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Known as a destination for the more discerning festival-goer, the Green Man festival launched in 2003 as a one-day, 300 capacity event. With the likes of James Yorkston, King Creosote and The Memory Band on that first line-up, it instantly marked itself out as the place to go to see the best artists slightly off the beaten track. Now a 10,000 capacity, three day event, this year's headliners are Animal Collective, Jarvis Cocker and Wilco, with other acts including British Sea Power, Gang Gang Dance, Broken Records, Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, Andrew Bird, Peggy Sue and She Keeps Bees. Here are a few of our favourites.
01: Animal Collective - Summertime Clothes
It took me a long time to really 'get' the new Animal Collective album. But it was this song that kept pulling me back to it again and again until something finally clicked. Still my favourite song on there, this video for 'Summertime Clothes' is a bit of an assault on the senses. What a perfect way to get started.

02: Blue Roses - Doubtful Comforts
Having received a lot of critical attention this year, Blue Roses, aka Laura Groves, should win over a few more followers with her Green Man set. And she'll win you over too right now, with this stunning lo-fi live performance.

03: Camera Obscura - French Navy
Well-established Scottish twee types Camera Obscura will be a big pull for those of you who long for Belle & Sebastian to do something again. And this track from their latest album, 'My Maudlin Career', suggests that you will leave happy.

04: Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele - Howard
Nothing about this suggests genius. Not the name. Not the song title. And certainly not the quite terrible video. But with summery, Beach Boys-esque tones, 'Howard' are something quite lovely to behold.

05: Golden Animals - Steady Roller
A surprisingly short step away from the sound of Dent May, this lazily strummed 70s-style rock has quite a calming effect. A bit of sun and a few Rizlas with some dubious contents and this could be a festival highlight.

06: Grizzly Bear - Two Weeks
Here's one of the songs of the year, and a band who know how to impress a crowd when they play live. You can expect this show to draw a sizeable chunk of the Green Man audience when they play the main stage on Saturday.

07: Hawkwind - Silver Machine
There will be a certain amount of tweeness at Green Man. Not when Hawkwind are on, though. When Hawkwind are on there will be a certain amount of rocking your face clean off you skull.

08: Jarvis Cocker - Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
What is there to say about Saturday headliner and national treasure Jarvis Cocker that hasn't already been said? Probably nothing. So let us just bask in the sheer brilliance of this video.

09: Scott Matthews - Elusive
Sounding something like an understated Jeff Buckley, Scott Matthews is a bit moody. Look at his black and white video, hunched back and occasional gazes into the distance. He'll be providing some much needed Sunday afternoon sombreness.

10: Wilco - Box Full Of Letters
Sunday headliners Wilco have been going for fifteen years now (longer if you count founder members Jeff Tweedy and John Stirratt's previous band Uncle Tupelo), and have just released their seventh album. Let's skip back to their first ever single, 'Box Full Of Letters', which was released back in 1995.

Watch all the videos mentioned above on out CMU-Tube channel here: And you can find out more about Green Man right here:



The world's biggest festival is taking place in Edinburgh right now. The Edinburgh Festival offers an unrivalled programme of theatre, comedy, dance, musicals, art, debate and music, music, music, all the way through to the 31 Aug. You should come! CMU's sister media ThreeWeeks is the biggest reviewer at it, and you can read some of the reviews from their music team each day for the next fortnight here at the top of the CMU Daily. For ThreeWeeks' full coverage check out


Mumford And Sons at The Edge Festival on 7 Aug
Mumford And Sons seem to be blissfully ignorant of the fact that they're not actually hillbillies out on the range with a bucket and a banjo; however, I'm not going to be the one to tell them the truth about their London origins because their distinct folksy bluegrass is frankly too good to risk ruining the magic. Marcus Mumford brings ferocious passion to every wordy, heartfelt yearning, and when all four members join together in singing to the heavens and launch into a frenzied hoedown things start to get wild. With a stamp and a yelp Mumford And Sons have brought double basses and old fashioned harmonies rollicking into the modern age, and it is an exhilarating thing to behold.
tw rating: 5/5
reviewer: Lois Jeary


