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In today's CMU Daily:
- Brown trustees resign
- The Romantics sue over soundalike song on guitar game
- Lrynyrd Skynyrd drummer jailed
- INXS members remember Hutchence
- Doherty supporing Winehouse
- Xfm's New Music Award shortlist announced
- Rivers Cuomo demo album tracklisting
- Ghostface Killah tracklisting
- New Hayseed Dixie
- Pennywise release album for free via MySpace
- Fightstar launch video on MySpace
- The Futureheads post new song
- Big Day Out additions
- Sparks plan album by album residency
- New Underworld dates
- New Model Army London date
- Megadeath tour
- Simian Mobile Disco tour
- Richard Hawley tour
- McCartney's 10ft guitar sale
- Owen's Big Night Out: Record Of The Day awards
- BPI arrest suspected piracy suppliers
- Media Defender admit email leak cost over $800k
- KLP appoint Music Director
- Time Out appoint new Publisher
- Britney's early career virgin claims just spin
- Record Of The Day awards winners in full


Ladies and gentlemen, here it is, the line up for next month's CMU Recommended Twisted Licks night over there at the 229 club next to Great Portland Street tube station.

And this time we have the rather wonderful Captain (who delayed your Daily slightly this morning, me realising just how much I love their track 'Broke' when it came on my iTunes at 7am this morning, causing me to have to break to sing along), The High Society and Talk Taxis. Meanwhile in room two you'll get One Night Only and Sergent.

Yep, all that in one night, plus the DJ talent - Stealth Disco, Slim Jim and special special guests. It all takes place on 7 Dec, and tickets are onsale now, £6 in advance, from good old

I feel I should say more to make this Top Bit longer - but I can't help thinking that that line up kind of sells itself. Plus I want to get this Daily off so I can go for my roast dinner. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Well, our US readers mainly. Certainly not you Canadians. You'll just tut and talk about me being six weeks late.


SNAP OF THE DAY: Noah And The Whale

Noah And The Whale have been one of our favourite new discoveries for a while now. In fact, ever since we caught them playing a support slot to (also hotly-tipped) acoustic duo Peggy Sue And The Pirates way back in August we've but meaning to write home about them, but us being lazy and such we never did, so consider this a late introduction. Signed to up-and-coming independent Young And Lost Club, they ply a jangly, rootsy folk sound that has seen them oft lumped in with the thriving Canadian music scene that spawned both Feist and Broken Social Scene - ignoring the fact that they're from London, not Canada. Another popular misconception saw them widely proclaimed as Emmy The Great's touring band, something that they forcibly protest against on their MySpace blog, posting: "We are not Emmy the Great's touring band!" After clearing that up, it seems only right to mention the music, which is a real treat. Recent single '5 Years Time' begins with a casual whistle and ends skipping through poppy fields right in the middle of summer. It's also guaranteed to keep you going through the cold winter nights with its soothing ukulele, joyous hand-clapping and rather lovely lyrics like: "I'll look at you and say it's the happiest I've ever been". Aww. '5 Years Time' is streaming on their MySpace site right now with three other gems.


More questions to answer, ladies and gentlemen, about the fortune left by the late great James Brown. Though two of the men who might be able to answer them have just resigned as trustees of the soul legend's trust, so no answers may be forthcoming.

The James Brown trust, which owns much of Brown's assets, including his music rights, was set up to provide for poor children to go to school in Georgia and South Carolina. The wider James Brown estate has proved tricky to settle because in addition to the late singer's recognised six adult children, who are all beneficiaries, there have been claims by other alleged children and wives of the star - not least from widow Tomi Rae Hynie who isn't named in Brown's will and whose marriage to Brown has been disputed on the grounds Hynie wasn't divorced from a former husband at the time of their marriage (and subsequent claims Brown was also still officially married to a former wife).

In amongst all that those six adult children of Brown have accused the trustees of their father's trust of mismanagement. As previously reported, trustee David Cannon was the one specifically accused of misappropriating trust funds (possibly up to $7 million), but lawyers representing the family also blamed his fellow trustees - Alford Bradley and long term Brown advisor Buddy Dallas - claiming that had they been properly managing the trust Cannon would not have got away with the misappropriation.

