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In today's CMU Daily:
- Is Jay-Z thinking of taking exec role at Columbia?
- It was suicide God damn it: Spector trial update
- James Taylor signs to Starbucks
- West not bothered about Fiddy release clash
- Coldplay promise Hispanic theme
- Supergrass preview album track via website
- Har Mar says he's got a new band
- Peter Bjorn & John re-release
- Interpol chap gets into acting
- Decemberist joins Lil Bush line up
- J-Lo to embark on first ever concert tour
- Beyonce isn't rubbish, just because she fell, okay?
- Franz Ferdinand tour
- Funeral For A Friend tour
- Lightspeed Champion dates
- Winehouse announces new dates
- Free EMI MP3s with your Whopper
- Speculation rises regarding potential of Terra Firma's EMI bid
- Chrysalis deny Warner deal rumours
- US bank extends live music marketing
- LimeWire criticised over confidentiality risks
- Lennon and Ono monitored by Mounties
- Mel Brown speaks out about Murphy
- Alicia Keys says new album saved her life


OK, so a logistical Top Bit for you today. As you know we run a strand in the Daily - sometimes on its own and sometimes here in the Top Bit - called CMU Recommended, where we tip upcoming club nights, mini-festivals and industry events that we reckon are gonna be good. We have ongoing partnerships with certain organisations in this regard - Leyline Promotions and MusicTank for example - but in the Autumn we are looking to expand this strand, and especially to events taking place outside the M25.

And that's where the logistics comes in. We are interested in hearing from you if you organise events - regular club nights, mini-festivals or industry related things - and are interested in being considered for inclusion in our 'CMU Recommended' strand. We just ask that any Recommended event carry a 'CMU' logo on their flyer, and in return we give them lots of promotional and editorial support through our media. If you are interested, email details of your event, including an outline of music policy and creative aims, a mini-history of the operation, and details of where and when it takes place, and we'll pass it to the CMU Recommended team who will be in touch.

If you want to be recommended, just drop an email to There will be a limited number of slots in the Recommended programme, so the sooner you email the better.



The ideal candidate is organised, works well under pressure and has an impeccable phone manner. You will also have to be familiar with Word, Excel and Outlook. The role includes full reception responsibilities, and also assisting the marketing, international and production departments when needed, as well as ensuring the office is running smoothly. Cooking Vinyl's office is in Acton, West London. Send CV to:, and put Office Manager in the subject line. Closed by: August 6th 2007.

Well-established London-based alternative marketing and promotions company, currently working with all major and many indie labels is seeking a new team member, ideally with 1-2 years previous music industry experience. For full job description and other information, please e-mail indicating your current position and role.

Advertise your vacancies in the CMU Daily for just £80 for five days. To book your space email



It's the last MSOTD for a while, it taking its well earned summer break from next week (it does work very hard you know, MSOTD, in fact, it never stops). I thought I'd bring this current, erm, series of MySpace Of The Day to a close with one of those eternal CMU favourites that we always assume we've given the MSOTD nod to before, but it turns out we haven't, because we've been so sure we had we never did. If that makes sense. Quite how we never got round to MSOTDing the Super Furry Animals before I don't know, though given they have a new single out next week on Rough Trade - 'Show Your Hand' - and a new album due out next month - 'Hey Venus!' - now seems as good a time as any. Plus they've just announced a whole stack of new tour dates, so rather than me having to type them in, you can go here and check them in full. Hurrah. The new single is streaming too, as are some SFA classics. And there's quite an active blog. So, definitely a must go, even though this one too veers off your screen. What is it with veering MySpace pages? Perhaps that could be addressed between now and MSOTD's return in September? Good.


The New York Daily News is gossiping that that Jay-Z fella is in negotiations to jump ship from his President role at Universal's Def Jam to take on a similarly grand sounding job at SonyBMG's Columbia. The Daily News' Ben Widdicombe says that Jay isn't too happy that Jermaine Dupri has been given a top urban job within the Island Def Jam family as well, it breaking the tradition that you only have one humongous ego per major label division. Widdicombe also points out the Mrs Jay Z, Beyonce Knowles, is signed to Columbia, and that the recently appointed Columbia chief Rick Rubin is keen to recruit a team of top names to this top team.

