rapper murdered
- Timbaland arrested after German brawl
- Where's the DNA? Spector trial update
- Three arrested over IOW tickets scam
- Gap Band man sues over Snoop ad track
- Kylie to get industry award
- LL Cool J cancels summer dates
- Radiohead ballet to premiere at Edinburgh Festival
- The Beats stage confirmed for Get Loaded
- Tale Of The Jackalope headliners announced
- Memphis join with Integral for The Go! Team release
- Dream Theater tour
- Black Crusade tour
- BitTorrent launch YouTube style service
- P2P chart
- FCC begin Sirius XM investigation
- C4 and Musicbridge launch new music site
- Virgin plan new TV channel
- Any Dream tops talent show ratings
- Morrissey picks graveyard
- Kayne turns 30


So, an interesting thing happened to me this weekend. Well, I thought it was interesting, you might think it's a bit trivial - but hey, stick with me and see what you think.

I've been downloading lots of tracks from iTunes recently which I currently only own on cassette. I'd had this notion that one day I'd run a cassette deck through my PC and make digital recordings of that bit of my record collection that is sitting on dusty tapes but finally realized last month that that was never going to happen, so have accepted the inevitable and started handing over more cash to the record industry - via Apple - to re-buy songs I already own. But that's not what I'm moaning about today (though if those record labels now all want to take advantage of the exciting new CMU advertising packages we are about to announce, to redistribute some of those 79 pences back in my direction, that would be lovely).

What I am moaning about is this... One of the tracks that I wanted to buy was Aztec Camera's 'Somewhere In My Heart' which is, and I must point out this is not open to debate, a 'classic'. So, I typed 'Aztec Camera' into the iTunes MusicStore search and there, second in the list of available tracks, was 'Somewhere In My Heart'. I listened to the thirty second clip to check it was as good as I remembered and, on hearing that distinctive opening bar, clicked 'buy' and downloaded away. Hurrah.

Except it was at that point that I noticed the track was billed as being 'in the spirit of Aztec Camera'. And this got me suspicious. 'In the spirit' - what did that mean? A bit more investigation and I discovered this track was from a dubious looking compilation called 'A-Z Of The 80s Vol 13' and that every track on there was recorded 'in the spirit' of the original artist - ie it this was one of those cheap albums where session singers cover pop songs 'in the spirit' of the original, the kind of compo you normally find priced at a couple of quid in a basket in a pound shop. I checked the previews of the other tracks on the album and discovered that, while the Aztec Camera cover I'd bought sounded more or less exactly like the original, some of the others weren't so close. But either way, the cover I'd bought might have been pretty like the original, but it wasn't the original.

To be fair to iTunes, when I contacted customer service about the dodgy cover they quickly refunded me my 79 pence, but it got me wondering about the labeling of songs on digital music services like iTunes. That track is the second most popular Aztec Camera track on iTunes. As people surely only ever buy those cheap cover albums when they are a couple of quid in Poundstretcher, I find it hard to believe that all those people have bought that song knowing it's a cheap cover. Which makes me think a lot of other people are downloading it thinking it's the original. Meaning the second best selling Aztec Camera track on iTunes isn't by Aztec Camera!

Of course, and with no disrespect to the very talented Roddy Frame, I am guessing the sales of Aztec Camera tracks via iTunes aren't huge, but if the Apple service is stocking any number of these cheap cover albums who's to say it isn't happening with other tracks too. I can't help thinking Apple should be clearly labeling these tracks as the covers they are, or just not stocking them, because after all nothing on there is really worth 79p.

Or perhaps I'm just bitter because I still don't own a digital copy of 'Somewhere In My Heart' (turns out Apple don't stock the original). Perhaps I should return to plan A and run a cassette deck through my PC. Though someone is bound to tell me that that is technically speaking illegal.



Put your brand directly in front of hundreds of thousands of festival goers this summer. Programmedia are proudly representing the best of this year's festival media. Do not miss on out on the opportunity to advertise direct to your target audience in these highly cherished programmes. We have opportunities in the official programmes for The V Festival, The Big Chill, Lovebox and Bestival. We are also representing the unofficial guide to the Edinburgh Festival which offers a very unique way to access this huge audience. Advertising availability is limited so please get in touch to reserve your space asap - or 01494 866337. - advertising sales for independent magazines and event programmes.



