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Adventure Playground frontman King Charles releases his debut solo single, a double a-side featuring 'Time Of Eternity'/'Beating Hearts', via Mi7 Records on 6 Jul. A romantic, edgy and slightly warped mix of Pixies and Syd Barrett, King Charles was convinced to ditch the cello and school choir when he discovered Bob Dylan and has never looked back. With Adventure Playground he has toured with the likes of Laura Marling and Noah And The Whale, and since branching out on his own has got the nod of approval from Rob Da Bank and Zane Lowe. We caught up with him to ask our Same Six Questions.
Q1 How did you start out making music?
I borrowed my friend's mum's guitar that had only ever been strummed to the tune of 'Blowing In The Wind' and learnt to play it. I played the cello before that, but it didn't cross my mind to write music until I heard Bob Dylan for the first time and realised you don't have to be like any one else.

Q2 What inspired your latest single?
I'm only ever really inspired by girls and God. I think this is true of 'Time Of Eternity': girls for time; God for eternity.

Q3 What process do you go through in creating a track?
I go from thoughts to ideas to lyrics to guitars to drums to laptops, and try to make it as uncomplicated a process as possible, though invariably all the above get muddled, confused and blurred leaving me in cold and frustrated sweats much of the time.

Q4 Which artists influence your work?
I'm influenced by artists who express something other than themselves. I don't think you can avoid art being personal because it always says something about the creator's hands, or their minds, but all art is a way of expressing something that is true to the artist, and that is what I am interested in. Not to say that I am only interested in the ideas behind the art, because the glory of an idea is in its expression, but empty expression is of diminished value to me. Oscar Wilde, Bob Dylan, King David, Woody Guthrie, Elgar, Rupert Brooke, Rolling Stones are all very important to me.

Q5 What would you say to someone experiencing your music for the first time?
That's a hard question! I would say get out of it what you can.

Q6 What are your ambitions for your latest single, and for the future?
My ambition for the single is that it lays foundations for my future. I hope in the future I can build on these foundations and make the kind of music that people want to listen to.


As their MySpace declares, Queens English are not your typical hip-hop outfit. Instead of dealing with 'guns' and 'bitches', their lyrics focus on the far more middle class problems of lazy friends, smoking weed and girls. So drugs and 'bitches' then. The group consists of Sherlock, Leon Rhymes, Source, Something Else and Pikey Esquire, which translates to Has, Leon, Jess, Tom and Tom, or two MCs, a singer, a DJ and a beatboxer. Their music flits from rolling, rapid fire Foreign Beggars inspired tracks such as 'Focus' through to mellower and almost absurdly summery numbers like 'Sally's House', which makes you wish you were their mates and could go round for tea. QE are a wonderfully diverse and entertaining act and a great addition to the blooming underground UK hip hop scene. Check out 'Focus' and 'Sally's House' on their MySpace page for a taste of what to expect.




OK, where the hell to start with all the Michael Jackson stories that have surfaced since Friday lunchtime? Well, how about the drugs and the missing doctor who's not missing?

As reported on Friday, within hours of Jackson dying from a cardiac arrest at his LA home on Thursday afternoon, a legal representative of the singer's family told CNN he believed that the singer had been using excessive amounts of prescription drugs in order to make himself fit for his upcoming 50 night residency in London, and that he believed those drugs may well have caused Jacko's death. The lawyer added: "I do not know what medications he was taking, but the reports that we have received within the family are that they were extensive. I can tell you for sure that this is something I warned about".

Those comments were followed by reports that one of the drugs Jackson had been routinely taking was Demerol, a sort of morphine alternative (though generally safer and less addictive), and rumour had it the singer had received a shot of the medication shortly before his death. That led to speculation that Jacko's private physician, Dr Conrad Murray, may have given the singer too strong a dosage, leading to a heart attack and the subsequent cardiac arrest. That version of events was taken up by an increasing number of media amid other reports that both the Jackson family and police were keen to speak with Murray, but that the doc had gone AWOL.

