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In today's CMU Daily:
- Mojo honour nominations out
- Vanilla Ice charges dropped
- Albert Hofmann dies
- Coachella pig found
- Amy Winehouse to set up own label
- UB40 announce new singers
- Liverpool is about money and flags, say Zutons
- Kaiser Chiefs working with Mark Ronson
- Coldplay single gets 600,000 downloads
- The Ting Tings get the iPod treatment
- Hammond Jr album news
- Noah And The Whale start side project
- Bloc Party man reveals side project
- Portishead unsure of future
- Korn news - comps and engagements
- Lorraine single news
- NIN print names on tickets
- Massive Carmina set for O2
- Lykke Li announces UK tour
- Efterklang announce UK dates
- Album Review: Portishead - Third
- !K7 launch new hip hop label
- IE and This Is Music form partnership
- Nokia Music Store opens in Singapore
- SonyBMG rejigs
- BPI supports latest Childnet anti-P2P campaign
- Young people still listening to radio, hurrah
- Christina Aguilera is rubbish
- Metros flatmate stalked by Joe Lean


So, another plug for the CMU Social which will take place at the 229 next week, another chance for all you CMU Daily types to get together, meet, greet, chat, cheer, network, socialise, and to experience some of CMU's favourite new bands. And those bands this month are the brilliant A.Human and the INDY Award winning Penny Black Remedy.

So, A.Human first. We've been excited about these guys ever since we first stumbled across them last year, and have been getting increasingly excitable since we saw the release of their debut album 'Third Hand Prophecy' arrive on the release schedule for 5 May. Someone called these guys' music 'shock n roll', which isn't a term I'd normally condone, but in this case I'll let it pass. If you like things synthy and bassy and a little bit mad, then this is an album to track down, and this is a CMU Social set you just have to see.

The Penny Black Remedy were the winners of one of the categories that we judged on at the INDY Awards last week. We liked them so much at both the judging stage, and when we saw them play at the INDY Awards final, that we quickly invited them to play the CMU Introducing slot at the Social, the slot reserved for brand new bands that we reckon you should all be checking out.

The bands are brilliant, though there's even more to the CMU Social. It's all about providing everyone working in the music industry or music media with a place to come and meet, greet, chat, cheer, network and socialise. So, if there's someone you've been meaning to catch up with for months, or a brainstorm you've been wanting to have with your team, or some random industry person you've often thought you ought to meet, then this is the time to do it. To help we'll be providing pints for a bargain £1.50 in the first hour of the proceedings, plus the CMU Social Burger Bar will be serving up some well priced snacks.

This all takes place at 229 next to Great Portland Street tube station on Tuesday, 6 May, from 7pm. It's free for you lot, just email [email protected] with your name and details of any guests you plan to bring.



Experienced Freelance PRs needed for our busy summer schedule. Credible experience across Events, Bands and Brands a must.Dynamic, creative, well connected team players required. 6 month to full time contracts. Please send CVS to [email protected] ASAP


Supporting Franz Ferdinand, making gloriously upbeat art-rock and listing Orange Juice among your influences remain - in my opinion - the key to a successful Glasgow band. Luckily for Isosceles, today's SNAP, they can fulfil all three criteria so hurrah for them, I'm sure they'll go far. Helping them out on their journey to the top is the knack for writing great pop songs, such as single 'Kitch Bitch', which despite the misspelling is an addictive, exuberant and youthful ode to a certain lady friend's sartorial elegance. Close references include Television, Television Personalities and non-TV related fellow Glaswegians 1990's, though with more angular posturing and hoards of instantly memorable hooks. See the link below for the next (slightly better than the rest of the pile) indie disco anthems.


That Duffy girl has done rather well in the shortlists for this year's Mojo Honours List awards, she being up for three awards - Best Album, Breakthrough Act and Best Song. Alex Turner's The Last Shadow Puppets are up for two prizes, while Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Rufus Wainwright and Seasick Steve are also shortlisted.

Mojo's annual awards bash takes place in London on 16 Jun. The publication's Editor In Chief Phil Alexander said this year's nominees represented "genuine musical quality", adding: "In an increasingly disposable age, they represent music that's built to last. There is a sense of authenticity and integrity that runs through all of these artists and Mojo is proud to celebrate their achievements".

