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In today's CMU Daily:
- CMU at the Edinburgh Festival
- Beyonce and Timberlake dominate VMA nominations
- Ice Cube in New Zealand row
- Busta Rhymes busted
- Pete Doherty sentenced
- X-factor winner gets sexy
- Calvin Harris hooks-up with Kylie
- The journals of Weezer
- The Hives in black and white shocker
- Industry body vs YouTube
- Allen management deny US visa issues
- RED move into merchandising
- Woodstock for sale
- Iggy and Mick critique films
- Walsh claims Cowell would overlook Presley



Live Nation, the UK's leading concert promoter, is looking for a Street Marketing Executive. The successful candidate will specialise in street marketing and will also be responsible for support and coordination to ensure the smooth-running of the marketing team. REQUIREMENTS - degree education or at least 1 - 2 years relevant experience, the candidate must be numerate, with great communication skills, attention to detail and experience of the music industry and marketing. A passion for up and coming bands and a knowledge of youth culture is essential. Salary: Please return with your salary expectations and CV to Closing date is 10 August, only successful applicants will be contacted.


So, the Edinburgh Festival, the largest arts festival on the planet, is up and running once again, offering simply the most exciting and diverse range of theatre, film, comedy, musicals, dance, exhibitions, literature, talks and music, music, music. CMU's sister publication, ThreeWeeks, is in and all across Edinburgh right now providing simply the most comprehensive coverage of it all. You can read our music reviews each day here in CMU, plus check out all our coverage online at

Find Me A Primitive Man
When the lead of this show suggested that the audience should be plied with alcohol to be able to enjoy it, I can only assume she wasn't joking. And I can hardly be blamed as the show was that bad I was craving a vodka just to cover my embarrassment. The leading songstress Miss Tryhard (and she did, to give her credit) babbled her way through a collection of jokes that were neither funny nor coherent, prancing around in oversized heels and a tight red dress that restricted any coordination that might have occurred. The production was only just saved from the depths of dramatic disaster by a rather funky guitar accompanist who brought this show a little life.
C central, 1 - 27 Aug, 8:50pm (9:40pm), prices vary fpp 141.
tw rating 1/5

Harlem Renaissance - The Life of Florence Mills
Gallimaufry Performing Arts
A slick and well-delivered tour of the life of the forgotten jazz singer Florence Mills. The story is told through great music, but at the expense of any substantive character development - I was entertained, and my interest was raised, but not satisfied. Jonelle Allens shines as "the little Blackbird" augmenting a rather thin voice with buckets of energy, humour and sass. She delivers her final number with such emotion that it hits you right in the gut - we may not get to know Mills well, but we feel a loss when she dies. Think of this as a taster - something to pique your interest - and you won't be disappointed; a glimpse of a world and a talent long gone and very missed.
C central, 1 - 27 Aug (not 13), 6.10pm (7:10pm), prices vary, fpp 144.
tw rating 3/5

Tom Baxter
T On The Fringe
Emotions run wild as this charismatic voice fills the venue; soon the talent behind Tom Baxter's acoustic performance is no secret to anyone in the room. The compact yet impressive layout of the setting works well with the intimate and sentimentally charged atmosphere created by Baxter's unique sound. However, there's almost a feel of something lacking; although there's no doubting the musical talent of this guitar strumming genius, it seems like that remarkable talent isn't quite reaching its full potential. Somehow it's all not as memorable as hoped, verging on bland. Despite this, the passion invested into it by this gifted artist is clearly worthy of credit, and that intensely alluring voice is undeniably a voice that deserves to be heard.
Cabaret Voltaire, 4 Aug, 7:00pm, £12.00, fpp n/a.
tw rating 3/5

Soweto Gospel Choir - African Spirit
Soweto Gospel Choir
You're probably thinking gospel music is about dancing, robes, singing and an obligatory "Hail Jesus!" And you'd be right, but after watching the Soweto Gospel Choir you realise there is so much more to this genre. 'African Spirit' is completely exhilarating keeping up a tremendous momentum throughout the show. The sheer enthusiasm from every member onstage is inspiring as the colourful spectacle unfolds; the powerful unity of the collective voices is overwhelming with dancing and African drumming taking hold. As various solos emerge, each member displays a passion and drive that makes the performance magical. So if you fancy some musical excitement, Soweto Gospel Choir is a must see, it will change your perception of gospel music.
Assembly @ Assembly Hall, 2 - 26 Aug, 12:00pm (1:00pm), £14.00 (£12.00), fpp 156.
tw rating 5/5


Both Beyonce and Justin Timberlake boast seven nominations each in the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, the shortlists of which were announced last night.

