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In today's CMU Daily:
• Ms Dynamite’s Night At Mobo 2002,
• White Stripes Cut Off In Prime,
• Idlewild Bassist Goes,
• Kym Marsh Comments…,
• Gus Gus In UK For Album Launch,
• Review: Gusgus – Attention,
• Carter On Timberlake Rivalry,
• Review: Doves - Caught By The River,
• Dannii’s Electro Pop,
• Major Labels Settle But Plead Innocent To Price Fixing Charges


Can you name twelve Eastenders actors who has released singles?
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With little surprise Ms Dynamite stole the night adding three MOBO Awards to her Mercury Music Prize and ensuring her rise and rise continues. She took the awards for best newcomer, best UK act and best single, for ‘It Takes More’. Taking over the London Arena the ceremony was hosted by LL Cool J and Mis-Teeq’s Alesha and, among other things, two posthumous awards were made – best video went to the late R&B star Aaliyah and an outstanding achievement award was given to Lisa 'Left-eye' Lopes. The winners in full:

Best R&B Act in association with Choice FM: Ashanti

Best Video in association with MTV Base: Aaliyah - More Than A Woman

Best Newcomer in association with KISS 100: Ms Dynamite

MasterCard Best Album: Alicia Keys - Songs In A Minor

London Tonight UK Act Of The Year: Ms Dynamite

Best Single in association with Galaxy Network: Ms Dynamite

Best Producer in association with Neptunes

Best World Music Act in association with British Airways: Angelique Kidjo

Best Garage Act in association with The Daily Telegraph: Mis-Teeq

Best Hip Hop Act: Ja Rule

Best Reggae Act: Sean Paul

Best UK DJ: Steve Sutherland

Best Jazz Act: Norah Jones

Best Gospel Act: Norah Jones

Raymond Weil MOBO Unsung Award: Street Politiks

MOBO Lifetime Achievement Award: Chaka Khan

MOBO Contribution to Urban Music: Jimmy Cliff

MOBO Outstanding Achievement: Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopez

There was a little bit of controversy outside the awards where gay rights group Outrage protested about the inclusion of Elephant Man, Tok and Capelton as nominees in the best reggae category – they claim the three reggae stars are violently homophobic. The groups Peter Tatchell told the NME: "Their nomination is tantamount to rewarding bigotry. It is the moral equivalent of the Brit Awards nominating a racist entertainer who incites the killing of black people. The Mobo organisers should withdraw these nominations immediately, and apologise to the gay community for the insult and offence they have caused." As it was the actual award went to Sean Paul.


The New York Parks Department cut short the White Stripe’s open air gig yesterday because it was too noisy. 6000 people witnessed the gig, part of the Nissan Z Tour which stages unannounced tours in unexpected places. But the local Parks Department felt the performance was too noisy and shut the 60 minute set down after 40 minutes.

Train, Eve, Pink, Dashboard Confessional, and Enrique Iglesias have all performed gigs as part of the Nissan Z Tour, and word is the Counting Crows will play a set at in the Battery Park area of New York at midday on Thursday, unless they get too noisy of course.


Idlewild bassist Bob Fairfoull has officially left the band, just before the start of a European tour, including a series of gigs with Coldplay. No official statement just yet, except that the gigs won’t be affected and that bass technician Alex Grant will step in for warm up dates in Glasgow, Newcastle, Birmingham, Nottingham and Bangor. The NME reckon an official statement will be made today – perhaps it has been made compulsory for former Food Records bands to lose guitarists this year now that Graham Coxon has quit label mates Blur!


Kym Marsh, the former Popstar who quit Hear'Say after a number of arguments within the band, has told the Sun she was surprised by her former band’s decision to quit. She is no longer in contact with the rest of the Postars so she learned about their decision in the papers. "I thought there was more mileage in them and they would carry on for at least a couple more songs. One thing I would like to make clear is that I'm not wearing a smug little smile. In fact, I wish the band all the best and hope they can all go on and make a career of it, either with other bands or as solo artists.”