The full list of nominees and details of how to vote are given at this URL:


Domestic violence charges brought against Vanilla Ice have been dropped. As we reported earlier this month, the rapper was taken into custody after his wife called police saying that he had hit and kicked her - although she later changed her claims to say that he had pushed her. The alleged incident happened when Ice began arguing with his wife after she bought a new bathroom set without his permission.

According to a court order, Ice's wife Laura Van Winkle withdrew her statement and, as there were no independent witnesses, the case could not continue.


This is not strictly music news, but it kind of is, because of all those songs he inadvertently inspired. Albert Hofmann, the Swiss scientist who first synthesised and discovered the hallucinogenic properties of LSD, has died at the age of 102. Hofmann was due to speak at the World Psychedelic Forum in March but pulled out due to ill health, and died from a heart attack at his home in Switzerland on Tuesday.


Call off the search! Coachella's flying pig has been found - although not quite safe and sound. As reported in yesterday's Daily, the festival were offering $10,000 and access to the festival for life to anyone who could return the rather large inflatable pig which appeared as part of Roger Waters' headline set at the festival last weekend, before breaking loose and floating off into the Californian sky.

Pieces of the pig were found in the gardens of two families in the city of La Quinta, California. Susan Stoltz found part of the pig in her drive on Monday, but did not know what they were until she read about it in the local paper. "My kids are going to think I'm so cool," she said. A nearby resident, Judy Rimmer, said she also found part of the pig covering a plant in her front garden. Both families have said that they will split the reward equally between them.

Although the pig broke its moorings and floated away into the night during Roger Waters' performance of Pink Floyd song 'Pigs On The Wing', Coachella spokeswoman Marcee Rondan explained: "It wasn't really supposed to happen that way".


Amy Winehouse is rumoured to be planning to set up her own record label after her current deal with Universal's Island Records ends. The singer reportedly owes the major one more album. The Sun claims that Amy plans to set up her own label with alleged new boyfriend Alex Haines (who she says isn't her new boyfriend - despite other rumours that she's asked for divorce from hubby Blake Fielder Civil and that he is demanding a £3 million divorce settlement).

An unnamed source said: "For the first time in her career, Amy is beginning to have her head turned by the cash she can make. It's never been a huge deal in the past, but she is beginning to realise everyone else is making all the money out of her success. Her deal with Island ends after the next record. That's why they are trying to get her to clean up first and make sure it's a classic. She's been planning it with Alex, who has a bit of music know-how from working as her manager's assistant". Sounds like the perfect business plan to me.


So, UB40 made an announcement yesterday, as expected, regarding a replacement for Ali Campbell, who announced he was quitting the group after three decades earlier this year. And the new frontman is none other than Ali's brother Duncan. He will be one of two new singers with the band, the other being Maxi Priest, whose involvement in the band has been rumoured for a while. The implication seems to be that other vocalists may work with the band on both live and recording projects in the future.

Confirming his involvement, Duncan Campbell told CMU: "I've long admired UB40 as a band and always had a great respect for what [his brothers] Robin and Ali have contributed to the band with Astro, Brian, Earl, Norman and Jimmy. UB40 are the biggest and most successful reggae band in the world, so I was absolutely delighted and a little stunned of course to be asked to come and work with the band. Of course it's a hugely daunting task to undertake and make sure that I do justice to the songs that I perform on. I'm not about to start jumping into Ali's shoes, he has made an incredible contribution to the band that nobody could ever replace with such a distinctive sound. I will of course be giving it my all and contributing my own style of vocals and performance, I hope I can do justice to their great songs and that the fans will like what they hear".

Maxi Priest added: "I am thrilled to be working with UB40 who I have always held in high regard as my brothers in reggae music. UB40 are one of the greatest bands in the world, to have lasted three decades is an amazing testament to their success. The collaboration with the band came about after I joined UB40 on their UK tour in December of last year, we got on stage and started jamming the Marley song 'I Shot The Sheriff' and it went down so well that the guys asked me if I would come into the studio and record it for the album. One thing led to another and in the session we came out with not one but two tracks including, 'Dance Until The Morning Light', which includes a sample loop from Desmond Dekker and the Aces' record 'Israelites'. We had a great time doing the recording and I can't wait to perform with them again".


