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In today's CMU Daily:
- Label chiefs call on EU to pressure China over piracy
- Kid Rock loses rough up case because of no show
- Spektor collapses before Nashville show
- Another Doherty drug video surfaces
- New Moby
- In Rainbows cover artwork out
- Beck guests on White Stripes b-sides
- Hookie says Freebass may tour next year
- Kaisers record their best song ever
- Jadakiss signs to Roc-A-Fella
- Pair of Led Zepp tickets go for £83k
- Will more Led Zepp follow reunion?
- West pulls out of fashion show where Spice Girls reunite
- Pipettes show cancelled after venue fire
- My Bloody Valentine announce reunion gigs
- Downtown launch new sponsor funded download site
- ie and Absolute partner
- More online piracy closures
- Comcast sued over alleged BitTorrent limitations
- Live Nation acquire Signatures Network
- Napster settlements help bring Bertelsmann profits down
- Bebo launch open video platform
- Gallagher on how he'd respond to Andre approach


OK, a few more mini-stories that we were just too busy to dedicate any proper reporting to this week, all crammed into one catch up Top Bit.

First up there are more rumours going round that the Jackson Five might reunite for a tour next year, including main man Michael. These rumours come from comments made by tour promoter Leonard Rowe who reportedly told reporters: "His brothers are ready. Janet is ready. But the motor of that car that makes the car run, isn't just yet. [But] in April of this year I flew out to Las Vegas and met with them all and he told me, 'Let's look at 08'. We wanted to go this year, but [Michael] said it would take a lot of preparation. He didn't say no". As previously reported, some have speculated that a full on Jackson family show, either Vegas based or touring, is one of the few assured ways for Jacko to help boost his depleting coffers.

Next, Lily Allen has said she aint all that impressed with Radiohead's pay want you want concept. Asked about the way Radiohead released their new album 'In Rainbows' online she said this week: "It's arrogant for them to give their music away for free - they've got millions of pounds. It sends a weird message to younger bands who haven't done as well. You don't choose how to pay for eggs. Why should it be different for music?" Which almost makes sense. I think. Oh, no, it doesn't.

Meanwhile Oasis have commented on rumours that they would make their next album available on a similar pay what you want basis, with Liam telling reporters their new album would be made available free of charge over his "dead body". Which I think means there'll be no pay what you want promotion from the Oasis camp. Either that or Liam's planning on dieing before its release.

And finally, Seal has commented on comments made by his wife Heidi Klum on the Oprah Winfrey TV show after she was asked what first attracted her to her other half. She recalled how she first met her husband in a New York hotel lobby, and that he was wearing somewhat revealing cycling shorts. Basically it was Seal's "package" that grabbed her attention. Responding to his wife's revelation, Seal told reporters: "That's my wife - she's not backwards in coming forwards that's for sure. It was a memorable experience and one that I'm sure I won't forget in a hurry. But that's why I love her. She tells it like it is".



CHRIS' CLUB TIP: Night People at 229
As recommended yesterday, this is a brand new night from our friends Leyline plus Mish Mash and Comeshakethewhole, and it's a must go event for anyone wanting to experience the best live dance and alternative indie music from across Europe, with France, Belgium and Germany represented in the form of live sets from Autokratz, Das Pop and Snax respectively. This month also presents the very best sounds of underground Zurich, with Headman, Danny Freakazoid and Zwicker all harking from the Swiss city and all taking to the stage - plus there'll be video installations by Zurich based Francois Chalet. Add to that DJ sets from Rob Mello, Stan Fontan, Rev Milo and It's Bigger Than, and you have one very packed night.

Friday 16 Nov, 229 Great Portland Street, London, 8pm - late, £10 (free before 9pm, £6 before 10pm, £7 students), info from Leyline or

VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Oberon at Fabric
I'm not well versed in the 'other arts', but now and again I like to tip something a bit off beat. This is "an unparalleled night of underground visual and musical excellence" which sounds a bit crazy, but possible rather good. On the bill are SaltPeter, a premiere of The Future Of Sound project from Human League/Heaven 17 man Martyn Ware, back in the Studio 54 day DJ Anita Sarko (who DJed at Warhol's funeral) and John Jodzio, a cult NY artist who will be presenting his characteristic topsy turvey cityscapes populated by cats, leopards and other feline predators. And in the invite only VIP area will be a Johnny Woo hosted party, wich could be the maddest bit of it all.

Thu 22 Nov, Fabric, 77a Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M, 9.30pm-3am, £15/12, info from, press Fabric IH.


That Peter Mandelson bloke met a posse of record industry chiefs this week to discuss continued music piracy issues in China. The record company types want Mandelson, as EU Trade Commissioner, to put pressure on the Chinese at a forthcoming EU-China summit to better tackle the extensive digital piracy that goes on in that country and which, the music types argue, is preventing them from capitalising on the potential of the Chinese music market.