While some news media reported of a dramatic sounding police search for the medic, in the end he wasn't quite so absent without leave as some were suggesting - in fact I think he'd just gone home but no one had thought to call by there. He was formally interviewed by LAPD officers this weekend, and subsequently told he was free to go. Murray's lawyer told reporters that his client had been told there would be "no need for further questioning", but added that the doctor intended to stay in LA so he would be on hand if there was any other way he could help with the police's investigation. Attorney Edward Chernoff added that Murray had in no way contributed to Jackson's cardiac arrest, while also denying the aforementioned Dermerol rumours.

The initial autopsy by LA authorities also concluded there was nothing suspicious about Jackson's premature death, and certainly that there had been no foul play. However, as always, crucial toxicology tests will take six to eight weeks to complete, so no final conclusion will be reached on the singer's exact cause of death for some time.

His body was subsequently released to the Jackson family, who are rumoured to be considering commissioning their own autopsy. After that, the Jackson clan will have to decide how they want to send off their departed son and brother, before concerning themselves with the tricky matter of his estate.

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Most of the Jacksons, including parents Katherine and Joe, various of Michael's famous siblings, and his three children, were reportedly at the family's home in the LA district of Encino this weekend. It's thought they are planning a private funeral and public memorial. The latter would most likely take place in LA, and could, some estimate, surpass even Elvis and Princess Diana in terms of the number of mourners who want to be part of such an event. Some media are estimating a million people might flock to the city, which sounds like an awful lot. Either way, one senior LAPD chief was quoted in the local press as saying: "We are preparing for an event of historic proportions. We will be cooperating closely with the family once they have decided where to hold the funeral".

After those services, it's speculated that Jackson's body may be buried at Neverland, the controversial former home of the singer, which has fall in the rack and ruin, by all accounts, since Jacko shunned the property after his 2005 acquittal on the Arvizo child abuse charges.

As previously reported, Neverland was at the heart of some of Jackson's financial crises in recent years, one of which led to most of the property's staff being laid off and the animals who also lived there being rehoused. Nevertheless, insiders say Jackson wanted to be buried at the ranch, and the investment company who now own the mortgage on it are reportedly supportive of those proposals, albeit as part of a grand plan to transform the property into a Graceland style tourist attraction, something which many reckon could help pay off the debts of the Jackson estate.

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Which brings us to Jackson's financial affairs. While Michael was reportedly on good terms with the rest of his family, they seemingly had little knowledge of his business and financial affairs. And given Jacko's tendency in recent years to switch advisors and attorneys and accountants on a very regular basis, it's suspected that no one person has a complete handle on the king of pop's financial position.

Though it's assumed that Jackson would only have agreed to a career revival as gruelling as the fifty night O2 residency he was signed up to do before his death if he was really desperate for cash. Insiders say a less intense, less public recordings-based project would have been more attractive to Jackson had such a venture been sufficient to meet his financial needs. The fact he turned down such projects (at one point he was in talks with Simon Fuller about such a venture) in favour of the mega-bucks AEG O2 residency deal suggests his cash reserves were in very low supply.

A string of creditors are now expected to line up as Jackson's estate is investigated by his family's representatives. While a Neverland theme park and a resurgence of consumer interest in Jackson's recordings catalogue might help pay of some, if the singer's debts are as significant as some have said, it's doubtful there will be enough money to go round without the sale of some or all of the singer's biggest single asset - his half of the Sony/ATV publishing company, which has been valued at $1 billion by some. The sale of Jackson's Sony/ATV stake would probably pay off most of his debts and maybe even leave a mini-fortune for his children, though probably not anywhere near the size of fortune he'd have liked to have left.