The Zutons have slammed their home city of Liverpool's Capital Of Culture programme, saying that it's "a load of bullshit".

Frontman Dave McCabe said: "I don't believe in that Capital Of Culture thing much. I think it's good if it creates jobs, but I just think it's just loads of apartments, and no one's moving into them. I think that it's just money, that's all it's about, just pure money. People with money just want to come in and put green glass buildings up. If you're going to make somewhere the Capital Of Culture, I don't think money is the answer. I just think it's a load of bullshit, to be honest. Liverpool is Liverpool, you can't change it. I don't think it's necessarily a bad place but I don't think it's got loads of culture". He also said that he was angry that his picture had been used to promote the campaign without his permission: "They've got a picture of me up. A big picture of me, that's dead old, from the first album".

Bassist Russell Pritchard added: "They just want to put flags up. That's all the Capital Of Culture is, just putting flags up".

The Zutons' new single 'Always Right Behind You' will be released on 26 May.


Kaiser Chiefs have announced that they are working with producers Mark Ronson and Eliot James on their new album, the follow-up to last year's 'Yours Truly, Angry Mob'.

In a statement the band revealed that they are currently holed up in a London studio with Eliot James. They said: "Eliot's a young British producer we like very much. Mark's a young British (via New York) producer that we also like very much. As a pair they're dynamite and we're enjoying plotting Kaiser Chiefs mk.III with them pressing buttons and turning dials. It's all going well and what's going on in the studio has us excited, we're looking forward to you hearing it".

The band will play Elland Road stadium in Leeds on 24 May, after those three low-key warm-up dates in Scotland.


'Violet Hill', the first single from Coldplay's new album, which was made available as a free download on Tuesday, was downloaded over 600,000 times in its first 24hrs online, despite the site crashing under the weight of demand, the band have revealed. The song will only be available for free online for a week. However, after that you will get a second chance to get it for free, as the NME are giving it away on 7-inch vinyl with their 7 May issue, backed with exclusive track 'A Spell A Rebel Yell'.

The band's fourth album 'Viva La Vida' will be released worldwide on 12 Jun.


A song by The Ting Tings, 'Shut Up And Let Me Go', will be used on a new iPod advert, to be aired across 23 countries over the coming weeks. Having a song on an iPod ad is fast becoming the holy grail of music marketing - like Levi's ads in the 90s. I mean, who'd heard of U2 before Apple used their song 'Vertigo'? Oh, and apparently someone called Feist did pretty well when one of her songs was used, too.

Watch the Ting Tings' advert here:

The Ting Tings release their debut album 'We Started Nothing' on 19 May.


Albert Hammond Jr has announced that his second solo album 'Como Te Llama' will be released on 8 Jul. The Strokes guitarist says of the new long player, which includes a guest appearance from Sean Lennon: "I'm really proud of the power this record has. I feel like my melodies and song arrangements have matured. Lyrically, I tried to have the words flow out more freely and not try to write one song but many. I would just sing and sing and then arrange the words afterwards".

Here is the listing of the tracks:

Bargain Of A Century
In My Room
The Boss Americana
Victory At Monterey
You Won't Be Fooled By This
Spooky Couch
Borrowed Time
G Up
Miss Myrtle
Feed Me Jack Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Peter Sellers


Impatient for someone to start up a Noah And The Whale tribute act, the band have started one themselves. Well, not quite. They will perform a one off show under the name The A Sides at Astoria 2 on 3 May. According to the band, they will be playing new wave versions of Noah And The Whale songs, covers and some original songs. The band said: "We hope you can all come but to prepare yourselves I strongly suggest you read the Motley Crue biography 'Dirt' because that's pretty much how it's gonna go down. The part of Pamela Anderson will be played by Urby Whale".

Despite the apparent short-lived nature of this side project, the band have regardless set up a MySpace page for themselves, where you can hear four of their songs:

Noah And The Whale's new single 'Shape Of My Heart' is out on 5 May.


