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In today's CMU Daily:
- Terra Firma complete £250 million equity sale on EMI
- MAMA buys into Nettwerk
- Morrissey interviewer stands by NME article
- Akon faces charges over fan throwing incident
- Rap-a-lot boss faces felony charges over 7303 run in
- Unusual distribution bars Prince and Radiohead from Brits
- West and Will.I.Am involved in Thriller special edition
- Eskimo bring Disco to All Saints
- SFA bring Christmas gifts
- Rampling returns for Cross finale
- Sigel samples Blunt
- NME award shows go to Manchester and Glasgow
- Gay For Johnny Depp tour
- Women Of The Year winners
- Job cuts expected at SonyBMG US
- Fox man down on Warner chief
- PPL announce new international deals
- Indiestore and partner
- Chart update
- playlist
- Total Rock world album chart
- The Horrors prepared for frosty Arctic fans


A quick reminder that the final CMU Recommended MusicTank Think Tank event of 2007 is this week, and it's a particularly interesting one - reviewing the changing role of the artist manager in this evolving music business of ours.

Managers, of course, hold all the strings at the start of an artists' career, and again once an artist is established and at the end of their initial recording and publishing contracts. But in the past, with large scale CD album releases a key source of income and essential marketing platform for any artist, managers relied quite heavily on the people with the cash and resources to enable such expensive releases - ie the record companies. But with new players on the scene offering upfront funding, and with cheaper digital distribution and marketing channels becoming more effective, managers rely less and less on traditional record companies to help them launch or develop their artists. Which potentially makes them even more powerful in the wider music industry. But then again, as "evil" as the major record companies obviously are, are managers really any better off colluding with private equity types, technology firms and corporate brands to further their artists' careers - at least the record companies have some passing interest in music.

Anyway, these are, no doubt, some of the things that will be covered when ie:music chief Tim Clark, Cooking Vinyl and Essential Music director Martin Goldschmidt, Vital Group MD Peter Thompson and Paul Bedford of investment types Ingenious Media meet to discuss 'Cheques, Hugs & Rock 'n' Roll: The Changing Face Of Artist Management' this Wednesday, 5 Dec, at the MCPS-PRS Alliance HQ in London from 6.30pm to 9pm.

More info and details of how to sign up at



CARLING SUPPORTS LONDON - New Band Showcase - Tonight!
It's been a great year for Carling in music and to help celebrate, five of the UK's best local bands have been invited to play a special one off gig as Carling Supports comes to London tonight, Monday 3rd December.

At the start of the summer Carling asked up and coming bands in Bristol, Birmingham, Newcastle, Liverpool and Glasgow to perform at Carling Supports - a showcase for local talent.

The best band in each region, as chosen by an independent panel of judges, secured a support slot at a future Carling Academy show. Now, for one night only, Bar Academy, N1 will play host to the best five bands with a night of live music:

Pinstripe (Carling Supports Bristol)
Page 44 (Carling Supports Birmingham)
Stoneleaf (Carling Supports Newcastle)
The Inventors (Carling Supports Liverpool)
Yoshi (Carling Supports Glasgow)

For more information on Carling Supports check:

or contact Julia Barratt or Mark Hindle at the Carling Press Office at Cake on 020 7307 3105.

Carling Supports will return in 2008, for more information visit

Ice cold Carling and the best local music. The complete live experience.


Yes, it's December everybody. Which means it is time for the CMU Track Of The Year thingimy thing - where the great and good that are the CMU Daily readership have the opportunity to big up the tracks that got them most excited in 2007.

If you haven't voted yet, there is still chance to get your votes in - you can pick a single, album track, b-side, bootleg, remix, demo, anything that first surfaced this year. You should email the name of your fave track and a couple of sentences on why it's great to

Meanwhile, here's some votes already received...

Kissy Sell Out - Get Busy Tropicana (Bootleg)
"Cut-up iconoclasm that makes George Michael sound interesting".
Rob Nash, Times and Sunday Times music reviewer/writer

Chromatics - Running Up That Hill
"Cover or not, Italo Disco noir or not, this is better than having my ears breathed on by someone sultry as they're gently licked. Which I love. And also happens to be a suitable simile for how this song sounds".
Michael Lewin, Culture & Lifestyle Editor, Notion Magazine

Vote for your track of the year - email the name of your fave track and a couple of sentences on why it's great to


New EMI owners Terra Firma are reportedly close to raising £250 million in their previously reported bid to share the risk of the major music firm with other investment types through an equity sale - the private equity firm is said to be selling off 15% of the company to raise the funds. According to the Times, the investors putting up the cash have been told Terra Firma bosses can boost EMI's profits from £61 million in 2007 to £528 million in 2012.

