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In today's CMU Daily:
- Government report suggests more collaboration to fight IP crimes
- Ike Turner dies
- Activists to protest outside R Kelly gig
- Roseanne Cash recovering from brain surgery
- Britney misses custody meeting
- Weiland charged over DUI claims
- Miller refused permission to travel to Pimp C's funeral
- Iron Maiden sign integrated deal with EMI
- Foals tracklisting
- Veder and Legend work on Zinn film
- YouTube take down Led Zepp O2 clips
- Melua Cassidy duet due to top chart this weekend
- HMV upbeat despite losses
- Parlophone press chief steps down
- Luminaire boss to lead Quart Festival
- redesign
- Capital PD steps up
- 50 Cent says don't obsess over P2P


How good are Simian Mobile Disco? This good, that's how good. You have to imagine me stretching out my arms as long as they'd go for that sentence to make sense. If we're all being honest, SMD's ever increasing buzziness this year had a lot to do with the release of the Justice remix of 'We Are Your Friends' last year, even though that's arguably not really anything to do with SMD at all. The original of that track, of course, came from James Ford and James Anthony Shaw's former lives as members of a rather fine indie band called Simian, but it was mainly Justice's tinkering that made it into one of the best electro-indie crossover dancefloor stompers of recent years. But, actually, that track was a good stepping stone to take us electro-indie crossover fans from the indie sounds of Simian to the quirky, stripped-down beats-driven bleep-infused sounds of the Mobile Disco. But hurrah for such a stepping stone - because hopefully it has led to a greater number of people discovering SMD, and their debut album 'Attack Decay Sustain Release', which was one of the most exciting electro dancey releases of the year. Of course Ford, in particular, has been keeping his hand in on Planet Indie by putting in producing and remixing work with many a fine indie band, something that may have also helped expand the duo's overall fan base, but it is Ford and Shaw's own album that got me most excited this year. While perhaps not boasting the mainstream appeal of the Justice/Simian track, or some of the indie songs Ford has produced, this album is filled with quality music, with a sound that in some ways harks back to some of UK electro and house music's finest moments of old, but which, at the same time, has a fresh sound all of its own. With the buzz around these guys as producers and remixers and DJs they must already have very full diaries for 2008, but lets hope that doesn't stop them from making more stuff like this. In the meantime, I declare 'Attack Decay Sustain Release' another CMU album of 2007.



Launched in 2004 Beatport has fast become the number one download service specialising in DJ friendly music and electronica. Teamed with Native Instruments the company is focused on a unique consumer experience and maintaining our strong foothold in the future of digital music.

We are looking for a dynamic individual with great contacts, a flair for business, a savvy approach to problem solving and a passion for electronic music to join our UK and Australia Label Management team. The right person will have a minimum of five years relevant music industry experience, be prepared to travel to festivals, attend music conferences and generally support our labels, artists and clients whilst representing the company in a professional and friendly manner.

The position is based at our European headquarters in Berlin and comes with a competitive salary negotiable on experience. To apply for this position please supply us with a CV and a short covering letter specifying salary expectations. Closing date is January 6th 2008.



Yes, it's December everybody. Which means it is time for the CMU Track Of The Year thingimy thing - where the great and good that are the CMU Daily readership have the opportunity to big up the tracks that got them most excited in 2007.

If you haven't voted yet, there is still chance to get your votes in - you can pick a single, album track, b-side, bootleg, remix, demo, anything that first surfaced this year. You should email the name of your fave track and a couple of sentences on why it's great to

Meanwhile, here's some votes already received...

The Wombats - Moving To New York
"A last minute entry wins it for me this year.... that being, The Wombats and 'Moving To New York'. What an instant, hook-laden, timeless indie anthem. A band showing huge promise for 2008 I feel! (PS Bloc Party 'Flux', Mute Math 'Typical' and Justin Timberlake 'What Goes Around' were alsovery much up there for me!)"
Danielle Sammeroff, Roadrunner Records UK

Take That - Rule the World
"After a frankly desolate year of truly great music, up steps Barlow yet again, late in the year, to deliver by a country mile the best song of the year. Deceptively simple, melodic, euphoric, epic, and employing the utter genius of bringing in a second chorus right at the end, just when you thought it couldn't get any bigger. Quite simply 3:57 of complete pop brilliance. PS Also special mentions for Girls Aloud's 'Call the Shots' and Alphabeat's '10,000 Nights of Thunder'. The latter will be the song of 2008 barring a miracle".
Dave Fawbert, _14th Floor Records

Vote for your track of the year - email the name of your fave track and a couple of sentences on why it's great to


The government's Department Of Innovation, Universities And Skills, which I've never heard of before, but apparently is not at all made up, has just published a report on intellectual property crime, and makes a number of proposals for how the theft of IP could be better combated - including increasing the sharing of intelligence between law-enforcement types and IP industry bodies, possibly via a secure website, which will probably be hacked within a week of launch (talk about a prime target for the hackers) but which seems like a fair enough proposal.

