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In today's CMU Daily:
- Prince doesn't like you YouTubing him
- Brown not pregnant
- New Pavarotti claims rock Italy
- Johnny Cash pardoned
- Lee quits the Crue
- Eminem's new record "feels good"
- Super Furrys single and tour
- The Changes tour
- No New Order
- Sir Paul's 10 ft guitar
- Bartel promoted at IDJ
- iPhone Europe announcement expected
- SonyBMG enter partnership with hotel group
- Midem confirm keynote from Vivendi chief
- Music Week parent acquires London Calling
- Senior Chrysalis radio types axed
- GCap relaunch One network
- Blunt's groupies
- The Go! Team are offended
- Doherty invited on reality football show
- Beheading for Spears and Madonna
- Tori Amos makes an ode to Britney
- Backstreet Boy defends Britney


So, Prince is getting all hot and bothered about snippets of his O2 Arena shows, recorded on mobile phones, appearing on YouTube.

Presumably he feels such snippets - recorded and distributed without permission, of course - 'devalues music', though there's a fair few people out there in CMU land who would argue it's not as devaluing as giving away your album via the Mail On Sunday. But it is an interesting point he's raising.

The labels may have all done deals with YouTube that allow their recordings to be distributed via the video sharing platform, and the publishers (most of them) are now doing likewise, but none of those deals answer this question - should artists and content owners object when punters record snippets of their performances and music at live events and post them for all to see on video sharing websites?

From what I can see, to date most artists and content owners have turned a blind eye to such recordings, mainly because anything recorded on a mobile phone is short and low quality. While some may agree with Prince that such shoddy recordings are a bad thing ("people should remember his concerts as they were, not as some grainy mobile phone footage" his spokesman says), most people seem to conclude that such grainy mobile phone footage is actually good marketing for artists featured, without threatening actual recording sales, because people will always want to buy longer and better quality recordings from official sources.

But, as mobile phone technology improves, that might change - better quality, longer recordings of live shows, recorded on phones and posted on YouTube, will then become the norm. What do we all think about that? My gut feeling is that it will be another digital phenomenon that it is pointless to try to block, but it will be interesting to see how artists and labels and publishers respond. Is more litigation in the offing? Time will tell.



TuneTribe are looking to recruit a Graduate java/j2ee software developer to join their rapidly expanding B2B department. The right candidate will have a good knowledge of J2EE programming in a Linux environment. Core skills to include Spring, Hibernate, MySQL, HTML and CSS. Please send CV and covering letter to


Prince has reportedly responded angrily to over 1000 clips recorded at his recent shows at The O2 Arena in London that have surfaced on YouTube.

The footage, mainly shot on mobile phones, has appeared online despite efforts at Prince's shows to enforce a 'no cameras or camera phones' rule, which apparently consisted mainly of venue security shining bright laser pens into the eyes of anyone trying to capture a moment of the gig on their phone, or take a photo with their phone, or send a text message from their phone, or just check the freakin time on their phone.

The singer has said he is on a mission to "reclaim his art on the internet" after hiring agency Web Sheriff to monitor unofficial Prince material posted online. The 1000+ live clips on the Google owned video platform have now been removed.

Commenting on Prince's bid to remove unofficial content that has been posted online, a spokesman said that the singer "believes strongly that ... copyrights should be protected across the board" and that "people should remember his concerts as they were, not as some grainy mobile phone footage".

Given all the friends he won by choosing to give away his most recent album as a freebie with the Mail On Sunday, I'm sure everyone in the UK record industry is right behind him on this one.


Despite Foxy Brown's lawyers claiming their client was pregnant while trying to persuade a judge that she shouldn't be jailed for her recent and previously reported probation violations, the now jailed rapper's management yesterday told reporters: "To the pregnancy rumours, this is the statement. She is not pregnant".

