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In today's CMU Daily:
- Goldsmith issues ticket tout warning
- Amelle not leaving Sugababes
- Pete Doherty sentenced
- Winehouse back home
- Love discusses Beach Boys reunion
- 2/3 of REM OK
- Kings of club tropicana
- Chart topper not appropriate
- 50 Cent and JT at Mobos?
- Britney to play VMAs
- Singer pulls Opera House gig
- Police hit Wembley
- Electric Proms announced
- Own your own label
- EMI divisions move
- Universal Publishing announce new Europe team
- Universal profits good but down
- EFF say RIAA P2P lawsuits have failed
- WIPO order Dire Straits domain be given to band
- HMV launch next gen store in Dudley
- MTV Ukraine launches
- Lily's mini dilemma
- Bon Jovi disses crap UK acts
- Wake Up Boo the happiest song ever


We've not been doing so much recommending of late, so let's get back into the swing of things. First up, a reminder of the previously plugged CMU Recommended Remix Allnighter, which will take over London's seOne Club over there under London Bridge station a week on Friday, 14 Sep.

As already mentioned, there is a brilliant line up for this one. I mean really brilliant. The caverns of seOne will be split into three - electro house, electro breaks and electro punk. In the electro house room you'll have Benny Benassi, Horse Meat Disco (Jim Stanton), Alex Metric and Audio Vegas. In electro breaks you get the very buzzy Kissy Sellout, Nosia, Atomic Hooligan, OnaBreak, plus overall Remix chief Eddy TM. Meanwhile, the Electro Punk area is hosted by those Kitsune types and will see the likes of The Whip, Cazals and Autokratz all live on stage, plus Punks Jump Up, Gildas&Masaya, Jerry Bouthier and Luca SS.

This all takes place on 14 Sep - tickets are a mere £9 and they can be bought now from

While we are in recommending mode, and remix recommending mode, we must mention this month's CMU RecommendedRemix Night, if only because it marks the end of an era. It is the last ever Remix Night at Cargo. We'll tell you very soon about some exciting new developments in the world of Remix, in the meantime the grand finale at Cargo will feature both Young Punx and Slyde live, plus on the decks will be your host Eddy TM and special guest Tom Findlay of Groove Armada. It's going to be a special one - and takes place on 21 Sep from 9pm to 3am. Tickets a tenner on the door, advance tickets from, or guest list yourself to get in for eight quid at

And that's enough recommending for now - though we have news of the return of the Insomniacs Ball to come - more on that later this week.



!K7 Records is an independent record company operating worldwide since 1985 with its head office in Berlin and offices in New York. Next to influential electronic music label !K7, we also run urban/hip hop label Rapster/BBE, indie-rock label Ever Records and, just added, the funk/soul label Strut Records.

To expand our team in Berlin we are looking as soon as possible for a International Sales and Marketing Manager (m/f). You would be responsible for the coordination of simultaneous international releases, setting up and controlling sales targets for all territories worldwide and shaping marketing campaigns with our international agents and distributors.

You should have a good working knowledge of the relevant musical genres. You must have a deep understanding of, and fascination for, the recent changes within the music industry and have a minimum of two relevant experience in an international department You should be keen to work in an international team of 25 people driven by enthusiasm for music, professionalism, responsibility and new challenges. You should be proficient in Microsoft Office and Filemaker Software. German language skills are helpful, but not essential.

For more information feel free to get in touch with Marie Clausen at the !K7 office. Please send also your application to


Now, listen, you've all got to stop buying your Led Zep tickets from those dodgy ticket websites because, well, Harvey Goldsmith says so. And those of you about to hand over hard earned cash for VIP tickets for an upcoming Cream concert - stop, don't do it.

As previously reported, at least one ticket agency website has been offering tickets for the rumoured Led Zeppelin reunion concert at O2 Arena, even though no such gig has actually been confirmed. Goldsmith yesterday issued a statement responding specifically to an advert from one of these ticketing websites in the Evening Standard warning that some of the events they are offering tickets for most likely don't exist. For those that do - such as the Bruce Springsteen O2 concert that Goldsmith is staging - the specific ticket deals being offered by said website do not exist.

