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In today's CMU Daily:
- Government says, well, not much, on ticket touting
- Amy gets three Ivor nominations
- Dolly Parton struggled to be taken seriously
- Doherty not on drugs
- Remy Ma sentencing delayed
- Nas and a whole lotta nigger
- Smashing Pumpkins to leave album format behind
- Jamelia, etc, back Arts Council campaign
- Guns 'N' Roses set record straight
- Weezer firm up album details
- Lily Allen posts demos online
- Macca pays tribute to Liverpool
- No Evanescence and Metallica collaboration
- Kaiser Chiefs fans angry at remote gigs
- Massive Attack reveal Meltdown line-up
- Judas Priest prepare for Metal Masters tour
- Madonna to headline Big Weekend
- Cornell cancels tour and Download appearance
- Wombats announce one-off
- Cider brand announces home town gigs
- US media analyse SonyBMG changes
- The O2 still doing very well thank you very much
- Nokia deny $35 per Universal Music phone report
- Keith Richards to open guitar museum
- Wentz to collaborate with Sesame Street?
- Enrique Iglesias on penis regrets
- The Ivor Novello Award nominations in full


Look at you all! You're all completely untrustworthy. And as for your adverts, well, no one would trust them, would they? Now, that's not my words, ladies and gentlemen, no. Those are the words of the Great British public.

Yep, in a survey conducted by PR agency Endelman, only 31% of people polled said they trusted the music industry - down from 47% a year ago. What's more, 46% percent of those questioned (all between 18 and 34 years old) said they would ignore adverts and marketing by any music company they perceived as untrustworthy.

Now, I don't expect those stats necessarily come as much of a surprise. Well, some of you might be surprised to hear that 31% of people actually trust the music business, I suppose. But it's no secret that people are cynical about the motives of the music industry - and especially the major record companies. But does it really matter that consumers think the major music firms are all evil untrustworthy bastards?

Well, on some levels no. Despite what Endelman's survey says, I'm not sure people's distrust of the record companies really has any impact on people's perceptions of record label marketing campaigns - I mean music marketing doesn't really rely much on consumer trust, either you like the music or you don't. People have been cynical about major record companies for years, but continued to buy their records aplenty. And, at the end of the day, the majority of people, while they might say they distrust record labels when asked about it in a survey, probably don't really think about it at all most of the time. It's not as if the people are all going to rise against the music business at some point.

However, there are reasons why the music industry should be concerned about distrust. If nothing else, there are a number of battles coming up for the music industry where public and government support will be required - in particular ISP involvement in P2P policing, the regulating on the secondary ticketing market, and that tricky matter of recording copyright term extension. While some political types have expressed some support in some of those areas, the fact is the music business is a long way off winning the public debate on any of those issues, and the fact people distrust the major music companies so much is going to make doing so very tricky.

So what can the music business do?

Well, first up, stop making dumb strategic decisions. To be fair, the dumbest decision of all was the major label love affair with DRM, and that is slowly being undone already. But the more I think about it, the more this pushing for a 'licence fee' in return for allowing private copying (ie the previously reported recently submitted proposals by the Music Business Group regarding stopping private copying being infringement) could be another own goal for the music business - here is an opportunity to say "look, we are lobbying to change the law not for our own gain but for the benefit of music fans", and instead you run the risk of being seen as being money grabbing untrustworthy corporates. I'm still officially on the fence on this one, but think that is a viewpoint the MBG should seriously be considering

Second, the music industry could still do a lot to better PR itself - mainly, in my opinion, by having a more human face, pushing forward the people within music companies who discover, develop and support artists - ie A&Rs and label founders and the likes. It's easier to trust a person that a corporate entity.

To be fair, industry types do seem to be thinking about this kind of thing more of late, which is a good thing. Surveys like Endelman's may not tell us much new, but they might help turn that thinking into action.



