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In today's CMU Daily:
- case thrown out of court
- EMI chairman safe for now
- Jessica Simpson to adopt child
- "Amy addicted to heroin and cocaine"
- Foxy Brown, new label, new fracas
- Diddy to produce BIG film
- The Osmonds reunite
- Daft Punk live album on the way
- Hard-fi play low-key gigs
- Royal Albert Hall to host unsigned gig
- Imus reaches settlement
- Prince hunting for Kate Nash
- Coldplay incite violence
- Tabloids gossip about Turner and Allen



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So, the Edinburgh Festival, the largest arts festival on the planet, is entering its second week, offering simply the most exciting and diverse range of theatre, film, comedy, musicals, dance, exhibitions, literature, talks and music, music, music. CMU's sister publication, ThreeWeeks, is in and all across Edinburgh right now providing simply the most comprehensive coverage of it all. You can read our music reviews each day here in CMU, plus check out all our coverage online at

Amanda Palmer
Having heard her show described as 'punk-cabaret', I wasn't entirely sure what I had let myself in for here. Luckily for me, it turned out to be a real treat. Charming and articulate, Palmer captivated her audience with a set filled with angst, jarring piano and haunting melodies. She was accompanied by beautifully disturbing visual art from Little Dove Theatre Art and a rousing beat-boxing cameo from Reggie Watts. On top of her own superb catalogue, our songstress threw in some crowd pleasing covers, such as a poignant version of Madonna's 'Material World', before a breathtaking rendition of 'Creep' on the ukulele as she roamed through the flabbergasted crowd. Not for the faint hearted, but a truly awe-inspiring experience, that blew away my preconceptions.
The Spiegel Garden, 9 -18 Aug (not 13, 14), 8:00pm (9:10pm), £12.00 (£10.00), fpp 130.
tw rating 5/5

Camille - La Fille Du Cirque
A man three rows into Camille's audience is looking rather flushed. He's middle-aged, bald and a little overweight. He's flushed because Camille, dressed, as she is, in a revealing costume, isn't currently on stage, but is instead sitting on his lap. Then the girl next to me is crying, as Camille's holds out her hands, her reflection multiplied over the tent's mirrored wall, and dedicates a song to her parents. Moments later our hostess is filled with such passion, and such anger, that it genuinely brings the room to life. Showmanship like this doesn't come around too often, and Camille is the perfect musical act - an actress, sexy, passionate and with the voice of a thousand women. A true natural talent.
Spiegel Garden, 10 - 27 Aug (not 14, 15, 21), 9:45pm (11:10pm), £13.00 (£11.00), fpp 134.
tw rating 5/5

Emma Pollack
T On The Fringe
Emma Pollock's former band the Delgados were one of those many unfortunate acts who achieved much critical praise and a dedicated group of followers, but they never progressed beyond that. Pollack seems eager to mark out her own territory, and most of her songs here eschew the Delgados' orchestral stylings for a more straightforward rock approach. Unfortunately, though, this has come at the expense of melody; none of the songs here are particularly memorable or catchy. When Pollock does try something different - banishing the band to the back for two acoustic songs, or the piano-led 'Adrenaline' - the results are much stronger, but I have the regrettable suspicion that Pollack's solo career will have a similar trajectory to that of her former group.
Cabaret Voltaire, 10 Aug, 7:00pm (10:00pm), £9.00, fpp n/a.
tw rating 3/5

T On The Fringe
Bands have been reforming left, right and centre this past year, and while the idea is wearing fairly thin, it's hard to turn down a good old bit of nostalgia like James. They run through all of the classics; 'Sit Down' and 'Laid' are particular crowd pleasers, and suddenly I'm eleven again, raiding my big sister's tape collection. The set is split into two halves - material new and old, the latter admittedly stronger than the former. It's a good mix though, and Tim Booth shines as the crowd embraces him with open arms and excited chants. If tonight is any indication of James' future, then it's surely bright from here on - their fans are as dedicated and enthusiastic as ever.
Edinburgh Corn Exchange, 10 Aug, 7:30pm (10:30pm), £28.50, fpp 146.
tw rating 3/5


The International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry has criticised the decision of a Moscow court, who threw out a case against the former head of controversial Russian downloading service

The Moscow court rejected allegations by the major record companies that, its owners Mediaservices and its former chief Denis Kvasov, were all guilty of selling their music without permission. As previously reported, throughout the major label's legal and PR assault on, which sold major label music at cut price rates, and without DRM, the rogue download service has claimed it was operating within Russian copyright law, even when selling music to customers outside Russia.

