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Every week we select and add twelve more tracks to our music video service CMU-Tube, powered by MUZU. There's some old stuff, some new stuff, some timely stuff, some recent favourites, and sometimes a little bit of musical nonsense. Here's this week's selection. You can go enjoy for yourself by clicking on Select any songs from our playlists on-demand, or just press play and let Team CMU entertain you for half an hour. Perfect.
01: The Prodigy - Omen
Now this is what we want, brand new Prodigy. Released as a single next month, it comes, of course, from the band's highly anticipated new album 'Invaders Must Die', the first to actually feature all three members of the main Prodigy outfit since 1997's 'Fat Of The Land'. 'Omen' is a monster track - already classic Prodigy I'd say.

02: Kid Cudi Vs Crookers - Day N Nite
Another great slice of current pop for you now from Cleveland rapper Kid Cudi. The original of this track has been doing the rounds for a year now, and the remix experts here at CMU tell me there have been six official reworks of it along the way. But it's this version, rerubbed by Italian DJs Crookers, that's currently at number two in the singles chart, so it's this one we're playing.

03: Run DMC - Walk This Way (Live)
From brand new hip hop, to one of the genre's most classic of classics. Coming, I think, from the 'Live At Montreux' DVD available via Eagle Rock, this is brilliant live version of 'Walk This Way', a welcome addition to the CMU-Tube any week, obviously, but slotted in this week as a nod to the news earlier this month that they are to be inducted into the US Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame this year.

04: N-Dubz - Ouch
And how about some home grown hip hop from the file marked 'recent decents'? I kinda think N-Dubz have been one of the most underrated talents in British music for a good 18 months now, certainly in parts of the music press. Though with the MOBO and 300K+ sales of 2008 album 'Uncle B' they are certainly suitably rated by some. This single from last October is one of the most played tracks on MUZU, and we've not had it on the CMU-Tube yet, so let's rectify that now.

05: Faithless - Don't Leave
Older stuff for you now, and first up Faithless, in the news last week because their manager, Brian Message, said the band would not be looking for a new major record deal having fulfilled their obligations to Sony Music, choosing instead to self-release, or do one-album distribution deals, following the lead of the also-managed-by-Message Radiohead. Sounds interesting. But from future plans to past classics, and Faithless at their most mellow.

06: Radiohead - No Surprises
And talking of Radiohead... This track's been in my head ever since one of the CMU DJs remarked how the door bell at his new office makes a ping noise like the opened note of this track. Which was interesting, because we used to have a lift that did that at the old CMU HQ. Who says we pick tracks for the CMU-Tube based on random nonsense?

07: Groove Armada - At The River
Brand new Groove Armada is doing the rounds of course, and thanks to that rum drink it's free, though if you want to access all the new tracks you'll need to do some file sharing first. Confused? Well, go see and it might make sense. Meanwhile, here's my very favourite Groove Armada track of all time.

08: Air - Kelly Watch The Stars
No real reason for featuring Air in this week's selection, except chilling out to Groove Armada there made them come to mind. I used to work in an office where the only decent album in the box next to the stereo was 'Moon Safari', so, as first person in most days, I always used to put it on every single day. I think everyone else lost patience with it after a while, but for me, I'd be more than happy to start every day of the rest of my life to this classic album. Then again, I do have high tolerance for repetition, that is true.

09: Delays - Valentine
A real CMU favourite from a couple of years back now, and the lead track off the second album from the wonderful Delays.

10: Escape Act - Cabin Fever
And so back to some brand new stuff, and another band featured in our recent Unsigned Month with MUZU. This Belfast trio are definitely worth checking out - go see - but first enjoy this Springsteen-aping arena stomp, a definite calling card of a track where the ethereal Brit-rock of Doves meets the melancholy, shoe gazing vocals of Teenage Fanclub.

11: Scouting For Girls - Heartbeat
Back to pop, and a bit of Scouting For Girls, another award-prompted selection, Roy and the boys having been shortlisted for no less than three Brits this year, an achievement marked by a set at last week's Brits nominations party. As you'll all surely know, I was a big fan of these guys when they first surfaced back whenever that was, but given how long they've been gigging their eponymous debut album even I'm getting a little tired of the more-played tracks off it. This one, however, has had a little less exposure and therefore remains a CMU favourite.

