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In today's CMU Daily:
- SonyBMG sign up to Amazon DRM-free downloads
- 3CR drummer dies
- Clyde Otis dies
- Surgeon not responsible for Kanye's mother's death
- James Brown assets to be sold to pay tax bills
- G-Uniter in court over Czar teen allegations
- Mumba maybe not well enough for ice skating show
- Milburn not splitting OK?
- Led Zepp to consider future reunions later this month
- AC/DC not in the studio
- Morrissey hits tracklist out
- Indie types line up for eco-album
- Remix The Kills
- Live Review: Diamond Hoo Ha Men at Barfly, London
- Skins parties announced
- The Hives tour
- Primary Wave do publishing deal with Aerosmith man
- Single Review: Noah & The Whale - 2 Bodies 1 Heart/Rocks & Daggers
- Universal confirm senior marketing role for former V2 chief
- EMI US open new office in New Jersey
- Capital confirm Denise to join Johnny on breakfast
- Two digital stations to go this weekend
- Presidential hopeful on hip hop


It may only be the first week back proper, but it's been a busy week music news wise none the less, with a number of stories from the idle gossip file slipping off the Daily page as the daily deadline approached.

Among them all the Britney updates that have gone on since our last report on the ongoing Spears tragedy on Monday. Big stories like her car being towed after she abandoned it on an LA street when she got a flat tyre; lots of idle speculation as to whether or not she was drugged up to the heavens when she refused to hand over her children to police last week, or whether she was just a bit loopy; and revelations about Spears' new boyfriend, Birmingham born paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, who, according to a ex-girlfriend, is sex mad and not to be trusted. So now we know. Speculation also as to whether the Spears family asked TV psychologist Dr Phil McGraw to get involved in Spears' problems. As previously reported, he visited the singer during her short stay in hospital last weekend, and then went on telly to tell everyone how concerned he was for her. There were reports the singer's family had asked Dr Phil to visit Brits, but were angry when he'd gone on telly to talk about her condition. But then there were more reports they weren't angry at all. So who knows?

No time for any Amy Winehouse updates either, though as the big Amy story this week was her new haircut, I'm not sure that matters. She has also been talking some more about her drink problem, saying she thinks alcohol addiction is worse than heroin addiction, but that she still doesn't think rehab is the solution. She's quoted thus: "I'm of the school of thought where if you can't sort something out for yourself then no one can help you. I don't know whether that's because I'm a strong woman. Drinking longterm is a lot worse than heroin. Alcohol's a real poison".

Talking of Britney and of Amy, no time to report on two new websites that are inviting you to predict when the two popstresses' ongoing meltdowns will actually result in death. There's a PlayStation 3 and iPod Touch to be won if you correctly predict their death dates. But thinking about it, I'm glad there wasn't time to report on these, because that's pretty sick. So, we'd recommend not going to or

Away from Britney and Amy, no time to report on Girls Aloud telling the tabs that they really hope to win a Brit Award this year. Ahead of the release of Brit nominations next week Cheryl Cole says: "We want to win a Brit in 2008... Best Band, Best Album - it doesn't matter which, but it would be nice to have one on the mantelpiece".

No time also to report on Gary Barlow being recruited for a new reality show, though no cheap spending a fortnight in the Big Brother house for him (take note Mark), on this show he'll be providing songs to be sung by hopefuls on a new drama school talent show reality thing for ITV - which has various components I don't really understand, but which is hoping to be one of the big reality hits of 2008.

And finally in our catch up Top Bit, more from the reality music show file, with news that BBC 1 is planning an upmarket celebrity talent series which will see c'lebs learning to conduct an orchestra. The best conductor will conduct one of the Proms later this year. Ah, reality TV with class, interesting. No word on which c'lebs will take part yet, though Channel 4 News star Jon Snow is rumoured to be involved, which makes it sound like a very fine show to me.

Anyway, that's the gossip backlog dealt with, on with the Daily...



We are looking for a young, enthusiastic and creative designer. You must have good knowledge using both Adobe Photoshop & Macromedia Flash. DreamWeaver or other html creation software knowledge preferred but not essential. Training will be provided to perform basic tasks in Freehand and Quark. Design based duties will include regular creation of advertisements in the form of static and animated web banners, magazine adverts and email templates and creation of template based CD artwork. The successful candidate is likely to be fresh out of Uni and MUST have a love of dance music! In addition to the design responsibilities the candidate will also help the technical team ingest music for our range of download stores. Please e-mail your CV to [email protected] Interviews will be conducted this month.

