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In today's CMU Daily:
- Apple meet deadline re EC anti-trust concerns
- Lots of blood: Spector trial update
- Salt n Pepa reform for reality TV show
- Underworld man back in UK after festival riot injuries
- Fiddy on the new album
- New Strummer track to be aired
- Weller and Coxon collaborate
- Franz Ferdinand on new album
- Smashing Pumpkins exploit fans
- Macca planning long term deal with Starbucks
- Beatle documentary to show at film festival
- Ukulele Orchestra play Spitz
- T4 On The Beach adds
- Latitude adds
- Hard Rock to launch theme park
- EMI Foundation says just pennies currently spent on kids' music education
- PWC predict overall slide in US record sales
- Sony optimism in mobile music
- eMusic announce original content strand
- Akon declared best selling master ringtones artist ever
- Single review: Just Jack: Writer's Block
- Fergie on talking to laundry baskets
- Billy Ray on his daughter
- The Times print Doherty rambles
- Jack White responds to that DJ who responded to his questioning of her airing of the new White Stripes album


So, it was another one of those weeks where there was just too much news to fit in to your lovingly crafted CMU Daily, so again let's cover some missed bases through a 'things we missed' Top Bit.

First, those US web radio types have been continuing their lobbying activity against the previously reported hike in web radio royalties being proposed by the US Copyright Royalty Board. As previously reported, the SaveNetRadio coalition has won much political support for their case against the royalty hike, with proposals that web radio should be linked to satellite radio in terms of the royalties they pay - a system which would be much more favorable to the webcasters. That said, despite the political support it is unlikely new legislation will be in place before 15 Jul when the CRB insists the new royalties should kick in. As part of their ongoing attempts to overturn the royalty hike a number of web radio stations have said they will take place in a 'day of silence' next Tuesday with services going quiet for a time, in theory to show what will happen full time if the CRB proposal go ahead (because many smaller webcasters say it will force out them out of business).

Elsewhere in media news, Channel 4 boss Andy Duncan this week announced a two stage review of the fourth channel's public service remit, a review that follows an admission by media regulator OfCom last week that in the current climate it is unlikely C4 will be able to stick to that remit in the long term without funding other than advertising revenue. The first bit of the review will involve C4 employees, before a second stage involving viewers, producers, advertisers and political types.

Elsewhere in telly news, a BBC report was published providing guidelines on how the Corporation can ensure it stays impartial. And they are guidelines which will be tested almost immediately by the Beeb's coverage of Al Gore's Live Earth concerts because, of course, that event is designed to promote the problem of global warming - the problem for the BBC being disagreements in just how big a problem global warming actually is. Views vary on that, of course, which means that if the coverage of the Live Earth concerts is seen to exaggerate the problem then the BBC will be failing its own impartiality guidelines. The report itself pointed out that while the BBC "has many public purposes of both ambition and merit - joining campaigns to save the planet is not one of them". It noted that, with those that completely deny the human impact on global warming out of favour, the BBC didn't have to always give them equal exposure, but added that "it is not the BBC's role to close down this debate". The Beeb hope to have some balance during the Jonathan Ross fronted Live Earth coverage by having environment correspondent David Shukman in the studio.

Some media-come-awards news, and MTV have announced that they will add a New Sounds Of Europe category to their Europe Music Awards this year, a new viewer voted award looking to champion new talent from across Europe which will involve an eighteen band strong battle of the bands, with new bands selected from eighteen different countries. Web news now, and Live Nation say that its free streaming service coming out of the Download Festival the other weekend generated over a million unique visitors, which is rather a lot. Live Nation's VP Digital Mark Yovich says: "It was a fantastic success, and next time it will be even better because we will have more time to promote it".

And finally in catch up news,, he of the Black Eyed Peas, has developed a new employee uniform for staff at Hard Rock's hotel and casino chain. His clothes designs will appear on staff at the new Hard Rock hotel in the US city of Biloxi next month, and at their San Diego hotel when it opens in the Autumn. On the design project says: "My goal was to create a look that exudes upscale rock 'n roll, leveraging the essence of the brand while contemporizing the staff's wardrobe to provide a more stylistic and fashion-forward appearance". Lucky staff.