This year's edition of MTV's flagship awards event will take place in Las Vegas on 9 Sep. Among Timberlake's seven nominations are one in the flagship Video Of The Year award, and three in brand new categories, including Male Artist Of The Year, Most Earth-Shattering Collaboraton and Quadruple Threat Of The Year, the latter for artists who just aren't happy doing just music, and who insist on acting, designing and setting up business empires too.

Beyonce also competes in a number of those categories, including Video Of The Year and Quadruple Threat Of The Year. She is also up for Female Artist Of The Year.

Other high rating nominees include Kanye West and Rihanna, who have five each, and Amy Winehouse, who has three.



Former NWA-type Ice Cube has been getting a New Zealand-based mayoral candidate all hot under the collar this week as the date approaches for the rapper's gig at the Telstra Pacific Centre in Auckland. Echoing David Cameron's tact when in comes to discussing hip-hop, mayoral hopeful Len Brown said: "Ice Cube brings a gangsta message to our community via his gangsta rap. This message promoted gangs, gang violence and drugs. We don't want this in our homes. We don't want it on our streets".


Another day, another Busta Rhymes legal issue. The latest litigation for Mr Trevor Smith's legal people to deal with stems from that tussle at a music festival on Randalls Island last year, where the alleged victim, Roberto LeBron, claims that Busta and his bodyguards kicked him in the head during some kind of fracas. As much previously reported, the hip hop star is already awaiting sentence on a criminal case relating to the same altercation and, as also previously reported, on separate charges of drink driving, driving whilst suspended and attacking a former employee.


Another day, another judge telling Pete Doherty to get off the drugs or else. Yes, another London judge has told the Babyshambler that he must successfully complete rehab or face jail. This time it was one Judge Davinder Lachlar who was ruling on Doherty's abilities to quit the hard stuff - this stemming from totally different drugs charges to those previously considered by Judge Jane McIvor who has been famously (and, admirably, some might say) lenient towards Doherty's repeated failure to properly kick the drugs, and his habit of constantly getting picked up by the police for possession. Lachlar though, while giving Doherty an extra four weeks to sort himself out, did say: "if he does not show motivation, it's prison-simple as that". The case and Doherty's future will be reexamined on 4 Sep.


X-Factor winner Shayne Ward has promised his fans a "very sexy" second album, set to be released in the autumn. He has told reporters that he has "stepped up to the next level" and that the new long player makes him "very excited", excitement you presumably all share in. His comeback single is set to be a double A-side - 'No U Hang Up' and 'If That's Ok With You' - described by Ward as: "a real funky happy track...with a hint of reggae in there, which is great". Great indeed.


Calvin Harris has spoken out about the newspaper reports that claimed he was secretly dating Kylie Minogue. In an interview with Gigwise, Harris explained how the tabloid rumours followed some recent studio collaborations between him and Ms Minogue, adding that he didn't really mind the gossip, despite the lack of accuracy, saying: "I cherish those reports. It's bizarre and very funny. The extent that I wrote a few tracks for her is a big deal for me anyway".

As previously reported, Harris' new single, 'Merrymaking At My Place', is currently being promoted by a campaign for synchronised national house parties, leading The Times to brand the singer: "a hate figure for parents", something he now proudly displays on his Myspace page.


Weezer's lead singer River Cuomo has announced plans to release his memoirs, taken from his time in the band and the journals he's kept during his student days at Harvard University. The singer is currently hunting for a publishing deal while finishing songs for Weezer's sixth studio album, their first since 2005's 'Make Believe'.


Swedish band The Hives are recording the follow-up to 2004's 'Tyrannosaurus Hives' with Modest Mouse producer Dennis Herring - it is tentatively titled 'The Black And White Album'.