Internet savvy promotions assistant required for new and expanding dance music promotions company based in London. Clients include DFA, Modular and Domino. Working 2-3 days a week, you will assist with our online promotions and other club, radio and artist management duties. You must be bright, articulate, extremely organised and have an excellent attention to detail, plus a REAL interest in electronic music and new media. Previous administration experience would be an advantage. To apply, please send your CV and covering letter explaining why you think you'd be good for the job to


It seems I just can't get away from Toumani Diabate at the moment, having seen him collaborating with Bjork at London's Hammersmith Apollo last week, read various excellent reviews of new album 'The Mande Variations' and then had my television harassed by his performance on 'Later....with Jools Holland' the other night. Thankfully, it was harassment of the nicest kind as I've become slowly fixated with the Malian's Kora (a 21-string African harp) instrumentals, which are haunting, delicate masterpieces, free of excessive and unnecessary production. It's music in the purest sense, threaded together by a time-honoured talent that has clearly reached the point where playing his instrument has become second nature, almost an extension of himself. And if that sounds overblown and pretentious, well, I guess it's supposed to, because whatever your regular listening, there's little reason not to check out Diabate's abilities at the link below.


The government is worried about consumers losing out as a result of the expansion of online ticket touting, but doesn't want to do anything about it. Other than look to "event organisers, promoters and their ticket agents to work together to find new ways of making sure that tickets are properly distributed without fans routinely paying over-the-odds".

Given that event organisers, promoters and their ticket agents have been working together to try and find such new ways for a long time now, I'm not sure the government's comments on the ticketing industry released yesterday add anything at all to this debate - except, I suppose, they were pretty clear that they don't plan to introduce legislation to cover gig ticket resales in the same way there are laws covering the resale of tickets to football games.

As much previously reported, the long held tradition of ticket touting has become a bigger issue in recent years because of the growth of online ticket resellers and auction sites, and companies and agencies building businesses around the re-sale of tickets. The concert promoters have expressed increasing concern about the growth in touting in recent years, partly because of concerns that consumers are being ripped off, and partly because they are annoyed that touts can profit from tickets without contributing anything to the production of the gigs themselves.

When the government originally told the live sector they were concerned about the growth in touting and implied they might introduce new laws if the promoters didn't address the problem themselves, some promoters called their bluff and said "actually, we'd welcome new laws in this area".

That said, others in the live industry do advocate non-legislative solutions to the problem -by introducing Glastonbury style registration for tickets that makes it harder for touts to resell them, and by working with those websites that are enabling much of the online touting. Though it should be said, no registration system is foolproof (the number of tickets to the registration-required Led Zepp reunion that were resold demonstrated that) and to date most of the talks with the resale website companies have not resulted in much.

All of which means that those who have been pro-legislation in this area probably remain so, and they'll be disappointed by the government's latest announcement on the issue - which came in response to a Parliamentary Select Committee report.

Adding very little into the debate, Culture Secretary Andy Burnham told reporters: "Fans are the lifeblood of our sporting and entertainment culture, and young fans keen to get to events are often the most exploited. Event owners and promoters need to work harder to ensure that real fans get tickets at a fair price. We've seen good examples of how this can work at major events. The whole industry now needs to take action to ensure that distribution is fair and effective".

The government isn't entirely washing its hands on the issue, though. It has said it will continue to liaise with the ticket selling sector regarding delivering a new code of principles, and it is pushing for a voluntary agreement involving all those auction sites regarding not allowing the resale of tickets to big charity events like Live 8 or last year's Diana concert.


So, the nominations are out for the big songwriting awards bash, and that Amy Winehouse is up for three, including two nominations for Best Song. Yep, both 'Love is A Losing Game' and 'You Know I'm No Good' are up for the Best Song gong at this year's Ivor Novellos, while 'Rehab', which won that prize last year, is up for Best Selling British Song this year. The awards take place in London on 22 May, and for those of you that prefer a full list of nominations rather than predictable observations about Amy Winehouse's hat trick, you'll find that at the bottom of today's CMU Daily.


Dolly Parton has been talking about the trouble she had being taken seriously as a songwriter in her early career, due to her distinctive looks. "When I first came [to Nashville] I really was the backwoods Barbie: too much make-up, too much hair, the big boobs, country girl straight out of the mountains", she said. "It's hard to take somebody looking like that serious, I guess, so I had to work doubly hard to try to prove myself".

Coincidentally, Dolly's latest album is called 'Backwoods Barbie' and is out now. In a recent interview with Billboard, the singer talked about setting up her own label to release the album: "I just wanted a fresh, clean start - just go ahead and hire independent record people, hire somebody to run the label and really sink some money into it, invest in myself. The majors are all going down the tubes. They're all has-beens like they all thought I was. So, why not just do it? If it does well, than I make all the money, and if it don't, nothing ventured, nothing gained".


