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In today's CMU Daily:
- Fopp goes into administration
- Two stage hands die dismantling Stones gig
- Eve escapes jail, but must wear alcohol detector
- Alleged Foxy Brown attacker let out of jail
- More Jacko legal nonsense
- Diana concert takes over Wembley
- Ten stiches for Stewart after slip
- Plant denies Led Zepp reunion rumours
- Kaisers add extra date
- BPI investigate filesharing operation run in engineering firm
- DRM free EMI sign up to Snocap
- Universal refuse long term deal with iTunes
- Yahoo! man goes to EMI
- Student Radio Chart of summer term
- Total Rock world album chart
- Gallagher on the Marr influence
- More on Lily punch up
- Andre on the new arrival
- Timbaland on germs


One more reminder about the next CMU Recommended Xfm Remix Night, the line up for which has been confirmed - hurrah! Remix chief Eddy TM will be away, it being summer time and all, but he is leaving his recent collaborator and former The Cooper Temple Clause member Rhysmix in charge as the host with the most, so a good night will still be had by all.

On the bill live set wise are Ben Westbeech and Shameless, while joining the aforementioned Rhysmix on the decks will be the one, and the only, Mr Barry Ashworth, he of the Dub Pistols. Slim Jim will also be spinning some tunes.

It'll be one of the parties of the summer (yeah, I'm biased, I know, but it really will), so you should get it in your diary. It all takes place on Friday 20 Jul at Cargo in East London from 9pm to 3am. Tickets are a tenner. Press info from Leyline.



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Now this is, I'm sure you'll agree, all a bit sad. Independent music retailer Fopp, whose massive expansion in recent years made them less 'independent' and more one of the big boys of UK music retail, are no more. After two weeks of speculation about the future of the popular music chain, all of which followed an announcement that the company was putting all its book ordering on hold and then a sudden chain-wide stock check that necessitated closing stores on a busy Friday afternoon, Fopp bosses confirmed on Friday that the company was in administration.

A spokesman for the firm simply told reporters: "It is with great regret that we announce the closure of Fopp", while Colin Dempster of the company's joint administrators Ernst & Young said: "The stores have been closed by management and shop staff sent home. We are currently assessing the financial position of the companies; once this has been completed we will have a better idea of the future of the businesses".

The record chain went into administration less than a week after the firm's top man and majority shareholder, Gordon Montgomery, told reporters that, erm, his company wasn't going into administration. Following the announcement the chain was closing the company's spokesman claimed the firm was, in fact, profitable but that it had failed to secure support from its stakeholders and suppliers during a period of financial difficulty. Presumably that included their bank HBOS, who they were known to have been in discussions with for at least a week about the future of the business.

Reports suggest that while employees of the company had, like much of the industry, become suspicious about the future of the chain, they were still pretty shocked about the overnight closure which came the day before pay day, leaving most of them out of pocket, in the short term at least. It now remains to be seen what happens to the company, its stores and its employees. Fopp remains a respected brand among music fans, but given the state of the music retail sector - with big boy HMV reporting its own financial hardships just last week - it will be interesting to see if anyone out there is actually interested in acquiring a 100+ store record shop company. When Fopp's then bigger rival Music Zone went into liquidation earlier in the year it was Fopp that came to the rescue, acquiring 67 of the company's stores - a decision which some are saying directly led to Fopp's own downfall.

Whether or not the Fopp brand does, ultimately, live on, this relatively sudden closure of one of the recent success stories of music retail will throw further doubt on the long term future of music retail at large, with most of those trading in the specialist music store sector facing a daily battle to compete with price cutting supermarkets and mail-order websites, not to mention the long term threat of the growing download sector. Which is all rather depressing for a Monday morning, I'm sure you'll agree.


Two workers were killed and two others injured after an accident at a stadium in Madrid where staging from a Rolling Stones concert was being dismantled last week.

For reasons that are not entirely clear, three workers taking down the staging that had been used for the Stones gig at the city's Vicente Calderon stadium on Thursday night fell some ten metres from a metal structure, landing on a fourth man. The two men who died in the accident were named this weekend as Benno Goldewijk, from Holland, and Alfredo Pecina Matias, from Spain.

A spokesman for the Stones told reporters yesterday that they were "deeply saddened" to hear about the accident, adding that their "heartfelt wishes for a speedy recovery go out to the injured and their profound sympathies to the families of the deceased".


