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In today's CMU Daily:
- R Kelly jury selection begins
- Blue man accused of road rage attack
- DMX arrested for speeding
- Winehouse arrested over Sun's crack vid
- Cannabis to be made class B again
- More Madonna adoption stuff
- Oasis say leaked songs are old
- Sam Sparro courts Beth Ditto
- Gang Of Four lose two
- Paramore get to work on new songs
- Coldplay do BOGOF
- Remastered Wilburys to get stand alone releases
- Switch to co-produce Coldcut album
- Mark Ronson joins Jay-Z UK tour
- 22 bands added to Download
- The Vaselines to reform
- Festival cancelled over biker violence fears
- More Mandela line up
- Wakestock additions
- EP Review: Animal Collective - Water Curses
- Warner sign up to Wal-mart DRM free
- Virus pretending to be song on P2P
- Multi-million pound judgement for MPAA over torrent tracker
- LA introduce rules making landlords liable for copyright infringement
- eMusic take down Stones content
- iPod tax back on the agenda in Japan
- Queen man wants to save Planet Rock
- Will C4 use some of DAB spectrum for mobile TV?
- Peter Gabriel's websites stolen
- Album Review: Kraak And Smaak - Plastic People
- Mariah Carey confirms wedding
- Cliff Richard update


As we plugged rather a lot at the top of the CMU Daily yesterday, our sister publication ThreeWeeks is currently covering everything that is happening in the wonderful world of the Brighton Festival, more on which in a minute.

But a bit more on ThreeWeeks right now. As well as the Brighton Festival, ThreeWeeks also covers the Edinburgh Festival, the largest God damn cultural festival on the planet. As well as being a very important media at these two festivals, ThreeWeeks is also an innovative education programme for any students or young people looking to hone their media skills. If that's you, and you fancy being part of our review team at the Edinburgh Festival this year, then you need to apply now. It's a voluntary role, but you will get arts journalism training and coaching, plus get to see the Edinburgh Festival for free. To apply go get all the info you need at:

Talking of reviewer opportunities, we are currently recruiting students to join the CMU review team. Again, a voluntary job, but one that will come with lots of coaching and lots of free CDs! To apply for that download the form that is here...



Intern wanted for 360 degree young, successful and friendly music company. Label, music publisher and management company with international success and rapidly expanding roster in indie pop / alt-country genres seeks bright spark with a thirst for knowledge and a great sense of humour. Get your hands dirty and in return you'll learn about every aspect of the music industry and we'll get your travel / lunch. SE London near New Cross. Hours to suit, min 16 p/w. In 100 words, tell Nathaniel why it should be you at [email protected]



Music company has desk space for up to 2 desks in beautiful grade 2 listed building. Includes all bills and reasonable use of phone and unlimited cable broadband internet. Bright room divided by mezzanine with nice carpets, central heating, kitchen and bathroom. Would suit nice people in media/arts based businesses who like topping up the biscuit barrel! Contact Nathaniel at [email protected]


Valgeir Sigurosson's debut album, 'Ekvilibrium', was released in the late parts of 2007, but I think I'm correct in saying that he hasn't played too much (if at all) in the UK since then. Rejoice, therefore, because he's over for three dates this month (Brighton, Manchester and London), bringing his warm, layered electronic compositions and, if we're lucky, a host of his revered musician friends with him. Indeed, if he does decide to call in some favours, his guests could include recent co-conspirator Bonnie Prince Billy, who lends his vocals to single 'Evolution Of Waters', a lucid orchestral piece not too dissimilar to the sounds Four Tet explored on his 'Rounds' album. Throw in his production credits of Bjork, Mercury nominee Maps and French songstress Camille and there's a very faint possibility that the evening could throw-up some huge surprises. Even without the presence of some headline names he'll probably still impress, though, with his record being packed full of unusual and intricate songs that should translate well live. Head to the link below for further exploration.


