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In today's CMU Daily:
- Indies announce global Independents Day - yeah, it's on the fourth of July
- Suge Knight put on gangs list by LAPD
- Ludacris sued over Get Back
- NKOTB may reform
- Campbell says management issues caused his UB40 departure
- Britney may go on trial
- Lil Wayne update
- Morrissey's vocal woes
- Sheryl Crow criticises media
- Joss Stone criticises media
- Marilyn Manson criticises media
- DMC calls for changes to US adoption legislation
- Def Jam deny Nas dropping rumours
- Young Buck returns to Cash Money
- Willie Nelson box set
- Lenny Kravitz next EMI artist to covermount
- USBullet For My Valentine
- Charlatans free album update
- Super Furry Animals for Green Man
- NRJ award winners
- Vivendi chief on CDs, interoperability and Morris
- QTRAX launch licensed P2P service - or do they?
- Live Nation sell US theatre business
- Vineland launch postponed to 09
- Emap shareholders approve Bauer sale
- Beeb admit to more faked phone ins
- Chart update
- Total Rock world album chart
- playlist
- Not enough sex for Andre
- George Michael on Stone and Phil Collins
- Cowell to leave millions to charity


Ladies and gentlemen, let's get recommending, shall we? Details are with us about the next CMU recommended Remix All-Nighter. As you may remember, the live version of Eddy TM's top Xfm show took over the seOne club at London Bridge two times last year for a whole night of quality dance music that rocks. The next such All-Nighter will take place on 20 Mar, again at seOne, and Eddy TM has a corking line up for you.

There'll be three rooms of fun. In the Remix room you'll get live sets from The Whip and Vitalic, plus Eddy on the decks and VJ Fay Buzzard doing visual stuff. Next up will be a room hosted by Orbital co-founder and general dance music pioneer Phil Hartnoll, named for and showcasing his new venture Long Range. And then, to top off all that, there will be a whole room of all things Ninja Tune, featuring no less than DJ Food & DK, Coldcut (Jon Moore DJ Set), Bonobo, Daedelus, The Qemists and VJ Mox.

There's lots more tbc - but meantime keep 20 Mar clear, and keep tuned in to the Top Bit for more Remix All-Nighter updates upcoming. In the meantime, press info from Leyline and more info from



We are looking for a dynamic, self motivated individual with previous sales experience to generate advertising sales on our music website Relevant experience is essential and you will need to have a proven track record. You must also have an excellent and confident telephone manner. This is an ideal job for that sparkly individual who loves new media and /or music. A large part of the role is developing relationships with brand managers and media buyers to develop advertising business. The ideal candidate will be able to demonstrate a successful track record with knowledge of our key target sectors. This is a part time vacancy. Salary dependent on experience with generous commission. Think you fit the bill? Then email [email protected] and tell us why we should take you on!



Kid Ginseng's new record, 'Gift To Connect', is an unfortunately patchy affair, free-falling from the tantalising, glitchy, stuttering electro of 'I Said I'd Take You To China' and 55 second-long early Beastie Boys sound-a-like 'We Sleep On Floors' right down to the depressing, monotonous, cowbell sampling ambience of 'Wild At Heart'. Indeed, it's difficult to fathom how the same person produced these two explicitly diverse, vibrant pieces of music, and then also created such dirge. Thus, only the good half of the 12" has been a welcome staple on my stereo this week (justifiably earning itself repeated plays throughout the day) and it is for that half that I am suggesting you go check out more on this here SNAP. Oh, did I mention that he's the son of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz of Talking Heads' fame?


So, MIDEM has kicked off for 2008 down there in Cannes, and loads of announcements coming out of the first two days of the proceedings, many of a digital nature, given that the first two days of the annual music industry junket is dubbed Midemnet and dedicated exclusively to all things digital music.

Perhaps the biggest announcement so far, however, isn't digital. The globally focused indie label trade body the World Independent Network has announced it will stage a world wide celebration of independent music on 4 Jul this year - it will be called Independents Day. Ha, see what they did there, etc etc.

