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In today's CMU Daily:
- More major label ranting from Corgan
- U2 sign twelve year deal with Live Nation
- Beanie Sigel's back inside
- FBI also say Tupac papers were fakes
- Poison drummer accused of rape
- Sugababe on the stress of rape accusations against her boyfriend
- Bailey Rae thanks fans for support since Jason's death
- Lupe Fiasco reveals supergroup plans
- Girls Aloud looking for good film project
- Mos Def to play Chuck Berry in Chess movie
- Stones planning new album
- Cornell collaborates with Timbaland on new long player
- Razorlight drummer working on solo album
- CSS remix B-52s
- 50 Cent admits disappointment over last album
- Umbrella writer on Britney's knock back
- Lang to headline folk fest
- Fightstar tour
- Oppenheimer tour
- Fancy not allowing this Mom into the States
- Musicians Union object to use of recorded music in new West End Peter Pan musical
- Dave Matthews give free downloads with tickets
- Warner also investigating subscription model options
- Warner distribution sign up dance indies
- Tesco reportedly pushing for even lower wholesale prices
- GCap jazz station to close this week
- Chart update
- playlist
- Total Rock world album chart
- Estelle questions Adele and Duffy's soul
- Madge says no more holidays like a virgin


You weren't expecting anything other than a CMU Social plug in the Top Bit today were you? I mean, we've already had to cope with having one hour less than normal this weekend. But it's not laziness that's making us run this plug again - this is going to be a brilliant night and we don't want anyone to miss out, that is all. As you may remember, the CMU Social is our new monthly networking showcasing come-have-fun-with-us type event, and the first one takes place tomorrow night, at 229 next to Great Portland Street tube station. And taking to the stage will be two big CMU favourites - Sportsday Megaphone and Big Strides. Let's write some stuff about each of them.

Big Strides describe their sound as "lo-fi, funked up, double-bass fuelled rock 'n' roll", which hopefully communicates that they belong in that "pretty hard to categorise, which is why we love them" category of music. They've been very busy doing the global thing since the 2006 release of their CMU Album Of The Year 'Cry It All', having played British Music Week in Berlin and the NxNE festival in Toronto, and toured Japan, where they are signed to EMI. They are now safely back in the UK working on a new album, hence why they are able to grace the CMU Social stage next week, hopefully giving us a sneak preview of some of their new tracks, while reminding us why they are one of CMU's favourite bands.

As far as we're concerned, Sportsday Megaphone is one of the main reasons to be excited about music in 2008. We first discovered Hugh Frost proper at Bestival 2007 where his quirky laptop-meets-guitar-meets-jumping-about-a-lot live set was without doubt one of our highlights of the weekend. Now signed to Bestival's sister label, Sunday Best, we await his debut long player with considerable anticipation, and will be able to enjoy a snippet of it all when he takes to the stage at the CMU Social. Bring on the laptops, guitars and jumping about a lot, that's what we say.

To enjoy both of these and our glorious company, for free, just email your name and the names of any guests you plan to bring with you to [email protected] If you have already emailed (well, unless you email this morning), you should have received confirmation that you're on the guest list already. If not, I'd email again just to be certain.



Based in our busy Kentish Town office, core responsibilities include developing our distribution roster, project managing releases for our distributed labels, and maintaining sales to a selection of UK and overseas accounts. The successful candidate will be scrupulously organised and an effective communicator. He or she will posses relevant industry experience, a genuine enthusiasm for the music we distribute, along with a passion for discovering new music. Salary will be based on experience. We also offer a generous performance related bonus scheme. Application by email only, attaching a copy of your CV to [email protected]

Shine Communications is an award winning consumer PR agency based in London. We are looking to expand our digital team and have a vacancy for an account executive. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to enter into digital pr and work across music, film, fashion, gaming, events etc. Our clients include PlayStation, EA Games, Paramount Home Entertainment, Vodafone Music, GHD and Ebay to name a few see for further details. Applicants must be team players committed to delivering outstanding results. They must have at least one years experience in PR and an excellent understanding of digital media such as blogging, social networking, seeding and viral. Please apply by email to [email protected] with a CV and covering letter which explains why you're right for us. Salary dependant on experience. No calls or follow up emails please, successful candidates will be contacted for interview.