The Brighton Festival is up and running and in among all the great comedy, theatre, dance, art, talks and whatnot, you will find a brilliant music programme. Our sister publication ThreeWeeks is reviewing it all, and you can check out the ThreeWeeks music team's reviews here in the CMU Daily.

Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers Show (Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers)
Many might hesitate to call two hours of drumming 'music', and with the Mugenkyo Taiko Drummers, they'd be right - it's so much more! Fusing the grace of dance with the pounding beat of the Taiko drums, a unique kind of theatre is created, and it's a lot of fun! The performers' technical skill is evident throughout, as they explore the rhythmic and textual possibilities of the percussion, whilst interest is sustained through the contrast between the ethereal bamboo flute, and the massive odaiko drum, which rattles the ceiling with every hit. Unhindered, even, by the audience's inability to clap in time, the Mugenkyo drummers create a fun and thrilling evening - the only complaints will be from the neighbours! SB
Salis Benney Theatre, 3 May, 7:30pm, £15.00 (£10.00), fringe pp35.
tw rating 5/5

Still Black, Still Proud: An Afro Tribute to James Brown (Soul Power)
On Christmas Day, 2006, legendary soul star James Brown sadly passed away. However, it seems that no one told the international performers in 'Still Black, Still Proud' who re-created a little bit of James Brown funk at the Brighton Dome on Tuesday. The show featured charismatic front men Pee Wee Ellis on saxophone, Fred Wesley on trombone (two of Brown's musical directors in his mid-century heyday), and the considerable talents of Senegalese supremo, Cheikh Lo, who left no heart string un-plucked with a near perfect rendition of 'It's Man's World'. Combined with a set list that could persuade even Victor Meldrew to shake his booty on down, 'Still Black, Still Proud' showed the so-called 'urban' acts of today the true meaning of R&B. SFW
Concert Hall, Brighton Dome, 6 May, 8:00pm, £18.00 - £22.00, festival pp12
tw rating 4/5

More Brighton Festival stuff at

In the middle of the Brighton Festival is The Great Escape - the three day convention for all you music types. Don't forget that CMU will be running some events on day one of The Great Escape, at The Globe pub just round the corner from the main convention venue. Line up as follows...

12.30-2.00pm - CMU & Guide To Making It In Music
A beginners guide to working in or with the music business, for anyone looking to work in the industry, or hoping to make it as an artist. Find out how the music industry works, what jobs are available, and who aspiring artists should be looking to meet, and where they'll find them. Run by Chris Cooke, Co-founder and Editor of music business news service the CMU Daily, and Publisher of, the new graduate careers website. To come to this free workshop just email your name and number to [email protected]

2.30-5.30pm - CMU-Tube from the Great Escape
Come and hear from artists and industry people who are appearing elsewhere at The Great Escape this year. CMU Daily Editor Chris Cooke will be interviewing both artists and industry people for the all new CMU-Tube video clip service, coming soon to the CMU Music Network website. Any Great Escape wristband holders are welcome to come and nosey, and even throw in some questions.

6pm-8pm - Come Say Hello to CMU
Come meet us. Yes, us. And we'll tell you all about our tenth birthday celebrations, which will take place over Summer 2008.

To buy your tickets for The Great Escape, go to this URL:


Six years after R Kelly was arrested on child pornography charges, his trial looks set to get under way soon, with jury selection beginning this week. Kelly, who faces 15 years in prison if convicted, has reportedly welcomed the news. His spokesman, Allan Mayer, told reporters: "Every waking moment, he's always had this hanging over his head. He's confident that when all the evidence comes out he'll be shown not to be guilty of any crime".

As much previously reported, Kelly is accused of 14 counts of making child pornography relating to a video that allegedly shows him engaging in sex acts with a 14 year old girl. There were more charges relating to the video tape when it was first discovered, and separate charges relating to photos that allegedly also showed the R&B star having sex with another minor, but those charges were ultimately dropped, for one reason or another, some merely technical. Despite all this, Kelly's celebrity and record-selling status have not been affected, which has angered some people.


