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Irish rockers and CMU favourites Bell X1 formed in 1999 out of the ashes of Juniper, which had included now internationally acclaimed solo artist Damien Rice. With a new line up and a new name, the band set about plotting their world domination. Having conquered their native Ireland, the band have seen a wealth of popularity across the UK and Europe, plus the big ol USA, where they have had tracks used on shows such as 'The OC' and 'Grey's Anatomy'. Having gone from a foursome to a threesome in late 2008 after the departure of guitarist Brian Crosby, the band have knuckled down to produce their fourth album 'Blue Lights On The Runway' out on 2 Mar. Here, Paul Noonan has answered our Same Six Questions.
Q1 How did you start out making music?
Playing drums on the lockers at school. Now that I think of it, it was like some 80s brat pack movie... kid from the wrong side of the tracks had to make do with what he had. Overcoming initial trauma and conflict, he gets a band together, triumphs, and also gets the girl.

Q2 What inspired your latest album?
Wanting to change it up and use toys and noises from boxes we hadn't used before. We found a big country house in the middle of Ireland, and though cold and draughty in November we started recording, we lit fires and made Mammy Dinners and music. It's our first record to own outright, and I suppose we wanted to step up and stride forth with confidence

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
I would sometimes bring songs to the band in various states of undress, and we work on dressing them together. Other times we work up a piece of music and crowbar a song into it. With this record I made initial recordings on my own, and then we worked on the songs with guitars and piano till we felt there was a backbone there, and then added the bleeps and blops

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
I have no older siblings so was introduced to music by a friend's older brother - he liked Bruce Springsteen, Talking Heads, U2, Big Country... and they've all been influences I suppose, apart from Big Country. I've a lot of time for PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, and love some contemporary country music - Gillian Welch, Alison Krauss. The purity of the writing is humbling

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
Come in, sit down, have a bun. We are Bell X1, hear our roar. Meeow. Now that wasn't so bad, was it?

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest album, and for the future?
Well, that we may continue our merry way around the world saying hi to all the boys and girls. And that it might buy me my gold house. In the future, we will send our music wirelessly to a receiver in the brain. But there will be no substitute for the live gig experience. People will always want to gather in sweaty rooms and feel the noise. Which is all good.

More>> and

Okay, so this is a duo featuring Igor Cavalera, formerly the drummer for Brazilian metal geniuses Sepultura, and his wife Laima Leyton. It couldn't really be further from Cavalera's roots (bloody roots), though. Some metallers might be horrified to learn of Cavalera's foray into dance music, but the more open-minder will note his ability, with the help of Leyton's keen production talents, to take on electronic music with just as much skill as he does metal. Their new single, 'Boom Da', released next month, is a proper slice of dancefloor destruction. With remixes for the likes of The Faint, Chromeo, MSTRKRFT and Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya in the bag already, this is a team you're going to be hearing a lot more of. And if you want to hear something really cool, you should track down their remixes of Iron Maiden.

Leyline Promotions has two desk suites available in a well-appointed courtyard studio in Westbourne Studios, W10. Ideal for a small creative agency in a very friendly and professional environment. Rent includes: storage, broadband connections, business rates, insurance, 24 hr access, restaurant and bar, conference facilities, natural sunlight. 4 mins walk from Westbourne Park tube station. Call Adrian for more info on 07971 555 020 / [email protected]

ADVERTISE WITH CMU - classifieds £120 per week, job ads £100 per week, banner ads £150 per week, leader box £200 per week - call 020 7099 9050 or email [email protected] for information or to book.

Leyline Promotions are looking for an enthusiastic, web-savvy intern to work alongside the events and PR teams in Westbourne Studios. The internship is 3-5 days per week, 6 weeks long, with the possibility of a long term position. Leyline runs several indie/electro/alt-rock/dance nights in London as well as a PR department who represent various artists and festivals. Applicants should be very passionate about music, active on forums/online, willing to learn and able to hit the ground running! Applicants must be prepared to work occasional evening shifts and will be reimbursed for travel. Contact Tamsin for more info on [email protected]


The fallout from the collapse of music-based e-commerce company Trinity Street took a new turn this morning when it was revealed Ministry Of Sound plan to sue the firm's financial backers Ingenious Media.

As previously reported, David Robson and Andy Murray, who acquired Trinity Street back in 2004 and who formed an alliance with music investment firm Ingenious in 2007, were fired from the company and pushed off its board at the end of last year. They announced in January that they planned to sue the e-commerce firm's parent company, Trinity Universal Holdings, claiming they were unlawfully removed as directors in what they describe as a "boardroom coup".

When Ingenious announced they were putting Trinity Street into administration last month, Robson and Murray issued a statement saying their former company had been allowed to collapse after new managers put in place by the investment firm "failed to secure new business and allowed loyal, long-term clients to take their business elsewhere". They extended their litigation to name Ingenious as defendants, and subsequently denied claims from Ingenious insiders that the company had been under-performing long before they were removed as directors, adding that the investment outfit's own lawyers had indicated the company was solvent right up until the point they put it into administration.