It is Bradley and Dallas who this week resigned as trustees, just as Cannon returned to court where he was found guilty of contempt for not paying back the trust monies a judge had previously ordered him to pay. Commenting on his resignation, Dallas told reporters he was standing down not because he was in the wrong, but because he was concerned all the negative publicity the trust was receiving. Dallas: "I certainly did not violate the trust of James Brown ever in my life, and to the contrary did everything I could do to promote the name and legacy status. [But] I think it's time to let some other people wear those shoes. I'll be in the background".

Bradley added that he had stood down to "to better serve the trust and the needy children that Mr Brown wanted to be educated".


American power pop rockers The Romantics are suing video game firm Activision over a version of their song 'What I Like About You' that appears on the game 'Guitar Hero Encore, Rocks The 80s', where gamers try to press the buttons (on the games console controller or a special 'fake guitar' controller) that correspond with the notes of a famous song.

The Romantics song appears in the game, but it is a rerecording of it produced by session musicians. The band are suing because they claim that the rerecord is too like the original - "virtually indistinguishable" in their words - and that that contravenes their rights as a band.

What 'rights' exactly will vary from state to state, because there is no US wide statutory protection for either personal image or the sound of your voice. The band will rely on so called 'publicity rights' in those states where such things exist (about half of the States). This relies on State laws that protect an individual's right to stop others using his or her identity for commercial reasons without their permission. In those states where publicity rights are not protected by the law there may be a case for claiming that the use of a person's likeness for commercial purposes is an invasion of privacy, and therefore the games firm is liable under privacy laws.

Even if the band can prove that the version of 'What I Like About You' in the game is "virtually indistinguishable" from their 1980 version, and even in those States that protect 'publicity rights', it will be interesting to see if the courts will accept that those rights - that more often apply to visual appearance - extend to versions of songs that sound similar. That said, Billboard cite a case where Bette Midler successfully sued a company who had used a sound-a-like to record a song for an advert, with the courts ruling that because the track sounded like it had been recorded by Midler it violated her right of publicity.

The Romantics are looking for the courts to stop the distribution of the game, and to force Activision to account for profits made from it so far, and to compensate them.

PS: 'What I Like About You' was written by The Romantics members Wally Palmar, Mike Skill, Rich Cole, and Jimmy Marinos, but I assume they no longer control the publishing rights to it, otherwise presumably they could have stopped its use in the game by not granting permission for any version to appear.

PPS: This issue relates to something we've ranted on once before - the sound-alike session singer versions of top pop songs sold via iTunes et al. These come from those muzak CDs you find in crates in pound shops, but when listed on iTunes it is not at all clear that the songs are sound-a-like re-recordings and not the original (especially when they are credited to something like 'in the style of [original artist]'). This is a very real problem for those trying to push catalogue sales of original recordings online, who worry consumers are accidentally downloading the sound-a-like versions when they think they are getting the original (especially as both versions will be the same price in iTunes town). This is something we raised with Apple a few months back, but they didn't seem too bothered about the possible confusion. No surprise there though.


Former Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer and US Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Artimus Pyle was jailed in Florida this week over allegations he failed to properly register as a sex offender - though we hear he is now free having posted $10,000 bail.

In 1993 Pyle pleaded guilty to charges of attempted sexual battery of two girls aged 4 and 8. He was given eight years probation and added to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Sexual Offender database. Pyle is meant to make sure that his contact information on that database is up to date, but when he recently applied for a drivers licence it was discovered that he had not lived at the address stored on the database for some years. Moreover he had moved states and had failed to register himself on the other state's Sexual Offender database, as he is required to do.

Pyle claims that the confusion over his address has come about because he moves around a lot, but that he always fully intended to return to the Florida address he was registered at.


The members of INXS have marked the tenth anniversary of the death of the band's iconic original frontman Michael Hutchence by paying tribute to him on their official website. Here's what they say...

Jon Farriss: "Michael will always be remembered as a young, vibrant, gifted and passionate person. Age will not weary him as it gradually does his band mates! I will forever feel blessed and honoured to have known and worked with such a talented professional for most of my life. I will always hold close to my heart the private times we shared. I feel proud that INXS can continue to play the music he helped create and Michael will live on through his brilliant melodies and lyrics".

Andrew Farriss: "As Michael's friend and song writing partner of many years there is so much I feel at this time. I do not have enough words to convey my appreciation for having knowing Michael. Originally we founded a song writing team more through everyday life experiences than straight politics or complaining about the world. Michael was a brilliant lyricist and amazing good as any I have ever heard".