Clash is seeking an experienced advertising sales professional to develop advertising and sponsorship revenues across its magazine and website Clash Magazine and Clash is a successful music magazine devoured by the culture vulture download generation with regular advertising from leading brands. A large part of the role is developing relationships with brand managers and media buyers to develop advertising and sponsorship deals typically in our key target sectors of music, drinks, fashion and technology. The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate a successful track record and have over three years cross-platform media sales experience, with knowledge of one or more of our key target sectors. Based in our central London offices we offer competitive salaries and packages to attract the best. Please contact [email protected]



VIGSY'S CLUB TIP: Download This! at the Westbury
'Download This!' was the title of an album put together by the IG Culture conceived 'New Sector Movements' back in 2001 and it showcased the very best of future boogie and the West London soul sound. Keeping that vibe alive is this night, taking over this pub-turned-cool-bar on the Westside, with resident Alex Phountzi of Bugz In The Attic fame hooking up with one of my fave West London heroes: Dominic Stanton, aka Domu, who is still on a proper roll. Expect to hear beats and bass to get your feet moving as these guys join up the soul dots: busted beats to hip hop to jazz licked house, rare groove and yep, 80's soul baby. Should be wicked.

Saturday 12 Jan, The Westbury, 34 Kilburn High Road, London NW6, 9pm-3am, £3 then £5 after 11pm,, 020 7625 7500, press info Clare at Love Publicity.


As expected, those slow-to-get-it SonyBMG types have finally agreed to make their digital catalogue available without digital rights management technology, signing up to Amazon's much hyped DRM-free MP3 download platform. The move means all four major record companies are now making music available without DRM, and we can expect all of them to expand their MP3 catalogues in the coming months, and to start making DRM-free music available in all territories via all a la carte download platforms.

Confirming they had entered into an MP3 deal with Amazon in the US, SonyBMG's Global Digital Business blokey Thomas Hesse told reporters: "We are excited to be working with Amazon as they continue to build new markets for digital music. We are constantly exploring new ways of making our music available to consumers in the physical space, over the internet and through mobile phones, and this initiative is the newest element of our ongoing campaign to bring our music to fans wherever they happen to be".

It has not been confirmed exactly when SonyBMG's music will arrive on Amazon's download platform, though presumably before the previously reported Amazon/Pepsi promotion due to be launched next month, which the major is expected to participate in.

SonyBMG's signing up to the Amazon MP3 store is in addition to the 'album card' programme it launched earlier this week, where customers can buy special cards from music retailers which enable them to download DRM free albums from a special website. As previously reported, it is thought that SonyBMG had been planning a slower move into the DRM-free space through a series of initiatives like the album cards, but was forced to come fully on board with Amazon after Warner Music announced it would be joining EMI and Universal on the MP3 platform over the Christmas break, leaving SonyBMG as the only major not participating in what could well be the big success story in digital music in 2008.


The drummer with one of the too often forgotten bands of the late Britpop era, 3 Colours Red, has died, aged 36. Keith Baxter was with 3CR from the start, appearing on their two nineties albums for Creation Records, 'Pure' and 'Revolt', and the album that came out of their 2004 reformation, 'The Union Of Souls'. Prior to joining 3CR he recorded five albums with folk metal outfit Skyclad, which he co-founded as a teenager. After 3CR's first split in 1999 he played with both Elevation and Therapy? He died in a UK hospital last week after suffering liver failure.


Clyde Otis, a prolific American songwriter and producer, and the first African American A&R executive at a major record company, has died in New Jersey aged 83.

Otis began songwriting in the early fifties, but didn't get his break until 1954 when, as a New York cab driver, he overheard one of his fares saying they were going to a party being thrown by music publisher Sidney Kornhauser. He persuaded the fare to give Kornhauser a song he had written, a song called 'That's All There Is To That' which was subsequently a Top 20 hit for Nat King Cole.

Professional work followed, and in 1958 he joined Mercury Records A&R staff where he worked with the likes of Dinah Washington, Sarah Vaughn and, most notably, Brook Benton. His output for the label was high - in 1962 he produced 33 of Mercury's 51 chart hits.