The report estimates that the black market for intellectual property based products (pirated CDs, DVDs and software, and counterfeit branded merchandise) is now worth £1.3 billion each year in the UK, but on a more optimistic note observes that the number of arrests of bootleggers has increased, from 600 in 2004 to 1000 in 2007, not because more people are doing the bootlegging, but because the combined efforts of police, trading standards officers and trade body operations like the BPI's Anti-Piracy Unit are more effectively targeting the IP criminals. The report's nine proposals aim to make those anti-piracy initiatives even more effective.

Lord Triesman, who, as you all surely know, is our good Minister For Intellectual Property, says in the report: "Whilst the national IP crime strategy is beginning to have a positive effect on the level of IP crime, there is still a lot of work left to do". He adds that part of the work left to do is more of that educating people about the impact of IP crimes, saying: "A key part of our future work must be to ensure that people understand the very damaging consequences of counterfeiting and piracy".

The boss of record industry trade body BPI, Geoff Taylor, welcomed the report, telling CMU: ""The IP Crime Group is a vital and effective partnership between the rights owning community and government. We are committed to taking forward the report's recommendations, particularly those where industry has a role to play in sharing expertise and raising awareness of the impact and activities of IP criminals. Successfully tackling counterfeiting and piracy will be absolutely critical if the UK's knowledge-based economy is to develop in the twenty-first century and so we welcome the Government's on-going commitment to this issue".


Ike Turner, the soul legend possibly better known as the allegedly abusive ex-husband of Tina Turner, has died aged 76. The cause of his death is not known, but Scott Hanover from his management company told reporters yesterday: "Ike Turner passed away this morning. He was at his home".

Turner's music career properly began in the forties, and by the end of the decade he had created the group The Kings Of Rhythm who proved influential in the then emerging rock n roll genre. His reputation grew throughout the fifties, both as a musician and as a talent scout and A&R exec, most notably for Sun Records. But it was through his recruitment of one Anna Mae Bullock to his band, who he quickly moved to the front of the stage and rechristened Tina Turner, that Ike really rose to fame, with the Ike & Tina Turner Revue releasing a number of big hits throughout the sixties and early seventies, including 'River Deep - Mountain High', 'I Want To Take You Higher' and, of course, 'Nutbush City Limits'.

The couple married in the early sixties, but it was a tumultuous relationship during which Ike allegedly regularly abused his wife and co-star. After one particularly violent row in 1976 Tina left her husband, formally divorcing him in 1978. The divorce favoured Ike in terms of assets, but media stories of how he had abused Tina meant Ike fell out of favour in some circles, and even more so after Tina gave her side of the story in her autobiography 'I, Tina' in 1986, which reached a mass audience through the film adaptation 'What's Love Got To Do With It'. Around about the same time Ike was convicted of drug related charges in California, and jailed. Ike later admitted to hitting Tina during their marriage, but always claimed the portrayal of him as a serial abuser was unfair.

Despite the bad press, his career picked up again in the latter part of his life. He enjoyed success with his solo work, including the Grammy nominated 'Here & Now' and the Grammy winning 'Risin With the Blues'. He also collaborated and toured with Gorillaz.


A group of activists have said they will protest outside an R Kelly show at the LA Forum on Friday (15 Dec) to demonstrate against a man accused of child sex offences performing in the city.

As much previously reported, Kelly is accused of 14 counts of making child pornography relating to a video that allegedly shows him engaging in sex acts with a fourteen year old girl. There were more charges relating to the video tape when it was first discovered, and separate charges relating to photos that allegedly also showed the R&B star having sex with another minor, but those charges were ultimately dropped, for one reason or another, some merely technical.

All of this has been dragging on for five years now, and is still yet to go to court, but despite the sensitive nature of the allegations against Kelly, it hasn't had any huge impact on his record sales or c'leb status. Which seems to be what's pissing off the activists.

One of them, Jasmyne Cannick, told the LA Times: "It's a challenge to get the black community to even discuss [this]. They're acting like he doesn't have 14 counts of child pornography against him...We're all acting like we don't have daughters and nieces and little sisters".