Whether Sony Corp would be able to afford to buy Jacko's share, or whether they would have to face working with a new business partner moving forward, isn't clear. Despite Sony Corp's own financial problems, Sony/ATV is one of its most successful businesses, so you'd think they'd be able to raise the finance to buy the Jackson estate out, should such a sale be required.

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Talking of Jackson's kids, which we were, briefly, they are currently staying with their grandparents Katharine and Joe, and are reportedly doing fine under the circumstances. Word has it Debbie Rowe, the mother of the two eldest children, has let it be known she wants custody of her offspring now that Jackson is gone.

As previously reported, she previously signed away most of her parental rights in a legal agreement with Jackson, though a judge subsequently reduced the extent of that agreement, meaning that a custody claim by Rowe would be considered by the courts. It's thought the Jackson family want the three children to stay with them, however, arguing that that would be less of a culture shock, and would allow all three siblings to stay together. Rowe, though, is expected to argue that that would really mean Michael's 79 year old mother Katharine becoming their main carer, which, she will say, isn't sensible.

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Back to the business dimension, and what about AEG Live, the promoters of Jacko's O2 residency who had reportedly already shelled out $40 million on the project, and who will now have to return the $80 million they had taken in ticket sales?

There has been much speculation as to what Jackson's death and its impact on their grand Jacko comeback plans will mean for the US tour promoter. Aside from any lost investment, they will also have to cover the administrative cost of making thousands of refunds, plus face the prospect of having one of their premium venues, London's main O2 arena, empty for at least a couple of months until the Jacko slots can be reallocated to other events.

AEG have said very little about the whole thing so far, other than to pay tribute to Jackson and express their condolences to his family and fans. The big question, of course, is whether AEG were insured and if so whether the insurers will pay out. Some of the gigs were definitely insured - via Lloyds Of London - but AEG never said whether they'd managed to get insurance for the full fifty night run. Plus there's the question as to whether the insurers will pay up - that will most likely depend on cause of death, and any knowledge among either AEG or Jackson's people of any existing condition which may have caused his cardiac arrest (eg some are speculating a long held eating disorder may have had a part to play).

AEG top man Randy Phillips has now commented on the speculation around his company's insurance situation, though in a bit of a non-committal way. He was quoted over the weekend thus: "We had pretty good coverage, but a lot of it is going to depend on the toxicology results. We need to know what the cause of death was".

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What AEG have been more clear on is that everyone who had a ticket to one of Jacko's O2 gigs will get a refund. Details of how ticket buyers can get their money back are expected to be released this week, meanwhile the promoter has told fans to hold onto their tickets.

Of course AEG's refund system will only work for those who bought tickets directly off the promoter's primary ticketing agents like Ticketmaster. What about those who bought their tickets off resellers via an online auction website?

Well, in what is the first real test of claims made by the bigger secondary ticketing agents that they will protect customers who buy resold tickets via their services, most of big names quickly issued statements on Friday saying they'd ensure anyone who bought marked up tickets to Jacko gigs via their websites would get a full refund. It's not clear if that means the sites will, if necessary, cover the mark up part of the tickets sold via their platforms themselves, should the person who sold the tickers prove unwilling or unable to give the buyer a full refund of all the money they paid out.

Both eBay and Seatwave this weekend announced that all their customers would get full refunds, while the residency's official second ticketing agent Viagogo said on Friday: "Everyone at viagogo is deeply shocked and saddened at the news that Michael Jackson has passed away. Our thoughts are with his family, friends and fans. All Michael Jackson tickets purchased through viagogo will be refunded directly to fans. No forms, no fuss, just refunded. We will be in touch with everyone in due course".

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Tributes galore continued to the King Of Pop over the weekend, with various artists and bands at Glastonbury incorporating tributes or clips of Jacko tracks into their acts, probably most notably Dizzee Rascal who told his audience "We lost a legend this week, so I think we should do a little something to remember all the great music he brought us", before leading the crowd in a rendition of the 'Thriller' chorus.

