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In today's CMU Daily:
- AIM criticise Universal's V2 acquisition
- New Radiohead album out next week - pay what you want
- New lawyers mean six month delay for re-trial: Spector trial update
- G-unit member faces gun charge
- Dumduckerdum line up announced
- Ludacris gets painting
- Shakira donates £22 million
- France honours The Police
- Battles release new EP
- Jill Scott's words and sounds
- New Order remember Ian Curtis
- Duran Duran take New York
- Van Halen play with Roth again
- Led Zep won't tour
- Ryan Adams is angry
- Beyonce sluttier than Stefani
- The Thrills reschedule UK tour
- Economist says label and P2P types skew stats
- Vodafone partner with Ericsson on 3G music phone
- MRC ally with Genetic
- Prolific songwriter follows Bandier to Sony/ATV
- Schwenzer joins EMI Pubs
- Bertelsmann have new publishing ambitions
- Former LBC man joins Virgin
- Charlatans give away next album
- GCap take chart show in house
- Chart update
- Total Rock world album chart
- Subshot playlist
- George Michael's head injury
- Liam ends Oasis vs Blur
- Kanye still begrudges MTV


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The Association Of Independent Music is due to object to Universal Music's previously reported acquisition of V2 in a submission to the Office Of Fair Trading this week. As previously reported, Universal announced it was buying the UK division of V2 off bank Morgan Stanley in August. As also previously reported, Morgan Stanley bought the Virgin Group out of Richard Branson's second record label last year.

Responding to Universal's latest acquisition, AIM will today claim that the V2 purchase will stifle competition and narrow consumer choice. According to the Daily Telegraph, the industry body will say that Universal already commands too much control over the music radio and retail sectors because of its dominance, and that further expansion will worsen this situation.

Their submission to the OFT says: "The tying up of radio-play and music TV slots, retail space, online visibility and advertising [by the big majors] makes it harder for independents to compete and enables consumers to see and hear less music through these key channels".

The paper quotes AIM chief Alison Wenham as saying: "The music industry is not a commodities industry, it is a cultural industry. The OFT is right to look at this because the whole market is suffering from the dominance of one company. This country needs to nurture its creative industries, which are going to replace the manufacturing base".

AIM and Wenham's opposition to the Universal deal contradict comments made at Popkomm last month by indie label chief Mike Batt, who owns Dramatico Records and is also Deputy Chairman of the UK's other main record label trade body the BPI. He called on majors and indies to work together, observing in relation to another of Universal's recent takeovers - of the Sancutary Music Group - that: "Companies buy each other. It's just trade. There's nothing wrong with that".


Following much speculation last week regarding the new Radiohead album, which is completed but without the band having a record deal in place, news this morning that the new long player will go on sale digitally via the band's website next week - and, more importantly, fans will be able to decide what they want to pay for it - they can pay anything from one pence up. A webpage went live this morning promoting the new release and says: regarding the recommended retail price of the new album: "it's up to you - no really, it's up to you".

Fans who fancy spending quite a bit more than one pence can choose to order the 'discbox' which is two CDs, two records and some other bumf - that will set them back forty quid.

Despite the online promotion, Music Week says that the band still plan a conventional release of the album for the mainstream audience, and that the band's former record label, EMI, are still in talks regarding releasing that, probably early next year. As previously reported, there were rumours last week that Radiohead are close to signing a US deal with a key indie on that side of the Atlantic.


While Phil Spector almost certainly will face a new jury in relation to the murder charges made against him, it is unlikely to happen until Spring 2008, meaning another year will pass without the law reaching judgment on what happened at the legendary producer's Beverly Hills home the night actress Lana Clarkson came to visit in 2003.

As previously reported, Judge Larry Paul Fidler declared a mistrial last week after the jury who had sat through the five and half month murder trial failed to reach a unanimous decision regarding his guilt or innocence. The prosecution in the case almost immediately announced their intent to pursue a second trial, and Fidler announced there would be a hearing this week to schedule that retrial, seemingly in a bid to get things under way asap.

But Spector's lead attorney Roger J Rosen announced at the end of last week that he will not be working on the case for a second trial, telling reporters: "I signed up for one tour of duty, not two". That means Spector will have to appoint a new team to take on his case, and that team will need months to prepare, so nothing is likely to get back to court until Spring next year.