12: Queen - Innuendo
And finally some CMU gold, picked simply to celebrate the arrival of Queen on MUZU. I love Queen and I don't care who knows it. And one day someone at EMI is going to send me that triple CD hits package, so I can stop listening to my increasingly warped cassette versions. Though I have downloaded this, my very favourite Queen song, off iTunes, so I get to listen to it without the warps. And this week I can watch the video too.

Get on over to and enjoy. To put your songs forward for possible playlisting, just set up your own MUZU channel, upload your videos, and then email details to [email protected].



Cherry Red Records - one the of UK's longest established independent record labels - require a royalty administration assistant on a two days per week basis. Duties will include contract information databasing, dealing directly with artists and licensor's royalty queries, general royalty system maintenance and royalty run preparation. Previous royalty administration experience is preferred. Please send CV with covering letter to Matt Bristow - [email protected] no later than Friday January 30th.

Needless to say really, record label trade body the BPI wasn't thrilled by those previously reported comments made by the UK's Intellectual Property Minister David Lammy and printed in The Times yesterday.

As previously reported, Lammy told the paper that he didn't think the government could introduce laws to force ISPs to cut off persistent file sharers - as some have suggested should happen - because such measures would be wrapped up in legal problems.

But perhaps more worryingly for those who advocate new laws to force net firms to take a more proactive role in policing online piracy, he implied he wasn't completely convinced about the need for legislation to combat filesharing, telling the paper: "We can't have a system where we're talking about arresting teenagers in their bedrooms. People can rent a room in an hotel and leave with a bar of soap - there's a big difference between leaving with a bar of soap and leaving with the television".

Responding to Lammy's remarks, the BPI's Director Of Public Affairs Richard Mollet told Billboard: "British music creators are sure to be insulted at the analogy between British music and complimentary soap from hotels. It shows an incredible lack of understanding [of the relationship] between music and illegal file-sharing from the minister in charge of intellectual property". He added that the idea anyone was proposing teenagers be arrested in their bedrooms misrepresented what the record companies are lobbying for in terms of legislative help in combating piracy. Mollet: "We are appalled to see him falsely raising the prospect of arresting people in their bedrooms and fail to see what place this has in the discussion".

Given indications of support for the music business in its fight against illegal filesharing by Culture Minister Andy Burnham in the last year, the fact the government man actually responsible for copyright law review seems less supportive is a bit of a blow for the industry.

As previously reported, Lammy's comments preceded the publication of Digital Britain, a new report expected this week which will give the government's view on policing copyright online. The government has previously indicated that if the record companies and internet service providers can't reach a voluntary agreement regarding the latter assisting the former to protect its copyrights then they would introduce laws to force them. It's not clear if the report will give any more detail on what the government feels the ISPs should be obligated to do, though it's thought it won't propose the three strike system being put in place in France, whereby illegal filesharers who ignore two warnings about their activity will have their internet connection cut off.

It will, though, probably propose the establishment of an independent body to coordinate action against online piracy, similar to that in the process of being established in France, though probably with less actual powers. Said body may well sit within or under media regulator OfCom.

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According to NME, a spokesperson for David Bowie has denied recent rumours that he was planning to resurrect his Ziggy Stardust alter-ego at the Coachella festival this year. Reports had suggested that he was set to perform 'Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust' at the Californian event, which takes place in April. As previously reported, a recent post on twitter suggested that the star was working on new material in Berlin, but a label representative has told Gigwise "our line is that we can neither confirm or deny".

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Amy Winehouse's jailed husband Blake Fielder-Civil has written an emotional letter to his parents in which he tells of his disappointment at his wife's apparently faithless behaviour and apparent comments about his shortcomings in the bedroom.

As previously reported, the singer has been photographed looking very cosy with actor and former rugby player Josh Bowman whilst on extended vacation in the Caribbean, which prompted Fielder-Civil to file for divorce. Amy, meanwhile, has denied any romantic involvement with Bowman, and says she wants to salvage her relationship with her husband, despite the fact that they are quite clearly a very bad influence on each other and should be kept apart by force.