More pressing pop court news now. Former Blue member Lee Ryan has been in court over those previously reported allegations that he punched taxi driver Naeem Ibrahim in the head.

Redhill Magistrates' Court were told that on New Year's Eve last year Ryan's fiance crashed her car into the back of Ibrahim's taxi, which was waiting at traffic lights in Oxted, Surrey, when Ryan leant over to kiss her. Prosecution lawyer Patrick Oven alleges that the singer was "immediately unhelpful", telling the court the singer had said: "Why do you want my details? There is no damage - I am not going to pay for it" before punching the taxi driver three times in the side of the head, knocking him to the ground.

Ryan was expected to take to the witness stand himself, but the whole trial was cut short because it transpired that Mr Ibrahim was in India and could not attend court. Ryan's barrister applied to have the case dismissed but the proposal was rejected, meaning the whole thing will return to court sometime soon.


And more from the 'car related arrests' file now. US rapper DMX, real name E arl Simmons, has been arrested after being caught on speeding cameras in Arizona doing 100mph, 114 mph and 101mph in a 65mph zone back in January.

It's not clear why charges have only just been made relating to the speeding allegations, though it may be part of a local crack down on speeding offences. A spokesman for the Arizona Department of Public Safety told "This is an important arrest. Criminal speeding endangers the lives of everyone on the road. Mr Simmons wasn't signalled out because of his notoriety, we have made several arrests in the last few months of those people who flagrantly violate the speed limit and therefore endanger the lives of everyone else on the road. The photo enforcement programme on the Loop 101 is making a difference with safety out on the highway".

DMX was arrested at his home and charged with racing on a highway, reckless driving, two counts of endangerment, three counts of criminal speed and driving with a suspended license. It's by no means DMX's first run in with local police, and nor his first arrest in relation to incidents in his car. In fact, compared to driving through a barrier while high on drugs and then claiming you're an FBI agent in a rush, mere speeding charges seem pretty weak.


More pop arrests for you now. Amy Winehouse has been arrested in relation to that video of her seemingly smoking crack which was handed over to the police after being splashed over the front page of The Sun. The troubled singer was arrested on drugs charges yesterday, and promptly bailed. The arrest comes just over a week after Winehouse spent a night in the cells after being arrested over allegations she assaulted a man in Camden,

Commenting on the latest arrest, a spokesman for the Met told reporters yesterday: "Around 1pm today a 24-year-old woman from the Camden area attended a London police station by arrangement and was arrested in connection with the alleged possession of a controlled drug. This is in connection with an investigation connected to footage passed to the Metropolitan Police on 22 January".

A spokesman for Amy said: "Amy Winehouse voluntarily attended a London police station today by appointment. She was arrested in order to be interviewed and is co-operating fully with inquiries. The interview relates to a video handed to police earlier this year".


Not really music news this, but as we're into drugs news, perhaps a quick mention that Home Secretary Jacqui Smith has told the House Of Commons she plans to reclassify cannabis as a class B drug, amid fears that the cannabis now available on the street is of "increased strength", while telling MPs that there was "uncertainty at the least" about what effect the drug has on young people.

The drug was downgraded to class C by Tony Blair's government in 2004. It was a controversial move and left the legal status of cannabis users a bit vague, but the idea was to stop police wasting time arresting people for using a drug that was actually rather widely used.

Those who supported the downgrading generally remain supportive of the drug's class C status, and argue that Smith's measure will cause hassle for the prosecution service without actually cutting use of the drug.

But the Conservatives, who always opposed cannabis being a class C drug, have welcomed the move and claim it shows that Blair's government were wrong to ever downgrade the drug in the first place.


The father of David Banda, the Malawian boy Madonna and Guy Ritchie are currently attempting to adopt, has again claimed he and his family were misled, or at least confused, when they were initially told that the singer wanted to adopt his son. He has told the Associated Press that he only agreed to give up his son in order to give him the best life possible and that he had not realised exactly what adoption entailed.