Rapper Eve has been told she must wear some kind of clever "alcohol-detecting ankle bracelet" after pleading no contest to drink driving charges in an LA court last week. As previously reported, Eve was arrested in April after she crashed her car on Hollywood Boulevard while over the drink driving limit.

She could have got six months in jail for the crime, but she was instead presented with a package of non-custodial punishments, including the snazzy bit of alcohol-detecting jewelry, plus a $390 fine, 36 months probation, instruction to attend 10 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and an order to cover the cost of any damage caused by the crash. I think she's not allowed to drink at all for the 45 days she is wearing the alcohol-detecting device, and if she does she could end up in jail after all, though I'm not 100% clear on that bit of the sentence.

Either way, the prosecution in the case were keen to stress that they had not treated Eve favourably in deciding on her sentence because of her celebrity status. Frank Mateljan, a spokesman for the city attorney's office, told reporters on Friday: "This was handled like any other of our driving under the influence cases. This was an appropriate sentence, we believe for the facts of this case".


The woman who allegedly attacked rapper Foxy Brown on 23 Jun has been released from jail after Brown, real name Inga Marchand, failed to show up in court to testify against her.

As previously reported, there is some confusion as to what exactly happened in the fracas that led to the arrest of Roshawn Anthony. Reports, initially seemingly confirmed by Marchand, suggested Anthony was one of four women who staged an unprovoked attack on the rapper, pulling out her hair weave and hearing aid, and then stealing her bag and $500. But shortly after confirming the incident had taken place, Marchand then went into denial, and started denying there had been any attack, which is why the authorities couldn't really keep the alleged attacker behind bars.

There was further confusion about what exactly happened last week when Marchand reportedly told the New York Post that the whole story was a case of "mistaken identity", and that she hadn't and had never claimed to have been the victim in any fracas involving Anthony. Which is confusing because the police had already reported that she was. So, make of all that what you will.

Police are expected, however, to continue to try and get to the bottom of what exactly happened on 23 Jun and, to that end, Anthony is due back in court on 9 Aug.


Another day, another Michael Jackson lawsuit. According to, this time he is being sued for £50,000 by an unnamed Delaware based law firm who claim they are still owed fees relating to services they provided the singer in relation to another lawsuit - the one where Jacko was accused of being in breach of contract for pulling out of two concerts over New Years 2000.

That dispute was eventually settled out of court, but the plaintiffs in the new case say they were never paid for their involvement in settling the other one. The legal papers filed in LA claim that Jacko has ignored "repeated (but polite) demands" for the outstanding payment.

Of course it's about time Jackson had a new lawsuit to play with - having recently settled one of his long running legal spats with another previous provider of professional services who claimed they'd gone unpaid - finance firm Prescient Acquisitions Group. Though he does have his legal wranglings with that company trying to auction off Jackson family memorabilia to occupy his time - though he's the plaintiff in that case, so that's not the same.


So, it was the Diana-fest gig in London yesterday, the much previously reported event designed to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Princess' death and commemorate what would have been her 46th birthday. Oh, hang on, perhaps it was the other way round. Princes William and Harry were on hand to lead the proceedings, which included performances from the likes of Duran Duran, James Morrison, Lily Allen, The Feeling, Nelly Furtado, Joss Stone, Tom Jones, The Quo, P Diddy, the English National Ballet and, of course, Elton John, the headline act at the last London event celebrating the late Princess' life (her funeral, if I remember rightly). Unfortunately I was in Scotland this weekend so couldn't go, and I heard a rumour Fearne Cotton was presenting the BBC's coverage so obviously couldn't watch it on TV either. But I hear it all went very well. And by the end of the full day of music all global warming was fully overcome. Oh, no, hang on, that's next week's Wembley gig. By the end of the day the late Princess Of Wales had been duly celebrated... yeah, that's it. Well done one and all.


Rod Stewart has been taken to hospital after slipping over at a gig in Manchester on Thursday night. I'm not entirely sure what he did, though it required ten stitches to his leg, which sounds kinda gruesome. But not so gruesome that Stewart couldn't finish the gig before getting any treatment for the wound. Then again, the show must go on and all that. The injury meant he couldn't attend those previously reported Silver Clef Awards, where he was due to receive an Icon award, but he did make it to Diana-fest.

A spokesman for the singer told reporters on Friday: "Rod Stewart was unable to attend the Nordoff-Robbins Silver Clef lunch to receive his Icon award after cutting his leg on a wet, slippery metal step while making his entrance on stage last night at the City of Manchester Stadium. He performed the entire show in the rain, refusing any medical treatment, and today received 10 stitches to the wound".