In the US the first big tribute came at the BET Awards in LA, which were quickly rejigged so to celebrate Jacko's music and life. Janet Jackson spoke for the late singer's family, taking to the stage and telling the awards show audience: "My entire family wanted to be here tonight, but it was just too painful, so they elected me to be here".

Music fans paid tribute by taking to the net and downloading and ordering some of Jackson's classic recordings. So much so that at one point on Friday the top fourteen best selling albums of the day on Amazon UK came from Jacko, while Jackson tracks dominated the iTunes best seller lists. The impact was probably most obvious here in the UK, as you'll see from today's Chart Update.

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And finally in Jacko news (believe it or not, we do have non-Jacko related stories today too), Black Eyed Pea has been talking to the BBC about the new material Jackson had been working on prior to his death, some of which he had collaborated on. It's not known whether any of that work will ever see the light of day.

Speaking to the Beeb at Glastonbury, said of the new material: "It was fresh. It was very demanding. It demanded all the people to the dancefloor. Of course, it was melodic. As he would say, juicy". Asked where the new recordings were, he said that it was all on a computer owned by Jackson, adding that he wouldn't have dared to take responsibility for the new recordings: "It's one thing to lose a Black Eyed Peas hard drive. I move around a lot and to make songs with Michael Jackson and risk me losing that music, I didn't want that responsibility. So he kept all the stuff that we worked on".

And finally, finally, with news that Michael Jackson's star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame had become something of a shrine, fans flocked to the famous part of town to leave their own tributes. Except some got a bit confused and put their flowers and gifts next to the star belonging to another Michael Jackson, the LA talk show host. The confusion may have come about because the bit of the Walk Of Fame where Jacko's star is located was closed on Friday night because of the near by premiere of the 'Bruno' film.

Commenting on the tributes left next to his star, Jackson the radio host wrote on his website: "I willingly loan it to him and, if it would bring him back, he can have it. He was a real star. Sinatra, Presley, The Beatles and Michael Jackson".

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Gwen Stefani has commented on rumours that she is not getting on well with the rest of her band No Doubt, after the group came together again following a five year hiatus in which the singer had a solo career and a couple of kids.

According to reports, tensions have emerged between Stefani and her bandmates, but Stefani insists that there is, in fact, no tension. Well, maybe a bit. In fact, there might have been a "heated conversation" with bandmate and ex-boyfriend Tony Kanal at one point, but, says the singer, it was a healthy altercation that cleared the air.

She tells American Elle: "Everybody's making it like there's all this tension, you know, like I stepped away from the band and now they're jealous of me, and look, maybe there is a little bit of that... but some fights aren't really what they seem. I think it was a little about the song, and a little about our coming back together. There was this air bubble that needed to pop, you know?"

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Los Angeles label Wilshire Records have defended their decision to release an album by 'American Idol' runner up Adam Lambert, despite the fact that it's been disowned by the freshly-made singing star himself.

Lambert apparently spent three years working on the album 'On With The Show', prior to entering the TV talent contest, but says of the LP: "The work I did back then in no way reflects the music I am currently in the studio working on". Meanwhile, his new management have played down Lambert's role in the album. A 19 Mangement spokesman said the near Idol only provided some vocals on the long player.

But Wilshire Records have contested those claims. They said in a statement: "Adam is now enjoying the success that he and Wilshire Records hoped for. However, he is now represented by high-profile companies who released a statement in Adam's name saying the songs on 'On With the Show' were recorded four years ago and Adam only contributed vocals. This is simply not true. The songs were recorded in a professional recording studio with top notch musicians and producers since the music was always meant to be released. Of the 11 songs that will appear on the album, 'On With the Show', Adam co-wrote eight with Monte Pittman (Madonna's guitar player)".

They continue: "As co-writer and performer, Adam will receive significant royalties just as any superstar artist would. He has the chance, finally, to make a fortune for his work - definitely more with this album than through a major label deal. This pre-Idol work is a fantastic representation of who Adam is and what inspired him during the months before he became famous".

