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In today's CMU Daily:
- Q awards honour old and new
- VH1 honour hip hop greats
- Klaxons to represent UK at MTV New Sounds thing
- Arrest warrant out for Beanie Sigel over rental car
- Lil Wayne lawyer responds to arrest
- Doherty didn't try to commit suicide, OK?
- Yoko to unveil light and peace
- Single Review: The Decemberists - The Perfect Crime #2
- Ozzy on new Sabbath, or not
- The Police heading into the studio? Erm, no
- Lennox might go electro on next album
- Billie Joe on new Green Day
- Paul Steel cancels gig after breaking foot
- Fightstar's fashionable signings
- Goldsmith criticizes eBay again
- Merlin appoint chairman
- Billboard publish top music women list
- CD Baby and Snocap part company
- War Child enter into EMAP partnership
- Xfm launch new award
- BRMB criticised over fake prize
- Original playing too many chart hits
- Keith says little Lily helped drug sales
- More Hookie on New Order


Back when Eric Nicoli was kicked out of EMI at the end of August I was asked if Terra Firma, outsiders from the good old music industry, were the right people to be running struggling EMI. As previously reported, the private equity firm and new EMI owners are taking a very hands-on approach with their new toy.

I seem to remember giving a diplomatic answer - something along the lines of "the big record companies need to introduce some radical new approaches, and therefore the input of outsiders might be just what EMI needs; but those not used to the music business often struggled when working with wonderfully erratic artists and songwriters, and so it might all go horribly wrong". Well, words to that effect.

But certainly there are some exciting times ahead at EMI with the new owners in the board room, and Terra Firma chief Guy Hands does seem to be saying some good if not entirely original stuff. In a leaked memo published by Billboard this week Hands tells his staff that that record labels have to get more creative with digital opportunities and rely less on CD sales if they are to survive, and that execs at the company need to think beyond the traditional record label business model of paying large upfront advances recouped on record sales, and instead they should think more like venture capitalists, investing in creative talent at all levels, and sharing in profits from various revenue streams, including live activity.

Commenting on the record industry's response to the growth of digital so far, the memo added: "Rather than embracing digitalisation and the opportunities it brings for promotion of product and distribution through multiple channels, the industry has stuck its head in the sand".

Most of that has been said by others in the industry, of course, though not generally so passionately by someone leading a traditional record company, which is why I think there are exciting times ahead at EMI - a record company that has, in the past, often seemed particularly reluctant to develop and embrace new business models (the big 'DRM free' move aside). Having Hands rhetoric at the top should be good for the major.

Though all that said, from what we can see Hands' memo offers less on where these radical, profitable new revenue streams are going to come from, and who is going to develop and deliver them. And that's quite a challenge. Whether Hands and his team are those people, or whether those people already exist in EMI, or whether Hands and EMI together can find them, remains to be seen. But whatever, exciting nonetheless.



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No one act dominated at the annual Q Awards in London yesterday. Arctic Monkeys were named Best Act In The World Today, but Amy Winehouse took the Best Album prize for 'Back To Black' while Muse were named Best Live Act. In the newer talent awards The Enemy were named Best New Act while Kate Nash won the Breakthrough Artist category.

The Q Awards champion both current and classic talent, of course, and in the more generic categories Paul McCartney was named Icon Of The Year, Kylie Minogue Idol Of 2007 and Damon Albarn was awarded a prize for 'inspiration'. Elsewhere, and with something of a Manchester theme, Ian Brown was named Q Legend, former Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr won the Lifetime Achievement prize and the late Factory Records chief Tony Wilson was named a Q Hero.

In the classic music domain, Stereophonics' 'Local Boy In The Photograph' won the Classic Song prize while The Verve's 'Urban Hymns' took Classic Album.

The Q Awards are best known, I suppose, for the words or actions of the slightly drunken artists who go there. This year's stand out story was Q Legend Brown's Kylie rant. Presumably thinking it was still the mid-nineties when it was fashionable to diss poor old Ms Minogue, the former Stone Rose questioned Q's judgment in declaring Kylie its Idol of the year, telling the Beeb: "I don't know what Kylie's doing at a music awards to be honest. I don't think she's cute. I don't think she's good-looking. Her music's rubbish - she makes music for little kids. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm putting her down, but there's a lot of great minds out there making music and she's not one of them".

Anyway, enough ranting, here's the full list of winners.

