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In today's CMU Daily:
- Weiland sentenced to jail
- Blunt has no time for emergency surgery
- Amy Winehouse update
- 50 Cent gives Eminem clean bill of health
- Electronic music pioneer dies
- Radiohead pay tribute to Lyttelton
- Damon Albarn's mandarin album
- Byrds to release 1971 recording
- Mark Ronson confirms Winehouse Bond song
- Rufus Wainwright to compose opera
- The Offspring album news
- Bon Jovi bomb scare
- Beck confirms UK warm-up shows
- Give It A Name to facilitate Guitar Hero record attempt
- More Glasto line-up revealed
- Enter Shikari tour
- Pendulum add London date
- Tickets in high demand for Big Weekend - eBay to block resales
- Matthews and Stephens support Cardiff venue
- Majors sue Project Playlist
- Apple get shirty over cheap iPod imports in UK
- Former Bronfman associate cleared to sue Warner chief
- Rejig at beggars
- NME announce rejigs
- RAJAR launch three year review
- ITV could get record fine for dodgy phone ins
- ITV may threaten to hand back third channel licences
- Lots of DAB chatter at radio conference
- Carey engagement rumours
- Keith Richards rarely speaks to Rolling Stones


So, it's just a week to go to the next edition of the CMU Social, the second edition of our new monthly social type gathering for CMU Daily readers which takes place on Tuesday 6 May at 229 next to Great Portland Street tube station in London.

As you all surely remember, the CMU Social is the night where we encourage everyone working in music (well, those within strolling, bussing or tubing distance of 229) to join us, catch up with Team CMU, and to meet, greet, chat, cheer, network, socialise and all sorts of other fun sounding verbs.

And while you're there, you get to enjoy some music from the artists Team CMU rate most highly. And this month we have a band we rate very very highly. And you might say "but CMU, you highly rate everything signed to Mark Jones' Wall Of Sound label", and while that is a not entirely false statement (he just keeps signing loads of our favourite artists), we are especially excited about these WoS singings.

In fact, we've been excited about A.Human ever since we first stumbled across them last year, and have been getting increasingly excitable since we saw the release of their debut album 'Third Hand Prophecy' arrive on the release schedule for 5 May. Someone called these guys' music 'shock n roll', which isn't a term I'd normally condone, but in this case I'll let it pass. If you like things synthy and bassy and a little bit mad, then this is an album to track down, and this is a CMU Social set you just have to see.

And don't forget, there will be lots going on at the Social before the bands come on at 8.30pm. There'll be a happy hour at the bar, the CMU Social Burger Bar provided well priced snacks, and the chance to win a crate of beer and prove your pop trivia expertise with the CMU Pop Quiz.

The Social, of course, is free to CMU Daily readers. To come you need to send an email with your name and the names of any guests you plan to bring to [email protected] - do it now!



Experienced Freelance PRs needed for our busy summer schedule. Credible experience across Events, Bands and Brands a must.Dynamic, creative, well connected team players required. 6 month to full time contracts. Please send CVS to [email protected] ASAP

Internet savvy promotions assistant required for new and expanding dance music promotions company based in London. Clients include DFA, Modular and Domino. Working 2-3 days a week, you will assist with our online promotions and other club, radio and artist management duties. You must be bright, articulate, extremely organised and have an excellent attention to detail, plus a REAL interest in electronic music and new media. Previous administration experience would be an advantage. To apply, please send your CV and covering letter explaining why you think you'd be good for the job to [email protected]


Joining The Music and !!! in the ranks of difficult-to-google bands, U.S alt-rock types Magic Wands are up before the SNAP jury today, just days before they begin their UK tour on Thursday (May 1). Supporting both The Kills and The Wombats on the jaunt, it's clear from the few tracks on their Myspace where their sonic kinship lies and (thankfully) it's with the American two-piece rather than the perky Liverpudlians. Furrowing an uncomplicated sound that relies on a drum machine to provide the beat, they flit from dreamy, fuzz-filled pop majesty on 'Black Magic' to childlike simplicity on 'Teenage Love', which crosses the musical landscape between the ethereal, spaced-out moments of Galaxie 500 and the spirit of the Velvet Underground's 'I'm Sticking With You'. Find songs, tour dates and an oddly secretive blog (you need to be their friend to read it) at the link below...