Independent rock label looking for an online promo person with experience of social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, Rec Center, Last Fm, Habbo Hotel etc) and online music promo for download sites. Additional responsibilities would be viral marketing, maintaining and expanding the label and band street teams, club promotions, newsletters etc. Basic knowledge of Photoshop. Flash, HTML would be useful. Must be an all rounder and happy to get involved with all aspects of an expanding label with substantially successful artists. Please send an email with CV, covering letter and current salary to: Julie Weir - [email protected] Closing Date is Thursday April 3rd.

Outpost is a successful music and events PR agency based in London. A raft of new business wins means we are looking for a freelancer/temp with AT LEAST 6-12 MONTHS MUSIC PRESS/PR EXPERIENCE to assist in some of our key music and event campaigns. You will be tenacious, enthusiastic and willing to get stuck into a variety of projects. Computer literate and possessing first-class writing skills, you will also have an outstanding knowledge of cutting edge music. The post is temporary in the first instance and may lead to a more permanent role.__Please apply in writing to [email protected], with cover letter and CV explaining why we're right for each other!



Reach the audience of Camden Crawl via advertising in the official programme or placing your swag in the official goodie bag. Deadline for this highly targeted opportunity is this Friday and we have just a few opportunities available starting at just £195. Call us now to find out about advertising opportunities in Plan B, Fact, Loud and Quiet, Disorder and Super Super, plus over 20 festival programmes this season starting with the Camden Crawl. Contact [email protected] 07966 555 857


Well versed in making delightfully simple synth-pop, Micachu is about as East London as it gets, from her appearance on Man Like Me's comical marching band ode to British weather (helpfully named 'British Weather', which, incidentally, sounds like a modern day Madness) to her fluoro-tinted MySpace design and, erm, use of a hoover as part of her live set (this, admittedly, doesn't fit any stereotype). Already racking up support from His Holiness Rob da Bank, she's sounding best on 'Golden Phone', a lazy pop song in the sense that it creeps up on you in the most unsuspecting ways, void of a chorus in the traditional sense yet still full of enough pop satire to engage the listener throughout. Playing extensively across the South East of England over the next few months, her MySpace page will give you a taster of what she's about.


So, does Billy Corgan like major record companies or not? It's really not all that clear.

"We've been treated very poorly by [Virgin] as a label for years now" he told Rolling Stone last week, "even when we were going to put the band back together, we went to them for the umpteenth time and said, look, it's a natural thing to want to put out a best of, and they keep telling us nobody cares. And then to turn around and use us like this against our will obviously shows you how full of shit they are".

The Rolling Stone interview followed the Billboard rant against EMI's Virgin division last week, which in turn followed the issuing of a lawsuit by the Smashing Pumpkins against the major regarding the inclusion of their back catalogue in the recent Pepsi Stuff download promotion designed to promote the launch of the Amazon MP3 store. As previously, the band argue that while their former label still had the right to sell their back catalogue they are not allowed to give away the music in brand promotions without their permission. Hence the legal action.

Asked by Rolling Stone if they'd spoken to Virgin about their problems with the Pepsi promotion before filing legal papers, Corgan continued: "No, because it's like talking to a brick wall. These people, they treat your music like it's worthless and they treat you like you're even more worthless. And that goes for our current label, Warner Bros, too. There's no passion. There's no love. There's no respect. It's just, like you're just a number. You might as well be some cookies, or a rock. I really think it's total arrogance on their part. I think they just thought they could get away with [using our music for the Pepsi promotion] and we wouldn't do anything about it".

Continuing to slag off their more recent label partners Warner, he continues: "I'll give you my favorite line of the past three years. I was talking to the label president from Warner Bros, Tom Walley, and we were having a call. They were actually thinking about dropping us, which in retrospect probably would have been good. I was in Arizona, we were starting to write the album, and so I said things are going great. And he said, "What's the difference between Zwan and Smashing Pumpkins?" And I was like, what do you say? What do you say to a brick wall? What's the difference between your side band and the band that was your blood and your sweat and your heart for fourteen years? So [now we're not signed to anyone] and we're out of Purgatory. And we're excited now".