Anyway, he writes in this letter, obtained (bet that was difficult) by the News Of The World: "Does anyone deserve this kind of treatment? Am I that bad? Amy's words and actions have disappointed me a lot. The comment on my ability in the bedroom has caused a lot of humour among my fellow inmates. I must try harder with my next girlfriend! It would be all too easy to get into a war of words. The impulse to retaliate is strong but the need to act with dignity and respect is a must. I've taken everything on the chin and had my character assassinated but I've got nothing to prove to anyone. I know what I'm made of. I've made mistakes and I've been punished. In short, I want to be left alone".

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So, as expected, the case for the defence in the second edition of the Phil Spector murder trial kicked off yesterday, with Spector's new lawyer Doron Weinberg hoping to give a more conclusive presentation to the jury than the mish-mash of defence attorneys that represented Spector in the first trial.

Like the defence in the first case, Weinberg is expected to focus on the mental state of Lana Clarkson, the woman Spector is accused of shooting dead. Spector, of course, claims she shot herself. From the start Spector's legal people have argued Clarkson was depressive and quite probably suicidal in the months leading up to her death, and therefore capable of shooting herself.

Weinberg is expected to question in particular why the authorities didn't do a "psychological autopsy" on Clarkson to officially ascertain her state of mind. He'll concentrate on that aspect not only because it may convince the jury that the former actress was capable of shooting herself, but also because it implies the authorities immediately assumed Spector was guilty and did not conduct their investigation with an open mind, perhaps, Weinberg presumably hopes, throwing further doubt on the case against the legendary music producer.

Unlike the first defence case, Weinberg is also expected to show evidence that his client can be rude and occasionally violent towards men as well as women. In what could backfire and become a counter-productive move, Weinberg wants to show that while Spector can fly off the handle at times, he does so towards both men and woman. Presumably being portrayed as a grumpy man capable of sudden violent mood swings is not as bad as being portrayed as a sinister misogynist. Weinberg will have to hope that while running through his client's gun wielding runs in with men, he is still able to convince the jury that while Spector may occasionally pull guns on people, he isn't capable of firing one.

But before all that, Judge Larry Fidler yesterday initially concerned himself with Weinberg's request to take the jury to Spector's home, ie the scene of the crime. The prosecution have objected to the request, claiming that when the jury in the first trial went to the Beverly Hills mansion the defence team manipulated the fountain outside the house, so that it was noisier than normal, in a bid to throw doubt on one of the prosecution's most important witness testimonies - that by the producer's former driver, who was outside the house on the night of the shooting, and who claims he hard Spector say "I think I killed someone" across the property's drive way. The defence, the prosecution argued, were trying to make it seem like the driver couldn't possibly have clearly heard what his boss said over the noise of the fountain.

Despite all that, Fidler said Weinberg could take the jury to Spector's home, but added that the fountain should be turned off while they're there, and also that Spector's current young wife should not be present.

The case, as they say, continues.

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Two former directors of digital marketing and e-commerce firm Trinity Street are suing the company claiming that they were unlawfully removed as directors of the firm in a "boardroom coup" last month.

David Robson and Andrew Murray acquired Trinity Street, always an interesting music marketing agency, in 2004, and since then have concentrated in particular on developing direct-to-consumer online sales and marketing platforms for artists, labels and media, operating mainly in the music space. Clients include EMI, Universal, Ministry Of Sound, Global Gathering, NME, Robbie Williams and, outside of the music domain, The Mighty Boosh.

In 2007 they formed an alliance with entertainment business investment firm Ingenious Ventures, and in doing so created a new parent company called Trinity Universal Holdings, which also owned two other e-commerce companies, QED Technology and QED Commerce.

It is from the board of the parent company that Robson and Murray claim they were unlawfully dismissed, a move which also led to them being dismissed as employees of Trinity Street itself. Their legal action names not only Trinity Universal Holdings as a defendant, but also Ingenious Ventures director Sanjay Wadhwani and Trinity Street's former Sales Director Danny Oakes, who they claim were behind the boardroom manoeuvres that left them out in the cold.

Commenting on his legal action, Murray told CMU: "Our treatment at the hands of Sanjay Wadhwani and Danny Oakes whereby they have effectively prevented us from running our own business, has been outrageous. We contend that their behaviour is unlawful so we have instructed our legal team to expedite this case to its fullest extent. We want to reassure our many clients, who have been incredibly supportive of us, that we intend to keep fighting to regain control of our company and hope to be working with them again in the very near future".