Some good news. Roseanne Cash's recent brain surgery was successful, and she is now expected to make a complete recovery. As previously reported, Johnny Cash's eldest daugther had to cancel some gigs after she was diagnosed with a "rare but benign condition". A message was posted on her website this week reading: "Rosanne is back home recovering comfortably from her surgery, which took place on November 27. She extends thanks and appreciation for all the love, good wishes, prayers and kindness".


Britney Spears failed to appear at the latest meeting to discuss her ongoing custody battle with ex Kevin Federline this week, which was bad news for all the paps who had made an extra special effort to show up at the offices of the Fed's lawyers where the meeting was due to take place. Federline's lawyer confirmed later that Britney had phoned in ill, and has said she will give a court-ordered testimony at a later date.


Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland has been formally charged over those previously reported DUI charges. The rocker is accused of driving under the influence of drugs after being involved in a car crash last month. He seemingly refused to take a blood or urine test after the crash, which hasn't helped his case, though he continues to maintain he is innocent of the charges. He is now on a $40,000 bail, and could face up to a year in jail if found guilty when the case goes to court, though he could get away with a week in jail and a fine. Confirming charges had been formally pressed, Weiland's publicist said yesterday: "Scott is looking forward to having this matter cleared up in court tomorrow".


A Louisiana judge has denied a request by rapper Cory 'C-Murder' Miller to attend the funeral of UGK hip hopper Chad 'Pimp C' Butler which, as previously reported, will take place later today.

As much previously reported, Miller is accused of shooting dead teenager Steve Thomas outside a nightclub in 2002. He was found guilty of the killing and jailed, but the original conviction was overturned after a judge ruled prosecutors were wrong to not reveal the criminal backgrounds of certain witnesses key to their case against Miller.

Since being let out of jail Miller has been under house arrest awaiting retrial - the courts are due to consider the defence's argument that the whole case should be dismissed in the New Year. But in the meantime he needs court permission to travel anywhere.

The courts have previously allowed him to travel to various work commitments because his lawyers have argued he needs to work in order to fund his defence. Given those previous concessions, the court said this week that it was inappropriate to give the rapper permission to travel to the funeral.


Iron Maiden have re-signed to EMI, and the new deal is one of those 360 degree deals. Well, a 270 degree deal probably - there's no publishing involved. But the new arrangement will see EMI take an interest in the band's touring, merchandise and sponsorship as well as their recordings. The new alliance covers everywhere but the US, where they still have a deal with Universal owned Sanctuary in some of those domains. The financial specifics of the new contract have not been disclosed.

Confirming the deal, long term Maiden manager Rod Smallwood - the Sanctuary co-founder who took the band with him when he quit the then collapsing music firm last year - said yesterday: "For a band with a global following like Maiden, who rely on fan word of mouth, touring and marketing/sales expertise as they receive little or no radio or TV support, it is key that the 100% support and implementation of our visual marketing campaigns internationally is both effective and enthusiastic and EMI and their worldwide affiliates have always fulfilled this. So with this new type of deal in place, it makes absolute sense for us to continue and extend our relationship in what is effectively a new period for the music industry".

EMI UK boss Tony Wadsworth added: "Now that we can work with and support them in their broader music activities, our goal is to help build on the foundations already in place for an even more successful future".


Buzzy, buzzy, buzzy Foals have revealed that their debut album, which is set to be released next March, will be called 'Antidotes', and will have all these songs on it...

French Open
Red Socks Pugie
Olympic Airways
The Race For Radio Supremacy
Heavy Water
Two Steps, Twice
Big Big Love (Fig. 2)
Like Swimming


Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder and that John Legend fella will coordinate the music for the new documentary film based on author Howard Zinn's best selling book 'A People's History Of The United States'. Matt Damon, Marisa Tomei, Danny Glover and Viggo Mortensen are also involved in the project, which will go into production next month.


YouTube have been busy this week taking down mobile-phone filmed clips from the much much hyped Led Zeppelin reunion concert, seemingly at the request of the band's label Warner Music, who, you might think, would want us all to share in an event designed to celebrate the co-founder of one of their most prolific divisions, Atlantic Records, the late Ahmet Ertegun. Presumably the major would rather us all celebrate Ertegun by buying the DVD recording of the concert, which is now expected to be released sometime next year. Though which Zeppelin fan is going to say "Hmm, now I've seen those grainy snippets of the gig on YouTube I don't think I'll bother buying the DVD" I'm not sure.