All sounds convincing, perhaps, though HitsDailyDouble says their source counters those claims, saying that Jay is actively involved in preparations for the renewal of his IDJ deal, and that IDJ supremo LA Reid is also keen to have as many superstar producer types on his team as possible. Though they also add that Jay is so damn busy with his many business ventures that his day to day input on Def Jam is negligible, so Reid might not be willing to pay any asking price.


Lana Clarkson killed herself at Phil Spector's Beverly Hills home in a drink and drug fuelled spur-of-the-moment suicide. Not my words, I should stress, but those of Werner Spitz, a former chief medical examiner from Michigan, who told the ongoing Spector murder trial yesterday that that was the "most likely" way in which the former actress died at the legendary producer's home that night back in 2003.

Spitz was the latest expert called by Spector's defence to argue that, by rushing to the conclusion that Clarkson's death was homicide, the police and prosecutors had ignored the fact that suicide was simply the likeliest explanation for how the former actress died. He said he based his conclusion on a combination of the physical evidence at the crime scene and testimonies pertaining to Clarkson's personal history. One of the prosecution's key forensic experts, who ruled the shooting was most likely homicide, admitted he hadn't done a 'psychological autopsy' of Clarkson, taking into account various reports of the former actress' depression.

Referring to the physical and psychological evidence, Spitz told the court: "You add the two together and you really have no choice in coming to a determination. Alcohol and drugs makes it worse. I think she died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. It most likely is a suicide".

In cross examination Spitz admitted that he was being paid rather well for undertaking forensic analysis on the defence's part. Asked how much he was charging the Spector team for his services, Spitz said: "I sent them a bill for $45,000". Prosecutor Alan Jackson added: "Ultimately, you're being paid by Mr Spector?" to which Spitz replied "Yes, that's true".

The case continues.


The next music legend due to release a new album via Starbucks' Hear Music operation will be James Taylor, though the coffee company are keeping quiet about it so as not to overshadow this week's news that they will be releasing the new album from Joni Mitchell.


So, after many delays on the former, it seems that the new albums from 50 Cent and Kanye West will both be released on the same day - 11 Sep - which seems like an odd day to pick for frivolous hip hop rivalries, given that America still does quite a lot of mourning that day, but whatever.

One thing is for certain, West has no intention of moving his release date to avoid a face off. He told MTV this week: "The date, 'Graduation', September 11, we ain't moving. I'd rather come out on a day like that, up against 50 where people are excited about going to the stores and it's an event and people talk about it and be number two on that day rather than come out and be #1 on a day nobody cares about. It's about things going down in history. There's not that much exciting stuff in hip hop right now. I think people are going to make it more than what I'm making it myself. At the end of the day, I'm making music and I'm trying to sell it". I think if you want the day you release your album to go down in history, 11 Sep isn't the best day to do it, I don't think you're ever going to 'own' that date.

Elsewhere in hip hop rivalries involving Fiddy, rapper Chamillionaire has refused to rise to disparaging remarks made against him by 50 Cent, saying that the G-unit star is just trying to engineer a war of words as a "gimmick". Fiddy dissed Chamillionaire in an interview with Spin when he criticised his rival's decision to bow to public pressure to censor rap music. Fiddy: "Let him go sell gospel records, if he's so fuckin' righteous. I can write around the curses if I want to, but you can't tell me to write around the curses". Responding, Chamillionaire told "There are way more interesting things to talk about, besides beef and dissing people".