Garry Beers: "We all miss him very much. I will always remember him as a great friend who always made an effort to help others. Perhaps everybody can donate something, however small, to Lifeline Australia or a similar society in their local area as way of helping others out there".

The band's current frontman JD Fortune, who joined the band through that previously reported reality TV show, but who obviously never knew Hutchence himself, said simply: "Michael Hutchence defined rock and roll when I was younger, and continues to be an inspiration for me today".

The full tributes are at


More tributes, and Kanye West has paid tribute to his mother - who died earlier this month - at a gig in Belgium, and explained his reasoning for returning to his European tour so soon after her death.

West: "People called me and told me I needed to stop touring. 'Go home and clear your head', they said. Go home to what motherfucker? There's nothing that she loved more than to come to the shows and scream louder than any fan because she was my first fan and she was screaming before anybody else. If she was here she would tell me to: 'Get on that stage and kill it dawg'. She would tell me to: 'Go on this Glow In The Dark tour, take over the world and be Number One like I told you to be baby'".

Meanwhile 50 Cent, Kanye's recent chart rival, has been giving his support to West for returning to performing so soon, telling the Associated Press: "That's really an unfortunate situation and I hope he can work his way through it. It's good to see him actually touring. You can work your way back into a comfortable space where you can deal with those situations. I hope that he can work his way through it ... if you're active, you'll find reasons to smile, reasons to be happy".


Pete Doherty claims he has been supporting fellow druggy Amy Winehouse since her other half Blake Fielder-Civil was thrown into the slammer - him knowing lots about both drugs and jail. And he has contradicted reports that Winehouse's drug addiction has worsened since Fielder-Civil's arrest. Doherty told reporters: "I speak to her nearly every day. She just wants her man back for Christmas. They are desperately in love. One good thing is that Blake has got clean since he has been in prison. It's been quite an awakening. Amy stopped doing everything since he went in. She realises how much they have to lose. They are going to lose each other if it carries on. Love, music and melody is the way forward".


In a sort of Mercury Music Prize for debut albums only, Xfm listeners have been voting for their favourite debut long player of 2007 and a shortlist of ten has just been announced. Artists and music industry types will now select an overall winner, which will be announced at a bash at Koko in London on 16 Jan.

The shortlist is as follows...

Air Traffic - Fractured Life
The Enemy - Well Live and Die In These Towns
Frank Turner - Sleep Is For The Week
Kate Nash - Made Of Bricks
Klaxons - Myths Of The Near Future
The Maccabees - Colour It In
The Pigeon Detectives - Wait For Me
The Twang - Love It When I Feel Like This
The View - Hats Off To The Buskers
The Wombats - Proudly Present.. A Guide To Love, Loss and Desperation

'The' bands are still in fashion I see. Here's what Xfm music chief Mike Walsh says about the shortlist: "We've always known that Xfm listeners have excellent taste and here is more proof. This is a very strong list of 10 great British debut albums and Xfm is proud to have been associated with all of them. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the judges decide is the overall winner, it will not be an easy call".


Will you stop asking us what songs will appear on the previously reported Rivers Cuomo demo filled 'Alone - The Home Records Of Rivers Cuomo' solo album which is out next month, because look, here it is. As you'll see, it includes an early version of Cuomo's band's 1995 hit 'Buddy Holly'.

The World We Love So Much
The Bomb
Buddy Holly
Longtime Sunshine
Blast Off!'
Who You Callin Bitch?
Dude We're Finally Landing
Lover In The Snow
Crazy One
This Is The Way
Little Diane
I Wish You Had An Axe Guitar
I Was Made For You


What, now you want the tracklisting of the previously reported new solo album from Wu Tang Clanner Ghostface Killah complete with information of who guests on each track? Oh, go on then...

At The Cabana Skit ft Rhythm Roots Allstars
Toney Sigel aka The Barrel Brothers ft Beanie Sigel
Yolanda's House ft Raekwon & Method Man
We Celebrate' ft Kid Capri
Walk Around
Yapp City ft Trife Da God & Sun God
White Linen Affair (Toney Awards) ft Shawn Wigs
Supa GFK
Rec-Room Therapy ft Raekwon & U-God
The Prayer ft Ox
I'll Die For You
Paisley Darts ft Raekwon, Sun God, Trife Da God, Method Man & Cappadonna
Shakey Dog Starring Lolita ft Raekwon
! ft Rhythm Roots Allstars
Killa Lipstick fr Method Man & Masta Killa
Slow Down ft Chrisette


No tracklisting here I'm afraid. Not yet. There'll be a brand new Hayseed Dixie album released next February via Cooking Vinyl. It's called 'No Covers'. No word as yet as to how many cover versions will be on this one I'm afraid. But we do know that the release will be followed up by a UK tour - hurrah. Press info from Cooking Vinyl.

