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In today's CMU Daily:
- EMI begin consultation process over job cuts
- Irish label body to sue ISP over lack of P2P monitoring
- Jackson suffering from flu
- More though not much Stones contract rumours
- Kid Rock serves some waffles
- The Game may be in jail or may not be
- Neverland not looking good
- Winehouse senior says Amy is off drugs
- Doherty to front drugs docu
- Akon to release book via C-Murder's co
- REM preview album via iLike
- Iron Maiden offer free digital previews
- Bono is fan of Germany
- Fratellis tour
- Cohen plans live appearances
- Nickelback announce arena dates
- Album review: Robert Owens - Night Time Stories
- Ticketmaster and AEG deal looking more certain, cablevision involvement needs more discussion
- Soma Skool returns
- APRS appoint new chair
- What stations would get sold if Global take over GCap?
- Cox gives birth
- Cheryl Cole stuff
- Steps man is evil, fact


Back to the future of the album debate, mainly because Elbow frontman Guy Garvey has called on digital music stores - iTunes in particular, presumably - to allow artists to only sell their music as complete albums - ie not track by track. As previously reported, a number of artists have expressed dislike for the single track nature of download stores, and the fact Apple insist on selling albums track by track is why Radiohead don't sell their music via iTunes.

Speaking to Gigwise, Garvey says Apple should do more to prevent the album "dying as an art form". He says: "It needs looking after, it needs protecting, internet music companies like iTunes need to let artists present and sell their music in the way they want to. Ultimately, iTunes is a device for selling hardware, MP3 playing hardware, so they should give the artists the freedom to lock their records if they want and it's something that I'm personally gonna see if I can make happen because it's fucking important".

Tough talking. And he's right. On one thing. I seem to remember recent stats showing that actually digital albums sales were on the up, but I think Garvey is right to say that many music fans will pick and mix tracks off albums in the future, certainly artists cannot assume that more casual fans are shelling out for their complete works.

But is Garvey right to say the album format "needs looking after"? As I believe I've rambled before, I'm still not convinced that is true.

First, the eight to twelve track album historically came about primarily for logistical reasons (the convenience and economic practicalities of doing big multi-track releases once every two to three years), not because it was the ideal package for musicians to best achieve their artistic aims and ambitions. Part of me thinks encouraging artists to think beyond the traditional album format could be very healthy.

Second, artists and labels have always exaggerated the cohesiveness of albums. There are prominent exceptions to this of course, but in reality many albums are just a collection of songs rather than a complete work. In such cases, accessing those tracks one by one in any order will probably be as fulfilling for a fan as listening to them in the order an artist or their label intended. Which isn't necessarily what an artist who has agonised for hours over the order of their album wants to hear, but it is generally true.

But third, and more important than all that, we are now in an age where content owners can no longer control when and how people access their content, and in what order they access it. The on-demand internet era means that content owners will have to accept the need to make all their content available via all (revenue generating) routes as soon as it's available - because if they don't people will make it available via non-legit routes where the content owners get no revenue. That may not be something the content owners like, and society at large is possibly a slightly worse place because of it, but that's life - and artists are going to have to accept that fact as much as record labels, film studios and TV stations.

So, while it's true that Apple are primarily interested in selling hardware, and could do a lot more to support artists and their artistic endeavours, I'm not sure the 'full album only' thing is really worth fighting for.



!K7 Label Group is an international music company based in Berlin comprising 5 record labels, publishing company, booking agency and fledgling events business.

!K7 is looking for a UK Label Manager to oversee all aspects of the record label and events business within the UK. The successful candidate will have experience running imaginative press, radio and marketing campaigns for releases across a variety of musical genres and a sound knowledge of the UK digital and physical marketplace. They will also have the contacts and expertise to set up a number of profit-making !K7 events. Based in the english-speaking Berlin office with frequent travel to London. Salary negotiable.

Please send all applications in writing to Nicola Agunwa by no later than March 31st: [email protected] or Nicola Agunwa, !K7 Records GmbH, Heidestrasse 52, 10557 Berlin, Germany



Sam Sparro on his ambitions: "I'm not really competitive nor do I place high expectations on things...I just like to go with the flow".

