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In today's CMU Daily:
- TI refused bail
- DJ Mag reveal DJ Poll cheats
- Led Zepp go digital
- Lib Dems call for grass roots live music licensing review
- French rocker Cantat to be released early
- Cerys on divorce, Wales and songs in Welsh
- Nas uses N word for album
- More months to count before new Crows
- No new Pixies
- Hot Chip on Kylie song rumours
- Kylie's Rented cameo
- White Stripes launch cameras
- OCS giveaway single
- Idlewild continue tour despite guitarist's fall
- Stooges added to Fashion Rocks bill
- Winehouse to headline Woodies
- Eagles play invite only show at O2 two
- Peace concerts in Middle East cancelled
- In The City international showcases confirmed
- Album Review: Sara Berg - When I Was A Young Child I Used To Feel Pleasure From Playing With Others
- The Lily label
- US mobile content firms merge
- Festival Republic encourage Cradle volunteering
- Seal to covermount with Mail On Sunday
- CBS chief makes comments
- Hall Of Fame takes year off
- All new Rob da Bank
- Macca on the divorce
- Winehouse's father prepared eulogy
- Oasis frontman is a top ten Brit wit
- Penate fights the hoodies


Hmmm, I'll admit I'm really struggling to think of anything to write here in the Top Bit today. I'm all out of opinions, and there's nothing looming this week that needs plugging. Though it occurs to me I could plug the fact that CMU's Remix Update is now well and truly back after a rather prolonged summer break.

The e-bulletin that accompanies the brilliant Remix show on Xfm, it is a weekly round up of everything happening in the world of boots, breaks and remixes, a world we love very much here at CMU. As well as competitions and gig tips galore, you get a round up of the tracks being bigged up by Mr Eddy Temple Morris, the master of all things boots, breaks and remixes.

To receive it all you need to do is send an email to - and we'll add you. Simple. And don't forget to tune into The Remix every Friday at 10pm on Xfm, or you can listen again at anytime during the week at Super.

And there you go, a Top Bit produced in record time. And now I can spend that time getting this week's Remix Update finished.



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Rapper TI appeared at the Federal Courthouse in Atlanta yesterday to face those previously report weapons charges, the arrest for which prevented the hip hop star from attending the BET Hip Hop Awards on Saturday night where he should have picked up two awards. As previously reported, he was arrested after police allegedly found three illegal firearms in his car, and then six more at his Atlanta home. Some of the guns were acquired through a bodyguard who, it seems, was actually working for the government. The rapper was reportedly arrested at an Atlanta shopping centre after attempting to buy another illegal weapon. All those reports are, we should add, a bit hazy, but we do know TI, real name Clifford Harris Jr, was refused bail, despite attempts by his legal people to secure it, and he is now due to reappear in court on Friday where a judge will decide how to proceed and whether bail should be offered before the proper trial can begin.


So, turns out there are some shady characters out there in DJ world. Now that, you may say, is not, in itself, news, but this is. DJ Mag have confirmed rumours that they have discovered some dodgy DJs have cheated in a bid to boost their rating in their annual Top 100 DJ Poll, which is voted for by clubbers and dance music fans around the world via an online voting system. Following rumours of foul play by some in the dance music arena, the magazine this year instigated a tougher regime to monitor the votes, honing in on those DJs who received high numbers of votes from the same IP address. And that tougher regime revealed cheating was going on, and who the cheats were. And the mag have now named and shamed them, which is exciting.

DJ Mag bosses claim that a marketing manager employed by US DJs Christopher Lawrence and DJ Dan used a computer script which [a] cleverly got round their security system and [b] entered multiple votes for his clients. Chinese DJ Tiesmi, meanwhile, allegedly paid a computer programmer to specifically develop a similar computer script, while in a slightly less sophisticated case of cheating, Israeli DJs the Flash Brothers received 1300 votes from one IP address, suggesting a representative going online to place multiple votes.

Confirming that the alleged cheats had been spotted and disqualified, DJ Mag Editor Lesley Wright told reporters yesterday: "It's outrageous that DJs should attempt to cheat. It shows a blatant disregard for the Top 100 poll, for DJ Magazine and, most importantly, for their fellow DJs. Shame on them".