The Thing at The Edinburgh Jazz And Blues Festival on 2 Aug
Three muscley, Scandinavian men - Vikings - with short hair appeared. They could have been squaddies. What followed certainly looked like a battle - for their souls. The Thing wrestled their instruments into producing an enthralling cacophony, pulsing with energy. This jazz borrows from punk and metal and includes random shouts of pain and squeals of feedback - amazingly from the saxophones, which make noises no sax should. Drummer Nilssen-Love looked increasingly frustrated that his arms were moving, bassist Flaten seemed tortured by his strings and saxophonist Gustafsson went bright red as air was squeezed from his body. It was like someone was forcing them to play as a punishment. Maybe a spiteful Spirit of Jazz. Punk-jazz may be an unholy alliance, but it's diabolically enchanting.
tw rating: 4/5
reviewer: Richard T Watson


Colours Of The Night: Nick Pynn - daily until 30 Aug at Inlingua Edinburgh
Nick Pynn performs solo, but displays the bizarre and wonderful talent of becoming an entire orchestra. Through a combination of technological trickery and sheer musical expertise the multi-instrumentalist serves up thundering contemporary folk: by building up dense layers of looped samples, bolstered by the rumble of a foot-pedal base, Pynn can change from one string instrument to the next mid-song. The effect is almost mathematically logical but still manages to evoke a sense of raw spontaneity, especially tangible with the use of a typewriter for rhythm and a self-made ukulele crafted from a coconut. According to Pynn, once on a visit to Italy the summer heat caused his violin to explode, and somehow in his performances the same thing seems all too possible.
tw rating: 4/5
reviewer: Rhys Pearce



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George Michael was arrested on suspicion of being under the influence of drink or drugs after crashing his Range Rover into a lorry on the A34 at around midnight on Friday morning. The singer was released without charge after five hours in custody, though, and has said that he was "stone cold sober" at the time of the crash.

Michael has only recently begun driving again following a two year ban in June 2007, after he pleaded guilty to driving while unfit due to drug use. That conviction came after he collided with three parked cars. However, he was also cautioned twice for cannabis possession in 2006 after being found asleep behind the wheels of his car on two occasions.

The driver of the lorry, Laurie Rowe, told The Sun he was surprised that Michael had survived the crash and also by the singer's actions when he climbed out of the wreckage. Rowe said: "I was driving at 45mph in the inside lane when I saw a car come speeding up behind me, its lights on full beam. It must have been doing 100mph. It smashed into the back of my cab and I felt a hell of a thump. His car went spinning across the outside lane and into the central barrier before bouncing into my cab. He then hit the barrier again. He hit me so hard that it knocked my rear axle two feet up in the air".

He continued: "When I stopped the lorry and got out to see what had happened, I didn't think he would have survived. Eventually the guy got out of his car. He came over to my cab and asked if I had stopped to give him a lift. I was stunned. He was absolutely not with it, so I told him no. But he insisted and came around the other side of the truck and tried to get in the passenger door. When it finally dawned on him that I wouldn't give in, he walked off down the verge. He was quite merry".

However, George insists that he was not under the influence of drink or drugs before the crash, and that Rowe is attempting to cover up his responsibility for the accident, saying in a statement: "Neither of us was charged because we were both stone cold sober. We both think the other is to blame so this is just an insurance fight. I don't want my fans or my family worried by what they are reading all over again".

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U2 broke the record for the largest ever attendance at Wembley Stadium on Friday as they played to 88,000 fans, 5000 more than the previous record set by Rod Stewart in 1995.

The higher capacity is due to the band's "claw" stage structure, which allows for a 360 degree view of the band. Tour architect Mark Fisher explained to the BBC: "Usually a show like this plays to two-thirds of the capacity of the stadium because you put the stage at the end and you don't sell any of the seats at the back and at the sides. We sell all the way round, so we carry about 25% more stuff than a normal stadium rock show. We have a video screen round the back, lights that light the band when they go to the back and loud speakers both on the sides and behind, in addition to those that are on the front. We do fewer shows to perform to the same number of people".

However, with the three steel structures that make up the stage costing between £15m and £20m each to build, and around 100 lorries required to transport it all, the band have - as previously reported - come in for criticism that the cost and environmental impact of the tour is at odds with their politics.

Former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne recently said: "It sure looks like, well, overkill, and just a wee bit out of balance given all the starving people in Africa and all". Angry residents of Dublin also formed a blockade stopping the band's crew from leaving the city's Croke Park stadium after they worked noisily through the night deconstructing the stage.

The Edge brushed of any criticism of the cost, telling BBC 6 Music: "We're spending the money on our fans, I don't think there's a better thing you could spend it on".