Spector lawyer Christopher J Plourd, who hasn't indicated yet whether he plans to stay with the case himself, confirmed that a new legal team would need to be put together adding: "It would take at least six months for any lawyer to get ready. This is a very complicated, serious homicide case".


Elsewhere in the world of pop legalities, an associate of G-uniter Tony Yayo has been arrested on gun charges as part of a raid on members of the Bloods street gang. Lowell 'Lodi Mack' Fletcher was among 34 suspected gang members arrested this weekend. Fletcher was also implicated in that incident earlier in the year when Yayo was accused of assaulting the son of Jimmy Rosemond of music management firm Czar Entertainment, the company that manages G-Unit rivals The Game and Gucci Mane.


Details just in about a new music festival taking place in Norwich from 19-21 Oct. Called the Dumduckerdum Festival (it's a derivative of an ancient Norfolk word meaning the coming together of different things, if you wondered) the new venture will work a little like the Camden Crawl and Great Escape in that it will take place in venues all across the city which will be accessible with one wrist band. Curated by local music fans, the event will take over The Waterfront, Norwich Arts Centre, St Andrews Hall, Dragon Hall, Cinema City, The Talk, Playhouse Bar and The Workshop, and among the acts on the bill are Alex Carson, Josh Weller, Master Solo, Smoosh, Quack Quack and The Neutrinos.

For more info check or for press type nonsense contact


Rapper Ludacris has announced plans to regenerate a park in New York next Saturday (6 Oct). Joining a group of 100 other volunteers - some famous, some not - the hip hopper will be painting sports courts, basketball equipment and fences, maybe he'll even do some weeding. Furthermore, whilst he's in a charitable mood, he has agreed to play a one-off gig at Radio City Music Hall for 5000 volunteers with Busta Rhymes, Angels And Airwaves and Keyshia Cole. What a nice bloke.


More philanthropic gestures from the world of music and the news that singing student Shakira is going where, well, most students simply couldn't afford to go, by donating around £22 million to help areas affected by natural disasters in Latin America, specifically Peru and Nicaragua. The 'Hips Don't Lie' singer made the announcement while attending a summit on global climate change yesterday, which was organised by Bill Clinton and Reuters. As previously reported, Shakira has taken time off from her singing and acting career to study history at a university in home country Columbia.


France is set to bestow The Police with a state award. The recently reformed band will receive the Order Of Arts And Letters, according to officials, becoming Knights of France from Monday. In a surely coincidental turn of events, the band will be in Paris already on that date, having completed two concerts in Paris by this morning, selling out the Stade de France on both Saturday and Sunday.


The rather ace Battles have got CMU towers in all of a flutter after announcing details of a new EP that, if it's anything like their other stuff, is going to be, well, rather ace. Packaged with a super sounding DVD and a remix from Keiran Hebden in Four Tet mode, the US beat-boxing indie funkster's (or something like that) track listing looks like this:

2.Tonto (Field mix)
3.Tonto (Four Tet mix)
4.Tonto (Live at FRF 2007)
6.Leyendecker (DJ EMZ Remix feat Joell Ortiz)

2.The Making of Tonto


Jill Scott has got a new album which I think is out here on import already, but which is released for proper next Monday. It's called 'The Real Thing: Words & Sounds Volume 3', and is being released through Hidden Beach Records. Despite a pretty naff title, her previous records have always been critically acclaimed, full of fine tunes and all that schmaltz so I'll hedge my bets that this one is no different. Plus, according to the press release, she was "voted amongst People's [magazine] 50 Most Beautiful for 2001" so even if the record is crap, you'll presumably have a nice booklet/cover shot to admire.


With Antoine Corbijn's biopic 'Control' out on 5 Oct expect lots of Joy Division stories in the coming days. And here's one for today - Ian Curtis' former band mates Peter Hook, Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner have been reminiscing about their days as part of Joy Division (though possibly not in the same room, given current inter-band tensions) and the difficulties that the band faced as Curtis struggled with epilepsy and depression.

Speaking to The Sun, Stephen Morris said: "Looking back, I wish I'd helped him more. I think that all the time... but we were having such a good time and you're very selfish when you're young. Epilepsy wasn't understood then. People would just say, 'He's a bit of a loony - he has fits'".

Peter Hook, meanwhile, says he's glad Curtis' story is being told through 'Control', saying: "'Control' shows how important Ian's role was in the band. He was the driving force who held it together when we were upset or down. He'd always inspire us to keep trying".