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Holy Roar Records and Hassle Records have announced that they are to collaborate on a split 7" single featuring their respective artists Throats and Rolo Tomassi. The record, out 3 Aug, will feature covers by each of the bands of the other's work; Rolo Tomassi do a medley of 'Headclouds/Reign of Low', Throats do 'I Love Turbulence'. The release will be limited to 500 copies only, 250 of which will come in Hassle packaging, with 250 in Holy Roar packaging. Each kind will be available direct from the respective label.

Now you're in the mood, here, for your information, are some upcoming Rolo Tomassi tour dates.

3 Jul: Eurockeennes Festival, Belfort, France
4 Jul: Tivoli De Helling, Utrecht, Netherlands
5 Jul: Metropolis Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands
10 Jul: MOHO Live (Clubnight), Manchester
17 Jul: 2000 Trees Festival, Cheltenham
19 Jul: Dour Festival, Belgium
22 Jul: Parklife Festival, Milan, Italy
1 Aug: Sonisphere Festival, Knebworth
2 Aug: Underage Festival, Victoria Park, London
3 Aug: OFF Festival, Poland
4 Aug: Pukkelpop Festival, Hasselt, Belgium
5 Aug: Lowlands Festival, Netherlands

Here, for your further information, are some upcoming Throats tour dates.

6 Sep: Offset Festival, Hainault Forest
8 Sep: Barfly, Cardiff (with The Plight)
9 Sep: White Rabbit, Plymouth (with The Plight)
10 Sep: Cavern, Exeter (with The Plight)
11 Sep: Academy 2, Bristol (with The Plight)
12 Sep: Student Union, Luton (with The Plight)
13 Sep: Corporation, Sheffield (with The Plight)
14 Sep: Academy 2, Newcastle (with The Plight)
15 Sep: King Tuts, Glasgow (with The Plight)
16 Sep: Fibbers, York (with The Plight)
17 Sep: Sugarmill, Stoke (with The Plight)
18 Sep: Academy 2, Liverpool (with The Plight)
19 Sep: Academy 3, Birmingham (with The Plight)
20 Sep: Rock City Basement, Nottingham (with The Plight)
21 Sep: Joiners, Southampton (with The Plight)
22 Sep: Engine Rooms, Brighton (with The Plight)
23 Sep: 12 Bar, Swindon (with The Plight)
24 Sep: Academy 2, London (with The Plight)
24 Oct: Twisted Wheel, Glasgow (with Brutality Will Prevail)

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As well as her previously reported 22 Aug gig at the Edge Festival - you know, the music strand within the Edinburgh Festival Fringe - CMU favourite Amanda Palmer has also confirmed a concert at London's Union Chapel on 12 Sep. Author Neil Gaiman will be on hand to sign copies of his recent collaborative effort with the singer 'Who Killed Amanda Palmer: A collection of photographic evidence' at both, we hear.

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Glastonbury boss Michael Eavis has said that he's happy to pay the £3000 fine that will be enforced because of a broken curfew, because the final minutes of Bruce Springsteen's over-running set at the weekend's festival were worth it.

The US star went over the 12.30am limit by nine minutes, in a performance that lasted two hours and forty minutes. Eavis said: "I gave him 10 minutes and he took nine. I'll pay the fine - £3000. Paul McCartney [2004 headliner] paid me back, [but] I'm going to pay the Bruce Springsteen one myself. It's not a lot because it was fantastic. The last nine minutes were spectacular".

Presumably keen to ensure no one thought Eavis' comments meant they all make light of curfew times, a festival spokesman added later: "There are limits because a lot of people live nearby and it is right that things draw to a close at a reasonable hour. [But] each year we get only a handful of complaints about noise"

Elsewhere in Glastonbury news, a man was arrested at this year's event for being naked in public for the first time in the history of the traditionally liberal festival. At least 131 arrests were made over the course of the weekend, mostly drugs related, which easily tops last year's figure of 89.