Indie trade groups in the US, Japan, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, New Zealand and across Europe will take part, with the festivities including an auction of indie artist rarities, a special album release available for just one weekend and a survey to ascertain the world's favourite indie albums of all time. I'm thinking of voting for Britney Spears, 'Baby One More Time'.

Monies made from the promotion will be invested in projects that support independent music in 'emerging countries', initiatives that improve business opportunities between its members, and other music related causes in participating countries.

Announcing the launch of Independents Day, WIN President Alison Wenham, who is also boss of the UK's Association Of Independent Music, of course, told CMU: "Independents Day is destined to be one of the most exciting annual events in the musical calendar, and will bring together the world's independent sector under one umbrella. It will be unique and special, a little like the independent sector itself".

WIN VP Peter Gordon added: "Independent music has for too long been a best kept secret. Independents Day will celebrate the artists and professionals who work tirelessly to preserve their local culture and enrich the lives of others. The funds raised will strengthen the global infrastructure of independent music to ensure that the sector continues to punch above its weight and thrive in the future".


The LA police have named former Death Row Records boss Suge Knight as a member of Compton based street gang Mob Piru, and as such have banned him, and his 'gang-mates', from congregating in the Compton area of LA after 10pm.

Knight has told the LA Times that the gang allegations are "crazy", and that he believes he has been included on the list simply to make the LAPD's latest gangs injunction more newsworthy. He told the paper: "I'm a 42-year-old businessman, not a gang member. I don't even live in Compton anymore. This injunction lists people who are already in jail -- and at least one guy who is long dead".

Knight has, of course, long been accused of associations with LA's crime community, and he has often been linked, though never conclusively it should be added, to the corrupt LAPD officers thought to have been involved in the fatal shooting of rapper the Notorious BIG, and the subsequent cover up of that murder.

That said, in more recent years Knight has been in the news more because of his business affairs, and in particular his and his label's bankruptcy that followed a legal dispute with the wife of one of the hip hop mogul's original business partners, who argued she was due a cut of Death Row's profits based on her husband's original investment.


From the pop police files to the pop courts, and rapper Ludacris has been accused of copyright infringement in a lawsuit filed last week.

Three producers from Chester, Pennsylvania claim they sent the rap star's label, Disturbing Tha Peace, a CD of tracks they had developed in 2004, but that their approach was met with a lukewarm response. However, when Ludacris' album 'The Red Light District' was released the same year they discovered one track, 'Get Back', was very similar to one of theirs.

The three producers, Damon 'Damethegreat' Mayfield, Markus 'Vincent' Vick and Anthony Turner - who trade as Boogiii Men Entertainment Group - allege Ludacris and his people stole aspects of their track for 'Get Back' without crediting them or giving them their due cut of the royalties.

Ludacris and Disturbing Tha Peace are yet to comment.


Now here's something to make you feel old. Well, assuming you are old. It's eighteen years since New Kids On The Block topped the UK charts with 'You Got It (The Right Stuff)'. Yeah, 18 years. Like I say, you're all very old.

Anyway, what some think of as the first of the modern manufactured teen bands, are back in the news today because rumour is rife that NKOTB are about to announce a comeback. Yep, it's another pop reunion. report that the band's official website has been refreshed, suggesting new activity, and they seem sure a reunion tour will be confirmed next month.

The group's members - Donnie Wahlberg, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood and Jordan and Jonathan Knight - who quit the boy band in 1994, have had mixed success in their post-NKTOB careers. McIntrye and Jordan Knight have enjoyed some success in the US with solo releases, while Wahlberg followed his brother Marky Mark into acting (albeit with less top of the bill roles). Wood appeared on MTV's 'Totally Boyband' show and was a member of the short lived group created by that programme, Upper Street.

The New Kids themselves were also the subject of a reality TV show - VH1's 'Band Reunited' tried to persuade the boy band to reform for a one off show in 2004, though somewhat unsuccessfully it should be added - all but the Knights refused to take part. It is unclear why the five members many now be considering a reformation - though the huge commercial success of the Take That reunion over here may have played a factor, Take That originally being created very much in the NKOTB mode.