The Flash Brothers have responded to the cheating allegations against them claiming that they had no personal involvement, saying: "It appears that some of our friends and family simply wanted to surprise us at all costs and help our cause". Whether you believe that is up to you, though the news of dubious voting tactics this year does make you question the previous DJ Poll ratings of the cheating DJs - The Flash Brothers were the highest climbers in last year's survey.

This year's Poll, featuring those DJs who didn't cheat, will be announced at an event at London's seOne Club on 24 Oct.


And so another of those legendary artists who have been holding off from going digital has finally made the leap. Presumably keen to cash in on their much, much hyped upcoming reunion, Led Zeppelin have confirmed they will make their entire back catalogue available via legitimate download platforms next month.

Confirming the move, Led Zepp's Jimmy Page told reporters yesterday: "The addition of the digital option will better enable fans to obtain our music in whichever manner they prefer", while Warner Music chief Edgar Bronfman Jr, whose Atlantic Records label owns the catalogue, said the band's music was a "highly anticipated and essential addition to the world's leading digital music services" and that he looked "forward to expanding Led Zeppelin's presence across a full array of digital platforms".

Meanwhile, US phone firm Verizon Wireless announced it would be offering Led Zepp's music to its customers as ring tones and as full-track mobile downloads. Which is great news. If you're a Led Zepp fan. And a Verizon Wireless customer. And you're not broke.


Now, this announcement kind of got a bit overshadowed by another announcement from the same press office, but this one is more relevant to us. The Liberal Democrats yesterday said they would challenge the government to "rescue live music" from the "needless red tape" which, they claim, was introduced by the much preciously reported 2003 Licensing Act. Under rules stemming from that Act pubs and small venues who want to offer live music now have to go through various bureaucratic processes - something which, opponents to the Act claim, has reduced the number of such places offering music, which in turn reduces the opportunities for grass roots musicians to play. The Lib Dems planned to raise the problem in a House Of Lords debate on licensing last night.

Commenting on it all, Liberal Democrat Culture, Media and Sport Spokesperson Lord Clement-Jones said yesterday: "The Government promised that the new licensing laws would result in an explosion in live music, it is quite clear that this has not happened. Under the current regime, a group of musicians playing in the corner pose more of a threat to crime and disorder in a pub than the gang watching a football match on the big screen. We need a proper review of the effectiveness of these laws so that innocuous and
well meaning performances of live music are not unfairly discriminated against."


French rock star Bertrand Cantat will be freed from jail today after serving just half of his eight year sentence for killing his actress girlfriend Marie Trintignant in a Lithuanian hotel in July 2003. Cantat has always claimed Trintignant died in a "tragic accident", but the Lithuanian courts ruled he killed her, albeit by mistake in a "fit of rage".

He was jailed for eight years but managed to persuade Lithuanian authorities to let him serve his time in France. And now he has secured an early release, albeit with certain conditions including that he undergo psychological treatment for a year and that he does not mention the case in public or through his music.

Confirming the release, Cantat's lawyer told reporters: "I am delighted with this decision, which will allow Bertrand Cantat to rebuild his future". Needless to say the family of Trintignant, who have pushed for a tougher sentence for Cantat throughout, have not welcomed the early release.

In civil proceedings, Cantat has already compensated two of Trintignant's four children and the production company she was working for at the time of her death, in part using money raised by the release of a live album by his band Noir Desir while he was in prison.


Former Catatonia frontwoman Cerys Matthews has revealed that she has divorced her American music producer husband and moved back from the US to set up home near her family in Pembrokeshire in Wales. Cerys discussed her personal situation in an interview with the Independent On Sunday while promoting new album 'Awyren = Airplane', her first Welsh language album, which is released by My Kung Fu this week.