Speaking of side projects, here's another one, this time featuring Bloc Party guitarist Russell Lissack and New York-based singer-songwriter Milena Mepris. The duo will release their debut single 'Cryptic' via Kitsune on 2 Jun. They will also play three shows in London in May

7 May: London, Water Rats
8 May: London, The Fly
9 May: London, Proud Galleries


Portishead have revealed that their new album 'Third' may be their last. Speaking to the BBC, the group's Geoff Barrow said: "Perhaps it could be our last record but I hope not. Everyone's really happy and now we seem like we've broken through this wall that has been kind of like stopping us from making music for such a long time. We all feel it's fairly good. We've got some ideas of what we would like to do but they're really just rough ideas. I mean - if we haven't got a record deal we could put it out ourselves, we could go to a large indie that, y'know, really likes music. We haven't talked to anybody yet - we haven't talked to Universal yet".

One thing that is for certain is that Portishead are taking pre-orders for a special, limited edition version of their new album on their website. The box set will include the album on vinyl, a P-shaped 1GB USB stick with the album and five videos pre-loaded, an etched 12-inch vinyl version of the 'Machine Gun' single and a limited edition print by Nick Uff. The set costs £40 and is available from


Korn have announced that they're running a competition which fans can enter by submitting a video expressing how the band has changed their life. It's part of the publicity for their song 'Haze', and the video game of the same name which the song was written for. Fans can use the song, and footage from the game and of the band in concert to create their own videos. A winner, who will receive a Sony 46" HDTV, a Playstation 3 computer entertainment system, a customized Haze guitar signed by Korn, an amp and $1,000, will be decided by Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, as well as representatives the game's publisher Ubisoft. Fans have until 19 May to enter.

Elsewhere in Korn news, guitarist Rob Patterson has become engaged to model/actress type Carmen Electra. The former Baywatch star says of her beau: "We have known each other for a long time - it's like we're really good best friends. He understands me - I understand him".

They are in no hurry to actually tie the knot, however. "We are going to enjoy being engaged for now and just do that" she continues. "It's funny because people think you are getting married tomorrow, and we just want to take our time and take things very slow".


I had forgotten all about these chaps. Who's Lorraine, I was thinking to myself, scanning my mind for female vocalists, and only coming up with morning slot TV hosts. But no, 'tis Lorraine, the Norwegian band that I think I once saw play at Wireless. I quite liked them, to be honest. Anyway, they're back with a new single 'When I Return To The World', set for release on 19 May via Waterfall Records UK on limited edition white vinyl 7" and via digital. A debut album 'Pop Noir' will finally get a release later this summer.


Nine Inch Nails have taken the step of having the owner's name printed on tickets for an upcoming US show in an attempt to prevent ticket touting. Tickets for the gig, which takes place in Lexington, Kentucky, on 31 Aug, can only be claimed by the person who purchased it from the box office on the day of the gig, and must produce ID in order to do so. They will then have to go straight into the gig so that they can't go outside and sell it on. It'll be like being in prison. Presumably worth it, if you're a NIN fan.


Franz Abraham's production of Carmina Burana, involving hundreds of dancers, singers and actors, is set to take place at the O2 in January. The Carl Orff piece will be performed by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Brighton Festival Chorus and Youth Choir.


Hooray! Lykke Li have announced some UK tour dates in June. Her album is good, I think I will go to one of the three London dates. Support comes from the also-very-good El Perro del Mar (except the gig at Cargo in London).

Here are those dates:

1 Jun: London, The George IV
2 Jun: Manchester, Night And Day
3 Jun: Leeds, Hi Fi Club
4 Jun: London, Cargo
6 Jun: Brighton, Albert
7 Jun: Nottingham, Stealth
8 Jun: King Tuts, Glasgow King Tut's
10 Jun: Oxford, Jericho Tavern
11 Jun: London, ICA
12 Jun: Dublin, Sugar Club


Danish band Efterklang have announced that they will return to UK shores this summer for a string of live dates, including various festivals. This is exciting news, you know. I recommend that all of you go and see them because they are brilliant and should be seen live by everyone.