From reformations to splits, and UB40 lead singer Ali Campbell has been commenting on his previously reported decision to quit the band, and he's not going along with the official line that he has stepped away to pursue a solo career. Despite the official statement from the band last week which implied Campbell's departure was amicable, he has said he is quitting because of disagreements with the band's management, which had made his position in the band "intolerable".

In a statement, Campbell told reporters: "I have been deeply unhappy with administrative practices and with many decisions that have been made [by UB40's management] in recent years. I have an ongoing investigation into the handling of my business affairs in relation to UB40. Suffice to say, I felt I had no other option but to resign from my band".

He denied the 'quitting to pursue solo career' line, saying he had balanced solo projects with UB40 for over a decade now, and that he would be happy to continue to do so if it weren't for the management issues. He added: "I am, perhaps, most upset on behalf of the fans, who have stuck with us, through thick and thin, throughout the years and are the best fans in the world. I know UB40 will carry on successfully without me and I wish them all the very best. They have been my family for the last 28 years and will always be my brothers".

A spokesman for UB40 management denied Campbell's claims, telling reporters: "Ali's statement is incorrect with respect to the situation of management, which he brings up. The statement that was issued yesterday [on Thursday - the one that made the solo career claims] was agreed and sanctioned by all seven band members, including his brother Robin Campbell".


LA Superior Court judge TK Herman warned that Britney Spears could go on trial for driving without a valid licence if both sides in the case, relating to an incident back in August when Spears hit a parked car, fail to agree how to proceed. Granting an adjournment until 20 Feb, Herman said that a trial would be forced to take place if agreement could not be reached within 30 days.

Spears' lawyer Michael Flanagan explained that his client was in possession of a Louisiana licence at the time of the incident, and applied for a California licence a week after charges were filed against her. He added that Britney had been offered a plea bargain which would have seen her on probation for a year, but since the singer had now obtained the licence this was unnecessary. I presume, given that he's a lawyer in the US, and I'm not, that he's correct about the legalities of all that.

Elsewhere in Britney court-type news, the singer's close friend Sam Lutfi has been ordered to give a deposition as part of Spears' ongoing legal battle with ex Kevin Federline over the custody of their two children. Federline's lawyer Mark Kaplan questioned Lutfi about all aspects of his friend's personal life, including her home activities and relationship with the said children. He was also quizzed about his alleged links to photographic agency X17 and the claim that he and Spears have made money from tipping off paparazzi photographers, a claim the agency denies. The custody trial is set for April.


More details have filtered through regarding rapper Lil Wayne's previously reported arrest in Arizona last week. The hip hop star, real name Dwayne Michael Carter Jr was apprehended when his tour bus, on its way to a date in Richmond, Virginia, was stopped at the US Border Patrol checkpoint near Dateland. According to Ramona Sanchez, a spokeswoman for the Drug Enforcement Administration, it was Border Control dogs that alerted personnel to the presence of the drugs, and that a subsequent search yielded marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and other paraphernalia. Officials also found a pistol registered to Carter, who has a concealed weapons permit in Florida.

Lil Wayne was charged in court last week on counts of possession of a narcotic drug for sale, possession of dangerous drugs, misconduct involving weapons and possession of drug paraphernalia and is scheduled to appear at a preliminary hearing on 12 Feb. The rapper's lawyer, James Tilson, said of his client: "He is very concerned about the charges. He absolutely will be present at his next court date".


Morrissey had to abandon his show at the Camden Roundhouse on Friday after he lost his voice three songs into the set. The fans were pretty cross, by the sound of things. According to one report, Russell Brand, David Walliams and Jonathon Ross went up on stage to try and cheer everyone up, but when the crowd learnt that the gig was off, some of them threw things at the trio of entertainers.

However, not all the fans present that night are angry with their idol, a number posting forgiving posts on One wrote: "I felt sorry for him. He did struggle. I'd happily pay double the ticket price for a 4-song performance from Morrissey any day". Another added: "As a big admirer I am, I recognise that in this moment shouting and angry comments from fans is not helping. I am sure he feels unhappy as well with the situation. So, a big hug to him, and I hope he comes back to the Roundhouse so we can all go to see him again soon".