Matthews had been dividing her time between Tennessee and Wales, but revealed that she would be based over here permanently in the Independent interview. Asked if her husband would join her, she said: "Well... I am now divorced. I've not done an interview about it. What am I meant to say? I was always going to come back. It's a long way from Pembrokeshire to Nashville. The pull for me was my children and the freedom they have here. In Nashville I was always an immigrant with two young children. I really did love it, I was at home there as an adult. I would have stayed, but I didn't feel ready for my children to not have the same background as me. This place also feels a long way from everything. I like that, for children. I don't want to rush them into growing old. I want to protect their wildness and innocence and safety as long as I can".

Commenting on her decision to record an album entirely in Welsh, she continued: "I did it for the love of the language, and the sounds of the language."


With all the hoo ha (technical term there) in the US of late regarding the use of racist and sexist language in hip hop, Nas has now captured the headlines by announcing his next album will be called 'Nigga'. Genius. The rapper announced the title of the album, due out in December, at a gig in New York on Friday night. Def Jam have yet to confirm the title, though Wikipedia are already reporting it as the official name, citing sources "close to the project" as having confirmed that the so called 'n' word will be used as the title. The new long player will be preceded by a greatest hits package from the rapper's old label Columbia. That's going to be called 'Hits For Hos'. No, only joking.


Those Counting Crows chaps have said they need more time to complete their next long player. The double album, working title 'Saturday Nights + Sunday Mornings', was due later this year, but won't now drop until sometime next year.

Frontman Adam Duritz told reporters this: "There are videos and singles and so many things to decide on and finish and it's just not the time in our career to be rushing important decisions. Actually, in my opinion, it's never the right time to rush important decisions. We really try to make records that last forever. I don't see the point in putting all the work in to do that and then not having the right cover or picking the wrong single or making the wrong video".


Another album you're going to have to wait for is the new Pixies long player. Though you might have to wait forever, which is quite a long time. Frank Black has been commenting on the chances of a new Pixies album, which has been rumoured since the band reformed in 2004, and which Black has previously said was in the pipeline. But this time he admitted the album project was now unlikely to go ahead because bassist Kim Deal isn't keen on the idea. He told website The Gothamist: "While I may have tried to convince her otherwise, maybe she's got a point... She doesn't need a new Pixies record, so maybe there doesn't need to be one". Black, of course, has recently released his latest solo album 'Bluefinger' via Cooking Vinyl, while Deal's other band The Breeders are reportedly working with Steve Albini on a new long player.


Hot Chip's Alexis Taylor has been talking about reports that his band's song 'Ready For The Floor', which will appear on the band's new album next year, was written for and rejected by Kylie Minogue.

Talking to, he confirmed that the band had been approached by Minogue's chief songwriter about them possibly writing a song for the popstress, and that when asked for possible submissions they sent 'Ready For The Floor', which they'd already written, because they thought it might suit Kylie's style. But in the end no meeting was arranged between the band and Kylie's songwriters because of incompatible diaries, so the song never actually reached Kylie, nor was it rejected by her management. And it certainly wasn't originally written with her in mind. So there you go.


Talking of Ms Minogue, theatre producers have confirmed Kylie makes a cameo appearance in the all new production of the truly terrible West End musical 'Rent' (it's the script and songs that are terrible, this production of it might be wonderful, there's a chance they've dumped the script ... and the songs). Minogue has recorded answer phone messages which play as part of the show, though her voice has been manipulated on some of them so you might not notice. The new production has been directed by Kylie's creative collaborator William Baker, and she was expected to attend the show's opening night last night. I can't confirm whether she did, because I didn't go. Have I mentioned just how terrible a musical 'Rent' is? The show stars Denies Van Outen and also features former Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy


The White Stripes last week emailed their mailing list with the somewhat cryptic line "The tricks of today are the truths of tomorrow - Man Ray X XV MMVII" - a statement that presumably was designed to pre-promote the new The White Stripes cameras that were launched yesterday and which you can buy off the duo's website. There are two to choose from, obviously, the 'Meg' Diana camera which comes with a custom filter and ringflash accessory, and a 'Jack' Holga camera with comes with a fisheye lens. Happy snapping.