Live dates:

11 Jul: Big Day Out, Bracknell
12 Jul: Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
13 Jul: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds (With Bracken & James Yates)
14 Jul: Arts Centre, Norwich
19 Jul: Analog Festival, Dublin (With Tortoise)
9 Aug: Field Day, London
10 Aug: Summer Sundae Festival, Leicester

You can watch the video for their recently-released single 'Caravan' here (I also recommend you do this):


ALBUM REVIEW: Portishead - Third (Universal/Island)
You might have forgotten that Portishead still exist, but this imaginatively-titled third album goes some way to explain their total absence from the last decade. 'Third' sounds exactly like the work of a band who have spent the last ten years hidden away from everything and everyone, creating this masterpiece in the process. The most noticeable thing is how unlike its two predecessors it sounds - save Beth Gibbons anguished vocals. There are no trip hop beats and little trace of the theremin inspired 60s spy themes the band effortlessly created in the 90s. If the chilled coffee-table noir of 'Dummy' soundtracked a million dinner parties for the 'This Life' generation, this earthy slab of uneasy listening is akin at times to Broadcast having a bad trip locked in an empty warehouse. Whilst Massive Attack went none-more-black on their dark third album 'Mezzanine', 'Third' has an almost brilliant white intensity about it at, shot through everything from 'We Carry On', with its fusion of Pink Floyd circa 68 with post punk and marching band drums, to the short acoustic bluegrass of 'Deep Water'. An album seemingly born of obsession and isolation, 'Third' is unlikely to appeal to the broad cross section of the record buying public that their debut did, but it nonetheless remains an astonishing listen. MS
Release Date: 28 Apr
Press Contact: Wild [CR, CP] Island IH [RP, RR, NP, NR] Bang On [O],


Berlin-based independent !K7 have added a fifth label to their group, to be called Gold Dust Media, which will sit alongside its existing labels BBE/Rapster, Strut, Ever Records and the !K7 label. Headed up in an A&R capacity by Dave Watkins, who will work out of !K7's New York office, the aim is to "offer a new family of dynamic American artists a global platform to release their music through !K7's sales and marketing structure". First signings to the new venture are hip hop artists People Under The Stairs, Large Professor, Zion I and the Outlawz, plus they will release tracks from Brooklyn Academy & 40 Cal from the Diplomats. Confirming the new label, !K7 chief Horst Weidenmueller told Billboard: "At the moment there is no other US label focusing on urban music with an international marketing and distribution network. [Gold Dust] has huge potential".


Artist management companies ie:music and This Is Music have announced a new partnership which will see the former take a stake in the latter. ie:music are perhaps best known for managing Robbie Williams, but also manage Sia, Craig Armstrong, Passenger, Archive and The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. This Is Music, founded and run by Oli Isaacs, manage Simian Mobile Disco, James Ford, A-Trak, FrankMusik, Little Boots, Findlay Brown and The Black Ghosts. The official statement confirming the partnership said the two firms will "work closely together to exploit new commercial models for artistes that are both fair and transparent".

Confirming the deal, ie:music co-chief Tim Clark told CMU: "Anyone lucky enough to have been at the Coachella Festival in California, as I was this weekend, and seen the brilliant set by Simian Mobile Disco, will understand just why David Enthoven and myself are so excited to be part of Oli Isaacs' enterprise. He has, in a very short space of time, built a remarkable roster of awesomely talented artistes and is managing and promoting them with consummate skill. Oli and his team at This Is Music are part of a new generation of young and innovative managers at the forefront of challenging the accepted conventions of the music industry".

Isaacs added: "I have known Tim and David at ie:music for a number of years and have always been slightly in awe of what they have achieved as artiste managers and how they have gone about achieving it. They have a huge wealth of experience to draw upon and ie:music is ideally positioned to tackle the challenges currently being thrown up by the modern music industry. This is Music can only benefit through this new joint venture and we are delighted to have this opportunity to work alongside one of most visionary companies in the business".


The Nokia Music Store continues to expand - it has just expanded its download operation into Singapore, where it will sell tracks from all four majors, worldwide indies plus some local labels including Ocean Butterflies Music and Rock Records Singapore. The boss of the former, Billy Koh, told reporters: "As a leading independent music powerhouse in Asia, Ocean Butterflies is proud to work with Nokia to offer a unique proposition to music lovers, particularly fans of Chinese pop. This is not only a milestone for Nokia, which has a long history of connecting people to each other and to the music they love. It is also a key development for the music industry".