Goldsmith, one of the loudest critics of the growing online ticket tout industry, said yesterday: "There have been at least four events advertised which I suspect either don't exist or where no tickets are on sale or indeed dates finalized. These [the ticket touts] are the very people whom our industry has spent over a year trying to convince the DCMS to instigate outlawing. The media should consider the consequences of giving credibility to those who rip the public off. There are NO packages or tickets for some the events advertised at all, nor do some of the events even exist. We are concerned that the public will be fleeced. The bottom line is that unless official adverts have appeared for concerts, tickets are not on sale. Do not buy from unauthorized sources."

So that's you lot all told.


While we're getting things straight, can we just stress that, despite some reports to the contrary, Amelle Berrabah is not leaving Sugababes. Look, this is what Amelle has just told us: "I'm 110% committed to Sugababes. It's a dream come true. I can't wait to perform the new album live". Those are her actual words.

Sugababes' label say that Amelle is busy working with her bandmates Keisha Buchanan and Heidi Range rehearsing for some live shows having just completed the video for their new single 'About You Now', which comes from new album 'Change', which is out 8 Oct. She is not storming off and doing her own thing.

Just in case there was any doubt, bandmate Buchanan said: "Things couldn't be better in the band at the moment. Amelle, Heidi and I are a rock solid team". Which probably means they'll split next week.


So, it's possible that Pete Doherty may finally be sent to jail later today, though it's equally possible that he'll escape completely free once again, depends which way the phone in vote goes. Oh no, hang on, depends which way the judge rules.

This relates to that incident in May when he was charged with possession of Class A drugs in central London. At his initial hearing for that charge (which wasn't ruled upon by his usual judicial friend, the rather lenient Judge Jane McIvor at Thames Magistrates Court) sentencing was suspended with a decision to simply monitor Pete's behaviour.

Alas, two weeks later he was arrested again, after being found in possession of drugs shortly after the V Festival. As previously reported, that particular case didn't go to court because police failed to file the papers in time, but it is unclear what affect the incident will have on the judge's decision regarding sentencing for the May incident, though at the time Judge Davinder Lachlar did say: "if he [Doherty] does not show motivation [to quit the drugs], it's prison - simple as that".


Talking of junkies, Amy Winehouse has reportedly returned to the UK with husband Blake Fielder-Civil after a brief holiday abroad, which puts them both right back in the spotlight of the UK tabs, so expect a whole host of "Amy falls over" stories competing for column inches over the next week or so.

Winehouse has returned in time for tonight's Mercury Music Prize awards event, which she is expected to attend, she being nominated for her album 'Back To Black'. While Winehouse was an early favourite to win the Prize, the current favourite to win is Bat For Lashes' debut, which is heavily tipped by the bookies.


"Wouldn't it be nice if former Beach Boys Mike Love and Brian Wilson could start working together again", I often wonder to myself (no, really, I do) - and it seems that I'm not the only one, with Love claiming that he would like to collaborate with his former bandmate again during an interview with Record Collector magazine.

Love said: "A reunion would have to begin with Brian and I writing together. As far as I'm concerned, I think the first step would be to create some new music, and the chemistry of Brian's innate abilities and mine combined in such a way that we could really be of mutual benefit to each other, creatively".

Furthermore, Love added that he had been recently speaking to the other remaining founding Beach Boy, Al Jardine, despite all those previously reported lawsuits between the former bandmates which always suggest there aren't too many good vibrations flying about.

Which is all lovely. Though personally I'm not putting any of my money on a Beach Boys reunion anytime soon.


2/3 OF R.E.M OK
REM's new album is about 2/3 complete, according to the Mike Mills, officially the band's official spokesman. Official, that is. Speaking to, the bassist said: "We've got another three weeks of recording and singing and what little overdubbing we're gonna do. Michael's got a bunch of singing and I've got some backgrounds to do, and we've got a couple songs we hope Michael will finish. And then after the next three weeks or so is the mixing phase".