On the subject of the number of vehicles required to transport the tour around the world, he added: "I think that's probably about as realistic as you can be right now. We'd love to have some alternative to big trucks bringing the stuff around but there just isn't one".

Now, there are a number of reasons why what The Edge said doesn't hold up. Firstly, they aren't spending money on the fans, the fans are paying for the stage by buying tickets. The fans bought the stage and I think they should all be allowed a go on it before they leave the venue. Secondly, surely the alternative to having so many lorries moving around is to have a less extravagant stage. Look, there, I thought of that without much effort at all. Shut up, The Edge.

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Cradle Of Filth were forced to cut their headline set at the Bloodstock festival on Saturday night short after guitarist Paul Allender was hit by an object thrown from the audience. What is it with idiots throwing things at artists they seemingly like? I'm increasingly of the opinion gig goers should have to pass a test before being allowed to buy tickets

Anyway, having seemingly been knocked unconscious by the object, Allender was treated in an ambulance at the event and then taken to hospital for further checks. Although there has been no official confirmation of what it was that was thrown at the band, some witnesses told Metal Hammer that several large gob-stoppers, the size of cricket balls, were thrown at the stage.

In a statement, the festival's organisers said: "One selfish ticketholder soured an amazing day and a stunning performance by the closing headliners. We're hoping that the rest of the fans in attendance will enjoy the rest of the weekend with the camaraderie and unity that has made Bloodstock Open Air the great festival it is".

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Lit drummer Allen Shellenberger died last Thursday aged 39, it has been announced. He had been suffering with a brain tumour.

Shellenberger was diagnosed with a malignant glioma brain tumour in May 2008 and immediately began receiving chemotherapy and radiation treatment at the Cedars-Sinai Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute in LA. He continued to perform with Lit until last autumn, when he became too ill to proceed.

Formed by Schellenberg and school friends Kevin Baldes, Jeremy Popoff and A Jay Popoff in 1990, the band changed their name to Lit in 1996. Signing to RCA in 1998, they released the album 'A Place In The Sun', which yielded a number of hits, including 'My Own Worst Enemy', which went to number 16 in the UK charts.

In a statement, the drummer's bandmates said: "To know Al was to know laughter. He had a heart of gold and would do anything for anyone. Words cannot begin to express how much he will be missed. This was our brother and not a day will go by that we won't think about him. Right now we're trying to find the balance of mourning his loss and celebrating his life. Allen has experienced more in his 39 years than most people dream of in ten lifetimes. This is a tremendous loss for us, our fans, and also for Allen's family who took such good care of him during his battle with cancer".

He is survived by a daughter and his parents.

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Next year's Brits will take place on 16 Feb at Earls Court, if you're interested. And ITV will once again air it live. And it's the thirtieth edition of the annual back slapping fest.

Sony UK chief Ged Doherty, who is also Chairman of The Brits Committee, said this: "For the 30th Brits show we're planning a landmark event that truly celebrates this occasion. The Brits is the UK - and Europe's - premier music show and one of the biggest media events of the year. The show has seen many changes in recent years and I have no doubt we will continue to build on the spectacular success of this year's show".

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Mariah Carey has delayed the release of her forthcoming new album, 'Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel', for the second time, as completing work on the record is taking longer than expected.

The album was originally slated for release this week, but was pushed back to 12 Sep last month. Now the singer's record label, Island Def Jam, have confirmed that the date has been pushed back again.

In a statement, the label said: "Mariah is putting the finishing touches on her newest album, 'Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel', and we have shifted all of our TV and promo appearances to coincide with the new release date of 29 Sep. We can't wait for the fans to hear the new album".

As previously reported, initial copies of the album will come with a Mariah-centric mini-issue of Elle magazine, containing advertising for various companies, as its artwork.

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To mark the 20th anniversary of its release, Sub Pop have announced that they will re-issue Nirvana's debut album, 'Bleach', in November. The new deluxe edition will feature the original album in remastered form, a previously unreleased live recording, and previously unseen photos of the band.

The live show was recorded at the Pine Street Theatre in Portland on 9 Feb 1990 and has been remixed from the original tapes by 'Bleach' producer Jack Endino, who also oversaw the remastering of the album.