Warner Music is seeking a Junior National PR to work a diverse roster of acts. Candidates must have a minimum of one year's PR experience. The successful candidate will be highly efficient with strong writing skills, flawless spelling and grammar, and a passion for music. Computer literacy, including confidence with Microsoft Office, is essential. Please send a covering letter and CV to

Gronland Records is looking for a UK Product Manager with responsibilities in A&R and label management. The position will become vacant in early July. We are looking for anyone with experience in this field who is looking for a new challenge, and who can fill the role with passion, and who has the ability to contribute significantly to the shape of the label in the coming years (musically as well structurally).

The duties will include a product management role - putting promotional teams in place for each release, monitoring results, initiating and co-ordinating marketing campaigns in the UK and with our distributor (Vital) and liaising between agents and band/band management; and an A&R role - which will include everything from finding artists to contributing to the selection process of artists / producers / songs etc for current and future projects. The applicant will also oversee online activities, and the label's website and online shop. In essence the applicant will learn the ins and outs of all the workings of a record label...

We are looking for a dynamic person with at least 2-3 years experience in marketing/product management, with basic knowledge of the UK media (online, radio and press) and in the tasks mentioned above OR a person that has had frontline A&R experience within a UK label that included minor product manager tasks. Send applications/CVs to: Gronland Records, Rene Renner, 9-10 Domingo St, London EC1Y 0TA.

Advertise your vacancies in the CMU Daily for just £80 for five days. To book your space email



Maps, as I'm sure you all know, is really James Chapman, and I thought he'd been MySpace Of The Day before, but obviously I made that up. Today seems like a good day to give him the honour, however, because he's just announced that his next single, 'You Don't Know Her Name', is out on 30 Jul via Mute. The new track doesn't actually appear on the MySpace, but there is a mini-mix sampler of the album it comes off, 'We Can Create', which you can listen to or even download, so it might feature in that. Two other tracks from the album are streaming in full, including 'Elouise', a remix of which appears as a B-side on the CD single release of 'YDKHN'. And as if that wasn't enough there's lots of videos to watch plus a link to Chapman's photo album from his recent tour which is available to view via that Flickr thing. So, lots to see.


The Warner Music Group yesterday said it had not, as yet, ruled out the possibility of making a fresh bid for the EMI Group.

As you all surely know, there has been much speculation (round here, anyway) as to whether Warner would make yet another bid for the London based major ever since the EMI board announced it had selected European private equity firm Terra Firma as its preferred bidder. Parties interested in making a rival bid have reportedly been given until 27 Jun to make their offers. Some of the other private equity consortiums initially known to be interested have said they won't bid against Terra Firma's £3.2 billion offer, but EMI's long time suitor, Warner, had so far kept their intentions secret.

Yesterday Warner said that it "continues actively to consider an offer" for its rival, but noted that any deal it proposed would be "pre-conditional on appropriate anti-trust clearances being obtained". The requirement of such clearances, in particular from the European Commission, is, of course, one of the reasons why the EMI board is recommending its shareholders sell to a private equity player outside the music business rather than another major label, because it is not a foregone conclusion the merger of two majors would get regulator approval, despite Warner's much reported and ever so slightly controversial alliance with pan-European indies body IMPALA, normally the most proactive opponents to major label mergers.

Whether Warner's deal alongside another rival takeover pitch expected to be made by former EMI Group CEO Jim Fifield will force a bidding war on EMI remains to be seen. Presumably existing shareholders in the struggling major hope so.


Opposition to those previously reported new rules governing live music which came into effect in November 2005 and stemmed from the 2003 Licensing Act is growing, so much so the Lib Dems are now calling for the government to formally reexamine the regulations which, some argue, have had a detrimental effect on the grass roots live music community by discouraging pubs from staging live music events because of the costs and bureaucracy now involved.