Neither EMI nor Terra Firma have commented on those reports, though some in the city say the move is a good thing in that it shows other finance types share Terra Firma chief Guy Hands' belief that the smallest of the major record companies can turn round its fortunes pretty rapidly. Though others are still questioning Hands' motive for bringing in other investors - he insists doing so is standard practice in the private equity game (and he's not entirely wrong), though others say it is a sign that EMI was in a much worse state than the private equity chief believed before completing his takeover.

According to the Times, papers distributed to the new investors say that Terra Firma plans to turn round the fortunes of EMI through a combination of radical cost cutting - at least £135 million a year - and by driving forward mobile and online download sales where profit margins are higher. The Times also say those papers say Terra Firma plan to bail out of EMI in 2012, selling the major for around about £9.4 billion, compared to the £3.2 billion Hands paid for it. The papers also speculate as to who might buy EMI for that kind of money in 2012, admitting that one buyer may be long time suitor Warner Music, though adding that a bid from a media conglomerate like News Corp or web giant like Google may be a more likely because the music major will be by then "ideally placed to be a digital content engine for the broadband pipes of the future".

So, there we have it. In not entirely unrelated news, Radiohead's Ed O'Brien has told The Observer that Terra Firma and Hands were the reason his band didn't re-sign to EMI. As much previously reported, Radiohead completed their recording obligations to EMI's Parlophone with 2003's 'Hail To The Thief', and were free to take new longplayer 'In Rainbows' to any label. EMI were rumoured to be in the running to release the much anticipated new album, but in the end the band decided to self-release it online, and to go with independent XL for the physical release.

Explaining their decision, O'Brien says that by the time the album was ready to go Hands was in charge at EMI and that he didn't know what to offer the band. O'Brien: "EMI is in a state of flux. It's been taken over by somebody who's never owned a record company before, Guy Hands and Terra Firma, and they don't realise what they're dealing with. It was really sad to leave all the [EMI] people. But he wouldn't give us what we wanted. He didn't know what to offer us. Terra Firma doesn't understand the music industry".


The ever expanding London based MAMA Group has further expanded - and having done a lot a expanding its live music operations of late, this deal expands the company's artist management assets.

MAMA have taken a 20% stake in Canadian music management powerhouse Nettwerk Music Group in a deal worth $6 million. The deal sees MAMA become shareholders in Nettwerk's management, label and music publishing companies, while Nettwerk owners Ric Arboit, Dan Fraser, Mark Jowett and Terry McBride will get shares in the MAMA group, which owns venues like the Hammersmith Apollo, Jazz Cafe, Forum and Borderline in London, the UK-wide Barfly network, The Fly magazine, and management firms SuperVision and SBM.

It is in the artist management domain that Nettwerk and MAMA have the most synergy, with the two companies saying that the deal creates "the world's largest management collective". Together the companies will manage the likes of Avril Lavigne, Barenaked Ladies, Sarah McLachlan, Kaiser Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand and The Cribs.

Confirming the deal, MAMA co-CEOs Adam Driscoll and Dean James told CMU: "We are delighted that [our] company has been able to make this investment in the Nettwerk companies and equally delighted that the investment has resulted in the Nettwerk Partners becoming shareholders in MAMA. We believe that this alliance creates one of the most exciting opportunities in the music industry - not by creating the biggest music business, but by combining our skills and assets to become the best. We expect this investment to be revenue enhancing for MAMA in our 08/09 fiscal year and believe that there are significant opportunities for this partnership to generate substantial additional value for MAMA in the coming years".

Nettwerk's McBride added: "We are looking forward to working with MAMA to continue to create the most innovative and exciting music company in the industry today. We believe that this alliance will make us the most attractive home for music artists".


Aha, so music journalist Tim Jonze is unlikely to be called as a witness by the plaintiff should the previously reported Morrissey/NME squabble go to court.

As previously reported, Morrissey's people are threatening to sue IPC's NME over an interview it published last week in which the former Smiths man discussed British identity, seemingly arguing that excessive immigration had made England a less desirable place to live, or something like that.