The package will be released on CD and 180 gram white vinyl in November. It can be pre-ordered now from

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Norwegian singer Annie's ill-fated second album, 'Don't Stop', will finally see the light of day later this year, it has been announced. The album was slated for release via Universal/Island last year, but the singer parted company with the label prior to its release, having managed to negotiate ownership of the songs to be transferred to her. It will now be released via Smalltown Supersound on 17 Nov.

'Don't Stop' was produced by Timo Kaukolampi and Richard X, who also worked on Annie's 2004 debut, 'Anniemal', as well as Paul Epworth and Xenomania's Brian Higgins. Franz Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos also makes an appearance on a track, 'My Love Is Better'.

Here's the tracklist:

Hey Annie
My Love Is Better
Bad Times
Don't Stop
I Don't Like Your Band
Songs Remind Me Of You
Marie Cherie
Take You Home
The Breakfast Song
When The Night
Heaven And Hell

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Delays have announced a string of shows in small venues to preview material from their forthcoming new album, which is set for release early next year.

Announcing the tour, frontman Greg Gilbert told fans: "Our songwriting has always been known for its melody and grandeur, but what has come before only hints at the depth and world we've created in the new album. It's the best music we've ever made, and we just want to get out on the road and get some reaction from our fans at the venues where we started out".

Tour dates:

17 Oct: Southampton, The Joiners
19 Oct: Glasgow, King Tuts
20 Oct: Birmingham, Academy 3
21 Oct: London, Borderline
22 Oct: Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
23 Oct: Manchester, Night & Day

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Arctic Monkeys have hidden two pairs of tickets to this year's Reading and Leeds festivals inside copies of the 7" vinyl release of their new single, 'Crying Lightning', which, as previously reported, is being sold via Oxfam shops. The band will headline festivals on 29 and 30 Aug respectively.

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The Mars Volta are among the latest acts to be added to the line-up of the Ten Years Of ATP festival at Butlins in Minehead in December. Also joining the bill are Beak (featuring Portishead's Geoff Travis) and Japan's Afrirampo.

They join and already stunning looking line up, which includes Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Modest Mouse, The Breeders, Explosions In The Sky, Battles, Melvins, Mudhoney, Sunn O))), múm, Fuck Buttons and more.

It all takes place between 11-13 Dec and tickets are available now from

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Following the news earlier this month that 14th Floor founder Christian Tattersfield is to become CEO of Warner Music UK, there's news today that former Virgin Records and WEA Records MD Jeremy Marsh will become his number two as Vice-Chairman of the major label division.

Marsh has most recently headed up his own consultancy advising artists and brands interested in working with music, and it may be the latter experience that was of most interest to the increasingly brand partnership focused Warner UK.

Confirming the appointment, Tattersfield said this: "Jeremy is one of the most accomplished, respected and multi-talented music executives in the UK, with a long-standing track record in nurturing new talent to stardom and amplifying the popularity of world famous names. His passionate commitment to artists is coupled with a deep understanding of how to capitalise on the myriad new ways to connect with a fan base, further strengthened by his recent experience in the fields of digital technology and artist partnerships".

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EMI have announced that US-based exec Greg Thompson is being promoted to an all new role called Exec VP Marketing & Promotion, which is a depressingly sensible job title, but there you go.

In addition to his current responsibilities overseeing EMI North America's radio and video promotions teams he will now also coordinate product management, tour marketing, consumer insight and interactive marketing, which all sounds like jolly good fun. He'll report to EMI's North America Regional President Colin Finkelstein.

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Recording studios Metropolis have appointed Sarah Page, formerly of Sony Music, as their new Digital Media Sales Manager.

The studio firm's MD Ian Brenchley confirmed the appointment, telling reporters: "I am elated that Sarah is part of the team here at Metropolis, it's very exciting to have someone so dynamic and experienced in the entertainment industry join us. She has proven experience in turning briefs into creative and functional deliverables, and with our expert digital team at her disposal, Sarah's coordinated approach will ensure that she can deliver at extremely competitive rates".

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UK-based music publisher Chrysalis saw it's net publishers' share - so the money it makes from the songs in which it has an interest after songwriters and the like have been paid their share - fall 2.7% in the last quarter, year on year, though bosses there say that much of that was down to currency fluctuations, and that for the year so far the company's NPS is 9.9% up.

Chrysalis has interests in a few Michael Jackson songs, in particular 'Thriller' and 'Rock With You', so they have benefited from the recent surge of interest in the late king of pop's music since his sudden death, though a spokesman for the publisher was keen to play down the morbidness of their Jacko-related income, pointing out they expected to see an increase in interest in Jackson's music anyway because of the planned O2 residency.