Sam answers CMU's Same Six Questions online this week -



The next CMU recommended Remix All-Nighter takes over the seOne Club at London Bridge next month for a brilliant pre-Easter party.

There'll be three rooms of fun. In the Remix room you'll get live sets from The Whip and Vitalic, plus Remix chief Eddy TM on the decks and VJ Fay Buzzard doing visual stuff. Next up will be a room hosted by Orbital co-founder and general dance music pioneer Phil Hartnoll, named for and showcasing his new venture Long Range. And then, to top off all that, there will be a whole room of all things Ninja Tune, featuring no less than DJ Food & DK, Coldcut (Jon Moore DJ Set), Bonobo, Daedelus, The Qemists and VJ Mox. Oh, and they've just added Busy P (Ed Banger) to the bill too. This night is going to be storming.

It all takes place on 20 Mar. Full info from:

CMU and Remix All-nighter promoters have teamed up to offer students a special price for the night of just £7. To get the discount you need a special code for when you order your tickets, and you can get the code by emailing your name and university name to [email protected] But do it quick - there are a limited number of discounted tickets available.


Today's SNAP, the weightily-named Billy The Kid And The Brothers Barbaylios, have fixed themselves up for success this year following radio play from Radio One and large support gigs with peers The Coral in 2007. They've certainly got the hit single sorted already in 'If I Was', an irresistible slice of upbeat alt-folk that's delicately layered with contributions from each of the seven band members, which can count a mandolin player and mouth organist amongst them. At its heart it's a classic love song, with the protagonist lamenting the time he 'wasted' learning and playing his guitar instead of tending his loved one, culminating with the line "I wish I'd never learnt to play a note", as surprisingly tender a moment as you could wish to hear on record. The MySpace link below is your guide.


EMI has begun what I believe corporate types like to call a "consultation process" with its UK staff regarding those job cuts that have been expected at the major ever since January.

As previously reported, earlier this year EMI boss Guy Hands revealed that about a third of EMI's 4500 workforce would be axed in the first half of 2008 as part of his major restructuring and cost cutting programme which, he hopes, will help turn round the fortunes of the London based music firm. With a disproportionately high number of staff in home country the UK, a disproportionately high number of the cuts will take place among EMIers based here. Jobs in recorded music division EMI Music and corporate parent company EMI Group will go - no jobs are expected to be lost at the more profitable EMI Music Publishing.

The consultation process - which is a statutory requirement before a major downsize - could last up to ninety days. Once it has been decided who will stay and who will go the axe is expected to fall quite rapidly on those who are out.

Despite the pending cull of over 1500 people, the atmosphere seemingly remains relatively calm within EMI, possibly because the cuts weren't that big a surprise when first announced in January (they'd seemed pretty likely ever since Hands' Terra Firma equity outfit acquired EMI last year, and had arguably been a long time coming), possibly because many believe Hands' grand plan for EMI, while not so fun to implement, might just work, and possibly also because EMIers are aware all four majors are, in fact, cutting their wage bill at the moment, it's just that only EMI are losing so many at one time.

EMI have not formally commented on the consultation process or any timeline for the cuts.


The music industry's case against the internet service providers in the file sharing domain could be about to go legal in Ireland.

As much previously reported, the record labels and music publishers are increasingly pissed off about the ISPs' refusal to take a more proactive role in stopping illegal file sharing via P2P networks. They want the ISPs to monitor their customers' online activity, and to warn and ultimately cut off those customers who use their internet connection to distribute or acquire unlicensed music content.

The ISPs generally don't want to do this - officially because of privacy rule concerns, but also because of the cost of introducing the kind of technology required to do such monitoring, and a cynicism towards the effectiveness of such technology. That unwillingness to act has led to the music companies to lobby political types about the issue, and in the UK, France and Australia senior ministers have indicated they will introduce new laws forcing ISPs to act if they don't do so voluntarily in the next year.

