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In today's CMU Daily:
- Re-trial likely: Spector trial update
- Bono given medal
- The Game: not guilty
- More hip hop lyrics controversy
- Hall Of Fame shortlist out
- Feist in iPod ad
- Maps' drawing competition
- Jazzy Jeff returns
- Kanye's mum says he's like Jesus
- Jacko married again? No
- More Blur reunion news
- Streisand fans angered
- Macca: live at Anfield!
- Harrison film planned
- More Sex Pistols dates
- Patti Smith dates
- Korn dates
- SonyBMG sign up to Imeem
- More info on Yahoo! entertainment restructure
- iPhone French deal could be faltering
- SMG confirm Virgin Radio flotation on hold
- Virgin still interested in ITV purchase
- Blair couldn't master Sabbath
- Kasabian man buy ET bike


OK, one last reminder. CMU has teamed up with our good friends Leyline to offer a brilliant special offer to students in London - the opportunity to experience 11 bands and 10 DJs for just five pounds. Yep, just five pounds.

Tomorrow is the latest edition of the CMU recommended Insomniacs Ball, the all night mini-festival that takes over the seOne club underneath London Bridge station. There will be three vaults worth of CMU favourites, with the latest line up as follows...

ROOM 1: Pull Tiger Tail, These New Puritans, Ox Eagle Lion Man, The Changes, Ratty Rat Rat; DJs
Matty White Heat, Lego Lego.

ROOM 2: Uffie & Feadz, We Smoke Fags, Dead Disco, Man Like Me, Goldie Locks, Nic Nell; DJs eLPlate
Mac 3000, The Cleft Palettes.

DJ ROOM: Sebastian, Nightmoves, Punks Jump Up, People Are Germs, Fresh Out Of Death Soundsystem, No Pain In Pop.

Tickets for this all-night fest are ten pounds in advance, which is a good deal in itself, except we've got an even better deal. We have arranged it so any student who arrives at the seOne club before 11pm with their freshly laminated NUS card (or student ID card) can get in for just a fiver - making this simply the best value way to celebrate the new academic year, and to party all night before the lectures kick in.

It all takes place this Saturday, 29 Sep. The seOne Club is on Weston Street, doors open at 9.30pm and the Ball goes on to 6am. Spread the word - nowhere else can you get into such a great night for just five pounds.

More info on the Ball at



UnLimited Media is looking to recruit new interns for the Autumn semester. Interns will work at our London office on Shoreditch High Street and will be involved both with CMU plus other exciting UnLimited projects, including a brilliant new rich-media video service and an innovative new arts festival in development. Full time, part time and short term internships are available. If you are interested email details on what you are interested in and when you are available, plus a CV, to

Advertise your internships here for £80 a week - email to book.



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Deep Funk at Madame JoJo's
Soho's Madame JoJo's has moved this night onto its Friday roster, though crate digger extraordinaire Keb Darge is still your host, obviously. Having started out DJing in the Wigan Casino in the 1970's, Keb moved to set up this night with Snowboy in the early 90's - with the MJJ residency now several years old. Expect a choice of reference works - from Northern soul to jazz boogie - Keb knows how to work a crowd, as I've witnessed personally over the years... and it's a pretty intimate venue for him to move you in.

Friday 28 Sep. Madame JoJo's, 8-10 Brewer Street, Soho, London W1, 9.30pm - 3am, £6 before 11pm and £8 after that. Info at


Prosecutors in the Phil Spector murder trial, which ended in a mistrial this week, of course, have vowed to put the legendary producer on trial for a second time.

As previously reported, Judge Larry Paul Fidler declared a mistrial after the jury who had sat through the five and half month trial failed to reach a unanimous decision as to Spector's innocence or guilt regarding his involvement in the death of actress Lana Clarkson at his home in 2003 - being split 10-2. The prosecution announced almost immediately that they will now pursue a second trial, despite the cost of such an exercise. A hearing will be held next Wednesday to discuss a retrial, though any trial is unlikely to start for a few months - which means I'm not going to get my Spector trial book out before Christmas now, which is irritating.

Given the slightly weird tendency of American jurors to go on the telly to discuss cases on which they have deliberated, we now know that the ten jurors were voting guilty, while just two jurors believed Clarkson shot herself at Spector's home - which way the majority were voting wasn't officially revealed in court.

Commenting on the mistrial, Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley told reporters yesterday: "We are disappointed the jury was unable to reach a verdict. We will seek the court's permission to retry the case and begin immediately to prepare for retrial".


Bono has been given a medal. And it's a big gold medal to boot. Adding to his collection of sanctimonious gifts and awards, the U2 frontman has been honoured with the Liberty Medal, America's foremost recognition for individuals that have dedicated their lives to pursuing freedom, whether that be as a politician, solo campaigner or slightly ranty pop star. Bono was given the honour specifically for launching international NGO Data (Debt Aids Trade Africa) with fellow activist Bobby Schriver. The U2 singer is amongst prestigious company in being up for the award with previous recipients including Nelson Mandela and Bill Clinton.


