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In today's CMU Daily:
- Webcasters reach settlement with SoundExchange
- R Kelly judge shows video
- Rascal and Winehouse dominate MOBO nominations
- Yourcodenameis:milo call it a day
- Rolling Stones avoid smoking fine
- Foxy Brown jailed
- Doherty accused of kicking photographer
- Winehouse cancels US tour
- REM's first live album
- Henry Rollins announces unusual UK tour
- More on Madonna and Live Nation
- Live Nation unlikely to renew Ticketmaster deal
- MTV takes on iTunes ... yet again
- In The City to go ahead
- Yet another Marquee
- Blur drummer was a coke addict
- Britney cancels duet with Timberlake
- KT, Radiohead and the green issue


So the long August Bank Holiday weekend is upon us once again. If you're doing the Reading / Leeds thing, or the Creamfields thing, or the Notting Hill thing, or any other of the numerous music style things happening across the UK this weekend, well, have a good one, and don't forget to take a hat. We're back Tuesday - see you then...


So, the Edinburgh Festival, the largest arts festival on the planet, is close to reaching its climax this weekend, but despite that fact it is still offering the most exciting and diverse range of theatre, film, comedy, musicals, dance, exhibitions, literature, talks and music, music, music. CMU's sister publication, ThreeWeeks, is in and all across Edinburgh right now providing simply the most comprehensive coverage of it all. You can read our music reviews each day here in CMU, plus check out all our coverage online at

The Best Of T Break
T On The Fringe
The T Break initiative is the T people's way of supporting new Scottish music. After a series of selection processes, we are left with four of the best unsigned bands Scotland has to offer. Yashin are an intense experience, reminding me of Killswitch Engage just as much as any other screamo band out there. Then there's Theatrefall, with bendy synths, echoey vocals, cool effects and lively basslines that force some dance moves. The Shoots are a nice indie band with a good ear for a harmonious tune, and Broken Record are like some kind of multi-instrumental darkened carnival troupe. An inspiring showcase, and a testament to Scottish musical potential.
Liquid Rooms, 18 Aug, 7:00 - 10:30pm, £5.00, fpp 132.
tw rating 4/5

Martin Carthy
Alan Bearman Music
Martin Carthy's innovative interpretations of traditional folk music have influenced generations of performers, including Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. Tonight it was my turn to experience his music first hand. Sadly, he had a heavy cold so was not at his best, though he still managed a good performance. He avoided the wild exuberance prevalent among younger folk performers today, rather establishing a gentle rapport and bard-like presence. His own composition about the Falklands War, 'Company Policy', left me wanting more, but sadly he's only written one other song. Accompanied solely by his own guitar, he sang long, sad, folk-tales, which would not have been out of place at a medieval court, and made these other-worldly heroes live again, briefly, in a dark Edinburgh hall.
Acoustic Music Centre@St Brides, 18, 19 Aug, 5:45pm (6:45pm), £12.00 (£10.00) fpp 134.
tw rating 3/5

Kim Edgar
Kim Edgar
I wanted to enjoy this evening featuring attractive Scottish singer-songwriter Edgar. She had all the right elements a folksinger needs: decent piano and guitar playing, an appealing soprano voice, whimsical lyrics ranging from silly to bittersweet, and a satisfactory backing band. But several good songs in, it became clear that too may tunes followed a pattern: Edgar's soothing voice stayed pretty, the band kept backing her in an acoustic-80's-soft-rock sort of way, and the middle aged crowd occasionally nodded their heads. She has a committed local following, but Edgar is not doing anything one can't find in one's local coffeehouse. This seemed like a date night for the 40 and up set - not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.
The Lot, 18, 24 Aug, 9:15pm (10:15pm), £8.00 (£6.00), fpp 137.
tw rating 3/5

