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In today's CMU Daily:
- Remy Ma friend comments on alleged shooting
- Prince album appears online after free UK release
- I want to end it: Spector trial update
- Marty Mills dies
- Ex-Kitten robbed at knifepoint
- Rowland falls during gig
- Ambulance Ltd on second album
- Super Furries on new material
- Gnarls Barkley album chat
- Nikki Sixx project incoming
- Snowbombing 08 dates set
- Fender release bashed around Strummer edition
- UK Copyright Tribunal endorses online royalty agreements
- Live Earth Germany loses over $1 million
- SonyBMG to launch mobile service with Dada
- Zune might enable users to sell tracks to friends
- Virtual Festivals launch desktop news tool
- C4 announce details of new station to fill gap between R1 and R2
- EMAP sell Irish radio stations
- Chart update
- Beeb spend your money on Glasto party for VIPs and MPs
- Diddy's baby mother could cost him a million
- Morrissey criticises Madonna
- Moss still helping Doherty out?
- Spears living in hotel


After all that pontificating in the Top Bit yesterday, how about a nice short round up of the Mercury Music Prize shortlist today, it having not long ago been announced and all?

I still really like the Mercury Music Prize, even though the concept of comparing albums from such a diverse mix of genres, not to mention the idea of picking just one album out of every release last year and calling it the 'album of the year', is, when you think about it, a bit screwy. But it's still a fun award to watch - and without all those different categories that it can be hard to get your head around.

Obviously there'll be all sorts of great albums that have been released in the last year that haven't made it to the shortlist, but there's not an album on this year's list that doesn't deserve recognition, so that's all good. That said, whether Arctic Monkeys deserve to be shortlisted given that they won last year, and second album 'Favourite Worst Nightmare' wasn't so radically different to their debut, I don't know. Though it was still one of the stand out long players of the last twelve months, and I suppose it would be bad form to disqualify them just because of past successes. But I'm especially glad to see Bat For Lashes and Jamie T on there, and it's also nice to see Klaxons on there, they being a band who seemed in danger of burning out too damn soon thanks to all the hype that surrounded them in the run up to the release of their debut album, but they seem to be maintaining the critical acclaim.

We've included the current bookie odds for each album in the list below. I'm terrible at predicting the Mercury winner, and by saying I think it should go to Jamie T have probably denied him any chance of victory. But surely the Arctic Monkeys couldn't win it two years running, and for Amy Winehouse to win would mean the obvious shortlistee would be victorious for another year. And of course the Mercury Music Prize has a long history of not picking the obvious candidate as the overall winner, last year accepted.

Anyways, enough of that, here's the full shortlist. Make of it what you will...

Bat for Lashes - Fur and Gold - 10:1
Maps - We Can Create - 12:1
Fionn Regan - The End of History - 10:1
The View - Hats Off to the Buskers - 8:1
New Young Pony Club - Fantastic Playroom - 12:1
Dizzee Rascal - Maths + English - 8:1
Klaxons - Myths of the Near Future - 8:1
Amy Winehouse - Back to Black - 4:1
The Young Knives - Voices of Animals and Men - 10:1
Jamie T - Panic Prevention - 8:1
Arctic Monkeys - Favourite Worst Nightmare - 4:1
Basquiat Strings - Basquiat Strings with Seb Rochford - 12:1

By the way, please don't forget the official name of this award is now the Nationwide Mercury Prize - Nationwide now being the sponsor, Mercury Communications having long disappeared into the phone booth in the sky. I only mention it because I bank with Nationwide, and it's always good to stay on the right side of your bank.



It's lazy to take something straight out of a press release, but you know whoever wrote this here press release is right when they say: "Given the length of time Emmy The Great has been a leading light of the anti-folk (nu-folk /new-wave-female-singer-songwriter) scene, its surprising to hear she's still only 23 years old. Perhaps even more surprising is the fact that to date, Emmy's only released one very limited 7"". That is all very true you know. But she has a brand new EP coming your way next month via download or on vinyl. The aforementioned press release says it's out on 20 Aug, but the MySpace says 13 Aug, but whatever, there's a link where you can go pre-order the physical release, so if you do that I'm sure it will get mailed out just as soon as it's available. Meanwhile three of the four tracks that appear on the EP are here to stream, and very lovely they are too, in a really simply, pure kind of way. Go check.


The woman who was allegedly shot twice by Grammy nominated rapper Remy Ma last weekend has spoken to the New York Daily News about the incident. Remy Ma, real name Reminisce Smith, is accused of shooting childhood acquaintance Makeda Barnes-Joseph in the early hours of Saturday morning after a dispute over $3000 which the rapper claimed had been stolen from her. Barnes-Joseph claims that after she had been shot Smith grabbed her purse, and started rummaging through it, seemingly looking for the money.