Pete Doherty has responded to rumours that he is taking heroin in prison via a letter to a fan, as is the norm in these situations. The letter, obtained by the NME, reads: "Watcha Jenny! All the best from The Srubs. Tell 'em I'm clean, countin' the days until the next freedom gig! Yours, Pete D". Consider yourselves told.

Elsewhere, Babyshambles drummer Adam Ficek has been talking to Gigwise about the media's portrayal of his bandmate's time inside. "It's not really a surprise how [the media are] portraying it and the way they're trying to sensationalise, almost out of thin air, to try and create stories", he said. "That's what they do, that's their job and that's what they do. There's no point letting it get on top of you".

Finally in Doherty news, while he may not have a problem with drugs, Pete may have a problem with going home when he leaves Wormwood Scrubs, due to his reported eviction from his "Wiltshire mansion" over the weekend. These reports come from The Sun. "Pete is homeless, broke and owes thousands to dealers. He destroyed [his former home] by scribbling on the walls, the floor, anywhere he felt like it," said a 'close source'. "The beautiful heavy curtains were ripped down and the cats are just running around abandoned. It's a really pathetic state of affairs. No one in their right mind is going to rent him a property after what he did".


The sentencing date for that Remy Ma rap type has been pushed back until 13 May. As previously reported, Ma was found guilty of shooting another woman last month. She was due to be sentenced this week, but that has now been delayed until next month. She could get up to 25 years for the crime, though her people seem to be confident she'll get something more like 3-5 years.


With stories like this I'm always reminded of the pilot to 'Scrubs' where JD asks Turk if it's acceptable for a white person to say the 'n' word if they are singing along to a hip hop track delivered by a black person. I seem to remember Turk saying no, which wouldn't excuse any of this, but I want to stress that all uses of the word 'Nigger' in this story are from the mouth of Nas. Well, apart from that one. The hip hopper who, as previously reported, announced he would call his next album 'Nigger' just as certain black community groups were embarking an a new campaign to banish the 'n' word from hip hop, has released the first song off that long player, and it's called 'Be A Nigger Too'.

Opening with the line "The real Niggers are back on the radio", the chorus runs thus: "Not mad cause Eminem said Nigger/Cause he's my Nigger/Wigger/Cracker friend/We all black within/ We all African within/Some African's don't like us no way/A killin happened in Johannesburg yesterday. I'm a Nigger/He's a Nigger/she's a Nigger /we's some Niggers/wouldn't you like to be a Nigger too". Ensuring it's not just civil rights groups in the black community who are offended by his song, Nas name checks the Jewish, Spanish, Italian and Asian communities by referring to them as Kike Niggers, Spic Niggers, Guinea Niggers and Chink Niggers, before concluding "They like to strangle Niggers/blame a Nigger/shoot a Nigger/hang a Nigger/still you wanna be a Nigger too?/True".

And who was it that thought Nas would be trying to court controversy with this new album? Still, I think the point of his rap is pretty plain to see, and any reasonable person who manages not to be offended by his repeated use of that word would presumably sympathise with it.


Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlain has reassured fans that his band will produce more music, following the publication of an interview in which he appears to suggest that the group won't release any more albums after 2007 comeback 'Zeitgeist', and which fans interpreted to mean that a split was pending.

Clarifying what he meant, Chamberlain explained that it's just the album format they want to leave behind, not the music. The drummer said in a statement on the band's website: "The Smashing Pumpkins, will continue to write, record, release, and perform as long as we are able. Some of you may have read bits of an interview that was done in confidence by yours truly in which I say that the Pumpkins probably won't record CDs anymore. What I meant by this is this: although we may not use the 'album' or 'full length CD' as a format anymore, we will write and record music until we are dead".

Obviously a bit sore at the fact that his comments were made public, he continued: "We are not going away. I could go on about how I was stolen from, violated, lied to by some ignoble journalist, but what's the point?"


Jamelia, Sting, Suggs and Engelbert Humperdinck are amongst those who have put their names to a new Arts Council run campaign to find England's most musical city. Each celebrity is assigned to support one of the ten cities set to compete for the title. Also joining in are Richard Hawley and Atomic Kitten's Jenny Frost. Jamelia, who is championing her home town of Birmingham, says the city deserves to win because it's a "diverse musical melting pot".