Quite how Brown's lawyers got the impression she was knocked up, we don't know. But according to a spokesman, who says the rapper is doing fine in jail, a custodial conclusion to Brown's latest legal troubles wasn't a surprise to the rapper's camp. According to Associated Press, said spokesman said: "I didn't expect nothing less. I was in court at sentencing and she didn't blink an eye, she's a strong girl".

Of course, following the Lil Kim school of music marketing, perhaps Brown's management were secretly hoping for a jail sentence, and all the media coverage it brings. The rapper's people have just announced the imminent release of Brown's new album 'Brooklyn's Don Diva'.


Italy's tabloid press have been accused of stirring and making unfair allegations against the wife of the late tenor Pavarotti, Nicoletta Mantovani, after they reported claims allegedly made by Lidia La Marca, a friend of the opera star, that Mantovani refused access to the singer's children as their father was dieing, that she instead surrounded him with unwelcome guests, and that she kept forcing him to sign documents (though details were not given as to what these were). La Marca's most startling revelation, though, was that Pavarotti confided to her that his marriage was collapsing, adding: "You know, Lidia, how this will end? I will shoot myself or we will separate".

Pavarotti's management have denied the claims, telling reporters they are simply "malicious gossip about the wife that he loved". But fresh evidence has surfaced that suggests there may be some truth in the claims of tensions between Pavarotti and his wife, with reports that the singer had changed his will a month prior to his death, meaning that the majority of his estate may be inherited by the daughters of his previous marriage. Indeed, one friend of the tenor, Andrea Strata, has insinuated that in his final months Pavarotti had been growing closer to his ex-wife again, adding: "I know that in the last year the had got very close again".

Yet just to confuse matters further, those daughters have rebuked all such claims, saying: "We know that in Italy, as elsewhere, false news and idle inferences that involve us are coming out. This is causing bitterness"; while first wife Adua, also hit out at the media for "feeling the need to speculate on purported bickering, phantasmagoric wealth, last wills and testaments that we don't know anything about".


Johnny Cash is being given a ceremonial pardoning during a festival organised in his honour by the residents of Starkville in the USA, where Cash was arrested more than 40 years ago. The arrest has been reported as stemming from a variety of incidents over the years, from picking flowers to the official Cash line, that he was arrested for no reason after merely walking home from a party.

The guy who has organised the pardon, Robbie Ward, who clearly has a lot of time on his hands, collected over 500 signatures for his 'pardon Cash' petition which, according to his website: "doesn't suggest anyone condoned Cash's behaviour. It symbolically recognises Cash as an imperfect human who made mistakes but gained insight and wisdom by learning from his indiscretions". So essentially, he collected 500 signatures to pardon the late 'Man In Black' for an alleged flower picking arrest. Unsurprisingly, Ward quipped: "A lot of people would laugh at me and act like I was king of crazy".


Following all that VMA related nonsense with Kid Rock, Tommy Lee has now announced that he is quitting Motley Crue following that previously reported run in - of the litigation kind - between the rest of the band and Lee's personal management, Carl Stubner.

A statement from Lee's people this week says that their client "recently informed [bandmates] Sixx and Mars, the shareholders of 'Motley Crue Inc', that he was resigning from the band and his resignation was accepted".

Perhaps he could now concentrate on a new music career with his good friend Kid Rock, or Kid Pebble as I believe Lee likes to charmingly call him.


Eminem has told New York radio station Hot 97 that he is working on a new album as we speak, adding: "I'm always working. I'm always in the studio. It feels good right now, the energy of the label. For a while, I didn't want to go back to the studio... I went through some personal things. I'm coming out of those personal things and it feels good".


The next Super Furry Animals single, coming from acclaimed album 'Hey Venus', will be 'Run-Away', and it will be released by Rough Trade on 29 Oct, midway through this here UK tour...