Barnes-Joseph says: "All I heard was the gun go off. What hurts me is that when she shot me she went over and dumped the bag. She didn't even say, 'Oh, my God, I just shot her.' That's what hurt me so much. [And] the fact she would think I would steal from her, it hurts me because I thought she was a friend of mine".

As previously reported, Smith and her entourage fled the scene after the shooting, initially in their vehicle but, after that crashed into another parked car, on foot. Some of her posse were picked up by police soon after, though she herself gave herself up to police on Saturday night. She was charged with attempted murder, first degree assault and various weapons charges and jailed pending the payment of a $250,000 bond. Her manager yesterday put up his home as collateral to satisfy the bond, and the rapper was freed.

The rapper has denied all the charges issued against her.


Aha, this is fun. Music from Prince's new album has been posted online a week ahead of its retail release in the US following the distribution of three million freebie copies of the new album with the Mail On Sunday last weekend.

Some of those who have posted copies of the long player online have justified their actions by saying that as Prince has distributed the physical album for free they don't see any reason to not make it available for free online. But of course the free distribution was only within the UK, and the new album will be released in the conventional way in the rest of the world by SonyBMG. Copies of the covermount version of 'Planet Earth' are also selling on eBay for a few pounds, cheaper than it will retail in many other countries.

The BBC quote one blogger who has made the album available as MP3 as writing: "Since he [Prince] wants to get his music out to as many people as possible, I ripped the CD and uploaded it", while another wrote: "Seeing as it was free anyway... we decided to stick it up here for anyone who didn't get it. This seems to be the way forward. With the music being free, the artists make their money from merchandising and touring, and the digital revolution may yet be the downfall of major labels. No harm in our book!"

A spokesman for SonyBMG, who pulled out of their deal to distribute the album in the UK when the Mail On Sunday promotion was first announced, admitted that the free CD appearing online was "obviously not good for us" in terms of the their plans for releasing the album globally. The spokesman told the BBC: "The perception of intellectual property being 'free' is a problem we share with other businesses including TV, radio, film, magazine, newspaper and gaming companies among others. At present no action is being taken to remove files that I know of".

In related news, Music Week are reporting that Madness are considering a cover-mount tie in, possibly with The Sun, to coincide with the release of their new album. It's not clear if the cover-mount would be the new album itself, as with the Prince promotion, or whether it would be a greatest hits compilation to promote a traditional release of the new long player. Madness are currently without a label deal, but also now control their back catalogue, so either could be a possibility. Their co-manager, Garry Blackburn, admits that an earlier live album cover-mounted on the Mail On Sunday was a big success for them in marketing terms, telling Music Week: "It was amazing. That was the start of MadSpace [Madness's MySpace page] and we sold another 20,000 tickets on the back of it. It was an excellent thing to do for fans and for the band".


Yet another friend of Lana Clarkson yesterday said the former actress was "despondent" and "wanted to end it" in the days before her death at Phil Spector's Beverly Hills home back in 2003. Clarkson's friend "Punkin" Irene Elizabeth Laughlin was the latest witness presented by the defence in a bid to prove their case that Clarkson shot herself at Spector's house. The prosecution, of course, claim the legendary producer pulled the trigger.

Speaking in court yesterday, Laughlin said Clarkson had been in tears when she had phoned her just days before her death. The actress allegedly told her friend: "I don't want to live anymore, I don't want to live in this town. I want to end it". Defence lawyer Roger Rosen looked for clarification and said "Those were Lana's words?", to which the witness responded: "Unfortunately, yes".

Laughlin also explained how Clarkson had broken down in tears at a party two weeks earlier after 'Transformers' and 'Armageddon' director Michael Bay had failed to recognise her, even though they'd once worked together. Laughlin: "She said, 'I'm really sick of these people in this town. I hate this town and I don't want to live here anymore'".

In cross-examination, prosecutor Alan Jackson asked Laughlin why she had never mentioned any of this when being interviewed by police shortly after Clarkson's death. She said she had not brought the events up in a bid to protect her friend's reputation. Jackson also claimed that Laughlin was a biased witness because she promoted a Beverly Hills club partly owned by a close friend of Spector, but she denied that accusation.

The case continues.


Publisher and talent agent Marty Mills has died from cancer at the age of 80. Mills, who was lving in Los Angeles at the time of his death, began his varied career in the family business Mills Music, a company belonging to his father Jack and his uncle Irving.