The sartorially aware band have been busy of late, also working with Pharrell William and Jacknife Lee on the record, something that lead singer Howlin' Pelle Almvquist claims has been time consuming: "At times it has felt like we are prisoners to our own creativity and that it is taking a long time. At this time we have a lot of songs. In the past we only had what was on each album. We ask you to bear with us as we take the time to wrestle this onto the album".

The band are currently touring with US soft-rockers Maroon 5 and have not, as yet, set a release date for the new long player.


The US based National Music Publishers Association has joined the growing list of businesses suing YouTube, amid claims that the Google-owned video-sharing platform are not properly compensating songwriters for the inclusion of their music on the site. YouTube, of course, have defended other similar litigation by pointing out they remove any copyright content if they are made aware of it, a practice which, they argue, is sufficient to fulfill their obligations under US copyright law. However, the NMPA's chief executive, David Isrealite, has told reporters that he is "very concerned about YouTube's approach to copyright", adding that he would support those firms taking on YouTube - the most prominent of which is MTV owners Viacom - because "interests of music publishers and songwriters" needed protection.


Lily Allen's management have denied reports that the singer had her US visa cancelled after being detained at LA airport. Some reports said that Allen had been refused entry into the States, where she was due to work with Common and Kanye West, and that visa issues could threaten a US tour planned for September.

But, while confirming Allen was held at LA customs for a few hours for an undisclosed reason, Allen's manager, Neale Easterby of Empire Management, denied there were any problems with his client's entry into America.

He told Billboard: "It's rubbish. There's no story; it's all good. She's in Las Vegas right now, and she will be there until Thursday shooting a video with Common and Kanye West. She'll go back in September for her own US West Coast dates. It's all going to be sorted out".


RED Move Into Merchandising
SonyBMG distribution outfit RED Distribution has announced it is entering the merchandising business by launching RED Merch, which will provide t-shirts and other music related apparel to retail stores. At launch RED will have a catalogue of fifty t-shirts featuring artwork from bands like like the Bad Brains, Primus and Cartel and labels like Rawkus, Okeh and Ferret Music.

Announcing the move into merchandising, RED Distribution President Bob Morelli told reporters: "Our accounts have been becoming more lifestyle oriented, and this is a perfect opportunity to super-serve them with products that meet their needs. Additionally, it's an extension of our marketing and artist development as T-shirt sales and merchandise are quit often the precursor to an artist's success. The ability to offer branded merchandise to our accounts diversifies our company and at the same time supports our primary efforts of selling music".

Liz Snair, formerly of Sanctuary US, has been appointed to run the merchandising firm.


Max Yasgur, the dairy farmer turned hippie icon that allowed his land to be used for the first Woodstock Festival in August 1969, has announced plans to sell off his 103-acre area. Yasgur, who was immortalised in Joni Mitchell's song 'Woodstock', has put his barn, land and 5,000 sq ft farmhouse on the market for around $8 million.

But never fear, the original Woodstock site isn't included in the deal as it's already being used as the base of the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, which features classic performances from Bob Dylan, Dave Brunbeck, and the New York Philarmonic.


Iggy Pop and former Clash member Mick Jones have been called up for jury duty - well, a film jury anyway. They'll be on the judging panel for the Raindance Film Festival, which takes place at an undisclosed location in London between 25 Sep and 7 Oct.

The largest independent film festival in the UK, it had previously been judged by a veritable who's who list in the world of film and music. Last year's big winners included 'This is England' and Stephen Frears' 'The Queen', while it has previously featured films like 'Pulp Fiction' and 'The Blair Witch Project'. What Iggy and Mick are tipping this year is yet to be seen.


After being re-hired to the X-Factor judging panel by text message, Louis Walsh wandered into dangerous territory today when he claimed that Simon Cowell would have passed on a young Elvis if he had auditioned for the programme.

Walsh, who manages such musical visionaries as Westlife and Girls Aloud, said: "If Elvis had auditioned I'd have put him through because I get it. He has the looks, the voice, the charisma. But I don't think Simon would have put him through. He wouldn't get it. Not unless it was very obvious - because that's what he likes. Sharon would have loved him. She loves quirky rock and roll".

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