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In today's CMU Daily:
- Former Ramone sues over digital sales
- Snoop pleads guilty in baton case
- Hayes cautioned
- Britney update: hit and run charge
- Kevin Costner sings
- Manics want Radio 1
- Dre new record
- Time for heroes
- More anarchy in the UK
- Prince leaves London
- PJ's bass duties
- Craig loves Bowie
- London live conference tackles secondary ticketing
- IFPI score new court victory over eDonkey
- ThePirateBay target content owners over Media Defender emails
- C4 chief buys Borders UK
- Sacked 6Music producer threatens to name and shame
- Chart update
- Total Rock world album chart
- Noel a father again
- Church gives birth
- Girls Aloud attack Boo
- Way against emo


OK, a reminder for all of you in charge of mailing lists and databases and the like. Don't forget that CMU HQ has just moved from Docklands to new offices on Shoreditch High Street - so you need to start sending press packs and review CDS and the likes to this address...

CMU, UnLimited Media, Unicorn House, 221-222 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6PJ.

A special prize goes to Red Grape Records for being the very first record label to get a jiffy bag through the letter box at the new offices - but if the rest of you could start using the new address asap that would be lovely.

And look out for news on other exciting things happening over here at CMU very very soon here in the Top Bit. But first, something else that is exciting...


Now this is very exciting. CMU has teamed up with our good friends Leyline to offer a brilliant special offer to students in London - the opportunity to experience 11 bands and 10 DJs for just five pounds. Yep, just five pounds.

This weekend is the latest edition of the CMU recommended Insomniacs Ball, the all night mini-festival that takes over the seOne club underneath London Bridge station. There will be three vaults worth of CMU favourites, with the latest line up as follows...

ROOM 1: Pull Tiger Tail, These New Puritans, Ox Eagle Lion Man, The Changes, Ratty Rat Rat; DJs
Matty White Heat, Lego Lego.

ROOM 2: Uffie & Feadz, We Smoke Fags, Dead Disco, Man Like Me, Goldie Locks, Nic Nell; DJs eLPlate
Mac 3000, The Cleft Palettes.

DJ ROOM: Sebastian, Nightmoves, Punks Jump Up, People Are Germs, Fresh Out Of Death Soundsystem, No Pain In Pop.

Tickets for this all-night fest are ten pounds in advance, which is a good deal in itself, except we've got an even better deal. We have arranged it so any student who arrives at the seOne club before 11pm with their freshly laminated NUS card (or student ID card) can get in for just a fiver - making this simply the best value way to celebrate the new academic year, and to party all night before the lectures kick in.

It all takes place this Saturday, 29 Sep. The seOne Club is on Weston Street, doors open at 9.30pm and the Ball goes on to 6am.

EXTRA SPECIAL OFFER: CMU has a strictly limited five pound guest list that means we can offer this tremendous deal to non-students out their in CMU land. If you want to get on this guest list email - you will get email confirmation of your guest list spot on Thursday.

More info on the Ball at



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Richard Reinhardt, who spent four years as drummer for The Ramones, has issued legal proceedings over the digital sale of six songs he wrote for the group.

Reinhardt, or Richie Ramone, was drummer for the legendary punk band from 1983 to 1987, and wrote six of their songs - 'Smash You,' 'Somebody Put Something In My Drink,' 'Human Kind,' 'I'm Not Jesus,' 'I Know Better Now' and '(You) Can't Say Something Nice'.

He has now issued legal papers against the band's management, the estate of late guitarist Johnny Ramone and digital music operations run by Apple, RealNetworks and Wal-Mart claiming he never gave permission for the songs he wrote to be sold via download, and that he hasn't received any royalties for those that have been sold. He is seeking nearly $1 million in unpaid roylaties, and an injunction to stop the future digital sale of the tracks.

The defendants in the case have so far declined to comment.


Snoop Dogg pleaded guilty to that good old charge of 'possession of a dangerous weapon' last week in relation to that incident at John Wayne Airport when the rapper was challenged for carrying a collapsible baton in his computer bag - something he claimed was a prop for a video shoot.