Chuffmedia is seeking a Junior Regional Press Assistant to help with a variety of campaigns for both high profile and brand new acts. The ideal candidate will possess good writing skills and be computer literate (mac), highly motivated and have a desire for gigging and music. An appreciation of a good tune is a must. Email CV and covering letter to

Warner Music is seeking a Regional Press Officer to work a diverse roster of acts. Candidates must have a minimum of two years Regional PR experience. The successful candidate will be highly efficient with strong writing skills, flawless spelling and grammar, and a passion for music. Computer literacy, including confidence with Microsoft Office, is essential. Please send a covering letter and CV to

Advertise your vacancies in the CMU Daily for just £80 for five days. To book your space email



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Fabric Live at Fabric
This Fabric night is worthy of the tip for many reasons. In fact pretty much everyone on the bill is tippable (if there is such a word) in their own right. First up there is QBert, DJ Craze, Akala, DJ Blakey and the mighty mighty Scratch Perverts. Then the ever diligent Krafty Kuts, who will be taking it deep I'm sure. And that's just Room 1. The second room will be going all drum & bass with original Metalheadz junglist Goldie in the headline spot plus Hospital's fave Linko High Contrast, the ruffneck Mampi Swift and the rising Brasiliance of Bungle, plus Commix and MCs GQ, Eksman and 2 Shy. Oh, and don't forget Room Three, where Tayo, Freq Nasty and Baobinga will all be losing it in a break beat jump up and down stylee. Fabric definitely maintains its status as a 'proper' London club.

Friday 22 Jun, Fabric, 77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M, 9.30pm-6am, £10/12, info from, press from Danna at Fabric PR.


So, Apple Inc have met this week's deadline to respond to concerns raised by the European Commission regarding the pricing structure of the iTunes service across Europe, but Universal Music has asked for another ten days to submit its response.

As previously reported, the EC issued a formal 'charge of concerns' against Apple and the major record companies regarding iTunes pricing earlier this year. The concerns centre on the fact that consumers in Europe can only buy music via their local iTunes Music Store, and are prevented from buying music via iTunes stores in other European territories.

This is a particular problem for us in the UK where tracks retail for 79 pence each, compared to the 99 euro cents per track price point elsewhere in Europe (about 67 pence). Some European officials argue that, as consumers in the European free market, UK music fans should be allowed to use other European iTunes Music Stores in order to secure a better price.

iTunes and the four majors had until this Wednesday to respond to the EC's concerns. Officials have confirmed that they have received a formal response from Apple, and that Universal have been given an extension until the end of next week to make their response. It is not known if the other majors have responded.

Officials may rule that their concerns have been satisfied by the five formal responses alone, or they may decide the matter needs more investigation, which would mean execs from the five affected companies having to present their case to EC competition regulators. Apple are expected to say they are forced by the major record companies to operate a system that stops UK customers buying music from other European iTunes Music Stores at cheaper prices.


So, exactly where was Phil Spector standing when actress Lana Clarkson was shot dead in his Beverly Hills mansion? Well, that was one of the topics for discussion as forensics expert Lynne Herold continued with her actually quite long testimony at the ongoing Spector murder trial yesterday. Herold was deducing Spector's location at the moment the gun went bang mainly based on the blood splatters on the white jacket he was wearing. She said she thought the legendary producer must have been standing "within two to three feet" of Clarkson with his arms raised.

Of course Spector's being close to Clarkson at the time the gun went off is useful to the prosecution because it helps strengthen their claim that the producer fired the gun. And despite the defence's earlier claims that they will win this case based on their strong forensic evidence, expected to involve celebrity forensics expert Dr Henry Lee, the prosecution were yesterday hoping Herold's forensic testimony would also prove pretty strong - she being something of a 'blood splatter expert' apparently. In fact the prosecution gave Herold time to read off her credentials for investigating crime scenes where lots of blood was involved, in a bid to convince the jury that this was a witness whose opinion should be considered reliable.