Following the aborted set, the singer was advised to rest for four days and was forced to cancel a further London gig. Both of those dates are to be rescheduled, and the singer's UK tour is expected to resume in Doncaster on Wednesday.


Sheryl Crow has criticised the media for intruding on her during one of the most difficult times of her life, when, back in February of 2006, the singer's relationship with cyclist Lance Armstrong came to an end, and three days later she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Crow, who believes the intrusion hindered her recovery, says: "Having 100 paparazzi outside my gate at all times because of the terrible things that were happening, it really spoke to me about who we are".

"If this is what makes people want to buy magazines - someone at their absolute lowest - that is a very sad message. I found the whole experience was very difficult. I went from being linked with one of the most famous cancer survivors to then begin diagnosed with cancer".


Joss Stone has again criticised the media for mocking her transatlantic accent. You'll no doubt remember that the press had a bit of a field day when she appeared at last year's Brits wearing new hair and mumbling in an American sounding voice.

Stone says: "At the end of the day, I don't give a fuck if people have a problem with my accent. That's all I can say about it. The words I say do not change. If the way that it sounds is skew-whiff and you don't like it, don't listen. I'm not being a cruel person by sounding a different way".

She continued: "I made my album with a bunch of Americans. When people go to Australia for two weeks they come back sounding Australian - but the whole world doesn't turn round and say, 'Well, fuck you'. Which is basically what England had done. Obviously not everybody in England. But the big press people. They were just like, 'You know what? We've decided we don't like you anymore'".


Marilyn Manson has criticised the media for unfairly blaming him when young people go crazy and shoot people. The singer was actually speaking about his reunion with previously estranged bassist and songwriter Twiggy Ramirez.

Manson says: "For Marilyn Manson, it seems to have become about the death toll, because we get blamed for every act of violence. They don't have a Grammy award for school shootings, but I guess I would get one if they did, whether I asked for one or not. It's good to have my partner back, who was the only person able to stare all of that in the face and not be afraid of it. He and I are like brothers in that when we're together, we're not afraid of anything. I think that's how we've made our best music".


Darryl McDaniels, aka DMC of Run-DMC, has asked US legislators to give adoptees the right to access their birth records. McDaniels, who learned he'd been adopted at the age of 35, addressed senators in the New Jersey Statehouse last week, saying: "This is really about identity and truth of a human being's existence. We never start a book from Chapter 1, as adoptees we live our lives from Chapter 2".

The rap star, who won an Emmy for a documentary about his own experience of adoption, continued: "This isn't about us going back to make the birth mother's life hectic. I believe there should be a right. That is somebody's identity, you all, somebody's identity".


Universal's Def Jam have denied those previously reported reports that they were considering dropping Nas over his decision to call his next album 'Nigger'. As reported last week, reports were circulating that Def Jam had been told by numerous retailers that they wouldn't stock the album with such a controversial title, and that as a result they were telling the hip hop star he must rethink his title plans or face being dropped. But a spokesman for Def Jam told Rolling Stone on Friday that the rumours were "absolutely ridiculous and untrue".


Sometime G-uniter Young Buck has announced he is re-signing to Universal's Cash Money Records label. The rapper, real name David Darnell Brown, was with Cash Money at the start of his career, but in 2000 moved to the Warner affiliated UTP Records before signing to 50 Cent's G-Unit label - also a Universal imprint. He announced his return to Cash Money during a surprise appearance at a Lil Wayne gig in Tennessee this weekend. Lil Wayne is also signed to Cash Money.


Willie Nelson is to celebrate his 75th birthday with the release of a special four disc box set entitled 'One Hell Of A Ride'. Set for release in the US on 1 Apr, the collection features 100 tracks spanning the country star's fifty year career. A collection of Nelson's number ones called, er, '#1s' will also be released on 29 Apr.


Music Week reports that the next EMI cover mount to appear on the Mail On Sunday will come from Virgin signed Lenny Kravitz. The freebie CD will feature six tracks from the singer's forthcoming new album 'It Is Time For A Love Revolution' plus six greatest hits, and will appear with the tabloid next Sunday.