Having pleaded guilty Snoop was ordered to perform 160 hours of community service, told to make a $10,000 charitable donation, and was put on three years probation, which all sounds a bit steep if it really was just a prop, even if it was an inappropriate prop to be taking through an airport as hand luggage.

But Snoop didn't seem to bothered. His attorney, Donald Etra, told reporters that the felony charge would be reduced to a misdemeanor after one year providing the hip hop star manages to stay on the right side of the law, adding: "We are very pleased with the outcome. Snoop's goal is to make music, not make court appearances. He wants to get on with his life. He will continue his music and his filming and performing".

Of course, the baton case was one of a number of run ins Snoop had with the law in a relatively small space of time. He pleaded no contest back in April to gun and drugs charges after another incident at an airport - that time Bob Hope Airport in Burbank.


Elsewhere in the pop courts (well, the pop police station, really), Darren Hayes, formerly of Savage Garden fame of course, has been given a caution by police relating to that previously reported arrest following an alleged racially motivated attack on a waiter in a Thai restaurant in London. Hayes handed himself in to police after the attack, though denied that there had been any racial motivations or connotations to the incident, a claim which seems to have been believed by the police given that they are not taking the matter any further.


I bet you're all starting to miss the days when it was tedious Pete Doherty stories we ran everyday. Anyway, here we go, another Britney update.

First-up, the tricky matter of that alleged hit and run. Spears has now been formally charged over that incident back in August of last year when she was filmed by the paparazzi as she crashed into a parked car and then drove away, all while driving without a license. If that charge stands she could face a £1000 fine and around 6 months behind bars. Yikes.

Meanwhile, another quote from Britney's former security guard, 'Big' Tony Barreto, who, as previously reported, was expected to give evidence against the singer in her custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline (though he was never actually called to formally give his evidence). Justifying why he is speaking out about his former employer, he is now quoted as saying: "I have done this for her children. She's not a good mother. She has mental problems. With her drug and booze issues, her home is no place for kids to be raised".

Elsewhere on planet Britney, there seems to be at least one person other than the paparazzi benefiting from all the loopiness in Spears' life, with a YouTube phenomenon reportedly having been signed-up for his own reality show after hitting the headlines with his 'leave Britney alone' ranting on the video site. Chris Crocker, 19, was a YouTube hit before his Britney sketch, but the added publicity of his 8-million viewed short tribute to Britney clearly helped.


More Hollywood rockers, and following on from Bruce Willis' gig a month or two back, Kevin Costner has taken to the stage with his rockabilly band to perform in front of more than 1000 people. The gig was seemingly organised to essentially save money on Costner's new film 'Swing Vote', as the crowd who showed up for the gig were first coerced into appearing as extras on the set of a presidential debate. With a stage decked-out with red, white and blue cloth, helicopters shot scenes from above while those that turned up patiently waited for the gig by Costner's band, Modern West. The film depicts a presidential race between a Republican candidate (Kelsey Grammer) and a Democrat (Dennis Hopper) which, in the end, is decided by a single vote.


Manic Street Preachers' frontman James Dean Bradfield has claimed that the band are planning a Christmas single, adding that they are preparing to "shred any credibility we have left" on it. The Welsh rockers seem to be joining the race for the festive chart topper in a bid to get a bit more pop exposure. JDB: "I think people take music too seriously. We are cross that Radio 1 don't play us. But we'll do a Christmas single to completely shred any possible credibility we have left. A Christmas single is a creative institution. But we haven't quite decided which way we will go with our attempt for the Christmas No 1 just yet".


Dr Dre is lining up his first album in seven years for 2008, and he claims that the tentatively titled 'Detox' will be his last, telling the LA Times: "I think its time to move on". Whether the retirement promise will stick, well, we'll see.


Two fine albums and eight million column inches - I wonder which of those facts are behind the decision to release a Libertines best of? Well, either way, 'Time For Heroes - The Best of The Libertines' is out on 29 Oct, with a tracklisting looking like this...