27 Feb: Belfast, Empire
28 Feb: Derry, Nerve Centre
4 Mar: Cambridge, Junction
5 Mar: Norwich, Waterfront
6 Mar: Birmingham, Academy 2
7 Mar: Northampton, Roadmenders
8 Mar: Nottingham, Rock City
9 Mar: Manchester, Academy 2
10 Mar: Leeds, Rio
12 Mar: Worcester, Huntingdon Hall
13 Mar: Oxford, Zodiac Rooms
14 Mar: Falmouth, Pavilion
16 Mar: Exeter, Phoenix
17 Mar: Stroud, Subscription Rooms
19 Mar: Cardiff, The Point
21 Mar: Inverness, The Ironworks
22 Mar: Wick, The Waterfront
23 Mar: Orkney, Fusion
25 Mar: Aberdeen, The Lemon Tree
26 Mar: Banchory, The Woodend Barn
27 Mar: Dundee, Fat Sams
28 Mar: Edinburgh, The Liquid Rooms
29 Mar: Glasgow, Abc
31 Mar: Newcastle, Academy 2


American punk band Pennywise will give away their new album via MySpace, with whom they have signed a worldwide deal (via MySpace's own label MySpace Records). The album will be available via traditional CD routes too, but fans will be able to get a free digital version of the album via MySpace in a promotion sponsored by mobile marketing firm Textango - the album will actually be available via their MySpace page.

MySpace have indicated that the Pennywise project is the first of a number of music based promotions the social network company is planning - hoping to position itself as the platform of choice for innovative advertising funded music distribution, or something like that. That Tom Anderson fella - MySpace co-founder and MySpace friend of all, has told reporters the deal is "just the beginning of a high volume of cutting-edge music programming".

Hmmm, perhaps MySpace can maintain its position as the flagship social networking platform in the music space, even if Facebook introduce a brill band service.


Talking of MySpace music thingimies, Fightstar will stream the video to their new song 'Deathcar' exclusively via MySpace from now until 28 Nov. The song is about a pretty grim topic - Chinese human meat wagons. Oh, and Charlie Simpson splitting up with his girlfriend. Makes sense.

Simpson explains: "Deathcars are these vans the Chinese have and, if they need an organ donor for someone, then they execute death-row prisoners in the vans and bring the organs to accident victims. I heard about them on the news at the same time as I heard that my ex-girlfriend was going out with someone new. I've sort of merged him and the deathcar together. I'm driving and he's in the back..."

The video is online at - though apparently it's a censored version with a grimmer version still to be released. The single is out on 3 Dec.


The Futureheads have posted a track that will appear on their third album - due out via their own label next year - on their website - It's called 'Broke Up The Time' and there's also a video to it on YouTube at this here URL:

As previously reported, the band will be showcasing other new material at some special gigs - one on 29 Nov at Kings College, London and one on 6 Dec at Independent in Sunderland. They seem to have added a second Sunderland date since we last reported on this - on 7 Dec.


More acts have been added to the line up of Australia's Big Day Out festival which takes place in various Aussie cities and Auckland in January and early February. The new additions include: Spoon, Brand New, Anti-Flag, Carl Cox, Kate Nash, Shy Child, Enter Shikari, Operator Please, UNKLE, Dynamite MC and The Nightwatchman. They join a line up that already boasts Rage Against The Machine, Bjork, Arcade Fire, Billy Bragg, LCD Soundsystem and Dizzee Rascal.


Word has it Sparks are planning a 21 night residency at the Islington Academy in London next May - with a different album played in full each night. Which would also suggest a new long player is forthcoming, because according to my math they've only released twenty studio albums to date. I say "only" - 20 albums is pretty good going, even for a band who've been around since 1971.