As previously reported, EMI have signed up to do four cover mount promotions via agency Upfront, the Kravitz promo being the second - earlier this month the MoS also cover mounted the EMI owned live rerecording of Jean Michel Jarre's 'Oxygene'.

For years EMI was one of the most vehement critics of covermount CDs, even when tied to the promotion of new releases, but has more recently warmed to the newspaper deals, which deliver both licensing fees and free publicity. The change of heart may well be driven by new EMI chief Guy Hands' bid to find new revenue streams, though the major collaborated with the MoS on one Upfront brokered CD promotion - a giveaway of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells - prior to Terra Firma buying the major.

Confirming the Kravitz promo, Virgin Records GM Mark Terry is quoted by Music Week thus: "We are always exploring new ways to create value for our artists and their consumers. This gives fans a fantastic opportunity to sample six of the 14 tracks from Lenny's new album ahead of its release on February 4, and introduce new fans to some of his previous hits".

MoS MD Stephen Miron added: "We're delighted to be offering our readers yet another first. Securing an artist of Lenny Kravitz's calibre is testament to The Mail On Sunday's commitment of offering the finest music exclusively to the public".

While the majors and even some in artist management may be warming to newspaper giveaway CD deals, the music retail community remain critical, though, as previously reported, Upfront has said it is in talks with the Entertainment Retailers Association to see if there is anyway the newspapers can placate the high street retailers.


Talking of different ways of distributing music, SonyBMG have announced they are releasing their first album on a USB stick in the form of Bullet For My Valentine's second long player 'Scream Aim Fire', which is out on physical release today.

The especially shaped USB stick version of the album, which will retail for a not that cheap £25.99, will include the whole album, a pdf of the album booklet, a 15 minute track-by-track documentary and exclusive wallpapers plus, presumably, some spare memory space.

As previously reported, a number of other labels, most notably Universal, have been dabbling with USB stick releases. Commenting on their first stick release, SonyBMG's Business Development Manager Gareth Deakin told CMU: "We believe there is an opportunity to work with USB as a format, to make them an engaging, visually appealing and highly desirable piece of merchandise. We see this as the deluxe edition of the album and demand for it has reflected that. We're delighted with how it has come out, the band love it, and we think their fans will too".


And another innovative bit of music distribution, though this one not so profitable. The Charlatans have revealed more info of their upcoming album which, as previously reported, will be given away for free via Xfm's website. The new long player - 'You Cross My Path' - will also be available for free via the band's own website as of 3 Mar. A physical release will follow on 19 May via Cooking Vinyl. A free download single will precede all this on 25 Feb - 'Oh Vanity!' - the video of which will feature Peaches Geldof and her boyfriend Dan Wilson. Tracklisting for the album as follows...

Oh! Vanity
Bad Days
The Misbegotten
A Day For Letting Go
You Cross My Path
Missing Beats (Of A Generation)
My Name Is Despair
Bird / Reprise
This Is The End


The Green Man festival has announced that Super Furry Animals are to headline this year's event. The festival, now in its sixth year, takes place from 15 - 17 Aug near Clyro in Wales. See for info.


It's a tradition that annual music business junket MIDEM is preceded by the big French MUSIC awards bash staged by radio station NRJ, and this year was no exception. There were quite a few usual suspects winning in the international categories - Justin Timberlake, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears - though Mika took the newcomer prize, and German pop-rock boyband Tokio Hotel won the international group prize, which is a little bit exciting. But what about the French music categories, one hopes you're asking. Well, here's the full list of winners.

Francophone Revelation of the Year: Christophe Willem
International Revelation of the Year - MIKA
Francophone Female Artist of the Year: Jenifer International
Female Artist of the Year: Avril Lavigne
Francophone Male Artist of the Year: Christophe Mae
International Male Artist of the Year: Justin Timberlake
Francophone Group/Duo of the Year: Superbus
International Group/Duo of the Year: Tokio Hotel
Song of the Year: Rihanna - Don't Stop the Music
Francophone Album of the Year: Christophe Willem - Inventaire
International Album of the Year: Britney Spears - Blackout
Music Video of the Year: Fatal Bazooka - Parle à ma main


So, yes, back to MIDEM in Cannes, and things kicked off yesterday with a major label representative on home turf, though it was the first time Jean-Bernard Levy, the CEO of Universal Music's French parent company Vivendi, had actually addressed the annual music conference.