Up The Bracket
Time For Heroes
Don't Look Back Into The Sun
Tell The King
What Katie Did
Can't Stand Me Now
What A Waster
The Delaney
Boys In The Band
Death On The Stairs
I Get Along
What Became Of The Likely Lads


True to the, erm, punk ethos, the Sex Pistols have confirmed they will cash in as much as possible with their previously reported reunion designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the release of the band's seminal album 'Never Mind the Bollocks'. They will now also play on 9 Nov, as well as 8 Nov, making for a short Brixton Academy residency, of sorts. As also previously reported, the album and its singles will also be rereleased in November, and the NME has launched a campaign to get single 'God Save The Queen' to number one.


Prince has left London - well, he might still be about somewhere I suppose - but he has completed the final night of his 21-date residency at the O2 arena. The purple one played a storming 2-hour set to a crowd that had been well-supplied with thousands of purple coloured glow sticks, fitting in renditions of classics like '1999' and 'Kiss' before boasting: "I've got more hits than the number on my back [21]".

For fans of celeb spotting, designer Matthew Williamson - whose London Fashion Week show Prince gatecrashed last week - watched the main event, while both Amy Winehouse and Beverley Knight (who supported him on some of the dates) appeared at the aftershow party, performing to a small crowd that had, in some cases, paid around £500 a ticket.

Critics have been nearly universal in their praise for the singer's much hyped O2 residency, with The Independent calling one date: "the single greatest concert I have been to in my entire life", while the Daily Telegraph compared him to, erm, a "latter-day Cliff Richard". Presumably the reviewers went to different dates.

Anyone who missed out will have to wait for the inevitable DVD release - given Prince's somewhat spoilsport tendency to demand any phone-made recordings of the show be removed from YouTube et al.


PJ Harvey has been 'keeping it real' by spending much of the last year playing bass for Morris Tepper, formerly of Captain Beefheart's Magic Band. Speaking to the Times, Harvey spoke of her 12-month experience, saying: "It was fantastic. Lifting gear around, driving vans to venues, rehearsing and practicing new songs. It really made me think about tuning in to other people, and I'm not used to doing that". She's apparently been using the experience as inspiration for a new album, of which she says: "I'm really proud of it. The album is everything I wanted it to be, which doesn't always happen".


Craig David has revealed his gratitude to David Bowie after he was granted permission to sample his hit 'Let's Dance' on his new single 'Hot Stuff'. Apparently proving himself to have friends in higher places than I thought, Craig admits: "I think he's wicked. I'm so honoured that he's given me the opportunity".


Music Week has reported on discussions at its previously reported Live & Direct conference in London last week on the hot topic of the secondary ticketing market.

As previously reported, the UK live sector has become increasingly concerned in recent years about the growth of the ticket touting industry which has grown in size and importance thanks to online touting and ticket auctioning operations. Most major promoters are now calling on the British government to introduce new laws to control the touts.

But Carl Leighton-Pope of the Leighton-Pope Organisation last week told Live & Direct that the government were unlikely to legislate in their industry's favour while many promoters did not have a legitimate ticket refunds policy which allows legitimate customers who buy tickets but who cannot then make an event to get a refund direct from the promoter.

But See Tickets MD Nick Blackburn responded by saying "[the live sector] will give refunds when we get [government] legislation [to outlaw touting]". Meanwhile DF Concerts chief Geoff Ellis warned of the dangers to the live sector of forcing promoters to offer unconditional refunds on ticket sales, arguing such a measure would cause "the whole industry to fall apart".

Representatives of those organisations trying to legitimise the secondary ticketing industry were also at the event, including Viagogo founder and CEO Eric Baker, who argued that if managed correctly the secondary ticketing market was good for the live industry.

But Blackburn wasn't convinced, responding: "There's always been touting but that doesn't make it right. If there was legislation against touting, 18,000 fans would get to see Led Zeppelin's gig at the O2 at a price that the artist wants. I think for the secondary market to say that they provide a service, they only provide a service to their pockets".


The heady days of everyone whining about P2P seem to be such a long time ago that you sometimes forget the fight against P2P file sharing continues. But it does. And the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry scored another victory in that regard last week.

The German courts last week authorised the trade body to close down seven P2P computer servers used by the eDonkey file sharing network that offer illegal access to a large catalogue of music to millions of P2P users. The win through the German courts against the P2P operation follows similar actions by IFPI divisions in France and the Netherlands earlier this year.