Underworld have announced two new dates at London's Roundhouse for next year - 28 and 29 Feb. The duo had to cancel a Roundhouse date when they canned their European tour due to illness last month. The rescheduled dates presumably means that whichever Underworlder was ill is now better, which is good news.


Those New Model Army types will play at the London Astoria on 20 Dec as part of their world tour to promote previously reported album 'High'. Press info from Blurb.


Wow, so many London dates in a row there, we really ought to get reporting on some live dates outside the M25. Well, here's some. Megadeath have just announced a UK tour for next February, a second tour in support of this year's 'United Abominations' album. Dates as follows, press info from Roadrunner IH.

17 Feb: Norwich UEA
18 Feb: Nottingham Rock City
19 Feb: Glasgow Academy
20 Feb: Newcastle Academy
22 Feb: Birmingham Academy
23 Feb: Manchester Academy
24 Feb: Brixton Academy


Those Simian Mobile Disco boys have also announced some tour dates for the new year, listed below, press info from Bang On. Have we mentioned that SMD release new single 'Hustler' via Wichita on 26 Nov? Well, we just did.

31 Jan: Zodiac, Oxford
1 Feb: Plug, Sheffield
2 Feb: Thekla, Bristol
6 Feb: Cockpit, Leeds
7 Feb: Academy 3, Manchester
8 Feb: Digital, Newcastle
9 Feb: Arches, Glasgow
12 Feb: Digital, Brighton


More tours, this time from that Richard Hawley bloke, who will release a new single on 28 Jan called 'Valentine', and then tour through February.

2 Feb: City Hall, Hull
4 Feb: Corn Exchange, Cambridge
5 Feb: New Theatre, Oxford
6 Feb: Guildhall, Southampton
11 Feb: De Montford Hall, Leicester
14 Feb: Galway, Rosin Dubh
16 Feb: Belfast, Mandela Hall
18 Feb: Grand Opera House, York
19 Feb: Buxton, Opera House

Commenting on the new single, Hawley told CMU: "The chorus is one of the oldest pieces of music I've ever written. I could never get anything else to go with it. But I picked up the guitar in the studio and started singing the chorus and then I made up the verse on the spot. I don't like being over prepared, I like to keep that Sun Studio vibe where the red light comes on and it's like 'c'mon son, what have you got?' It's quite tragic that song, it's like a kind of Yorkshire Shakespearian tragedy. It's about somebody who's made themselves really hard after heartbreak. I've been through that. I was there once in my early twenties before I met our lass, you make yourself into something you're not. The song is about a tender moment where you face the truth".

You'll get your press info on all this from Fifth Avenue PR


We reported on the Gibson Guitartown Charity Auction so long ago that I was sure it had already happened, but what do I know, as it apparently only took place on Tuesday (20 Nov) at London's Indig02 club. Over £200,000 was raised through the sale of the 62 hand painted and signed Gibsons up for grabs on the night, with Sir Paul McCartney's 10ft giant replica guitar proving most popular, selling for a mammoth £60,000 and beating the second highest bid, for Ronnie Wood's signed axe, by £49,000. Not that it's a competition or anything. Elsewhere in the sale, Slash managed to rack-up £8,500, Pink Floyd's Roger Waters made £10,500 and another ten footer, this time signed by Paul Weller and designed by Sir Peter Blake, reached £8,000. Organisers announced that all the money raised will be split between Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy, The Prince's Trust and Teenage Cancer Trust.


OWEN'S BIG NIGHT OUT: Record Of The Day Awards
The Record Of The Day Music Journalism And PR Awards shimmied into Punk in London on Tuesday night (20 Nov), celebrating all that is great and good in, erm, music journalism and PR. CMU's man-on-the-ground was in tow, though a bit late, as ever. Thankfully, it seemed like I arrived just as the proper excitement was starting. That's to say I was welcomed at the doors to the venue by someone dressed in full biker leathers and helmet charging into the main room to mass applause from the gathered crowd of writers, editors, PRs and other music industry types (this was a planned part of the event, I'm told). Anyway, our moustachioed host sped through the award giving, with plenty of gongs for Guardian writers, And Guardian editors. Oh, and The Guardian itself (the Guardian award gannets seemed to take home just about everything - it's a good job they don't have a music PR company, or they'd be nabbing all the industry gongs too). Alexis Petridis from said newspaper deservedly, in my most humble of opinions, took home Record Reviews Writer Of The Year, while the friendly Beggars' PR group won Best In-House PR. Elsewhere, the NME elicited harmonious crowd boos for each nomination (not from me, I should add, oh no), and Pop Justice took home the biggest cheer of the night (and an award) when Peter Robinson was announced as winner of the Breaking Music Journalist prize (despite, ironically, Peter Robinson obviously also being an NME hack). Nibbles and more of the beer followed so cordial thanks to ROTD and Tuborg for the party - we like you both very much. Oh, and you'll find the full list of winners at the bottom of today's Daily.