Coldplay have said their next album will have an "Hispanic theme", which is nice. Clarifying that on their website, the band say: "No maracas or castanets but a vibrancy and colourfulness that owes much to the atmosphere of Buenos Aires and Barcelona". The band's fourth album is due out next year, though not, as some shabby news agencies reported, "early" next year. Just next year. Might be early, might be later, it is not currently known. What do you mean you need to know? We don't know, get over it. Just satisfy yourself with this gem from the Coldplay boys on the "tensions" in the studio as they work on their follow up to the rather big selling 'X&Y': "Tension is an inherent part of recording. Without tension, there's no focus. What is remarkable is that this friction very rarely ignites into flame".


The official Supergrass website is set to preview 'Diamond Hoo Ha Man', a track from the band's upcoming new album over the course of this weekend, which is exciting if you're a Supergrass fan, and I am. The band are also expected to play some new songs when they support Arctic Monkeys at their two gigs at Lancashire County Cricket Ground this weekend. Supergrass supporting Arctic Monkeys. Honestly, what a ludicrous state of affairs.


Sean Tillman, aka Har Mar Superstar, says he's got a new project going with CMU favourite Adam Green and that Jamie Reynolds out of Klaxons. According to, the new band is called Mumps, and their work will be inspired by US songwriter Harry Nilsson. Tillman says: "Harry's one of my favourite songwriters - he did some amazing tunes like 'One Is The Loneliest Number' and 'Everybody's Talkin'. Jamie said he'd be up for it, so we might go out into the desert and write some songs. At this point it could be anything, but some interesting stuff happens in the desert".


Peter Bjorn & John are to re-release their track 'Young Folks', complete with remixes from the likes of Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve (Erol Alkan), Diplo and Phones (Paul Epworth) on 17 Sep. Meanwhile the band are playing a number of festival dates, plus a gig at Brighton Concorde on 25 Aug.


According to reports, Interpol bassist Carlos Dengler is set to play a drug dealer in an upcoming film. Pitchfork say that Dengler is also producing the movie, provisionally entitled 'My Friends Told Me About You'. So there you go.


And talking of musicians branching out into other areas of entertainment, The Decemberists' Colin Meloy is the latest to sign up for that previously reported Comedy Central cartoon series Lil Bush. The likes of Frank Black, Dave Grohl, Jeff Tweedy and Iggy Pop have all reportedly done voice recordings for the show, which depicts the likes of George W Bush and Donald Rumsfeld as babies. Meloy is said to be playing the role of Jeb Bush.


According to reports, Jennifer Lopez is to do her first ever concert tour, accompanied by husband Marc Anthony. Can't believe she's never done a tour before, but there you are. The joint venture will kick off in Atlantic City on 29 Sep and continue through the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. The pair will perform separately, and in both English and Spanish. Anthony says of the plan: "Jennifer has never toured. I've toured all my life. This is where I can step in and say, 'Oh my god, this could be fun'".


Beyonce Knowles took a tumble recently at a show in Florida, and footage of the incident has been all over the gossip blogs. This you may or may not know. The news, really, is that her publicists have responded a bit defensively to the incident, saying that their client's accident was "no big deal", and that the way she dealt with it proved what a professional is she is.

Here's what her rep says: "Beyonce's fall... was a mere spot on an otherwise sensational, flawless show. It was a case of her coat's hem getting caught in her shoes, but Miss Knowles picked herself right up, without missing a beat, showing to all that she is the best".

I'd tell you where to find the video of Ms Knowles falling, but I've a feeling that footage has been removed from the internet by the powers that SonyBMG.


Franz Ferdinand have announced a series of small scale tour dates, set to take place in the autumn. The band are expected to preview new tracks at the gigs, dates for which are as follows:

9 Sep: Stirling Fubar
10 Sep: Inverness Raigmore
11 Sep: Fort William Ba Club
18 Sep: Dundee Fat Sam's
19 Sep: Aberdeen Moshulu
21 Sep: Portree Community Centre
24 Sep: Shetland Whiteness & Weisdale Hall


Funeral For A Friend have announced that they'll be playing a pre-Christmas tour, finishing with a show in their hometown of Cardiff. Frontman Matt Davies says: "The December tour is going to be a great time for us to throw out some surprises just in time for Christmas. Getting back home to play some shows is going to be amazing. We just can't wait, we're so excited."