He went on to represent a number of different music acts via the MCA talent agency. In the late fifties, Mills partnered with singer-songwriter Jerry Keller on a new music publishing venture, Jaymar. Mills later sold his share of the company to Keller and became a celebrity photographer.

He was at one time married to entertainer Edie Adams, with whom he had a son, Josh Mills.


According to reports, ex-Atomic Kitten/Iceland ad star Kerry Katona was held at knifepoint when robbers raided her home in Wilmslow in Cheshire on Sunday night. Three men broke into the house armed with sledgehammers and crowbars and held the former pop star and her baby daughter Heidi downstairs whilst Katona's husband Mark Croft was led around the house as the thieves looked for goods to steal. Kerry's two daughters by ex-Westlifer Brian McFadden were not in the house at the time.

Publicist Max Clifford told reporters that Katona had been left in a "terrible state" by the incident, saying: "When I spoke to her this morning she was in floods of tears and absolutely distraught. It was a terrifying experience. Luckily they weren't hurt, but Kerry was held at knifepoint and the robbers threatened to kill them. It was such a horrible thing to happen. They are staying with family now and I'm not sure when they will go back to the house".


Kelly Rowland set fans panicking recently when she collapsed due to dehydration during an appearance at the This Day Music Festival in Lagos, Nigeria. The former Destiny's Child singer was treated at a local hospital, however, and is now well again, and set to continue promoting her second solo album.


Ambulance Ltd have been talking about work on their second album, following studio sessions with Velvet Underground man John Cale last year. The original band split in 2006 of course, though main man Marcus Congleton vowed to continue under the moniker, even though that led to a legal battle to secure the rights to the name, difficulties from which have delayed work on the new LP.

Congleton is quoted as saying: "Ambulance has suffered some unwelcome reality doses in the past couple of years. Many songs have been written and recorded but legal battles, interpersonal dramas, and spiritual meltdowns have stilted our sophomore effort. We recorded a load of songs with John Cale and Rick Parker but now have an additional four that we want to lay down. There really will be a new album very soon - and it will be great!"


According to Gigwise, Super Furry Animals will have another album worth of new material ready by the time their new long player 'Hey Venus!' is released on 27 Aug. The band's Cian Ciaran told them: "From the recording sessions, we've got about two albums worth [of material] altogether. The album ['Hey Venus!'] would have been too long if we'd put it all on. They're not just scraps, the leftover songs will work best as an album together. We've got to finish it off first though".

On the upcoming summer release, frontman Gruff Rhys added: "I like all the songs. They're quite poppy and quite concise. We wanted the album to be short - there isn't one song over four minutes".


Gosh, they're all talking about their albums today, aren't they? This time it's Gnarls Barkley on their second outing. One half of the duo, Danger Mouse, says he hopes a new album will be out by the end of the year, but says he hopes that there won't be a 'Crazy' situation like last time - ie, where one single from the LP overshadows the rest of the tracks on the record.

On the new material, he told Billboard: "No song is ever done until we have all the material together. When we have enough songs to the point where we have an album's worth, then we'll go in and start finishing them together, so they have a cohesiveness to them, and we know where they fit with each other. Some of the songs may be exactly the same, and some may end up being very different".


A release date has been announced for Nikki Sixx's previously reported autobiography and accompanying soundtrack. The Motley Crue man's memoirs, co-written by Ian Gittins and entitled 'The Heroin Diaries - A Year In The Life Of A Shattered Rock Star' - will be out on 22 Oct, published by Simon & Shuster. 'Heroin Diaries: The Soundtrack', the work of Sixx's band Sixx:A.M. - himself, James Michael and DJ Ashba - will be out the same day via Eleven Seven Music.

See, or get press info on this from Mercenary Publicity.


Bored of the 2007 festival season already? Well, how about looking ahead to the 2008 season, an early date in which is the next edition of 'clubbing in the snow' fest Snowbombing? Promoters of the event have confirmed that their 2008 festival will take place from 31 Mar to 6 Apr at Mayrhofen, Austria, with prices starting from £219, including accommodation and wristband. Obviously line up is still tbc, but if you want to book anyhow then you can do so at


Fender are to release a special Joe Strummer telecaster, which will beaten around a little to give it the well-worn look of the guitar Strummer used to play. The guitar will come already worn down to the wood in parts, plus it will have a customization kit with stencils and stickers so owners can personalise it for themselves.


The Copyright Tribunal has endorsed an out of court settlement reached between publishing royalty society MCPS-PRS and various online and mobile music companies last year.