Confirming the court victory, the head of the IFPI's anti-piracy unit, Jeremy Banks, told reporters: "These actions show the reach of the recording industry's Internet anti-piracy operation".

While the trade body's Head Of Litigation, Jo Oliver, added: "eDonkey servers drive a large amount of illegal traffic on the file sharing network. They are run by individuals who are deliberately and flagrantly violating the rights of artists and record companies".


Talking of file sharing, that controversy-liking file sharing service ThePirateBay has announced it has reported a number of content companies to the police in home country Sweden over allegations the accused are using illegal tactics in a bid to stop them, ThePirateBay, from, erm, illegally distributing copyrighted content. The police action follows the release online of a whole database of emails between staff of a US agency called Media Defender, which works for all sorts of music and media companies hindering the distribution of their content online (normally by flooding P2P networks with fake tracks). The Pirate Bay claims the emails show that Media Defender themselves engage in illegal activity against the P2P firms.

Writing on their own blog, ThePirateBay chiefs have written: "[we] now have proof [that] the big record and movie labels are paying professional hackers saboteurs and D-DoSers to destroy our trackers. While browsing through the email we identified the companies that are also active in Sweden and we have tonight reported these incidents to the police. The charges are infrastructural sabotage, denial of service attacks, hacking and spamming, all of these on a commercial level".

The companies reported to the police by ThePirateBay are: Twentieth Century Fox Sweden, EMI Music Sweden, Universal Music Group Sweden, Universal Pictures Nordic, Paramount Home Entertainment (Sweden), Atari Nordic, Activision Nordic Filial Till Activision (UK) Ltd, Ubisoft Sweden, Sony BMG Music Entertainment (Sweden) and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Nordic.

Whether actual police action, or civil litigation, will actually follow ThePirateBay's claims remains to be seen.


Luke Johnson, chairman of Channel 4, in case you wondered, has bought the Borders and Books etc chain in the UK through his delightfully named private equity outfit Risk Capital Partners. The Borders UK chain, which also sells CDs (in case you wondered why this counts as music news), was put up for sale earlier this year. The chain's US parent company will retain a 17% share in the UK operation.

Confirming the purchase, Johnson told reporters: "We are excited by the opportunity presented by Borders UK. and Ireland and pleased that Borders Group will have an equity position in the new company. We intend to build on the strength of the business and this well-respected brand as one of the UK's largest book retailers. Our strategy will focus on improving sales and optimizing the store base while improving margins and inventory management".


The BBC 6Music producer fired over the whole faked phone contest thing is expected to name and shame more senior programming execs who she claims knew that the radio station sometimes fixed radio phone ins (given that surely everyone working in the media surely knew that sometimes TV and radio phone ins were fixed, presumably she could name and shame anyone). As previously reported, Leona McCambridge was fired last week over a faked phone in on the Liz Kershaw show. Two further incidents of dodgy phone ins then came to light, leading to the station's Director Of Programmes, Ric Blaxill, to resign.

In appealing her sacking McCambridge is expected to claim that faking pre-recorded phone ins was standard practice at the station. Luke Crawley of Bectu, the union organising McCambridge's appeal, says: "My member was of the clear understanding that what she was doing was standard practice on the show and expected of a producer, and the knowledge of this was known further up the chain. In July when Mark Thompson said he needed to know of any other examples of questionable behaviour in production techniques, she ruminated about it and said I think there was some questionable stuff done last year. Her reward for this is to be sacked, which is quite amazing. She was not under the impression that owning up would put her in the frame. That was what was implied to her in terms of the process. It was only latterly that it became a disciplinary issue".

Presumably McCambridge is threatening to name and shame more than just Blaxhill - given he's already gone that wouldn't make much of a story. Exactly who will be identified as approving the "standard" fake phone in policy remains to be seen - but expect more fallout on all this before the Beeb get to put the phone in fixing debacle behind them.