Yohane Banda said this week: "After losing two sons [who both died while babies], I really wanted David to survive. It isn't true that we abandoned him". He said that he had planned to bring his son home from the orphanage where he had taken him when he was old enough to eat solid food, but that he was told that "a rich white woman" wanted to adopt the boy. "We sat down as a family to consider it. After banging our heads together we thought this was good for David so we readily agreed".

He admits that he had not realised that adoption meant that his son would be taken away permanently. He said: "I believed when David grows up, he will return back home to his village. I am just now realising the meaning of 'adoption'. If we were told she wants to take the baby as her own, we would not have consented, because I see no reason why I should give up my son".

Despite all that, Banda Senior seems to still want the adoption to proceed, and has asked human rights groups who are trying to stop it getting the final official approval from the Malawian courts to stop protesting. He said: "These so-called human rights groups should leave my baby alone. As father, I have okayed this - I have no problem. The village has no problem. Who are they to cause trouble? Please let them stop".

Penson Kilembe, Director Of Child Welfare in the Ministry Of Women And Child Development in Malawi, dismissed Banda's remarks that he was not made aware of what was happening, telling Reuters: "We explained every detail, and Madonna herself explained her intentions in the face of the judge and in Banda's presence. He was asked several times in court if he understood what was going on, and he said he did".


In a statement on their official website, Oasis have said that three songs which appeared on the internet earlier this week are old and not, as widely reported, leaked songs from a new album.

The statement reads: "A number of old Oasis songs have appeared on the internet amidst claims that the band's new album has leaked. The songs are actually all old demos from previous sessions and well-informed fans will have known that these tracks have been in circulation for some time. In fact, most are versions of songs that have already been released. None of the songs are from sessions for the band's new studio album".


Sam Sparro has revealed that he wants to collaborate with The Gossip's Beth Ditto. The singer told BBC 6music: "I've always said this and I'll say it again just in case she's ever listening - I would love to do a track with Beth Ditto. I think we would just do something really out of this world together".

But that's not what we really want to know about. What we really want to know is what Sam Sparro thinks about Jay-Z headlining Glastonbury. He said: "I'm a Glastonbury virgin so maybe I've missed the heyday but this will be my first time there. Glastonbury's about diversity in music y'know and if it's just gonna be all just kind of one type of band, then it's not gonna be a very good festival. So why not open it up - and y'know why not? Jay-Z's cool".


Bassist Dave Allen and drummer Hugo Burnham have announced that they are leaving Gang Of Four, three years after the band reformed with its original line-up.

Allen said: "At the beginning of April, I decided that I could no longer continue to be a member of Gang Of Four. My ability to give 100 per cent to the band is limited and I feel that if I can't do so, then I shouldn't continue. As I expand my research and thinking about contemporary music distribution, I find myself conflicted about how the band's new music should be released. To retain any credibility about what the future of music distribution will look like, I have to move on and not hold back Jon [King, vocals] and Andy [Gill, guitar]'s music plans".

Burnham added, "It was a great couple of years of intermittently reminding people old and new, far and wide just how powerful the original four of us were together. Age only increased our power and focus onstage, and it was a rare pleasure to work with the original band once again. Being in a band requires handling the business side of it too, and that became boring and the constant travel became debilitating. My free time has become increasingly limited, making it difficult to be involved with them going forward".


American pop rockers Paramore vocalist Hayley Williams has been talking to MTV about her band's third album, which they hope to begin recording by the end of the year. She said: "This [album] has got to be better than [current album] 'Riot!' and we all know that this next one is gonna be important to us. And we would love to record at home. We hope to work in Nashville, because we've been on the road for so long, and to be away from home has been tough".

