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In today's CMU Daily:
- Government to issue copyright report this week
- Terra Firma have a quarter of EMI
- Fiddy sues over rifle range game
- More UK festival cancellations as rainy summer continues
- New Order will continue without Hooky
- Bolan's family approve finished T Rex tracks
- Scissor Shears on working with Kylie
- Bragg to release Clash inspired track
- Pollock debut gets release in September
- Ike won't get his day
- Levellers and Hoosiers for Tiscali showcase
- Police tour going well, okay?
- Album review: Long Range - Madness & Me
- HMV may buy some Fopp stores, and maybe Fopp brand
- OFT approve Universal's Sanctuary takeover
- MTV get blanket licence from MCPS-PRS
- Chart update
- Total Rock world album chart
- Evans says stop moaning about phone-in ban
- Doherty stuff
- Kate Nash on loser boyfriend
- Iggy not happy about Stooges biopics
- Kaiser chief says Spice Girl is useful


I think I said the last call on this was the last call, but a few people have called to ask if they can still get an application in, and as we're so busy getting Edinburgh together we're yet to get to the pile that have come in, so I don't see why not. What am I talking about? Well, this...

We are currently recruiting new CMU college correspondents for the next academic year. CMU has long utilised the college music community as a way of keeping in touch with what is happening in the grass roots music world in towns and cities all over the country. Our correspondents are our primary contacts in each college town.

The positions are voluntary, but offer media students, or anyone involved in their student media, a great chance to pick up new media skills, to make new contacts in the music world, and to get a bigger platform for their work. Every correspondent is also a member of the CMU review team - providing reviews for this here CMU Daily - so being a correspondent also gives you access to a whole load of great new music.

If you are interested in becoming a college correspondent for the next academic year, September 2007 to May 2008, then go to the URL below, fill out an application form, email it back, and we'll be in touch.



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We were so, so sure we'd done Does It Offend You, Yeah? as MySpace Of The Day before that we very nearly didn't do it at all. But here we are, doing it now, so you can relax. As it happens, it's quite a good time to do it, given that they're set to release a new single, 'Let's Make Out' shortly. It'll be out as a free download from 6 Aug, and out on 7" and 12" vinyl on 17 Sep. They'll also be touring in September and October in support of that release. Anyway, as you may know, DIOYY have fast attained the legendary status of 'favourite' over here at CMU Towers with their indie electro-ey punk stuff, and that alone should be enough to have you chasing over to their MySpace page, which lists their aforementioned autumn tour dates, plus their summer tour dates and appearances at various festivals, and as a much bonussy addition, is previewing that aforementioned single, accompanied by a suitably disturbing image involving tongues. I'm not offended though. I bet you won't be either.


So, all you out there in record company land, presumably you are bracing yourself for our fine government's response to the much previously reported 'extend the term' campaign, which is due to come in the form of a government report later this week. As previously reported, the 'extend the term' campaign seeks to have the term for recorded music copyrights extended from the current 50 years, to bring it more in line with the US term of 95 years, or published music copyright of life plus 70 years. With many major recordings of the early rock n roll era due to come out of copyright imminently the need for a copyright extension, from the major record companies' point of view, has become increasingly pressing.

As also previously reported, the government's rethinking of intellectual property laws began with the Gowers Review, the research paper commissioned by that Gordon Brown chap. That paper was, to say the least, somewhat unpopular with record industry chiefs after it concluded that there was no case for extending the recorded copyright term. Those chiefs, therefore, are hoping government ministers have been more influenced by a separate and more recent Parliamentary select committee report on copyright, which rejected the Gowers conclusion and proposed an extension to at least seventy years.

With the 60-day deadline for official responses to that select committee report passing today, the government is expected to issue its own report on copyright before Parliament breaks for the summer on Thursday. A spokesman for the Department For Culture Media And Sport has declined to comment on what will be in it, but Billboard is pessimistic about the chances of a term extension, citing sources that say ministers plan to adopt an approach more akin to that proposed by Gowers.

Whether that turns out to be true time will tell. Though even if the government do opt to extend the term it's still not clear how long it would take for the term to actually increase, given that copyright terms are caught up in all kinds of EU agreements that would have to be navigated first.