Does anyone sell music anymore? Ocean Colour Scene have announced they will give away their next single 'Go To Sea' via their website, from 5 Nov. Presumably they hope they'll make some cash by playing the following live shows...

7 Dec: Bristol Carling Academy
9 Dec: Nottingham Rock City
10 Dec: Liverpool Carling Academy
11 Dec: Newcastle Carling Academy
13 Dec: Dublin Olympia
16 Dec: Perth Concert Hall
17, 18 Dec: Glasgow Barrowlands
21 Dec: Manchester Academy
22 Dec: London Astoria
23 Dec: Birmingham Carling Academy


The latest Idlewild tour didn't get off to a great start when guitarist Rod Jones fell down a flight of stairs 30 minutes before the opening gig. He fell at the Carling Academy in Liverpool after watching support act The Twilight Sad. He landed on his arm, which is never good for a guitar player. But the good news is he should still be able to play on the rest of the tour.

Jones told the Daily Record: "I couldn't believe it. One minute I was watching the band and the next I was at the bottom of a flight of stairs. I landed on my arm which is the worst thing possible for a guitarist so it wasn't the best start to our UK tour".

He continued: "I thought we were going to have to cancel a whole bunch of shows. My arm was [in] agony so we strapped it up and put it in ice. I didn't want to let our fans down so I played the gig but I can't say it was the best performances I have ever given. We discussed pulling out of the tour because I didn't want to do my arm any more damage. After the gig we went straight to the hospital to get it checked out. I was told I had a hairline fracture but the doctor said I could continue to play".

He concluded: "[The doctor] joked it probably wasn't the most advisable thing, but that it would be okay and shouldn't get any worse."


Iggy Pop and The Stooges have been added to the bill for this week's Fashion Rocks event, the one where rock bands play live as models stride up and down the catwalk. The Stooges will play while Versace's fashions are showed off.

Confirming the gig, Pop told reporters: "The Stooges and I are totally ready to get up, get with it and get involved with Fashion Rocks and Donatella Versace. She is a really cool woman and a wild card, and thanks to Fashion Rocks now I'll know how many holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall!"

Elsewhere at the show Razorlight will play for Burberry, The Gossip for Christopher Kane, Lily Allen for Chanel and Timbaland for Dolce & Gabbana.


Amy Winehouse has been confirmed as headlner of this year's mtvU Woodie Awards, MTV's US college music awards. Winehouse will play at the event in New York on 8 Nov, where she is also up for the Woodie Of The Year prize. CMU favourites Spank Rock will also play.


The Eagles have announced they will play an invite only gig at the Indigo2 venue inside The O2 in East London on 31 Oct. Admission to the gig will be reserved for music business VIPs. There are reports tickets for the exclusive event will go for £950 each, which I find hard to believe, unless it's some kind of charity junket, though even then that's a lot of money. Are they really that good? I can't say I'd want to make the trek East to see the Eagles, let alone pay £950 for the privilege. Whatever. The show will coincide with the release of the band's new album 'Long Road Out of Eden.'


Two concerts due to take place in Tel Aviv and Jericho, and which would have called for a solution in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, have been cancelled after Palestinian supporters for the events were threatened.

Bryan Adams was among the Western names due to appear at the events, with artists from the Israeli and Palestinian communities also due to perform. But some key Palestinians criticised the project claiming the political message of the organisation behind it, the New York based One Voice Group, ignored some of the Palestinian community's key grievances.

Organiser Daniel Lubetzky confirmed this week that security concerns had necessitated the cancellation of the concerts, but did not reveal details of specific threats that had been made. He told reporters: "Extremist ideologists have threatened our participants in Jericho, and we felt it is our responsibility not to play with their lives. Our mission is not to entertain... It is to mobilize moderate voices. If we have to postpone, we have to postpone".


In The City have announced details of their international showcases for this year's convention, which takes place this weekend in Manchester. The showcase line ups for each country showcase are as follows...