But in Ireland the record labels may take the matter into their own hands and try to force the ISPs to act through the courts. The Irish Times have reported that the Irish Recorded Music Association is planning on taking its grievances against the country's largest ISP, Eircom, to the High Court in Dublin. Billboard quote a representative of the International Federation Of The Phonographic Industry as confirming that the trade body will take the dispute to court, adding that no date has been set for any court fight but it could be as soon as May.

The new litigation follows a successful court bid by IRMA last year to force Eircom to reveal the identity of five individuals accused of file sharing. Similar lawsuits to find out the identity of suspected file sharers have been successful in other jurisdictions, though a legal battle to force the ISPs to be more proactive day to day on illegal file sharing has less precedent to follow, other than the indications of intent from those politicians in the aforementioned three countries.


Janet Jackson, who is busy promoting new album 'Discipline' (which has done rather well in the US if not over here), has had to cancel an appearance on US TV show 'Saturday Night Live' after being hospitalised with flu symptoms and shortness of breath. Jackson is reportedly receiving treatment at an LA medical centre.


The New York Post has reported that the Rolling Stones - who have fulfilled their contractual obligations to EMI - may do a deal with Universal Music. Or Warner Music. Or stay with EMI. Which tells us nothing really. The paper's Brian Garrity confirms what we already sort of knew - that the band's discussions with the majors involve administration rights to the whole of the band's post-1971 catalogue as well as the (possibly less attractive) opportunity to collaborate on new material. And also that talks are ongoing with Live Nation, probably about a merchandising and touring deal, but maybe also about a 360 style deal encompassing recordings also, similar to that done between the live music conglom and Madonna last year.


Kid Rock served some waffles the other day at a fund raising bash at a Waffle House restaurant in Atlanta. The charity shindig follows that previously reported altercation involving Rock last year at another Atlanta Waffle House, charges from which are currently working their way through court.

A spokeswoman for the Waffle House company said that the charity event, in aid of local homeless charities, were an attempt to "take a negative situation [ie the fight and the coverage of it] and turn it into a positive situation". According to the Associated Press, Rock himself told fans at the charity event: "The whole situation before was kind of silly. We just thought after that unfortunate incident we'd try to do something silly but something more positive".

So there you go. The legal case relating to the Waffle House fracas continues.


Well, much confusion remains regarding whether or not rapper The Game is still in jail, or not.

As reported yesterday, there have been many reports that the hip hopper, serving a sixty day sentence in relation to that fracas after a basketball game in LA last year, when the rapper was accused of threatening to shoot another man, had been released after just eight days.

Some reports quote the hip hop star's lawyer as confirming that fact, others a spokesman for the Twin Towers prison where he was incarcerated. The official line was that the early release had been caused by over crowding at the facility. But then the rapper's management issued a statement saying The Game had not been released from jail, but had simply been moved to another prison.

Media have been divided regarding the story in the last 24 hours, with the majority reporting the rapper is free, but some, including the normally reliable on these matters, going with the management statement and reporting he was still in jail.

MTV News, who seem to be trying to get to the bottom of the situation, are still unsure one way or the other. We're not sure, either. When we are, we'll tell you. If The Game is out there reading this, do get in touch.


Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch which, as previously reported, could be put up for sale if Jacko doesn't settle $25 million in debts by 19 Mar, is apparently is in a state of some disrepair. Jackson hasn't used the property since he was acquitted of those child abuse charges back in 2005, and much of the ranch's staff were made redundant after an earlier financial crisis. New photos of the site reportedly show cracked windows, dirty ponds and damage to the various theme park style attractions that are there.


Amy Winehouse's father Mitch says that he's sure that his daughter is now off drugs, and rejects media implications that she is back on narcotics in reports that she's been seen out partying since she came out of rehab, often with Kelly Osbourne.

Winehouse senior told Closer magazine: "Staying out til 5am is what people her age do, she hasn't relapsed. If she's with Kelly there's no relapse. Kelly's a drug counsellor, so Amy's completely safe with her".