To invite Owen to your big nights drop him an email:


The BPI yesterday announced that three of those Welsh people have been arrested over allegations they were supplying master discs to the CD black market - ie providing music pirates with the recordings they pirate. The trade body says the raids, undertaken by Cardiff Trading Standards, are part of a major anti-piracy operation aiming to target the top of the piracy supply chain. The three suspects - two men and one woman - have been bailed pending further examinations of computer equipment seized after a series of raids.

BPI Chief Executive Geoff Taylor told CMU: "This was a very professional investigation by Cardiff Trading Standards, and we expect this successful operation to cause major disruption to the supply and distribution of counterfeit masters nationwide. We extend our thanks to the authorities. Almost every counterfeit CD, film or computer game bought in this country has involved criminal gangs at some point in the process. We urge consumers not to fund criminals by buying these fakes. Even if people buying these discs don't care about the creative people who are deprived of their living by copyright theft, or the local businesses and jobs they are helping to destroy, they should be under no illusions that they are almost certainly funding an organised criminal element who are often engaged in other areas of crime. Fakes may have a lower retail price but carry a far greater social cost".


Anti-piracy firm Media Defender, who are hired by numerous music and entertainment companies to combat the illegal sharing of content via P2P networks, normally by flooding P2P networks with fake content, have admitted that previously reported leak of the company's internal emails cost them more than $800,000.

Over 6000 internal emails were posted online in September after hackers - presumably fans of P2P file sharing - hacked into the company's email system. The emails revealed much about the firm's tactics and pricing, and also showed they were involved in a 'digital sting operation' they had previously denied operating.

In an SEC filing by parent company ArtistDirect it has been revealed that the revelations contained in the published emails cost the company $800,000. They were forced to give clients affected by the leak $600,000 in service credits as compensation, and another $225,000 was spent on legal advice needed because of the leak.

The company adds that federal and state law enforcement agencies are investigating the leak. Meanwhile, as also previously reported, in Sweden rogue BitTorrent tracker The Pirate Bay have reported Media Defender to the authorities claiming that the published emails show that the company engages in activities in the country that violate Swedish laws.


Experiential marketing types KLP have announced the appointment of Mat Morrisroe to the brand new role of Music Director. He was previously over there at Entertainment Media Research.

On the new role he says this: "I'm delighted to have joined KLP, I believe our ambition and vision are matched perfectly. It's our aim to usher in a new era of genuine co-operation between brands and the music industry. As part of KLP's team we will be the pioneers at the forefront of bringing this change about".


Talking of appointments, Time Out has hired Mark Elliott, currently a publishing consultant for EMAP, to become Publisher of its flagship London magazine and website. He'll join the listings mag in January. And he told the Guardian this: "It's going to be a busy year next year with Time Out's 40th anniversary and a lot of good stuff going on so I'm excited to be joining. It's an interesting brand because you've got a strong brand identity but it's also a utility product with the listings - I get the sense that it could do many things all over the place and the challenge will be to decide which are the priorities". Prior to consulting for EMAP Elliott was at Brooklands group where he was involved in the launch of the gloriously shortlived Popworld Pulp magazine.


So, none of you really care when Britney Spears lost her virginity do you? Oh, you do. How very very sad. Well, the gossip doing the rounds this week is that Britney had her first "sexual experience" with childhood sweetheart Reg Jones when 14. This is only really of note, of course, because when Britney first rose to stardom much was made of the seventeen year old Spears' virgin status, and that she intended to "stay virgin until married". Though I'm not sure anyone really believed her - after all, surely then boyfriend Justin Timberlake would have had her up the aisle pronto if that was really the only way he was going get some. Anyway, Eric Ervin, who worked with Britney in the early days of her career, has admitted that the whole virgin thing was a publicity stunt, and that the popstress had been sexually active long before her pop career. So, now we know.