16 Oct: Dublin, Vicar Street
17 Oct: Belfast, Mandela hall
19 Oct: Liverpool, Carling Academy
22 Oct: Nottingham, Rock City
25 Oct: Southampton, Guildhall
26 Oct: Oxford, Carling Academy
28 Oct: Birmingham, Academy
29 Oct: Bristol, Academy
30 Oct: Leeds Town Hall
2 Nov: London, Roundhouse
3 Nov: London, Roundhouse


Chicago based new-wavey-ish indie types The Changes are about to embark on a lengthy UK tour to promote new album 'Today Is Tonight', which is out on Kitchenware Records on 24 Sep. A bulk of the dates are supporting The Dykeenies (shown with a * below) and Captain (shown with a ** below). They will also play In The City on 21 Oct.

18 Sep: Exeter Cavern *
20 Sep: Kingston Peel *
21 Sep: Tunbridge Wells Forum *
22 Sep: Brighton Barfly *
23 Sep: Nottingham Rock City *
24 Sep: Liverpool Barfly *
26 Sep: Stoke Sugarmill *
27 Sep: Glasgow QMU *
28 Sep: Aberdeen Moshulu *
29 Sep: Newcastle The Other Rooms
30 Sep: Leeds Cockpit *
1 Oct: Cardiff Barfly *
2 Oct: London Water Rats *
6 Oct: Inverness Ironworks
7 Oct: Aberdeen Barfly
8 Oct: Glasgow Barfly
9 Oct: York Barfly
11 Oct: Cardiff Barfly
12 Oct: Liverpool Barfly
14 Oct: Birmingham Barfly
15 Oct: Cambridge Barfly
16 Oct: London Barfly
20 Oct: Welwyn Garden City
21 Oct: Manchester In The City
8 Nov: Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms **
9 Nov: Brighton Barfly **
10 Nov: Nottingham The Social **
11 Nov: Birmingham Barfly**
12 Nov: Liverpool Zanzibar **
13 Nov: Manchester Roadhouse **
14 Nov: Leeds Cockpit **
16 Nov: Glasgow King Tuts **
17 Nov: Aberdeen Moshulu **
18 Nov:Dundee Westport Bar **
19 Nov:Sheffield Leadmill **
20 Nov: Cambridge The Graduate **
21 Nov: Northampton Soundhaus **
22 Nov: London Kings College **


Reports earlier this week of a new New Order gig have proved unfounded. Well, for the moment anyway. After splitting earlier this year (or, rather, after Peter Hook saying he would no longer play with the band), there were rumours of a reunion gig in honour of the late Tony Wilson. Asked about those rumours by the Manchester Evening News, Hooky said: "The idea has been mooted by [Wilson's son] Oliver - that was when it [a New Order reformation] was talked about. And the thing is, for Tony, I'd do anything". But since then, he has clarified things a little on his MySpace blog, saying that his first statement shouldn't be taken as confirmation of any reunion plans, rather that he was trying to say that he'd do anything - "sell the popcorn, take the tickets, sweep up after, play bass in New Order/Joy Division/Crawling Chaos" - for Tony Wilson.


Paul McCartney closed the previously reported Gibson Guitartown venture on Tuesday at the O2 in London by signing one of the ten foot high guitars. As previously reported, about 30 of the large guitars have been designed or signed (or both) by famous musicians. They and other guitar related nonsense will now be sold off in aid of charity. On his involvement, Macca told the media: "I just fancied playing with a big guitar! I think this one will hopefully catch the imagination of the public and whoever is going to buy it at auction and raise money for all these great charities".


Universal Music's Island Def Jam Group has announced that it has promoted Steve Bartel to the new role of President and COO of the IDJ division. He will report directly to IDJ chairman LA Reid and oversee the day to day operations of the IDJ affiliated labels, which include Def Jam, Island US, Mercury Island Urban Music and Disturbing Tha Peace. Bartel was already COO of IDJ, but only President of its Island label. His promotion comes after Bartel was credited with various successes across the IDJ group.


Apple have announced one of their press announcements for next week in London, leading to mucho speculation that a European roll out of the much hyped iPhone is about to be announced. More when we get it.