Mozza almost immediately accused the music weekly of misrepresentation and character assassination, and he seemed to have a strong case when it was rumoured that the freelancer behind the interview - Jonze - had demanded the feature not be credited to him because he had issues with the NME's edit of his work. The assumption was that the NME had sexed up the piece to make it sound more controversial, and Jonze objected.

But on Friday we reported that Jonze had reportedly said that, while he had requested his name be taken off the non-Q&A bit of the article (where the NME said Morrissey's attitudes to immigration were "like the ravings of a rogue Tory MP"), the singer had, in fact, said all the controversial stuff printed in the NME piece. He has now clarified the situation via The Guardian's comment website and revealed that he actually requested his name be removed from the interview not because the NME had sexed up his piece, but because they'd toned it down.

Jonze says: "The 'I've been stitched up' card is the last bastion of someone who's said something offensive but is too scared to back this up, yet too stubborn to apologise. How can Morrissey possibly claim a stitch-up when the interview is printed in Q&A form, his quotes are recorded on tape and he wasn't even asked about immigration in the first place? It's truly cowardly".

On his request that the actual article be credited to "NME" rather than himself, Jonze continues: "The piece was very critical and NME decided to tone it down, something I didn't agree with. I hadn't even seen the finished version before it went to print. For these reasons, the byline was removed".

Jonze concludes by accusing Morrissey's people of using his request to not be credited with the editorial part of the feature as a way of diverting media attention from what the singer had said.

Despite all this, Morrissey's lawyer has said defamation action against IPC and NME editor Conor McNicholas would now proceed. Which is exciting news for us fans of defamation court cases. Bring it on I say.


Police in New York have filed charges against R&B type Akon in relation to that fan throwing incident back in June.

As previously reported, this incident, at a gig in Fishkill, a town North of New York, began when Akon got security guards to bring on stage a fifteen year old fan who had thrown something at him. After some on stage shenanigans Akon threw the fan back into the audience. It wasn't clear at the time how much the fan was party to whole thing - ie whether Akon was aiding an elaborate stage dive, or whether he was, in fact, assaulting a fan live on stage.

Either way, Abby Rosa, the girl that the fan landed on, wasn't impressed. She has told local reporters that she suffered concussion as a result of the stunt, and that she has hired a lawyer to look into suing the singer for negligence.

Meanwhile she reported the incident to Fishkill police who confirmed on Thursday that they are actively investigating the case, and that the singer has been ordered to appear at Fishkill Town Court today to face misdemeanour charges of endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment. I'm not sure if the singer is accused of endangering and harassing the fifteen year old he threw in the audience, or the girl he landed on, or both.

Akon's people have not commented on the latest development, though back in June his lawyer claimed there was no basis for criminal charges in relation to the incident.


Hip hop type James Prince, boss of Rap-A-Lot Records, is facing felony charges in relation to a previously reported dispute with one Ronnie Bookman, owner of the 7303 studio complex and record label.

As previously reported, Bookman claims Prince had him beaten up after they fell out over the collapse of a previous agreement that allowed 7303 Records to release a track by one Javon 'JV' Daniels that featured Rap-A-Lot signed rapper Bun B. Prince had backed out of the agreement after Bookman did a deal with Warner Music, and the resulting dispute allegedly led to a violent run in at the end of a meeting between the two label execs.

Bookman launched a wide-ranging lawsuit over the whole thing, and criminal investigations followed. The whole case went before a grand jury last week and the previous misdemeanour assault charges issued against Prince were upgraded to felonious aggravated assault charges, which means the hip hop type could face ten years in jail if found guilty.

Prince has yet to comment, though he has previously denied all charges made against him in relation to his dispute with Bookman.


Two of the biggest releases of 2007 will not be getting any glory at next year's Brit Awards because they won't be eligible. They won't be eligible because in order to appear on the long list for the best artist, album and single categories that the Brit Academy vote on you need to have had a Top 75 album or single in the last sixteen months.

That means that Prince, who controversially released his new album 'Planet Earth' in the UK as a freebie covermount with the Mail On Sunday, and Radiohead, who self-released new album 'In Rainbows' via their own (non-chart returning) website, won't appear on any shortlists because while both albums had mass distribution neither charted.