Breakthrough Artist: Kate Nash
Q Icon: Paul McCartney
Best Act In The World Today: Arctic Monkeys
Q Idol: Kylie Minogue
Q Inspiration Award: Damon Albarn
Q Legend: Ian Brown
Q Classic Songwriter: Billy Bragg
Best Live Act: Muse
Best Album: Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
Q Hero: Anthony H. Wilson
Q Lifetime Achievement Award: Johnny Marr
Q Merit Award: Ryan Adams
Q Innovation In Sound Award: Sigur Ros
Best Video: Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby
Q Classic Album: The Verve - Urban Hymns
Q Classic Song: The Stereophonics - Local Boy In The Photograph
Best Track: Manic Street Preachers - Your Love Alone Is Not Enough
Best New Act: The Enemy


More awards, and it was the VH1 Hip Hop Honours event in New York yesterday, where the TV network celebrates the legends of the genre. Being honoured this time round were Snoop Dogg, Missy Elliot and rap trio Whoudini plus Uptown Records founder Andre Harrell and producer Teddy Riley for their role in creating the New Jack Swing sound, and Fab Five Freddy and Charlie Ahern for their involvement in groundbreaking early eighties movie 'Wild Style'. And all deserving winners, if you ask me, well done one and all.


More awards, and Klaxons will now represent the UK in the New Sounds Of Europe Award at this year's MTV Europe Music Awards.

The New Sounds Award is a new bit of the EMAs designed to celebrate new musical talent across the continent, with each country in Europe putting forward a semi-finalist. James Morrison was set to represent the UK, but then we, as a nation, realized he was a bit rubbish, so we decided to put the Mercury Award winning Klaxons up instead. No, not really - alas semi-finalists need to attend the EMA to compete, and Morrison can't make it, but the Klaxon boys are well up for it, and they came second in the original vote to pick a UK entrant, so all's well that ends well.

Formally bowing out, Morrison told reporters: "It's a real shame that I won't be able to take
part in this new award at the Europe Music Awards this year. However recording commitments mean I won't be able to be in Munich. I wish Klaxons the very best of luck and want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me".

Formally, erm, bowing in, a spokesman for Klaxons said this: "We're excited to be the UK entrant for the NSOE award and at the prospect of performing at the EMAs in Munich to cap what has been a fantastic year for us so far."


Beanie Sigel's attorney has said his client will give himself up to police next week to face charges in a dispute over a rental car which the rapper rented in July but only returned last week, when it was due back with the rental firm on 13 Aug.

Although the rental outfit in southwest Philadelphia continued to charge Sigel's credit card for the unauthorized rental, eventually they assumed the car was never going to be returned and reported it stolen. Police went to Sigel's home in Lansdale, Pennsylvania last Friday, but an associate of the rapper returned the car at about the same time. Police didn't find Sigel so a warrant is still out for his arrest, even though the car has been returned.

Commenting on the whole thing, Sigel's lawyer told reporters: "We've learned that a warrant was issued for his arrest for failure to return a vehicle. Apparently there was some misunderstanding over when it was to be returned or whether or not payment was continuing to be made. The car has been returned. And whatever money is owed to the company has been paid or will be paid shortly"

The attorney said Sigel should be able to fit the arrest into his schedule next Monday, which is good of him.


More on the arrest of rapper Lil Wayne this weekend. As previously reported, the rapper was arrested after performing a gig in Boise, Idaho on Saturday night in relation to old drugs charges issued in Fulton Country, Georgia. Wayne allegedly previously failed to attend two separate court hearings in relation to the charges, hence the arrest. But the rapper's lawyer, having got him out of jail on a $20,000 bail, told reporters the whole thing was down to a "misunderstanding". Attorney William Head told Atlanta's Fox Channel 5 that his client wasn't aware of the missed court dates, observing: "When someone's this successful, there are chances things will fall through the cracks. They were under the impression that those charges had either been resolved or dismissed". The rapper is due back in court today to face the charges.


Now, who exactly is it out there claiming that Pete Doherty tried to commit suicide while in rehab? Oh, it was Johnny Jeannevol, the Babyshambler's former minder, who has sold his story to the News Of World. He claims Doherty ODed while at the Clouds House clinic in Wiltshire shortly after his split from that Kate Moss chick. But Doherty's manager has denied the allegations, and also denied that Jeannevol was ever even the singer's minder.

Jeannevol told the NOTW: "Pete's been really wound up over Kate showing off her new man [The Kills singer Jamie Hince]. He saw an opportunity to take an overdose and took it. He told me he didn't know what the pills were but... took them all. He doesn't care what drugs do to him - in fact, he likes finding out". But did we mention that all that's untrue and Jeannevol's a fake? Did we? Good.