As much previously reported, as the digital music sector grew, MCPS-PRS found itself in dispute with both the UK's record label trade body, the BPI, and various online music firms over the royalty that should be paid to songwriters and publishers for music sold or streamed via online services. The labels and web firms argued the publishers were asking for too big a cut, and eventually the dispute was referred to the Copyright Tribunal, the statutory body that ultimately rules on copyright royalty disputes.

The Tribunal was due to meet last October, but days before the court hearing began the BPI and MCPS-PRS reached a settlement, as did various online companies on various different royalty issues. It was those various out of court agreements with the web firms that the Tribunal gave its approval to this week - recommending that those agreements form the general framework for online royalties moving forward. Among them were agreement that songwriters and publishers will receive 8% of gross revenues generated by on-demand online music services, 6.5% from interactive webcasting services and 5.75% from non-interactive webcasting.

Confirming Tribunal endorsement of those agreements, MCPS-PRS's CEO Steve Porter said yesterday: "This is a great result for music creators. We are happy that the Tribunal has endorsed our approach to this licensing of music used in online services. The uncertainty has finally been removed and we have a template for the future that recognises and affirms the value of the creative process to the online music business".


The German leg of Al Gore's Live Earth venture lost 950,000 euros, or about £640,000. Promoters of the German global warming awareness raising event, a state owned company called Hamburg Marketing GmbH, admitted yesterday that costs had significantly exceeded income.

The big problem was that of the 45,000 tickets made available, only 29,000 were sold, while 2500 went to sponsors and the rest were unused. In all, tickets generated 1.06 million euros, while merchandising and sponsorship took revenues up to 1.25 million euros. But costs were 1.45 million euros, in addition to a 750,000 euro fee that was paid to the central Live Earth organisation to help fund the global marketing of the initiative.

Hamburg Marketing GmbH MD Thorsten Kausch told reporters yesterday: "So we ended up with a minus of about 200,000 euros. Additionally, we had to pay in advance an amount of 750,000 euros to the Live Earth organization".

Because the promoters were state owned the deficit will be covered by the city of Hamburg.

Elsewhere in Live Earth news, the BBC has issued a formal explanation and apology to Metallica fans everywhere after they cut away from the band's set at Live Earth London just as they were about to perform classic track 'Enter Sandman' in order to air some Crowded House pre-record. As previously reported, that decision garnered more complaints than the occasional utterances of 'fuck' elsewhere in the awareness building extravaganza.

In a written statement, in which the Beeb seemingly misspelled the band's name, the Corporation has said: "We received complaints from some viewers that the Metalica [sic] set was not shown in full. This was a global event and we were keen to reflect the other concerts as well as the one in UK. We took editorial decisions in advance and on the day, about the times and places we would do that. Not all the tracks by every performer could be featured but we did transmit a full trail promoting our interactive coverage where digital viewers wanting to see the performances in full, could press the red button at any time. The concerts were very fluid in London and around the world and there was certainly no prejudice about heavy metal music or any other music; just a determination to do the best for the entire audience watching on BBC2 and BBC1 during the day. This is inevitably a fine balance and we cannot please everyone all of the time. However, we of course apologise if any particular viewers were disappointed".


Those SonyBMG types have announced they have entered into a partnership with a technology company called Dada Entertainment through which they will launch a direct-to-consumer mobile content service, that will sell ringtones, video ringers, wallpaper images, mobile games and full track audio and video downloads straight to punters. The new service will also have some kind of clever mobile social networking component to it. Well I say it'll be clever, I've no idea what it will be like - it might be rubbish. Subscriptions will be available, plus there'll be pay-per-download content and free content supported by advertising. Basically think of any kind of mobile music content, and I think these guys will have it covered. The JV should be properly in place by the Autumn, though no word on when the new service will launch.


Reports suggest that the Zune player from Microsoft might become a portable music store, enabling its owner to take a cut for selling music onto their friends. According to Zune Scene plans are afoot to expand the Microsoft music player's ability to allow one user to give another user a limited play preview, by allowing the second user to opt to buy the track, rewarding the original user with a cut of the profit from the sale, if that makes sense. Actually it would be quite a cool facility, providing any one Zune player owner can find another one among all the iPod users.


Festivals website Virtual Festivals has launched a new widget thingimy called the Desktop VF which allows users to have a little alert window on their desktop bringing them up to date on all the latest festival news, like line ups and ticket availability and all that kind of shenanigans. The new device is free to download, and has been created by Zebtab, who have created similar devices for other organisations, including independent download platform TuneTribe.

Confirming the new service, Virtual Festivals MD Steve Jenner told CMU: "As festival
tickets sell out faster and faster we think our users will appreciate being kept in the know through Zebtab and never missing out on the chance to buy. We also like Zebtab's lack of pop-ups and their ability to handle rich media easily".