Asked if, given everything he thinks about the majors, whether they have a future, he concludes: "Well, as long as they have young dumb bands who are willing to sign their lives away, yeah, of course. The label's going to continue to tell them that they're star makers. [But] they're not star makers. Stars are born. MTV and the labels and secret people you don't know about don't run the music business any more. MySpace runs the music business now. Lots of other people run the music business now".

For more Corgan ranting go check the full interview:


Well, according to the Wall Street Journal there was some truth in those recent rumours that U2 were considering following Madonna's lead in signing a 360 degree deal with Live Nation, though only in the sense that any deal that includes more than one component of an artist's career is generally called a 360 degree deal these days.

U2's people denied reports that the rumours of Live Nation talks meant they were planning on ending their recording relationship with the Universal Music Group, and that was seemingly true, because the news today, according to the Journal, is that Bono et al have signed a twelve year deal with the live music conglom giving them exclusive rights to produce the band's tours, manufacture and sell its merchandise, license its image and run its website and fan club - but no rights to recordings. Though with that little lot, they probably don't really need recordings anyway.

As much previously reported, Live Nation, traditionally a tour promoter and venue owner, is increasingly moving into other areas of the music business, most notably ticketing, merchandising and fan club management and, through its Madonna contact, recordings. Terms of the U2 deal have not been revealed. Some industry commentators are of the opinion Live Nation is currently overpaying for 360 degree deals with major artists in a bid to get a head start as a major player with interests in all aspects of music.


Rapper Beanie Sigel has been sent back to prison after being accused of giving probation officers a false urine sample. The fake sample follows five recent positive drugs tests, in which the rapper allegedly tested positive for Xanax and Percocet. The rapper is still working his way through a long running probation relating to old weapons and drugs charges. The probation was extended in January after another breach of probation rules, after which the rapper was given a day in jail and ordered to spend six months in a 'half-way house', which is where the drugs tests and faked sample occurred. Sigel admitted to the judge that he has a drug addiction and that he has had a relapse since being sent to the halfway house. Said judge ordered the rapper back to jail for three months.


A spokesman for the FBI has said that the agency also believes the supposed FBI documents used by journalist Chuck Philips in that LA Times article on the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur were faked.

As previously reported, Philips said the confidential documents proved Sean Diddy Combs and Czar Entertainment chief Jimmy Rosemond knew about the 1994 attack on rapper Tupac before it happened. Both Combs and Rosemond denied the allegations, and then the SmokingGun website alleged the FBI papers had been faked by one James Sabatino, who is currently suing Combs in a dispute over money.

The Times backtracked on the story last week and apologised to Combs and Rosemond. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Stephen Kodak told reporters late last week: "We have no record of these documents in our system. They don't appear to be legitimate". As previously reported, lawyers for Combs and Rosemond have suggested that libel lawsuits against the Times may now follow.


The drummer with metallers Poison, Rikki Rockett, has been accused of rape. The rocker was arrested in LA last week relating to a complaint made against him by a woman in Mississippi. Local investigators have said they feel the complaint is worthy of further investigation, and that they may now issue an extradition order forcing Rockett to attend police questioning in Mississippi. Rockett is yet to comment on the accusations made against him.


Sugababe Amelle Berrabah has told The Sun that she nearly had a nervous breakdown after her sister Samiya accused her boyfriend, Freddie Fuller, of rape. The charges against Fuller were later dropped after it was revealed that he was five miles away from the alleged attack but, needless to say, the dispute between her partner and her family caused much heartache for the Sugababe.

She told the tab: "I feel like I have had a nervous breakdown. Sometimes I'd have panic attacks. I physically and mentally couldn't handle it. Being a Sugababe is the thing I've always wanted and I felt my own sister was trying to screw it up for me. I thought, 'My boyfriend has raped my sister' and 'is the person I've loved this whole, entire time lying to me and is a sick weirdo?'"