None of this is a surprise really - the Brit Award rules aren't a secret or anything - but everyone else seems to be reporting on this fact, so we thought we should too. Prince could, of course, be nominated for the Best Live Act for his much hyped O2 residency, because that category is shortlisted by a special committee of live music types and not constrained by the chart eligibility rule.


Kanye West and Will.I.Am have reworked classic Michael Jackson tracks ready for a re-release of 'Thriller' to celebrate the legendary album's 25th anniversary.

The special edition, which is set to hit record stores in February, will feature the original album plus eight bonus tracks, including West's remix of 'Billie Jean' and Will.i.Am's remix of 'The Girl Is Mine'. There'll also be a track recorded during the Thriller recording sessions but never released, 'For All Time', plus new versions of 'PYT (Pretty Young Thing)' and 'Wanna Be Startin' Something' featuring guest appearances from Will.I.Am (again) and, in the case of the latter, fan flinging hip hopper Akon.

The CD will also be accompanied by a DVD, obviously, given this was the era when every Jackson single release was accompanied by one of those "ground breaking promo videos".


Trendy fashion store All Saints will be going all a bit Eskimo Disco on one of their busy pre-Christmas shopping days - Saturday 15 Dec. The indie electro types will be making in-store appearances at the fashion retailer's Covent Garden store, which will also be selling the band's new album 'Robots And Laptop Dancers Make Good Friends' pre-Christmas, even though it's not officially released until next March. Press info from Incubator.


Those Super Furry Animals will be giving away a track off their album 'Hey Venus!' for free on Christmas Day, which is as good a day as any for giving things away for free if you ask me. The single available for free MP3 download will be 'The Gift That Keeps On Giving'. As I understand it the download will be one of a number of freebies being given to SFA fans over the festive period - more freebies will be forthcoming from 17 Dec at Press info from Rough Trade IH.


DJ Danny Rampling who, you may recall, retired in 2005, has announced he will be getting his record box out one more time to play the final Saturday night at The Cross, the Kings Cross venue that will close at the end of the year so it can be demolished to make for some nice new tower block (a similar fate will become neighbouring Canvas and The Key if I'm not mistaken).

Rampling will play at the Club Azuli event due to take place at The Cross on 29 Dec. Here's what he told CMU: "Some of my finest clubbing moments have been at The Cross, and the last Saturday ever has to be something special".


Fancy a bit of James Blunt hip hop stylee? Well, look out for Beanie Sigel's new album 'The Solution' where the hip hopper will sample Blunt's song 'Bravery' for new track 'Dear Self'. Should be interesting.


As you all know, the NME stage all kinds of shenanigans in the run up to their annual awards, including a national tour and a programme of gigs in London. This year the two will combine so that as well as the national tour, the programme of gigs in London will tour too. Or something like that. Basically, as well as there being a programme of awards shows in London there'll be shows in Manchester and Glasgow too. As well as the tour. No word yet on whether Morrissey will appear at any of these.

On the expansion of the awards stuff, NME editor Conor McNicholas told CMU: "For the last few years I've spoken to music fans across the UK who have - despite the excitement of the Shockwaves NME Awards Tour - eyed the London Shows jealously and complained about the focus on the capital. I wanted to change that and finally we can now bring this celebration of live music to both Manchester and Glasgow".

Among the artists due to play the shows are Justice, Babyshambles, Dizzee Rascal, The Wombats and Frank Black.


When a press release promises "nudity, sexual frisson, big melodies, crowd participation and crowd procreation" you might think there is exaggeration or wishful thinking going on, though this press release is plugging an upcoming tour by old favourites Gay For Johnny Depp, where said activities may just be on the menu. The noisy Johnny Depp lovers will play the following UK dates...

25 Jan: Northampton The Racehorse
26 Jan: Leeds Royal Park Cellars
27 Jan: Nottingham Rock City
28 Jan: Luton University
29 Jan: Bournemouth iBar
30 Jan: Bristol The Louisiana
31 Jan: Exeter The Cavern
1 Feb: Brighton The Barfly
2 Feb: London The Barfly

Press info from Division Promoitons.


Well done to NME Picture Editor Marion Patterson, Radio 2 presenter Janice Long, Big Brother Records GM Emma Greengrass, and Emma Banks, co-founder of the UK branch of artist agency CAA, all of whom were honoured for being women last week. Well, more to the point, for being women who have done good stuff in music. They were all presented with gongs at the music biz's Women Of The Year awards, hosted again this year by Jo Brand.