The UK just can't get enough of chubby reggae star Sean Kingston, it seems, with his single 'Beautiful Girls' staying atop the charts for a third week running. So popular is the release that it beat 50 Cent's 'Ayo Technology' into second place, showing you don't have to be called Kanye West to beat Fiddy in the chart. Elsewhere, Babyshambles wrap up the highest new entry with 'Delivery' at 6, with the other new entries this week running like this: Peter Bjorn & John with 'Young Folks' at 13, Elvis with 'Don't' at 14, Ian Brown & Sinead O'Connor with 'Illegal Attacks' at 16, The Enemy with 'You're Not Alone' at 18, Billiam with 'Beautiful Ones' at 32, Sugababes with 'About You Now' at 35 and Feist with '1234' at 40.

Meanwhile, in album news, James Blunt's new long-player 'All The Lost Souls' went straight in at the top of the charts, knocking Kanye's ' Graduation' from number one after just one week. Despite all the Blunt bashing, the singer songwriter's second album looks set to be another big seller, which is good news for Warner Music. 50 Cent fell to fourth place this week, while Amy Winehouse rose back to number three. A new entry from Sheffield indie types Reverend and The Makers completes the top 5.

Other album new entries go like this: Mark Knopfler with 'Kill To Get Crimson' at 9, Booty Luv with 'Boogie 2Nite' at 11, Scouting For Girls wonderful eponymous debut at 12, The Quo's 'In Search Of The Fourth Chord' at 15, Barry Manilow's 'Greatest Songs of The Seventies' at 27, Peter Grant's 'Traditional' at 29, HIM's 'Venus Doom' at 31, Diana Krall's best of at 35 and Turin Brakes' 'Dark On Fire' at 36.


It's the Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (Warner Bros)
2. Daughtry - Daughtry (SonyBMG)
3. Korn - Untitled (EMI/Virgin)
4. Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (Universal/Island)
5. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Warner/Roadrunner)
6. Atreyu - Lead Sails Paper Anchor (Warner/Roadrunner)
7. As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us (Metal Blade)
8. Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (Universal/Mercury)
9. Paramore - Riot! (Warner/Atlantic)
10. The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist (Warner Bros)
11. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Warner Bros)
12. Velvet Revolver - Libertad (SonyBMG)
13. Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain (SonyBMG/Epic)
14. 30 Seconds T Mars - A Beautiful Lie (EMIVirgin)*
15. Queen - Greatest Hits Vols. 1, 2, 3 (EMI)
16. Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (Warner/Atlantic)
17. Good Charlotte - Good Morning, Revival (SonyBMG/Epic)
18. Hinder - Extreme Behavior (Universal)*
19. Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)*
20. Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac (Warner Bros)*


Noel Gallagher has become a father again after his partner Sara MacDonald gave birth to a baby boy on Saturday. Furrowing the more traditional school of naming (as opposed to the rock star school of stupid names- see Little Pixie and Moon Unit Zappa) his new son has been called Donovan Rory MacDonald Gallagher. Donovan is the couple's first child together, though Noel, of course, has another child, his seven-year-old daughter Anais, from his previous marriage to Meg Matthews.


More musical baby news with the announcement that opera-teen-turned-pop-star-turned-TV-presenter Charlotte Church has given birth to a little girl at the home in Wales that she shares with rugby player Gavin Henson. Church's official website confirmed: "Gavin has informed us that Charlotte gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at home on Thursday night. Gavin was there at the birth. He has told us that mother and baby are doing just fine. We have no further details yet, but we expect to be able to bring an exclusive announcement from the couple sometime on Monday". It can't come soon enough...


My Chemical Romance have become the figureheads of emo, thanks to Daily Mail readers, the emo-hating middle-England press and, well, partly themselves, if we're being honest. But MCR frontman Gerard Way ain't having none of it, dissing the genre and distancing his band from it, saying: "Emo is a pile of shit, fucking garbage", and adding that he believes that MCR are unfairly lumped in with the emo sect. All sounds a bit whiney and, ahem, emo to me.


Girl Aloud Cheryl Cole has denied reports that she is considering a solo career - reports that seem to stem from the lovely Betty Boo saying she'd been approached to write a song or two for Cole's solo project. But Cole says there are no solo plans, and that Boo must be lying to get a bit of attention, which sounds very plausible Cheryl. Here's what Cole says: "I'm nor sure why anyone would think I would want to work on a solo album now. It's sad that people have to say these things to get a little publicity off the back of us".

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