Although they've been touring extensively, this hasn't stopped fast work on new songs. Williams continued: "Josh [Farro, guitar] writes most of the music, so he has got tons of ideas coming on like crazy right now, and it's really inspiring and motivating me. So, I started writing to some of the ideas while we were on tour, and hopefully with some time off, I'll be able to focus and spend a lot of time on that. We're hoping to have a good 20 songs done by the time we get off the road, and we'll see where we go from there by the end of the year".


God, as if one Coldplay track isn't enough, now they're making you take two. No, only joking, we're going to be pro-Coldplay during this album campaign. Overrated mediocrity is our new passion. Yes, Coldplay are reportedly going to run a 'buy one get one free' promotion around the digital release of their new album 'Viva La Vida'. I'm not quite sure how this will work, or where it will work, but seemingly for every track fans buy off the new long player they will be able to download another for free, which basically means you get the album for half price. The aim seems to be to encourage fans to download the whole album, rather than just than a few tracks off it. Chris Martin says this: "Buy one get one free, it comes from working in Kwik Save I think. As I said before, nobody buys albums any more, certainly no body buys full albums and we've made an album that you have to have from start to finish".


The remastered versions of The Traveling Wilburys' two studio albums which appeared in that previously reported box set last year will be released as stand alone CDs this year. The remastered versions of the albums - 'Volume 1' and 'Volume 3' of course - feature remastered versions of all tracks off the original albums plus bonus material.


This is exciting. Rather fine dancey, electro-ey producer Switch, aka Dave Taylor, has been confirmed as a co-producer on the new Coldcut album, which is set to be released by Coldcut's Ninja Tune label later this year. Much more on that when we get it, I'm sure.


Mark Ronson has been added to the line-up of Jay-Z's previously announced UK arena tour.

Of the tour, the rapper said: "There's an amazing vibe and energy in the UK. I'm looking forward to seeing my UK fans again". But, annoyingly, he didn't say what he thought about that Jay-Z fella headlining Glastonbury.


Download organisers have announced the addition of 22 more bands to the bill of the festival, which takes place at Donington Park between 13-15 Jun.

New additions to the bill are: Finger Eleven, Stone Gods, Saxon, Fall Of Troy, From First To Last, Big Linda, The Haze, Between The Buried And Me, Galvatrons, Last Supper, Beat Union, Blackhole, Rolo Tomassi, Malefice, Fighting With Wire, Mexicolas, Caimbo, Glamour Of The Kill, Cry for Silence, Sons Of Albion, Voodoo Six and Army Of Freshmen.


Scottish indie band The Vaselines, often cited as a favourite of Kurt Cobain and covered three times by Nirvana, will reform for a show at this year's Tigerfest in Scotland on 16 May. The band split in 1989, reforming for a one-off show to support Nirvana a year later. Frontmen Eugene Kelly and Francis Kelly also performed Vaselines songs together on a joint tour to promote their respective solo albums in 2006, but this will be the first official Vaselines performance for nearly 20 years. The band have also revealed that members of Belle & Sebastian will also perform with them for the gig.


Organisers of a music festival due to take place in Derbyshire in August have cancelled the event because police feared it may lead to violence between rival biker groups. The Custom Rock And Blues Festival was due to take place at Catton Hall in South Derbyshire and feature sets from Glenn Hughes And Friends, Molly Hatchet, Fastway, GMT, Blackfoot, Magnum, Hanoi Rocks and Budgie. But police fear that there might be violence because of increased tensions between rival biker groups since the murder of Hells Angel Motorcycle Club member Gerard Tobin who was shot dead on the M40 last August. Police objected to the issuing of a licence for the event, though it was the organisers who pulled it, withdrawing their licence applications. A spokesman for organisers One Percent Entertainments Limited told reporters: "We have not received threats of any kind about this event. However, we have a duty to customers, employees and the general public to take very seriously any representations made by the police based on intelligence which they have, no matter how sensationalised we believe it to have been..."