The parent company and backers Ingenious are yet to respond.

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The nominations for the 2009 NME Awards have been announced, and Oasis have been nominated in seven categories. The awards the group are up for include Best Band, Worst Band, and Best Album, whilst Noel Gallagher is nominated in the Hero Of The Year and Best Dressed categories. Noel Gallagher said: "Seven nominations, you say? Is that all? I always knew my time would come in the best dressed man in the world category".

Elsewhere, Kings Of Leon also have multiple nominations, with four nods, including best track for the ubiquitous 'Sex On Fire'. The also-ubiquitous Barack Obama gets a first nomination in the aforementioned Hero Of The Year category, whilst Amy Winehouse joins the likes of Gordon Brown and George W Bush in the Villain Of The Year domain.

Elsewhere in the negatives, Coldplay's latest album 'Viva La Vida' us up for Worst Album, as is Razorlight's 'Slipway Fires'. Worst Dressed nominees include Amy Winehouse and Brandon Flowers.

Meanwhile, back in the positives, The Cure will get this year's Godlike Genius Award.

Winners will be announced on 25 Feb at Brixton Academy.

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The 2009 Xfm New Music Award shortlist has been announced. A long list of forty nine debut albums have been whittled down via public vote to a list of ten, and from those a winner will be chosen by a panel of music industry types, who will meet on 2 Feb to decide the victor, and it will then be announced on 3 Feb.

Here's the shortlist:

The Courteeners - St Jude
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip - Angles
Foals - Antidotes
Glasvegas - Glasvegas
Laura Marling - Alas, I Cannot Swim
The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age Of The Understatement
Noah & The Whale - Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down
One Night Only - Started A Fire
The Ting Tings - We Started Nothing
You Me At Six - Take Off Your Colours

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Hot Chocolate man Errol Brown is to quit music after he finishes an upcoming farewell tour. The singer, who is now sixty, told WENN: "It's just time really to say goodbye, to be honest. And to thank everybody for everything they've done and the support I've been given, and sail off into the sunset. When you've done your thing, a lot of times you've had your greatest creative years and then to be going out and trying to come back with something - at my age, now it's a bit silly. I'm sorry to say that. I just think that my best work is done and that's it. Some people keep on and on and on but I don't have that feeling. I don't get up and feel I've got to write anything any more, so I'm happy. I'm not kind of moaning - I've done what I was very happy with, and that's it".

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Robbie Williams' manager Tim Clark has been talking to Music Week about their plans for new business relationships once the singer's current mega-bucks deal with EMI is complete. Only one more new album is required to fulfil Williams obligations to the major, and work has already begun on that from a songwriting point of view, and it's thought Robbie will go into the studio in March to begin recording.

Asked whether Williams will re-sign to EMI or another major, Clark told the trade magazine: "I don't think anything is out of the question. For [co-manager] David [Enthoven] and myself, how we'd like to see things is pretty clear. First of all we start from the very simple place, which has almost become a cliché, source and destination - artist and fan - and the people in the middle are simply the gloop and have to justify the roles they have".

However much EMI or one of their rivals could justify their roles, they are unlikely to win actual ownership of Williams' master recordings in any deal. Adding that the rights to the albums created under Robbie's second EMI deal (the much reported on multi-million pound one) will revert to the singer, he said: "It's a foolhardy artist who allows their rights simply to be owned by a record company. The old-fashioned record company deal [where ownership of recordings go the label in return for their upfront investment] is not something Robbie Williams would consider".

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Universal Music Publishing has announced it has extended its publishing agreement with Stereophonics, meaning the major pubbery will administer the band's catalogue and future releases worldwide. Look, here's what Universal Publishing's President of Europe and UK Paul Connolly has to say: "Stereophonics have written so many great songs over the years and 9 million album sales plus the recent success of their 'Best Of' speaks for itself. I am delighted that we are going to continue our successful relationship with the band and look forward to achieving more success with them in the future".

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The Enemy have written some news on their website about their second album, which they say will be called 'Music For The People'.

Frontman Tom Clarke wrote that he felt his group had taken "a big step forward", adding "We decided to go right back to basics with the recording and do it all on tape rather than computers which is how the vast majority of modern records are made, and as a result it sounds huge, like a proper old school rock record. But don't worry the bangers are very much still there and hardcore Enemy fans will not be disappointed, I can assure you".