Next up, swine flu; six possible cases were apparently discovered during the course of this year's Worthy Farm extravaganza. Amongst them were a student from Edinburgh University, a student from Exeter and a ten year old from a family of four. Dr Chris Howes, the festival's medical services director, said: "We worked very closely with the Health Protection Agency and NHS Somerset in monitoring the situation. The cases of swine flu are suspected but not confirmed because formal testing takes longer, but we gave these patients anti-viral drugs. Everyone had mild symptoms and none required hospital admission. Everyone else was advised to continue with normal hygiene precautions, such as frequent hand washing".

And finally in Glasto news; a woman attempted to give birth at the festival this weekend, but failed. The mother to be took her midwife with her to the festival in hopes of making her very bizarre dream of a Glasto birth a reality. The unnamed lady wouldn't have been the first person to give birth at the event - the last one happened in 1998. But it was not to be this time. Despite the fact that she, er, "went to the garden where the healing angel is to sit in a dome which is a sacred place connected to the earth to get good energies", eventually she had to be taken off to a nearby village to finish the process.

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SINGLE REVIEW: Kid British - Our House Is Dadless (Universal/Mercury)
Having just supported The Specials on their much heralded reunion tour, Kid British keep up and yet reinvent the old school 2 Tone feel with this impressive Madness-sampling single. Rap and ska are perfect bedmates - both vital steps in the history of black music - and both bringing lyrics to the fore against simple but addictive rhythms. And though it's a white interpretation of ska featured here, it's still a thrilling and fun 21st century take on a classic of the genre, that may not offer anything particularly revolutionary but could make even Terry Hall smile. TM
Release Date: 6 Jul
Press Contact: Mercury IH [NP, RP, O] Wild PR [CP]

Buy from iTunes
Buy from Amazon

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The boss of PRS For Music has admitted the publishing royalties collecting society will lose out because of a recession-caused slump in interest rates.

Steve Porter revealed that MCPS - the bit of PRS that takes royalty payments off record companies who make mechanical copies of songs - made £4 million in interest in 2008, but that that was likely to fall below one million this year because of what he called an "interest rate meteor". But, Porter said, the body was taking steps to address the issue so the impact would not be so strongly felt by the music publishers and songwriters the body represents. I'm not sure what those steps are. Perhaps everyone at PRS is going to go out busking.

Porter was speaking at the AGM of the Music Publishers Association in London last week. According to Music Week, the meeting also saw Peermusic's Nigel Elderton re-elected unopposed to the position of Chair of the Association, while Music Sales' Chris Butler was re-elected unopposed as his deputy. So, nail-biting election then.

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Talking of elections, Merlin, the global indie label digital rights body, has opened up nominations for its board. The inaugural board who have been responsible for bringing the organisation into being will complete its initial two year term in August.

Any owner, CEO or senior exec at a Merlin affiliated label is eligible to stand. Of the final board, five will come from Europe, five from North America, and five from elsewhere in the world. Board hopefuls need to get in touch now - nominee lists and voting instructions will be sent to those who are eligible to vote on 31 Jul.

Commenting on the board elections, Merlin CEO Charles Caldas told CMU: "We have been extremely fortunate to have such an experienced, passionate and dedicated inaugural board in forming this organisation. It is now time for the members to elect a new set of representatives, and I am confident that we will see another remarkable set of people ready to contribute to Merlin's ever growing importance in the market".

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The Association Of Independent Festivals have announced that the first deployment of their previously reported 'security task force' was something of a success. The AIF team were involved in security at the recent Rock Ness festival, where theft fell 95%. Apparently there were only five reported thefts at this year's Inverness music fest, compared to 95 last year.