Private Equity firm Terra Firma says it has now secured over a quarter of EMI's shares as it extended the deadline for the remaining shareholders in the major music firm to sell at their 265 pence per share offer price to 29 Jul - the fourth and, the equity bosses say, final extension.

As of Thursday Terra Firma had secured 26.19% of the available shares in the London based music company. The committals to sell to the private equity outfit increased considerably after both Warner Music and a consortium led by former EMI chief Jim Fifield, both considered potential counter bidders, both announced they would not be making a bid at this time. As previously reported, both organisations confirmed their intentions following a call for them to do so by the UK's Takeover Panel, a non-statutory body that administers the City Of London's merger and acquisitions codes.

Despite the boost - from 3.82% at the start of last week - Terra Firma is still some way off obtaining the 90% required for the takeover deal to go through. It is not clear if the larger institutional shareholders will now fall in line, or whether they are willing to let the deal fall through allowing Warner or Fifield to return to the bidding race at a later date. The EMI board, who approved Terra Firma's takeover back in May, of course, last week sent another email to their shareholders urging them to accept the equity group's offer.

Meanwhile, some are gossiping that, with all the delays, Terra Firma might not actually be in a position to buy EMI if and when the big shareholders fall into place, because the financing put in place by the private equity firm to fund the purchase is rumored to be falling apart as the takeover bid drags on. That said, HitsDailyDouble points out that those rumours might be being put around by people wanting the deal to fall through, so you perhaps shouldn't pay them too much attention.


50 Cent has sued an internet advertising firm for a million dollars over claims that one of those banner ads where you have to try and shoot things in order to access some kind of special offer (normally you're shooting ducks or aliens or fighter planes) uses his likeness - ie you're encouraged to shoot at 50 Cent - nine hits and you get the offer. Although the rapper is not explicitly mentioned in the ad, Fiddy's people say the likeness is significant, and that the ad is capitalising on the fact 50 Cent was famously shot nine times during a hip hop feud seven years ago. The ad also, the rapper's people claim, implies Fiddy is endorsing the product the web game promotes.

Fiddy's lawyer Peter Raymond said last week that the character in the game is clearly "intended to be" the rapper, adding that his client was "personally offended" by the game. He is seeking an injunction to have the game pulled off the web, as well as demanding damages. The ad firm behind the game, Traffix Inc, says it is yet to see the legal papers so cannot respond.


More UK music festivals fell foul of the inclement summer weather this weekend.

Firstly promoters of the independent music festival Truck, due to take place in Oxfordshire, announced on Friday afternoon that they had been forced to pull their event at the last minute because parts of their site were under several feet of water.

Organisers issued a statement on their website alongside a picture of the flooded site, telling ticket holders: "Much of the site is under several feet of water and the Ginge Brook has completely overflowed its banks, leaving all the camping, parking and audience areas underwater and dangerous. We already have numerous acts on site as well as tshirts, programmes, CDs and the rest and we are only doing this as an absolute last resort".

The festival, due to feature the likes of Idlewild, Jack Penate and Lethal Bizzle, has been rescheduled and should go ahead on the weekend of 22 Sep.

Elsewhere the second day of Wakestock, a music and extreme sports festival in Wales, had to be cancelled after 36 hours of relentless rain left the site waterlogged and dangerous. Friday's events went ahead as planned, and some of Saturday's sporting events were staged, but the Saturday night music programme, set to feature The Enemy, Dirty Pretty Things and The Bravery, was cancelled and festival-goers were encouraged to leave the muddy campsites early. Organisers said on Saturday: "Due to the severe weather conditions which have been experienced in the last 36 hours, for the safety of everyone attending the event we regret we have had to cancel tonight's music festival".

As previously discussed, it remains to be seen if the continued rainfall causes any long term trouble for the festival industry, especially the independents, with the costs of rescheduling such events not unsubstantial. Some festivals will be insured for such postponements, of course, though that fact could force up insurance premiums in the sector, meaning the impact of the weather on a handful of events could have an impact on the wider festival industry. Hope not, I was kind of liking this vibrant festival scene.


Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris have said that they plan to continue New Order, despite the departure of Peter Hook, who recently announced via Xfm that the band had broken up. Hooky told the radio station that the group had gone their separate ways - now it seems his bandmates don't agree, and were surprised by what he said.

Sumner and Morris say in a statement: "We would have hoped he could have approached us personally first," adding, "whatever happens musically or otherwise, New Order have not split up, they continue to exist".


Marc Bolan's family have congratulated Alex Peebles, of T Rex tribute band Hot Love, for his work in turning thirteen unfinished Bolan song snippets into fifteen tracks to commemorate the thirtieth anniversary of the glam rocker's death back in September 1977. The new pieces have been released on a new album, '21st Century Stance', via Peebles' own record label.

Bolan's son Rolan Bolan, giving his blessing to the project, says: "Since my return to Britain in 1997, my father's legacy has been a strange mystery to me, even though I did have the chance to be surrounded by his music. There is so much which is yet to reach our souls. This project is one of those special gems".


Scissor Sisters chap Jake Spears has spoken about his band's work with Kylie Minogue on material for her new album, rumoured to be entitled 'Kylie X', and expected to be released at the end of this year.

Shears is quoted as saying: "We definitely work her really hard in the studio, from midday to midnight - although sometimes we pepper it with a shopping trip in between. We've written songs with her that are ridiculous and may never see the light of day. We've also written songs with her that I think are amazing but they may never see the light of day either".

Kylie's new long player is also rumoured, by the way, to include covers of songs by Culture Club and Roxy Music, plus Sydney production stars Sneaky Sound System have told reporters that they've written a synth-pop track for the record called 'I Want Everything'.


Billy Bragg is to release a Clash inspired track under the name Johnny Clash entitled 'Old Clash Fight Song'. Gosh, what a lot of clashes in one sentence.

Anyway, the 7" single will be released on 20 Aug, and a portion of the proceeds will go to Bragg's Jail Guitar Doors programme - a project that gives prisoners access to musical instruments to help encourage their rehabilitation.


Former Delgados frontlady Emma Pollock is set to release her debut solo album 'Watch The Fireworks' in September. The US release date has seemingly been confirmed at 11 Sep, but I can't find a confirmed UK date. 10 Sep, perhaps?


The mayor of St Louis, Francis Slay, has refused a request to make 2 Sep 'Ike Turner Day' in the city to coincide with the musician's appearance that day at the Big Muddy Blues Festival. Slay's aide, Cathy Smentkowski, explained that when the request "was brought to the mayor's attention, he did not feel comfortable issuing it". She didn't elaborate on why, but one must presume it has something to do with Turner's reputation for being a wife-beater.

Festival director Dawne Massey expressed disappointment at the decision, telling reporters "we were only looking to celebrate his contributions to the music industry. Many entertainers have checkered pasts. He helped put St. Louis rhythm and blues on the map".

Bridget Brennan of the St. Louis Healthy Marriage Coalition approved of the decision, however, saying: "We believe there is a zero tolerance for any kind of violence. We would not want to honour someone who has publicly stated they have hit their wife".

And he has publicly stated it - in his 2001 autobiography 'Taking Back My Name', he denied being the persistently violent and abusive spouse described by ex-wife Tina Turner, but admitted that there had been some occasions when he slapped and punched her. Well, that's alright then, eh?


The Levellers and The Hoosiers are set to play at the latest Tiscali showcase at the Soho Revue Bar tonight. As I expect you're already aware, each act is filmed and three tracks get uploaded at along with an exclusive interview. Brighton based band Passenger will also be performing at tonight's event, and performing tracks from their debut album, out in September.


Despite reports of some tensions in the Police camp, the reunited band's guitarist Andy Summers says that their world tour is going well, following a tough start. He told JAM! Music: "We're just having one knockout show after another. We keep thinking we've done the best show we'll ever do and then somehow we do another one that we seem to have upped the ante. We've become very sure of the material and onstage now it's just gotten faster, looser and funnier. There's a lot of humour and antics now. I mean, we're sort of loosening up with it. I think [in] our little mini-universe, we're very sure of where we are now. The tour just sort of exploded, so it's actually gone possibly beyond what we hoped. In reality, that seems to be fulfilling the mythology".