Scott Weiland has been sentenced to eight days in prison after pleading no contest to a misdemeanour drunken driving charge in relation to his previously reported arrest near a San Fernando Valley freeway on 21 Nov last year. The Stone Temple Pilot, who entered the plea at the LA Superior Court on Monday via his lawyer, has also been given four years of probation and will complete an eighteen month alcohol programme. It's Weiland's second DUI conviction.


A ha! I knew there was more to that James Blunt stage-diving story we reported the other week. Well, I guess that was fairly obvious, considering all he actually said at the time was "I broke my little finger. I somehow managed to do it whilst I was jumping off stage during a gig in America". Now it turns out that the break was quite a bad one, and if the singer doesn't receive surgery soon he'll never be able to play the piano again. Unfortunately for him, his current touring (and partying) schedule doesn't allow for trips to the hospital. "I need it fixed. I need all my fingers to work properly. Not just for performing but for partying", he told The Sun.

The singer was mobbed at the end of a gig in Asheville, North Carolina last month, causing the break: "I jumped off stage at the end of the gig and was chased by women, and even some men, in the crowd. I started running and the next thing I knew I had broken my finger. It was a funny moment being chased, but when I got back on stage it was nerve-racking looking down and realising the finger was pointing the wrong way. I need it to be right but the idea of having them take a hammer and smash my finger into two isn't so thrilling". Somehow, I think he may have misunderstood what the surgery entails. Or he's got a really bad doctor.

Blunt had some handy advice for any other musicians considering following him into the heady world of rock n roll mayhem: "Upon reflection, it was dumb to jump into the crowd but in a way it was my own fault. I had leather-soled shoes on and just slipped". So, remember kids, don't mess around when it comes to shoes.


Amy Winehouse story of the day. Rumour has it that she is cheating on jailed hubby Blake Fielder Civil with Alex Haynes, the 24 year old assistant of her manager. Amy denies it.

The denial was delivered to a photographer who had parked himself outside her North London house. He says she came to talk to him after a loud row with her father, who had come to see his daughter, after being quoted in the tabs as saying he thought she should be sectioned.

The photo man told reporters this morning: "Her father arrives, goes into her house and they start fighting. You could just hear screaming and shouting inside. He was telling her, 'You've got to pull yourself together'. We just heard swearing and shouting".

Then, he says, "I ended up having a 10-minute conversation with her on the doorstep. She insisted she is not divorcing Blake. She's totally in love with him. I said, 'How are things?' She said, 'It's beautiful. The summer's come and I can't wait to get my Blake back'. She said to me, 'You've seen us together - and you know how much we're in love with each other. We're gonna be together forever. Can you tell the people at the papers to stop writing lies after lies after lies? We're not splitting up, I don't have a new boyfriend, I'm totally in love with Blake and I'll be going to court with him every single day to support him throughout his case. I couldn't be happier'".

So, there you have it. Sorted.


Rapper 50 Cent has insisted that Eminem is not battling health problems, despite rumours to the contrary. Speculation as to the state of Eminem's health began in January after it was revealed the hip hop star had been hospitalised in Detroit to receive treatment for pneumonia. He was later released to recover at home, but reports that the rapper was suffering from a serious heart condition and had put on a large amount of weight began to spread.

Speaking to MTV, 50 Cent said: "Em is in shape right now. He looks good. I seen him in Detroit. He's gonna look real good when you see him return. He's in shape right now. The last time I seen him we played basketball together. He had a knee injury, so we chilled for a little bit".


British composer Tristram Cary, a pioneer in electronic music, has died in Australia aged 82.

Born in Oxford in 1925, the son of novelist Joyce Cary, he developed his own electronic and tape music whilst working as a radar engineer for the Royal Navy during World War II and is regarded as one of the earliest pioneers of these musical forms.