The band have been playing some of the new songs live while working on the new record which, Mills claims, he wants to be kept as secret as possible. Though, as he attests, having played some songs live gives a pretty clear indication of what it's going to sound like. The new album is expected to be released sometime next year.


Kings Of Leon have announced that they are already working on the follow-up to 'Because Of The Times', and hope to start recording around Valentine's Day next year. Lead singer Caleb Followill, speaking on Xfm, said: "We try to strike while the iron's hot. And we're writing some really good songs right now".

He also claimed that the band are in shock at how well the most recent release did, and, though it's questionable how life-changing a number one in Iceland can be, "we've not had [that] before".

Their growing popularity is something that he believes has influenced the next record, saying: "Because of the thrill of being number one, I think the songs we're writing now just really have something about them. It's a passion that I think will carry on. This is gonna be like a Wham! Record".


Chart-topping youngster Sean Kingston has been turned down for the part of the Notorious BIG in the new biopic about the rapper (which was previously reported on, methinks.) The 'Beautiful Girls' singer couldn't persuade producer Wayne Barrow to take him on, despite his, erm, rotund figure and musical success, meaning that the role in 'Notorious' is still open to all you budding actors out there.

In related news, the producer and co-writer of Kingston's number one hit has been signed-up to Sony/ATV Music Publishing on a worldwide deal. Jonathan Rotem also played the same role on Rihanna's 'SOS' single, as well as writing for Destiny's Child and Snoop Dogg, amongst others. Sony/ATV CEO Marty Bandier said: "JR [Rotem] is a proven producer, writer and someone with a great eye for talent. We are proud to count JR as the newest member of our family".


Rumours are circulating that 50 Cent will duet with Justin Timberlake at this year's MOBO Awards (which take place on 19 Sep at The O2 arena), albeit via video link. Perhaps due to his environmental concerns, or he might just me lazy, Timberlake's contribution is set to be broadcast on the arena's screens while 50 Cent performs his half live. Yahoo music reported that: "It promises to be the performance of the night. They're two of the biggest stars on the planet and are set to take the awards by storm".


Talking of award show appearances, word has it Britney has been invited to perform at this weekend's MTV VMAs, they being the award event that once included that famous Britney/Madonna kiss. Not sure they'll be any kissing this time, but according to close associates (yep, we know those kinds of people) Spears is hoping to use the MTV awards bash to stage something of a comeback performance, which will include a preview of her new single, 'Gimme More'. Can't wait.


Opera type Bryn Terfel has pulled out of the highly anticipated (or so I'm told) performance of the 'The Ring Cycle' at London's Royal Opera House, citing a "stressful situation" with his children as reason enough for not being able to perform at quite the level he would wish. Terfel said: "Rather than progressing through rehearsal in the hope that I might make it, I feel it is better for The Royal Opera and the fantastic team working on this epic production that I withdraw at this stage". Since Terfel's announcement, Sir John Tomlinson has agreed to fill in, which I'm sure will be just dandy.


The Police have announced another addition to their worldwide reunion tour, confirming that it will now hit Wembley Stadium on 20 Oct. The tour is already scheduled for a date at the NIA in Birmingham tonight, their first UK date since reforming, before a date at Twickenham on 8 Sep. The new date is currently the final date on the reunion tour.


BBC Electric Proms is set to return for its second year afresh with fine musical talent (all of it electrical, obviously), including producer Mark Ronson, Sigur Ros and Kaiser Chiefs. Ronson will perform with no less than Lily Allen, Charlatans lead singer Tim Burgess and Terry Hall of The Specials, while Kaiser Chiefs have roped in movie soundtrack composer David Arnold to help reinterpret their songs, something that, strangely enough, Ronson already did with Allen on their cover of 'Oh My God'. The Electric Proms take place between 24-28 October, with tickets on sale from 12 Sep. Perhaps I'll get to go this year.