Sunday 21 Oct
Australia - Bar 38: The Dirty Secrets, Katy Steele (Little Birdy), Macromantics

Italy - Chicago Rock: Papeete, Luca Gemma, Patrizia Laquidara, Atleticodefina, The Smoke Keepers Vs. Arbeiter, Iori's Eyes, Visuals By Olo Creative Farm

Monday 22 Oct
Iceland - Pitcher & Piano: Kira Kira, Skatar, Dikta

Japan - South Club: Boom Boom Satellites, Levelload

Three Nations - Music Box: Tribes Of The City - Latvia, Modern Skirts - United States, Jeremy - Norway


ALBUM REVIEW: Sara Berg - When I Was A Young Child I Used To Feel Pleasure From Playing With Others (GayMonkey Records)
Sara Berg's synth driven pop debut is unmistakeably Scandinavian in its sound. Dark and cinematic, 'When I Was Young...' conjures up images of a land where the night has dominance over the day, with a melancholy yet accessible and danceable vibe that draws obvious comparisons to Berg's Swedish cousins The Knife, albeit blended with elements of dark pop seamstresses like Tori Amos or PJ Harvey. Berg's poetic lyrics explore the human condition and, as the title might suggest, gaze somewhat wistfully back to childhood when you can experience pleasure from others without understanding the pain of abandonment; meanwhile, in songs like 'This Can't Be Desire' she despairs at the mindless hedonism which can fuel the human race. These concepts manifest themselves in the music too, through a simplistic yet hauntingly effective sound, making for a truly enrapturing listening experience. Whilst at times the tempo increases to a danceable beat, like in highlights 'Crawl Back From Under' and title track 'Young Child', Sara Berg's spell bounding voice keeps the sound anchored in the ethereal. There is little variation here but it is a formula that works, making 'When I Was Young...' feel like the aural equivalent to gazing out over a mist capped mountain. An album to float away to on one level, and to expand your mind with on another.
Release date: 15 Oct
Press contact: Emms [all]


Following those tabloid stories we reported on yesterday that said Lily Allen was going a bit Britney, and that friends were worried for her welfare, reports today that Allen is, in fact, going all entrepreneurial on us with plans to produce her own TV show and launch her own record label. Make of all that what you will - though first read what a 'source' has told the papers about Allen's business ambitions: "Lily has a wise head on her shoulders and is really excited about the idea of having her own business empire. She loves making music but she's also brilliant at spotting talent, as she was in the underground scene for a few years before her career took off".


US mobile content company Motricity has announced it is taking over the mobile assets of InfoSpace, its main competitor in the space. That means Motricity will manage mobile content services, including some ringtone services, for 11 of the top 13 mobile firms in the US, including Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile.


Festival Republic, which, I am sure you all remember, is the new name for the festivals division of what used to be Mean Fiddler, and who organise the Reading and Leeds festivals, have announced a programme offering those who went to those festivals this year the chance to take part in overseas community projects organised by non-governmental organisation Cradle, with all their travel, accommodation and living expenses covered.

Cradle volunteers support children and communities in areas "that have been defined by ethnic hatred", and they have programmes currently running in the likes of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and Thailand. The organisation has long been supported by Mean Fiddler, and now the company hopes to further promote their work by encouraging festival goers to volunteer by offering to cover the costs of doing so.

Anyone who went to the Reading or Leeds Festivals this year interested in volunteering should go to for more info.


More free music, and the news that Seal will give away a hits album via the Mail On Sunday in a move to promote his new album 'System'. The promotion, which will run on 28 Oct, has been brokered by Upfront and is endorsed by Seal's label Warner Music, who will look to use the covermount promotion to build hype around the new album, which is released on 12 Nov.


The boss of US media firm CBS last week dropped hints as to plans for the development of, the London based music service they acquired earlier this year. Speaking at a press conference in Cannes, CBS chief Les Moonves indicated the social networking component of could be expanded, and that its recommendation system could be extended to other entertainment genres like TV and film. He told reporters: "If we can develop a great social networking site around this music content, why couldn't this extend into entertainment?"