In 1967, he created the first electronic music studio of the Royal College Of Music and was co-designer of the EMS VCS3 portable synthesiser used by many avant-garde musicians in the 60s. He is also remembered for his soundtrack music for film, TV, radio and theatre, which included compositions for 'Doctor Who' and Ealing comedy 'The Ladykillers'.

Cary is reported to have died due to a complication during surgery in Adelaide on 24 Apr.


Radiohead have paid tribute to jazz trumpeter and broadcaster Humphrey Lyttelton, who, as previously reported, died last week. The late musician collaborated with the band on the song 'Life In A Glasshouse', which appeared on 2001 album 'Amnesiac'. The band have released a statement which reads: "We were all sorry to hear of Humphrey Lyttleton's death - he was an inspiring person to record with, and without his direction, we'd never have recorded/released 'Life In A Glasshouse'. So go and find 'Bad Penny Blues', and celebrate his life with some hot jazz...".


Damon Albarn has revealed that he will release a new album later this year. The album's vocals will be performed entirely in Madarin and it will feature a variety of musicians, including a sizeable Chinese choir. He told BBC 6Music: "I'm finishing off a record at the moment which should be out quite soon. This one's got about 80, 90 musicians on it - something in that region. It's got a 100-piece Chinese choir on one of the tunes. That plus the orchestra probably goes to about 120, 130 people". Which by my math would be 20-30 musicians, but whatever.

The BBC quizzed him for further details, but few were forthcoming. However, they did manage to squeeze out of him that it involves monkeys but isn't a Gorillaz album, or a recording of his recent opera 'Monkey: Journey To The West. He said: "I haven't decided on [a title]. There's a monkey or two in there at least - bit like Gorillaz as well. It's not an opera, it's a proper record. And it's all in Mandarin I can tell you that for sure! I just kind of put all my passion into what I'm doing at that moment. It's nice that things kind of stick around a while so it gives the impression that there are lots of things but I do one thing at a time generally. I have only two arms, two legs. I'm really excited about it. It won't be long, probably by July".

The ex-Blur frontman also spoke about another of his projects, The Good, The Bad & The Queen who, as we reported last week, reformed to headline Sunday's Love Music Hate Racism carnival. Asked if the show was to be a one-off, Albarn replied: "There are lots of musicians around. We've got a lot of musicians that we play with and work with so I don't really like to say this is this, and that is that. I just think no, it's not the end of these great musicians collaborating together".


The Byrds have announced that they are to release a recording of their 1971 performance at the Royal Albert Hall. A date hasn't been set yet, but the live album, featuring the line up of Roger McGuinn, Clarence White, Skip Battin and Gene Parsons, is expected to be out in June. Founder member Roger McGuinn explained: "We've carried these tapes around for 30-something years. We just never paid much attention to them. Bob Irwin [from record label Sundazed] came down, and he's a genius at discerning these things. He could look at a box, and go 'Oh, this is that, and so-and-so was there, this is wonderful'". He adds that further similar releases may be on the cards.


Mark Ronson has confirmed to BBC 6Music that he and Amy Winehouse are working on a theme song for the next James Bond film, but he's not confident that it will actually end up on the soundtrack.

Speaking backstage at the Coachella festival last weekend he said: "Hopefully if they like it, it will get used. But I don't think we've been guaranteed it, so we're working on it and we'll see what happens. They asked Amy, and I think Amy said that if she did it, she'd want to do it with me. So hopefully something will come of it. The demo sounds like something that sounds like a James Bond theme, hopefully. But I don't know if it'll get used. I'm sure there are loads more really famous people that probably we're competing with and we don't know about. I'm not sure, but hopefully I'll still be alive for at least 12 more Bond themes. If we don't get this one maybe we'll get another one".

He also confirmed those rumours that the pair have worked on material for Winehouse's third album: "We spent a week together. Hopefully something will come of it. She comes down to my room, plays guitar, plays some songs and I try to sort them out into something".