He also said that the group are planning to showcase their new material at a series of upcoming gigs, dates to be confirmed.

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PJ Harvey has recorded a score for a new Broadway production of Henrik Ibsen's classic play 'Hedda Gabler', and according to the New York Daily News, it consists mostly of guitar feedback. Harvey told the paper: "I've wanted to do theatre or film music since I first began writing music. I've just never been approached before".

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Plans by the Bootleg Beatles to repeat the Fab Four's legendary gig on top of the Apple Corps building in Savile Row back in 1969 have been scuppered after the local council made too many demands.

The Beatles' mini-gig on the Savile Row roof in January 1969 was their last live performance as a band, and was famously cut short by the Metropolitan Police. The most famous Beatles cover band hoped they could repeat the gig but without the risk of arrest by winning the approval of both the building's owners and the local council. OK! magazine and the Express newspapers were due to sponsor the event which would be held in aid of PeaceOneDay. All good, except, according to the band, Westminster Council started making a number of demands regarding the event which ultimately rendered the whole venture unviable.

Bootleg Beatle Neil Harrison (he does Lennon) told CMU: "It would have been fun to commemorate the day and promote Peace One Day and what harm could it really do anyhow? A handful of Londoners get some free lunchtime music to brighten their day in the true spirit of the sixties! And what do we get instead - spontaneity strangled again by red tape. Oh Boris, and we thought it was all gonna change!"

All of which means that if you want to catch the Bootleg Beatles in action you'll have to make it to one of these gig dates instead...

11 Mar: Croydon, Fairfield Halls
12 Mar: Southend, Cliffs Pavilion
13 Mar: Basingstoke, The Anvil
14 Mar: Cheltenham, Town Hall
15 Mar: Derby, Assembly Rooms
17 Mar: Grimsby, Grimsby Auditorium
18 Mar: Peterborough, Broadway Theatre
19 Mar: Stoke-on-Trent, Victoria Hall
20 Mar: Malvern, Forum Theatre
21 Mar: Halifax, Victoria Theatre
23 Mar: Crawley, The Hawthorne
24 Mar: Oxford, New Theatre
25 Mar: Reading, The Hexagon
26 Mar: Nothampton, Derngate

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Janet Jackson's upcoming five date tour of Japan has been cancelled and, according to reports, the promoters are claiming that it's the global economic crisis that's to blame. The singer had been due to perform in several major cities, including Osaka, in February. New dates are now expected to be announced in March. Not sure if that's because the global economic crisis will be over in March or not.

As previously reported, Jackson was forced to cancel seven US performances at the end of last year because she was unwell. She has recently been in the UK to support sister LaToya in her 'Celebrity Big Brother' appearance.

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Oasis are to do a number of dates in China, their first ever appearances in the country, as part of their 'Dig Out Your Soul' world tour. The band will play gigs in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong in early April. Elsewhere in Oasis touring news, they recently announced that among the bands set to support them on their upcoming UK tour dates are Reverend And The Makers and Twisted Wheel.

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SINGLE REVIEW: Defend Moscow - Manifesto (Kids)
Chugging guitars, male/female duelling vocalists, stomping drums, and a whole bucket of synthesizers. If that sounds like your cup of tea, and you like the Pet Shop Boys, Human League, Alphabeat and similar acts, then you'll be bowled over by this, the debut single from Defend Moscow. Despite the pop sheen, though, Defend Moscow are serious about something - the lyrics of 'Manifesto' are based on the life and times of Bolshevik revolutionary and Marxist theorist Leon Trotsky. Although this track lacks the soaring quality of some of their other work, particularly 'Die Tonight', Manifesto is still a powerful statement of intent and a great pop song, even if it does have 'guilty pleasure' written all over it. DG
Press Contacts: Momentum PR [RP], 14th Floor IH [NP], Partisan PR [O]
Release Date: 23 Feb

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A new report from ticketing analysts Tixdaq says that over a million concert and festival tickets were resold on the secondary ticking marketing last year, which is rather a lot.