SonyBMG US has announced an alliance with Starwood Hotels & Resorts which will see various music services created by the major offered to customers of Starwood's Sheraton, W, Westin, Four Points, Le Meridien, St Regis and Luxury Collection hotels and resorts in the US, with the possibility of rolling out the services to Starwood franchises worldwide.

Services will include in-house playlists for Starwood premises, in-room TV offerings and digital music services, customised compilations and live events. Although SonyBMG will lead all of these services it is not thought they will be restricted to artists signed to the major.

Confirming the partnership, Starwood's Senior Director Of Entertainment, Rod Mano, told reporters: "The appealing thing for SonyBMG is that we can help expose our guests to their different artists. People can be in a hotel for several days at a time, so they have more time to explore new music".

SonyBMG's Exec VP Commercial Music, JJ Rosen, told Billboard: "We don't view this as primary marketing for us. We view Starwood as our client, and we want to create the best sound that represents their brands in the best way possible".


Jean-Bernard Levy, the boss of Universal Music Group's parent company Vivendi, has been confirmed as a keynote speaker for next year's MidemNet, the digitally focused part of the European music industry's annual South of France jolly... oh, I mean important networking and showcasing convention, MIDEM. He is expected to discuss how his company's music operations are developing and exploring new business models that capitalise on their music assets in the digital age.

Confirming Levy as a keynote speaker, MIDEM director Dominique Leguern told reporters: "Vivendi is currently testing numerous new economic models with success within its activities linked to music. The group is at the forefront in terms of convergence and utilisation of technologies".

MIDEM 2008 will take place from 27-31 Jan at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes.


Talking of music industry conventions, the company that owns Music Week, CMPi, has just acquired conference company Ithaca Holdings, who in turn own ever growing UK music business convention London Calling. According to Music Week, CMPi CEO Gary Hughes said of their acquisition: "This is a great acquisition for us as it gives us six excellent events which, using our considerable expertise and great people, we can build into even stronger brands. Some of these events are in markets where we already have a presence, for example London Calling and Internet World, while others give an entry point into new and adjacent markets".


Some senior players at what was Chrysalis Radio, now Global Radio, have been axed as the company's new owners make their decisions regarding the future of the radio firm, which owns the Heart, LBC and Galaxy brands.

Among those axed are Heart MD Barnaby Dawe, LBC MD David Lloyd, Galaxy MD Martyn Healy, Heart PD Francis Currie and Heart Marketing Director Tina Finch - showing even top execs are never safe when takeovers occur. The company says it hopes the changes at the top of the company will simplify management operations.

Safe in their jobs are Commercial Director Don Thomson and Finance Director Mark Evans, who become COO and CFO respectively. A new marketing chief and London stations chief will be recruited to the firm's top team.


GCap has announced a relaunch to its local radio station network - The One Network - which includes Capital Radio, which will see the launch of new network wide shows fronted by Myleene Klass, Ryan Seacrest and Jeremy Kyle. There will also be a network wide slogan - which is "haven't you heard?" - which is a bit poor if you ask me, but whatever. The revamp will also see more local news, listings and travel news included on the stations, plus a new online initiative enabling unsigned artists to upload music to the website of their local One Network station - not especially original, but fun nonetheless.


Raise the alarm bells... James Blunt has admitted that he fancies himself as a bit of a ladies' man, and that he finds, erm, comfort in groupies while on the road. Clearly taking advantage of his worldwide fame since 'Back To Bedlam' stormed the charts, Blunt has claimed that his straight-edge, clean cut image is just that - an image - and that he revels in sleeping around on the road. So if Blunt's in town, make sure you stay well away from his dashing charms. And if he tells you 'you're beautiful', be wary that he's already pulled that line a million and one times before. He doesn't really mean it.