Ministry Of Sound were one of Trinity Street's major clients, with the e-commerce firm providing the back end to the dance music brand's online sales operations, including its download, mail-order and ticket sales. Ministry's parent company MSHK claims that they had little warning about the pending closure of Trinity Street, which crippled their etail operations. Not only that but, they allege, after they had expressed concerns about the departures of Robson and Murray they received assurances from the company's new management, and Ingenious, that Trinity Street was "solvent and stable".

MSHK's writ demands a return of monies owed to Ministry from past ticket, download and mail-order sales, as well as damages for the lost business and reputation damage they claim they suffered as a result of the sudden closure of their etail operations. As well as Ingenious itself, the lawsuit also names as defendants Ingenious director Sanjay Wadhwani, who was also named in Robson and Murray's lawsuit, and former Universal and EMI exec Barney Wragg, who headed up Trinity Street between the two directors' dismissal and its closure.

Confirming their litigation, Lohan Presencer, CEO of MSHK told CMU: "Online sales form a significant part of our business and is an important commercial platform for us, servicing over 250,000 visitors per week. To suddenly find that we had no website was a terrible blow, especially as we had received repeated assurances from senior directors at Trinity Street and management from Ingenious that the company remained solvent and stable".

Ingenious continue to deny Robson and Murray's version of events, saying it was the company's poor performance that led to their removal, and adding that it was only after their departure that they realised how bad Trinity Street was doing, a discovery which led to their decision to put the company into administration. The investment company is yet to comment on Ministry's lawsuit.

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Blake Fielder-Civil's mother has confirmed to The People that her son plans to divorce pop star wife Amy Winehouse, and claims that it's all her fault for being unfaithful. Fielder-Civil has apparently, not altogether surprisingly, not spoken to his wife since leaving prison, as previously reported, on Wednesday, and is said to be heartbroken over Amy's alleged affair with actor Josh Bowman.

Fielder-Civil's mother Georgette is quoted as saying: "Amy has behaved like a trollop. Since his release there has been no contact. Blake realised the marriage was doomed some time ago and I don't believe Amy will get round him now. I never want him to go back to her. It would be bad news. He's divorcing her because she cheated on him and the sooner the marriage is over the better".

Georgette also refuted claims that her son had been involved with model Sophie Schandorff, sparked by her appearances at a number of Fielder-Civil's court hearings last year. "Blake's been a bad lad when it comes to drugs but he hasn't once cheated on Amy", she said. "He has a close circle of friends, including Sophie, who have helped him through prison. They've been there for Blake when his own wife hasn't".

Winehouse is still on holiday in St Lucia but, according to reports, has been planning a return to the UK for a reunion with Blake.

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Britney Spears' former manager Sam Lufti has denied those previously reported allegations that he repeatedly attempted to contact the singer's hairstylist over Christmas, and has also indicated that the star's ex-boyfriend, Adnan Ghalib, ignored the restraining order against him and has exchanged messages with Spears.

As previously reported, the restraining orders issued against Lutfi and Ghalib by the Spears family have both been extended until 18 Mar. In a hearing held to decide whether the orders should continue, hairstylist Roberta Romero told an LA court last week that Lutfi had pestered her for information about Britney over a sustained three week period in December. Denying those claims in his court declaration, Lutfi asserts: "I did not initiate any direct communication with Britney Spears. Although I did receive text messages from her. All responses to those messages were conveyed to Britney through others, including... Adnan Ghalib".

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Rihanna is apparently back together with Chris Brown, despite the fact that he allegedly beat the shit out of her last month. According to reports, the couple have been spending time together in Miami at a property owned by Sean Diddy Combs. A source told People magazine: "They're together again. They care for each other. While Chris is reflective and saddened about what happened, he is really happy to be with the woman he loves". She's a fool, if she is back with him, and a bad example to victims of domestic abuse the world over. Of course conflicting reports suggest that Rihanna has in fact been in Mexico of late, the star being apparently photographed on a beach in Punta Mita wearing a white bikini.

Anyway, the investigation into the incident is apparently still ongoing, with the LAPD as yet undecided as to whether to press charges or not.

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Two weeks to go to Comic Relief's Red Nose Day 2009 then, and dance title Mixmag have announced a little charity auction to help raise funds for the charity. They recently stumbled across a banner signed by all sorts of top DJs which they suspect they were meant to give away as a competition prize at some point, but which they have decided to auction off for Comic Relief instead.

A message on their website explains: "While having our annual tidy up we stumbled upon this old Mixmag banner. It's 2m X 2m and is signed by Tiesto, Eddie Halliwell, Lisa Lashes, Anne Savage, Erick Morillo, Judge Jules, Lab 4, Fergie and a few we can't make out! We got it autographed at our 'signing tent' at Global Gathering in 2005 and were supposed to give it away as a comp prize but must have forgotten all about it. Anyway, one comp winner's loss is now Comic Relief's gain as we've put it up for auction on eBay with all the profits going to the charity".