Yeah, this is what you want at Christmas time, news of mass layoffs at major record companies. The good news, though, is that these seem to be expected mainly in the US. Which isn't good news for CMU Daily readers in North America, granted, but may bring some Christmas cheer to those UK based SongBMGers who live their lives by Bono's famous words, "Tonight thank God it's them instead of you". Anyway, according to Digital Music News, cuts are expected soonish in both the Columbia US and RCA US divisions. Whether the downsizing will spread outside the States isn't yet clear. Though back in America, DMN go on to report rumours that cuts are also expected at Universal's Island Def Jam. Ha, and you thought it was EMI where jobs would go by Christmas.


More major label nonsense from the US, and I don't really agree with what Fox columnist Roger Friedman makes of Warner Music chief Edgar Bronfman Jr's recent ramblings about the future of music, but we'd never let a difference of opinion stop us from printing some quality bitching, so what the hell.

Bronfman was speaking to investors and journalists on Thursday following the release of the major's latest somewhat disappointing financials. Despite the profits fall, Bronfman was upbeat bigging up his plans for diversification, especially into the artist management domain. Now, you know we here at CMU advocate diversification at record companies, but Friedman doesn't seem convinced.

Joking that Warner should rename itself as 'Warner Miscellaneous Group', he reported that Bronfman had told investors "we're not going to continue to sign artists for recorded music revenue only", and then commented: "So that's it, and that explains in some small way, why WMG no longer has hits or develops recording artists. Not only is Bronfman clearly not interested in recorded music, he is more enthusiastic about being a management company".

He continued: "During two questions from analysts, he stood firmly behind WMG's $10 million investment in Irving Azoff's Front Line Management. Here's the funny thing about that: Azoff manages the Eagles, who used to record for Warner Music. They don't anymore... So Bronfman has a $10 million investment in a company that manages an act that records for someone else. Bronfman must know something about how the record business works that [SonyBMG's] Clive Davis and [Universal Music's] Doug Morris don't. They just sell records (aka CDs). They don't manage any acts. And believe me, if their companies had investments in management companies, they'd be releasing the CDs of the artists they represented".

Actually, didn't Universal Music buy Sanctuary Music for its management assets, and haven't SonyBMG been dabbling in artist management in Europe? Still, can't beat a bit of Monday morning bitching.


Royalties body PPL has announced two new reciprocal deals with Greece and Ukraine which will ensure UK independent labels are properly represented in the two countries. The deal also means that holders of PPL licences over here will be able to legitimately play Greek and Ukrainian songs, should they wish too.

PPL's Head Of International, Laurence Oxenbury, told CMU: "We are very happy to conclude these two new reciprocal deals with Greece and Ukraine. We believe it is a further step in PPL's objective to ensure that the rights of our members are fully respected, protected and monetised in all territories".


7Digital's enterprise has announced a partnership with students' union screen network The link up will see artists signed up to the service given the chance to record a session with which will be screened on the union network. The first band to be featured are called Lost Souls, and their video will air this week.'s Peter Miles told CMU: "It's great to see unsigned acts perform in front of a camera for the first time. Filming your first studio session is something many artists dream about - we are about to make it a reality for a number of artists. It's a really exciting project to be embarking on and we are hopeful that we will be able to propel some unsigned acts to new heights".


Recently crowed 'Australian Idol' Natalie Gauci has become the first winner of the Aussie pop talent show to not get to number one with her debut single, something that some in the Aussie press says demonstrates the pop reality show has lost its appeal among even mainstream record buyers.

But over here our equivalent, most recent 'X-Factor' winner Leona Lewis, continues to dominate the both the single and albums charts, with 'Bleeding Love' and 'Spirit' still at the top respectively. Though her dominance does mean that her predecessor of all things 'X-Factor', Shayne Ward, has to make do with second place for his new album 'Breathless'. Given that Westlife are at number three in the album charts with 'Back Home' perhaps makers of 'Australian Idol' need to get a bit of Cowell on their judging panel - say what you like about the 'American Idol'/'X-Factor' man, but his artists can still dominate the music charts, despite their universal mediocrity.

The Cowell dominance at the top of the album chart (which should make several SonyBMG chiefs a bit happier) means that poor old Kylie has to make do with number four for her new long player 'X'. Other new entries there run like this: Russell Watson with 'Outside In' at 14, the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards with 'Spirit Of The Glen' at 17, Connie Talbot with 'Over The Rainbow' at 35 and Paul Potts with the 'One Chance - Christmas Edition' at 38.