The Lib Dems have issued a statement after 79,000 people added their name to a petition against the rules on the Downing Street website. The party's Culture, Media And Sport spokesman, Don Foster, said this morning: "The sheer scale of this petition shows the depth of public concern on the impact that these regulations are having on live music. Live music in a pub is an essential part of Britain's musical heritage so why something as innocuous as providing a piano in a bar should be deemed an offence is beyond me. The Government claims that there has been no effect on the industry but their own research shows that 40% of smaller venues have lost any automatic entitlement to provide live music. The Government must take note of people's concerns and seek to help the industry grow by repealing such bureaucratic legislation".

The Lib Dem move follows reports back in March that a sub-group of the Live Music Forum, the Feargal Sharkey headed organisation set up by the government to advise on the new rules, had concluded the new regulations had had a negative impact on grass roots live music - an opinion that contradicted official government research issued at the end of last year that said the opposite.


A rising New York rapper called Stack Bundles, or real name Rayquon Elliott, was shot dead yesterday. Details of his death are sketchy, but cite a source that says he was shot by unknown assailants outside his home in Far Rockaway, Queens. Other reports suggest the shooting may have been part of a bungled street robbery.

Elliott had been quite prolific on the New York mixtape scene for a few years, and became affiliated to the mixtape community headed up by DJ Clue. He subsequently hooked up with Diplomats co-founder Jim Jones and his ByrdGang group, and was reportedly working on recording projects for Jones prior to his untimely death.

Jones paid tribute to the young rapper in a statement on his website yesterday, saying: "Where do we begin? The Dipset/ByrdGang family is deeply saddened by our loss. Not only did we lose a member but we lost a brother and a friend. Rayquon Elliot, aka Stack Bundles, was a joy to be around, charming, very intelligent, compassionate and concerned about the upliftment and enrichment of his community and the people in it. Unfortunately, his goals and aspirations were cut short by the hands of dream stealers. We cannot stress enough that a young star's light was put out before he had a chance to shine in front of the world. We would like this to be a lesson to the rap game... too many of our talented artists are losing the battle of life before their voices have a chance to he heard. Something must change".


Timbaland had a run in with German police over the weekend after a local man took offence at the uber-producer talking to his girlfriend.

According to, the fracas took place inside and outside the Hotel Intercontinental in Cologne, and began after the man, named as Robert F, started shouting at Timbaland, who was, as I say, talking to his missus. He reportedly called the producer a "nigga", which seemingly pissed Timbaland off quite a bit, enough to lash out at German man.

A brawl ensued, moving outside of the hotel, and allegedly involved both Timbaland and his posse, and seemingly leading to Mr F being hospitalized. Police were called, and Timbaland was subsequently locked up for the night. He was later released on 750 euros bail. Local police say the incident is still "under investigation".

Timbaland was in Cologne to take in a concert by his sometime collaborator Justin Timberlake.


Phil Spector's DNA was not found on the gun that killed Lana Clarkson, though it's possible that it might have been there but hidden under all the blood that covered the firearm after Clarkson was shot, which is a lovely image for a Tuesday lunch time, I'm sure you'll all agree.

The issue of DNA came up as a criminalist (that's someone who specialises in examining the physical evidence of a crime, in case you wondered) who worked with the police investigating the death of actress Clarkson at Spector's Beverly Hills home back in 2003 took to the witness stand as the legendary producer's long running murder trial continued. The trail is still hearing the case for the prosecution.

The criminalist, one Steve Renteria, admitted that numerous items analysed by the crime lab after the shooting only showed DNA from Clarkson, but he added that that didn't mean that Spector hadn't been in contact with any of those items, merely that cells from Clarkson were present in such high quantities (mainly through blood splatters) that any DNA from Spector was masked.

Prosecutor Alan Jackson, looking for clarification on that point, asked Renteria: "Just because Lana Clarkson was the sole donor [of DNA] that doesn't mean that nobody else on earth came in contact with those things?", to which the criminalist responded: "Correct ... It all has to do with the amount of cells present. There could have been trace cells from another donor but they may have been overwhelmed by the large smear [of blood]".