To bid follow the link at

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Celebrity couple Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony are suing posh-pram manufacturer (though, they do make smaller cheaper ones these days, too) Silver Cross over claims that the company used images of the couple in marketing campaigns without their consent. The suit, which seeks $5million damages, claims that this has caused "irreparable damage to both Lopez's and Anthony's public images", and harmed Lopez's production company and clothing line. I think they're overreacting a bit, meself.

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God, hasn't there been a lot of U2 nonsense in the press this last week, as today's release of new album 'No Line On The Horizon' got closer? Nowhere near as much hype surrounded the new Prodigy album, which came out last Monday and which has just topped the albums chart, though they've remembered to make a decent record, so probably don't need to rely on mindless hype quite so much.

It was nice to see the BBC, who, let's not forget, are not giving U2 overly excessive amounts of free air time to promote their new album (because they said so last week), bring central London to a stand still on Friday night by getting Bono et al to play on the roof of Broadcasting House. And even after Bono had called Coldplay's Chris Martin a "wanker" on prime time Radio 1.

But let's ignore all the airtime U2 have been stealing off British licence-fee payers and dwell instead on all the money they've been stealing off the Irish tax payer. Well, denying them really. Yes, U2's much previously reported tax arrangements have been under the spotlight in Ireland again, with a number of aid organisations again pointing out the hypocrisy of millionaire popstars telling the public to hand over cash to make poverty history while employing accountants to reduce their own tax burden, and in doing so reducing the money available to the Irish government to tackle poverty at home and abroad.

As previously reported, the band moved their company, U2 Ltd, which deals with their royalty payments, to a finance house in the Netherlands in 2006 after Ireland changed its tax laws, capping the artist income tax exemption at €250,000 per year. In 2007, it is claimed, the company paid out £19 million in wages without paying any tax.

The Debt And Development Coalition Of Ireland, which includes the backing of 70 aid organisations including Oxfam and Concern Worldwide, raised the U2 tax situation at a demo last week, accusing the band of "robbing the world's poor".

The DDCI's Nessa Ni Chasaide told ITN: "We wanted to raise our concern that while Bono has championed the cause of fighting poverty and injustice in the impoverished world, the fact is that his band has moved part of its business to a tax shelter. Tax avoidance and tax evasion costs the impoverished world at least $160 million every year. This is money urgently required to bring people out of poverty".

She added: "U2 is just one part of the problem. This is a much wider and systemic problem in our global financial system. Every company and individual has the responsibility to pay the right amount of tax. There is nothing illegal about what they have done in taking advantage of more favourable tax laws, but given Bono has invested so much in promoting an end to poverty, we see a contradiction there".

The band's manager Paul McGuinness rejected the accusations, telling the Belfast Telegraph: "U2 is a global business and it pays taxes globally. At least 95% of U2's business ... takes place outside of Ireland and as a result the band pays many different kinds of taxes all over the world. [U2 are] personal investors and employers. Like any other business, U2 operates in a tax-efficient manner".

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Snoop Dogg has appeared at the Nation Of Islam's annual convention in Chicago. The rapper spoke briefly to a crowd of thousands, praising the movement's current leader Louis Farrakhan, before presenting the organisation with a $1000 donation. He then sat on stage and listened as the aforementioned Farrakhan delivered a speech. Fellow rapper TI sort of appeared as well, via a recorded video.

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Rage Against The Machine frontman Zack de la Rocha has attended a protest in Phoenix, Arizona, against Joe Arpaio, self styled 'America's toughest sheriff'. Arpaio has introduced a host of controversial measures during his time in office, attracting the attention of Amnesty, and is currently under review after four US congressmen lodged complaints about him.

Rocha says of the Maricopa County lawman: "Without the proper warrants, he raids the homes and workplaces of janitors and gardeners. At routine traffic stops he detains and deports mothers, violently separating them from their children, who are left abandoned".

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Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart are to receive a career achievement award from US collecting society ASCAP. They'll be presented with the honour, previously presented to the likes of Stevie Wonder and Neil Young, at the organisation's annual ceremony on 22 Apr in Hollywood. The band has had a changing line up over the years but the Wilsons are the only two to remain throughout.

ASCAP president Marilyn Bergman said their "success and influence helped pave the way for other female artists", adding that "they continue to build their musical legacy with an artistic energy that remains as strong today as when they first started out over 35 years ago".

The pair recently took legal action against Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin over her use of their song 'Barracuda' in her campaign.

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So, the breaks community amassed at Fabric last Thursday for the genre's big night out, the Breakspoll Awards 2009. And here, for your viewing pleasure, is the list of winners in full.