And, despite the continued doom and gloom in the recorded music part of the business - illustrated by those IFPI figures last week that global record sales were down 10% - Levy chose to be upbeat in his keynote address, though, as parent CEO of the one major record company that is actually doing very well for itself thank you very much, that possibly wasn't a surprise.

Levy touched on several topics in his 30 minute address - Universal's '360 degree business' ambitions, their acquisition of BMG Music Publishing, DRM and interoperability, the future of the CD and even developments over at rival EMI.

Of note was his opinion that the CD will continue to play an important role in music-ville for quite some time to come, despite its undeniable decline in favour of digital. And also his thinking that interoperability in the digital domain should remain an issue of concern - even if the adoption of DRM-free MP3 by the majors makes the conflicting technologies used by different IT players less problematic for consumers in the short term. The music industry, he said, should continue to pressure IT types to make competing digital music services and players as interoperable as possible.

On his own company, he stressed that Vivendi - which offloaded many of its other entertainment assets during that financial meltdown a few years back - was not considering selling its music business which, he said, was in good health under the leadership of Doug Morris. Should 69 year old Morris choose to retire, he added, a management structure was in place to ensure the market leader major continued to operate successfully, though he added there were no plans for Morris to stand down, and would not speculate as to a possible successor.


Elsewhere at MIDEM, or to be precise the MidemNet digital music conference, and former illegal filesharing outfit QTRAX announced it is now ready to launch its much anticipated licenced filesharing network, which will give users access to 25 million tracks that they can legally play on their PC or MP3 player via an advertiser funded P2P system.

McDonalds, Samsung and ESPN were announced as launch advertisers, and the "lion's share" of ad revenues will, QTRAX say, be handed back to its record label and music publisher partners, which include the majors and many indies.

It's a big story, given that various legit P2P services have been touted in recent years, though no one has yet successfully launched a legal file sharing service that can compete with remaining illegal P2P networks like Limewire. Whether QTRAX is that service remains to be seen.

One big problem with it is that despite claims in its MIDEM announcement that the majors were on board, Warner Music quickly released a statement denying it was involved, and Universal and EMI are both reportedly indicating they haven't signed any contract with the P2P firm yet also. QTRAX have since admitted some of their label deals are still awaiting final completion. Artists seen at the MIDEM press launch were also seemingly keen to distance themselves from the new service, with one - James Blunt - stressing he was there to "learn about" QTRAX, "not to endorse it".

Nevertheless, a beta website went live last night, with QTRAX boss Allan Klepfisz declaring: "This service is much better than LimeWire. In 10 years time, we'd hope [this model] will generate enough income to return the music industry to its heyday".

There are loads more MIDEM announcements sitting in my in-tray - we'll run through a load more tomorrow.


Into the live sector, and Live Nation has announced it has sold off a bulk of its US theatrical business, another sign the company, formerly Clear Channel's live entertainment division of course, is restructuring to become primarily a music company.

As much previously reported, Live Nation has been busy moving into areas of the music business other than its traditional domain of venue management and tour/festival promotion, most notably with its new relationship with Madonna, which will encompass merchandising, recording and branding activity, and also with its planned launch of a music ticketing business next year.

Live Nation's Broadway Across America theatre tour business was sold to Key Brand Entertainment last week in a $90.4 million deal. Reports suggest the profits from the sale will be used to repay debts and bolster the firm's music operations.

The live conglom does still own a number of theatrical venues in the US, including New York's Hilton Theatre and the Boston Opera House, and their UK theatre business is seemingly unaffected by the sale. However, some are speculating those other theatrical assets could be sold off in due course.