Such secondary ticket selling - online ticket touting basically - has, of course, proved a little controversial in some circles, with many promoters disliking the growth of the phenomenon. There has been talk of new laws to restrict such touting, though such rules seem unlikely beyond regulations to protect consumers' interests (ie to make sure dodgy outfits don't take money for tickets they haven't actually got). So, apart from when promoters are willing to introduce measures to stop reselling - Glasto style photo ID or by using electronic ticketing methods - I think secondary ticketing is here to stay.

Commenting on his company's report, Tixdaq's Steve Machin told Music Week: "This is the first definitive census of the UK live music sector, as seen through the lens of the resale market. The emergence of online ticket exchanges [has] created a complex new marketplace in which tickets have become commodities. With a deeper view of the trends and values, we believe everyone can make better-informed decisions, mitigate risk more efficiently and optimise yield without alienating their core customers".

For fans of trivia, Coldplay was the top selling act in terms of the value of tickets traded last year, followed by Stevie Wonder, Kylie and Tina Turner (even though her tour is yet to happen). Take That were the top act in terms of tickets traded, though the average mark up was much less. Fans of this kind of trivia will find a load more in this week's Music Week.

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At last year's MusicTank discussions of the future of digital music there were some in the room who insisted that until the music industry and ISPs find a way of providing a licensed legal DRM-free P2P network, where punters can access and share whatever music they want in return for a monthly fee, most likely bundled into their ISP fee, then those who prefer to access music via file sharing networks will continue to use illegal services rather than the plethora of legal download and streaming services now on offer.

With the P2P faithful already dismissing the most high profile legit P2P service, the currently beta-ing Q-Trax, because of its restrictive DRM, and with the other mooted-over-the-years US-based legit P2P services now off the radar, perhaps the best hope file sharing fans have of getting a proper legal option comes from the London based Playlouder MSP, the spin off company from the Playlouder website that has been trying to get a legit P2P service, bundled in with an ISP package, off the ground for years.

Though they too have had another set back. The Playlouder team have had talks with various ISPs over the years with regard to getting their P2P service off the ground, and the most recent was Virgin Media. But, according to paidContent, Virgin have now withdrawn from their partnership with the P2P company, seemingly because they became frustrating with demands the record companies were making regarding participating in the new service. PlayLouder MSP Strategy Director Paul Sanders told paidContent, simply, "The [Virgin] project is off and the project team is stood down".

It's not clear what this means for Playlouder moving forward.

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Music Week has published a letter from the boss of BBC telly to plugger Dylan White, who has been lobbying the Corporation about the revival of its iconic pop show Top Of The Pops, which he reckons should be revived in the old Neighbours tea-time slot where it would appeal to young viewers. BBC Vision's Jana Bennett isn't convinced by that specific proposal, but hasn't ruled out the return of the show at some point in some form.

Bennett: "Thank you for your very thoughtful letter about a future for Top Of The Pops. While you are spot on regarding the core audience, the issue of using a slot post-'Blue Peter' for a targeted audience when we are committed to older audiences leading up to the Six O'clock News is one of real trade-offs. But we are still considering occasional specials and our wider popular music strategy, so we will stay in touch".

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It's the MTV2/MySpace chart, based on votes by MTV2 viewers on MySpace. The top ten this week is as follows...

1. [7] Innerpartystem - Don't Stop
2. [2] The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight
3. [4] Eagles Of Death Metal - Wanna Be In LA
4. [6] Oasis - I'm Outta Time
5. [NE] Starsailor - Tell Me It's Not Over
6. [3] Morrissey - I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
7. [NE] Franz Ferdinand - Ulysses
8. [5] The Joy Formidable - Cradle
9. [NE] Marmaduke Duke - Kid Gloves
10. [NE] The All American Rejects - Gives You Hell

Meanwhile, added to list for viewer voting this week are...

Coldplay - Life In Technicolour
Fighting With Wire - Sugar
Glasvegas - Flowers And Football Tops
Rise Against - Audience Of One
The Wombats - My Circuitboard

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Leo Sayer has reportedly taken Australian citizenship, after moving to the country back in 2005. The sixty year old singer says that life in Australia has revitalised him, explaining to Australian broadcaster ABC: "I'm 60 and I feel like a 20-year-old in my life here because everybody is so encouraging to keep working. In the old country it would be 'no, sorry, you're from the 70s and that's it'".

So true. Well, I'm glad those Aussies appreciate him.

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