Best Album: Plump DJs - Headthrash
Best Compilation/Mix: Stanton Sessions Vol 3 - Mixed by Stanton Warriors
Best Track: NAPT - Gotta Have More Cowbell
Best Remix: Slyde - Frequency (NAPT Remix)

Best Producer: NAPT
Best Breakthrough Producer: Lady Waks
Best DJ: Stanton Warriors
Best Breakthrough DJ: Apply The Breaks
Best Live Act: Atomic Hooligan
Best MC/Vocalist: Beardyman

Best Label: Finger Lickin'
Best Breakthrough Label: Cool & Deadly
Best Retailer: Beatport

Best Large Club/Event: FABRICLIVE
Best Small Club/Event: The Vinyl Touch

Best Radio Station: NSB Radio
Best Radio Show: Annie Nightingale (Radio One)

Outstanding Contribution To Breaks: Annie Nightingale

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With so many music awards in recent weeks, how about one from the other side of the CMU equation, the good old media? The nominations are out for this year's Press Gazette British Press Awards, which celebrate the best in national newspaper journalism, and which take place on 31 Mar at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Perhaps most interesting are the nominees for 'scoop of the year' which includes the Sun's reporting of Ashley Cole's infidelities behind the back of Girl Aloud wife Cheryl, the Mirror's breaking of the Madonna/Guy divorce, and the Mail On Sunday's Sachsgate story. Away from the scandal, CMU favourite Charlie Brooker is up for Best Columnist, while The Sun's Gordon Smart, The Mirror's Tom Bryant and The Mail's Baz Bamgiboye all fight it out for Best Showbiz Reporter. What, no Neil Sean from the Metro? Surely he and his Green Room are number one when it comes to showbiz revelations?

Announcing this year's shortlists, Society Of Editors director Bob Satchwell, who heads up the award event's judging panel, told reporters: "These may be tough times for Fleet Street but class will always shine through. New readers are being won over from around the world, getting the news from all the different platforms newspapers are providing. This is because of the amazing talents, skill and dedication of displayed by the British journalists shortlisted for these awards. Despite the recession there's been no decline in the quality of entries for these awards and the judges had a hugely difficult time choosing the best of the best to make the shortlists".

The shortlists are included at the bottom of today's Daily.

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Are you holding out hope for a full Guns N Roses reunion? Well, I think Axl Rose has said enough on that subject to ensure it won't be happening any time soon. But just in case there was any doubt, he's been chatting on the subject again.

In an interview with, Rose said: "[It's] highly doubtful for us to have more than one of the alumni up with us at any given time. I suppose Duff [McKagan] could play guitar on something somewhere but there's zero possibility of me having anything to do with Slash".

You might have missed that bit about having nothing to do with Slash. Luckily, Axl clarified his feelings further: "In a nutshell, personally I consider him a cancer and better removed, avoided. And the less anyone heard of him or his supporters the better".

He says that, but so far no one has offered free drinks to everyone in America in exchange for a GNR reunion.

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US rap star Twista has entered into a new deal with EMI's Music Services divison regarding Get Money Gang Entertainment, the hip hop label he formed last year after parting company with Warner's Atlantic Records back in 2007. The partnership will see EMI distribute artists signed to the label, starting off with Twista's own new album, 'Category F5', which is due out in June and a single from which appeared on iTunes last week.

Confirming the tie up with EMI, Twista told reporters: "We are very pleased to be in business with EMI. I am excited about being independent again but having the resources of a major".

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Melbourne-based independent Shock will release the sixth studio album from Placebo in Australia and New Zealand later this year. The news follows the announcment back in January that [PIAS] will release the new long player in Europe, Placebo's first album since they parted company with EMI. Both Shock and [PIAS] will work closely with the band and their management Riverman on the new album, which will essentially be released by the band themselves but with the sales and marketing support of Shock and [PIAS] in Australasia and Europe respectively.

Confirming the deal, Shock General Manager Tim Janes told reporters: "We are absolutely delighted to have done a deal with the good folk at Riverman for the next album. Everyone here at Shock is super excited at the prospect of working on what will no doubt be one of Shock's biggest albums in recent years".

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Lil Wayne is reportedly having trouble persuading the powers that be at Universal Music that his planned rock album is something they'd want to release. Wayne wants to do something different for the follow up to his mega-selling 'Tha Carter III' album. But a single release from his new work, 'Prom Queen', only reached number 15 on the US Billboard Hot 100 making Universal execs nervous that the bankable Wayne's fans aren't so keen on his rock side. The release date for the new project has been pushed back to May, and sources say the major is trying to persuade Wayne to do a massive rework on the album before releasing it. quote a source thus: "If Wayne doesn't brighten up, they have to turn into Mr Evil Record Company and just tell him it's never going to be released".

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Liam Gallagher has been talking about his plans for Oasis' next album, saying he's keen to get back into the studio once current touring obligations are through. He told Portuguese TV show 'Top+': "Personally, after the tour I think we should have a couple of months off - not too long, maybe six months. Then I think we should go back in the studio, make another album. I reckon we'd get half of it done [straight away]. But it's not down to me, you know what I mean, because I'm not a solo artist".