Queen and Paul Rodgers, Annie Lennox, Simple Minds, Leona Lewis, Shirley Bassey, Razorlight, Sugababes, Andrea and Sharon Corr, Eddy Grant, and Jamelia are all on the bill for the previously reported concert designed to celebrate Nelson Mandela's 90th birthday, which is due to take place in Hyde Park on 27 Jun. A number of African artists will also appear, including Johnny Clegg, Sipho Mabuse, Loyiso, Kurt Darren, Papa Wemba, Emmanuel Jal and the Soweto Gospel Choir.

Confirming the event, which will raise funds for Mandela's charity, the man himself said this: "You all know that I am supposed to be retired but my friends and the charitable organisations that bear my name want to use my 90th birthday year to raise funds to continue our work. And so, of course, I want to help them. So, we have a bargain -- I am going to London and they will host a concert in Hyde Park, which will raise awareness of our continuing work and much needed funds".

No word one way or the other on rumours Eminem would headline the Mandela show.


Line up additons also at the Wakestock Festival, who have just added Estelle, Happy Mondays, Plump DJs, Nu-Mark, The Blackout, Goldierocks, Hyper, Sonny J, Uncle Buck, Dan Greenpeace, Jaguar Skills and I-Koma to the bill, which already boasts Groove Armada, Mark Ronson and The Streets. Wakestock takes place at Blenheim Palace from 27-29 Jul and in Abersoch, North Wales from 4-6 Jul.


EP REVIEW: Animal Collective - Water Curses (Domino)
So soon after the release of their 'Strawberry Jam' album, Animal Collective are already set to release a new EP. Such a move seems completely contrary to the opportunity the band still has to capitalise off their album release of last year. Yet I'm not one to complain, and thankfully for the rest of the Collective's fans, the band are definitely not bound by such conventions. 'Water Curses' weaves a fun nautical theme throughout the four newly released tracks. The title track witnesses quick, giddy lyrics, syllables either tripping over tongues like water out of a faucet or resounding in full deep sea echoes, recalling sonar. The quick paced nature of 'Water Curses' is reversed, however, in subsequent tracks as the band opts for a more mellow sound. The EP is another example of the Collective's ability to convey a theme wholly through tone and musical performance. The lyrics, while clearly thoughtful, if indecipherable, are almost incidental and gain most importance through the function of onomatopoeia, demonstrating an uncanny ability to play off pure sound and emotion. This is not Animal Collective's most experimental release, but it is a welcome and enjoyable one, furthering their reputation as boundary defying artists. EO
Release Date: 5 May
Press Contact: Domino IH


Warner Music has agreed to make its DRM-free catalogue available to US supermarket major Wal-Mart, a move which will see music from the major return to the firm's download store. Wal-Mart relaunched their download service selling only digital rights management free MP3s earlier in the year, following Amazon's lead. With the majors still only just completing DRM-free deals, only music from EMI, the first major to go DRM-free, was available at launch. Now Warner's tunes will be added into the DRM-free mix.


Anti-virus types McAfee have issued a warning that a particularly nasty virus is doing the rounds of the main P2P networks, disguised as a video or audio file. You download the track, open it, and bam, you're infected. The anti-virus experts say over half a million computers have become infected by the virus since Friday, and have labelled the risk attached to it as "medium", which is apparently more serious than it probably sounds. So, you P2P users you, be careful out there now, won't you? Or, speaking in the mindset of some of our record label owning readers, ha, serves you right, I hope it wipes your hard disk.


More file sharing news, albeit really from the movie industry domain. The Motion Picture Association Of America has been awarded a $110 million judgement against a company called Valence Media who operated the TorrentSpy website which helped web users to find illegal BitTorrent sources of content, in particular movies.

A default judgement was entered against Valence last year, and the site subsequently disappeared off the net. The US courts this week ruled on what damages the movie industry were due. One assumes Valence don't have $100 million and will go into liquidation, so it's something of a pyrrhic victory.