Fuller himself told the paper: "It nearly killed me. Amelle and me split up for about three months. I've never been so down in my life. Then Samiya said, 'I'm really sorry I think I had a bad dream'. People look at me like I'm a piece of shit now. I want people to know the truth. I never want to set eyes on her again".

Amelle conclude: "She [Samiya] was like my best mate, we'd do everything together. I feel I've lost a piece of me. People need to know Freddie is completely innocent. We're emotionally drained and physically drained. We can't mentally take it anymore".


Corinne Bailey Rae has thanked fans for their support after the sudden death of her husband Jason Rae who, as previously reported, was found dead at his Leeds flat on 22 Mar having died of a suspected drugs overdose. A statement on the singer's website posted by her website manager Bob Miller says Bailey Rae was touched by the "love and support that's flooded in from all over the world", adding that she appreciated "the privacy" given to her and the "respect" paid to herself and Jason.


US hip hop type Lupe Fiasco has said he's planning to launch a super group with Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, which would be quite a super group, that's true. He confirmed the planned collaboration at a 1Xtra gig in Coventry last week, and he reportedly told The Mirror: "We're going to call ourselves CRS - but I can't tell you yet what it stands for".


Girls Aloud are reportedly considering taking a break from music making to have a go at the movie industry - ie making a 'Spice World' style Girls Aloud film. Having cameo'ed in the 'St Trinians' film last year, Girl Aloud Kimberley Walsh has confirmed to reporters that film ambitions are very much on the group's agenda, though that they'll only proceed if the right script comes along. She told reporters: "We want it to be a 'Friends' and 'Sex & The City' kind of thing, all morphed into one. We'd really like the chance to do some more acting. We've been given a lot of dodgy scripts [though] - they were all awful. One was a horror film where we would all have been running through the woods in our underwear. If we did make our own film, it would be really special. It would be a great thing to show the kids".


More musicians doing movies, and Mos Def is set to combine his acting and musical skills by playing Chuck Berry in a new film all about the legendary rock 'n' roll label Chess Records. The movie is also set to star Beyonce Knowles as Etta James.


With much speculation on which record company the Rolling Stones may switch their allegiances to (or whether they'll also go for a Live Nation deal), the band have revealed that they are, in deed, keen to get back into the studio after fulfilling their current promotional obligations to the Stones concert movie 'Shine A Light'.

Keith Richards told reporters last week: "I think we might make another album. Once we get over doing promotion on this film. We love what we do, simple as that. We were the whipping hounds, you know, but that's calmed down. Now we're the wrinkled rockers, right? But I still have the energy. I put that down to not eating a lot. And drinking a lot. Not eating a lot, and good weed. Honestly I'd do this job even if I were in a wheelchair".

Drummer Charlie Watts, meanwhile, says he's especially keen to get back into the studio, because whenever the band take a break he gets ill. He said: "I think we should carry on. It seems that whenever we stop I get ill. The last time we had a break I got throat cancer. I do all my exercises, I don't smoke, and I don't drink, yet I'm the one in the band that got it".


Former Soundgarden and Audioslave man, and Bond theme writer, Chris Cornell is finishing off his third solo album, and he revealed to Ryan Seacrest last week that Timbaland has been doing the production on it.

Both Cornell and Timbaland called into Seacrest's US radio show, with the latter commenting on the project: "To me, I had to measure all the body of work I have done in my career. This has to be the best body of work I have done in my career".

Bigging up the collaboration, Cornell added: "I come from an indie rock world. If you have a producer who is not a musician and not a songwriter that is really someone who twists knobs and can tell you if a song is too long or too short or needs to be more aggressive. But Tim is a songwriter, so I was working with him in a collaboration like we were a band. The whole album musically is a pretty radical departure for me. It is the highlight of my career".

Timbaland added that much of the work on the new long player was now complete, and that he expected to have the final version of it ready in a couple of weeks.