Union Of Knives
T on the Fringe
Glasgow is a massive melting pot for fresh musical talent. Union Of Knives, while not exactly 'fresh' (three years on the go, and counting), certainly possess talent - and with the overbearing demand amongst the 'yoof' for dance-infused indie rock, they're finally getting the attention they deserve. Lights flash in time with lung-shattering beats as they run through most of 2006 long player 'Violence & Birdsong'. 'Evil Has Never' is the anthem of the night, the strongest track on the album and spectacular played live. The audience is relaxed and civil, and the band is free to possess the stage untouched. Their progressive approach to ambient sounds may be at times ostentatious, but that's the beauty of this band - they're first-class, and they know it.
Cabaret Voltaire, 18 Aug, 7:00pm (10:00pm), £8.00, fpp 158.
tw rating 4/5


The large American webcasters have reached a deal with the record industry in its long running dispute over online royalties.

As previously reported, the US Copyright Royalties Board earlier this year backed SoundExchange, the US record industry's digital royalties body, in its bid to force up the royalties paid for music played on online radio stations. The webcasters argued that the new rates were far too high, put them at a huge disadvantage to traditional and satellite radio, and would put many of them out of business. Although the CRB refused to reconsider the royalty hike, the webcasters garnered considerable support in political circles, leading to legislation proposals which would overrule the CRB's decision by locking online royalties to satellite radio royalties.

But according to Billboard the dispute between the larger webcasters and SoundExchange is now over. A deal seems to have been struck which offers webcasters the minimum charge cap already offered by SoundExchange, but without any of the conditions that originally came with that offer. The CRB rules meant that radio stations were obligated to pay a $500 per station minimum charge per year. If a webcaster ran thirty stations/channels, they would have to pay $500 thirty times. The new offer caps the minimum charge at $50,000, meaning that any webcaster running ten or more stations will pay the same minimum rate.

When SoundExchange first offered the minimum charge cap it came with other conditions, in particular an obligation on the webcasters to implement technology that stops their streams being ripped by users. Although those webcasters involved in this new deal, which include AOL, MTV, Real, Pandora, Yahoo! and Live 365, have agreed to cooperate in investigating the development of such technology, they are not obliged to introduce it on any fixed timescale.

It will be interesting to see how this deal affects the smaller webcasters, many of whom said the new CRB rates would put them out of business. Many of those companies don't run more than ten channels, so the minimum charge cap is irrelevant. The big webcasting players positioned themselves as the champion of their smaller competitors when wanting to position SoundExchange as the bad guys in this dispute (ie "we may be a big multi-national conglomerate also, but we're fighting those evil record companies for the good of the little guys) - it will be interesting to see if their concern for the little guy continues now they themselves have reached a settlement with the record industry.


The US judge overseeing R Kelly's upcoming trial for charges relating to child pornography and sex with a minor has ruled that an infamous video tape that some claim proves Kelly's guilt can be shown to the public. Which is fun.

Judge Vincent Gaughan ignored Assistant State Attorney Shauna Boliker's request to hide the tape from the public, arguing that there was nothing to be gained from preventing the public and media from seeing a tape that is regarded as the "lynchpin" to the case.

Boliker argued that showing the film would be "a re-victimisation of the [girl in the tape]", an argument Gaughan rejected, claiming that because the suspected minor has denied that it is her on the tape there was, in theory, no victim to be considered. In addition, there are plans to bring a developmental and forensic paediatrician to testify, who may offer advice as to whether the reluctant behaviour of the girl in the video is typical of someone who has suffered sexual abuse.

The R Kelly case, due to kick off next month, could just beat the Spector case to be pop trial of the year.


Dizzee Rascal and Amy Winehouse dominate the shortlists for this year's MOBO Awards which were announced earlier this week. The two stars are up for four awards each at the annual celebration of 'music of black origin' which will take place at London's O2 Arena on 19 Sep.