Yoko Ono will unveil a 'light tower' in Iceland today, on what would have been John Lennon's 67th birthday. The tower celebrates Lennon's passion for, erm, light. No, that's not right. No, it's a 'peace' tower of light, designed to celebrate Lennon's desire for world peace. That's it. More at site.

Here's what Ono says: "On October 9th I hope that the world will pause for a time and imagine peace. I am unveiling the Peace Tower in memory of John. I am thrilled to do it in Iceland, a unique and beautiful country in which 80 per cent of the energy is provided by water, not oil. The air, water and earth are surprisingly pure and clean, as a result. I hope that the light from the tower will shine, not just physically on those present at the unveiling, but will be beamed across the world so that the message of peace will be delivered to all people. IMAGINE PEACE!"

So, go on then, imagine a world in peace. I hope you've got a good imagination.


SINGLE REVIEW: The Decemberists - The Perfect Crime #2 (Rough Trade)
The Decemberists have built up some good reviews and a sizeable fan base; you can see why with their solid song-writing and intelligent lyrics allied to interesting instrumentation.
Kinda like the missing link between punk-funk style disco, and folk, The Perfect Crime #2 is perfectly pleasant if hardly must-hear-this material. The remixes are more interesting (though not quite what you might expect from those concerned); Diplo squeezes 'Perfect Crime' through a revved-up acid techno filter, leaving nothing from the original bar the odd disembowelled snatch of vocal, and some sampled drums à la DJ Shadow. Junior Boys briefly flirt with progressive house across the dancefloor, before eventually settling on a minimal slab of shimmering electronica, whilst, unlike the aforementioned acts, A Touch Of Class keep the nucleus of the song in tact on their version, simply upping the tempo, beefing it up with a few synths and translating the lead guitar riff into something redolent of a mournful spaghetti western, all to excellent effect. MS
Release date: 8 Oct
Press contact: Rough Trade IH [all]


Ozzy Osbourne has been talking to Billboard about the chances of there being a new Black Sabbath album. He seems keen to work with his bandmates on new material, but says he'd only release a new album if it was up to scratch. He says: "I'd love to do another Black Sabbath album. We did try and write together; there are a bunch of things written. But the problem I'm having is it's got to be at least on the same level as when we departed. If it's not, then what's the point in doing it? I'm definitely doing another album, whether with my own band or Sabbath. As long as I'm not doing bullshit..."

He also responded to comments made by Sharon Osbourne's brother David Arden that his sister was working poor old Ozzy into the ground. He said: "My wife can't make me do anything I don't want to do. I think the guy [Arden] needs to see a fucking psychiatrist".


The Police's Andy Summers has indicated that the recently reunited band might enter the studio to record a new album. Well, he said that it would be "remarkable" to make a new album - I'm not sure there are actually any real plans to record anything new. Talking to those Associated Press chaps, he said: "I would see it as a challenge, to make an absolutely brilliant pop album at this stage of our career, and that would be something quite remarkable. Right now it is just the tour holding everything together mentally, physically and musically. The tour and the traveling and the playing and the tension you have to keep to do it every night is all-devouring. It is just too much".


Annie Lennox has said that she might return to a more Eurythmics style sound for her next album - well, something more electronica anyway. With fourth solo album 'Songs Of Mass Destruction' just out Lennox has told reporters that she is already thinking about her next long player, and that she wants to do something a bit more diverse next time: "Now I can actually make any kind of music I like. The idea of just making all kinds of music really appeals to me. I'd like to make a dance album that is purely electronic. I don't really want to be a pop star. I've been trying to avoid that for some time".


Green Day have about 45 songs ready for their next album, though presumably they'll wittle it down somewhat before releasing anything. They're very busy in the studio, though Billie Joe Armstong says he is still trying to find inspiration for the new long player, but that the current music scene isn't providing much.

Speaking to Rolling Stone he said: "We have a lot of music - something like 45 songs. It's total chaos, I want to dig into who I am and what I'm feeling at this moment - which is middle aged. We've been doing this for 20 years now. You want to make sure you're being honest with yourself. I also have to ask myself 'what's real out there?' Right now, it seems stagnant".


Singer songwriter Paul Steel has been forced to cancel the remaining dates of his UK tour after breaking his fifth metatarsal bone in his foot - an injury, as pretty much everyone has pointed out, more common among footballers than singers. But the injury did come about in action - he landed awkwardly on his foot while performing his song 'Raygun' at a gig at the Electric Ballroom in Camden. He battled through to the end of the gig (what a star) before been whisked to hospital where doctor's confirmed the broken foot bone.