Duran Duran have announced that they will be taking over New York's Ethel Barrymore Theater on Broadway for two weeks in November, previewing the release of their new album 'Red Carpet Massacre'. The band will play nine shows over that period, supporting the release, which features Timbaland, some Timbaland cohorts and a debut production (and co-writing) credit from Justin Timberlake on new single 'Falling Down'.


The much anticipated and much previously reported Van Halen reunion tour has kicked-off, with founder member/singer David Lee Roth fronting the band for the first time since 1985. In front of 18,000 fans in North Carolina, Roth and co ran through 'Ice Cream Man', 'You Really Got Me' and 'Runnin' With The Devil', with Eddie Van Halen's 16-year-old son Wolfgang joining the band on bass. A reportedly enthusiastic-looking Roth claimed: "I'm not going to waste time bullshitting around tonight".


Continuing the reunion news, Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant has refuted rumours that the one-off O2 Arena gig on 26 Nov will lead to a full tour, saying: "We need to do one last great show, because we've done some shows and they've been crap". Talking to the Daily Express, he also admitted that he was also considering giving-up performing live altogether, saying: "I know I'm getting on. When I come back from touring I'm shocked to find a lot of my mates tend to be going to bed far too early, and that means I should probably be doing the same. Maybe I should stop having a good time and get old".


Ryan Adams is reportedly a very angry man, having got in a bit of a strop about the sound at a show in Minneapolis on Thursday. Attendees claimed that he complained about the problem throughout the show, moving his stage around in search of an improved sound set-up before refusing to return for an encore despite a chorus of boos from some members of the crowd. Or perhaps that's why he didn't return. Either way, members of his band seemed equally perplexed at the situation, with guitarist Jon Graboff telling a local paper: "What can I say? I'm not the monitor guy. Ryan's the boss".


Beyonce has reportedly cancelled a forthcoming gig in Malaysia after she became the latest artist to be picketed by student activists in the country who object to the costumes artists like Beyonce wear, and the routines they perform.

Of course, Beyonce is not the first artist the National Union Of Malaysian Students have targeted, who say that they will protest against female artists with provocative costumes or routines because they feel such things are "not consistent with Muslim ideals". The Union has the country's laws on their side, and promoters of a Pussycat Dolls concert were fined £1500 last year for allowing provocative routines on stage.

As previously reported, when Gwen Stefani was recently faced with similar opposition and threats of protests she agreed to rework her show for Malaysia to comply with the country's rules on dress and routines. But Beyonce has refused to adapt her show in that way, preferring instead to cancel the concert.

Promoters of the Beyonce gig say they did inform the Destiny's Child star when first discussing a concert in Malaysia of the rules regarding clothing, but it is only now that the star has seemingly taken issue with them.


The good news is that Irish indie band The Thrills haven't run into any unacceptable wardrobe rules in relation to their upcoming UK tour, though unspecified 'personal circumstances' have forced the band to reschedule all dates. The band will now play:

11 Oct: Norwich Waterfront
12 Oct: Nottingham Trent Uni
13 Oct: Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
14 Oct: Liverpool Carling Academy
16 Oct: Glasgow Oran Mor
18 Oct: Manchester Club Academy
18 Oct: Leeds Cockpit
21 Oct: London Koko
24 Oct: Northhampton Soundhaus


A new report by an economist called Stan Liebowitz says that both those in the industry who bitch about P2P and those in the online community who defend P2P are wrong in the big 'P2P is bad/good' debate - with both sides choosing stats that support their case over others that are less useful to their agenda. The report follows and disputes recent Havard research that concluded that P2P file sharing had had no impact whatsoever on CD sales.

Liebowitz says there are a number of problems with the pro-P2P Havard research, and that the people behind it failed to release all their data, making it impossible for third parties to properly assess their findings. But he says that at the same time the music industry is wrong to simply blame P2P for all their woes, arguing that record labels were slow to adapt to the arrival of the new internet technologies, and that their attempts to block the new technologies were counterproductive.

The report concludes that there are two facts that are definitely true. One, CD sales are declining and downloading - legal or otherwise - is partly to blame. Two, technology cannot be stopped from developing. Those two facts should drive the record labels' business strategy, Liebowitz argues. Which I think we all knew, but still, good to hear it again.