The Go! Team's songwriter Ian Parton has been chatting to the Daily Star about a recent request from Craig David representatives asking him to produce the former Artful Dodger collaborator's new single. Parton explained his reaction upon receiving the request, saying: "I was asked to produce Craig David. I couldn't believe it. I was mildly insulted and a bit gutted, frankly. I can't make slick sounding pop records so I guess a bit of white noise might make Craig sound more interesting". Can't wait.


TV execs have reportedly approached Pete Doherty about him managing a celebrity football team in a new reality TV show. It's obviously not the first time the Babyshambler has had approaches from reality TV producers, all of which have previously been knocked back. But producers hope the football theme on this one will provide an incentive for soccer fan Doherty to actually say yes this time. I suspect they're being overly optimistic, though it would make for classic television.


Ah, as if poor old Britney didn't have enough problems, now a Palestinian terror group has launched a bitter attack on the values and lifestyles of pop stars, and specifically named Ms Spears - though Madonna is also listed as being at the forefront of a "satanic culture".

The leader of the group, Muhammad Abdel-Al, writing in his new book, the catchily-titled 'Schmoozing With Terrorists: From Hollywood To The Holy Land Jihadists Reveal Their Global Plans - To a Jew!', damned the pair, saying: "If I meet these whores I will have the honour - I repeat, I will have the honour - to be the first one to cut the heads off Madonna and Britney Spears if they will keep spreading their satanic culture against Islam". Unlike most commentators this week, however, Asdel-Al made no mention of Spears' much derided VMA performance.

Meanwhile, in what we will endeavour to make the final piece of Britters' VMA news we ever publish, another claim has emerged alledging the "real reason" for Spears' poor performance at the MTV awards show. According to The Sun, Britney was given anti-depressant drugs just before her performance, explaining her groggy figure despite seemingly knowing all the choreography. Their source said: "Britney took to the floor like an elephant. They calmed her down, but were clearly too effective. Her scene in the dressing room before the show was one of absolute panic".


I know, I know, we promised no more Britney VMA stories, but this is the last one. And it's a good one. Honest.

News is that the mercurial Tori Amos penned a musical ode to Britney during a show in Sydney on Tuesday night, improvising a verse in tribute to the pop star's VMA performance. Amos has, of course, been a Spears' supporter in the past, claiming that she believed that the 'head shaving' incident was an expression of who Britney really is, and a rebellion against her record company. Speaking to contactmusic earlier this year, she said: "I don't think her sweet, saccharine image was close to who she really was, and she rebelled".

Given this, it's unlikely that Amos intended the song to be malicious; in fact, it's really quite funny, as you can see with the lyrics below:

Britney, they set you up.
But you drank from their cup,
Britney, They set you up.
Oh, but this is what it looks like, love.
This is what is looks like.

When a star falls down. When a star falls down.

Well, maybe you're a mother.
But you still need your mother.
Yes, I may be a mother but I still need a mother,
To pick me up.
Yes, to pick me up...

When it all falls down
When it all falls down

Britney, they set you up.
Is your contract winding up?
But you drank from the cup.
Boy, this is what it looks like.
Yes, I said, this is, this is what it looks like, Disney, yes.

When a star falls down.
When a star falls down.

You may be a mother
Baby, you still need a mother.
Yes, I may be a mother but I still need a mother
To pick me up,
Yes, to pick me up.

When it all falls down.
When it all falls down. When it all falls, all falls down.
When it all falls down.


OK, now this really is the last bit of Britney VMA news, we promise. And it's a nice story to end on. Backstreet Boy AJ McLean has defended Britney in light of all the criticism she's been getting this week, labelling the troubled singer a "very talented, hardworking young woman". While not attempting to suggest last weekend's VMA performance was anything other than embarrassing, he disagrees with those who say it could bring about the end of the popstress' career, telling reporters: "I think if she really puts her mind to it and stays focused and stops going out and kind of allowing herself to be easily distracted, she can do it. She's a freakin' trooper. I think she'll be fine... I think she's a very talented, hardworking young woman". And I think he might be right. Either that, or she'll be dead by the end of the month, one or the other.

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