A public vote to decide on the winner will be announced in June. Arts Council England's Mary-Alice Stack said: "Music is at the centre of our culture, one of our greatest exports and an endless source of debate".

It's all part of the wider Take It Away scheme, which aims to make music more accessible and affordable. Unsigned bands can register for the chance to represent their city, with the winner performing at the End Of The Road gig in Dorset this year. Event organiser Simon Taffe says: "Supporting new acts is very important to us, and that's not just out of a sense of musical conscience, but simply because they provide many of the festival's most exciting musical moments".


Okay, so, you remember all those rumours about Guns N' Roses last week? Oh, sure you do - album ready, reality TV show, all of that. Well, the band have responded to all these rumours via their official website.

Firstly, they said: "Despite rumors floating around the internet, Guns N' Roses will not be appearing on any reality TV programme to promote their forthcoming album, 'Chinese Democracy', or for any other reason". However, they continue, "We're in negotiations for the release of 'Chinese Democracy' and things are going well".

Not that I'm a cynic, but I imagine this means we can expect a GNR reality TV show in the coming months and there will be no album this year. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm just bitter that I'm not getting any free Dr Pepper, me being British and all.

The band also spoke about guitarist Robin Finck's recent decision to leave the band and return to Nine Inch Nails. "Only Robin knows what Robin's doing", they said. "Neither we nor management, etc., know any more in this regard and we prefer not to speculate or offer opinions at this time".


After all the vague details that skulked out of the official Weezer website last week, you'll be pleased to know that the band are back this week with nothing but cold, hard facts about their upcoming new album. Here they are:

1. The first single, 'Pork & Beans', is up on their MySpace page ( and the relaunched

2. The band's sixth album, like their first and third albums, will be called 'Weezer' and denoted by the colour red. It will be referred to as 'The Red Album'.

3. US release dates for the single and album are 22 Apr and 24 Jun respectively.

4. The US deluxe edition will feature four bonus tracks: 'Miss Sweeney', 'Pig', 'The Spider' and 'King'.

5. The tracklisting is:

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived (Variations On A Shaker Hymn)
Pork and Beans
Heart Songs
Everybody Get Dangerous
Thought I Knew
Cold Dark World
The Angel And The One


That Lily Allen has posted two new demo tracks on her MySpace profile to give fans an idea of how her new album is shaping up. Although she is quick to point out that the songs, 'I Don't Know' and 'I Could Say', are far from finished. "They are just at a demo stage so don't be too hard on them," she said. "I'll probably swap some others around and play you stuff as I do it in the studio".

Check 'em out here:


And talking of music and cities (well, we were, earlier in this edition), according to The Sun, Paul McCartney is to appear on a forthcoming album which pays tribute to the city of Liverpool. The former Beatle is reportedly to play the mandolin on the LP, which is apparently to be released sometime this year. Don't know what it's called, or anything. All in all, a bit vague.


Evanescence's Amy Lee has denied rumours that she has provided vocals for two tracks on Metallica's forthcoming ninth album which, as we reported yesterday, might be called 'Mission Metallica'. Posting on her band's official forum, she said: "I am NOT going to be collaborating with METALLICA. I have absolutely no idea where this rumor came from, but it is not true". So, that's you told.


Complaints about bands not venturing far enough into the various corners of the British Isles are common. However, Kaiser Chiefs fans are currently expressing their anger after the band announced a series of small gigs in remote parts of Scotland, which will serve as a warm-up for their upcoming show at Leeds football stadium Elland Road.

One fan commented, "[It] would've been nice if the warm up gigs would've been anywhere near Leeds". However, some Scottish fans are annoyed at the hard-to-get-to locations, too. "I've never heard of that place [Strathpeffer] 'til today," said one. "Strathepeffer??? That's even worse than Skye," added another.

See if you can get to any of these dates:

19 May: Strathpeffer, Spa Pavilion
20 May: Strathpeffer, Spa Pavilion
21 May: Oban, Corran Halls


Well, we gave it a quick mention yesterday, but let's give it some proper CMU space today shall we? Massive Attack have announced the programme for this year's Meltdown Festival, which they are curating. They themselves will play twice, bookending the eight day series of concerts on London's Southbank.