Either way, Warner are already doing pretty well out of all the hype surrounding the reunion gig - of which the YouTube clips are surely part - with Led Zepp back catalogue sales reportedly up 500% this week. Sales of the recently release Led Zepp best of 'Mothership' are also reportedly up 50%. In the whole scheme of things, I'm not sure some YouTube clips are anything to worry about.

Elsewhere in Led Zepp news, all sorts of sources are saying the band are now considering a full on reunion tour, with a short residency at New York's Madison Square Gardens, a Knebworth summer show, and headline sets at all sorts of festivals among the things being chatted about. Personally I don't think I'd go to any of those - not now I've seen clips of them playing live on YouTube, that's me had my fill of live Led Zepp.


The Katie Melua / Eva Cassidy duet of 'What A Wonderful World' is set to be number one this weekend, which will mean former X-Factor type Leona Lewis will be finally pulled away from the number one spot. As previously reported, the duet, which features a posthumous performance from Eva, has been released in aid of the British Red Cross. Some had given it good odds to be Christmas number one, but is likely to peak early with the new X-Factor winner expected to go top on the actual Christmas chart.


HMV has posted a loss for the first half of the financial year, though it's slightly down on the losses made in the same period last year, and revenues from the sale of its Japanese business helped the company go into profit overall. Giving an upbeat round up, the company says its gaming and technology bits have been doing well, and that they've been increasing their share of the music and DVD markets, adding that they are optimistic about the Christmas period. Boss Simon Fox told reporters: "The group's first half was driven in particular by like-for-like sales growth in HMV UK and Ireland, where we are successfully exploiting the high growth games and technology categories and increasing our share of music and DVD. At this stage, the most important days and weeks of our financial calendar are still ahead of us, and our stores and websites are very well prepared for Christmas".


Parlophone's Director Of Press, Murray Chalmers, has announced he is leaving the major to concentrate his energies on his own PR firm Infinite, which already represents Radiohead and Yoko Ono. Music Week quote him thus: "I'm excited to be enlarging my independent company. The time feels right. I'll miss a lot of the people at EMI, including Tony Wadsworth who has been so inspirational over the years".


The boss of London venue Luminaire has announced he is taking on a second job, as Head Booker for Norwegian music festival the Quart Festival. Andy Inglis will continue to run the popular Kilburn venue, but will also spend some of his year in Oslo and Kristiansand (where the festival takes place) coordinating the annual music fest.

Commenting on his new job, Inglis told CMU: "I want to help make Quart into the best festival in the world. Maybe that's too ambitious, but I don't see any point in trying to aim for anything less. And if it can't be the best festival in the world, then at least I'll be able to eat Kvikk Lunsj, Stratos and Crispo every day! Quart is a great festival and Quart will continue to be a great festival. The best music in the world doesn't necessarily come from the UK or America and I think sometimes the UK and America forgets that. I want to expose the Quart audience to the best the world has to offer, so they can expect to see artists they've never heard of. They'll be able to watch some of their favourite acts alongside the most forward-thinking music around, from all genres. We owe it to the audience to work as hard as we can to bring them the best and most innovative bands that we can. We owe it to them because it's their festival".


NME.COM REDESIGN has had a bit of a redesign in its news and reviews sections, which includes a very noticeable increase in point size of text, which I can't quite make my mind up on whether I like or not. A note from the website's editor, David Moynihan, reads: "As of today new News, Reviews and Photos sections have been launched on NME.COM. Other sections of the site will be redesigned over time, but for now we've updated these core areas to improve the look and feel for readers and to make content easier to find. You'll still find all the same award-winning music news, videos, galleries, reviews and more: the site's content hasn't changed. You should also find that the site is faster".


Capital Radio's Programme Director Scott Muller will move within GCap to a new programming role at group level next month. Recently appointed Capital Radio MD Paul Jackson will now lead the programming at the station, supported by newly appointed Programming Manger Annie O'Neill and Head Of Music Sheena Mason.


50 Cent has told record labels that they should stop obsessing about P2P file sharing and get about setting themselves up as 360 degree music companies. I think he's been reading too many CMU Daily Top Bits. Anyway, here's what he told Norwegian magazine Kjendis: "What is important for the music industry to understand is that file-sharing doesn't hurt artists. The industry needs to maximise its income from concerts and merchandise - it is the only way they can get their marketing money back". That said, he said labels shouldn't completely lose sight of the importance of actual records, criticising some in the record industry for being more interested in "ringtones than records", adding: "They don't understand the value of a perfect piece of art".

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