Former 4AD band Gus Gus will be in Sheffield on Saturday to launch their new album ‘Attention’ on Underwater Records (review below). The launch party at the Underwater club night at Bed, Sheffield will see Gus Gus perform a live set and Darren Emerson – the man behind the Underwater club and label – and Tim Deluxe will DJ. Doors open at 10pm, tickets £12. More info at


REVIEW: Gusgus - Attention (Underwater Records)
I had what is commonly known as ‘a senior moment’ today, it wasn't the first and I don't doubt it will be the last. I was roughly halfway through listening to this album, having devoted a not inconsiderable length of time thinking what a change in direction this was, when I realised I had been confusing Gus Gus with Unun. Well, there’s lots of members in both and they're all Icelandic. Probably. Still, surprises aside, this isn’t a half bad collection of tunes - from the New Order meets Moloko of opener 'Unnecessary' to the late-80s classic house feel of ‘Dance You Down’, this will have you shimmying on the spot while you're ironing your smalls. Ex-label 4AD should be kicking themselves. Unlike me who'll be eating tinned pies and going to the shops in her slippers next. LA
Release date: 14 Oct
Press contact: Underwater IH @ 020 7375 3282


Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has been talking about the media hyped rivalry between him and NSYNC’s Justin Timberlake – both the boy band stars are launching solo albums this month. Predictably Nick is insisting there's no bad blood between them, although he admits he is sick of the comparisons with Justin: "First of all, the kind of music I'm doing is more rock/pop and his is more like pop/R 'n' B. So, you know, it's two different worlds, you know what I'm sayin'? I'm cool with Justin, I'm cool. I ain't got no problems with him. I'm sure everybody's gonna try to compare it and say 'ooh, here's the next rival'. When you start to get involved in the whole rival thing, it tends to take away from the creativity of the music... what you're doing it for in the first place."


REVIEW: Doves - Caught by the River (EMI / Heavenly)
It's the new wave of anthemic rock! That doesn't necessarily mean that it's the height of excitement in the challenging music stakes, but it's a damn fine melodious accompaniment for a Sunday morning cheese toastie. The question does remain though - who exactly is going to buy this? Surely all the mid-20s middle-earners have bought the album already and Doves are hardly what you'd call teenbeat material. Hmm. LA
Release date: 14 Oct
Press contact: EMI IH [CR, CP, RR, NP, NR] Pomona [RP]


Dannii Minogue has described her forthcoming new album as being “futuristic retro pop/electro pop", whatever that means. Signed to London Records her new album will be released early next year, with first single ‘Put The Needle On It’ out later this month, a week before Kylie’s next single release. Talking about the song she says: "I co-wrote this song in Stockholm with Karen Poole and Korpi and Blackcell. I have used influences from the seventies, eighties and nineties, and mixed it all up to create the new Dannii sound. Other producers on the album include, Roger Sanchez, Neimo, Jock-E and Savan, Ian Masterson and Terry Ronald.”


The major labels, and three of the biggest US music retailers, have agreed to pay $143m (£91m) to settle a two year CD price-fixing case, although they will not admit any wrong-doing. The US authorities accused the record industry of artificially inflated CD prices between 1995 and 2000. All five major record companies and retailers Musicland Stores, Trans World Entertainment and Tower Records were accused of using a practice known as ‘Minimum Advertised Pricing’ (MAP) where record companies subsidised advertising for retailers to ensure they did not sell the CDs below a certain price.

The companies have not admitted they committed the offences, but said it was cheaper to settle the case than continue the costly litigation. They stand by their claims that their policies were pro-competitive and geared towards keeping more retailers, large and small, in business. MAP, they argue, allows smaller retailers to compete on the same level as bigger groups which could otherwise use vast promotional price cuts to attract shoppers.

As part of the settlement the labels will pay $67m to compensate customers who bought the potentially overpriced CDs between 1995 and 2000 (quite how this will be distributed is as yet unclear) and donate $75m-worth of CDs to US public groups and non-profit organisations. They will also cease using the MAP system for at least seven years. New York attorney general Eliot Spitzer described the case as "a landmark settlement to address years of illegal price fixing".


Answer to Tuesday’s pop quiz:
The charts are 50 years old next month - who was the first male, female and group to have number ones?
Al Martino was the first man at number one, Jo Stafford the first woman, and the Mills Brothers the first group.

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