Rufus Wainwright has announced that he is to compose a piece for New York's Metropolitan Opera. The story will focus on a day in the life of a singer - a theme it took Wainwright a surprisingly long time to come up with. He told Variety: "I've wanted to write an opera since I was about 14 years old but I couldn't find a story that I could wrap my head around. [I was inspired by] the construct of the diva, from Maria Callas to Norma Desmond and the movie 'Diva' from the '80s. And God darn it, there's a bit of me in that too.".


Epitaph Records have announced that they are to re-issue two early albums from The Offspring, their debut for the label, 'Ignition', originally released in 1992, and 1994's 'Smash'. Both albums, which were originally supposed to be re-released last summer, will be re-mastered, and will come with a new 24 page booklet. The band are also planning their first studio album in five years, according to reports. Called 'Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace', it is set to be released by SonyBMG/Columbia at the same time as the re-issues.


A Bon Jovi concert in Florida on Saturday was delayed for three hours after a bomb scare. Authorities held up the start of the show at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise after a man called local police and claimed that two bombs would go off during the band's performance. The building was immediately evacuated and police with sniffer dogs searched the venue. The building was re-opened at 9pm after police gave the all-clear. As far as we can tell, the show then went off without a hitch (or any explosions, for that matter).


Beck has confirmed that he will play two warm-up shows in Southampton and Manchester ahead of his appearance at the O2 Wireless Festival in London on 4 Jul.

Dates are as follows:

1 Jul: Guildhall, Southampton
2 Jul: Apollo, Manchester


The Give It A Name festival are set to team up with Atticus Clothing and Guitar Hero to attempt to break the world record for the Largest Audience For A Videogame Performance, which is currently 3,000 people and was set by two Guitar Hero players at the Download festival last year. Give It A Name hope that with the 10,000 strong crowd expected to attend their London event, they will be able to give two gig goers the chance to smash the existing record by playing Guitar Hero on the same stage as confirmed acts such as Paramore and 30 Seconds.

To be in with a chance of setting the record, attendees need to go to the Atticus Clothing stand on either day of the festival and get the highest score they can at one of their Guitar Hero pods. Give It A Name takes place at Earl's Court from 10-11 May.


You know, with all this talk about the Glastonbury line-up this year, it's easy to forget that, so far, only the headliners had actually been officially confirmed. Well, get your happy/moany hats on, because the full line-ups for the Pyramid, Other, and John Peel stages have been released.

They were officially released this morning, though they actually started circulating on the net yesterday after the NME got their hands on them (though not via chez Eavis, much to the annoyance of Glasto co-organiser Emily Eavis, who reckons got the lists via the printers at Q, who had them officially for their Glasto guide).

Amongst the acts joining the headliners, Kings Of Leon, Jay-Z and The Verve (who will be headlining in that order - even though I had it in my head the always popular Mr Z was headlining on Sunday), on the Pyramid Stage are The Fratellis, Editors, The Gossip, Manu Chao, The Raconteurs, Leonard Cohen, Crowded House, and Shakin' Stevens. Oh wait, sorry, I must have misread that. No, it definitely says Shakin' Stevens will be kicking off proceedings on the Saturday.

Elsewhere, you'll find artists including Massive Attack, Hot Chip, Elbow, Duffy, Panic At The Disco, Mark Ronson, Spiritualized, We Are Scientists, Ben Folds, Reverend & The Makers, The Ting Tings, Lightspeed Champion, Black Kids, Vampire Weekend, Mark Ronson, and Crystal Castles.

Most intriguing is the inclusion of 'Very Special Guest TBC' before Jay-Z on the Saturday night. As previously reported, Michael Eavis will introduce Jay-Z's set, but I'm guessing he's not the kind of guy who'd list himself as a special guest at his own party. So, who could it be? I reckon it's probably another rapper, as those hip hop guys seem to be so popular with the Glastonbury crowd. There's also another 'Very Special Guest TBC' listed on Sunday and one act simply listed as 'TBC', which would suggest the latter are neither very special nor a guest. I'd take that as a snub and not turn up, if I were them.

Anyway, here are the line up lists that have been doing the rounds...

27 Jun:

Pyramid Stage: Kings Of Leon, The Fratellis, Editors, The Gossip, The Feeling, KT Tunstall, Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly, The Subways, Kate Nash.