Also working on a solo project is Razorlight drummer Andy Burrows, and it's all in aid of charity, which is nice. According to The Observer Johnny Borrell has admitted that Burrows' solo work will probably show just how big a role the drummer has in the Razorlight sound. The paper quotes a friend of the band thus: "Johnny reckons it means people will see how good Andy actually is and how much of it [Razorlight's songwriting] is up to him [Burrows]". No word yet on when the solo LP will be out or exactly which charity will benefit.


Hurrah, one of our favourite musical outfits of recent times have remixed one of our favourite musical outfits of old. CSS have remixed the title track of the B-52s new long player 'Funplex' for a 'Funplex Remix EP' release. Scissor Sisters and Peaches also provide remixes for the EP which is already available via iTunes in the US.


50 Cent has admitted he is a little disappointed at how the release of his last album 'Curtis' went. As you'll remember, the hip hopper foolishly got into a chart battle with Kanye West by releasing his album on the same day. It was a chart battle which, despite him threatening to quit music if he didn't win, he promptly lost.

Admitting that he thought his album was much better than the critical and sales response it received, Fiddy told MTV: "It was a blockbuster that I lit, and it didn't explode. I felt like it should have went a lot further than the results I received. I feel that 50 Cent fans don't believe it was a dud. It did have 'I Get Money', it did have 'Ayo Technology', 'I'll Still Kill', 'Follow My Lead' with Robin Thicke. These records were hit records, but the timing they came out was wrong".

Although he resisted the temptation of allocating blame for his album not turning out quite the way he'd hoped, he did say that he thought his label could have marketed the release better and, had they done so, they would have had "millions more in sales". Which is sort of allocating blame, I suppose.


Singer songwriter Taio Cruz has revealed that both Britney Spears and Mary J Blige turned down his song 'Umbrella' before Rihanna snapped it up and turned it into probably the biggest pop song of 2007. Blige's people, probably rightly, maintain the song wouldn't have been right for her, but Cruz says he has always been a bit confused that Britney's people didn't think it was right for her. Talking to the Daily Telegraph, he claims he always new it was set to be a big hit, explaining: "The audience can be distracted quite easily, so you want something they can sing along with immediately. [It's] so simple, it's like a playground chant. If you look at the most successful songs, they are choruses of four of five words, three notes, repeated. It's not rocket science".


KD Lang will headline the 2008 Cambridge Folk Festival, which will take place in Cambridge (obviously) from 31 Jul to 3 Aug. Also on the bill will be Joan Armatrading, The Levellers, Billy Bragg and Lisa Knapp.


Following their addition to the Download Festival bill last week, those Fightstar chaps have announced a load of other gig dates too, as follows

19 May: Derby University, SUB
20 May: Mansfield, Intake Club
22 May: Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms
23 May: Liverpool Academy 2
24 May: Glasgow Garage
25 May: Leeds Slam Dunk Festival, Leeds University
27 May: Stoke, Sugarmill
28 May: Manchester Academy 3
29 May: London, Islington Academy
30 May: Birmingham Academy 2

Press info from Mercenary.


I seem to remember really liking Oppenheimer at Bestival last year, so I feel duty band to recommend all of the following gigs, which will pre-promote the 5 May release of double a-side single 'Look Up'/'The Never Never' and the June release of 'Take The Whole Mid-Range And Boost It' via Fantastic Plastic.

31 Mar: Leeds @ The Brudenell Social
1 Apr: York @ Fibbers
2 Apr: Newcastle @ Cluny
3 Apr: Sheffield @ The Corporation
4 Apr: Stoke On Trent @ The Sugarmill
5 Apr: Coventry @ Kasbah
15 Apr: London @ Soho Revue Bar (Onstage 9pm supporting The Shortwave Set)
16 Apr: London @ Water Rats (Onstage 9pm Supporting The Hosts)
24 May: Bristol @ Fiddlers 'Dot To Dot Festival'
25 May: Nottingham @ Trent Poly 'Dot To Dot Festival'
5 Jun: Hull @ Wells (Club NME)
6 Jun: Swansea @ Sin City (Club NME)
7 Jun: Southend @ Chinnery (Club NME)


A French glam rock band called Fancy had to pull out of a US tour with fellow countrymen Justice after one of their number experienced visa problems because he shared a surname with one of American's al-Qaida most wanted, or at least that's what the band are claiming.