In the posse were SonyBMG COO Tim Bowen, EMI Music International CEO JF Cecillon, Universal Music Group Asia Pacific President Max Hole, Dramatico Entertainment boss Mike Batt and the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry chief John Kennedy.

Ahead of the meeting the IFPI said in a statement: "China has enormous promise for sales of music by European record companies, but its market was worth only 56 million euro in trade revenues last year. The record industry delegation will tell Commissioner Mandelson that this potential can only be realised if the huge problem of China's internet piracy, estimated at over 99 per cent of the overall digital market, can be solved".

Kennedy added: "When the recording industry tries to defend its copyrights against online piracy in China, it is blocked by a combination of heavy procedural rules, woefully low levels of damages and injunctions too narrow to prevent ongoing infringement. Chinese law has simply not kept pace with the explosion of online piracy".


Yeah, I suspect Kid Rock should have made space in his diary for this appointment. The rocker has lost a legal dispute with a woman called Kelly Ann Kozlowski because he failed to show up for a court ordered deposition before the end of October, as ordered by the judge.

Kozlowski accused Kid Rock, real name Robert Ritchie, of "roughing her up" outside his studio in Clarkston, Michigan earlier in the year. Although no charges were made after authorities investigated the claims, Kozlowski launched civil proceedings against the rocker. He responded by suing her for defamation, claiming she embarrassed and defamed him in a police report.

Judge Shalina Kumar ordered Ritchie to give a formal testimony to the court relating to the case by the end of October, but he failed to do so, claiming he was too busy with work commitments, and offering to do it in November instead. But the judge said this week: "What's special about him? Why does he get to violate a court's order?"

Kumar threw out Ritchie's lawsuit against Kozlowski, and entered a 'default' against the singer in relation to Kozlowski's complaint, which means that when that goes to court next February the singer's liability will be assumed and a jury will simply be asked to decide on what damages the plaintiff is due.

As previously reported, Ritchie also faces misdemeanour battery charges relating to an altercation in a Waffle House restaurant in Atlanta last month, but was not charged over a separate altercation, with Motley Crue's Tommy Lee, at the MTV VMAs.


Regina Spektor was rushed to hospital on Wednesday night after collapsing just before she was due to take to the stage at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville. According to Pitchfork, Spektor was taken ill after an inner ear infection caused a sudden case of vertigo. She has since been released from hospital and is now resting. The Nashville show has been rescheduled for 6 Dec.


Another video of Pete Doherty doing drugs - this time cocaine - has surfaced, causing further speculation as to whether the Babyshambler has really kicked the drugs. As previously reported, Doherty admitted that a video of him taking heroin seemingly filmed shortly after his recent appearance at the MTV EMAs was both genuine and recent - despite his previous proclamations that he was finally off the hard stuff. On admitting that he announced he would return to rehab once more. It is unclear if the new video is again recently filmed, or whether it might date from before Doherty's latest and seemingly more successful attempt at rehab. His people are yet to comment, but a "friend" told the tabs this week: "Pete just can't stop using. He's been warned about how much he's taking but he won't stop. He says he wants to get clean but his actions tell a different story".


Moby will release his sixth studio album which, as previously reported, will be called 'Last Night', via Mute on 10 Mar. It will be a fifteen track affair, and, as also previously reported, will have a more dance/electro feel than his recent long players. Look, here's what he says about it: "It's a lot more dance oriented and electronic than my last few albums, probably as a result of all of the DJing I've been doing lately. And it has some interesting guest vocalists. My favorite guest is the rapper on 'I Love To Move In Here'. His name is Grandmaster Caz, and he was one of the writers of 'Rappers Delight'. He's been rapping since 1975, and I'm really happy to have him on the record". Other guests include Sylvia from Kudu, MC Aynzli and the Nigerian 419 Crew.


Album artwork news anyone? Radiohead have revealed the artwork for the physical release of 'In Rainbows'. Yeah, that's it really. Oh, it has been created by Stanley Donwood/Dan Rickwood, though that's hardly news, as most Radiohead artwork is. If you think your week will be that bit more complete if you get to see it, go here


Beck will guest on b-side tracks on the next White Stripes single 'Conquest', out on 31 Dec. An update on the duo's website says this: "Jack and Meg recently recorded the new tracks with Beck, who co-produced all three tracks during a recording session in his living room and also contributed vocals and piano to 'It's My Fault For Being Famous' and slide guitar on 'Honey, We Can't Afford To Look This Cheap'".


Peter Hook has indicated that his new bass heavy supergroup Freebass will tour next summer. As previously reported, this is the new group featuring bass players Hookie, Mani and Andy Rourke. As also previously reported, the plan is to have different guest vocalists on different tracks, and among those now reportedly to be up for guesting are Liam Gallagher, Tim Burgess, Ian Brown and Howard Marx. Speaking about the project Hookie has told reporters: "It's really coming on and we're very, very pleased. I feel very positive about Freebass right now".