Taking the idea of those 'invest in a football club' and 'invest in a band' sites, one Florida music fan has set-up a website called that plans to recruit 50,000 shareholders to, erm, launch a label. Pretty simple really. The plan is for each individual to invest $25 (around £12) until the hypothetical label has raised $1.25 million (£700,000), at which point it will start investing in bands that shareholders can put forward for consideration.


One for fans of having up to date address books. EMI Music Publishing are about to move offices from Charing Cross Road to Wrights Lane in Kensington, ie the offices of parent company EMI Group. Which is nice. They will move later this month.

Meanwhile, EMI imprint Mute has finally moved in with the rest of EMI's record labels at their HQ on Brook Green, Hammersmith, leaving their long time home on Harrow Road. EMI bought former indie Mute in 2002. Mute staff started working their yesterday - which is good news, EMI's main offices being near a Piccadilly line station, ie a working-despite-the-tube-strike station. How they'd have got to Harrow Road with the Hammersmith & City Line shut is anyone's guess. See, cost cutting major label integration can be a good thing.


Universal Music Publishing has announced details of its new European senior executive team, which has been restructured following the merger of Universal's publishing firm with BMG Music Publishing, of course. The newly appointed execs will all report to Paul Connolly, who, as previously reported, was confirmed as President of the merged company's European operations back in June shortly after the merger was completed.

Among Connolly's team will be Simon Baker, who has been confirmed as VP Finance And Operations for the whole of Europe, a role which will also involve responsibility for the continued integration of the Universal and BMG publishing companies.

In terms of country heads, former UMP chiefs in France, Germany, Italy and the Nordic region - Jean-Philippe Allard, Markus Wenzel, Claudio Buja and Martin Ingestrom respectively - will head up the merged company in their respective regions.

In Spain and Portugal BMG Music Publishing chief Carmen Lopez will take over running the merged UMP operations there, while BMG's Benelux chief Frank Bruens and BMG's Czech Republic boss Dominika Nováková will likewise take over the UMP MD roles in their respective regions.

Elsewhere, Antal Boronkay, formerly MD of sheet music outfit Editio Musica Budapest, will become MD for UMP Hungary, while Rainer Bischof, who previously headed up UMP Austria, will also take responsibility for Switzerland and Koch Music Publishing.

Announcing the new appointments, Connolly said in a statement: "We are very pleased to announce the team of talented executives whose passion, creativity and vision will bring us great ongoing success artistically and commercially. The assembled music entrepreneurs from both Universal and BMG will, I'm confident, embrace the speed of change in our industry and the exciting opportunities that are ahead of us as the number one music publisher".


Talking of Universal, the Universal Music Group has just posted half year earnings of 220 million euros (approx £149 million) before interest and tax. That's down 75 million euro on the same period last year, though the major's parent company Vivendi point out that in the first half of 2006 they recovered 50 million euro relating to the previously reported Universal/TVT dispute, which skewed those figures. They are also keen to point out that Universal's digital revenues increased by 50% in the first half of 2007, and that Universal Music's significant profits come despite "a difficult recorded-music market" and "unfavourable currency movements", and that they outperformed all their competitors. Which is all lovely.


The Electronic Frontier Foundation has again criticised the Recording Industry Association Of America for its unrelenting programme of litigation against individuals who share music via P2P networks which, they claim, has failed to achieve any of its objectives. The EFF, a San Francisco based lobbying organisation that aims to defend the rights of internet users, has, of course, frequently spoken out against the RIAA's lawsuit campaign, and regularly supports those who fight RIAA litigation.

In a new 25 page white paper on the US record industry's approach to tackling the threat of illegal file sharing, the organisation writes: "Four years and more than 20,000 lawsuits later, the RIAA's campaign of suing individual American music fans has failed. It has failed to curtail P2P downloading. It has not persuaded music fans that sharing is equivalent to shoplifting".

