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In today's CMU Daily:
- Report optimistic about digital future
- Zomba sue over Britney leaks
- Britney custody update
- Snoop to go on litter duty
- Macca in court to negotiate divorce
- More Radiohead nonsense
- Morning Runner split
- Hanson on his blood clots
- SixNationState, seven inch cut
- Faithful on health
- Kanye West working with Jacko
- Rammstein man launches new band
- Mika may duet with May at Brits
- Rhymes collaborates with Linkin Park
- G4 bloke signs solo deal
- The View tour
- Shitdisco gigs cancelled
- Live UK summit showcases announced
- More EMI nonsense
- EFF support filesharer Thomas
- MySpace may open application platform
- Jamba CEO resigns
- Classic FM enter into live deal with Liverpool Phil
- No release for Manics festive song
- Hammer not dead, OK?
- X-factor judges use fake homes on show


OK, a quick call to action for all you A&R types. We are currently putting together an all new CMU guide to making it as a band, and we plan to include a comprehensive guide to all the A&Rs out there in record label and music publishing land. If you're an A&R we'd greatly appreciate it if you could take two and half minutes to bung us an email and tell us the following:

- Your name, job title and label
- Your label's A&R policy - ie what kind of music you sign
- Approx how many new bands you sign a year
- Whether you welcome unsolicited demos
- If so, how you prefer them (CD, email, via web interface)
- Do you welcome bands contacting you to tell you about themselves, their gigs, their self-releases etc?
- If so, how should they get in touch (phone, email, via web interface)?
- What tips do you have for bands looking to be signing?

We're keen to get your info even if it is "don't send us anything or get in touch, we discover everything ourselves". So, Mr/Ms A&R, email us your answers to And we'll let you know more about our new guide to the music biz sometime very soon, promise.



Brunswick Arts creates media campaigns for clients in the arts - including theatre, visual arts, opera, and ballet - and charitable organisations. We are looking to appoint two senior communicators to our UK team, based in London. Candidates must have a thorough understanding of the arts and experience in generating media coverage. A natural networker with enthusiasm and drive, you will be a creative thinker with original ideas for campaigns and new business. Experience of managing teams and budgets is also required. Fluency in a European language is advantageous but not essential.

To apply please send your CV quoting reference SS01/02



GraduateJobsNetwork is a new kind of careers and media company which offers gap-year students and recent graduates a unique way to launch their careers by working on the definitive graduate careers website. We are currently recruiting interns who will work on the programme for 4-8 weeks between now and the end of the year and learn a variety of skills...

Editorial: researching and writing interviews and stories; sub-editing; Apple Mac skills.

Web & Design: operating a content management system; search engine optimisation; image processing; desktop publishing skills.

Sales & Management: running a media company; brainstorming sales leads; building a sales database.

Office Management: managing a company database; chasing payments; keeping accounts.

Marketing: writing press releases; making and phoning PR contacts; liaising with student media.

You will not be paid, but will receive a reference when you complete the programme, and will also have careers guidance from Taylor Bennett, a leading headhunting firm, including CV writing, job interview techniques and networking skills. We are based in Shoreditch, on the edge of the City of London and within easy reach of Spitalfields and Hoxton. The office is 10 minutes away from both Liverpool Street and Old Street stations.

To apply, fill in an application form at and submit it together with your CV as soon as possible to



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Brownswood Is One at The End
A great night from long term CMU favourite Gilles Peterson, who is celebrating the first birthday of his label Brownswood Recordings with a marathon four hour DJ set. Support will come from jazz funk type Moodymann plus Rainer Truby. In the lounge you get Ross Allen and Simbad, plus Little Creatures with Luke Solomon and Rob Mello will be doing AKA. It's gonna be good.