After his conditional discharge on impersonating a police officer charges last week, The Game was back in court this week to face those unrelated charges that he threatened someone with a gun in a school zone during a basketball game in February. The rapper, real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor, has denied the allegations against him since the start, and this week formally pleaded not-guilty to making criminal threats, possession of a firearm and exhibiting a firearm on the grounds of a faculty for minors.

It is claimed that Taylor had a run in with one Rodrick Shannon during a basketball game at a school in South LA in February. The fracas began during the game, but got serious afterwards in the car park. Shannon alleges: "He [Taylor] started proceeding towards me. The gun was still in his hand. He yelled that I'm a ... fool. I turned around and ran because I feared for my life".

A pretrial hearing is now scheduled for 30 Oct. The rapper faces up to five years in jail if found guilty.


More on the previously reported US Congress hearing on that issue of sexist and racist language in hip hop, and in particular the comments made by rapper and producer David Banner, who had some interesting things to say, putting the whole debate into a wider social context. He summed up his sentiments by saying: "If you fix our communities, we'll fix our lyrics".

Banner says that grass roots rappers "communicate their anger through music" and that that is why rap often uses words or covers topics some find offensive. He added: "In the [Hurricane] Katrina hearing, one congressman asked, 'Haven't we done enough for Katrina?' They live in a world that we don't live in, and it's hard to speak for a majority when you don't live under the same conditions. People don't sing happy songs if they're broke".

On the issue of the use of words like 'bitch' and 'ho' in hip hop, he did what very few people have done in this debate so far, and that's actually defend a rapper's right to use them, arguing: "Those types of women exist, and if they didn't it'd be different. Rap is an art and I can say whatever the hell I want to. I use the words I use because they are graphic and they hurt. It's supposed to get people's attention. Where we come from, we speak that way".


The short list for induction into the US Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame in 2008 has been announced. According to Billboard, Madonna, the Beastie Boys, John Mellencamp, Leonard Cohen, Afrika Bambaataa, Chic, the Ventures, Donna Summer and the Dave Clark Five are all on the ballot paper. From that five artists will be selected to be inducted next March. As much previously reported, this year's inductees were REM, Van Halen, Patti Smith, Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five and the Ronettes.


With seemingly blanket advertising ongoing for the new iPod mini, it's likely that you'll have seen this advert already, but the fact that the frankly brilliant singer-songwriter/Broken Social Scene member/Canadian indie queen Feist is involved makes it worth a mention anyway. Using her song '1234' and its brightly coloured video - which is part Gap ad, part iPod ad - the exposure has already seen the song shoot up the Billboard charts from 61 to 28 in its second week of release, a feat which can also be expected over here.


Recent Mercury nominees Maps have announced details of - and I quote the press release - "an exciting and unique competition" to design an image (photo, drawing, anything) inspired by the Maps' album (the cover, lyrics, music, etc). Which doesn't really sound like a "unique" competition to me, except that Maps haven't done this before, which might make it technically "unique". Entrants must submit images to and the winners will have their work included in the re-release of Maps' album later this year.


Jazzy Jeff has announced details of his new single, 'Brand New Funk 2k7', which is taken from his boastful album, 'Return Of The Magnificent'. It's actually quite a summery sort of track, which might cheer us up on these drab damp Autumn days. Oh, and the video has Fresh Prince of Bel Air references - which might please the masses. Well, those with good memories.


Having been surprisingly quiet since his triumphant victory over 50 Cent in both the Billboard and UK charts, Kanye West, normally first in line to talk up his own talents, has this time left it to his mother to tell us all how great he is.

Mrs West was telling the Baltimore Sun how Kanye's voice represents a more positive tone within hip hop, before adding that his voice should "be used not only in hip hop but across the arts, period. I think he is broader than a genre. I think he has a calling to reach a number of people. Kanye keeps it real. He touches people".

And she didn't stop there. "You never know how words can save a person's life, physically or otherwise. People like Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi or, in my view, Barack Obama, or Jesus Christ - people whose job it is to tell the truth - I see that in Kanye".

She concluded "Now, people like you are gonna go, 'Oh, Kanye's mom said he's like Jesus!' [as if we would] but when you have a gift you didn't get by yourself...your truth is your truth".


Reports that Michael Jackson has married again were heavily circulated yesterday, the rumour being that he has got hitched to his children's nanny Grace Rwaramba. Of course, this story has been circulated before, back in November of 2006, at which time the singer issued a firm denial that any wedding had taken place, and a similar statement was issued late yesterday.