14 Jun: Massive Attack, Royal Festival Hall
14 Jun: Gong, Queen Elizabeth Hall
15 Jun: Yellow Magic Orchestra, Royal Festival Hall
15 Jun: Reggae Acoustic Songbook: Horace Andy + Johnny Clarke + Earl 16 + Prince Malachai, Queen Elizabeth Hall
16 Jun: Elbow & Fleet Foxes, Royal Festival Hall
17 Jun: Vangelis' Blade Runner Soundtrack performed live by the Heritage Orchestra (mixed by Massive Attack), Royal Festival Hall
18 Jun: Stiff Little Fingers, Royal Festival Hall
18 Jun: Shortwave Set & Martina Topley Bird, Queen Elizabeth Hall
19 Jun: Grace Jones, Royal Festival Hall
19 Jun: Massive Attack Presents Future Sounds of Hip-hop: Dalek + Cool Kids + Shape Of Broad Minds + Flying Lotus, Queen Elizabeth Hall
20 Jun: Gang Of Four & Tom Tom Club, Royal Festival Hall
20 Jun: Terry Callier & Aloe Blacc, Queen Elizabeth Hall
21 Jun: George Clinton & Parliament / Funkadelic, Royal Festival Hall
21 Jun: Tunng & Leila, Queen Elizabeth Hall
22 Jun: Massive Attack, Royal Festival Hall
22 Jun: Saxon Sound System + Musclehead + Tippa Irie + Trevor Sax + Papa Levi, Queen Elizabeth Hall

For details of other events, including film screenings and Silent Disco, go here:


Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford has been talking to Billboard about the band's upcoming Metal Master Tour, which will also feature Heaven And Hell, Motörhead and Testament - a classic metal package, I'm sure you'll agree. "We insisted on a classic metal package which is what we've got - I will enjoy seeing all the bands," said Halford.

The Metal Masters Tour will hit the UK on 13 Jun at Donnington Park. Judas Priest release their new album 'Nostradamus' on 17 Jun. You can download the title track right now from


Radio 1 have announced a somewhat stellar line up for their upcoming Big Weekend. The two day event, set to take place at Mote Park in Kent from 10-11 May, is to be headlined by Madonna, and other acts on the bill include the likes of Nelly, Goldfrapp, The Kooks, Usher, The Fratellis, Robyn, Duffy, Scouting For Girls, The Feeling and The Hoosiers.

As you no doubt already know, tickets are free, and about thirty thousand are available. R1 listeners can register for tickets for a period of one week, starting yesterday, ending at 10am on 28 Apr, but it won't guarantee them a ticket, of course - 470,000 people applied for tickets last year. Successful applicants will get a pair of tickets for either the Saturday or the Sunday of the event, with those local to Maidstone and surrounding areas given preference, although some tickets will be distributed nationally. Some tickets will be given away as competition prizes during the week prior to the event.

Jason Carter, Head of Live Music & Events for Radio 1 and 1Xtra, said: "Now with our eighth Radio 1's Big Weekend, we are delighted to be bringing the event to the south of England for the first time, to Maidstone, Kent. The event continues to grow in stature year on year and this year promises to be the best yet with four stages and a cross-section of the best performing artists from the newest UK acts right through to some of the biggest performers in the world. With over 30,000 free tickets being made available for listeners, if you are a successful applicant then you'll truly be one of the lucky ones! But for those that can't get to the event, there will be access via BBC TV, Red Button, Radio 1 and online".


Chris Cornell has cancelled a planned appearance at Download, as well as upcoming European tour dates, due to recording commitments. The former Audioslave guitarist still plans to tour towards the end of the year, however.

Cornell says in a statement: "Due to an extended recording schedule, I will be able to perform in front of my European fans a few months later than expected. With that said, I plan on touring extensively through Europe and the rest of the world through 2008-2009".


The Wombats have announced a one-off winter show in their hometown of Liverpool on 22 Nov. The band will play their last live date of 2008 at the 10,000 capacity Liverpool Echo Arena, tickets on sale now. The band start their upcoming tour at the end of the month, and will play a number of festival dates this summer.


Sounding a little bit like those Homecoming gigs that Carling used to stage, cider brand Gaymers has announced it is staging four 'Grassroots Gigs' which will see four bands play intimate gigs in their home towns. The bands due to take part are The Futureheads, Young Knives, Reverend And The Makers and Mystery Jets, who will play Sunderland, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Sheffield and London respectively. Tickets can't be bought, and can be won via Footage from the gigs will also be posted on that website after the gigs.