"Most of the bloodstains are mistlike", Herold revealed regarding the jacket Spector was wearing at the time of the shooting, adding "you can barely see them". But with Herold's hi-tech microscope you can see they are definitely there, and as a result of the splatters she concludes "that piece of fabric was within two to three feet of the bloodletting event" because the bloodstains on the jacket were the result of a "high-velocity backspatter". Lovely.

There was also blood on Spector's trousers. It is less clear where that came from though Herold suggested it might have come from him putting the blood covered gun into his pocket. Either way, she was able to confirm that: "Something bloody came in contact with the inside of the left pants pocket".

As for the gun itself, the blood on there was smeared, suggesting that someone may have wiped the gun after the shooting. Prosecution lawyer Alan Jackson asked Herold: "Could that be a product of someone wiping the gun off?", to which the forensics expert answered: "That is one possible mechanism".

Herold is yet to face questioning from the defence. Once that is done the prosecution is expected to wind up its part of the trial.


The legends that were Salt 'n' Pepa are to reform for a reality TV show. The new VH-1 programme - 'The Salt 'n' Pepa Show' - will follow the hip hop trio as they prepare for a comeback show. The former group, who along with Run DMC and The Beastie Boys are often credited for helping taking hip hop into the mainstream back in the late eighties, disbanded somewhat acrimoniously in 2002 and, despite a brief reunion for a 2005 VH-1 awards show, are reportedly still not on great terms, which is presumably why TV bosses are willing to dedicate a whole series to the proposed reunion - hoping there'll be quite a few clashes along the way. In fact TV execs are already bigging up tensions between the bandmates, saying in a press release: "Salt is angry about being unappreciated when they were together and Pepa blames Salt for breaking up the group. Their lifestyles are also polar opposites".


Underworld DJ Rick Smith is back in the UK are being injured during the previously reported violence at Athens' Ejekt Festival. As previously reported, Underworld were due to play the festival but their set was cancelled after rioters stormed the event during a Beastie Boys set, letting off teargas and hitting people with baseball bats and iron bars, and bringing the whole proceedings to an impromptu halt. Moreover, Smith was one of those injured during the fracas, and he was taken to a local hospital to be treated for what have now been described as "serious injuries". However Smith has now returned home where he is receiving further treatment for the unclarified injuries. And we wish him a speedy recovery.

A statement on the dance duo's website reports: "as cars were burned and property damaged, the stadium was evacuated. Underworlds' Rick Smith was one of the injured. He was hospitalised for a time in Athens, but has now returned to the UK for further treatment. Several other people including security guards were seriously hurt". There's no word on whether the injuries will effect upcoming Underworld activity, and in particular their planned appearance at Knebworth on 30 Jun.


50 Cent has been talking to reporters about that previously reported new album 'Curtis', which is out in September, and features guest contributions from the likes of Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Akon and Mary J Blige. Commenting on the celebrity appearances, and the fact that such guest stars were conspicuously absent in his earlier works, the rapper said: "I can go there now. I feel like I've proven myself at this point. I just didn't want people to be able to interpret me making music with other people as if I needed to. So I just accomplished everything I needed to accomplish on my own and now its time for me to creatively merge with some of these people in order to create special songs".

Talking about the delay in the release of the new long player, originally due out this month, Fiddy explained that his label, Interscope, wasn't ready, adding "I'm not disappointed, I'm just aware of the situation that I'm actually in and I have to be able to make those decisions for myself".


A previously unheard track by Joe Strummer is to get an airing on BBC Radio Ulster tonight at 10pm. The song, 'Divorcing Jack' was written for the 1998 film of the same name, but was never used in the movie, which stars David Thewlis and Rachel Griffiths. Director Colin Bateman kept the recording secret, but it will be played for the first time on Ulster's Late Show, in a special edition of the programme dedicated to the former Clash man. The show's presenter, Stuart Bailie, will also replay an old interview between himself and Strummer.

Bailie says: "Joe Strummer has influenced me more than any other artist. He made music that challenged you to be alive. He helped me to discover great reggae, folk and rhythm and blues. He gave me a moral compass and his music was the soundtrack to many amazing occasions. Any excuse and I'm there, talking up Joe's ever-growing reputation".