Saturday 13 Oct, The End, West Central Street, WC1A, 10pm-7am, £15 in advance, £16 on door, £12 NUS, more at

CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Stir at Heaven
One for all you breaks fans out there - this night is being brought to you by the very fine Breaksday crew, along with Nano Records, and will combine all that is vital in the world of breaks with some electronica, techno, psy trance and chill out over four rooms. It's gonna be quite a night. On the breaks tip you'll find the mighty Rennie Pilgrem and MC Chickaboo, plus Phil Hartnoll, Hybrid, Aquasky, JDS, Quest and Far Too Loud. Definitely a must go for anyone into their breaks.

Friday 12 Oct, Heaven, Villiers Street, WC2N, 10pm-7am, £13 in advance, £16 on door, more at


New entrants into the digital download market, including Nokia and Amazon, plus reinvented download offers from high street retailer types like HMV, Tesco and Woolworths will challenge iTunes' dominance in the digital entertainment sector. Not my words, but the words of retail analysts Verdict, who have just published a report on the digital entertainments market.

The research says digital download sales in the UK this year will hit £163 million, a 45.5% growth year on year. Researchers also reckon similar growth will continue in the coming years so that by 2012 annual download spend will be £600 million. The boom, which Verdict say will be further fuelled by the increasing availability of digital content without DRM, will mean that music and video downloads will soon make up 13.5% of the overall music and video market, compared with 4.1% today.

The generally optimistic report concludes that that growth, coupled with the boost new high definition DVD technology will bring to the video space, will help the wider music and video industries recover from recent sales declines. Traditional retailers are also expected to gain a bigger slice of the market, which is currently dominated by Apple's download store.

Verdict analyst Nick Gladding told reporters: "While piracy will continue and CD volumes will decline further, retailers generally are now better placed to cope with new market challenges".


SonyBMG's Zomba division sued notorious gossip website for copyright infringement yesterday over allegations the site and its owner Mario Lavandeira have illegally obtained and posted at least ten completed songs and unfinished demos from Britney Spear's forthcoming new album over the last three months.

Zomba's Jive label has announced it is bringing forward the release of Spears' new album, 'Blackout', from mid-November to the end of this month following the leaking of tracks from it on the net. It is not clear what kind of damages the label is looking for in their litigation, although we do know that Spears herself is not part of the lawsuit. and Lavandeira are yet to comment.


Elsewhere in the world of Britney, Ms Spears has been granted one overnight visit a week with her sons as her ongoing custody battle with ex Kevin Federline continues. As previously reported, custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James was given to the Fed on account of Spears' recent loopiness, with Spears only allowed to see her kids for short periods every other day, and only when under supervision. But Spears' people went back to court this week to try and have that decision overruled or amended, and the judge yesterday agreed to extend Spears rights after the singer attended a private court session with him. A court spokesperson said Spears personal attendance to present her case persuaded the judge to alter the current custody conditions. Spears will still need to be supervised while caring for the children overnight, though reports suggest that the singer's mother has offered to be the supervisor.


More from the pop courts, criminal division this time. Snoop Dogg will have to pick up trash as part of the community service which was part of the previously reported sentence passed after the rapper pleaded guilty to carrying an illegal weapon at John Wayne Airport last year (you'll remember it was a collapsible baton which he originally claimed was a prop for a video shoot). Snoop has chosen to do his community service at a park in Orange County (John Wayne Airport is in Orange County), and his attorney told reporters yesterday that he will do "everything from raking leaves to painting benches". In addition to the community service, Snoop was handed three years of probation, and ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and make a $10,000 donation to a charity for troubled youth.


As you no doubt saw in all the papers last night, Paul McCartney and soon to be ex-wife Heather Mills were in court yesterday for closed proceedings to discuss their divorce. Reports suggest Mills could get up to £100 million out of the divorce settlement - which would probably be the biggest in British legal history. No word yet on how close settlement is.


Gigwise says that a source close to Radiohead has said that 1.2 million copies of their new album 'In Rainbows' have been bought via the 'pay what you want' download promotion. They also speculate that most fans will have paid at least a pound for the album, meaning the band will have taken in £1.2 million from the promotion. As previously reported, Radiohead's management have indicated they won't reveal exactly how many people have downloaded the new album nor what the average price paid is, though I suspect they will if the whole thing does prove to be a big success.