After leaving Mercury he formed his own publishing firm called the Clyde Otis Music Group, and relocated to Nashville where he produced for numerous star singers, including Aretha Franklin, Johnny Mathis and Elvis. He later moved himself, his family and his company to New Jersey, where his publishing firm is still based.

A private funeral service will be held next week, with a larger memorial service also planned.


The coroner's report on the death of Kanye West's mother has failed to reach a conclusive verdict as to cause of her death, though it seemingly clears plastic surgeon Dr Jan Adams of any negligence. As previously reported, Donda West, an academic who also managed her son's career, died last November, shortly after undergoing cosmetic surgery, which was undertaken by Adams. The surgeon was accused of causing West's death through negligence during the operation, allegations he strongly denied.

The LA coroner's office this week said in a report that "the final manner of [West's] death could not be determined", but that there was no evidence of "surgical or anesthetic misadventure". The coroner's statement concluded: "Multiple post-operative factors could have played a role in the death. The exact contribution of each factor could not be determined. There was no evidence of a surgical or anesthetic misadventure".

Adams, whose credentials as a surgeon were widely questioned after West's death, told TV programme 'Extra' yesterday: "What came out of the autopsy released today was exactly what I thought was going to be reported". He made no other comment, adding: "Out of respect for Kanye West's family, I want to honor the doctor-patient confidentiality agreement".


Some possessions that belonged to the late James Brown will be auctioned off to pay outstanding tax bills. As previously reported, the settlement of Brown's financial affairs has been drawn out because his widow, Tomi Rae Hynie, was not mentioned in his will, plus other alleged children of the Godfather of soul have come forward, in addition to the six official children to whom the singer left his estate. There have been further complications because of allegations of misappropriation made against one of the trustees, and the subsequent resignation of the other two trustees, and the subsequent unsuccessful withdrawals of those resignations. Anyway, with monies being owed to the State and no quick resolution of the late singer's affairs, new trustees have said they will sell off certain possessions in order to pay off the outstanding tax bills. It is unclear what possessions will be sold, because the six children named in the will have been told they can produce a list of specific assets they do not want sold. Trustees will then pick from what is left.


G-Uniter Tony Yayo was in court in New York yesterday to face those previously reported allegations he assaulted the teenage son of Jimmy 'Henchman' Rosemund, the boss of Czar Entertainment, and a rival of the G-Unit posse. As previously reported, it is alleged Yayo and another man hit out at the teenager because he was wearing a Czar Entertainment t-shirt.

The case took an immediate interesting turn in court this week after prosecutors admitted the other man, one Lawell Fletcher, had twice admitted that it was him who attacked Rosemund junior, and that Yayo had in fact pulled him away from the teen. That admission was interesting because it had been made during interviews where Fletcher had no legal representation and the prosecution had not previously made the defence aware of his statements, meaning they were unaware the admissions had been made. Needless to say, the admissions of guilt will have an impact on how lawyers representing Yayo and Fletcher will approach the case.

Yayo's lawyer, Scott Leemon, was critical of the NYPD for not revealing Fletcher's admissions earlier, telling "It's troubling to learn today, that they withheld this information for a year. The NYPD has had information for a year that proves that Yayo didn't do what he is charged with and only today did we learn that this confession existed".

Prosecutors have now been given until 18 Jan to confirm whether or not they plan to use Fletcher's admissions in their case. Leemon says he then has until 1 Feb to file his next motion regarding the case, which may include an application to have Yayo tried separately, so he can use Fletcher's statements as a defence. The case should go to court properly in late March.


Former Irish pop star Samantha Mumba who, as previously reported, is due to appear in the new series of ITV's 'Dancing On Ice' show, has collapsed at her home. The singer is said to be suffering from severe flu symptoms and dehydration. Although she is sure to be fine, there is speculation that she won't be well enough to make the start of the show this Sunday, though one souce told the Mirror: "She was very sick but is resting now and is determined to get better and get back on the ice".


Sheffield indie types Milburn have denied rumours they are splitting up. Speculation as to the band's future has been rife on their official message board after they pulled out of a New Year's Eve show at the Threads nightclub in their home town. Some fans claimed band members had told them they were considering calling it a day, and one poster claimed frontman Joe Carnall was quitting the band to take a place at Oxford University. But a spokesman for the Mercury signed band has told the NME the rumours aren't true, adding that they have already started work on songs for a third album. The spokesman said: "They haven't split. They are continuing writing and looking forward to touring throughout the year, stay posted!"