Paul Weller and Graham Coxon are to collaborate on a new single via The Regal Singles Club - who, I'm sure you know, because we've spoken of them before, release one off seven inches and downloads from different artists each time. Weller and Coxon's effort is called 'This Old Town' (presumably not some kind of cover of the Nanci Griffith track) and features drummer Zak Starkey. It's out on 2 Jul via download and 30 Jul on vinyl.

Coxon says: "As a long time admirer of Paul I never dared imagine getting a chance to work with him so I was bricking it when we first met... but he is an absolute gent and a shockingly great singer and musician. It's been a total pleasure".

Weller adds "I've always been a big fan of Graham's and love his work so it was exciting for me to work on something new with him".


Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos has spoken to MTV about the band's new album, and says it'll be ready by the start of next year. They've been working on the long player since January, but it's still lacking all the tracks and a title, so there's still quite a lot of work to be done. On the style of the new work, Kapranos says: "The new songs have got a much heavier synth/dance kind of element to them. Nick [McCarthy - keyboardist and guitarist] bought himself a new velvet cape and we needed an excuse for him to wear it, so we had to get him a big bank of synthesisers to play".

The band have been road testing a number of new songs at intimate gigs in Glasgow and New York in recent weeks.


Well, perhaps it's a bit sweeping to accuse Smashing Pumpkins of exploiting fans, but the fact that they are planning to release four different versions of their new album 'Zeitgeist' in the US sort of implies it. I'm sure that the less avid fan will buy one copy and have done with it, but the band and their label must know that there'll be a fair few completist nutters out there who'll have to get themselves every version. Some would say those completist nutters are asking for it. I supposed they might be right.

Anyway, the standard twelve track version will go on general sale, but a version will be released at Best Buy shops featuring bonus track 'Death From Above'. A third version, sold at Target stores, will feature additional song 'Zeitgeist'. Finally, the iTunes version also has a bonus tune, 'Stellar'. So there you go.


Paul McCartney is reportedly close to signing a multiple album deal with Starbucks' Hear Music outfit because he is so pleased with the way everything has gone with 'Memory Almost Full', his latest album, his first since parting company with EMI's Parlophone, and the first major release for the recently stepped up Hear Music operation.

Macca's original deal with Starbucks was for just one album because the former Beatle was a little concerned about how the partnership with the coffee firm would work out. But with the new album at number three in the US album charts thanks to extensive exposure through Starbucks stores across North America, he is now apparently up for extending the relationship.

The Daily Express quote one of those insider types saying: "Paul always had the business brain in The Beatles. Now that the new album is selling well, Paul has finally been convinced to sign a long-term deal with Starbucks and is expected to put pen to papers in the coming weeks. This means Starbucks will be responsible for Paul's albums for many years to come".


A Beatles documentary is to be given a rare showing at the upcoming Mods & Rockers film festival, set to take place in LA next month. 'What's Happening! The Beatles In The USA', a documentary about the band's first visit to the US in 1964, will be screened in its entirety to open the event. Also screening at the event are documentary filmmaker DA Pennebaker's two Bob Dylan documentaries - 'Don't Look Back' and 'Bob Dylan '65 Revisited'. See


The brilliant Ukulele Orchestra Of Great Britain will play The Spitz in East London on 25 and 26 Jul, which is all there is to say really, except I'm sure they'll be great. Tickets are £15 in advance from Press info from


More festivals news, and a whole load more artists have been added to the line up for this year's T4 On The Beach, which takes place in Weston-super-Mare on 22 Jul. New on the bill are Kaiser Chiefs, Girls Aloud, Mark Ronson, Amerie and Mutya. They join the likes of Maroon 5, Calvin Harris, Mika, Mcfly, Akon, Natasha Bedingfield and Just Jack who, if I'm not mistaken, had already been confirmed for the seaside pop fest. June Sarpong, Steve Jones and Miquita Oliver will host, which is 66% good news, and, as always, the whole thing will be aired on Channel 4.