Other Stage: Panic At The Disco, The Enemy, We Are Scientists, Foals, The Hoosiers, Ben Folds, Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong, Vampire Weekend, Hilltop Hoods.

John Peel Stage: Jamie T, The Cribs, Reverend And The Makers, MGMT, The Ting Tings, Young Knives, Lightspeed Champion, Glasvegas.

28 Jun:

Pyramid Stage: Jay-Z, Very Special Guest TBC, Manu Chao, The Raconteurs, James Blunt, Crowded House, Seasick Steve, The Hold Steady, Shakin' Stevens.

Other Stage: Massive Attack, Hot Chip, Elbow, Duffy, The Wombats, Neon Neon, Black Kids, The Golden Silvers, The Travelling Band.

John Peel Stage: Biffy Clyro, The Futureheads, Band Of Horses, The Courteneers, The Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, The Teenagers.

29 Jun:

Pyramid Stage: The Verve, Leonard Cohen, Goldfrapp, Very Special Guest TBC, John Mayer, Gilbert O' Sullivan, TBC

Other Stage: Groove Armada, The Zutons, The Pigeon Detectives, Mark Ronson, Scouting For Girls, Jack Penate, Newton Faulkner, Black Mountain, Hoodoo Gurus.

John Peel Stage: The National, Spiritualized, Crystal Castles, Brain Jonestown Massacre, The Stars, The Courteneers/The Black Keys, Rocket Summer.


Enter Shikari have announced a rather long series of Autumn tour dates. They are as follows:

30 Sep: London - Camden Underworld
2 Oct: Cambridge - Corn Exchange
3 Oct: Hull - University
4 Oct: Nottingham - Rock City
5 Oct: Keele - University
7 Oct: Oxford - Academy
8 Oct: St Albans - Arena
9 Oct: Norwich - UEA
10 Oct: Peterborough - Cresset
11 Oct: Hastings - White Rock Theatre
13 Oct: Middlesborough - Town Hall
14 Oct: Liverpool - Academy
15 Oct: Dublin - Ambassador
16 Oct: Cork - Savoy theatre
17 Oct: Belfast - Mandela Hall
19 Oct: Inverness - Ironworks
20 Oct: Dundee - Fat Sams
21 Oct: Edinburgh - University (Potterow)
23 Oct: Newport - Centre
24 Oct: Bath - Pavilion
26 Oct: Llandudno - Arena
27 Oct: Bournemouth- Solent Hall
29 Oct: Exeter - Great hall
30 Oct: Southampton - Guildhall
31 Oct: Folkestone - Leas Cliff Hall
2 Nov: London - Mean Fiddler
3 Nov: London - Mean Fiddler
4 Nov: London - Mean Fiddler


Pendulum have announced that they've added a new London date to their upcoming tour. They will now appear at the Astoria on 18 May. The band release their second album 'In Silico' next month, of course. Here's the full list of dates:

1May: Cardiff, University
2 May: Liverpool, University (presented by Cream)
3 May: Glasgow, Carling Academy
4 May: Newcastle, Carling Academy
6 May: Bristol, Carling Academy
7 May: Southampton, Guildhall
9 May: Manchester, Academy
10 May: Leeds, Millennium Square
13 May: Nottingham, Rock City
14 May: Exeter, University, Great Hall
16 May: Birmingham, Custard Factory
17 May: London, Brixton Carling Academy (9pm-3am)
18 May: London, Astoria


More than half a million people have registered for free tickets for the BBC's Big Weekend, which, given that only 30,000 are available, means tix are going to be in real demand for the Radio 1 event, which takes place on 10 and 11 May in Kent and is set to feature performances from the likes of Duffy, The Kooks, Scouting For Girls, Usher, Robyn and The Fratellis - which presumably means we can expect to see tickets arriving on the secondary ticketing market, but not for free.