Winehouse is nominated for Best UK Female, Best Song (for 'Rehab'), Best Video (for 'Back To Black') and Best R&B Act. Rascal is up for Best UK Male, Best Song and Best Video (for 'Sirens') and Best Hip Hop.

Elsewhere in the shortlists Mutya Buena, N Dubz, Sadie Ama, Tinchy Stryder and Unkle Jam are all up for the Best Newcomer prize, while Akon, P Diddy, Kanye West, Rihanna and TI will all compete for the Best International Award.

Shaggy and Jamelia will host the event, with the former telling reporters at the shortlists announcement that the ceremony would be "climactic", adding: "I think it's going to be wonderful. I'm happy to be involved with it".


V2 band Yourcodenameis:Milo announced that they are to go on "indefinite hiatus" on Tuesday, putting an end, for the moment, to a four album career.

Writing on their Myspace page, they said: "After five years and four wicked cool records, we have decided to put yourcodenameis:milo on an indefinate hiatus. We are all exceptionally proud of all we have achieved as a band, but feel it is time to move on and explore new paths both musical and non- musical. We are eternally grateful to everyone who supported us through it all, came to the shows, bought the records, plus [to] all the bands we played with and the people we met along the way. We hope it meant as much to you as it did to us. Cheers for being there".


The Rolling Stones have avoided a smoking fine despite being very very naughty and lighting-up during their gig at London's O2 Arena on Tuesday. Both Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood were reported as having smoked during the show, in violation of the new anti-smoking rules, but Greenwich Council has reportedly said it will not prosecute the pair because they're practically dead anyway, so it would seem petty to stop them smoking. Or something like that.

Richards was, of course, in trouble for breaking the smoking ban in Scotland last year after puffing away in Hampden Park, but again avoided having to pay a fine. What, with Pete Doherty getting off on his drug charges because police forgot to file the paperwork, and the Stones getting off for smotking on stage because the council can't be arsed to do anything about it, the authorities in this country seem to be getting very slack of late. Which is great news. I'm off to kill a swan.


No such slackness in the US, where hip hopper Foxy Brown has been thrown into the slammer. And about time to. Wow, look at me, when did I turn so right wing?

As previously reported, Foxy, real name Inga Marchand, was on probation relating to that 2004 incident where she lost it in a nail salon. She broke that probation with her recent physical attack against a neighbour with a mobile phone. That attack, coupled with a failure to attend compulsory anger management classes and a previously report jaunt away from New York without the permission of her probation office has persuaded the courts to throw Marchand in jail.

NYC Department Of Probation lawyer Matilde Leo told the Manhattan Criminal Court on Wednesday: "She has an air of entitlement about her. Probation is a privilege, not a right. ... She has finally abused that privilege to the point of no return".

Marchand's lawyer chose the probation hearing to tell the court that his client is in fact three months pregnant, but that didn't get her any leniency. She was put in jail until another hearing on the matter can be held on 7 Sep.

Of course Marchand is still facing other charges in Florida relating to another fracas in a beauty salon.


Talking of Doherty, which we were, briefly, Pete's been accused of assaulting a photographer in Somerset - though to be fair, I think we've all assaulted a photographer in Somerset at some point in our lives. Snapper Cath Mead claims she was kicked in the leg and had her camera strap pulled after she took a photo of the Babyshambler and his current Kate-replacement, model Irina Lazareanu. A spokesman for Avon And Somerset Police told reporters this week: "We received an allegation of common assault following an incident in Crewkerne. A woman in her 20s has claimed she was assaulted by a man in the George Shopping centre at 3pm. She wasn't seriously injured but it's believed damage was caused to the victim's camera. The incident is being investigated".


Amy Winehouse really is starting to rival Babyshambles when it comes to her score of cancelled gigs, though given recent events this cancellation shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Winehouse's people have confirmed her upcoming US tour is on hold, the singer still being in recovery following that whole stomach pump episode.