More live sector gubbins, and the people behind the previously reported new US music festival, the Vineland Festival, have announced they will now not launch the New Jersey event in 2008. The premiere Vineland event will now take place in early Summer 2009. The decision comes amid chatter in the US live sector that too many new music events were be launched too close to each other - in terms of timing and geography.

Charles Attal of one of the fest's creators, Lollapalooza producers C3, told Billboard: "We had to get our egos in check and say, let's do the smart decision, get off these dates, and go for an isolated [date] so we can build this thing without having to look over our shoulders. We don't want to be compared to all the other festivals and who's playing where. We want to build this thing right, organically, from the ground up".

As previously reported, Attal's partners on the Vineland Festival are London based Festival Republic, the former festivals division of Mean Fiddler.


UK media firm EMAP held its final AGM last week.

As previously reported, the media company put its various divisions up for sale last year amid struggling financials. The firm's board initially announced EMAP's consumer magazine and broadcasting divisions (which own the Q, Kerrang!, Kiss, The Hits and Magic franchises, among many others) would go to German publisher H Bauer, but that its more profitable business publishing company would remain an independent publicly trading company, owned by EMAP's existing shareholders. However, just before Christmas it was announced the B2B business would, in fact, be sold after all - to a JV set up by private equity types Apax and the Guardian Media Group.

Shareholders at the AGM voted on the Bauer sale, and approved it with a 99% majority, which is quite significant. The Apax/GMG deal is still being finalised. Financials released at the general meeting showed that EMAP's consumer titles continue to struggle, revenues down 9%, while B2B continue to prosper, revenues up 14%. Radio was also doing OK - revenues up 6%. It is unclear what plans, if any, Bauer has to turn round the fortunes of the consumer magazine business it has acquired.


As you may have seen, the BBC last week admitted two more instances of faked phone ins on its radio stations - both on pre-recorded shows. Firstly, on a pre-recorded edition of the 'Jo Whiley Show' on Radio 1 in 2006, while a real listener was used in a competition spot, others were encouraged to phone in to take part in it, even though it was pre-recorded. On a pre-recorded edition of the 'Russell Brand Show' on 6Music in April 2006 they just used a staff member for a phone-in spot.

Used to apologising for such cock ups on a semi-regular basis these days, a spokesman for the Beeb said: "Although this person [on the Whiley show] was a genuine member of the audience, the name of a second participant, mentioned on air, was invented, and listeners had been invited to telephone and text when in reality there was no opportunity to participate. [On the Brand show] listeners who had called or sent texts to the programme [also] had, in reality, no opportunity to participate".

Apologies will be broadcast on both stations, and the incidents have been reported to OfCom, to put in their big folder of "made up phone ins".


Little to report in the singles chart this week ladies and gentlemen, what with Basshunter still being top with 'Now You're Gone' and Adele still being second with 'Chasing Pavements'. Nickelback have moved up to three with 'Rockstar', if that interests you.

New entries this week come from Jay Sean with 'Ride It' at 11, David Jordan with 'Sun Goes Down' at 22, Mary J Blige with 'Just Fine' at 28 and Bullet For My Valentine with 'Scream Aim Fire' at 34.

Albums wise, the brilliant Scouting For Girls stay top, with new entries from Lupe Fiasco at 7 with 'The Cool', Garth Brooks with 'The Ultimate Hits' at 11, Eels with 'Meet The Eeels' at 26 and Cat Power with 'Jukebox' at 32.


It's this week's Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Led Zeppelin - Mothership (Swan Song)
2. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (SonyBMG)
3. Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (Warner Bros)
4. Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden (Universal)
5. Bruce Springsteen - Magic (SonyBMG/Columbia)
6. Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (Universal/Mercury)
7. Paramore - Riot! (Warner/Atlantic)
8. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Warner/Roadrunner)
9. Daughtry - Daughtry (SonyBMG)
10 Avenged Sevenfold - Avenged Sevenfold (Warner Bros)
11. Serj Tankian - Elect The Dead (Serjical Strike)
12. Godsmack - Good Times, Bad Times - Ten Years Of Godsmack (Republic)
13. Queen - Greatest Hits Vols. 1, 2, 3 (EMI)
14. Kid Rock - Rock - N Roll Jesus (Warner/Atlantic)
15. Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High (Universal/Mercury)
16. Buckcherry - 15 (Eleven Seven Music)*
17. Angels & Airwaves - I-Empire (Universal/Geffen)
18. Nine Inch Nails - Year Zero Remix (Universal/Interscope)
19. Nightwish - Dark Passion Play (Nuclear Blast)*
20. Tarja Turunen - My Winter Storm (Universal)*


Here they are again, the videos being played this week on the video screen network in students' unions all over the UK. New entries marked with a *.