Though not, those trawling the net for Big Weekend resales should note, on eBay. The uber-auction site, which has pissed off many in the live music sector for its reluctance to restrict the touting of tickets via its service, has said it will not allow the resale of the free Big Weekend tickets, and it will block any users who attempt to sell them. eBay's decision follows that recent government report on the growing secondary ticketing market, which, while in the main didn't say a great deal, called on the auction websites to restrict the resale of tickets for free and charity events.

Commenting on the news eBay would not be allowing the resale of Big Weekend tickets, Music Week quote Radio One's Head Of Live Music & Events, Jason Carter, thus: "The BBC have contacted eBay over the last few years to request that they do not allow the sale of tickets for Radio One's Big Weekend. This year eBay agreed. Radio One's Big Weekend is a unique, free, publicly-funded event for young people and we are delighted that eBay are working with us to prohibit the sale of tickets for this event".

eBay said in a statement: "We have worked closely with the BBC to ban the resale of tickets for BBC Radio One's Big Weekend on our site. This is in accordance with our free ticket policy, which prohibits the resale of tickets which are free to the public".


Both Cerys Matthews and Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens are backing a campaign to save a live music venue in Cardiff, which is facing closure after a handful of residents in a new neighbouring apartment block complained about noise levels. That complaint has led to a noise abatement order being issued against The Point, and the venue's owners will go to the local courts on 21 May in a bid to find a way to continue to operate but while fulfilling the local authority's noise demands.

Since news of the abatement order broke support has been growing for The Point, among Cardiff's music community who say the city lacks any other venue of a similar size, and even among others who live near the venue, who say they have no problems with noise levels there. In a bid to show to the court that complaints are coming from a minority who are new to the area, The Point's management have set up a petition where music fans can support their case -

Giving her support to the venue, Matthews told reporters: "I performed at the Point in 2006. It's a wonderful venue - you can sing to the heavens and look out across the crowd to magnificent stained glass windows. It's taken Cardiff such a long time to have somewhere special for musicians to perform. Everything must be done to keep music alive in the capital of Wales".

Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens said: "The venue is envied by all who go there to play. It brings touring bands from across the world to Cardiff, not to mention homegrown talent like the Manics, Cerys, Super Furry Animals and the best Welsh promoters. It is the only venue of its capacity in Cardiff and I hope it survives".


Warner, EMI and Universal have all begun legal action against Project Playlist, a social network music recommendation thing that lets you find and tag music on the net, create playlists of music you find, play that playlist through your browser or mobile, and share your playlist with others, including via Facebook and the likes. All of that is well and good, but the majority of the music the service links to is unlicensed, which is why the majors are getting a little hot under the collar, because Project Playlist basically makes accessing illegal sources of music a much more pleasant experience.

The labels' lawsuit, filed in the US District Court in Manhattan, says that Project Playlist's entire business amounts to nothing more than a massive infringement". They are looking for an injunction to force the website to stop allowing users access to illegal sources of music, as well as seeking damages.

Project Playlist is yet to respond to the legal action.


More legal action, and Apple is threatening to sue 11 UK websites who are selling iPods sourced from outside the European Union - mainly from America where the digital music players can be acquired cheaply because of the low value of the dollar compared to the pound - so cheap in fact that they can undercut legit UK retailers on iPods and still make a healthy profit.

In a legal letter sent from London law firm Bird & Bird, and seen by IT website The Register, Apple tell the etailers that they should not "in future import into the EEA [European Economic Area] offer, sell or otherwise put on the market in the EEA any products bearing the rights (save where such products have been first put on the market in the EEA by Apple itself or with Apple's express consent) or assist any other to do so". The IT firm are also asking that that the etailers tell them who is selling them the cheap iPods in the US, and to contribute to their legal fees to date in a bid to avoid potentially crippling full legal action.

It is unclear how the targeted etailers will respond, though one told The Register that he thinks Apple's demands amount to "price-fixing the market", though he admitted it is unlikely any of the targeted companies would want to take the IT giant on through the courts - "It's all a bit of a farce really, but no one will take them [Apple] on in the real world. The company is just too big".