Talking of drugs, Pete Doherty is to appear in a documentary about them later this year. According to reports he will appear in a programme to be screened on UKTV which will focus on child addicts on two British housing schemes, the notorious Langley Estate in Manchester and Manor Park in Sheffield. Doherty, it's said, will lead music workshops with the children.


New Orleans rap star C-Murder has announced that R&B star Akon is to publish a book via his company TRU. 'Thug Politics', it will be the second title from the hip hopper's publishing house, which recently released Jacki-O's novel 'Grown And Gangsta'. Akon's book is set to hit the shelves in April or May, and will be accompanied by a literary campaign to promote the book, but also literacy amongst young people.

As you may be aware, C-Murder, aka Corey Miller, has also released a critically acclaimed work of fiction, 'Death Around The Corner'. As also previously reported, the rapper, previously convicted of the killing of sixteen year old Steven Thomas, will go to retrial in relation to the case on 9 Jun.


The new REM album will be unleashed on the world via music recommendation thingy iLike, which means that fans will be able to offer previews of their favourite tracks off the new long player via their social networking pages. REMer Michael Stipe told Billboard: "It was one of those ideas that was presented to us and it seemed like a good one so we ran for it. I think you can either go with it or sit back and watch it happen, and I would rather be out on the field than in the bleachers.

New album 'Accelerate' is released on 31 Mar, and will debut via iLike from 24 Mar.


More interesting digital ventures from Iron Maiden, who will preview an upcoming compilation of their 80s hits with one of those limited play download promotions. Fans will be able to download the tracks off 'Somewhere Back In Time' for free as DRMed WMA files and can listen to each track three times each, before the DRM locks access. The full album can then be bought DRM free. The album is out on 12 May with the tracks below all featuring - the preview downloads will be available from

Churchill Speech
Aces High
2 Minutes To Midnight
The Trooper
Wasted Years
Children Of The Damned
The Number Of The Beast
Run To The Hills
Phantom Of The Opera (live)
The Evil That Men Do
Wrathchild (live)
Can I Play With Madness
Hallowed Be Thy Name
Iron Maiden (live)


According to reports, Bono has praised Germany, so they should feel special and honoured. He said the kind words after meeting with lawmakers in the country to speak about fighting poverty and illness in the developing world, a visit which was apparently made, Bono says, to let the officials know that their measures are working. They must have been so relieved, and so pleased, to have a visit from the U2 star turned self-appointed global statesman. "They should know that their cooperation has had some success", Bono said. Praising a debt relief law passed by the government of former Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, the singer continued: "That's why I'm a fan of Germany and why I want to come back".


Hey, look, those The Fratellis have just announced these here three UK dates.

27 Apr: Cambridge Junction
28 Apr: Islington Academy
29 Apr: Liverpool Academy


Leonard Cohen, in the news yesterday because of his US Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame induction, has announced his first live shows for fifteen years. The 73 year old singer-songwriter will embark on a world tour which will include sets at Glastonbury, the Big Chill festival and the Manchester International Festival, plus gigs in Dublin, Edinburgh and London. Promoters AEG Live say: "For many, this tour will be the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see the legend that is Leonard Cohen. We, as a company, are honoured to bring this long-rumoured tour to reality across the globe".

Full tour dates as follows:

6 Jun: Toronto, Sony Centre For The Performing Arts
7 Jun: Toronto, Sony Centre For The Performing Arts
14 Jun: Dublin, Irish Museum of Modern Art
17 Jun: Manchester, Manchester International Festival
18 Jun: Manchester, Manchester International Festival
19 Jun: Manchester, Manchester International Festival
20 Jun: Manchester, Manchester International Festival
23 Jun: Montreal, Place-des-Arts
24 Jun: Montreal, Place-des-Arts
25 Jun: Montreal, Place-des-Arts
29 Jun: Glastonbury Festival
1 Jul: Oslo, Bislett Stadium
3 Jul: Helsingborg, Open Air
5 Jul: Copenhagen, Rosenborg Castle
6 Jul: Aarhus, Raadhus Parken
8 Jul: Montreux Jazz Festival
9 Jul: Lyon, Les Nuits de Fourviere
10 Jul: Bruges Festival
12 Jul: Amsterdam, Westerpark
14 Jul: Bucharest, TBD
16 Jul: Edinburgh, Edinburgh Castle
17 Jul: London, O2 Arena
19 Jul: Lisbon, Passeio Maritimo de Alges
20 Jul: Benicassim Festival
22 Jul: Nice, Cimiez Park
24 Jul: Nyon, Paléo Festival Nyon
25 Jul: Lorrach, Stimmen Der Welt
27 Jul: Lucca Summer Festival
29 Jul: Athens, Lycabettus Theatre