All that is important to the prosecution because the defence will make much of the fact Spector's DNA was not found on the gun or the bullets in it, because they hope that will demonstrate that the producer did not touch the gun that night and that, as Spector claims, Clarkson shot herself. Expert claims that perhaps Spector's DNA was there but was masked are helpful in the prosecution's bid to limit the amount of doubt the defence can put in the jury's mind with regards the producer's guilt.

Perhaps also helping the prosecution in the forensics domain was the lack of blood on the wall and carpet near by Clarkson after she was shot, which Renteria also testified to yesterday. He confirmed that there were areas near Clarkson where you would expect to have found blood splatters but where there was none (and he was sure of that, because he'd sprayed the area with Luminol, which detects blood stains not visible to the eye). That would suggest - or, at least, so the prosecution will say - that something was shielding those areas - ie Spector - putting him close enough to Clarkson at the time the gun went off to have been holding it.

All this slightly gruesome forensic stuff followed more bickering between the defence and prosecution counsels in yet another private session sans-jury. The defence, surely in something of an optimistic mood, tried to have a mis-trial declared because the prosecution had kept it a secret that they were presenting that former member of the Spector defence team who accused one of the defence's experts from concealing evidence. But Judge Larry Paul Fidler rejected the request, saying: "I don't see anything here that rises to the level of stopping this trial and starting again".

The trial continues.


Organisers of the Isle Of Wight festival, which took place last weekend, have said that up to one in five of tickets presented at the event's gates were fake, which is quite a lot. The event's organisers apparently stepped up security checks as the festival opened last Friday when it became clear how many counterfeit tickets were in circulation, leading to delays on gaining access to the site, and at least hundreds of ticket holders being turned away.

A woman called Sherrell Davenport, from Ryde on the Isle Of Wight, has reportedly been arrested and charged with fraud in relation to the fake tickets, and she is now due to appear in court on 19 Jun to face the charges. Two other people suspected to be linked to the counterfeit ticket scam have been arrested by Hampshire police but have been released on bail pending further enquiries.

Some hopeful festival-goers are known to have paid up to £320 for the fake tickets but were nevertheless refused admission. One hopes for Sherrell's sake said festival-goers don't track her down - I'm guessing they're not in a very good mood about it all. It is unclear if anyone holding counterfeit tickets actually gained access to the festival site.


The Gap Band frontman Charlie Wilson is suing EMI's Capitol Records over claims the major licensed Snoop Dogg's hit single 'Beautiful', on which he guests, to a Heineken ad without his permission. He's suing Heineken as well, though presumably the dispute is really about what contractual obligation Capitol had to consult Wilson before licensing the record to an ad agency.

The ad lawsuit is seemingly part of a wider dispute regarding Wilson's involvement on his friend Snoop Dogg's 2002 album 'Paid Tha Cost To Be Da Boss'. He claims EMI and Capitol also owe him hundreds of thousands in royalties relating to the two songs on that album that featured his vocals - the aforementioned 'Beautiful' plus 'You Got What I Want'.

No word from the EMI camp as yet.


Organisers of the Music Industry Trusts' Awards have announced that Kylie Minogue will be honoured at their 2007 event, which takes place in London in October. The awards committee said they had chosen to present an award to Minogue because she was "one of the great entertainers of all time" and "an icon of pop and style". Minogue has described the award as "an incredible honour", adding: "As well as being a fantastic evening, this award ceremony also raises much needed funds for The Brit Trust and Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, and it is a pleasure for me to be involved".

The Music Industry Trusts Awards which, as Kylie just said, are staged to raise money for The Brit Trust and Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, present awards to a range of people connected to the music industry, both performers and people working behind the scenes. They shouldn't be confused with the Silver Clef awards, which are also staged in aid of Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, and which take place later this month.


LL Cool J has reportedly scrapped the rest of his tour plans for the summer due to an undisclosed "family problem". That news has come via the organisers of Jamaica's Reggae Sumfest, who had booked the hip hop star for their 2007 fest, which takes place from 15-21 Jul. But they announced yesterday: "We have just been advised by LL Cool J's management that due to a family problem, LL Cool J has been forced to cancel all his summer dates and hence he will not be performing at Sumfest". LL Cool J's people are yet to comment on that announcement or to confirm whether it means all of his upcoming dates are now cancelled, although Semfest organisers said that his early July appearance at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans is definitely affected.