Robert Plant has put an end to rumours that there'll be a Led Zepp reunion at the previously reported tribute concert for the late Atlantic Records chief Ahmet Ertegun. Asked about the reunion at a press conference for the Rockwaves festival in Athens, Plant said: "If there was one [a reunion], then there wouldn't be enough doctors to support it!" Some fans had started to wonder if a reunion for the tribute event could lead to a more full on reunion - though said fans should be used to such rumours turning out to be all made up, because they circulate a lot and they invariably are.


Kaiser Chiefs have added another London date to their upcoming UK tour after tickets for the Earls Court show sold out in minus four seconds. Or something like that. They will play another date at the arena on 15 Dec. So, full tour as it currently stands is as follows:

21 Nov: Exeter Westpoint Arena
22 Nov: Bournemouth BIC
24 Nov: Cardiff CIA
26 Nov: Birmingham NIA
28 Nov: Nottingham Arena
30 Nov: Manchester MEN Arena
3 Dec: Sheffield Hallam FM Arena
4 Dec: Hull Arena
10 Dec: Newcastle Metro Radio Arena
14 + 15 Dec: London Earl's Court


Those boys at the BPI have confirmed they are investigating allegations that an extensive illegal music filesharing network has been running off the servers of a Scottish engineering company called Honeywell. The industry body and Strathclyde Police together executed a warrant on the company's Motherwell premises last Thursday after a two-month investigation into the alleged file sharing operation which in turn came after a tip off from an employee at the company (an employee who is currently lying very low, one assumes). A number of other Honeywell employees are now "assisting the police with their enquiries", after which a report will be submitted to the Procurator Fiscal.

This is what BPI boss Geoff Taylor has to say about it all: "Filesharing music in the workplace is illegal, misuses company resources, wastes employees' time and introduces network security risks. Any businesses that are complacent in this area should take note: failure to put in place a stringent, enforceable policy to prevent staff copying and distributing music on company systems could expose the company, and the employees concerned, to the risk of civil proceedings or a criminal investigation. Uploading music files to a company computer network for other employees to download is a serious offence. Filesharing music without permission, whether you are on the internet at home or in the office, is illegal and can carry stiff penalties".

He's right you know. Now excuse me while I go move the CMU server into a locked cupboard... No, only joking.


EMI has announced a deal with SnoCap, the company created by original Napster boy Shaun Fanning, which will see the major's music made available via the digital music services that the US firm power, in particular the new MySpace download facility. Because SnoCap's download facility can be added to any blog or MySpace, it means EMI artists will now be able to add SnoCap powered sell-through to their own websites with minimum effort.

EMI are not the first major to sign up to SnoCap's MySpace music service - as previously reported, Warner Music signed up back in April. However, even though SnoCap originally said it would only be selling music via MySpace in DRM-free MP3 format, when it did the deal with Warner it backtracked on that commitment and agreed to sell that major's music only in the DRMed Microsoft Play For Sure format.

However, with EMI now making music available without DRM, it is able to sign up to the service originally intended by SnoCap, with means the MySpace pages of EMI signed artists will be able to sell DRM-free downloads directly from the page. As with all of EMI's DRM-free content, the music available will be in a better sound quality than standard download stores, but will retail for a slightly higher price.


The Universal Music Group has reportedly refused to enter into a "long term" agreement with Apple's iTunes, insisting instead on a shorter term deal which will allow more flexibility as the digital music sector develops. Or at least, this is what Billboard is reporting. Look, here's the source they quote: "UMG wants greater flexibility. If someone comes along with a new service or device and wants an exclusive at launch for three months for 10% of UMG's top line product, UMG couldn't do that if they signed [a two-year] Apple deal. UMG doesn't have long term agreements with other retailers. So why Apple?" Billboard reckon Universal's decision is a sign of the major record companies reasserting their authority in the digital music space, which could in turn affect Apple's power in all things digital music. Whether that is true, time will tell I guess.


Yahoo!'s Director Of Entertainment Simon Gunning is no longer Yahoo!'s Director Of Entertainment. No, he's now Senior VP Of Digital for EMI UK. So if anyone tells us we didn't tell them, well, there'll be trouble.


Well, with this being July and all, the summer vacation is now upon us, so here is the UK Student Radio chart of summer term, the tracks that got the most play on college radio stations in the last three months, as compiled by the Student Radio Association. The Student Radio Chart and Subshot playlists will return anew in September.