ALBUM REVIEW: Long Range - Madness & Me (Long Range Recordings)
Hot on the heels of Paul Hartnoll's (excellent) debut solo album 'Ideal Condition' comes this effort from his compatriot in Orbital, brother Phil. Long Range sees him (in tandem with Nick Smith) create a lush piece of electronica that takes you through a variety of moods, eras and places on its cinematic journey. Opener 'Lie Down' is a pleasing slab of lush mid-paced 80s electro with dreamy vocal samples and plink-plink keyboards. The stately title track, featuring the soulful vocals of Australian folk singer Kelly Malone, is reminiscent of the sort of thing Bent do at their best, whilst the glistening melodies on 'Dispell The Clouds' hark back to the gorgeously textured techno Orbital managed on tracks like 'Adnans' (You can take the Hartnolls out of Orbital, but you can't take Orbital out of the Hartnolls...). Elsewhere the pounding beats of 'Which Way Now' make it an ideal soundtrack for some futuristic driving game, whilst 'Your Face' is a seven minute piece of grungy stadium rock. Oh yes. Solid stuff, really. Anyone into electronic listening music would be well served by investigating it. MS
Release date: 6 Aug
Press contact: Trailer Media [all]


Music Week reports that HMV is considering purchasing several former Fopp stores from the former indie trader's administrators Ernst & Young. Meanwhile Retail Week is reporting that HMV is considering buying the Fopp brand also, which possibly means that those Fopp stores it may or may not acquire would continue to operate under that name.


The UK's Office Of Fair Trading has given the OK for Universal Music Group's proposed acquisition of the Sanctuary Group, which the major is hoping to acquire via its UK based Centenary Music Holdings company. That means that regulators in the US, Germany, Spain, Australia and the UK have now given the deal the green light - which means the deal can now go ahead, assuming enough Sanctuary shareholders accept the major's offer. When the deal was originally announced it was thought approval might be required from the tricky European Commission, but it transpired that 'turnover thresholds' were not big enough to require European level approval. The only countries where such approval was required was the US, Germany, Spain, Australia and UK which, as I just said, have all now provided approval. With the paperwork in place, Universal's 20p a share offer now stands until 26 Jul - at last count they'd got committals for 30.88% of the company's shares.


Those MCPS-PRS types and MTV have agreed a new blanket TV licence which means the TV broadcaster will have one licence for all music publishing - rather than a mechanical licence from MCPS and a public performance licence from PRS, as it used to be. The former used to cover the use of music reproduced in long-form programming, the latter the music videos the network plays. The new deal will cover all of the MTV channels and music services that broadcast out of London - 35 in total.

Confirming the new licensing deal, the MCPS-PRS Alliance's MD Andrew Shaw told CMU: "Signing such a deal with MTV Networks Europe, one of the biggest operators in the international multi-channel market, is a significant move for all parties. It's a wide ranging deal whose scope is consistent with our strategy of simplifying the licensing process for broadcasters. As the content business continues to change rapidly, we're delighted to have agreed a deal with MTV that supports their continued development across Europe".

MTV Business & Legal Affairs chief Roger James added: "I am extremely pleased that MTV Networks has successfully negotiated this blanket deal with the MCPS-PRS Alliance. This landmark deal will for the first time, grant us wide-ranging access to the Alliance's entire catalogue across our portfolio of channels in Europe and underlines the Company's ongoing commitment to strengthening our relationship with the publishers and collecting societies in general".


Chart history, ladies and gentlemen. That Rihanna has had the longest running number one single in a decade thanks to her still being number one this week. The last song to stay top for more than nine weeks was Wet Wet Wet with 'Love Is All Around' back in 1994 - and Rihanna isn't trading on the Hugh Grant effect (in fact songs that stay top this long have nearly always got a film soundtrack connection, but 'Umbrella' does not). So well done her. Though whether she'll hang on to 16 weeks to beat Wet Wet Wet, and then 17 weeks to beat Bryan Adams' Robin Hood melody '(Everything I Do) I Do It For You', I'm not sure. I'd be surprised if she does, but who knows?