Looking forward, Chrysalis have some songwriters involved in the new Robbie Williams album, and seem to be hopeful that that could result in a healthy payday assuming, as they seem to be, that Robbie's return is a big success.

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Boosey & Hawkes' ever busy consultancy division has announced it has done a deal with the legendary jazz label Savoy which will see the publisher seek sync deals for the indie's recording catalogues, which include classical and rock works as well as its core jazz recordings. Artists on Savoy's catalogues include Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Judy Garland, Ravi Coltrane and Dr John.

Confirming the deal, Natasha Baldwin, B&H's Head of Consultancy, told CMU: "We are delighted to have added the Savoy Label Group as a global label partner. Savoy has an amazing roster of high quality jazz, pop and classical recordings, which will add real value to our already strong sync offering".

Steve Vining, President of Savoy Label Group, added: "We are very excited to be working with Boosey & Hawkes who have proven themselves to have one of the best specialist synchronization operations and whose highly experienced repertoire specialists will, I'm sure, do a great job presenting the full range of the Savoy catalogues to the film, television and advertising community".

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Fifteen of the 38 music companies that went on a recent BPI organised junket to Japan have secured deals in the territory as a result. According to Music Week, Fabric Records, Criminal Records and Goldust Productions are among those to benefit from the record label trade body's sixth Japan Trade Mission.

The BPI's Director Of International Events, Julian Wall, told the trade mag: "It's a truly incredible result that has been achieved in a market that is incredibly exciting and rewarding, but distinctly challenging".

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Both NME and Kerrang! will be entering the Autumn with new female editors.

Following the news that Krissi Murison was returning to the NME to take over the top job from Conor McNicholas, rivals Kerrang! have announced the appointment of Nichola Browne to its editor role, taking over from Paul Brannigan, who announced he'd step down after four years back in June. Krissi is NME's first ever female editor, though Kerrang! was edited by a lady once before, in the early nineties.

Both new editors have a tough task ahead of them as the iconic music weeklies see their circulations slump anew. While both NME and Kerrang! have successfully expanded into different media areas in recent years, the actual magazines continue to struggle, leading some to wonder how long the newsstand manifestations of the brands can be sustained.

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Robbie Williams has apparently confirmed he will guest on the next series of 'X-Factor', him having a new album to flog and all. You might think that would make him the big big name of the next series, though rumours persist that Madonna will also guest this time round.

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The Black Eyed Peas have bounced back up to number one in the singles chart this week, after being knocked off by that pesky Tinchy Stryder last week. His single, 'Never Leave You' leaves the top spot and heads down to number two.

There are two new entries in the top ten, with Calvin Harris' 'Ready For The Weekend' at three and Peter Andre with 'Behind Closed Doors' at four. Because you don't necessarily need talent to sell records, you just need to break up with Jordan. Little Boots also slips in there at ten, up from last week's 14.

New in the bits of the top 40 that aren't the top ten are Jeremih with 'Birthday Sex' at 17, David Guetta and Akon with 'Sexy Girl' at 21, and, breaking from the sex theme, Ian Brown with 'Stellify' at 31. Lilly Allen also takes a sidestep up to 37 from 44 with '22'. So many numbers. If you're still following this, give yourself a lollipop.

Michael Jackson remains at number one in the album chart, with 'The Essential Michael Jackson'. The recently deceased singer still has two other albums in the top 20 and seven in the top 50.

The only new entry in the top ten this week is the 20th anniversary re-issue of The Stone Roses' eponymous debut. Other than that, there's only one more new entry on the album chart this week, with The Temper Trap hobbling in at 32 doing their best Maroon 5 impression on their debut album, 'Conditions'.

The chart is, like, um, I guess you'd say put together, or something. Yeah, like, they put it together. You know, so it's all in order and that. Yeah? Anyway, The Official Charts Company, they do that. Put it in order.

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We love Patrick Wolf. He created one of our very favourite albums of the year with 'The Bachelor'. He does have a bit of a temper, though. That temper was in full effect last Thursday at the C/O Pop festival in Germany.

When organisers switched off the PA part way through his set, he took it quite badly, throwing increasingly large items at the person he deemed responsible, leaving the stage briefly only to return to spit at them. It would all look a lot more scary if he didn't throw like a girl, though. Something to work on there.

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