Confirming and commenting on the ruling, IFPI VP Litigation Jo Oliver said yesterday: "We are extremely disappointed that the court failed to convict Denis Kvasov today and expect the prosecutor to appeal. MediaServices operates in clear violation of Russia's law and we expect this unfortunate decision will soon be reversed. This ruling in no way affects the illegality of and similar services that reproduce and make available music without the consent of the artists, composers and record producers that created it".

Oliver added that Kvasov mainly got off in this case because a loophole in Russian copyright law, which could be argued to allow aspects of the service to operate legally, was only closed off in September 2006, nine months after the former chief had left the company. But Oliver says that the judge ignored the fact that other practices, in particular reproducing music without permission, was illegal even when Kvasov was still running the download firm.


Private equity bods Terra Firma have spoken-out about the rumour circulating in the music industry that EMI Group Chairman Eric Nicoli is set to be replaced following their acquisition of the major earlier this month.

'Sources' claimed that the company was scouting for a successor to the current boss, even though Nicoli's board had approved the takeover, but a Terra Firma spokesperson has denied those rumours, saying: "No one has been brought in to replace Nicoli. We will sit down with him when we actually own the company, but that won't be until the start of September. Until then, no decisions will be taken". EMI themselves declined to comment on the rumours.

As previously reported, the equity group has secured commitments to sell from existing EMI shareholders to give them well over 90% of the company, and the takeover should now be completed by September. While denying any decisions have been reached regarding Nicoli, some insiders still expect significant boardroom and structural changes at the major once Terra Firma have control - especially in the recorded music division.


American pop type Jessica Simpson is apparently looking to adopt a child, making her the latest in a long line of celebs to join the 'adopt-a-child' bandwagon. Being cool celebrity types ourselves we're currently looking in to adopting too. We just need to clear out the bottom drawer in our filing cabinet, and we'll be ready to look after at least one African baby. We'll keep you posted.

Not that Simpson's plans to adopt belong in the flippant file, of course, given that she has been visiting orphanages with her minister father for years. The star has recalled cradling a baby who had been abandoned in a bin on one such visit, and begging to be allowed to take him home. So, take that you cynical types.


Amy Winehouse's mother in law, so that's the mother of husband Blake Fielder-Civil for those not willing to do the math, has claimed that both her son and the singer are addicted to drugs. Georgette Civil told the Daily Mirror: "You can't blame Amy, you can't blame Blake. They're just as bad as each other. It's the hardest thing in the world for me to say in public that my son and his wife have a drug problem".

According to paper, Civil told them how Amy "sipped Ovaltine and tucked into chocolate cake as she confessed [to her addiction]". She added that her son had been into drugs ever since he moved to London aged 20.

As previously reported, there have been rumours that both Amy and Blake have gone into rehab in the US, although other reports denied that, claiming that Amy was still resisting the rehab route, and that she is still determined to perform at the V Festival this weekend.


So, what do you want first, the Foxy Brown moves label news, or the Foxy Brown in yet another fracas news? Let's leave the best till last, shall we?

Foxy Brown has signed to Koch Records bringing to an end her career long relationship with Universal's Def Jam. Brown will run her own record label, Black Rose Entertainment, through Koch. The hip hop star's manager, Chaz Williams, told reporters: "She's moved onto monetarily greener pastures by signing her record label, Black Rose Entertainment to Koch. She is the first artist and she wants to connect with her dancehall reggae roots. Foxy's looking to sign up-and-coming Caribbean and U.S. artists. But she's definitely the first and biggest artist on her label".

Elsewhere in Foxy news, the rapper has been charged with assault after allegedly hitting here neighbour with a mobile phone. Her people are denying the charges but, of course, if she is found guilty she may well be facing jail, because she's already on probation in relation to that fracas in a beauty salon in 2004. Still, that could be good news for Koch. Just ask Lil Kim, a prison term can do wonders to flagging record sales.


Diddy (Puff, P Diddy, Sean, whatever) is reportedly making a film based on the life of his good friend, the rapper Notorious BIG. The star is working with Fox Searchlight films and Biggie's mother, Voletta Wallace, to produce the movie, which will be based on Cheo Hodari Cocker's book 'Unbelievable: The Life, Death & Afterlife Of The Notorious BIG'. Diddy has, of course, paid a number of tributes to the late hip hop star in the past, most notably the number one single 'I'll Be Missing You'.


Former family favourites The Osmonds have reunited for two special US television shows, performing their hits including 'Love Me For a Reason' and 'Crazy Horses'. The band haven't played together in over 20 years but the 50th anniversary of their formation proved too much of a temptation for the seven piece. Some of the group do still tour under The Osmonds moniker but this was the first time they had all been together since their original split way back in the Jurassic Period. Or something like that.