They say that one of their members, Mom, was initially refused a visa to go to the US, meaning the band couldn't make the start of the MySpace Music Tour they'd been booked on. When the French Ministry Of Culture stepped in to find out what the problem was they discovered Mom's visa application had been delayed because his surname, Yamani, is the same as Abu Mohamed Al Yamani, an al-Qaida envoy in Algeria wanted by the States.

The French authorities assured American immigration that the feather boa wearing, make-up loving glam rocker was not a fundamentalist Islamic terrorist, and finally the visa was granted, meaning Fancy will be able to join Justice on the three remaining MySpace gigs in San Francisco, Las Vegas and LA. Anyone wanting to know what al-Qaida terrorists don't look like can check the band's MySpace at


The Musicians' Union has announced that it has formally lodged objections with the UK producers of the new West End production 'Peter Pan El Musical', and to the Society Of London Theatre and owners of the Garrick Theatre, over the decision to use recorded music in the show rather than a live band. That decision, the Union says, contravenes a commitment made by West End theatre producers to always use live music in musical shows. The show is a Spanish production that has used recorded music throughout a European tour, but the Union argued that the show's four week residency in London was an opportunity for producers to give a band of musicians - Spanish or British - a month's worth of employment.

Confirming their opposition to the plans, MU London's Dave Webster told CMU: "The UK producers approached the Union to seek permission for the show to come into town. We made it quite clear that there was an opportunity for our members, or Spanish musicians for that matter, to secure four weeks' employment. The Union regards the use of a live band as paramount in live theatre. We raised objections but it appeared that the contract for the show to come into London had already been signed, negating the due process required under the conditions of the agreement [with the Union regarding musicals]. The Spanish producers have made it quite clear that they could not afford to employ a live band despite reports that the cost of the West End run would be in the region of £1m".

MU Assistant General Secretary Horace Trubridge added: "The Musicians' Union has used our famous slogan 'Keep Music Live' for over forty years and more recently launched the Honesty Code campaign with a view to ensuring the public is fully aware of what exactly they are buying tickets for. In this case, there is a real risk that ticket buyers will be unaware that they are being short changed until it is too late. Whilst the Union appreciates this is a Spanish Unit company and the production will be performed in Spanish it should not negate the need to apply the terms and conditions of the agreement between the Union and SOLT. What is really at question here is why contracts were signed before the Union could consult with its members on the issue. Perhaps we may have been able to reach an understanding but this 'fait accompli' approach is unacceptable".

Union members plan to flyer theatre-goers about the lack of live music in the show as they arrive at the theatre. Theatre owners Nimax stand by their approval of the use of recorded music in the show, telling Billboard: "They've been told all along that this was not conceived to be played by live musicians. It has never been played by live musicians. If it was, they would have come as part of the unit from Spain. There was never an opportunity for British musicians to work on the show".


The Dave Matthews Band will give fans who buy tickets for their upcoming 40 date US tour via Ticketmaster a free digital album, which is nice of them. Ticket purchases via the ticketing agency will be accompanied by a code which will give fans access to the free music via iTunes. It's not the first time Ticketmaster have promoted the sale of tickets to high profile tours by bundling in free downloads into the ticket price.


Warner Music have also said they are looking into the development of the subscription model as the future of digital music, possibly by doing deals with ISPs where a levy is added to internet subscriptions that gives consumers access to the major's entire catalogue.

As previously reported, Universal and SonyBMG have both indicated that they are also actively looking into the so far less popular subscription model as a way of capitalising on the potential of the internet, either by selling catalogue-wide subscriptions directly to consumers, or via other web firms, or by bundling subscriptions into digital music devices like iPods.