More SonyBMG rejigs. Following the appointment of a new top man at the major's US based BMG Label Group - as previously reported Barry Weiss has replaced Clive Davis and Charles Goldstruck - the major yesterday said it had appointed Ivan Gavin as COO of that Group. Gavin previously had a VP role at the BMG owned Zomba Label Group, though has more recently been working for EMI.

Elsewhere in SonyBMG US appointments, Chris Gannett has been promoted to the role of VP Strategic Marketing for the major's Commercial Music Group. He'll report to David Santaniello, Senior VP Strategic Marketing in the division.


The BPI has been bigging up a new global campaign from children's internet charity, Childnet, which will have another stab at telling the kids of the world to only download music from legit digital music stores, and not those dodgy file sharing networks and BitTorrent tracking whatnots. Actually the campaign will be targeted at parents and teachers who, presumably, will then tell the kids of the world to only download blah blah. At the core of the new campaign is a printed guide called 'Young People, Music And The Internet', which will be distributed in schools, libraries and record shops, including via the Zavvi network.

On the off chance the kids won't listen to their parents or teachers or the BPI, the record industry has wheeled out the voice of youth that is, erm, Ronan Keating, to voice his support. Actually, to be fair, I think he's speaking as a parent, so he's the voice of parents. That might work. Anyway, he says this: "I am a father of three young kids who are all very interested in music and computers, they are forever asking to use the computer to download their favourite songs. There is a constant worry about the security of the internet with children. This new guide helps adults and children to use the internet safely and securely. The internet is a fantastic tool for us all to enjoy".

Throwing the support of the record industry behind the venture, BPI boss Geoff Taylor told CMU: "While many parents are happy to leave downloading music to the kids, this can create problems for those parents who want to be sure their kids are using the internet legally and safely. Even though there are plenty of licensed, safe and legal digital music services available, illegal downloading is still widespread, and there's a lack of decent information out there for parents and teachers. But we hope that this campaign will help fill that gap, de-mystify music on the internet, and encourage more people to start downloading legally".


Commercial radio body the RadioCentre has published a report on how 15-24 year olds are using radio, and the good news for radio types is that, despite the growth of new music and media services, they are still listening to it. In fact 88% of those interviewed said they listened to the radio at least once a week, and 72% listen to the radio once a day. The report also reckons that younger listeners are more likely to listen to commercial radio than the BBC, which is good for RadioCentre, who always stress that commercial radio have more young listeners than the BBC whenever the Beeb outperforms the commercial stations in the RAJARs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the growth of digital media is actually helping radio among this demographic because it expands the ways in which young people can access radio - ie via their TV or the web, or even a mobile.

Commenting on the report, RadioCentre boss Andrew Harrison told reporters: "We repeatedly hear the claims that this demographic is too busy to listen to the radio but RAJAR and our own research says otherwise - digital technology is enhancing the relevance of radio, particularly commercial radio, for younger audiences and is helping to build a secure future for the medium".

The RadioCentre's Head Of Audience Insight Alison Winter added: "This age group are part of a world where digital TV, broadband and downloading music from the internet is commonplace. The fact that they still value the same aspects of radio that audiences always have done suggests that structurally, the medium will retain its relevance and value to them both now and as their lives change".


I know that headline might seem harsh but it's what Christina Aguilera wants, honest. In an interview with The Times, the singer said: "In terms of reading bad opinions, I tend to see all negativity and criticism as a good thing because people are at least talking about me, so they must care in some way". See?

Still, she's not a big fan of the paparazzi: "Being objectified in magazines comes with the territory. You have to take it with a pinch of salt, but I don't like it when the paparazzi get to the point of being dangerous. They'll park their cars in the middle of the road, they speed, it's insane to witness what goes on. I think that is horrible".


Lead singer of The Metros Saul Adamczewski has revealed that Joe Lean (he of the Jing Jang Jong) is stalking one of his flatmates. Asked what he thought of Joe Lean & The Jing Jang Jong by Gigwise, Adamczewski said: "Is he gay? He keeps trying to come onto my flatmate. I swear to God, I'm not even fucking joking! He keeps calling him up. And my flatmate went to see Joe Lean play and he stopped in the middle of a song to come over and hug my mate! Weirdo!" Which doesn't really answer the question, does it?

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