A former associate of Warner Music chief Edgar Bronfman Jr, who claims he suggested Bronfman acquire the major music firm off Time Warner, and who alleges he was promised a fee in return for his involvement in initiating that acquisition, will be allowed to proceed with his lawsuit on the matter. Former Simon & Schuster boss Richard Snyder made various allegations against Bronfman in relation to his Warner acquisition, which was completed in 2004. The Warner chief hoped to have the case dismissed before it got to court but, while a judge hearing the case last week dismissed four of Synder's six claims, he has allowed two to proceed. According to Fox, NY State Supreme Court Judge Bernard J Fried ruled that Snyder "did perform valuable services for defendant from January 2002 to April 2004, that Bronfman willingly accepted those services, that [the] plaintiff expected to be compensated for his services, and that Snyder's services reaped a large financial recovery for Bronfman such that in equity and good conscience he should be ordered to make restitution to him". The case will now proceed to court.


The London based independent The Beggars Group has announced that it will not actively release music via its Too Pure and Beggars imprints moving forward, and that as a result it is moving employees primarily working in those divisions to its 4AD label. The move means Roger Trust, Jason White and Jane Abernethy will now all work within the 4AD stable. The rejig will also affect artists previously signed to Too Pure and Beggars - the new Stereolab album, for example, will be released by 4AD rather than Too Pure.


IPC have announced a mini-revamp over at its main music mag NME, which will include some design changes, plus some new regular features including Roots (looking at the musical roots of modern albums), MyMusic (artists chat about their favourite tunes old and new) and 12 Steps (some kind of music trivia thing). The new bands Radar section and Gig Guide will also be expanded, while the redesign will be most obvious on the cover.

Commenting on the rejig, NME Editor Conor McNicholas told CMU: "NME's audience are fast-moving music fans who live at the cutting edge of media culture and media development. As such it's vital the NME continues to develop with them and produce the magazine that's completely right for the time. This refresh allows us to further focus on the content of the paper our readers love most as well as introduce a fresh, clean design that shows off the best of NME's iconic photography and music journalism."

Publishing director Paul Cheal added: "NME magazine continues to sit right at the heart of our fast-evolving brand. This refresh work will further enhance NME's credibility as the essential weekly for passionate music fans while the new editorial franchises will make it an even more engaging read".

The first edition of the rejigged NME will be the one with the previously reported free Coldplay single.

Talking of NME, can we just point out that when we said the music mag had called Morrissey's statement on Friday that implied he had stepped in to save the Love Music Hate Racism concert after the NME pulled out as a sponsor "a cheap shot" that was our words, not theirs. NME just denied that they had ever had any commercial involvement in the anti-racism event and that Mozza was therefore wrong to imply they were the sponsor who had pulled out and left the event with a financial shortfall.


Radio listening figure people RAJAR have announced they will undertake a widespread review of their activity following a decision to not proceed with the 'personal meter' method of monitoring radio listening.

As much previously reported, some in the radio industry have expressed concern with the somewhat antiquated way that RAJAR gather their stats - by getting a sample group to track what they listen to in a handwritten diary. This all came to particular attention when Kelvin Mackenzie ran TalkSport, because he reckoned the RAJAR system meant his station's listening figures came out lower than they should, and he made it is mission to force RAJAR to adopt a personal metre system (where your sample group wear a little device that tracks what they are listening to). When RAJAR were slow to adopt that method of measurement he set up his own rival radio ratings survey.

Since Mackenzie left TalkSport media focus on the shortcomings of RAJAR has been less, but the body has still been experimenting with the personal metre option the former TalkSport chief advocated. However, they now say that those experiments have shown that personal metres cause more problems than they solve in monitoring radio listening, and that they want to look into other alternative systems. Hence the review.

The three year review will be led by Morag Blazey, formerly CEO of ad agency PHD Media, and will look at the changing nature of the radio industry (including the growth of online, on demand and podcast services) and at how RAJAR should adapt as a result. There are also plans to put the existing RAJAR diary system online, so that listeners in the research sample group enter their listening records into a website, something which should give radio station's a wider range of stats even if those stats - if you believe the likes of Mackenzie - remain a bit suspect.