The man behind a bit of ballet set to the music of Radiohead has been talking to The Glasgow Herald about the project. The five song piece will be premiered as part of the Scottish Ballet's show at this year's Edinburgh International Festival in August.

Commenting on the piece, which is called 'Ride The Beast', choreographer Stephen Petronio told The Herald: "Radiohead's music is a brilliant investigation of achingly modern taste. They sail through genre and form effortlessly and passionately, and their music demands a physical response from me that by-passes reason. I have to live with music so intimately while creating with it, I simply have to work with music I love".

If you want to book tickets to the show you need to go to this URL, though be warned Radiohead fans, the Radiohead bit is just one third of the overall show. Though it looks like its going on first, so if you're into all things Radiohead more than all things ballet, I guess you could leave after that bit.


With The Streets headlining this year's Get Loaded In The Park festival on Clapham Common on 26 Aug, his label, The Beats, are also hosting a stage at the event, and the line up of said stage was announced yesterday. Here it is: The Mitchell Brothers, Professor Green, Example, Man Like Me, Sinden, DJ Semtex and The Beats Soundsystem. More at, or press info from


More festival shenanigans, and the headliners have been announced for this year's Tale Of The Jackalope festival, which takes place at Kimberley Hall just outside Norwich from 4-5 Aug. And headlining this year are Dizzee Rascal, The Fall and ESG, with The Hours, The Rumble Strips, Shy Child and Foals also on the bill. There's info at, or you can get press type info from


Indie label Memphis Industries have signed a deal with Vital Distribution's previously reported label development division Integral to help with the release of the next album from the rather fabulous The Go! Team. The new deal follows up Memphis Industries' collaboration with Integral on the 'We Are The Pipettes' album, and will mean that, unlike on the first The Go Team album, where they collaborated with SonyBMG (after the Mercury Music Prize nomination), this time the album will be completely released and marketed within the indie sector (which was the whole idea of Integral - to offer indies an alternative to major label partnerships).

Confirming the new deal with Memphis Industries, Vital MD Peter Thompson told CMU: "Summer's arrived and what could be more fun than a new Go Team! album? After The Pipettes this is another great opportunity for Integral to work with those talented bods at Memphis Industries and in particular one of the most interesting and unique bands around".


Following their set at this weekend's Download Festival, Dream Theater have just announced the following live shows for the Autumn.

11 Oct: Glasgow Carling Academy
12 Oct: Manchester Apollo
13 Oct: London Wembley Arena
9 Nov: Newport Centre
10 Nov: Wolverhampton Civic Hall
11 Nov: Blackburn King Georges Hall

Press info on this from those Roadrunner types.


Talking of rock of the heavier kind hitting the UK this Autumn, details have been announced of The Black Crusade tour, which will bring together Machine Head and Trivium as co-headliners, with Dragonforce and Arch Enemy in support. The whole show will tour as follows:

20 Nov: Glasgow SECC
21 Nov: Manchester MEN Arena
23 Nov: Birmingham NEC
24 Nov: London Brixton Academy
25 Nov: London Brixton Academy
26 Nov: Cardiff CIA Arena


Digital Music News has reported that BitTorrent Inc, the flagship organisation behind the high capacity file-sharing technology, are launching a 'self-publishing platform' via their portal. The platform will be designed to allow unsigned and independent artists to post their content for promotional purposes - quite how it will differ from YouTube I'm not certain - but I think BitTorrent hope to use existing relationships with indie labels and aggregators like The Orchard to provide a legit indie music video service.

As previously reported, BitTorrent have moved into the supply of legit music and film content, in essence competing with the many illegal file sharing services that utilize BitTorrent's file sharing technology to enable the sharing of much larger files.