Nickelback have announced four UK arena dates. Tickets for the gigs, the last concerts they plan to play before starting work on a new studio album, will go on sale on Friday at 9am, and the dates are as follows:

15 Sep: Manchester, MEN Arena
16 Sep: Sheffield Arena
18 Sep: Birmingham, NEC
19 Sep: London, 02 Arena


ALBUM REVIEW: Robert Owens - Night Time Stories (Compost Records)
I'm reviewing this today because, while it's already out, 'Night Time Stories' is officially launched in the launch party sense of the word at a previously club tipped bash at the AKA Bar at The End in London tonight. Chicagoan Robert Owens has been on the house scene for over two decades now. He arguably reached a zenith with his vocals on anthems 'I'll Be Your Friend' and 'Tears', though more recently impressed with his work with Coldcut on 'Mile In My Shoes' and on Photek's rather good 'Solaris' album. Here he's got together with some top cutting edge electronic producers and waxes lyrical to good effect, and with some eclectic results. From the top - 'Inside My World' with Jimpster on the buttons is definitive Owens for the 00's while 'New World', which follows on with a few tech influences from Simbad, is pretty good also. 'I'm Chained' with Ian Pooley takes us to peak time house floors, while 'Only Me', with Kid Massive, has a retro feel and 'Now I Know' with Martin Iveson (as Atjazz) is a rather relaxed downbeat affair (though crisply executed, I should add). 'Never Give Up' with Charles Webster is a downtempo moody groover where Owens comes across particularly well. Getting extra eclectic, Rob does some spoken word type stuff on the Kirk Degiorgio produced 'No Tomorrow', while on 'Press On', a Owens-on-his own track, the house piano and swirling synths are called in, actually to good effect. The Wahoo produced 'Happy' is a tad too upbeat and bouncy for me, and single release 'Merging', from Nuno Dos Santos and TJ Kong, isn't his strongest track ever, while Marc Romboy's 'Back To You' takes time to grow on you. But there aren't really any bad ones here, and I recommend this project highly. Owen' s quality output shows he's still right up there, and Compost prove to be extremely fertile ground for growing solid albums... PV
Release date: 25 Feb
Press contact: Rocket Science [All]


More on those ongoing talks between Ticketmaster, Cablevision and AEG Live about a three way alliance in the live music space. We reported yesterday that talks between the three companies were going slower than some had hoped, and that as a result not all of the JV proposals may actually happen, certainly not in the short term. Billboard confirmed those reports yesterday by citing sources who say the proposed deal is "not dead" but "on life support". Some are now speculating that Ticketmaster will form an alliance with and take a stake in AEG Live for certain, but that the Cablevison part of the deal is less certain. Originally it was thought Ticketmaster and Cablevision would form a JV which would take a 49% stake in AEG, but it now seems that the two companies plan to take individual stakes in the live music conglom that add up to 49%, thus allowing the two deals to take place in isolation of each other. More when we get it.


We've reported on Soma Recording's Soma Skool events before because they are among the best for people looking to work in music. And the next one will take place in Glasgow on 25 Apr and is aimed at aspiring producers or artists (aged 16-25) looking to get together the best possible demo, and will aim to demystify the music production process, and to give attendees the opportunity to produce their own finished piece of music, and to guide them through the creative process from demo to finished product. Tickets for the whole thing are £5, or just a pound for students and unemployed people. For more info go check this URL:


The Association Of Professional Recording Services, for there is such a thing, has announced that it has appointed one Malcolm Atkin as its Chairman. He will replace David Hamilton-Smith who has retired from the post after three years.