The Warner proposal, being developed by former Geffen Records digital chief Jim Griffin, is possibly similar to a system that has been proposed by some in the indie sector for years, basically letting people access and share all music in return for a subscription levy bundled into monthly ISP fees - either through premium rate ISP packages, or even all ISP packages oblivious of whether or not a consumer wants the service (the latter being somewhat more controversial, obviously).

Griffin confirmed he was looking into digital ventures for Warner at SxSW earlier this month, and has now told a bit more about what he is looking into, observing: "We want to monetize the anarchy of the internet".


More Warner Music stuff, and the major's UK based Alternative Distribution Alliance have confirmed they have entered into exclusive international deals to distribute music from dance labels Defected Records and Strictly Rhythm Records.


Tesco are reportedly "turning the screw" on the record labels by trying to force down the wholesale price on albums by a whole three quid. According to the Mail On Sunday the supermarket giant is using its considerable retail power (they reportedly sell 13% of all albums in Britain) to get the price of albums down even further. It's not clear whether this is to increase the retailer's margins or, possibly more likely, so it can step up even more its price war in the music space (you know, the one that's been putting specialist music retailers out of business). The paper also says the supermarket's contract for music is up for renewal, and that they've decided to deal directly with the record companies rather than a third party distributor in order to get a better deal on CDs, though it admitted neither Tesco nor the labels have commented on those reports. Some commentators say that the record companies will struggle to offer supermarkets CDs much cheaper than they currently do given their own falling margins.


GCap's jazz station theJazz will close down this week, despite some speculation that the radio firm might keep the digital service going until after the conclusion of the much previously reported Global Radio takeover talks.

As previously reported, GCap CEO Fru Hazlitt announced the company's digital only stations theJazz and Planet Rock would be axed as part of plans to withdraw from the digital audio broadcasting project. But if Global now buy GCap those plans may be halted, leading to Planet Rock's closure to be postponed.

But theJazz confirmed last week it would go off air tonight at midnight, with a posting on their website reading thus: "On behalf of the team behind theJazz, we would like to thank listeners for all their good wishes and the warm, kind words in support of the station. We all very touched that you have enjoyed what you have heard and that the station has made a difference to your lives".


So, that Estelle and Kanye West are still top in the UK singles chart this week, followed by Flo Rida at 2, Duffy at 3 and that Sam Sparro - whose answers to our Same Six Questions are currently on the CMU website - rising up to 4 with 'Black & Gold'. New entries wise, things start at 19 with Usher and 'Love In This Club', then it goes James Blunt and 'Carry You Home' at 20, Snoop Dogg with 'Sensual Seduction' at 24, Yael Naim with 'New Soul' at 30, T-Pain with 'Church' at 35, Britney with 'Break The Ice' at 36 and the brilliant Scouting For Girls with 'Heartbeat' at 40.

Albums wise, Duffy is still top, then there's a new entry from Panic At The Disco with 'Pretty Odd' at 2 and Foals with 'Antidotes' at 3. Other new entries go Raconteurs with 'Consolers Of The Lonely' at 8, Guillemots with 'Red' at 9, Counting Crows with 'Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings' at 12, David Garrett with 'Virtuosos' at 17, Supergrass with 'Diamond Hoo Ha' at 19 and Mike Batt with 'A Songwriter's Tale' at 24.


Here they are again, the videos being played this week on the video screen network in students' unions all over the UK. New entries marked with a *.

Black Kids - I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend... (Almost Gold)
Estelle feat. Kanye West - American Boy (Warner/Atlantic)
Funkerman - Speed Up (Defected)
Gnarls Barkley - Run (Warner)
The Hoosiers - Cops and Robbers (SonyBMG/RCA)*
Justice - DVNO (Ed Banger)*
Kanye West feat. Dwele - Flashing Lights (Universal/Def Jam)*
The Kooks - Always Where I Need To Be (Universal/Virgin)
The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of The Understatement (Domino)
Mariah Carey - Touch My Body (Universal/Mercury)
Mystery Jets Feat. Laura Marling - Young Love (Warner/sixsevennine)
Natasha Bedingfield - Love Like This (SonyBMG/RCA)
Newton Faulkner - I Need Something (SonyBMG/RCA)*
Panic At The Disco - Nine In The Afternoon (Fueled By Ramen)
Scouting For Girls - Heartbeat (SonyBMG/Epic)
The Wombats - Backfire At The Disco (Warner/14th Floor)