Talking of P2P, you know how P2P networks go in and out of fashion quite quickly? Well, here's a list of the top ten P2P applications at the moment based on installation level, just so you're in the loop with what's in vogue just now. Actually, Limewire is still the most popular P2P network, but should the record labels succeed in litigating them out of business, look out for one of the others to take over as top P2P of choice. These figures based on research by Digital Music News, BigChampagne and PC Pitstop.

1. Limewire (18.33%)
2. uTorrent (3.37%)
3. Azureus (3.11%)
4. BitTorrent (2.48%)
5. BitComet (2.27%)
6. Opera (2.25%)
7. Ares (2.16%)
8. BearShare (1.57%)
9. BitLord (1.38%)
10. Shareaza (1.37%)


The US media regulator, the FCC, has formally started its review of the proposed merger of the two satellite radio broadcasters XM and Sirius, who announced their intent to merge earlier this year. The regulator is expected to take petitions and comments from third parties through to 9 Jul before considering the merger proposal. The merger is also subject to a review by the US Department of Justice, though the FCC are likely to cause more problems for the satellite broadcasters, given the Commission's chairman Kevin Martin has said on a number of occasions that the merger should not go ahead.


Channel 4 have announced an alliance with music aggregator types Musicbrigade which will see them launch a new music website which will house the UK's "largest collection of free-to-view videos" - over 20,000 actually, which may or may not be more than are currently available via YouTube, though presumably the videos on the Channel 4 service won't have been grabbed from MTV and come with home made intros from the person who nicked them. The new site will also feature various social networking / recommendation type facilities, plus will have a download platform attached.

Commenting on the new venture, Channel 4 New Business Director Rod Henwood told CMU: "Channel 4 has a strong heritage and reputation in music, which is a vital genre in building our strong relationship with our core 16-34 year old audience. We want to super serve this audience as well as to benefit from the massive potential that exists to distribute music across new media platforms. The joint venture with Musicbrigade is the perfect platform to strengthen our digital music offering and supports our long-term ambition of becoming one of the UK's most powerful music brands".

Musicbrigade's UK GM Philip Shepherd added: "We are absolutely delighted to be working alongside Channel 4 to launch this new music website. This is the culmination of over 6 months work by the Musicbrigade team and we believe that Channel 4 will now have the leading digital music, video and community service in the UK. We look forward to a shared future across all digital platforms".


Virgin Media have announced plans to launch a new entertainment channel called Virgin 1, probably in the Autumn. The new channel will apparently include newly commissioned shows, licensed programmes and even some user-generated nonsense. It's thought the channel might also air on Freeview, replacing Virgin's FTN channel.


The BBC's search for a Joseph show 'Any Dream Will Do?' won the talent show ratings war on Saturday night, with an estimated 8.5 million people tuning in to see Lee Mead declared the winner. Rival show 'Grease Is The Word' on ITV pulled in just 4.9 million when Danny Bayne and Susan McFadden were named their winners. All of which means that overall the BBC show averaged 5.8 million viewers per edition, while the Simon Cowell produced ITV rip off scored just 3.9 million. Though, from what my West End sources tell me, ticket sales for the eternally popular Grease are going better than tickets for the Lee Mead fronted Joseph, so the Cowell venture may get the last laugh. And I bet their soundtrack charts higher.


Morrissey wants to be buried at the Hollywood Forever graveyard in LA, alongside the likes of Johnny Ramone. After he's dead, that is, just in case you wondered. He revealed his burial ground of choice ahead of performing at the Hollywood Bowl. He told reporters: "I like Hollywood Forever. I've sat there for a very long time and felt quite good about it. I've even considered putting money down for reserving a spot". On what it would say on his grave stone, he continued: "I always felt I wanted nothing more than my name, birth date, death date and all three names, Steven Patrick Morrissey". So, that's good to know.


Kanye West celebrated his 30th birthday this weekend with a star studded party the guest list of which included Usher, Mariah Carey, Puff Daddy, Jay Z and Rihanna. Fun was had by all, apparently, with the only slip up of the evening being the birthday cake with, according to reports, had his name spelt wrong - reports say the iced cake wished many happy returns to 'Kayne'. And you thought I'd spelt the headline wrong - ha, not so. Though Caro's away this week, so chances are every other headline has a spelling mistake in it.

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