Channel 4 have announced details of Pure4, which will be the flagship music channel on the Channel 4 Radio national digital radio multiplex, which C4 was awarded by OfCom last week, of course. The digital network's bosses say that the new station will provide an important channel for the music business to reach music fans older than the core Radio 1 demographic, but younger than the core Radio 2 demographic.

Of Pure 4, Channel 4 Director Of Radio Nathalie Schwarz says this: "It is something that people perceive a gap for. So many people say they feel too old for Radio One and too young for Radio Two, intelligent people who are interested in music. It will have a very eclectic music mix and will be for people who love music, but not musos. It will be all embracing, offer new depths and be evocative".


EMAP will sell its Irish radio stations to an Irish and European radio group called Communicorp in a bid to reduce its current borrowing. The three stations to be sold were acquired when EMAP bought Scottish Radio Holdings in 2005, and include national station Today FM, Dublin's FM104 and Donegal's Highland Radio. The deal, worth a reported 200 million euros, will need regulator approval, and is part of EMAP's strategy to focus its radio efforts on the UK.


You may have noticed there was no Chart Update yesterday, the reason for which I won't bore you with. Though, there's not that much to report, what with Rihanna still being number one and all. New entries wise on the singles chart you have Timbaland at 4 with 'The Way I Are', Kings Of Leon with 'Fans' at 14, Super Mal ft Luciana with 'Bigger Than Big' at 19, Bloc Party with 'Hunting For Witches' at 22, Travis with 'Selfish Jean' at 30, Frankie Valli and those Four Seasons with 'Beggin' at 32 and Mika with 'Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) at 33.

In the world of albums more to report, with Enemy going straight in at one with 'We'll Live And Die In These Towns', then Interpol go in at 2 with 'Our Love To Admire' and Smashing Pumpkins go in at 4 with 'Zeitgeist'. With the Travelling Wilburys at 3 and the Chemical Brothers at 5, that's a pretty damn good top five. Other new album entries as follows: Cherry Ghost's 'Thirst For Romance' at 7, Barbra Streisand's 'The Essential' at 25, and Il Divo's 'Complete Collection' at 32.


Thanks to the unique way its funded, and all that, the BBC reportedly spent £68K entertaining MPs and other VIPs back stage at the Glastonbury Festival, including providing some of those guests, including the political types, with £225 tickets to get into the festival to start with. Apparently, the Beeb says: "Glastonbury is the biggest popular music event for the BBC and we cover it exclusively on TV, radio and online. We also use the festival to strengthen relationships with a wide range of people we work with throughout the year". Given that it's so big and popular you'd think VIPs would have a good time just being there, without all the hospitality, but what do I know? Except that when Beeb bosses whine about not knowing where to make the expenditure cuts required following the lower than hoped licence fee agreement with the government, perhaps they could start by sacking who ever approved that expenditure? That'd save some cash, and without any impact on programming standards.


According to reports, Sean Diddy Doo Daddy P Doddy Combs could end up paying his ex-girlfriend more than a million dollars a year in child support, following their recent seven-month-post-birth-of-twins-split. Kim Porter has three children with him altogether, and the gossip rags think that the magic number could take support payments up to around the $1.2million a year mark, given that he pays Misa Hylton Brim, mother of his thirteen year old son Justin around $30,000 a month. Crikey.


Morrissey has criticised Madonna for wearing fur. Speaking at a gig in Virginia, organised by animal rights group PETA, the singer said: "I wouldn't be surprised if she made that African boy she adopted into a coat and wore him for 15 minutes, then threw it away". Which is a nice way of putting it. Or not.


According to tabloid reports, Kate Moss is still helping out Pete Doherty, despite the apparent bitterness of their latest split. The supermodel is said to have bought her ex-boyfriend a lovely new anti-heroin implant, despite having thrown the Babyshambler out of her house after discovering that he'd been messing around with some South African lady.

A 'source' told The Mirror: "Kate is very aware that Pete still has issues with drug use. She feels betrayed but understands that he still needs help and support".

If you remember, she got him one of those a year ago, and it seemingly didn't work out so well. So that's a very expensive parting gift possibly wasted - they're rumoured to cost about £15k.


Britney Spears is living in the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles, apparently - mainly on the grounds that her Beverley Hills mansion (presently up for sale) is not safe enough for her two kiddies because the swimming pools don't have barriers and this fact was allegedly recently investigated by child protection services.

The Bel Air home is in fact on the market for $7million so she might not have been there much longer in any case. Good to know she's not going to be homeless, what with all those five star hotels in La La to choose from.

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