Against Me! - Stop (Warner)
The Black Keys - Strange Times (Universal/Cooperative)
Blood Red Shoes - Say Something, Say Anything (Universal/Mercury)*
The Count and Sinden feat. Kid Sister - Beeper (Domino)
Cut Copy - Lights & Music (Modular)
Delays - Hooray (Universal/Fiction)*
Elliot Minor - Parallel Worlds (Warner/Repossession)
The Envy Corps - Story Problem (Universal/Vertigo)*
Forward Russia - Breaking Standing (Cooking Vinyl)*
Fragma - Toca's Miracle 2008 (Positiva)
Make Model - The LSB (EMI)*
Noah and the Whale - Shape Of My Heart (Young & Lost Club)*
One Night Only - It's About Time (Universal/Mercury)*
Orphan Boy - Satellites (Concrete)
The Rushes - Corners (Universal/Island)
The Subways - Girls & Boys (Warner)*


It's this week's Total Rock World Album Chart, as counted down on Total Rock over the weekend - New entries and re-entries marked with a *.

1. Linkin Park - Minutes To Midnight (Warner Bros)
2. Foo Fighters - Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace (SonyBMG)
3. Simple Plan - Simple Plan (Warner/Atlantic)
4. Bullet For My Valentine - Scream Aim Fire (SonyBMG)
5. Led Zeppelin - Mothership (Swan Song)
6. Nickelback - All The Right Reasons (Warner/Roadrunner)
7. Eagles - Long Road Out Of Eden (Universal)
8. Eddie Vedder - Into The Wild (SonyBMG/J Records)
9. Daughtry - Daughtry (SonyBMG)
10. Black Crowes - Warpaint (Silver Arrow)
11. Bon Jovi - Lost Highway (Universal/Mercury)
12. Buckcherry - 15 (Eleven Seven Music)
13. Bruce Springsteen - Magic (SonyBMG/Columbia)
14. Paramore - Riot! (Warner/Atlantic)
15. Queen - Greatest Hits Vols. 1, 2, 3 (EMI)
16. The Mars Volta - The Bedlam In Goliath (Universal)
17. Airbourne - Runnin Wild (Warner/Roadrunner)
18. Muse - Black Holes & Revelations (Warner Bros)
19. Guns n Roses - Greatest Hits (Universal/Geffen)
20. Nightwish - Dark Passion Play (Nuclear Blast.)*


Estelle wants you to all stop calling Adele and Duffy 'soul singers', OK?

Speaking to the Guardian, the chart topper wants to know why the media aren't writing about rising black soul singers and why, instead, they attach the 'soul' word to singers who are not, she reckons, soul artists.

Look, here's what she said: "I'm not mad at [Adele and Duffy], but I'm wondering - how the hell is there not a single black person in the press singing soul? Adele ain't soul. She sounds like she heard some Aretha records once, and she's got a deeper voice - that don't mean she's soul. That don't mean nothing to me in the grand scheme of my life as a black person. As a songwriter, I get what they do. As a black person, I'm like: you're telling me this is my music? Fuck that! They keep trying to tell me in the media what soul music is and I'm like, we know what soul music is, stop fucking around with us! You're taking the piss out of every black person in the country! And then they say, 'Oh, don't bring race into it.' We're not stupid, stop it".

So, that's you told. Soul legends Adele and Duffy were unavailable for comment.


Madonna has said she'll never perform 'Like A Virgin' and 'Holiday' again. Well, unless a very rich person wants to pay her to. Speaking to New York radio station Z100FM she joked last week:, "I'm not sure I can sing 'Holiday' or 'Like A Virgin' ever again. I just can't. Well, unless somebody paid me like $30 million or something. Like if some Russian guy wants me to come to the wedding he's going to have to a 17-year-old, you know it".

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