Singles chart, Elvis goes in at 12 with 'An American Triology', Editors go in at 26 with 'The Racing Rats', the mighty mighty Pendulum go in at 29 with 'Granite', and Sean Kingston goes in at 32 with 'Me Love'. Oh, and Mariah Carey's 'All I Want For Christmas Is You' and The Pogues 'Fairytale Of New York' have entered at 23 and 33 despite not being re-released - presumably because the downloaders of the world have been feeling all kind of festive this week.


Here they are again, the videos being played on the video screen network in students' unions all over the UK. New entries marked with a *.

Arctic Monkeys - Teddy Picker (Domino)
Babyshambles - You Talk (EMI/Parlophone)*
Bloc Party - Flux (Wichita)
Dizzee Rascal - Flex (Beggars/XL)
Editors - The Racing Rats (SonyBMG/Columbia)
Foo Fighters - Long Road To Ruin (SonyBMG/Columbia)
Gallows - Staring At The Rude Bois (Warner)
Maximo Park - Karaoke Plays (Warp)
Pendulum - Granite (Warner)
Peter Gelderblom - Waiting 4 (Ministry/Data)
Plain White T's - Hate (I Really Don't Like You) (EMI/ Hollywood)
Reverend and The Makers - Open Your Window (Wall of Sound)
Rihanna feat Ne-Yo - Hate That I Love You (Universal/Def Jam)
SE:SA feat. Sharon Phillips - Like This, Like That (EMI/Positiva)
Simian Mobile Disco - Hustler (Wichita)
Stereophonics - My Friends (Universal/V2)

Booty Luv - Some Kinda Rush (Ministry/Hedkandi)*
Clocks - All I Can (Universal/Island)*
Estelle - Wait A Minute (Just A Touch) (Warner/Homeschool)
Fionn Regan - Put A Penny In The Slot (Bella Union)
Good Shoes - Small Town Girl (Brille)
Interpol - No I In Threesome (EMI/Parlophone)
J Holiday - Bed (EMI/Angel)
Nickelback - Rockstar (Warner/Roadrunner)
The Rascals - Out Of Dreams (Deltasonic)*
The Rumble Strips - Time (Fallout)
The Runners - All Over Again (Weekender)*
Scouting For Girls - Elvis Ain't Dead (SonyBMG/Epic)
Stars - The Night Starts Here (City Slang)*
Tom Baxter - Better (EMI/Angel)*
Uniting Nations - Do It Yourself (Gusto)
The Wombats - Moving To New York (Warner/14th Floor)


It's the Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries and re-entries marked with a *

1. Bruce Springsteen - Magic (SonyBMG/Columbia)
2. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (SonyBMG)
3. Angels & Airwaves - I-Empire (Universal/Geffen)
4. Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold (Warner Bros)
5. Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden (Universal)
6. Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (Warner Bros)
7. Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead (Serjical Strike)
8. Kid Rock - Rock - N Roll Jesus (Warner/Atlantic)
9. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Warner/Roadrunner)
10. Daughtry - Daughtry (SonyBMG)
11. Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (Universal/Mercury)
12. Nightwish - Dark Passion Play (Nuclear Blast)
13. Goo Goo Dolls - Greatest Hits Volume One (Warner Bros)*
14. Coheed And Cambria - No World For Tomorrow (SonyBMG/Columbia)
15. Fall Out Boy - Infinity On high (Universal/Mercury)
16. 30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie (EMI/Virgin)
17. Queen - Greatest Hits Vols. 1, 2, 3 (EMI)
18. Paramore - Riot! (Warner/Atlantic)
19. Good Charlotte - Good Morning, Revival (SonyBMG/Epic)
20. Guns - n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)*


The Horrors have been writing about their upcoming support duties on the Arctic Monkeys tour, and say they are prepared to be given a hard time by the headliner's fans. The band's Faris Rotter has written on the band's website: "The audience reaction will certainly be interesting, confrontation is always something we have thrived on battling against. However the differences between the two bands aren't as wide as some may initially think, the Arctic Monkeys have certainly pushed towards a heavier direction of late, which can only be applauded given their position".

As for any tensions between the actual bands, Rotter is also optimistic, observing: "There have been disagreements between us in the past but they are of a fairly irrelevant nature".

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