Confirming the cancelled dates, Steel told reporters: "I'm really really sorry to everyone who bought tickets and anyone who wanted to go. The band and I are gutted we can't come and the play the tunes to you. We'll make sure the shows are rescheduled soon. I was quite up for roughing out, but it takes me about 5 minutes to get to my kitchen on crutches and it's exhausting. I don't think I could do the show any justice without being able to move about on-stage".


Those Fightstar boys will be doing signing sessions at various trendy shops as part of a parternship with the Atticus clothing label. The band are busy promoting second album 'One Day Son This Will All Be Yours' - though they had to cancel a gig in Liverpool on Friday because poor old Charlie Simpson lost his voice. But we're told he's found it again so will be fine for the following signing sessions and other upcoming gigs...

12 Oct: Portsmouth, 5 pm, Dress Code Store, 1b Albert Road, Southsea
13 Oct: Brighton, 5 pm, Reload Store, 6 Kensington Gardens
15 Oct: Oxford, 5pm, Tiger Lily's,11C New Rd, Oxford.
17 Oct: Leeds, 5pm, Exit Store, Unit 12c, Corn Exchange, Call Lane, Leeds,


Harvey Goldsmith has again been speaking out against eBay and the fact they allow touts to auction off tickets for live music events to the highest bidder.

He was being interviewed about secondary ticket sales online in the run up to the high profile tribute concert he is staging in memory of the late Atlantic Records chief Ahmet Ertegun, which will feature the much hyped Led Zeppelin reunion, of course, and tickets for which are in high demand. Goldsmith has announced a number of measures to stop the resale of tickets to the event.

Speaking to Kerrang! Radio about the sale of tickets to the Ertegun concert on eBay, Goldsmith said: "I wish eBay would drop dead and die... I have begged them to take [the tickets] off and they have basically told us to fuck off. So I will do everything I possibly can to ruin their lives".

Although, as previously reported, many in the live sector have issues with the growth of online ticket touting, some Led Zeppelin fans have criticised Goldsmith over the rules he has introduced in a bid to prevent anyone who buys tickets via eBay from getting into the event, with some threatening to sue the promoter if they are refused access to the concert (mainly American fans, needless to say).

Others say that it is unfair to penalize those who buy tickets via eBay by not letting them in when it is the sellers who are, in their opinion, at fault, though Goldsmith doesn't agree. In another interview about online ticket auctions, he said: "I have no interest in supporting parasite businesses who prevent fans from supporting their artists by the increased price of the tickets and who ultimately put nothing whatsoever back into our business to support it".


Worldwide indie digital rights whatnot Merlin has announced that Koch Records' Bob Frank has been appointed as their first ever Chairman.

Look, here's what he says about it: "Merlin unites the independent sector in an unprecedented way. It gives us an increased ability to compete in the market, and to engage those companies that wish to exploit our rights, and to receive remuneration from those who may have already utilized our copyrights. We look forward to establishing many new partnerships as we pave the way for the independent sector to fully engage in the new music business economy. I am thrilled to take on this role and assist [Merlin's full time] CEO Charles Caldas and the Merlin Board as we march forward".

Caldas, name checked there, you probably noticed, said: "Bob Frank is a recognised leader in the independent music sector, and the fact that he is providing Merlin with the benefit of his knowledge, passion and experience is testament both to the extraordinary group of people we have assembled on this vitally important project, and their force of will to see it succeed."


Talking of indie music, the chair of the Association Of Independent Music, Alison Wenham, who also sits on the Merlin board, has been named the fourth most powerful woman in music, so well done her. And also to MTV CEO Judy McGrath, Atlantic Records President Julie Greenwald, and Sony Urban President Lisa Ellis all of whom are even more powerful. Well, according to Billboard anyhow. Look, here's their Women In Music Top Ten. I'm not sure why there are two fives.

1. Judy McGrath, Chairman/CEO, MTV Networks
2. Julie Greenwald, President, Atlantic Records
3. Lisa Ellis, President, Sony Urban Music
4. Alison Wenham, Chairman/CEO, AIM; Worldwide Independent Network
5. Christina Norman, President, MTV Networks
5. Debra Lee, Chairman/CEO, BET Networks
6. Jody Gerson, EVP of U.S. Creative, EMI Music Publishing
7. Alexandra Patsavas, Founder, Chop Shop
8. Sylvia Rhone, President, Universal Motown Records
9. Lesley Bleakley, CEO, the Beggars Group, U.S.
10. Andrea Ganis, EVP, Atlantic Records


US based independent music etailer CD Baby has confirmed it has ended its relationship with digital music types Snocap. Previously CD Baby gave artists it works with access to a Snocap widget that enabled them to sell their music digitally via their MySpace pages - basically acting as middle men between the artists and Snocap. But Snocap seemed to have decided they'd rather deal directly with artists rather than via CD Baby.