The UK Music Hall Of Fame event aint gonna happen this year because Endemol-owned Initial, who produce it, haven't raised the cash to stage it. In past years Channel 4, who have screened the event, have funded the whole shebang, but third party funding was needed this year and it wasn't especially forthcoming. But organisers hope the event can be resurrected next year. Music Week quote Initial boss Laurence Jones thus: "We made the right decision to rest it and concentrate on next year. We couldn't get funding to a level to stage the event, so we thought we'd make it bigger and better next year".


The new Rob da Bank show launched on Radio 1 last weekend. Called 'Rob da Bank And Friends', the first show saw Rob joined by Mark Ronson who worked his way through his record box over two hours. Why am I telling you this now when you've already missed it? Well, because you can listen again via the Radio 1 website, and it's a fine show, so you should. The new Rob da Bank show airs between 2am and 4am on Monday morning, after Rob's usual midnight Sunday show.

You can listen again at


Paul McCartney has been talking about his high profile and rather acrimonious divorce from that Heather Mills. Likening the whole process to "going through hell", he has told the Radio Times that his daughter Beatrice and his recent music making have helped him get through it all.

Asked about the divorce, he told the magazine: "Going through a divorce is a very painful thing. As Winston Churchill once said, 'If you're going through hell, keep going!' The only solution is to remain dignified. If I don't keep a silence about it, I lose this idea of being dignified. But I've a wonderful baby. She's a great joy to me, as are my elder children, so I'm a lucky man".

On the role of his music in helping him through the ordeal, he continued: "Music is a great healer. Music is the therapy for me. In fact, going through difficulties has only concentrated my desire to make good music".


Amy Winehouse's father has confessed he recently wrote a eulogy for his daughter, seemingly because he expected her to OD and die, which is nice.

Mitch Winehouse says he wrote the speech after that stomach pump incident earlier this year. He told reporters: "I wrote a eulogy for Amy myself last month. When she had her seizure and was taken to hospital, I really though that could be it. The doctors told us even a whiff of another drug could kill her. When I found out [husband] Blake had given her more drugs, I couldn't believe it. It was as bad as someone holding a gun to my daughter's head".

Mr Winehouse has previously blamed Blake for contributing to Winehouse's recently reckless lifestyle, and again referred to him as a "bad influence" this week. He continued: "I don't care about his health at all, other than because my Amy's happiness relies on it. In the end, she's my daughter. She's very strong and I love her. I trust she will be alright".


I'm a bit confused about this, though I suppose some of the quotes pulled out by other media covering this story are a slightly amusing. Liam Gallagher has been rated among the ten wittiest British people ever. Yeah, witty, not shitty.

Among the lines which presumably persuaded the 3000 comedy fans surveyed by new TV channel Dave that Gallagher deserved to be named the tenth wittiest Brit in history are his remark on his band's struggles to make it in the US: "Americans want grungy people, stabbing themselves in the head on stage. They get a bright bunch like us, with deodorant on. They don't get it", and his observation on the news Victoria Beckham was writing a book: "She can't even chew gum and walk in a straight line, let alone write a book".

Much of the rest of the top ten were more predictable choices for witty Brits...

1. Oscar Wilde
2. Spike Milligan
3. Stephen Fry
4. Jeremy Clarkson
5. Sir Winston Churchill
6. Paul Merton
7. Noel Coward
8. William Shakespeare
9. Brian Clough
10. Liam Gallagher


Jack Penate is planning a campaign against the hoodie or, more to the point, the dodgy teens who wear them. Not the CMU Editor who wears one because it keeps you nice and warm when you're commuting across London at 6am in the morning, obviously. Penate says he got sick of hoodie wearing kids mugging him in South London when he was younger, and he wants to make a stand against it, and that he hopes to persuade fellow buzz artist Kate Nash to join the campaign.

Penate told the Star: "I was mugged a lot. I just seemed to attract violence. Kate and I are similar in spirit, we both have morals and good manners. We're part of a new generation of young Brits with opinions and something positive to say, rather than using aggression".

So, that's nice. For parents concerned that their kids might become hoodie wearing thugs, Penate reckons music could be the solution. He continued: "A lot of my friends ended up being dicks, intimidating people in hoodies. I stayed in, listened to music and had mini festivals in my garden".

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