Meanwhile, New York based blog Gothamist quote Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood as saying the band's decision to release their new album via the online promotion was not intended to be some kind of attack on the music industry, rather it just seemed like a quick, fun way to get it out there. He says the band's motivation was: "Just getting it out quickly. It was kind of an experiment as well; we were just doing it for ourselves and that was all. People are making a big thing about it being against the industry or trying to change things for people but it's really not what motivated us to do it. It's more about feeling like it was right for us and feeling bored of what we were doing before".

Finally for today's Radiohead segment, an unofficial mix of one of the tracks off 'In Rainbows' has been posted online - dance producer Mojob's remix of 'Videotape' is at the URL below. Presumably if he wants to release it Radiohead will have a 'pay what you want' licencing arrangement too. mp3-radiohead-videotape-mojib-remix.html


Reading based indie rockers Morning Runner have said they are splitting up after their record label, EMI's Parlophone, said they didn't think they could put out what the band had been working on for a second album.

Writing on their blog, the band say: "The first record [last year's 'Wilderness Is Paradise Now'] was obviously a relative commercial failure and heaped pressure on us to have a follow up hit record (the nature of being signed to a major record label). We decided to try and ignore this and write the songs that we wanted and move our music on which we did succeed in doing. However having been encouraged by the label to go away and experiment with what we were doing they made a u turn and decided that the music wasn't commercially viable and that they didn't want to put it out. This wasn't really a surprise and was understandable from their point being a corporation. We had a couple of day's apart to think through what we wanted to do next. When we came to sit down and talk about stuff Tom and Fields came to the decision that they'd had enough. This wasn't what Matt and Ali wanted particularly but obviously they respect their decision and came to the agreement that with the loss of Tom and Fields they should call it a day. Matt and Ali will probably go on to do other things in music so will hopefully see you again soon".

They concluded: "Thank you so much to those of you who given us your support, bought our records, came to our shows, helped us on tour, and managed us. Many of you have loyally supported us right from the beginning".


Isaac Hanson has told reporters he is happy to be back on the road after his previously reported hospital treatment last week caused his band to have to cancel some dates. As previously reported, Hanson was rushed into hospital in Dallas last week and underwent surgery to remove multiple blood clots. He was hospitalised after he noticed a sudden swelling and stiffness in one of his arms during a show

Hanson told reporters that doctors had diagnosed a rare condition called venous thoracic outlet syndrome which causes pain, numbness and loss of grip. On the treatment he'd received to remove the blood clots, he continued: "I lucked out. In a lot of cases, were it not 2007, I would be holed up in a hospital bed really likely that I wouldn't be able to use my arm and play guitar again".

He says he will probably have further surgery to stop the condition from developing again. Meanwhile, doctors have now given the all clear for Hanson to rejoin his brothers on tour - they are currently touring the US to support current album 'The Walk'.


The bassist with Jeepster signings SixNationState, John Maskell, suffered a rather grim injury at a gig on Tuesday. In fact I'm feeling rather dizzy just writing about it. I am very squeamish remember. Maskell, for reasons best known to himself, likes to play his live shows barefoot. Which is fine, except when he went crowd surfing at his band's gig at The Borderline this week. On his way back to the stage he trod on a wine glass, causing a 7 inch laceration to his left foot and severing two tendons. Very much in the moment he didn't seem to notice and carried on performing, but a nurse in the audience got rather concerned, got up on stage and requested an ambulance be called. He was whisked to St Thomas' hospital where he underwent surgery to fix his foot. He's now been told to rest for ten days, meaning he won't be able to make his band's upcoming tour dates. Meanwhile, I'm going to buy him some sturdy shoes. I like my indie rock without the blood. Even when it's Doherty's blood and he claims it's art.