More Led Zepp nonsense for you, and speculation of further reunion shows this year, or maybe a tour, is back on the rise after bassist John Paul Jones told Rolling Stone the band were planning on meeting to discuss possible future projects later this month. So there you have it.


Not working on new material are AC/DC, despite rumours that they were in the studio with producer Mutt Lange working on a follow up to 2000's 'Stiff Upper Lip'. A spokesman for their label, Albert Productions, has told Aussie music website Undercover: "If you ask me if they're in the studio today, I can tell you they're not. If you ask me if they were in the studio last week, I can tell you they're not. If you ask me if they're in the studio next week, I can tell you they're not. We're pretty hopeful [there will be a new album], but unfortunately there is no word of [it] at this stage"


The tracklisting for the upcoming Morrissey hits album has been officially announced, though it is exactly the same as the tracklisting that was unofficially announced at the end of last year, as follows:

First Of The Gang To Die
In The Future When All's Well
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
Irish Blood, English Heart
You Have Killed Me
That's How People Grow Up
Everyday Is Like Sunday
Redondo Beach
The Youngest Was The Most Loved
The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
All You Need Is Me
Let Me Kiss You
I Have Forgiven Jesus

'That's How People Grow Up' is new and will have a single release ahead of the album release, which is out on 11 Feb. A limited edition of the hits package will also include a live CD recorded at the Hollywood Bowl last summer, and including live versions of the following:

The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
The National Front Disco
Let Me Kiss You
Irish Blood, English Heart
I Will See You In Far-off Places
First of the Gang To Die
I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
Life Is A Pigsty

Elsewhere in Mozza news, Decca, who are releasing the hits album, are looking for dedicated (ie obsessed) Morrissey fans to appear in advertising for the compilation. The official call for fans reads thus: "Do you have any Morrissey tattoos? Have you ever graffiti'd Morrissey's name on a wall? Do you own amazing Morrissey Memorabilia? Then this is your chance to show it". If you'd like to be considered for the ads, you need to send high quality JPEG images illustrating your devotion to Morrissey to [email protected]


Bloc Party, Muse and Feist are among the artists contributing songs to a new eco-friendly compilation being released in the US in aid of the Energy Action Coalition, which brings together various North American youth based organisations that lobby for more clean energy. Called 'The Green Owl Comp: A Benefit for the Energy Action Coalition' and released in April, it will feature two discs, one audio, and one a DVD including bonus audio tracks plus videos from participating acts. Many of the songs contributed are exclusives.

The Appletrees - Look Up To The Sky
Feist - Honey Honey (BBC Session)
Harper Simon - Henrieta
Young Love - Underground
Muse - Knights Of Cydonia (Live)
The Exit - Hey Man
Of Montreal - Feminine Effects
Pete Yorn - Old Boy
London Souls - Someday
Citzens Band - Fortune Teller
Violens - Trance Like Turn
Bloc Party - The Prayer (Hadouken Remix)
School Of Seven Bells - Trance Figure
Deerhoof - Plus 81 (BBC Session)
Juliana Hatfield - Back To Freedom
Satori - Intimate Revolution

The Appletrees - Messin Around
Young Love - Underground
The Exit - Hey Man
Satori - A Clear View
Violens - Trance Like Turn
Rebecca Schiffman - Penguins And Igloos
Interview With Billy Parish
Bonus Tracks:
The Bad Plus - Casa Particular
Carina Round - Hookah
Asobi Seksu - Strawberries (CSS Remix)
Dragons Of Zynth - Xerathyn
Earl Greyhound - This Tree
The Appletrees - Messin Around
A Place To Bury Strangers - Never Going Down
State Radio - Camilo


Those rather fine The Kills are letting fans remix their latest single, the first off upcoming album 'Midnight Boom' (out 10 Mar on Domino) - it's called 'URA Fever' and was released this week. A vocal only version of that track can be acquired via, and fans who remix it are invited to submit their remixes to the band by emai.