Live Reviews Writer Of The Year: Sophie Heawood - The Guardian
Runner-up: Alexis Petridis - The Guardian; Shorlisted: Betty Clarke - The Guardian, Joe Shooman - The Fly, Lisa Verrico - The Times

Best Music Coverage In A Consumer Publication: Time Out
Runner-up: Dazed & Confused; Shortlisted: Big Issue, GQ, Teletext

Best PR Campaign For A Breakthrough UK Act: Six07 for Kate Nash
Runner-up: Jamie T; Shortlisted: Bat For Lashes, Gallows, Klaxons

Best PR Campaign For An Established UK: EMI for Roisin Murphy
Runner-up: Amy Winehouse; Shorlisted: LCD Soundsystem, MIA, Take That

Record Reviews Writer Of The Year: Alexis Petridis - The Guardian
Runner-up: Betty Clarke - The Guardian; Shorlisted: Kitty Empire - The Observer; Pete Paphides - The Times; Jacqui Swift - The Sun

Best Music Coverage In A National Newspaper: The Guardian
Runner-up: The Observer; Shorlisted: Guardian Guide, The Independent, The Sun

Music Business Writer Of The Year: Owen Gibson - Guardian
Runner-up: Adam Sherwin - The Times; Shorlisted: Ben Cardew - Music Week; Eamonn Forde - Five Eight; Paul Sexton - The Times/FT

Best PR Campaign For An Established Non-UK Act: RMP for Arcade Fire
Runner-up: The White Stripes; Shortlisted: Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Prince

Best Pr Campaign For A Breakthrough Non-UK Act: Toast for CSS
Runner-up: The Gossip; Shorlisted: Beirut, Cold War Kids, Seasick Steve

Best Podcast: Guardian Music Weekly
Runner-up: The Times; Shortlisted: Drowned in Sound, The Sun, Xfm

Best Editor: Casper Llewellyn Smith - Observer Music Monthly
Runner-up: Simon Harper - Clash; Shorlisted: Mark Ellen - The Word, Conor McNicholas - NME, Andrew Harrison - Mixmag

Best Independent PR Company: Purple
Runner-up: Dog Day; Shortlisted: Coalition, Darling Department, Toast

Best Independent PR Individual: Winner: Amanda Freeman, Freeman PR
Runner-up: David Silverman - Outpost; Shortlisted: Polly Birkbeck - Complete Control; Ruth Drake - Toast; Tony Linkin - Coalition

Best Free Music Magazine: Stool Pigeon
Runner-up: The Fly; Shortlisted: London Tour Dates, One Week To Live, Vice

Best Online Music Publication: Drowned In Sound
Runner-up: Popjustice; Shortlisted: Gigwise, Guardian Music online,

Best In-house PR person: Winner: Susie Ember - Virgin
Runner-up: Richard Dawes - Polydor; Shortlisted: Rachel Hendry - Mercury, Julie Smith - Columbia, Rich Walker- Beggars

Best In-House PR Department: Beggars
Runner-up: EMI; Shortlisted: Domino, Island, Polydor

Popular Press Best Journalist: Jacqui Swift - Sun Something For The Weekend
Runner-up: Gavin Martin - Mirror Ticket; Shortlisted: Simon Cosyns - Sun Something For The Weekend; Kim Dawson - Star Playlist; Adrian Thrills - Daily Mail

Breaking Music Journalist: Peter Robinson - Pop Justice
Runner-up: Mike Diver - Drowned In Sound, Shortlisted: Dan Cairns - The Times, Niall Doherty - The Fly, Krissi Murisson - NME

Artist and Music Features Writer of the Year: Matilda Egere-Cooper - The Independent
Runner-up: Alexis Petridis - The Guardian; Shortlisted: Stevie Chick - Freelance, Tim Jonze - NME, Peter Robinson - Popjustice

Popular Press: Best Music Section: The Sun Something For The Weekend
Runner-up: Star Playlist; Shortlisted: Express Friday Review, Mirror The Ticket, The Sun - Bizarre

Music Magazine of the Year: Word
Runner-up: Observer Music Monthly; Shortlisted: Clash, NME, Mojo

Outstanding Contribution To Music Journalism: David Hepworth and Mark Ellen

Outstanding Contribution To PR: Bernard Doherty, LD Communications

Outstanding Contribution To Music Photography: Roger Sargeant

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