More chatter on those announcements regarding executive changes at SonyBMG USA last week which, now I've had time to think about it, were actually pretty major.

As previously reported, Barry Weiss was last week appointed as CEO of the BMG Label Group, which includes the US operations of all the record labels that were part of BMG prior to the SonyBMG merger. He takes over from record industry veteran Clive Davis, who got a new creative worldwide job instread. BMG Label Group President Charles Goldstruck, meanwhile, is leaving the company, as is SonyBMG COO Tim Bowen.

The New York Post has reported rumours that Goldstruck was sidelined because it was thought he had ambitions to take SonyBMG top guy Rolf Schmidt-Holtz's job. Fox News' Roger Friedman reports that Goldstruck was a close ally of Davis within SonyBMG, and claims that neither of them saw the executive shift that sees the latter sidelined and the former kicked out coming. Friedman writes: "I'm told that Davis and Goldstuck didn't know until it happened that BMG's Rolf Schmidt Holtz had pulled the trigger and that their careers had been uprooted. Even Davis's attorney, Allen Grubman, who knows everything, didn't realize what was happening until it was too late".

However, Friedman reckons that Davis will accept his new role, for the time being at least. Goldstuck, he says, is "one of the business' true gentlemen" and should land another big role sometime soon.

Schmidt-Holtz, meanwhile, is expected to take on a more hands-on role because Bowen will not be replaced.


According to US live music mag Pollstar, London's The O2 continues to be the world's most popular arena venue, a claim based on the fact it sold almost half a million tickets in the first quarter of 2008. In terms of UK venues, its closest competitor is Manchester's MEN Arena, which sold about half that amount.

Music Week quote David Campbell of Dome owners AEG Europe thus: "Since we opened in June 2007 The O2 has wowed the crowds with enviable content and a great all-round concert experience. We knew 2007 was a good year, and as the latest figures show we could not have started 2008 better. These figures are testament to the great time people are having at the venue, and we'll keep putting the world-class content in so our customers will return over and over again".


There were reports doing the rounds last week that Universal Music was receiving $35 for every Comes With Music phone sold by Nokia (ie the Nokia phones that come with a year's access to the Universal Music catalogue). That was down from reports that circulated after the Comes With Music venture was first announced, those reports estimated that the major was receiving $80 per phone. Anyway, Nokia has said the $35 reports are not true. It's not clear whether that means the label is getting more or less than that amount. But for the time being we'll just have to continue guessing, neither the record company nor the phone firm seem keen to offer us any insight into their deal.


Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards has said he would like to open a guitar museum, in order to show off his collection of guitars. With an interesting use of the word 'probably', he said: "I've probably got too many. I have 3,000 guitars and only one pair of hands. It's an incredible collection of beautiful instruments but I only play about ten of them, and guitars have to be played. Maybe I will give them away or make a museum".

Richards has already gone some way to reducing the size of his collection, having recently given one guitar to legendary blues man Buddy Guy on stage, during the filming of Martin Scorsese's recently-released Stones documentary 'Shine A Light'. "That was straight off the top of my head, 'It's yours, baby'", he said. "With everything going on that night, with this movie, I thought, 'This is my respect to Buddy and to Muddy Waters and all the other guys who turned me on'".


Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz has revealed via a message on his website that he's in talks with the makers of Sesame Street over a possible collaboration with his Clandestine Industries clothing label. The bassist wrote: "Got the chance to meet with the Sesame Street peeps in New York. Talking about maybe doing a Clandestine Sesame Street collaboration. That would blow my mind as I grew up on all that. We'll see, nothing set in stone yet".

He added a rebuttal of recent rumours that Fall Out Boy are on the verge of a split, saying: "Also want to make it very clear that Clandestine nor Patrick (Stump, FOB vocalist) will ever take away from FOB. We are at a place where we need our music to grow and figure out who we are. So don't worry about any of that stuff, aight peeps?"


Enrique Iglesias has said that he regrets the fact that he once made a joke about the size of his penis as he feels that whilst the rumour has dogged him, the ladies have been less inclined to. He's convinced that it has put off prospective lovers in the past, but protests that the ones that became his girlfriends haven't been disappointed. He says, "I said I had a small penis as a joke. And they took it literally when it is not the truth. So when people find out it's not the case they are pleasantly surprised".

Relieved to know that, I am. Might sleep tonight.




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