Still, for content owners it reaffirms that BitTorrent trackers - whether they be websites or message boards - [a] can be guilty of copyright infringement (most likely authorising infringement - though Valance were found guilty of several kinds) - even though they don't host any of the unlicensed content themselves, and [b] if they are, the damages can be cripplingly expensive.

MPAA boss Dan Glickman told reporters: "This substantial money judgment sends a strong message about the illegality of these sites. The demise of TorrentSpy is a clear victory for the studios, and demonstrates that such pirate sites will not be allowed to continue to operate without facing relentless litigation by copyright holders".


More piracy whatnot, and the LA County Board Of Supervisors has approved new rules that would make owners of properties used for the illegal manufacture or sale of recordings or films liable for copyright infringement. It will have a similar effect to the precedent set by that recent UK court ruling in which the owners of a market that knowingly allowed market sellers to sell pirated CDs were found guilty of infringement.

The boss of the Recording Industry Association Of America, Mitch Bainwol, welcomed the new rules, telling reporters: "This ordinance gives new teeth to a comprehensive effort to reduce counterfeiting and piracy - which costs thousands of local jobs and millions of dollars in revenue - throughout the city and county. We thank Supervisor Yaroslavsky for his continuing leadership on these issues, as well as the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors and county counsel for their efforts".


eMusic have announced they have pulled music from the catalogue belonging to record label ABKCO off their service. The reasons for pulling the content - which, most notably, includes early Rolling Stones - isn't clear, though they allude to some dispute with ABKCO and/or their distributors Universal Music. The ABKCO deal was an important one because it was the first time some of the label's legendary catalogue had been made available without digital rights management technology.

In a blog entry on their website, eMusic say: "Before posting the ABKCO catalogue on eMusic at the beginning of April, we pursued every level of due diligence possible. We triple- and quadruple-checked with every possible party at both ABKCO and Universal Music Group, which distributes the label, and the word was unanimous: let's do this. Green-lit, we proceeded to do what we do best: we got the best writers in the world to put it in context, and we presented the catalogue to you with an impressive amount of musical and historical background. ABKCO and UMG were both incredibly impressed by both the treatment and the sales: the catalogue (even stuff beyond the Stones) generated a huge number of downloads".

They continue: "But this was not enough. Due to events outside of our control, we are being forced to remove the entire ABKCO catalogue from eMusic effective tomorrow morning. We hope to get them back at some point, but for now, we have no choice. The shame here is that you, our customers, the exact sort of music fan that the music industry should celebrate and reward, suffers as a result of this classic industry snafu. While the industry concerns itself with arcane details, the music consumer - a dying breed, mind you - is restricted from legally acquiring music. It's a maddening situation that eMusic has been committed to repairing for the last ten years, and always will be: people don't mind paying for music so long as it's affordable and they aren't handicapped by DRM restrictions and the like when they pull out their wallets.".

A 'snafu', in case you wondered, is "a badly confused or ridiculously muddled situation".


Japan is the latest country to consider an iPod tax - ie adding a levy to the sale of digital music players that is passed back to the music companies, based on the idea that it is compensation for all the private copies of music consumers will make onto their music players. Such a levy already exists in Japan on DAT players and MiniDisc Players, but the government's Cultural Affairs Agency is now considering calls by the country's music business to add it to MP3 players. It's not the first time an iPod Tax has been discussed in Japanese political circles - back in 2005 the music industry trade bodies were unsuccessful in their attempt to get one introduced. As previously reported, in the UK, where no levy has ever existed on tapes, CDRs or electronic recording devices, the Music Business Group is proposing a licence system whereby manufacturers can opt to pay a levy if they wish - in theory players made by manufacturers who had not paid the levy could not be used for making private copies, though, of course, in reality they would.


Brian May has said he is involved in a bid to save Planet Rock, the digital radio station that could be axed by owners GCap. The future of the station has been insecure since GCap boss Fru Hazlitt announce she was pulling out of all digital only ventures. However, after Global Radio's takeover of GCap was approved by the board there, all of Fru's grand plans have been put on hold. Well, not all - one GCap digital station, theJazz, was quickly shut down. Planet Rock is still operational, but its long term future is unsure.