1. White Stripes - Icky Thump
2. Arctic Monkeys - Brianstorm
3. Maroon 5 - Makes Me Wonder
4. Editors - Smokers Outside The Hospital Doors
5. Funeral For A Friend - Into Oblivion
6. Maximo Park - Books From Boxes
7. Snow Patrol - Signal Fire
8. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Hump De Hump
9. Arcade Fire - Intervention
10. The Fratellis - Ole 'Black 'N' Blue Eyes
11. Manic Street Preachers - Your Love Is Not Enough
12. Chemical Brothers - Do It Again
13. Biffy Clyro - Living Is A Problem (Because Everything Dies)
14. Pigeon Detectives - I'm Not Sorry
15. Gossip - Listen Up
16. Queens Of The Stoneage - 3's & 7's
17. Fall Out Boy - Thnks Fr the Mmrs
18. Groove Armada - Get Down
19. Mutya Mueno - Stop Me
20. CSS - Let Make Love
21. Arcade Fire - Keep the Car Running
22. The Twang - Either Way
23. Bloc Party - I Still Remember
24. Jamie T - Sheila
25. Kings Of Leon - On Call
26. Mutya Bueno - Real Girl
27. The Wombats - Kill the Director
28. Hello Goodbye - Here In Your Arms
29. Maximo Park - Our Velocity
30. The Killers - For Reasons Unknown


It's the Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (Warner Bros)
2. Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me (Universal/Interscope)*
3. Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain (SonyBMG/Epic)
4. Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos (Warner/Roadrunner)*
5. Daughtry - Daughtry (SonyBMG)
6. Queens Of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris (Universal/Interscope)
7. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Warner/Roadrunner)
8. Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (Universal/Island)
9. Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (Universal/Mercury)
10. Chris Cornell - Carry On (Universal/Suretone)
11. Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero (Universal/Island)
12. Rush - Snakes & Arrows (Warner/Atlantic)
13. Genesis - The Platinum Collection (EMI/Virgin)
14. Hinder - Extreme Behavior (Republic)
15. The Used - Lies For The Liars (Warner Bros)
16. Biffy Clyro - Puzzle (Warner/14th Floor Records)*
17. Paramore - Riot! (Warner/Atlantic)*
18. Buckcherry - 15 (Warner/Eleven Seven Music)
19. Megadeth - United Abominations (Warner/Roadrunner)
20. The Clash - The Singles (SonyBMG)*


Noel Gallagher has admitted the The Smiths' Johnny Marr was key in inspiring him to form a rock band. Speaking on the final episode of that BBC 'Seven Ages Of Rock' programme, this edition dedicated to the British indie scene post 1983, Gallagher said: "I remember seeing The Smiths on Top Of The Pops, and I don't mean this in a sycophantic way, but I wanted to be Johnny Marr. He had the Brian Jones haircut, the turtleneck, and the big red semi-acoustic guitar and he was cool as fuck". So you see, Oasis is Marr's fault. I always suspected that was the case.


Police have confirmed that Lily Allen was arrested last week and charged with assault after she allegedly punched a man in his forties outside the Wardour Club in Soho. Well, I say they have confirmed it. They've said: "At 9.30am yesterday, a 21-year-old woman attended a central London police station by appointment. She was arrested in connection with an allegation of assault. She has been bailed to return on a date in late July", but our esteemed colleagues in the media have concluded that woman is Lily. The forty year old man was a photographer, obviously. No ranty response from Lily via MySpace as yet. Though that might be down to some sound legal advice.


Does Peter Andre still count as music news? Or should this story be in our sister title, Reality TV Star Daily? Ah well, I've started it now. Andre was suitably overjoyed at the birth of his baby daughter on Friday, telling reporters that he was planning on being a very protective dad. Announcing that other half Katie 'Jordan' Price had given birth to their daughter, he said: "My beautiful wife has given birth to a beautiful, beautiful stunning girl with massive eyes. We've been blessed today. She's really incredible. We haven't decided on a name yet because we want to see what she looks like over the next few days. At the moment I am just calling her 'baby'. [But] I am going to be so protective, she is not going to be let out until she is 64!"


Timbaland is apparently so afraid of germs that he now insists on only flying in his own private jet - even business class is seemingly too full of germy things for the producer extraordinaire. He's told reporters: "Your health is more important than anything else. I fly private so I can stick to one aircraft rather than have to sit with a bunch of people coughing and sneezing: the way I know what I'm dealing with". I'd say 'better to have a few germs in your system than burn up the planet as your travel', but then Live Earth is going to sort out all the global warming problems next weekend, so I guess that's not so important any more.

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