As previously reported, AIF have teamed up with security firm Showsec to ensure some coordination between independent festivals on security issues - especially in matters of theft. It's believed there are gangs that hit all the festivals to target camp sites, and it's hoped a coordinated approach between festivals will help target those teams. The AIF security task force work with each festival's own security team and local police to plan onsite action, and it's thought the pre-festival briefings and planning supported by the task force helped cut theft levels at Rock Ness.

Commenting on the pleasingly low theft levels at Rock Ness, AIF co-founder Ben Turner told CMU: "Though it would be wrong to claim complete responsibility for the dramatic decrease in crime it is a very positive step forward in the festival markets attempt to curb crime of this nature. AIF is very pleased with how the task force worked at the first AIF festival of the season and it fills us with great positivity going forward".

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Now Sweden's Court Of Appeal has confirmed that the judge who oversaw the high profile Pirate Bay trial was not biased.

As previously reported, after the three founders and main funder of the rogue BitTorrent tracker were found guilty of all kinds of copyright infringement and sentenced to a year in the slammer, some alleged that the judge who heard the case, Tomas Norstrom, was biased because he was a member of two intellectual property organisations. His membership of those groups, the Pirate Bay Four's legal reps argued, made him biased towards the copyright owners who were suing them.

Earlier this month the District Court in which Norstrom sits said it didn't believe their man was biased, adding that he had only joined the two IP bodies so that he was better informed on the copyright issues being assessed in the Pirate Bay trial. And now the Swedish Court Of Appeal, who are considering the bias issue as part of the Pirate Bay Four's full appeal, have said they don't believe Norstrom was biased either, though they did say he should have made all parties aware of his membership of the IP groups before the trial began.

That ruling means the Four's claims for a complete retrial have now been fully turned down - though their application for an appeal hearing is still being considered by the appellate court.

Needless to say the appeal court's ruling wasn't welcomed by supporters of the Bay, who say that judges in the Appeal Court were also biased. Meanwhile, the Bay's Head Of Comedy Peter Sunde, a defendant himself of course, announced via Twitter he is considering taking the matter to the European Court Of Human Rights. He tweeted: "The Pirate Bay will now file charges against Sweden for violation for Human Rights - more info later - (the bias-judge is himself biased...)".

Meanwhile Christian Engstrom of the Bay supporting Swedish Pirate Party, which, of course, recently won seats in the European Parliament, told a Swedish radio station: "This is part of a pattern. It shows that the Swedish legal system is no longer to be trusted when it comes to copyright cases. It's a travesty of justice quite simply. I've been a lay judge for seven years and I've never seen an indictment as bad as the Pirate Bay verdict. But that didn't stop the court from setting ridiculous sentences".

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I'm not sure there'll be much left of the all new Local Radio Company soon. The local radio firm, under new management since rivals UKRD became majority shareholders of course, have now announced they are selling off two more of their stations - Sussex-based Sovereign Radio and Arrow FM will both go to Media Sound Holdings. TLRC have already sold Fire Radio in Bournemouth and Silk FM in Macclesfield and closed down Mix 107 in High Wycombe.

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John Peel's son Tom Ravenscroft is doing a new project, a podcast via which focuses on underground and experimental music from around the world, as well as a bit of pop, and features live recordings and documentaries. A new edition is released every Monday, and it sounds good, actually, so I am planning to have a listen.

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Various people I've spoken to in the last few days have been pondering what the most fitting tribute to Michael Jackson would be. I saw one guy on Saturday morning wearing a homemade t-shirt, and a group of Londoners turned out for an impromptu moonwalk outside Liverpool Street Station on Friday evening, but it seems that most people just rushed out to buy as many Michael Jackson CDs as they could.

As a result, Jackson has the number one album this week, with his 2003 compilation 'Number Ones'. Also in the top ten, at seven, is 'Thriller', and you'll find another four Jacko albums in the top 20 and a total of seven in the top 75. In fact, if you stretch it out to the top 200 there are eleven Michael Jackson and Jackson Five albums in the chart. Which is quite a lot. Although 'Thriller' appears twice, with the 25th anniversary edition of the album at 45. That still counts, though. And 'Thriller' is also still the biggest selling album of all time.