I'm not sure six months off equates to either "a couple of months off" or "not too long", but then I don't live in the world of Oasis, so what do I know?

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Well, we were discussing just the other day how big America's main pop sensation of the moment, the Jonas Brothers, had become over here. Not knowing many twelve-year old girls we were wondering if they were as big in their target demographic in Britain as they clearly are in the States. Well, they're obviously big enough in the UK to be pissing of NME readers, they having awarded the Brothers two of the 'worst' gongs at last week's NME Awards, and it would seem there are enough fans of the trio to sell out Wembley Arena in one day. Taking seven hours to sell out the venue may be pretty slow by Take That's standards, but with the Jonas Brothers still very much aimed at just the teen market, such a quick sell out suggests they are doing rather well over here too. Those on the Jonas bandwagon will be pleased to know that not only does the 15 Jun Wembley show coincide with the release of their next album, but there'll be a '3D Concert Experience' DVD out in May and Disney Channel TV show later this year. Joy.

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Bombay Bicycle Club have added an extra London date to their upcoming tour. They will now play Kings College on 13 Apr in addition to their Borderline line gig in March. That date will coincide with the release of new single 'Always Like This'. The tour is as follows...

23 Mar: Borderline, London
13 Apr: London Kings College
14 Apr: Club NME @ The Lanes, Bristol
15 Apr: Club Academy, Manchester
16 Apr: ABC, Glasgow
17 Apr: Basement 2, Newcastle
18 Apr: Rainbow, Birmingham
19 Apr: Audio, Brighton

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Bestival main man Rob da Bank, who managed to leak that MGMT would be headlining this year's festival via his Twitter feed ahead of the official line up embargo last week, has been commenting on this year's mega line up.

He told reporters: "I keep having to look at the scruffy piece of paper I keep the line up on in my diary to convince myself that we are indeed bringing Kraftwerk to the Isle of Wight. Haha! I'm so bloody happy I could cry but then I realise we've also got Massive Attack, MGMT, Seasick Steve, Klaxons, Bat For Lashes ... All my favourite live acts and DJs in a field in seven months time in what I can humbly proclaim is our best line-up yet and when you find out who the third headliner is and then the very special guest too you'll join me wetting ourselves with excitement. It's gonna be out of the world - out of space in fact!"

As previously reported, Kraftwerk, Massive Attack and MGMT will all headline Bestival 2009, which takes place at Robin Hill Park on Isle Of Wight from 11-13 Sep, with the likes of Fleet Foxes, Seasick Steve, Bat For Lashes, Klaxons, Friendly Fires, Florence & The Machine also on the bill. One more headliner is still to be announced. The theme for this year's fancy dress is Outer Space.

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Police had to shut one lane on Edinburgh's South Bridge on Friday as the latest batch of tickets for this year's T In The Park went on sale at the city's Ripping Records. So many fans were queuing up to try and get their hands on one of the 40,000 tickets that went on sale last week that they were spilling out into the road (the pavement's not very wide there, if I remember rightly). Similar queues were seen as tickets went on sale in Glasgow, though no road closures I'm aware off (perhaps they had a wider pavement). All weekend camping tickets had gone by the end of the day, and all day tickets by the end of the weekend. I think there are some non-camping weekend tickets left. Organisers of the festival have urged those who missed out this year not to resort to buying tickets from unofficial sources - touts and resale websites - because those tix don't guarantee entrance. As previously reported, Killers, Blur and Kings Of Leon will headline this year.

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INDIETRACKS FESTIVAL, Ripley, Derbyshire, 24-26 Jul: Camera Obscura to join BMX Bandits, Lucky Soul, The Frank And Walters and The School.

OPEN'ER FESTIVAL, Gdynia, Poland, 2-5 Jul : Arctic Monkeys to headline, alongside previously announced headliners Kings Of Leon plus Placebo, The Kooks, The Ting Tings, Madness, Moby, Duffy and Basement Jaxx.

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SINGLE REVIEW: Emiliana Torrini - Jungle Drum (Rough Trade)
You might think that Emiliana Torrini wouldn't have any more boxes to tick on her list after singing the closing theme to the 'Lord Of The Rings' film in 2002. In fact, she has released two albums since then. 'Jungle Drum' is the third single from the latest, 'Me And Armini'. With a quicker pace than many of her usual songs, Torrini really shows off just how powerful her vocals can be. Her cute and quirky accent is still strong and sounds perfect with an electric guitar and rock n roll sound. The market may be saturated with female soloists but thankfully Emiliana still sits with the slightly older and wiser of them. AW
Release Date: 9 Mar
Press Contact: Rough Trade IH [all]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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French music distributor Nocturne could be the next big European music distribution firm to hit the wall. Billboard reports that the Paris-based company, which distributes over 300 indie labels, is under "serious financial pressure", that it has suspended payments, and that its MD has not ruled out possible bankruptcy. A number of UK indies, including Fierce Panda and American Label Artists Only, utilise Nocturne's services in France.