LIVE REVIEW: Diamond Hoo Ha Men at Barfly, London on 9 Jan
Having played a fair number of shows under this pseudonym (which is taken from the title of their new single, 'Diamond Hoo Ha'), the eager anticipation usually present when attending a 'secret gig' is conspicuously absent as I wait for half of Supergrass - Gaz and Danny - to take to the stage at London's 200-or-so capacity Barfly. No matter though, as the place still appears sold out, with the crowd clearly full of the Supergrass faithful, young and old (though most are probably pushing 30). The twosome keep the stage set-up simple with just drums and guitar, adding white fairy lights round the microphone stand and a gurning camera man in the far corner to shoot the whole thing (his focused facial expressions merited a mention in this review at the very least - Bravo!). The set opens with a Michael Jackson cover, 'Beat It' - a Supergrassified version, if you will - with the ubiquitous opening guitar rifts resonating over the humming buzz of the hardcore fans at the front. Their clear pop sensibility allows them to tackle it comfortably and it merges nicely into '345', a new song that takes in T-Rex and a hotpot of other classic 70s rock bands like only Supergrass know how. Following this, Coombes announces a set of (predictable) cover versions, putting on an America-by-Oxford accent in the process: "We're gonna do some covers now. They're by a band you might have heard of, called Supergrass". It's said with little relish, and suddenly it becomes clear that despite the small size of the venue and the very obvious presence of some dedicated fans, no one's really moving. Even when they launch into 'Never Done Nothing Like This Before', a gloriously poppy track that just two years ago was to blame for escalating this writer's enthusiasm to levels that led to being escorted from a venue 10 times the size of tonight's there's still little more than a sway and a lonely raised arm. Still, the finale, new single 'Diamond Hoo Ha', sounds fantastic live - all yelping Gaz, foot-stomping drums and pandemic guitar work, so maybe the future is still bright for Supergrass. Despite a quiet crowd tonight (only upon Gaz's instruction are all hands raised), I'd certainly hope so. OS


E4 is promoting the second series of its teen drama 'Skins' not by playing snippets of The Gossip during every single ad break on Channel 4, but by staging a serious of Skins themed parties at various venues around the country. The parties will include a screening of the first episode of the new series, plus lots of 'Skins' style partying, which if I'm not mistaken is meant to involve teenagers participating in lots of sex, drink and drugs before trashing the place. Still, at least they'll be trashing the below venues to a decent soundtrack, with a rather fine selection of bands and DJs on the bill.

The parties will be strictly 18+ only, which means half the characters in the show wouldn't be allowed in, but fortunately they're played by actors older than the characters they play. Not that stars of the show seem to be part of the party package. Tickets for the nights will be given away from 17 Jan via Channel 4's website, plus Bebo and MySpace, the latter of which has been streaming 'mini-episodes' of the show that develop the plot from the end of the first series to the start of the second - which is all very modern.

Dates and line ups as follows:

1 Feb: Barfly, Liverpool: Rascals, Kissy Sell Out, Loose Cannons, Chibuku DJs.

2 Feb: The Old Fire Station, Newcastle: The Metros, Maximo Park DJ set, Broken Hooker DJ's.

5 Feb: The Old Fruit Market, Glasgow: Pendulum DJ/MC Set, Annie Mac, DJ Yoda, Seargent.

7 Feb: Custard Factory, Birmingham: New Young Pony Club DJ set, Annie Mac, DJ Yoda, Crystal Castles.

8 Feb: Motion Park, Bristol: Late Of The Pier, Courteeners, Massive Attack DJs, Skull Juice DJs, Dynamo magician, Blow Pop DJs.

9 Feb: The Shepherd's Bush Pavillion: Mylo, Kissy Sell Out, Santogold (Live), Teenagers (Live), Skull Juice DJs, Transgressive Records Room, Dynamo magician.

Press info from Get Involved.


More dates for your diary. The Hives have announced details of a UK tour for April, which will follow the 25 Feb release of 'We Rule The World (THEHIVES)'. If you fancy designing the sleeve artwork for that single, by the way, you can do so via the band's website - the best design submitted will be used on a 10" single release. I'm not sure what you get for your efforts, other than a warm glow of satisfaction in seeing your design in print. Check for details. Here are the tour dates.