Kaiser Chief Nick Hodgson has told Xfm that his band have just recorded their best song ever, and that they may release it before starting work on their next album. Hodgson: "We're going to record new songs and then put them out... Albums are a bit boring at the moment, but we'll consider that later... I honestly think it's our best song ever, but I'm not going to tell you what it's called. I'm really excited about the new ones because everyone who's heard them, basically in our crew, are going on about them and saying they're the best ones we've ever done... Which is good!"


US rapper Jadakiss has confirmed he has signed a new record deal with Def Jam imprint Ruff Ryders/Roc-A-Fella Records. The label will release his next album, his first since 2004's 'Kiss Of Death'. The new deal ends Jadakiss' relationship with Def Jam's sister label Interscope.


A Led Zeppelin fan with far too much money has paid £83,000 for two tickets to the legendary band's much hyped reunion gig. Let's hope it lives up to the hype. Radio 2 listener Kenneth Donnell pledged the rather large sum of money to see the band rehearse and attend the totally sold out reunion concert as part of a Children In Need auction. But if you think that's a rather mad thing to do, one Martin Ainscough from Wigan bid £250,000 to have Katie Melua and Aled Jones perform at a place of his choosing. He chose to have them play for another charity project - at a Manchester gig in aid of The Princes Trust. Not sure why he didn't just give the £250,000 to The Princes Trust and save everyone the trial of having to listen to Melua and Jones, but what do I know? And it is all for the children I suppose.


Of course charitable types might not have bid so high for tickets to the totally sold out one off Led Zepp reunion if they'd known it may not be one off. That is to say, there has been further speculation that the reunited band may stage other gigs next year. The latest gossip seems to follow comments by guitarist Jimmy Page who has said it would be a "bit selfish" for his band to only play one show.


Perhaps unsurprisingly, Kanye West pulled out of a performance at an annual fashion show staged by US lingerie retailer Victoria's Secret last night. The hip hopper pulled out of the show following his mother's sudden death last weekend.

Black Eyed Pea Will.I.Am filled in for West at the event which also featured the debut reunion performance from the Spice Girls, who have a sponsorship deal with the fashion chain in the US. They performed their 1998 hit 'Stop' plus new single 'Headlines'.

Commenting on the Spice Girls' appearance at the Fashion Show, 'American Idol' presenter Ryan Seacrest told reporters: "I'm in love with Victoria Beckham, which is probably an issue for David. They could have stood there and done nothing and I'd have been happy". Yeah, I find I'm always happier when the Spice Girls do nothing. Oh, only joking...


Whether you could say The Spice Girls were "on fire" at their Victoria's Secret show I don't know, but that vastly superior girl group The Pipettes were almost on fire on Wednesday night. They were due to play at a Rock N Rag charity gig at a venue Boston, but it was cancelled after a stage monitor caught fire forcing the venue to be evacuated. Fortunately no one was injured.


My Bloody Valentine have announced details of their first gigs in fifteen years following recent comments from the band's Kevin Shields confirming a reunion would take place, involving the release of a new album. The new dates are as follows:

20 Jun: London Roundhouse
28 Jun: Manchester Apollo
2 Jul: Glasgow Barrowlands


Downtown Records, the US indie founded last year by former Virgin US A&R VP Josh Deutsch, has announced a partnership with the co-founder of weblog company Engadget, Peter Rojas, that will see the launch of a new online venture called RCRD LBL that will offer free, sponsor-funded MP3s.

Some of the tracks offered by the new site will be exclusively recorded or remixed for the service. The first free download is a never-before-heard remix of Justice's 'DANCE' mixed by Benny Blanco and featuring extra verses from Spank Rock and Mos Def. Users will also be able to download promotional and catalogue tracks from Downtown Records and affiliated labels including Modular Records and Drowned In Sound. Sponsors at launch include Puma, the Virgin America airline and Nikon.

Commenting on the new venture, Deutsch and Rojas told reporters: "We are tremendously excited to be working together on a new model for music that combines Downtown's talent for discovering and cultivating the hottest new artists with Peter's experience in creating compelling web-based communities. We are convinced RCRD LBL will be a unique and innovative place on the internet to discover, enjoy and download free, legal music from an exciting roster of diverse artists and labels. RCRD LBL is proud to introduce and promote the experience of legally discovering and sharing music in a way that aligns the interests of bands, fans and brands alike".


London based management firm ie:music (best known for managing Robbie Wiliams) has announced it has entered into a long term deal with Absolute Marketing And Distribution, that agency which offers major record company style services to small independents or artists looking to self-release their recordings.