Her publicist, Tracy Miller, told reporters: "Due to the rigours involved in touring, Amy Winehouse has been advised to postpone her upcoming September US and Canadian tour dates. Amy's European and UK tour dates in October and November remain in place. Plans are being made to reschedule her US tour for early 2008. Until then, Amy has been ordered to rest and is working with medical professionals to address her health".

Meanwhile, Groove Armada member Tom Findlay measures-up as the latest in a long-line of musicians commenting on Winehouse's situation, though he is of a slightly different opinion to the rest, claiming that he believes that her behaviour is what makes her such an intriguing prospect to fans: "She is a genuine rock star and you know rock stars - they're not perfect people. That's what makes them. She's in that weird position where we don't want her to be perfect because if she wasn't the woman we know she wouldn't be as exciting". He's right you know.


I was sure they'd done this before, but after scouring the internet for a good five minutes it seems it's true, REM have never released a live album. Until now, that is. The band have announced plans for their debut live record, put together during a break from recording sessions for their forthcoming album. Called, simply, 'REM Live' it was recorded entirely at a show at The Point in Dublin on 27 Feb, 2005, and despite relying heavily on songs from their most recent long-player, 'Around The Sun', there are plenty of classics included - even their legendary tearjerker 'Everybody Hurts' for those particularly tender moments.

The tracklisting is:
I Took Your Name
So Fast, So Numb
Boy In The Well
Everybody Hurts
Electron Blue
Bad Day
The Ascent Of Man
The Great Beyond
Leaving New York
Orange Crush
I Wanted To Be Wrong
Final Straw
Imitation Of Life
The One I Love
Walk Unafraid
Losing My Religion
What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
(Don't Go Back To) Rockville
I'm Gonna DJ
Man On The Moon


Former Black Flag frontman Henry Rollins is set to go on a spoken word tour of the UK in early 2008, performing some of his work at the country's biggest venues. The unusual prospect will see him visit all the major cities, and perhaps leave some of his more traditional fans perplexed.

Rollins will perform at:

26 Jan: London Hammersmith Apollo
27 Jan: Bristol Colston Hall
28 Jan: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
29 Jan: Dublin Vicar Street
30 Jan: Manchester Academy
31 Jan: Newcastle Academy
2 Feb: Aberdeen Music Hall
3 Feb: Glasgow Theatre Royal


More on the 'Madonna in talks with Live Nation' story, though this one actually has something official in it. Madonna's publicist Liz Rosenberg has told Rolling Stone, "Madonna has a new CD coming out on Warner Brothers Records at the end of this year and early next year. She also has a greatest hits package on Warner. After that she is a free agent and I believe her managers are in talks with Warner Brothers as well as Live Nation regarding her future as a recording and touring artist". Not sure that tells all that much though. As previously reported, word has it Madonna is considering a combined recording / touring / merchandising deal with Live Nation.


More on Live Nation now, and Billboard is reporting that it is looking increasingly unlikely the live music conglom will renew its ticketing relationship with Ticketmaster.

As previously reported, there has been speculation that Live Nation may take ticketing in house for about a year now, after the promoter's CEO Michael Rapino started to indicate that he wanted more control over the sale of tickets to his firm's venues and events. The latest Billboard report is based on an internal Ticketmaster memo that they claim to have seen which says: "While it has been our sincere desire to create a new long term partnership [with Live Nation], we now believe it is doubtful we will extend our agreement when it expires at the end of 2008".

Ticketmaster's relationship with Live Nation began in one of the company's earlier incarnations - as SFX. The deal stayed in place after Clear Channel acquired the firm in 2000, and again when Clear Channel's live entertainment operations were spun off to create live Nation. The Live Nation contract is thought to account for about 10% of Ticketmaster's overall revenues so is obviously important to them, but the aforementioned memo reportedly says: "we believe we've taken every reasonable step possible to facilitate a [contract] renewal, but they seem intent on a direction for their business that leaves us no viable way to work together".