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More doom and gloom. Nottingham independent record store Selectadisc is to close later this month, after its owner, Phil Barton, decided he can't pump any more money into the company. He told Music Week: "Everyone here has crawled across the field of broken glass to keep this open, but in the end it didn't work. I think it is one of the top three independent stores in Britain. But that doesn't stop it being uneconomic. Everyone here is aware of tough things have been for the last two years". High overheads, declining record sales and the credit crunch have all contributed to Selectadisc's position.

As previously reported, a recent Entertainment Retailers Association report said that there were now just 300 odd independent record stores left in the UK, compared to 408 at the start of last year, and 1064 ten years ago.

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Sony Corp announced a restructure last week as the entertainment and electronics giant battles those previously reported financial woes (expected loss this year, $1.5 billion).

Most of the changes will affect the company's consumer electronics businesses, where the revenue slump has been highest. That part of Sony, which includes the firm's PlayStation, Walkmans, Vaio, Bravia operations, will be split into two divisions, Networked Products and New Consumer Products. The aim of the restructure is to ensure more integration between Sony products.

The restructure will also see Chairman and CEO Howard Stringer add President to his string of job titles, meaning a more hands-on role in the electronics side of the business. It's unclear what the restructure plans will mean for Sony's entertainment businesses, including Sony Music.

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While live music major AEG Live has expressed some reservations about the proposed Ticketmaster Live Nation merger, and has reportedly told Ticketmaster they will move their ticketing elsewhere should the deal go ahead, some are wondering why Live Nation's biggest rival hasn't been more proactive in opposing the merger in the US Congress. There haven't been any AEG reps at either Senate or House Of Rep hearings on the merger proposals. Hits Daily Double wonder if AEG, whose parent company's primary business is real estate, are hoping that the merger may result in Live Nation being forced to sell off some of their most prestigious venues, a development that could benefit property hungry AEG. Time will tell I guess.

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Universal's Polydor division has promoted plugger Neil Hughes to the job of Senior Director Of Promotions. Music Week quote Polydor President Ferdy Unger-Hamilton thus: "Neil is an exceptional all-round record executive as well as being one of the best promotions men in the business. He has built a phenomenal team who time and again deliver massive airplay hits as well as creative and often ground-breaking TV opportunities for our artists. Neil's promotion is in recognition of the huge role he has played in Polydor's recent success".

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A rep from Warner Music has been talking some more about those previously reported plans to launch a blanket licenced music service on university internet networks in the US which would give students permission to access and share whatever music they want via their college net connections.

As previously reported, under the new service, to be called Choruss, the universities would pay a licence fee to the record companies and music publishers. The motivation for universities to get involved is that they would avoid liability for copyright infringement claims against any of their students who use their college net connections to file share. Students using college internet services were frequently among those sued by the Record Industry Association Of America when they were pursuing all those lawsuits against individual file sharers.

If successful, Choruss could be a good pilot for the much talked about general blanket-licence system whereby all web users would be licenced to access and share music from any source online in return for a levy charged to their ISP fees. A similar system is being considered in the Isle Of Man as we speak.

Anyway, Jim Griffin, who is currently consulting for Warner on digital matters, told a US digital music conference last week that Choruss was still in development but could start to pilot later this year, that it was very much aimed at the college market, and that the way the system works when it goes live may vary from college to college, so to test various possible business models that could be rolled out to the mainstream ISP market.

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A German music search engine which worked a little bit like (and utilised the infrastructure of) previously reported US music search service Seeqpod has gone offline after being served with legal papers by Warner Music.

Songbeat tapped into various other music search services to find MP3s online, and then provided an app to let users more easily stream and download those audio files. The free app restricted how many songs could be downloaded, but for 20 euros you could download an unlimited number of tracks.

As EMI joined Warner in suing Seeqpod last week, Warner kick started the expected litigation spree against Songbeat by filing its legal papers. Songbeat went offline, but posted a message that read: "So we have sent Songbeat away to enter the 36 Shaolin Chambers of Software Kung Fu. Once it has finished its training it will be back and better than ever".

According to TechCrunch, Songbeat's creators say they will appeal any judgement against them should the courts side with Warner when they consider their case later this week. If that fails they say they will relocate the service to another jurisdiction and restart from there. Which sounds like fun.

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Recently appointed Yahoo! boss Carol Bartz has announced a restructure of the net company which aims to simplify things, by merging all its various technology and product 'groups' into one division under CTO Ari Balogh, and by reducing the number of regional divisions to just two - North America and Not North America. The revamp comes as the company's CFO, Blake Jorgensen, is the latest senior exec to leave the struggling web company since former CEO Jerry Yang stood down.