Here are't dates:

8 Dec: London Astoria
9 Dec: London Astoria
10 Dec: Bournemouth Opera House
11 Dec: Wolverhampton Civic Hall
13 Dec: Sheffield Octagon
14 Dec: Middlesbrough Town Hall
16 Dec: Glasgow Barrowlands
17 Dec: Dundee Fat Sams
19 Dec: Warrington Parr Hall
20 Dec: Liverpool University
22 Dec: Cardiff CIA


Lightspeed Champion - aka former Test Icicle Dev Hynes - has announced a tour of the UK. The dates are as follows:

1 Oct: Birmingham Bar Academy
2 Oct: London 100 Club
3 Oct: Bristol Fleece
5 Oct: Manchester Roadhouse
6 Oct: Glasgow King Tuts
7 Oct: Leeds Cockpit
8 Oct: Nottingham Social


Amy Winehouse has announced a series of new UK tour dates for the winter, despite her recent exhaustion and resulting gig cancellations, in addition to a series of North American dates throughout September. The new UK dates are as follows:

12 Nov: Apollo Manchester
14 Nov: NIA Birmingham
16 Nov: Barrowlands Glasgow
16 Nov: Barrowlands Glasgow
18 Nov: Academy Newcastle
20 Nov: Empress Ballroom Blackpool
22 Nov: Brixton Academy London
26 Nov: Centre Brighton
27 Nov: BIC Bournemouth
28 Nov: Arena Cardiff
1 Dec: EDS Dublin
3 Dec: Waterfront Belfast


"Whopper and fries? Want some Robbie Williams with that?" That's what it'll be like. Yes, EMI have done a deal which will see Burger King giving away DRM free MP3s with burgers and the likes. Thanks to a deal via a company called VerveLife, Burger King eaters will start getting MP3 codes with their meals, with which they can download free EMI music via a bespoke download website. Not sure which tracks, exactly, will be available - presumably not the entire EMI catalogue and therefore presumably not Robbie - but who knows?


There is ever more growing speculation regarding the chances of private equity firm Terra Firma actually completing its takeover of EMI.

As much previously reported, Terra Firma won the support of the EMI board for its takeover proposals in May, but the major music firm's shareholders have not been quick to take up the 265 pence per share offer being made by the private equity firm. Clarification last week from Warner Music and former EMI chief Jim Fifield that neither would stage a counter-bid at this time did give Terra Firma something of a boost in securing commitments from existing shareholders to sell, but reports say that the those commitments only currently account for about 25% of the overall shares. Terra Firma had said it would need 90% in place for the takeover to go ahead.

Reports suggest that key to Terra Firma's bid is the involvement of Citigroup, and that it is they who are demanding a 90% commitment before proceeding. The self enforced deadline to have those commitments in place is this weekend. Terra Firma have said that is the final deadline, seemingly again because Citigroup have said the same, though insiders say the bank might accept one last deadline extension if 50% of shares are committed to the deal by Sunday.

Others now question whether Terra Firma will ultimately secure sufficient shareholder commitments for the takeover to go ahead, suggesting the deal may eventually fall through allowing Warner and Fifield back into the race.


Chrysalis Music has dismissed press reports that it is in takeover discussions with Warner - that is that Warner Music were looking to takeover the publishing firm and merge it in with its Warner Chappell publishing division. Chrysalis is, of course, exclusively focused on its music ventures now - predominantly publishing -after selling its radio division to Global Radio. On the talks of some or all of Chrysalis Music going to Warner, the company's CEO, Jeremy Lascelles, told Billboard: "It's idle speculation, and nothing more than that. This has not even enough substance to be worth issuing a riposte for it. It's a non-story". So that's you told.


Seattle based bank WaMu (or Washington Mutual to old fashioned types) has announced a new music based marketing programme that will give its customers exclusive benefits at concerts at LA, San Francisco, Seattle and New York based venues, including the venues in the latter two cities that already bear the bank's name - WaMu Theater - as part of a previous music sponsorship arrangement.