Writing on his website, May said he was "involved in mounting a rescue operation to save the station", adding: "I regard Planet Rock as rather more than just a radio station - it is a symbol of free radio ... radio which is not run by large corporate organisations for the purpose of making tons of money, and has a free choice of what it plays. DAB Radio has had a brave start, and can provide freedom from domination by commercially minded programming, but it might, at this point, slip between the cracks. I believe this cause is worth supporting ... and will be doing my best to put my money and expertise) where my mouth is".

Of course Planet Rock is run by a large corporate organisation, but I get what he means, and presumably he's hoping to get it out of large corporate ownership, so that it can operate without the threat of closure at the end of each month.


A source says that Channel 4 will use the bit of their digital audio broadcasting multiplex that has been set aside for non-radio services for a mobile TV service. Channel 4's TV bit will reportedly buy the spare spectrum off its 4Digital arm so to offer mobile video services.


Three of Peter Gabriel's websites are down, not because of any technical problems, but because someone physically nabbed the server they were stored on. The server theft has affected the,, and websites. The store bit of the sites, where people can buy tickets for WOMAD, are back online, and the rest should follow soon., the ad funded download service in which Gabriel is a partner, and which properly launched last week, is not affected.


ALBUM REVIEW: Kraak and Smaak - Plastic People (Jalapeno Records)
Dutch trio Kraak & Smaak have been touring hard as a live act. Now they hit us with their second LP. Starting with the disco infused 'Bobby And Whitney' with Caprice on vocal duty, the album gets off well. 'Squeeze Me' is catchy groovy little number with Ben Westbeech on vocals and has recently seen good air play. The title track is a little more edgy, and laidback soul is touched on with Dudley Perkins toasting 'That's My Word'. The tracks without vocals are well engineered; 'Cornered' has a solemn clarinet layered on top of a latin backdrop, which smoulders but doesn't quite ignite, the breaksy 'California Roll' picks up the pace and is the highlight of the LP - spacious dancefloor funk. 'Il Serpente' is chilled out and builds up with its live percussive aspect. 'Ready For Life' has an 80's dance feel and Rose's lyrics work well amid the retro pop antics, while 'Aint Gonna Take It' trips along well with some odd bleeps reminiscent of 'The Clangers', and it's all rounded off with some moody chill with 'Everyone Who Has'. Some interesting bits and bobs here, but I feel this act would be more interesting live than recorded. PV
Release Date: 5 May
Press Contact: Phuture Trax


Mariah Carey has confirmed to People Magazine that she and actor Nick Cannon married at her estate in the Bahamas last week, just six weeks after they met. And she even gave them a wedding photo to prove it. She told the magazine: "We really do feel we are soulmates. I never felt a love like this was in the cards for me".

Other than that, the magazine are staying tight-lipped, saving it all for their new issue, which hits the streets on Friday, promising "photos of [the couple's] new tattoos, details on Nick's candy-themed proposal, and their plans for kids". Aww.


OK, quick Cliff Richard update everyone. You know how last week we ran a story on his latest rant about UK radio being biased against him, in which he referenced a sneaky venture in 1998 when he released an R&B record under a fake name which got radio play; proof, he said, about the bias.

Well, we didn't know last week what the song was, but various people have been in touch to tell us it was called 'Can't Keep This Feeling In', and was released under the name Blacknight.

We wondered whether the fact it was an R&B pop record rather than a usual Cliff track was the reason it got playlisted by radio - which would mean it doesn't prove bias - but one reader says he seems to remember that Radio 1, Kiss et al, who had playlisted the song, quickly dropped it once they found out who was behind it. Which would prove a bit of bias I suppose.

Poor Cliff, all that bias, on top of yesterday's scandalous Eurovision revelation. And all he ever wanted to do was entertain us with some music.

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