There's more info at, press info from


More adds to the old Latitude Festival, though not of the musical kind because, as you all surely remember, this is the festival where you get a bit of literature and comedy as well as your music. And even some film it seems, because they've just announced some additions for the film arena including Richard Curtis' slightly wet 'The Girl In The Café', Shane Meadows eighties skin head exploration 'This Is England' and Alfred Hitchcock's classic silent flick 'The Lodger: A Story Of The London Fog', which will be accompanied by a live orchestra. Oh, and there'll be a special preview screening of new movie 'Hallam Foe', which will get its UK premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival in August. Other new additions come from a theatrical background, with confirmation that the likes of the Royal Court, Paines Plough, Bush Theatre and Random Dance will all be staging events.


The Hard Rock Café folks have announced that they plan to launch a rock n roll inspired theme park in Myrtle Beach, California. For reasons I don't entirely understand, the Hard Rock Park will be formally unveiled at the London branch of the Hard Rock Café next week. Perhaps there doing launches all over the world. Sham 69 will guest at the London event.


Some UK primary schools have just 22 pence per pupil per year to spend on musical instruments, which seems fair enough to me. I mean, how much is a comb and a piece of grease proof paper these days? Home made kazoos rule. But I think the EMI Music Sound Foundation research that revealed that stat was hoping to demonstrate a lack of investment in music education.

The research is being published alongside the confirmation of a new £200,000 financial package from the Foundation designed to offer better training and resources in music for primary school teachers. Compiled by the Institute Of Education, the research also says that many primary school teachers had little or no training in how to teach music, and a lack of skills and confidence to deliver lessons properly. Obviously those primary schools are lacking the token musical teacher who works muchos overtime to ensure everyone in the school gets a little bit musical from time to time, you know, what like my friend Tom's mum was at my primary school.

The Foundation hope that their investment will help address the problem to a certain extent, but that it might also inspire the government to invest more in music education too. EMI chief Eric Nicoli, who is also Chairman of the Foundation, told reporters: "Disappointingly, music is still the poor relation on the curriculum in many schools across the country. This is a shame as music is an activity which genuinely engages children and helps them develop in so many positive ways. Britain is renowned as having produced some of the world's finest musical talent and we should offer all our children the chance to enrich their creativity through music".


Well, this will make the day of CMU readers working in American record labels. Those PriceWaterhouseCoopers bods have forecast that recorded music revenues in the US will decline at a 0.4% compound annual rate over the next five years as physical product sales continue to decline. On the up side, big gains are expected in the digital and mobile domains - with estimates that the online music business will be worth $4.5 billion by 2011, while mobile will be generating $2 billion. But, the bean counters say, those increases won't completely compensate for an expected 13% decline in CD sales, hence the overall falling fortunes.


Sony Corp are probably hoping that the online-to-mobile ratio tips more in mobile's favour as the digital music market grows, because following rumours that the electronic and entertainment conglom was close to closing down its download platform Connect, the Corp's top man Howard Stringer yesterday seemed to be saying his company was all but accepting defeat in the MP3 player space - accepting that Apple had stolen what was once a market that belonged to them, portable music players - and that they would be concentrating their efforts instead on the digital video and mobile content markets.

According to the Associated Press, Stringer told a shareholder meeting in Tokyo yesterday: "We have worked very hard to catch up so that in the age of video we will not suffer as much as we did in audio. More and more, customers are getting their music downloads on their mobile phones, and in this case, the Sony-Ericsson mobile phone is a great success, and we have sold as many of them as iPods".


eMusic has announced a new original programming series called eMusic Sessions from which will come a new live EP, available exclusively via the independent download firm, from John Doe, founder member of LA punk rock outfit X. A John Doe hub will also be launched on the eMusic site which will include the EP, Doe back catalogue and a list of Doe's favourite albums. The eMusic Sessions concept has been expanded from the concert clips service the download firm ran from SxSW earlier this year.


Akon's record label are claiming that the hip hop star is the "highest selling master ringtone artist of all time" - 'master ringtones' being those that use excerpts from original recordings rather than polyphonic reinterpretations (what I call realtones). This is despite major US phone firm Verizon Wireless announcing it was axing the singer from its ringtone platform after objecting to that video that showed Akon dancing on stage in a sexually proactive manner with an under age fan.