The deal will see Absolute handle all sales, retail marketing, online marketing, manufacturing and digital management for the various independent labels that are part of the ie:music group. Releases will be distributed through Absolute's existing relationship with the Universal Music Group.

The first release via the new partnership will be from ie:music managed Sia, with a single and album release planned.

Confirming the deal, Music Week quote ie:music joint MD Tim Clark thus: "We are delighted to be working with Absolute. We feel we're in very safe and experienced hands and we're quite sure that this is going to be a long and successful association".

Absolute MD Henry Semmence added: "In today's ever-changing marketplace, combining the skill sets of one of the UK's most successful management companies and Absolute's experienced label management service has the potential to create a completely new blueprint for independent labels of the future. Tim Clark and David Enthoven have always believed in the principle of 'more power to the artiste' and this is a great fit with our ethos of empowering independent labels and artists to maintain control of their careers and their copyrights by fully managing the label on their behalf".


The Indonesian authorities have reportedly closed down two illegal download services based in capital Jakarta called Download Mania and Download Station. Authorities raided a number of offices related to the download operations, seizing business records and sixty computers. The raids followed complaints from the Asia Pacific bit of the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry and the Indonesian record industry trade body ASIRI.

Meanwhile, across the planet, Dutch anti-piracy watchdog BREIN has closed down a P2P site called - a site which provided links to illegal sources of music available via the eDonkey P2P network. The site's owner, known on the site as 'Adi', seemingly closed the service down after being visited by officials at his home in Amstelveen near Amsterdam earlier this month.

It's not the first time the service has gone offline though. The site disappeared after Adi's servers were confiscated in 2004, but it relaunched just under a year ago with Adi claiming he now considered his site to be legal. He is seemingly still of that opinion, but has been persuaded that it isn't worth his while trying to argue that viewpoint in court - BRIEN have been pursuing litigation against him for much of the year.

In a posting on his now closed website, Adi wrote this week: "Last Monday the guys from BREIN visited me at home to convince me to close ShareConnector or else they will start a civil proceeding with a claim. Of course, this does not mean I agree with their point of view, it's just that I can't afford taking any risks. As of today, November 12, 2007 I decided to close down. If there is anything new to report, you will be informed. Thank you for all your support and understanding".


US ISP Comcast is facing a lawsuit over those previously reported claims that they are blocking certain BitTorrent traffic.

Techie types have said that Comcast has started blocking certain or maybe all BitTorrent uploads - meaning that if one of their customers tries to upload content using a BitTorrent service their upload will be cut off.

While some record labels would probably welcome this move by Comcast - a lot of the material uploaded by BitTorrent is illegal music or movie files - the ISP say that any limits on uploads are just part of their 'bandwidth management' procedures, and not because any particular type of upload is being blocked.

But one Comcast customer is suing the ISP claiming that they have introduced limitations on their services which are in conflict with how they advertise those services. Jon Hart hopes to turn his lawsuit into a class action, and says in his litigation that the "defendants intentionally and severely impede the use of certain internet applications by their customers, slowing such applications to a mere crawl or stopping them altogether".

Comcast are yet to respond.


Live Nation's recently formed Artist Nation division (which everyone seems to be calling 'Live Nation Artists' all of sudden) has acquired merchandising firm Signatures Network for a reported $79 million in cash, stock and repayment of debt. The deal will also see Signatures Network chief Dell Furano head up Live Nation's merchandising division.

Signatures Network markets and licenses merchandising rights for over 150 artists, including premiere league artists like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Barbra Streisand, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and The Beatles.

As previously reported, Live Nation's recently created Artists division will spearhead the entertainment conglom's expansion beyond its traditional live music business, into merchandising and fan club management and, through its deal with Madonna, into recorded music too.


SonyBMG parent Bertelsmann have admitted that their financial performance so far this year is considerably down on last year (132 million euro net profit so far, compared to 384 million this time last year), mainly because of some costly legal settlements, not least those previously reported settlements with other music firms to end long running litigation relating to Bertelsmann's support of the original Napster P2P company back in the day. However, Bertelsmann revenues for the third quarter matched the same period last year, so that's slightly better news.


MySpace competitor Bebo launched an 'open video platform' this week which will see media giants like CBS, MTV, BBC, ITN and Channel 4 make programming available via the social networking firm's new web TV operation. So, there you go.


So, a new ITV mobile show called The Hot Desk asked Liam Gallagher if he got text messages from Trevor McDonald, Peter Andre and Dolly Parton all proposing a collaboration who would he call back, who would he text and who would he ignore?

He said he'd called Trevor, ignore Dolly and text Pete, though he added: "The only reason I'd text Peter Andre is to say, 'What the fuck are you on about man? Where'd you get my fucking number from, you fucking pikey cunt?'" Which isn't going to help today's CMU Daily get through any servers with 'profanity filters'.

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