The WaMu Live! programme will mean that any one with one of the bank's credit, cash or home equity cards will have access to VIP lounges, designated parking and bespoke entrances and merchandise queues. The bank's customers will also be able to receive concert alerts by email and access a special ticketing service at

Explaining the marketing initiative, the bank's VP Of Experiential Marketing, Jane Zalutsky, told Billboard: "It's about the full experience from start to finish. [WaMu customers] will have a unique perspective on the show right from the beginning".

The value and length of the deals done between the bank and the participating venues are not known, though Rena Wasserman, the GM of one of the venues in LA, the Greek Theatre, told Billboard: "We are selective in who we partner with at the Greek. It is clear that WaMu maximises the activation of its corporate partnerships with creative platforms that benefit the venues and increase the artist and fan experience".


As the music industry's previously reported copyright infringement lawsuit against popular P2P service LimeWire works its way through the courts, a US politician has criticised the file sharing network on a different issue this week after an investigation into the distribution of confidential information on the internet.

Representative Henry Waxman, chairman of the House Oversight And Government Reform Committee, said that he was "astonished" how many private documents can be obtained via P2P networks like that enabled by LimeWire. Much of that information is available by mistake - users making their music collection available to share inadvertently also provide access to other folders on their computer. Waxman argues that the P2P firm are not doing enough to protect their users from the accidental sharing of such private files.

Waxman said this week: "We used the most popular P2P programme, LimeWire, and ran a series of basic searches. What we found was astonishing: personal bank records and tax forms, attorney-client communications, the corporate strategies of Fortune 500 companies, confidential corporate accounting documents, internal documents from political campaigns, government emergency response plans and even military operation orders. It is truly chilling to think of what private information an organised operation or a foreign government could acquire with additional resources".

Trade group P2P United has a code of conduct designed to prevent inadvertent file sharing of this kind, but Waxman said the code was ineffective, especially in LimeWire's case.

However, LimeWire chairman Mark Gorton, speaking to Waxman's committee's investigation into the matter, said that his company did all it could to stop such documents being shared. He told the committee: "At LimeWire, we continue to be frustrated that despite our warnings and precautions, a small fraction of users override the safe default settings that come with the programme and end up inadvertently publishing information that they would [presumably rather keep] private". But the LimeWire chief did say his company was developing new technologies in a bid to make it even harder for uneducated users to accidentally share confidential information.


According to reports, it wasn't just the FBI tracking the movements of John Lennon and Yoko Ono during the height of their peace protest period in the seventies - the Mounties got in on the act too. Apparently, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police spied on the couple ahead of a three day peace festival they planned to take place in Ontario in the seventies, according to a document recently obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access To Information Act. The festival was ultimately abandoned, despite plans to invite high profile guests, and to syndicate the idea elsewhere in the globe.


Spice Girl Mel Brown has spoken out about her disgust at her ex Eddie Murphy's refusal to take responsibility for their new daughter Angel. As you'll remember, the actor initially expressed disbelief that the child was his, but was proved wrong by a DNA test.

Speaking to, Brown explained that she was essentially dumped on air, as she had considered their relationship ongoing until she heard him mouthing off about the paternity issue. The singer is quoted as saying: "I went to London, and on my return flight I learned that he made that announcement about wanting a DNA test on that TV show. Then I saw him on the red carpet with Tracey Edmonds, and that's when I knew we were over. I called him. He said, 'I'll call you back' - and he never did".

She continues: "He was the one who said that he wanted the test, but when it came down to it, I had to force him to take it... he wouldn't even show up for a meeting about it. I nearly took him to court. He has to take responsibility. I'm not talking about money - I'm talking about the fact that Angel has a mum and a dad".


Alicia Keys says that her new album saved her life, and that it's music she turns to when everything's crap. "I needed this music more than it needed me," she says. "This year's been a roller-coaster, but as down as I've been, I've learned so much. I found beauty during the dark times".

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