Marianne Faithfull has revealed she was diagnosed with the hepatitis C virus in the 1990s, and that she received treatment for the disease at the time. Faithfull made the revelation while discussing her recent treatment for breast cancer on ITV1's This Morning programme. She didn't make any link between the virus - which is transmitted through blood-to-blood contact - and her famously reckless youth which, of course, included heroin addiction, though she did admit she had taken "a lot of risks" in her early life, adding: "I was incredibly lucky. I shouldn't be alive, I know that". She continued: "Life has become much more precious to me and my health has become much more precious to me".


Kanye West has said he will be working with Michael Jackson on his new album which, as previously reported, has already had input from Black Eyed Peas frontman and R&B star Ne-Yo. The new Jacko album is reportedly set for release in early 2008. Though I'm still waiting for that Hurricane Katrina benefit record which was due out two years ago, so I wouldn't hold your breath.


Richard Kruspe, founder of German metal types Rammstein, has launched a new band called Emigrate, who are apparently a bit faster paced and who sing in English. They will release their debut album, which will be called 'Emigrate' and open with the song 'Emigrate', in January. Rammstein, meanwhile, are also heading back into the studio to work on a new album.


Word has it that Freddie Mercury fan Mika will get to play with Brian May for a special collaboration at next year's Brit Awards. Or, if that doesn't come off, he'll duet with Rufus Wainwright. A source told the Sun: "Mika is already guaranteed for the event but he's still in talks about who to duet with. He knows how to put on a great show on his own - but with either Brian or Rufus on stage next to him he would blow the roof off".


Elsewhere in collaborations news, Busta Rhymes is set to record a track with Linkin Park which will appear on the rapper's next album, due out in December. The track is called 'It Looks Like We Made It', and Rhymes told Rolling Stone: "This song speaks volumes to the globe - it ain't just about the 'hood, it ain't just about the suburbs, it's about everybody. This is one of those songs that can't be described better than touching the souls of the common people".


Jonathan Ansell, formerly of opera-esque boy band types G4, has signed a solo deal with Universal with some - I'm not sure who exactly - tipping him to be "classical music's answer to Justin Timberlake".

Here's what he says about his new record deal: "I'm incredibly excited to be signing to Universal, and thrilled to be pursuing a solo career. It's been an amazing journey to this point and I think, at the start of this new chapter in my career, anything is possible. Three years ago I was at music college and I went on The X Factor with some mates for a bit of fun, and now I've got my own deal. I never, ever expected to be able to do an album with anybody, let alone on my own. I just wanted to be able to earn my living as a singer in whatever way. So I'm completely blown away".


If you want to view The View go to one of these gigs in December...

2 Dec: Edinburgh Liquid Rooms
3 Dec: Leeds Cockpit
4 Dec: Brighton Concorde 2
10 Dec: London Astoria
11 Dec: Stoke Sugarmill
13 Dec: Dundee University


Nu rave types Shitdisco have been forced to cancel some gigs after bassist Joel Stone was diagnosed with the rather grim sounding Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome - a condition which leads to lots of stomach pain and vomiting. Gigs in Spain plus Adventures In The Beetroot Fields dates in Newcastle, London and Brighton are all affected.

In a MySpace posting, the band say this: "Joel is out of hospital and back on his feet, but we've had to cancel our shows on the Adventures In The Beetroot Field and our Spanish shows... He needs some rest and we need to get our heads together. He's been diagnosed with 'Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome'. Which seems fairly self-explanatory, but at least it has a name now. We'll keep you updated. Sincere apologies to anyone who was coming to those gigs".


Details of showcase events that will coincide with the previously reported Live UK Summit convention for the live sector have been announced. Taking place on 23 and 24 Oct at The Embassy Club in Old Burlington St in West London, the showcases will showcase new music talent, and will be free to both convention delegates and anyone else. Line ups as follows:

23 Oct: Kennedy, Viva Machine, The Thirst, Electric City

24 Oct: Will Kevans, Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man, George Pringle, Luke Pickett


More on attempts by new EMI owners Terra Firma to put a new top team in place at EMI Music US. As previously reported, of the three people who have reportedly been approached for top jobs - none of whom come from the record industry - People mag publisher Paul Caine has turned the offer down. But now HitsDailyDouble report that producer/songwriter Billy Mann has signed up to join the new look major. The other man on Terra Firma's wish list, Tom Poleman, is apparently currently subject to a bidding war between EMI and his current employers Clear Channel.