In the singles chart Jackson has 16 solo singles in the top 75, with that number rising to 20 if you include Jackson Five songs too. However, none managed to break the top ten, with the highest entry being 'Man In The Mirror' at 11. But the fact that none have made the top ten doesn't stop this being a mighty achievement - because these chart positions are based almost exclusively on less than two days of sales. All but two albums ('Number Ones' and 'Thriller') and one single ('Thriller') are new entries on the chart, and those that were already there weren't even inside the top 100. In total, Jackson accounts for over 300,000 record sales across both charts this week.

HMV spokesman Gennaro Castaldo told the BBC: "Once we had the announcement of his death people came into our stores and we had large crowds. Fortunately we had a lot of stock because we had been preparing for the O2 concerts, but sadly we didn't expect to sell them for this reason".

There is a Jackson at number one in the singles chart, but it's not Michael. La Roux vocalist Elly Jackson admitted to the BBC that getting her first number one single with 'Bulletproof' was a slightly bittersweet moment, as Michael had been a major influence on her. However, she should be pleased that this single looks like it may outsell previous single, 'In For The Kill', which is already one of the biggest selling singles of the year, beaten only by the rubbish Lady GaGa's keeps putting out.

Other new entries in the top 40 singles chart this week are Florence And The Machine with 'Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)' at 12 and Basement Jaxx with 'Raindrops' at 21.

In the album top 40, Take That and Lady GaGa both break back into the top ten, and there are new entries from Neil Sedaka, Jack Penate, Gossip, Dream Theater, Regina Spektor. There are a number of sharp rises worth noting, too, with Keri Hilson, up from 61 to 22, Noisettes, up from 54 to 24, The Script, up from 47 to 26, Duffy up from 64 to 36, and most notably, Calvin Harris, whose debut album 'I Created Disco' rises from 124 to 40 this week.

The charts are blamed on the boogie by The Official Charts Company.

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White Lies have been talking about having a good year of it, and have concluded that they deserved it.

Bassist Charlie Cave told Absolute Radio: "All the things we've achieved we can instantly relate X number of hours of immensely hard work to. Whether it be touring, which means the ridiculous logistics of planes to and from places and 16-hour overnight drives. Whatever it is, I certainly honestly don't feel as though any of the success we've had over the last year has not been deserved in comparison to the work we've done... we've worked really, really hard."

I feel duty bound to say, at this point, that plenty of bands, and indeed, non-bands, work that hard, are talented and clever, and never, ever achieve that level of success.

Of the the band's upcoming shows supporting Coldplay singer Harry McVeigh added: "The Coldplay dates are going to be super exciting for two reasons. One, because we're obviously supporting one of the biggest bands in the world. But also, the other support is Girls Aloud and Jay-Z, which is going to be amazing".

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According to Aussie website Undercover, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton has lost an advertiser, following the week in which he called a faggot, got punched by the Black Eyed Peas' tour manager and incurred disapproval from Jacko fans by making jokes about the deceased singer (albeit before he realised he was actually deceased). has reportedly asked its agency to remove their ads from Hilton's site.

It may or may not be in relation to what Hilton's been up to in the last week, but he has, for sure, made no friends. His veracity over the Black Eyed Peas incident has been questioned, because photos of the altercation appear to show him being attacked from behind, when he claims to have been left with a black eye. Plus readers apparently responded badly to his initial suggestion, as the news of Jackson's illness, but not death, broke, that the singer was faking a cardiac arrest to get out of doing his O2 residency.

Reports also claim that Hilton says that if he wins the $25k he is suing et al for, he will donate it to the Matthew Shepard Foundation, but that the group have declined the offer.

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