Confirming the revamp, which is likely to result in more job losses, Bartz wrote on the company's blog: "Today I'm rolling out a new management structure that I believe will make Yahoo a lot faster on its feet. We'll be able to make speedier decisions, the notorious 'silos' are gone, and we have a renewed focus on the customer".

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Guardian owned Smooth Radio will not renew its contract with former GMTV presenter Fiona Phillips when it runs out after her Sunday afternoon celebrity and music show failed to pull in the listeners. A spokeswoman for the station told the Mail On Sunday: "We were testing her out and now we are making changes". Phillips' representative said she had other radio work "in the pipeline".

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Commercial station TalkSport are presumably hoping to get quite a bit of media coverage for their latest signing - Mr Russell Brand. Yes, the comedian will return to the airwaves, following his departure from Radio 2 last year amid all that Sachsgate hoo haa, to present a one off football show on the sports station. Just to ensure the show has as much controversy potential as possible, Noel Gallagher will reportedly co-host. Brand revealed his TalkSport booking on his Twitter feed, saying: "It's true, myself and Britain's favourite swearer are doing a radio special on football. Let's hope Noel doesn't get me in trouble/twouble".

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Well, it's all change in the charts this week, with new numbers ones in both the singles and album countdowns.

In the singles chart, it's the turn of Kelly Clarkson to go top with her new single 'My Life Would Suck Without You', while at number two is Taylor Swift, who rises all the way up from 22. As expected, Lady GaGa has two songs in the top 10 this week, despite both of them featuring her horrible voice. 'Poker Face' rises from 15 to three, and 'Just Dance' drops from two to six. Also falling this week is Lily Allen, who drops from number one to number five.

Speaking of dropping, my favourite thing this week is U2's chart position. Having entered at a fairly pitiful 12, 'Get On Your Boots' has dropped to 20 this week, despite a week of bombardment by their good friends at the BBC. In your face U2, there's no excuse for lazy songwriting.

Over in the album chart, our new number one is The Prodigy, which is very pleasing to see. Other than that, there's little change. Take That's 'The Circus' is up from 16 to eight and AR Rahman's 'Slumdog Millionnaire' soundtrack is up from 35 to 13, but the first new enter after The Prodigy is Erasure's new singles compilation, 'Total Pop - The First 40 Hits', at 21. After that, there's a bit of a run of them, with Lamb Of God, Joe Bonomassa and Connie Fisher at 25, 26, and 27 respectively.

The charts are compiled and then forgotten about by The Official Charts Company

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Ronan Keating says he's never been offered cocaine despite his fifteen years in the music business. The Boyzoner observed the total lack of drugs in his pop career after revealing this shock revelation: "I don't take drugs, smoke or throw TVs out of windows. I ain't one of the Gallaghers, I ain't Pete Doherty - I'm just something in between". In between the Gallaghers and Doherty? That's Lisa Moorish isn't it?

Anyway, back to Keating on the lack of drugs. Speaking to Glamour he said: "Do you want to know something? I've never, ever been offered cocaine. Fifteen years in the music industry, watching people walking out of the toilet saying: 'That guy just offered me coke', and it's never happened to me. I'd just be interested to see how someone would come up and say it to you. I'd like to see how the whole thing happens".

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Columnist Of The Year
Andrew Sullivan, The Sunday Times; Charlie Brooker, The Guardian; Dominic Lawson, The Sunday Times; Jeremy Clarkson, The Sunday Times; Johann Hari, The Independent; Piers Morgan, Live, The Mail On Sunday.

Reporter Of The Year
Andrew Alderson, The Sunday Telegraph; Christopher Leake, The Mail On Sunday; Guy Basnett, News Of The World; Ian Cobain, The Guardian; Jon Ungoed-Thomas, The Sunday Times; Kate Mansey, The Sunday Mirror; Nina Lakhani, Independent On Sunday; Patrick Cockburn, The Independent.

Foreign Reporter Of The Year: Andrew Malone, Daily Mail; Colin Freeman, Sunday Telegraph; Dan Mcdougall, Freelance (News Of The World, Observer, Mail On Sunday Live Magazine); Peter Hitchens, The Mail On Sunday; Rupert Cornwell, The Independent; Tracey Mcveigh, The Observer.

Business & Finance Journalist Of The Year
Alex Brummer, Daily Mail; Catherine Belton, Financial Times; Gillian Tett, Financial Times; Jill Treanor, The Guardian; Larry Elliott, The Guardian; Margareta Pagano, Independent On Sunday; Simon Watkins, The Mail On Sunday; Stephen Foley, The Independent.

Critic Of The Year:
AA Gill, The Sunday Times; Caitlin Moran, The Times; Giles Coren, The Times; Jay Rayner, Observer; Nancy Banks-Smith, The Guardian; Philip French, The Observer; Richard Morrison, The Times; Tom Lubbock, The Independent.