Vodafone have announced a deal with Sony Ericsson that will give them the exclusive on the electronics giant's latest music phone, the V640i. The partnership with Sony follows Vodafone's reported decision to pass on doing a deal with Apple regarding exclusive rights to distribute the iPhone in one or more European territories, reportedly because the phone firm was unwilling to give in to Apple's many demands.

The new phone, which offers enhanced storage and over the air download capabilities, will attempt to compete with the much hyped iPhone by offering 3G internet access. As previously reported, Apple have decided to not use 3G, despite its growing popularity in Europe, with Apple boss Steve Jobs claiming 3G technologies currently drain battery power too fast.

But Vodafone and Ericsson will presumably try to prove otherwise, offering users faster music download speed. Whether that will prove effective in competing with the European arrival of the iPhone remains to be seen.


London based MRC has merged its operations with Genetic Recordings, further growing the reach and catalogue of the innovative independent.

Confirming the deal Genetic founder Martin Rushent, who set up the label as a spin off from his Genetic Studios enterprise in 1984, told CMU: "Its great to be getting together with MRC. They offer a refreshingly different attitude and view to the music business. The idea behind the rejuvenated Genetic will be as an incubator for new and upcoming talent. I intend to be actively involved in producing some of the bands we sign".

MRC Co-Founder Jaye Muller added: "Martin is not only one of the best producers in music he is also one of the nicest chaps we have met in the industry. We are delighted to be working with him".

Genetic will operate under its own name as part of MRC, with Rushent becoming Creative Director. The first release post-merger will be a limited edition 7" remix of a Human League track, which will be released in November.


Into music publishing, and prolific American songwriter Diane Warren has announced she is moving the non-North American administration of her entire back catalogue from EMI Music Publishing to Sony/ATV Music Publishing, seemingly following former EMI and current Sony/ATV boss Marty Bandier. Warren has written songs for and with the likes of Aerosmith, Elton John, Tina Turner, Barbra Streisand, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Pet Shop Boys, so it's quite an important catalogue. The songs are administered by Warren's own company in the US and Canada.


EMI Music Publishing Continental Europe has announced it has appointed Dr Oliver Schwenzer as Senior VP Legal And Business Affairs, coming to the publishing house from Bertelsmann's Arvato Mobile business. He'll report to EMIMPCE (my abbreviation) president Peter Ende, who told CMU: "Oliver has broad experience across all areas of the music industry value chain, and we're delighted that he is joining the team. His in-depth knowledge of both music publishing and the exploitation of digital rights will be invaluable to us as we move our business in Continental Europe forward".


More publishing news, and more Bertelsmann news, and the FT has reported that the German media giant is already making plans for a new music publishing company to replace BMG Music Publishing, which it sold to Universal Music Group in a bid to raise much needed funds to pay off debts accrued when buying out one of its former shareholders. As part of its agreement with Universal it cannot operate in the music publishing space until 2009. But word has it the media firm will launch a new publishing house as soon as it is legally able to.


Virgin Radio have appointed former LBC MD David Lloyd as its Programme Director. He will take over from Paul Jackson, who was the music station's CEO and PD in the months before he jumped over to GCap. Lloyd was one of the senior execs axed after Global Radio took over LBC owners Chrysalis Radio.

Confirming his appointment, Lloyd said this: "I have always been intrigued by the Virgin brand and its potential. The time I join the station is an interesting one with [breakfast DJ] Christian O'Connell having signed a new contract and a strong set of Rajars to build on. Leading the programming and developing the radio brand with risk and creativity is something that I am extremely excited about".

At Virgin he will join another former Chrysalis exec, Richard Huntingford, who became Non-exec Chairman of Virgin Radio last week after a somewhat sudden departure from the Chrysalis Group. Huntingford will not, however, take on the CEO role - the station is still looking for one of those. As previously reported, Virgin Radio's parent company SMG is still looking to sell the station, although it put off its flotation plans because of Jackson's departure and market instablity.


Xfm are doing a Mail On Sunday and starting a campaign to have all illegal immigrants shot. No, hang on, they're giving a way a new album in its entirety for free, yeah, that's it. Yep, following Prince's decision to give away his new album via the tabloid, now The Charlatans have announced they will give away their next album via the indie station's website, starting with first single 'You Cross My Path' on 22 Oct.