Elsewhere in the charts (on a new entry theme now) Amy Macdonald goes in at 12 with 'Mr Rock & Roll', Biffy Clyro go in at 18 with 'Folding Stars', the Cast Of High School Musical 2 go in at 20 with 'What Time Is It', R Kelly goes in at 32 with 'Same Girl', Sunfreakz go in at 37 with 'Counting Down The Days' and Thrills enter at 40 with 'Nothing Changes Around Here'.

Albums wise and that 'Britain's Got Talent' winner chap Paul Potts goes straight in at one with 'One Chance', pushing The Enemy into second place. The Travelling Wilburys stay at 3. Other new entries are all but non-existent in a quiet week for album releases - so quite a number of previous releases have reentered the Top 40.


It's the Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (Warner Bros)
2. Velvet Revolver - Libertad (SonyBMG)
3. Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (Universal/Mercury)
4. Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (Universal/Island)
5. Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me (Universal/Interscope)
6. Daughtry - Daughtry (SonyBMG)
7. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Warner/Roadrunner)
8. Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain (SonyBMG/Epic)
9. Paramore - Riot! (Warner/Atlantic)
10. Rush - Snakes & Arrows (Warner/Atlantic)
11. Hinder - Extreme Behavior (Republic)
12. Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos (Warner/Roadrunner)
13. Queens Of The Stone Age - Era Vulgaris (Universal/Interscope)
14. Genesis - The Platinum Collection (EMI/Virgin)
15. Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (Warner/Atlantic)
16. Various - Transformers (Warner Bros)*
17. Buckcherry - 15 (Warner/Eleven Seven Music)
18. The Used - Lies For The Liars (Warner Bros)
19. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Warner Bros)
20. Queen - Great Hits Vol.1, 2, 3 (EMI)*


Chris Evans says that his BBC colleagues should stop whining about phone-ins being put on hold across the Corporation. As previously reported, Beeb chiefs last week called a halt to all phone ins and interactive features following all those concerns raised about the way said features were run (in particular the tendency to encourage viewers and listeners to call premium rate numbers for competitions or promotions they have no chance of actually participating in). Some at the BBC have been complaining about the impact the Corporation wide ban has had on their shows, with some making remarks to that effect on air, but Evans reckons said moaners should just "deal" with the situation in hand.

Evans is quoted thus: "The Beeb and its staff are still reeling and personally I'm already bored of it all. I wish our presenters would stop moaning about it on air via half-hearted attempts at irony. If your show can't survive without a phone competition then maybe you should consider another line of work, like a trappist monk, for example".


Babyshambler Drew McConnell has told fans at a Love Music Hate Racism event in London that bandmate Pete Doherty is back in rehab, even though he left his most recent rehab stint, in Yorkshire, after just 24 hours. McConnell said at the gig last Thursday: "Pete can't be here - he's in rehab". Gossipers are saying that McConnell and the other Babyshamblers are concerned that their frontman has returned to his most erratic self since his latest split from on off girlfriend Kate Moss, after a period of relative reliability, all of which could impact on the recording of their next album, their debut for new label Parlophone.


Pop type Kate Nash has said that she dumped a boyfriend because he'd been using a manual to help him get off with girls. The young man in question had apparently read something called "The Game: Penetrating The Secret Society Of Pickup Artists" by one Neil Strauss. The singer is quoted as saying: "When I found out he read it I thought 'Loser!' The most horrible book ever, about how to shag girls, they're such cunts and when I found out I was like 'I hate you!'"

Language, Kate.


Iggy Pop is clearly not happy about the two Stooges biopics presently in production. He told "At the moment neither of them have my permission to be made. Frankly, I wish they'd both fuck off and leave their biopics".

Though, as you might remember, Iggy isn't always anti biopics. Commenting on plans for Elijah Wood to play him in one, he recently said: "We have no agreement yet but Elijah is a good actor. If he can play a hobbit, he can play me!"


According to reports, Kaiser Chiefs keyboardist Peanut says that reunited Spice Girl Mel C has given his band some useful advice. He's quoted as saying: "Mel C told us how they dealt with their fame in the US. It was useful to hear. They were always in danger of being mobbed so they'd jump on their tour bus to travel a couple of metres to their private jet instead of walking."

Clever, eh?

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