14 Apr: Norwich, UEA
15 Apr: Newcastle, Academy
16 Apr: Nottingham, Rockcity
17 Apr: Bristol, Academy
18 Apr: London, Brixton Academy


SINGLE REVIEW: Noah & The Whale - 2 Bodies 1 Heart/Rocks & Daggers (Young & Lost Club)
Leading the raft of folk bands we have seen in the last year, Noah & The Whale release a double A side showing some different parts of their character. '2 Bodies 1 Heart' is a wistful ballad, a love song that talks about atoms to demonstrate closeness no less. 'Rocks & Daggers' is my favourite though - particularly the way it breaks down in the middle to a full on hoe down, a breathless, exuberant call to arms, before slowing again to a stop, and then building up once more for the climax. A technique that confounds tempo and time signatures but which emphatically works and allows them to cram in another hook for good measure. IM
Release date: 21 Jan
Press contact: Darling Department [all]


Independent music publisher Primary Wave has announced a deal with Aerosmith's Steve Tyler, which will see them take an interest in all of Tyler's copyrights - he has an interest in some 160 songs. As part of the new "strategic partnership" the publisher will also market songs he has written and co-written. The deal will include some of his band's biggest hits, including 'Walk This Way' and 'Love In An Elevator'.


As expected, Universal Music has appointed former V2 boss Tony Harlow as Senior VP Of International Marketing for Universal Music Group International. Harlow was key in engineering Universal's acquisition of V2 and, with the former indie swallowed by the major's Mercury division rather than continuing as its own entity within the group, it was expected he would be given a different senior role within the company. Harlow will head up all of UMGI's international marketing activities.

Confirming the appointment, UMGI's Exec VP Max Hole told CMU: "We are very fortunate to be able to bring such a talented, versatile music man as Tony into our senior management team in London. I'm very much looking forward to working closely with him as we refine and strengthen our international marketing strategies".

Harlow himself said: "It will be a huge step to move back into such an exciting company, brimming with new music, and with an unrivalled worldwide platform. I'm truly looking forward to the experiences and challenges it will bring to me personally, and to the chance to work with Max and the excellent team he has assembled. Times are challenging but more than ever, everyone realises the importance of gathering whatever sales are to be had everywhere".


EMI US has announced it will move its royalty accounting and marketing sales departments, currently based in New York, to new premises in Jersey City, New Jersey. The move comes after the lease on the departments' current offices in Manhatten came up for renewal. The move will be a pain for those execs based in those departments, but at a major expected to go through a radical restructure this year, at least the new offices suggest those departments are expected to survive any downsizing.


Capital Radio have confirmed rumours that Denise Van Outen will become a co-presenter on the station's breakfast show, reuniting current breakfast show frontman Johnny Vaughan with his former Big Breakfast colleague. The flagging London station will be hoping the popular double act will help Vaughan regain the 'most listened to commercial breakfast show in London' crown that was lost to Magic's Neil Fox last year.

Recently appointed Capital MD Paul Jackson told reporters: "Everyone knows they have great chemistry together and they will undoubtedly create the best breakfast in London".


Two national digital radio stations will bite the dust this weekend.

First, spoken word station Oneword will go off the air tomorrow. The future of the station has been suspect since Channel 4, who bought a 51% stake in it ahead of their bid for the second national digital multiplex for £1 million, recently sold their share back to fellow owners UBC for a pound. There were initially hopes UBC might give the speech outfit a few months to try and reinvent itself, but the station's website was replaced last night with a three sentence statement that reads: "Unfortunately Oneword will no longer be broadcasting from Saturday January 12. We are genuinely grateful to all our listeners for their loyal and continued support over the last eight years. We wish you a very happy 2008".

Elsewhere, GCap's digital pop station Core, which axed its presenters to become a back to back music station last year, will go off the air later today. There is also speculation that two other GCap digital services, Chill and Life, are for the chop.


Ah, yes, a music angle to the US presidential election primaries for you. Democrat contender Senator Barack Obama has been bigging up his hip hop credentials and says he has already been talking to Kanye West and Jay-Z about how he could use hip hop for good if he made it to the White House.

Speaking to TV show 'What's In It For Us?', the presidential hopeful said: "I've met with Jay-Z; I've met with Kanye. And I've talked to other artists about how potentially to bridge that gap. I think the potential for them to deliver a message of extraordinary power that gets people thinking [is massive. Though] there are times, even on the artists I've named, the artists that I love, that there is a message that's sometimes degrading to women, uses the N-word a little too frequently. [And] something that I'm really concerned about is [they're] always talking about material things about how I can get something; more money, more cars".

So to conclude, a vote for Obama is a vote for socially responsible positive-message-filled hip hop. Beat that Hillary.

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