The press release on the promotion describes it thus: "The Charlatans and Xfm first started discussing the idea a couple of months ago and were really excited by the prospect of creating an industry first. The band had found themselves in the unique situation of being out of contract with a record label, owning their own recording studio and having the backing of Alan McGee of Alan McGee Management. Everyone thought that it would be a great way of getting their new material out to their fans. With live music currently booming they are confident that they are still onto a winner and this was backed up when the band, who have just returned from Los Angeles, announced their first tour dates in London, Glasgow and Manchester all of which sold out immediately".

Xfm's Head Of Music Mike Walsh, meanwhile, says this: "Xfm is a proudly innovative brand and we are very excited to be involved with The Charlatans new material in this way. Providing our listeners which such great exclusive content was an offer we couldn't refuse".

Alan McGee, meanwhile, added this: "Why would you volunteer to join the army for 10 years unless you had no choice? Record companies are kind of like the army; very regulated. We were really excited when Xfm got behind us and were as enthusiastic about the download as we are - they are the first people to embrace music for the people. The band will get paid by more people coming to gigs, buying merchandise, publishing and synch fees. I believe it's the future business model!"

And finally, Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess, says this: "We want 'the people' to own the music and we want the artist, ie us, to own the copyright. Why let a record company get in the way of people getting the music? We are excited at releasing our forthcoming singles and 10th studio album online free of charge through".


GCap have announced they are taking the production of its Hit 40 UK chart show, syndicated across a number of radio groups, in house, ending its four year relationship with independent production house Somethin Else.

Confirming and explaining the decision, the Guardian quote GCap Head Of Network Sales Kirk Vallis thus: "Somethin' Else have done an amazing job, but at the moment we are not capitalising on GCap's expertise and resource. There are so many different forms of music in the chart, no one has the level of resource in all the different music genres as GCap, with stations such as Choice, Xfm and Classic FM. If someone comes in for an interview [with Capital breakfast DJ] Johnny Vaughan then the producer should be there grabbing an interview for Hit 40 UK. It is all about producing the best show, and under GCap it can be at its best".


Talking of charts, though not that chart, after weeks of inaction (well, apart from 50 Cent vs Kanye I suppose) it's nice to see some serious movement in the charts with new number ones in both the single and album countdowns.

In single terms, Sugababes have hit the top spot with 'About You Know', ousting Sean Kingston's long-ruling 'Beautiful Girls', which has fallen to number four. Shayne Ward, meanwhile, claims number two with 'No U Hang Up'. 50 Cent is at three, a new Fedde Le Grand collaboration, 'Let Me Think About It', is at five, and Kanye's still hanging about with 'Stronger' at nine.

Meanwhile, in album chart news, Dave Grohl leads the Foo Fighters to number one with new long player 'Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace', calling an end to James Blunt's one week rule at numero uno. Ian Brown also pops by at number four, while at 8 Phil Collins sells yet more copies of 'Hits' off the back of the Cadbury's Gorilla advert. You know, the one everyone talks about by the water cooler. Exactly. And for those wondering where the new PJ Harvey record is sitting, look to number 11, which is criminal because she was so bloomin' good at The Royal Festival Hall on Saturday, she should so be top ten. I might go out and buy 300 copies to help boost her rating. Not that we'd condone such chart fixing.


It's the Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (Warner Bros)
2. Daughtry - Daughtry (SonyBMG)
3. Korn - Untitled (EMI/Virgin)
4. Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (Island)
5. Atreyu - Lead Sails Paper Anchor (Universal/Roadrunner)
6. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Warner/Roadrunner)
7. As I Lay Dying - An Ocean Between Us (Metal Blade)
8. Paramore - Riot! (Warner/Atlantic)
9. Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (Universal/Mercury)
10. Velvet Revolver - Libertad (SonyBMG)
11. The Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist (Warner Bros)
12. My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade (Warner Bros)
13. Iced Earth - Framing Armaggedon (Something Wicked - Part 1) (SPV)*
14. Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain (SonyBMG/Epic)
15. HIM - Venus Doom (Warner Bros) - new entry
16. Queen - Greatest Hits Vols. 1, 2, 3 (EMI)
17. Billy Talent - Billy Talent II (Warner/Atlantic)
18. Good Charlotte - Good Morning, Revival (SonyBMG/Epic)
19. Pink Floyd - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (EMI)*
20. 30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie (EMI/Virgin)


Here they are again, the videos being played on the SUBtv video screen network in students' unions all over the UK.