Daft Punk have plans to release a live album as soon as they have completed their current tour, according to reports. The revered, robot-obsessed Parisians have seemingly never been more popular than they are at the moment, with hipsters falling at their feet following a universal endorsement from the artists signed to cooler than thou label Ed Banger Records and the sampling of their track 'Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger' on Kanye West's new single.

Part of the live album package will be a recording of the band's gig in Paris from June this year and a video directed by Michel Gondry's brother Oliver Gondry at a recent show in Brooklyn, New York. Speaking of the video bit, band member Thomas Bangalter told Rolling Stone: "We were inspired by the Beastie Boys' 'Awesome, I Fuckin' Shot That!' and tried to do that in a four-minute video".

The album is expected to be made available in both single and double disc form for those of you that get particularly fussy about such things.


Hard-Fi announced a series of low-key gigs yesterday as part of the promotional push for their new album, 'Once Upon A Time In The West'. Dates as follows:

31 Aug: Southsea Parade Pier
1 Sep: Birmingham Irish Centre
4 Sep: Glasgow ABC
6 Sep: London Hippodrome
7 Sep: Coventry Coliseum
8 Sep: Bristol Trinity
9 Sep: Cardiff University
10 Sep: Worthing Pavilion


The Royal Albert Hall's Elgar Room is opening its doors to newly signed or relatively unknown acts as part of a night called 'Hush', which has its debut on 19 Sep. Instead of the usual a-lister line up at the concert hall, the new programme will see the likes of Absentee and Johnny Flynn and The Sussex Witt play.

Lucy Noble, Head of New Programming at the Royal Albert Hall, told reporters: "This is an exciting step for us as it's the first time we will be supporting young artists and launching acts who will hopefully go on to become some of the hottest industry names".

Tickets for the show cost £7.50 and are available now


Don Imus, the American radio broadcaster who, as much previously reported, was fired for making racist and sexist remarks on his talk show, has reached a settlement with his former employers CBS, leaving him free to find another radio job.

The presenter regularly attracted upwards of 3.5 million listeners a week on his show and was reportedly worth around £7.6 million per year to the company in terms of advertising and syndication fees, according to the Associated Press. However, he was struck-off the CBS payroll in April when he called the mainly black members of a female basketball team "nappy-headed hos", causing national outcry and widespread demands that he should be immediately dismissed.

After his sacking Imus made repeated threats to sue his former employers for £61 million, claiming that they had breached the terms of his contract. The recent developments mark an end to the ugly affair, with a joint statement between CBS and Imus's legal representative saying: "Don Imus and CBS Radio have mutually agreed to settle claims that each had against the other regarding the Imus radio programme on CBS. The terms of the settlement are confidential and will not be disclosed".


Prince has apparently ordered his mighty army of servants to hunt down recent chart-topper Kate Nash before he ends his residency at London's O2. The cover-mount-fan was reportedly charmed by Kate's music after hearing it on the radio, with the Daily Star reporting that: "Prince thinks that Kate not only looks stunning and has a stunning voice but that she is also hugely talented like no other British female he has ever heard". How Prince got to see Ms Nash's face via radio was not explained.


According to the NME, a Coldplay fan has been attacked in a Seattle karaoke bar after performing a rendition of the band's breakthrough hit, 'Yellow'.

The incident occurred last Thursday (9 Aug) where an unnamed man took to the stage only to find himself the subject of immediate heckling from a female member of the crowd. The woman apparently declared: "Oh no, not that song. I can't stand that song!" before leaping for the singing hopeful, telling him that he "sucked" and that she didn't think much of the song either. Not content with that abuse, she proceeded to punch the unfortunate fellow in the face, only stopping after she was dragged off by three other members of the public and a barman.

Not that I'm condoning violence or anything, but I think at some point we've all wanted to hit something, or someone, when we've heard a Coldplay track come on, so I think it would be unfair to judge the poor woman.


Reports in the Daily Mirror have suggested that Arctic Monkey Alex Turner has been texting Lily Allen suggestive messages, with one telling her that he wanted to spend the night with her. The cheeky monkey is reported to have been plaguing the 'Smile' singer with messages while she was attending the Field Day Festival in London and he was playing at the Summersonic Festival in Japan. Their source said: "Lily showed a few people before falling about laughing saying that he had no chance". There are some doubts regarding this story however, because the NME point out that at the times the text messages were meant to have been sent Turner would have been on stage, though that could just make it a bigger story - not only is Turner barraging Allen with texts, he's doing it when he should, quite frankly, be working.

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