Confirming her new role, Blazey told CMU: "The pace of change in the radio market is dizzying, and quite rightly RAJAR feels it is necessary to keep pace in order to serve its users as effectively as possible. The project I have been asked to undertake is really interesting, far reaching and genuinely democratic in its intent. I am really excited to be part of it".


ITV could be about to get a record fine over the whole dodgy phone in debacle that you will all recall. Media regulator OfCom is reportedly in talks with the commercial broadcaster over how much it will fine them for operating deceptive premium rate phone ins on shows like 'Ant And Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway', 'Soapstar Superstar' and 'The X Factor'. According to the Media Guardian, the fine could be as high as £4 million, a record fine. That would be in addition to the £2 million that GMTV were fined for their dodgy phone ins - GMTV being a separate company, despite broadcasting on ITV.


More ITV, and reports that the broadcaster may hand back its eleven Channel 3 licences in a bid to free itself from its public service obligations. The move would basically see the broadcaster cease to operate the terrestrial third channel, presumably focusing its energies on its digital stations, and presumably making ITV1 digital only. Stopping terrestrial broadcasts would have an impact on ITV's audience reach, though given the government is keen to turn everyone over to digital in the next five years anyway, that impact is less now than ever before. ITV would, though, also lose its guaranteed third place positioning on electronic programme guides on digital TV platforms. Cynics would argue that ITV wouldn't really give up its third channel licences, but that it is letting it be known that they are considering such an option in a bid to strengthen their hand while negotiating with OfCom to reduce their public service commitments - such negotiations are ongoing regarding news, children's and regional programming.


The chair of Channel 4's Digital Radio Group, and therefore the person ultimately overseeing the launch of the long anticipated C4 national digital radio network, has told the Radio Reborn conference in London that the service will definitely launch.

Channel 4 won the licence for a second national digital audio broadcasting 'multiplex' last year, but the service has yet to launch and when the CEO of the owner of the other national digital radio multiplex - GCap's Fru Hazlitt - told the world she thought DAB was dead, rumours began to circulate that some key Channel 4 execs were starting to question the viability of a new digital radio service.

But C4's Director Of New Business & Corporate Development, Nathalie Schwarz, told the Radio Reborn audience that the company's radio plans continue to progress. However, following recent rumours that C4 were thinking of forming a JV with GCap's Digital One in the digital radio space, she refused to rule out that Channel 4's own digital stations might in fact launch on the existing DAB multiplex first, before the costly second multiplex is put live.

According to the Guardian, she said: "Sure the issues are difficult and complex but I am confident radio will get a clear road map. There are a lot of cross-industry discussions going on and as we have made very clear we are very willing and interested in talking to parties that have an interest in securing a strong future for DAB radio".

Also talking about DAB at the Radio Reborn conference was outgoing BBC radio chief Jenny Abramsky, who called on the commercial radio sector to work with the Beeb to ensure the future of the digital radio format. She said: "If we are serious as an industry in making radio work in the digital world then we have to collaborate. The BBC, commercial radio and our transmission providers have no agreed planning model for digital radio or common measurement for the UK. Instead of the three current methods that currently exist, I hope the Digital Radio Working Group, under Barry Cox's leadership, agrees a single planning model and common measurement and with a plan to fill in areas where DAB coverage has 'holes', thereby providing the consistent reception that DAB is capable of delivering".


Rumour is rife that Mariah Carey is engaged to boyfriend Nick Cannon because she wore a diamond ring on her wedding finger at the TriBeCa Film Festival, taking place in New York this week. So, watch this space. If you're even vaguely interested.


Keith Richards has revealed that he rarely speaks to his Rolling Stones bandmates when they aren't working together. "If we aren't working then we probably only talk around once a year", he said. "A few faxes, drawings and notes here and there. If you are stuck on the road for two and a half years together, you've said just about everything you've got to say to one another".

The guitarist also said that, despite their advancing years, the band aren't planning to quit touring any time soon, but lamented the fact that they have to play such large venues these days. "There are some great things about small rooms - that controlled environment, but outdoors, God joins the band, with wind and rain. But when we are on stage we're basically in our office".

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