Lobbying body the Electronic Frontier Foundation is supporting Jammie Thomas, that file sharer found guilty of copyright infringement in the US courts last week, and fined $222,000. As previously reported, although some of the press coverage of the high profile case, the first file sharing case to go before a jury, has criticised the Recording Industry Association Of America for continuing to pursue litigation against individuals like Thomas, some coverage this week has favoured the trade body, many quoting one juror from the case who branded Thomas a "liar" and said some members of the jury wanted a larger fine.

But the EFF has said it is challenging a jury instruction given during the case which, it says, was incorrect and which will have influenced the jury's quick decision to rule against Thomas. They say that the jury were told that making tracks available on a P2P network automatically equates with "active distribution", something they dispute. EFF legal man Fred von Lohmann told reporters: "If the appeals court rejects that jury instruction, the verdict against Ms Thomas would have to be thrown out and the case retried".

Thomas has already announced she intends to appeal, despite her mounting legal costs and the opinion of many commentators that she has a very weak case.


Reports suggest that MySpace may announce an open application platform at the Web 2.0 conference in San Francisco next week. If they do they will basically be copying Facebook, who make it easy for developers to develop Facebook compliant tools that users can then add to their Facebook pages. Rumour also has it Google may do something similar with its iGoogle platform. Hurrah for open access platforms.


Lucy Hood has resigned as CEO of Fox Mobile/Jamba (home of that most crazy of frogs), the mobile content firm owned by NewsCorp. COO Lee Fenton will take over in the short term until a replacement is found. Hood said she is moving on to "pursue more entrepreneurial ventures". Word has it the company is looking for a Europe based CEO to reflect the fact the majority of the company's operations are over here - Hood was US based.


Classic FM has entered into a 25 concert deal with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, the commercials station's biggest deal of this kind to date. The partnership will create all kinds of programming, some with a Liverpool bias timed to coincide with the city's European city of culture status next year.

Classic FM MD Darren Henley said this: "This marks a major new investment in our broadcasting of live orchestral concerts. We're delighted to be able to showcase the music-making of the Liverpool Phil to our UK-wide audience".


Despite saying they didn't care if releasing a Christmas single damaged their credibility, the Manic Street Preachers have now said they won't give the song a full release, because doing so would be "too cheesy". Yeah, whatever. Drummer Sean Moore told the Daily Star: "We wanted to put out a single for Christmas that was better than the usual X Factor shite. However, we were worried about looking like dickheads so aren't going to make it an official release. We'll give it away on our website or something. It's just too cheesy".


I've always held a secret ambition to be falsely reported dead in the media so I can roll out the old Mark Twain quote. Well, rumours of MC Hammer's death were definitely exaggerated. There had been rumours the 80s rap star had died, but it turns out that it was another Stanley Burrell who died recently (that being Hammer's real name). A spokesman for Hammer told reporters yesterday that the 'U Can't Touch This' man is still very much alive and well.


Louis Walsh has admitted that when he takes the X-Factor hopefuls he has adopted to his "house" for further coaching, they don't really go to his house. It's not the first time it's been reported that TV bosses rent a fake home for Walsh because he won't let the pop wannabes near his real home, though Walsh has said that that is also true of all his fellow judges.

Walsh told BBC Two's 'Graham Norton Show': "That wasn't my house. That wasn't Sharon's house or Dannii's house or Simon's house either. Sharon sold her house to Christina Aguilera, so that was a rented house. Mine was a rented house. I wouldn't have had all that rubbish in my house - the stuff on the walls and the lights and all that".

Coming so soon after all the "all TV is faked" controversies of late, the admission is potentially damaging for ITV, though they are trying to get out of it on a semantic technicality. A spokeswoman said: "The contestants are invited to a house. We call them the judges' houses, not the judges' homes. We have never said they are the judges' real homes and it has been this way for the past four years".

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