Jacko's spokesman said: "Wide spreading reports regarding Michael Jackson being married are not true. Documents stating otherwise are a hoax".

Initial reports of the marriage started with The National Inquirer which claimed that a source close to the 'couple' had confirmed the marriage, adding: "Grace was happy to go along with it. She's always been devoted to Michael and has raised the kids since the day they were born. Michael knew she'd make a perfect stepmother". However, as Fox News noted a year ago, Rwaramba couldn't marry Jackson because she once married a Stacey M Adair in Las Vegas in 1995, and they have not yet divorced.

Jackson has been married twice before, of course, to Lisa Marie Presley from 1994 to 1996, and Deborah Rowe, the mother of his two eldest children, just a few months after. That union lasted until just 1999.


Gigwise has reported that the Blur reunion will officially take place next week. Well, sort of. What the band have confirmed is that they plan to meet for, erm, lunch, on Monday. Bassist Alex James told them: "If we can all agree on where to have lunch that will be a good start". Apparently it will be the first time all four have been together at the same time since Graham Coxon's departure from the group in 2002.


Personally, if you're a Barbra Streisand fan then you deserve to be punished in some way, but I'm assuming that Irish promoters MCD didn't have the same idea in mind when they pissed off a whole bunch of Streisand aficionados with their allegedly shoddy management of a Streisand gig in County Kildare, and the subsequent stingy distribution of refunds to aggrieved concert goers.

As previously reported, there was much media criticism for the Streisand gig after fans were left trudging through mud-soaked car parks before being forced to battle for supposedly reserved seats, leaving many of the highest paying attendees standing.

Out of the 2500 ticket holders, only 200 have been fully refunded, with 561 individuals that were left with cheaper seats given the difference and 381 people given vouchers for another MCD promoted show. These offers have been damned by Ireland's consumer watchdog with Dermot Jewell, the Consumers' Association Chief, offering this view: ""The recommendations for what is referred to as 'compensation' are poor and inadequate and many of these consumers have not been served well".

Still, hopefully all affected have have learnt from their experience. Don't pay to see Barbra Streisand.


Paul McCartney is set to return Merseyside and play a huge show in Liverpool next summer, all part of his home city's programme of events to celebrate its status as European Capital Of Culture.

The Beatles legend will play a gig at Liverpool FC's Anfield stadium (which will go down well with Everton supporters) in June, over five months after former bandmate Ringo Starr celebrates the opening of the COC events programme at an event featuring other Liverpudlian musical talent like Ian Broudie and the slightly less Liverpudlian (him being from Sunderland, and all) Dave Stewart.

Speaking about the plans, McCartney told press: "I'm very excited about Liverpool being European Capital of Culture in 2008. We have a fantastic series of events which are sure to get you excited too. I'm very proud of the city and I look forward to welcoming you all and showing you a good time".


Staying with the Beatles, and news that Martin Scorsese is make a film charting the life of George Harrison, and that both Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr will be involved in the project._The film is being supported by Harrison's widow Olivia, and will look at George's life during and after the Beatles.

On the project, Scorsese says: "George Harrison's music and his search for spiritual meaning is a story that still resonates today and I'm looking forward to delving deeper".__

Olivia Harrison added: "It would have given George great joy to know that Martin Scorsese has agreed to tell his story".


Following on from the news of those previously reported Brixton Academy dates, The Sex Pistols have announced they will play a one off gig in LA. The LA gig will be hosted by radio station Indie 103.1 and will take place at the city's Roxy venue before the November Brixton dates, on 25 Oct. Back to the UK, and another date has been announced for the reformed punk icons here too - at the Manchester MEN Arena on 17 Nov.


More tours, and Patti Smith will play some UK dates next month, as follows:

20 Oct: London Shepherd's Bush Empire
22 Oct: Oxford Carling Academy
23 Oct: Cambridge Junction


And more live dates for you - Korn have announced their first UK gigs for seven years, as follows:

16 Jan: Newcastle Academy
17 Jan: Glasgow Academy
19 Jan: Manchester Apollo
20 Jan: Birmingham Academy
22 Jan: Plymouth Pavillions
23 Jan: Cardiff International Arena
25 Jan: Brixton Academy


SonyBMG has reportedly entered into a licensing deal with music focused social network Imeem which will allow users on the website to stream music and videos from the major's catalogue via their pages. SonyBMG is expected to get a cut of advertising revenues generated by the music streaming service.

SonyBMG follow Warner Music into a partnership with Imeem. As previously reported, Warner licensed its catalogue in July, shortly after threatening to sue the social networking firm over the music sharing its system allowed.

Music streamed via the network that comes from labels with which it has no deal are limited to thirty second previews, though Imeem is reportedly someway onto reaching similar deals with Universal and EMI which would give their users full stream access to all major label music.