30 Seconds To Mars - From Yesterday (EMI/Virgin)
Adele - Chasing Pavements (Beggars/XL)
Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger - Alive 2007 (EMI/Virgin)*
Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (EMI)
Jay Z - Roc Boys (Universal/Roc-A-Fella)
Joe Lean and The Jing Jang Jong - Lonely Buoy (Universal/Mercury)
Laura Marling - Ghosts (EMI/Virgin)
Los Campesinos! - Death to Los Campesinos! (Wichita)
M.I.A - Paper Planes (Beggars/XL)
Mika - Relax (Take It Easy) (Universal/Island)
One Night Only - Just For Tonight (Universal/Vertigo)
Radiohead - Jigsaw Falling Into Place (Beggars/XL)
Rihanna - Don't Stop The Music (Universal/Mercury)
Supergrass - Diamond Hoo Ha Man (EMI/Parlophone)*
The Hoosiers - Worst Case Scenario (SonyBMG/RCA)
White Stripes - Conquest (Beggars/XL)

Akala - Shakespeare (Live Sundays Recording)
Alphabeat - Fascination (EMI)*
Attic Lights - Never Get Sick of the Sea (Universal/Island)*
Basshunter - Now You're Gone (Hard2Beat)
Bishi - Never Seen Your Face (Gryphon)
Bodyrox and Luciana - What Planet You On? (Universal/Island)
Buffalo'77 - Won't Forget (Universal/Fallout)*
Captain Black - Come On Up To Our House (unsigned)
Cazals - To Cut A Long Story Short (Kitsuné)
Feist - My Moon, My Man (Universal/Polydor)
Opera House - Born A Boy (Marrakesh)
Richard Hawley - Valentine (EMI/Mute)
State Radio - Gang Of Thieves (Ruff Shod)
The Feeling - I Thought It Was Over (Universal/Island)
The Whitest Boy Alive - Golden Cage (Universal/Island)*
Yves Larock - Zookey (Defected)


Peter Andre has said that he'd be happy to have more sex with his glamour model wife Jordan, aka Katie Price, the thought of which is making my fingers seize up a bit as I type. In fact, my gorge rises at it. I'll just pass you over to Andre himself before I get too queasy - here's what he says: "Kate said last week that we're having lots of sex while we're on holiday. We certainly have our fair share but I would never say no to more! I think that can be said of all red-blooded men though, can't it?"

He also says he doesn't mind how much plastic surgery his permatanned wife chooses to have: "What she decides to do to her image is completely up to her and I'm happy to support her, but of course I think she is perfect the way she is and doesn't need to change a thing!"


According to reports, George Michael has discovered that he wasn't the first choice to appear as Johnny Lee Miller's musical conscience in new US 'field of dreams' style TV show 'Eli Stone', and in fact, producers initially approached Phil Collins. The singer says: "Apparently, the studio didn't think I'd say yes. They wrote it for Phil Collins, I think."

The singer, who appears in dream sequences in the show, added "They said they wanted to name each episode after a song of mine. It's all flattering to the ego, isn't it?"


Simon Cowell says he's planning to leave most of his cash - £90million of his £100million fortune - to children's and animal charities. He says: "Mum asked, 'Have you ever made a will?' I said, 'Thanks a lot!' But it got me thinking".

It means his family will be left with a meagre £10million. Poor sods, I really feel for them - how on earth will they manage on that? Cowell doesn't seem too worried about them, however. "Hopefully I'll be a lot older when it happens," he says "so it won't affect them much!"

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