MTV Urge - the music channel's most recent foray into the world of downloading and a Microsoft-powered attempt to take on iTunes - is no more. Instead MTV US are throwing their energies into a new partnership with Real's Rhapsody service, which will relaunch as Rhapsody America, and will be plugged to the skies via the MTV empire. A mobile extension will also be offered via a partnership with Verizon Wireless.

MTV's US download platform never really caught on, despite plugging via MTV's other platforms. The music channel also became disillusioned with its partnership with Microsoft after the computer firm started to put all its energies into its Zune player, which, as previously reported, was bizarrely incompatible with all other Microsoft based download systems.

Commenting on the new alliance with Real and Verizon, MTV Networks Music President Van Toffler said this week: "The collaboration of these three companies is like a perfect storm". Whether it's enough of a storm to take on Apple remains to be seen.


There has been confirmation that the In The City convention will go ahead from 20-22 Oct, despite the recent sudden death of its co-founder Tony Wilson. As previously reported, the convention will be held in Wilson's honour, though organisers stress that doesn't mean it will be a mournful or solemn occasion. Music Week quote organisers as saying: "That wasn't Wilson's style".


I'm getting a real sense of déjà vu here. London's legendary Marquee Club is to reopen. Again. In yet another new venue. After a brief stay on Leicester Square a couple of years back, the legendary rock haunt will now reopen on Upper Saint Martin's Lane. It will be the club's sixth location, and the new venue will coincide with the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the original Marquee club back in 1958.


Blur drummer Dave Rowntree has admitted that he was a cocaine addict during the heights of Blur's fame in the 90s. The band were renowned for their frequent drug usage, and Rowntree's testimony shines a light on some of his darker moments with the Britpop stars, claiming that the drug 'nearly destroyed' him. Speaking of the beginnings of his problem, he said: "I didn't start using regularly until the 90s, but as my tolerance increased, I used more. I managed to get help before they destroyed my life, and these days I'm active in the recovery community. The key point is that all the way along, I thought my behaviour was normal and it was the rest of the world that had gone mad".

The increasingly-politically-minded-of-late Rowntree, who is rumoured to be joining the rest of his bandmates to record a new Blur album sometime soon, has also been touted as a Labour candidate for the next general election, proving that Britpop and politics have come full circle from the heady days of Noel Gallagher chillin' with Tony Blair at Number 10. Now Gordon may have his own indie figurehead all wrapped-up.


Gossip news for you now, with reports claiming that Britney has "sensationally" pulled out of a planned duet with former flame Justin Timberlake.

Allegedly set to be produced by Timbaland, the Timberlake duet was apparently scheduled to be Spears' comeback single and a re-launch for her currently troubled career but, it seems, she was having none of it with New York gossip column, PageSix, announcing the rumour with this statement: "Timbaland set aside a week out of his crazy schedule to do this - and then, just before she was supposed to fly out, Britney abruptly cancelled the session and refused to do the song. It's crazy. She's looking for a comeback, and this would have not only been a huge hit, but something she could have opened the MTV Video Awards with and really blown everyone away".

Representatives for all involved refused to comment, fuelling the already rabid speculation.


KT Tunstall has expressed her concerns about Thom Yorke's eco stance, reacting to the Radiohead singer's recent public internal conflict over whether touring would infringe upon his green credentials (carbon footprints and all that).

Tunstall says, almost in English: "I don't agree with that argument [that touring is band for the environment]. He [Yorke] puts out less carbon output than a massive conglomerate company. And that massive conglomerate company can do nothing, or isn't interested in doing anything raising awareness about the problem. But Thom Yorke's got an incredible voice and there's no point in sabotaging that".

I couldn't agree more. Fuck the planet, it's doomed anyway. And what better for a human race facing near certain destruction than some of Yorke's uniquely depressing indie warblings. You have a duty to us all Thom, get back on tour.

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