Biffy Clyro - Machines (Warner/14th Floor)
The Coral - Jacqueline (SonyBMG/Columbia)
The Enemy - You're Not Alone (Warner)
Foo Fighters - The Pretender (SonyBMG/Columbia)
The Holloways - Two Left Feet (TVT)
The Hoosiers - Goodbye Mr A (SonyBMG/RCA)
Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About It (Data)
Kings Of Leon - Charmer (SonyBMG/Columbia)
KT Tunstall - Hold On (EMI/Relentless)
Mark Ronson - Valerie (SonyBMG/Columbia)
Peter, Bjorn & John - Young Folks (Wichita)
Reverend and The Makers - He Said He Loved Me (Wall of Sound)
Scouting For Girls - She's So Lovely (SonyBMG/Epic)
Stereophonics - It Means Nothing (V2)
30 Seconds To Mars - The Kill (EMI/Virgin)
The Wombats - Let's Dance To Joy Division (Warner/14th Floor)

Babyshambles - Delivery (EMI/Parlophone)
The Cribs - Don't You Wanna Be Relevant (Wichita)
CSS - Alcohol (Sub Pop/Sire)
Duke Special - Our Love Goes Deeper Than This (V2)
Feist - 1234 (Universal/Polydor)
Fightstar - We Apologise For Nothing (Institute)
The Fray - All At Once (SonyBMG/RCA)
Funeral For A Friend - Great Wide Open (Warner/Atlantic)
Kevin Drew - Backed Out On The... (V2/Arts&Crafts)
Laura Marling - New Romantic (EMI)
Los Campesinos! - The International Tweexcore Underground (Wichita)
N-Dubz - You Better Not Waste My Time (Universal/Polydor)
The Nextmen - Something Got You (Antidote)
Sonny J - Can't Stop Moving (Positiva)
Tunng - Bullets (Full Time Hobby)
USE - Open Your Eyes (Concept)


George Michael has revealed he suffered a head injury as a child which changed his whole outlook on the world in a confessional interview with the BBC's Kirsty Young on Radio 4 show Desert Island Discs.

The interview, which was aired yesterday, saw Michael admit: "At the age of about eight I had a head injury and I know it sounds bizarre and unlikely, but it was quite a bad bang, and I had it stitched up and stuff, but all my interests changed, everything changed in six months".

The 'Outside' star claims that the incident turned him onto making music, which thus makes it responsible for such top tracks as, erm, 'Club Tropicana'. In his own words: "I had been obsessed with insects and creepy crawlies, I used to get up at five o'clock in the morning and go out into this field behind our garden and collect insects before everyone else got up and, suddenly, all I wanted to know about was music, it just seemed a very, very strange thing".

Now where did I put that hammer?


Britpop is officially over. Fact. With the heyday of Britpop now only surviving in the minds of aging indie kids, Liam Gallagher has put the final nail in the coffin by announcing that the Blur vs Oasis war - the very heart of all things Britpop - is over.

Speaking to Mojo magazine, he said: "I don't mind Blur. I'm over it. It was a laugh man, that's what you do when you're young". Liam even went onto admit that he takes inspiration from Damon Albarn, adding: "When I see Damon Albarn, I buzz off him. If I was still caught up in it [the feud] now I'd be a right wanker".

Revelling in his newly found modesty, Gallagher continued by revealing that he thinks that he sounds like Tweetie Pie on Oasis' early material, adding that he prefers the way he sings now: "I hate my voice on all them [older] records. I sound like fucking Tweetie bird. I mean, they were good at the time, it's the best I could do, but I prefer it the way it is now."

He continued: "When I hear 'Slide Away', I think, 'That's a vocal', 'Supersonic', that's alright. But certain songs, [like] 'Live Forever', some of the high [notes], it's I just think [head in hands], 'Aw, fuck that'."

Oasis, of course, release their first download only single, 'Lord Don't Slow Me Down', on 21 Oct.


What with Oasis vs Blur now officially over, and even 50 Cent being a bit too reasonable about losing the Fiddy/Kanye chart squabble, praise the Lord for Westy, who, while saying little about his win against Cent, is still in full on bitch mode with MTV after they failed to award him any VMAs last month. Kanye is refusing to talk to the music station, and to that end he refused to speak to an MTV crew while attending an LA party. The rapper, whose mother sort-of compared him to Jesus last week, instead decided to chat to Us Magazine, and when MTV decided to try and get a slice of the action he told them: "I have nothing against you, just your bosses". Which is petty, but at least it's targeted pettiness.

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