Sports Journalist Of The Year
Brian Moore, Daily Telegraph; David Conn, The Guardian; Ian Stafford, The Mail On Sunday; James Lawton, The Independent; Matthew Syed, The Times; Michael Calvin, The Sunday Mirror; Oliver Holt, The Daily Mirror; Paul Smith, The Sunday Mirror.

Showbiz Reporter Of The Year
Baz Bamigboye, Daily Mail; Gordon Smart, The Sun; James Desborough, News Of The World; Katie Hind, The People; Katie Nicholl, The Mail On Sunday; Richard White, The Sun; Tom Bryant, The Daily Mirror.

Digital Journalist Of The Year
Daniel Finkelstein, The Times; Darren Lewis, The Daily Mirror; Dave Hill, The Guardian; John O'Mahony, Freelance (The Guardian); Paul Murphy, Financial Times; Ruth Gledhill, The Times.

Feature Writer Of The Year
AA Gill, The Sunday Times Magazine; Adrian Levy & Cathy Scott-Clark, The Guardian; Angella Johnson, The Mail On Sunday; Bryan Appleyard, The Sunday Times Magazine; Ed Vulliamy, The Observer; Paul Vallely, The Independent; Philip Jacobson, Freelance (The Sunday Times And The Mail On Sunday); Tanya Gold, Freelance; Tim Adams, The Observer.

Supplement Of The Year
Culture, The Sunday Times; G2, The Guardian; Live, The Mail On Sunday; The Obama Series, The Times; The Observer Magazine, The Observer; You Magazine, The Mail On Sunday.

Political Journalist Of The Year
Martin Ivens, The Sunday Times; Patrick Wintour, The Guardian; Peter Oborne, Daily Mail; Quentin Letts, Daily Mail; Rachel Sylvester, The Times; Simon Walters, The Mail On Sunday.

Website Of The Year
Financial Times, News Of The World, The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Sun, The Times.

Cartoonist Of The Year
Chris Riddell, Observer; David Brown, The Independent; Matt Pritchett, Daily Telegraph; Michael Heath, The Mail On Sunday; Peter Schrank, The Independent On Sunday; Stanley Mcmurtry, Daily Mail; Steve Bell, The Guardian.

Sports Photographer Of The Year
David Ashdown, The Independent; David Shopland, The Mail On Sunday; Dickie Pelham, The Sun; Dylan Martinez, Reuters; John Giles, PA Photos; Mark Pain, The Mail On Sunday; Phil Noble, Reuters; Tom Jenkins, The Guardian.

Specialist Journalist Of The Year
Robin Mckie, The Observer; Jonathan Wynne-Jones, Sunday Telegraph; Sarah Kate-Templeton, The Sunday Times; Stephen Wright, Daily Mail; Tim Walker, The Independent; Tom Newton Dunn, The Sun.

Interviewer Of The Year
Cole Moreton, Independent On Sunday; Decca Aitkenhead, The Guardian; Elizabeth Day, The Observer; Ginny Dougary, The Times; Lynn Barber, The Observer; Robert Chalmers, Independent On Sunday.

Photographer Of The Year
David Bebber, The Times; Edward Mulholland, The Daily Telegraph; Gareth Fuller, PA Photos
John Giles, PA Photos; Sean Smith, The Guardian; Toby Melville, Reuters; Stefan Rousseau, PA Photos.

Young Journalist Of The Year
Amy Turner, Sunday Times Magazine; Flora Bagenal, Sunday Times; Michael Savage, The Independent; Oliver Brown, The Daily Telegraph; Sam Jones, Financial Times; Tom Harper, The Mail On Sunday.

Scoop Of The Year
"Ashley Cheats On Cheryl" - The Sun
"Darling Reveals Scale Of Economic Crisis" - Decca Aitkenhead/Nicholas Watt, The Guardian
"Madonna And Guy To Divorce" - Graham Brough & Tom Bryant, The Daily Mirror
"Mandelson" - The Sunday Times
"Ross & Brand", Miles Goslett, The Mail On Sunday
"Starberks" - Brian Flynn/Veronica Lorraine, The Sun

Campaign Of The Year
"Baby P" - The Sun
"Banish The Bags" - Sean Poulter, David Derbyshire And Benedict Brogan, Daily Mail
"British Nuclear Test Vets" - Susie Boniface, The Sunday Mirror
"Family Courts" - Camilla Cavendish, The Times
"Honour The Brave" - Chris Hughes, The Daily Mirror
"Right To Pay" - Sarah Kate Templeton, The Sunday Times
"Save Our Streets" - News Of The World

The Cudlipp Award
Atom Bomb Kids, Alan Rimmer Press Agency
National Military Awards - The Millies, The Sun
Panoramic Posters, The Sun
Race War, Stephen Wright/Richard Pendlebury, Daily Mail
Save Our Streets Campaign, News Of The World
Stop Knives, Save Lives Campaign, Daily Mirror

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