The label, Universal's SRC imprint, says that the latest stats show Akon has scored cumulative mastertone ringtone sales in excess of 11 million, thanks to the popularity of tracks 'Smack That', 'Don't Matter' and 'I Wanna Love You' in the ringtone domain. SRC chief Steve Rifkind told reporters this week: "We're thrilled that Akon has now surpassed all other artists of this era and has cemented his place in music history".

With Akon's continued popularity in the ringtone space it seems Verizon may have backtracked on their opposition to the artist, with reports that his ringtones are now once more available to the mobile firm's subscribers.


SINGLE REVIEW: Just Jack: Writer's Block (Universal/Mercury)
Now, I have to say that as far as I'm concerned the confusingly successful 'Starz In Their Eyes' was one of the worst songs I had ever heard, whereas 'Writer's Block', on the other hand, isn't half as bad. The beat is much more mature and it has a nice smooth groove. The lyrics aren't hugely inspiring, though they do rather cleverly tell typically British youth stories, giving us a little insight into "Good old England", as referenced in the opening spoken word sample. 'Writer's Block' is taken from Jack's full length 'Overtones' of course, a top ten album no less. The album enjoyed success after the aforementioned 'Starz In Their Eyes' single release. Quite why that single inspired so many album purchases I don't know - perhaps the long player garnered popularity thanks to word of mouth chatter about the other tracks on the album, like this one, which are much more worthy of your English pound. AW
Release Date: 18 Jun
Press Contact: Helen Jenkins PR [CP, RP, O] Mercury IH [NP, CR, RR, NR]


Black Eyed Pea Fergie has admitted to US magazine Self that her crystal meth problem once led to her spending eight hours talking to a laundry basket. I'm going to nobly ignore all possible cracks I could make about basket cases and just tell you what she said: "I remember thinking somebody was inside of it, going to come and get me, so I was talking to the person who was crawling in the hamper".

Now over her damaging addiction, she has positive words for those who need to quit: "Even when you feel like you're at your worst - because I went to that place, I went to hell and back - you can pick yourself up. You just have to make the right choices. Everything is a choice".


Billy Ray Cyrus has said that he's relieved that his fourteen year old actress daughter Miley Cyrus, who stars alongside her father in US TV show - 'Hannah Montana' - hasn't gone the drugs, partying and pant-flashing route of so many of Hollywood's younger stars. "The biggest phenomenon in all this is that the kid's been able to keep her head on her shoulders," he told People magazine, "she hasn't flipped out. I'm going to knock on wood. I pray every day she can stay on that path".


The Times have printed extracts from Pete Doherty's previously reported diaries 'The Books Of Albion', which start in 1999 and continue to 2007.

Here's what he writes about Kate Moss: "Hold me in your arms and I want for nothing...but your sweet scent, your soft, supple body & skin & I in disorder - boring - you with the junky business... Writing again and making love all day with your beautiful self. Lay there, back to me, defiant in your defiance. Well fuck you, I love you, & I do and I do and I do..."

There's some of Moss's own writing in there - she writes: "You have touched my heart and soul, little fucker I wish you wouldn't ring on my door now go I could kiss you again and float way. You make me high, my sweet, my skin shivers and Longs to be held by you".

Jesus, it's poetry, isn't it? Bet you can't wait to rush out and get a copy. If you can wait, perhaps you'd like instead to witness the gruesome twosome performing a duet together? A video has appeared on YouTube showing the pair dressed in military uniform, in which Moss apparently waves a British flag and giggles a lot.


Jack White says it's not fair that he was accused of verbally assaulting that DJ Electra who leaked the new White Stripes album, 'Icky Thump' by airing it on Chicago's Q101, and says that all he did was ask her why she'd done it.

White says all this. I'm not sure it all makes sense, but here it is: "When you're famous, you're not allowed to have any kind of reaction, unless it's completely positive, saying, 'I love rainbows and stars'. But this radio station, in this instance, I was having a private conversation with somebody, and they wanted to exploit it and try to make even more press out of the situation. Jack White, the singer and songwriter, isn't reacting to you; it's the president of Third Man Records - our record label - calling you and asking for an explanation. I'm not screaming and yelling at anybody. I'm just saying, 'Who did it? Tell me why you did it.' [They reacted] like I called up and threatened to burn down the building or something, for God's sake".

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