The report cites research by the likes of BigChampagne and BayTSP that shows that P2P usage has actually increased despite the record industry's expensive legal programme. In fact according to BigChampagne, they argue, the number of simultaneous users on P2P networks has risen dramatically since 2003, up from 4.3 million users in September 2003 to 9.3 million in recent months.

Like certain other organisations, the EFF advocates an albeit possibly unworkable blanket licensing system where labels allow file sharing in return for a cut of subscription revenues from internet service providers and ad revenues generated by any websites or P2P clients that enable the file sharing.

Given that the EFF has a long history of making similar statements, the RIAA is unlikely to be affected by the latest white paper, despite the BigChampagne stats.


The World Intellectual Property Organization has ruled in favour of the band Dire Straits in relation to ownership of the domain

The domain was registered and owned by Alberta Hot Rods, a Canadian company that has been involved in numerous 'cyber-squatting' disputes after it registered numerous domain names using the names of famous actors, musicians and bands. Past disputes have involved and The domain currently points to a website that says it is an "unofficial fan site" but which really carries advertising links to various ticketing and merchandising websites.

The members of Dire Straits argued that they had used their band name for thirty years, and that they owned all the intellectual rights associated with it. The WIPO ruled in the band's favour, mainly as a result of Alberta Hot Rods failure to respond to the lawsuit, but also because they ruled the Canadian firm had no rights or legitimate interest in the domain, which was identical to a trademark owned by the band. The IP body ruled that the domain should now be transferred to the band.


HMV will this week launch a 'next generation store' in Dudley. For those wondering what a 'next generation store' is, well, it means a store where "for the first time, physical will come together with digital to create a compelling multi-channel social shopping space and experience". Which is great news. I love multi-channel social experiences. They are my very favourite kind of experience. Hard-Fi will open the store, and then play live, an in-store gig that is due to be webcast on


MTV have just launched MTV Ukraine, which will combine MTV staples like 'Pimp My Ride', 'South Park' and 'Beavis And Butt-head' with locally made programmes. Here's what the music telly company's Senior VP, MTVNI Emerging Markets - Bhavneet Singh - has to say: "MTV Ukraine will provide a new platform that will encourage and support the expression of the unique culture, music and creative talent of this exciting country".


Fiery Lily Allen has proven before that she's no soft touch, either verbally or physically, so it's no surprise to learn that a confrontation with her neighbour over a parking space (seriously) led to some intense finger jabbing and solid ranting. The Mirror reports that the 22-year-old pop star has been parking her Mini Cooper in a private parking bay repeatedly, much to the disdain of its owner, who confronted her in the street last week.

The paper's source claims that the angry neighbour, "marched over to Lily, started jabbing his finger at her and gave her a piece of his mind". To which she reacted by apparently screaming and demanding respect. The experience has, The Mirror claims, left the chart start "shaken".


Jon Bon Jovi has reportedly branded a host of popular UK acts, including Robbie Williams and Oasis, a "bit rubbish". The singer, speaking in the bible for musical opinion that is Glamour magazine, seemingly had only one insult reserved for his targets though, that they "couldn't fill a bar", which certainly hits hard given he's dissing acts behind some of the UK's biggest ever concerts.

Speaking of Williams, Jovi claimed: "That guy? He couldn't fill a bar. He couldn't even sell 500 tickets", continuing: "Oasis couldn't fill a bar, either - and they're full of themselves." That's them told then.


The Boo Radley's 'Wake Up Boo' has been named the most feel good song of all time by the always reliable world of maths, even though, if I remember rightly, it's a song about death. But according to Dr Thomas Chamorro-Premuzixm, a psychology lecturer at Goldsmiths College, the 1995 summer anthem is mathematically very happy. Using a formula which calculates the pitch, positive lyrics, tonality, beats per minute, serotonin levels and images associated with the music, he created a top ten list of the most feel good hits. 'Wake Up Boo' came top, with songs by the Beach Boys, the Jackson 5 and The Darkness also rating high in the happy stakes. Chamorro-Premuzic said: "Film composers use music to intensify the mood of a scene to affect the viewer's emotions and there is a formula to this".

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