There have been more reports regarding imminent changes within the entertainment and music divisions at Yahoo!, which may have an impact on the music services offered by the web firm, in the US at least.

Those reports began after Yahoo! chief Jerry Yang revealed a company wide review earlier this month, indicating that Yahoo! Music in particular was likely to be overhauled. Now, according to Digital Music News, the firm's Head Of Entertainment And Video, Vince Broady, has further confirmed those plans by writing on his company blog: "We are streamlining the structure of one portion of our Santa Monica presence - our entertainment division - with a vision of offering a more integrated entertainment experience".

Broady gave some indication as to what the restructuring might be aiming for, though without discussing the specifics of what will happen to existing services. He continued: "Rather than staffing entertainment business units around distinct properties, we're freeing up resources to feed new areas of focus. We'll be investing in the development of next gen media platforms, applications and services, creating cool new opportunities for third-party publishers and media companies while also harnessing the power of social media and user-generated content. For instance, consider the Yahoo Music Video application on Facebook".


There is speculation that the expected arrival of Apple's iPhone in France via France Telecom's Orange network may be shelved following rumours that contract negotiations between Apple and Orange are stalling.

It was formally announced last week that the iPhone will arrive in the UK and Germany via O2 and T Mobile respectively in November. France Telecom seemed to confirm rumours that they would have the iPhone deal in France, but the specifics of their arrangement have not been announced, and Apple are yet to commit on the French launch.

What exactly is causing contract negotiations between the two companies to stall is not clear. Some reports suggest it may be simply what cut of subscription charges will be passed to Apple, but others point to stricter laws in France regarding tying products to services which could hinder Apple's plans to exclusively launch the iPhone with a different phone firm in each different territory.

Either way, French daily Challenges says the delays in reaching an agreement could affect Orange's chances of launching the phone in time for the lucrative Christmas market.


The boss of media firm SMG has confirmed that plans to float Virgin Radio this Autumn have been shelved after the previously reported departure of former CEO Paul Jackson, and also because of the current instability in the financial markets. However, Rob Woodward says the company will still sell the national radio station eventually. The Guardian quote him thus: "Given the current turmoil in the financial markets, we have had to push back the timetable. The IPO process is still live and we will keep a watchful eye on the market and the trade process is also alive".


Elsewhere in companies called Virgin, Richard Branson has said that Virgin Media, the cable TV company in which the Virgin Group are now the largest single shareholder, is still interested in a possible eventual acquisition of ITV.

As you may remember, Virgin Media, then still NTL, tried to mount a takeover of ITV last year while it was CEO-less and prone to takeover - it was basically an attempt to create a mega player in the UK TV industry that could properly take on Rupert Murdoch's BSkyB. BSkyB responded by quickly buying up a stake in ITV too, making it harder for NTL to get complete ownership of ITV, even if they could or wanted to. As it was, ITV then appointed Michael Grade as CEO, making a takeover less likely to happen, but that didn't stop Branson, already in the process of taking a stake in NTL, from ranting loudly about BSkyB's cheeky share buying tactics. That, of course, was all followed up by the high profile falling out between Sky and Virgin over the inclusion, or not, of Sky One on the Virgin cable network.

Branson was talking about his ambitions for Virgin Media at the launch of the cable firm's new TV channel, Virgin 1, at his Oxfordshire home yesterday (a launch I was invited to but couldn't go to - damn). He said he couldn't comment on any new plans to take over ITV, but as to whether an ITV purchase may happen at some point he essentially confirmed it might, adding: "We'll just have to sort of watch this space".

Branson also took questions about rumours private equity types had been approaching him re buying Virgin Media even though NTL only rebranded under the Virgin name earlier this year. Branson again said that a private equity buy out wasn't an impossibility, but added that the Virgin Group would be unlikely to sell its 10.5% stake, and that whatever happened the media firm would probably keep the Virgin name.

He said: "I think it's extremely unlikely the Virgin brand would ever be withdrawn from Virgin Media and we never said that we'd be selling our shares. I think if anybody wanted to buy Virgin Media it would be because it's got the brand".


Reports are emerging that imply that former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has never been able to master Black Sabbath on guitar, which makes you wonder how he ever got elected really. The revelations come from Ozzy Osbourne, who says: "I met Tony Blair a couple of years ago and he said to me, 'I was in a band once and I could never get the riff to 'Iron Man' right'. I thought, 'Why are you telling me about 'Iron Man' when there's a war going on?".


After two huge-selling albums Kasabian singer Tom Meighan sure doesn't need to be frugal with his money anymore, and boy does he know it. The Leicester band's frontman has invested £10,000 in the bike from ET, haggling with its previous owner - also from Leicester - over the price after bids began at just £2,000 for the world-famous BMX. The Sun also claims that the ET nut has ordered a life-size model of the BT advertising alien so that he can, erm, re-enact some of his favourite scenes.

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