Confirming his appointment, Atkin told reporters: "Having been involved with the UK recording industry for my whole career, the APRS has always been a part of my working life. It is therefore a great honour to be asked to take on the role of Chairman. It will be a great pleasure to use my experiences to benefit an organisation that has assisted me along the way and for which I have always had the utmost respect. These are challenging times and focusing the association on the needs of its members will be my primary goal".


As it seems more and more likely that Global Radio's takeover bid for rivals GCap will be accepted, speculation is mounting as to what GCap assets would be sold or changed post-merger - either because of regulatory conditions or at the whim of Global management. As previously reported, previously announced plans by GCap to sell their share in national digital audio broadcasting company Digital One and the Xfm regional stations have been put on hold while GCap bosses discuss the takeover offer with Global.

On a regulatory level, some insiders think that regulators will actually let a merged Global GCap keep both Heart 106.2 and Capital Radio, despite both being major commercial music stations in London, because the London radio market is so competitive. Though others aren't so convinced, sure that Magic owners Bauer radio will kick up a fuss if their two main London competitors fall into the same hands.

One industry expert has told Media Week that the bigger issue for regulators would be in the Midlands, where a merged Global GCap would own Birmingham's main commercial station BRMB, the Midlands version of Heart 106.2, leading youth station Galaxy, and local services Beacon FM and Classic Gold. At least one of those will have to go, the expert says.

Meanwhile there's much idle speculation going on regarding what Global will do with GCap stations on whim. Some reckon they could use the merger to expand their successful Galaxy network by keeping the Xfm regional stations but relaunching them as Galaxy outposts, and possibly relaunch GCap owned London station Choice under the Galaxy brand also - though that would be a move that would be controversial among the Choice faithful (who could convincingly argue the Galaxy format does not fulfil Choice's remit), and would also bother Bauer who would find their youth station Kiss facing a very similar new competitor in the capital.

But don't take too much notice of all that - it really is idle speculation. Though if you fancy speculating yourself, the Media Guardian is inviting readers (of the slightly radio anorak variety, presumably) to suggest what they do if they found themselves in charge of a merged Global GCap.

As previously reported, GCap need to decide whether to recommend the Global offer to their shareholders by 26 Mar, a deadline set by the City's Takeover Panel, though some city insiders reckon a decision could be made much sooner than that.


Sara Cox has had a second baby, a boy named Isaac with partner Ben Cyzer. You may already be aware that she has a three year old daughter Lola from her marriage to DJ Jon Carter. The radio presenter, who hosted BBC Radio 1's weekend lunchtime show before starting her period of maternity leave, is expected to return to work in September, so enjoy her silence while it lasts. Only kidding.


Apparently Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole has told her allegedly cheating husband Ashley Cole that she's prepared to give him a second chance but that there's to be no sex for six months. Which is a great idea. Make him crazy for it, there's no chance he'll go and do it with some passing girl. Oh no, hang on, surely that's exactly what he'll do?

Ah well, it's none of my business. Well, it wasn't until The Sun made me write about it. They did, they forced my hand. They quote a 'friend' of the couple as saying: "Cheryl has told Ashley there will be no sex in their house for at least six months and although he's going to find it incredibly hard he agreed to her terms. She wants Ashley to appreciate her and realise what he has got. But he's a red-blooded fella and it's not going to be easy".


Former Stepper Ian 'H' Watkins has said that he's been told by Stephen Green, director of campaign group Christian Voice, that the fact that he's gay makes him as bad a serial killer. Green apparently called being a homosexual "vile" and compared him to psycho Jeffrey Dahmer.

Watkins said he was "completely flabbergasted", and added: "I don't know how people like him can justify their beliefs. I think men like him are dangerous". He's right, you know.

On having to hide his sexuality whilst in Steps, he continued: "Despite my success, I couldn't be myself. In a pop group like Steps, you need to be three things: single, sexy and straight. I had to lie about the last one".

To be fair, I'm not sure he always carried all three of those things off... but he's a nice enough chap, so I'll not go on about it...

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