Snocap chief Rusty Rueff confirmed his company was no longer partnering with CD Baby, explaining: "These experiences have shown us that Snocap works best when used directly by artists without the extra support of CD Baby. To use or continue using the Snocap MyStore to sell your music on MySpace, you must create a direct account with Snocap".

Some reports suggest the Snocap/CD Baby partnership proved problematic, and the end of the alliance was acrimonious. Certainly CD Baby founder Derek Sivers sounds a bit bitter about it all. Writing on the message board, he says: "I'll give a public and detailed account [about the end of the Snocap relationship] soon. For now, just know that the ending of the relationship between CD Baby and Snocap was our idea, and done for your benefit (as well as our sanity)".


War Child have announced they have secured a wide ranging media partnership with EMAP who will promote the charity's latest campaign over various platforms and through various EMAP media, including Mother And Baby, Zoo, Grazia, Magic, Moray Firth and Hallam FM. The latest campaign centres on a new single that has been recorded for the charity by Keane - it's called 'The Night Sky' and will be released on 29 Oct, followed by a number of benefit gigs involving Keane and all sorts of other bands.


Hurrah, another awards event. This time from Xfm, who are going to launch a British Debut Album Of The Year award. They will present it at Koko in Camden on 16 Jan and are calling on their listeners to vote for who should win it. Their votes will create a shortlist from which various Xfm presenters, musicians and music pundits will pick an overall winner.

This is what Xfm MD Nick Davidon had to say about it all: "Xfm have been thinking of holding an awards ceremony for a while now but wanted to make sure we got it right, ensure it has real meaning and a focus point - we have chosen 'The Xfm British Debut Album of the Year' because we know new music, inside and out. This award isn't for the industry but for our listener's and the bands to acknowledge the passion and hard work that goes into a debut album. We hope that it will be a great evening for everyone that attends and that the bands in the running for the award are genuinely excited by the prospect of winning it".

Who knows if they will be? I'm excited about reporting on it. Which is a start.


This is great. OfCom have criticized BRMB, no strangers to controversial listener promotions, for running a competition where they offered a prize trip to Athens to watch a Champion League football match. But the prize was actually a trip to a Birmingham restaurant called Athens, who were showing the match on TV. The GCap owned station argued there were lots of hints in the promotion to indicate the prize wasn't actually a trip to the city of Athens, but OfCom ruled that they had "seriously breached" guidelines with the competition, although it said it wouldn't fine them.


Also being criticised by OfCom are new Southampton radio station Original 106 who have been given a "yellow card" warning by the media regulator for playing a higher percentage of top 20 hits that its licence allows. The station is meant to be an 'album-led music service', with album tracks making the majority of their music output, but according to OfCom chart hits made up 67% of its output, nearly twice as much as they should (though, technically, chart hits have been on albums too, perhaps that's where the confusion came from). Insiders say the new station is struggling to win a big enough audience with its 'adult album alternative format', which probably explains the increasing number of chart hits appearing on the playlist.


Keith Allen has reportedly admitted to using daughter Lily to help him sell drugs at Glastonbury. Though it was when she was probably too young to know what was going on. Allen is quoted thus: "I didn't see what was wrong with taking little Lily along with me as a sales tool rather like the homeless lads do with dogs. Cute puppy guarantees punters will stop and stroke it and therefore give you money. Lil' sat next to the stall gurgling in a pushchair while I cranked up the sales patter and knocked out the lager".


Peter Hook has been ranting some more about the disputed demise of New Order. Talking to Gigwise ahead of the Q Awards he said: "There is no future for New Order. I mean, not as it was anyway. If they [Morris and Sumner] want to form a New Order 2 then that's what it should be viewed as".

As previously reported, Hookie's bandmates Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner disputed his claims New Order have split, saying that Hook may have left, but they intend to carry on recording under the moniker.

Hookie continued: "I don't think it will be New Order, it would be like carrying on with Joy Division without Ian [Curtis] - which is something we'd said we'd never do. Which is why I didn't understand why those two said that because it's as plain as the nose on your face that it's not New Order".

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